Hyper Jae: Worst Jedi Ever, Part 3


Sarkopheros says:

All characters depicted herein are over 18. Just felt that bore mentioning since some people think “padawan” automatically means “young kid.”


“It’s been about twenty minutes since the Dark Matrons entered the room,” said Zivarr.

The little holographic Torvast nodded. “I see. What’s going on in there?”

“That’s actually a really good question,” said Zivarr. “There was a lot of noise, and now it’s quiet. Are the cameras still broken, Captain?”

Torvast nodded. “The cameras are thoroughly spermed-up, and the master surveillance console is full of semen. Do you think they’ve ended the threat?”

Lord Zivarr shrugged. “There was like, thirty of them? I don’t know. Thirty against one’s not good odds, though, and they’re all, you know, Sith, not some trooper with a blaster. The Jedi’s probably scrap by now.”


The central cargo bay the Lords were gathered in was situated higher than the actual hangar, and there was a large mezzanine in front of the door inside the hangar. There was also a freight lift, currently submerged in the semen. The mezzanine itself was just barely clear of the white lake the Jedi had created. And on that mezzanine was a pile of silver robes.

“So what does a Dark Matron do, exactly, Lord Turuse?” asked Jae.

The pureblood chuckled and nestled against his side. While she wasn’t the youngest in the group, she was certainly the curviest. She drew a circle through the thick coat of white muck on his chest. Her luscious scarlet skin was likewise coated in thick pearliness, though she’d wiped it from her face. “We were supposed to be some kind of … almost like livestock. Breeding the next generation of powerful force users and so-on for Darth so-and-so. Honor of the Emperor and all that.”

“Sounds like some Darths just wanted to get laid,” said Jae.

I thought the same thing,” said Turuse. Her voice was low, sultry, intimate. She spoke to him from a few inches away. She put a hand on his monstrous cock. She was sitting half on it, half on his thigh. “I’ve never felt as much power as I feel coming from you and this … monstrosity. I mean that in only the best way.” She smiled up at him. “There’s something odd about you.”


“Something about you seems a bit familiar, but, you’re definitely a Jedi. Ooh!” She yelped as his hand found its way to her ass. “Now, now, you can’t have me until you do what I asked.”

“Oh, fine,” chuckled the Jedi. “You think your other Sith friends are gonna bust in here?”

“Eventually,” she said, shrugging. She waggled a finger.

On the mezzanine were the rest of the purebloods. Jae was no longer up against the hangar doors, but almost at the back of the hangar, glans nearly touching the platform. One of the Sith hopped down onto it. She was young, athletic. Probably still an apprentice, 20 years old or so.

She smiled at Jae as she began to strut down the length of his cock, proudly rocking her hips. The thin shirt and panties she’d had on under her robe were soaked through with semen. It was all over her. The alien’s black hair bounced, her smoldering orange eyes looked into his. Her feet stepped stickily on his monstrous organ’s slick surface.

Reaching him, she twirled around, bent over, and shoved her ass into his face. “Pleased to meet you, Jedi scum.”

Jae leaned in and gave that toned red rump a kiss before gently nipping at it. She yelped and jumped away. He winked. “Nice to meet you too, Imperial dog,” he laughed.

She looked over her shoulder and flicked her hand, Force-flinging some of his own hot spunk in his face. Then she stuck out her tongue and walked back towards the mezzanine.

As she left, another of the purebloods  approached, dressed in an identical thin shirt and panties, strutting her stuff. Squilsch-squilsch-squilsch went her feet. This one had short hair. She bent down, grabbing handfuls of Jae’s hair as she jiggled her tits in his face, the mammaries slathered with his jizz. “I look forward to serving you, my lord.”

“ ‘ My lord’?” repeated the Jedi.

She winked and turned around.

“You have to understand, Jedi filth, we’re used to different honorifics around here,” chuckled Turuse. She had a round face, full, pouty lips, big, red eyes. She smiled at him. “Even Sith who do not hold the rank of Lord might still be referred to as such. And I think the ladies are much more enthralled of you than the men they would have been given to.”

Jae chuckled. “I can’t decide which one I want first.”

“Well they all want you,” said Turuse. “And we never know when my masters will burst into the room.”

Another pureblood approached. Splat-splat-splat. “Lord Jedi, you’ll protect and serve us, won’t you?” she cooed.

“That’s what a Jedi does,” answered Jae, grinning up at the lady as she showed off her rear. He rubbed his hands over her hips and kissed the cheek. “We live to serve the people, girl, fulfill them the best we can.” He winked at her. She strutted away as another one began to walk over his cock. It felt surprisingly good, having his dick used as a catwalk, and his nuts hadn’t stopped growing yet. He turned to Turuse. “I gotta explain something, ‘my lord’.”

