Why does iccustom-capital.ru tell you it’s getting hot?

One of our writers asked me a question about replying to comments.  The question was why does iccustom-capital.ru not save the comment but displays the message “It’s getting hot in here.  Try again in 3 minutes”.

I thought other writers might have the same question, but since I can’t access the iccustom-capital.ru email account, I will never see those questions.  The reason for the message is pretty simple, and it’s nothing you did wrong.

A little over a year ago when Arti was still active on the site, iccustom-capital.ru was hit by at least one spammer.  The spammer’s method was to leave a comment that said something to the effect of “See all kinds of naked people having sex at” and then a link to a different site.  The spammer was taking advantage of iccustom-capital.ru’s bandwidth to gain some free advertising.  I believe most of the highest ranking authors on the site received such comments.  I know I received several.

This was a problem for both Arti as well as for us authors who like getting legitimate comments.  It was a letdown for me to find out I’d gotten a comment only to read it and find it was an advertisement for a different site.  It was a problem for Arti because the only way to get rid of those comments is to delete each one individually and then ban the member who left them.  The number of bogus comments required a lot of his time to delete.

To fix this, Arti added a time mandatory time delay between comments left by the same writer.  It starts out at 3 minutes and counts down to 0 at which point iccustom-capital.ru will post the comment.  Apparently it worked because I haven’t seen any similar comments since the change was made.

The change usually only affects writers replying to multiple comments on the same story.  A reader will normally take more than 3 minutes to read a story and then leave a comment.  All that’s required is to just be patient when you’re trying to answer multiple comments on the same story.

I hope this answers some questions.  If you have other questions about how iccustom-capital.ru operates or about what is allowed and what is not allowed, either post them in the forum or to my wall.  I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.    


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