“And what’s that?” asked Turuse.

“My cock, my balls, they respond differently to Force-users than normal people,” he said, looking over at her, his rough hand rubbing up her soft tummy to grip one of her tits.

Turuse raised one of her eyebrow-ridges. “And what might that mean, master Jedi?”

He grinned. “I’d rather show you. It’s definitely a good thing you opened those side-bays.”

The Sith shook her head. “It was like a tidal wave when we opened them, ripped a lot of our robes right off. Just. Grrrsschh! We just saw this white wall coming towards us. ‘Drowned in sperm.’ Now there’s an embarrassing epitaph,” she chuckled. “Anyway. Then we saw our troops go rolling by,” she chuckled. “Just gushing your sperm. You do realize we were the only ones who were supposed to get pregnant, right?”

Jae chuckled. “Sorry, girl, stuff just happens.”

Turuse chuckled. She patted his cock. “I can see that. I bet you’re Shan’s favorite, aren’t you? She seems like the type to harbor filthy little secrets.”

The Jedi shrugged, grinning as another red ass was paraded in front of him. “Master Shan is incredible. I don’t really know if she has ‘filthy secrets.’ But she’s nice, she likes me, I guess. She always sends me to cool missions far away.”

She narrowed her eyes. “Don’t see Tython much?”

Jae nodded. “Well, nothing really happens there, so they don’t call me there very often.”

“Sounds like they don’t like having you around,” said Turuse.

“I don’t think that’s it. You’re cool, don’t do the whole ‘let the hate flow through you’ Sith thing, girl,” Jae chuckled. “I just don’t have much occasion to be there is all. I don’t think they’re trying to keep me away.”

Mmmh. Well, perhaps not hate, but we do have to get flowing, you’re right,” she said, smiling. “Now pay attention to the girls.”

Dozens of purebloods shook their stuff for him, parading up and down his cock, the footsteps stimulating his nuts into slow, but sustained growth. As they swelled, they pushed more of the swollen, meters-wide lady-troopers into the neighboring rooms. They gurgled and gushed.

After all the girls were done, they lined up in front of him. All that Force energy, radiating from them. Feminine power, resonating in his cock, causing subtle vibrations in it, shifts in his sperm.

Turuse leaned in close to him and kissed his cheek. “Still can’t pick?”

“They’re all gorgeous,” said Jae. He turned his finger in a circle. The ladies all turned around, dozens of round, delicious-looking red asses perked up at him, pussies trickling hot juices down their inner legs.

The Sith lord scooted over so she was sitting on top of his cock’s base, shoulders against his chest. “Fine. Raphana, would you care to go first?”

A chubby pureblood stepped forward. She had a soft-looking tummy and heavy tits. “Why yes, I would care,” she chuckled.

Jae grinned as his cock began to rise out of the jizz. Schliiiisch. White sheets of goo rolled off of it as it rose. Thick ropes of spunk stretched from it before snapping and falling back into the mass below. Liters of precum poured out of its tip, splattering into the thick semen below. Jae glanced behind him. Good, none of the bloated girls was between him and the blast doors. Nothing but deep, deep jizz. He was going to need space for what was coming.

Raphana turned around and put a hand on the tip of his cock. That glans was just so enormous! A big, rubbery dome of flesh. It was like petting a thranta or something. It was slick to the touch, the slimy pre squishing between her fingers. The heat coming off the organ was incredible! And that heat made itself felt in her belly. She moaned and backed up, rubbing her needy alien sex against the tip of the cock. Squirsch. The hot precum poured over her over-sensitized entrance, drawing a moan from her throat as it touched her. “Mmmhh! Ooh, this feels great,” she cooed.

This was a bit different from any other cock she’d ridden which was bigger than she was—for one, this one was real. There was a strange humming, a sort of vibration when her slit touched the cock’s tip. Like a charge of static electricity on a cold day.

It was like when you get on your speeder and you start it up and it shocks your ass cheek and makes you jump off and roll downhill through the grass while some jackass mercenary flies by laughing. It was like that, except very, very pleasant. She moaned throatily and bit her lower lip, tasting her black lipstick.

Raphana ground her slit up against that cock, feeling the fleshy meatus engulfing her swollen, needy mound. The buzzing, she realized, was the sheer virile power radiating through the thing, making waves in the Force. Fresh, boiling-hot precum flowed over her needy mound, rolled down her legs. Which moisture came from her and which was the Jedi’s? It wasn’t clear.

Looking over her shoulder, she saw Lord Turuse sitting in the Jedi’s lap, smiling at her, looking awfully small on the other side of this monstrous thing. His balls were growing bigger behind him, rising up and up, each one towering meters above the spunk. Even at this distance, she could hear the rumbling inside them.

Some of the purebloods sat with their feet dangling into the spunk, others sat up on the railing of the platform. One of them was grinding against it, dripping wet. “Hurry up!” she whined.

“Oh, fine,” said Raphana. She looked at the metal wall ahead of her and lifted her hands. “Hmph!” A pulse of energy blasted her backwards. SCHLRK! The giant glans stretched her out in a second. Her legs were forced to spread almost horizontal. It blasted past her cervix, swelled her womb, stretched her insides like rubber.

“Aw, fuck, yeah!” grunted Jae.

The pain and pleasure hit her at once and she screamed. “AAAAHHHHHEEEE! AAAUUGH!” She tried to wrap her arms around her own belly, stretched out in front of her like a great condom. Raphana’s mouth hung open, her eyes wide, her cunt spazzing and seizing around the ludicrous amount of cock inside her. SKLLRRSSCH. She sprayed pureblood juice all over it.

Turuse grinned and waggled a finger. SCHLLRRRSCH. Raphana went careening backwards until her ass slammed into the older Sith’s groin.

Aaaurgh-ghurrgh-hnnrgghlll…,” stuttered Raphana, gibbering through her ludicrous orgasm. She could feel all that power and energy inside her, resonating with her own. Pleasure flowed through her the way the Force did, and Jae could feel it too. The Sith’s energy fed his own, the resonance making itself felt throughout his cock, deep in his nuts.

Jae grunted and looked at Turuse. “Ohmmm! This is what happens when I fuck a Force-user!”

“What—” The Sith looked behind her. Everything began to shake like a groundquake. GRRMMBBBLLL. His balls were rippling, their surfaces undulating. They began to expand outwards, rapidly swelling, the heat coming off of them increasing.

Turuse sensed it. The purebloods on the mezzanine fingering their dripping snatches sensed it. The Sith lords waiting in the next cargo bay sensed it. Raw, virile Force-potence vibrated against them, resonating, catalyzed by the power of the Sith he was fucking.

Like two magnets attracting each other but held far enough apart to remain in a constant, vibrating, high-energy state, their messy union causing waves of palpable power. These waves of sexual power slapped the Sith around Jae—it was like standing in the surf, with the waves of the sea hitting them. It tingled against their skin, their nerves.

If the purebloods weren’t already red, they might have been physically blushing, their skin feeling hot. Their fingers moved faster and faster. Several of them doubled over as they began squirting all over themselves. Sklllrt! Sklllrt! Sith-juice rained down upon the seminal sea. A couple of the Sith sitting up on the railing toppled off into the jizz. Sploosch!

Hot slickness engulfed them, seeped into every crack, and they began cumming into the cum, heads bobbing above the surface, shoulders wiggling and sending out ripples as they finger-fucked themselves.

Jae grinned, but then growled and grunted through his teeth, making for a very strange-looking expression. He could feel it, too, but he was managing to maintain control at the moment. He wrapped his arms around Turuse’s waist, grabbing Raphana’s hips.

Poor Raphana was feeling it the worst. The raw power felt like she set her cunt down atop a broken electrical conduit. She kept twitching, gushing, squirting, her face twitching, her eyes unfocused, crossing and rolling back, uncrossing as she kept spraying Lord Turuse with her orgasms.

Jae began to pump his hips, groaning as his rough hands dug into the flesh of Raphana’s ass. It slapped against Turuse’s body as he pounded her, his red-condomed cock bouncing up and down, sending out rolling waves into the white gunk. The purebloods floating in it were engulfed, some going completely under, gulping down jizz as they moaned, gasping for musky, steamy air as they came up.

Some of the red Sith stumbled forward, onto Jae’s cock. They couldn’t wrap their arms around it, but they desperately rode it like a bucking beast, grinding cunts into the fat, pulsing veins outlined in Raphana’s skin. Those veins were enormous and served as nice ridges, practically vibrating with energy. They had to grab handfuls of skin to keep from being thrown off the cock, because without solid ground under it, it was bouncing wildly.

Up on the platform, one Sith was down on all fours … or threes, perhaps, because she was on her knees and face. Her cheek pressed against the metal as she reached back to finger herself, drooling as she watched the spectacle. Another of the Dark Matrons got down behind her and slipped her tongue into her sister’s entrance, desperately lapping at the juices inside. They moaned, cooed, and gasped as a wave of jizz swept over them, cascading white sheets concealing red, dripping down over their bodies, covering them in decadent stickiness.

Nearby, another lay on her back, fingering herself as another Sith sat on her face, grinding her dripping mound into her smacking lips and licking tongue, howling at the wall as she, too, was bathed in Jedi seed.

Inside the cargo bay, Zivarr was biting her lower lip and rubbing her knees together, drumming her fingers on the crate. Gallik’ta’s tits were struggling with her robe, spreading the halves farther apart as they swelled. The twi’lek frowned down at them. Magnaculus sighed, closing her eyes, meditating to maintain some control.

Jae’s balls rose higher, higher, far above their heads. Their surfaces rumbled as they rose towards the ceiling, faster than before. They gave off incredible heat, each one at least nine meters in height, though much of their titanic bulk was still submerged. Turuse turned her head and locked lips with her enemy. Jae’s slick tongue slipped into her mouth. He tasted himself as they sloppily tongue-wrestled, moaning, each closing their eyes. Turuse grabbed his cheeks, Jae grabbed her ass with one hand, using the other to grab Raphana.

Raphana, was, of course, largely vacant. The Force was more tangible than ever, a power vibrating from the core of that monster shaft. Every time her ass slapped Turuse, she grunted. “Mph! Muh! Mummmh!

Jae moaned into Turuse’s mouth. The pureblood leaned her head back on his shoulder and cried out at the ceiling. “I can feel that you’re ready!”

“Fuck!” Jae closed his eyes. Holding back would be a mistake. He knew that his balls would grow far faster than he could empty them with all these lady-Sith around. So he had to unload as much sperm as possible.

GRRMMMBBBLLLL. His balls vibrated, once again shaking lights in the cargo bays, causing weapon systems to lose calibration. The vibrations caused the sperm-filled consoles on the bridge to register atmospheric turbulence.

GLLLLOOOOORSSSCH. That rushing tidal sound was back, a rumbling gushing that filled the chamber.

Raphana bit her lower lip. “Th-there is o-only passion!”

GLOOOOOOOORCH! Her belly exploded forward, his cock blasting with such force that the wad stretched a pocket of skin out in front of it. That spunk-filled belly-bump slammed one of the purebloods on the railing in the face and knock her off of it.

SPLOOOOOORCH. A column of jizz half a meter in width blasted into Raphana’s belly. It began to grow in a split second. She howled at the top of her lungs, arched her back, and finally, she went limp, collapsing atop the Jedi’s massive cock.

Aauugh. F-fuck yeah! Mmmph! I love fucking Sith!” cried the Jedi. Implying that there was any attractive female (or in some cases, male) that he wouldn’t enjoy fucking. This is a man who literally fucked an entire dreadnought full of women. No one told him to do that. Shan just wanted him to investigate. But no. Jae knows everything.

GLUUUURCH. GLUUUURCH. GLUUUURCH. His cock bounced like a cannon recoiling, throwing several of the Sith into the jizz. A few of them managed to keep their balance, but that vibrating fuck-field given off by the Jedi and his current cocksleeve was intensifying as he orgasmed.

The raw, sexual energy wasn’t crashing over them in waves, now. It was over their heads, drowning them. The Force could convey emotion, power, potential, all manner of things—now it was conveying raw, unadulterated FUCK. It seized their minds, thundered in their loins. One by one, the lovely red aliens felt their pleasure reach the boiling point. They arched their backs, clutched their lips. SKLLLLRT! SKLLLRT! Hot juices blasted from between their fingers, bright, sparkling arts of Sith-spray flying through the air.

Minutes passed. SKLOOORCH. SKLOOOORCH. Jae roared at the ceiling as he kept blasting her with jizz. His balls kept swelling. Turuse began spraying, cumming violently all over him, held vertical only by his strong embrace. His fingers dug into Raphana’s ass.

BLUUURCH. BLUUURCH. His cock’s eruptions sent waves rolling across the surfaces of his giant nuts. Raphana herself was turning into an island, her belly spreading to the sides, though Jae’s cock remained visible.

Thick white spunk blasted out around Jae’s girth. Most of it ended up flowing into the jizz-lake around them, but steaming sperm drenched Turuse and Jae. The Sith moaned and opened her mouth to catch some as she came all over the base of his cock.

In the cargo hold, Zivarr was doubled over, shuddering, mewling as she soaked her robes all over again.

“Are you alright?” asked Gallik’ta.

Zivarr looked at the twi’lek. Her tits were so big they jiggled in her lap, and SCHRRRIP! There went her robe! The purple spheres erupted, jiggling, fat nipples dripping milk as the twi’lek panted. Darth Magnaculus was soaking wet, but she held back her orgasm for the time being. She just knew that they were going to have to deal with this personally. The purebloods she’d asked to stay behind were in a pile, moaning as they ground over each other, each one cumming her head off and soaking her silver robes with juice.

Raphana rose above the sperm, a meter in the air, tilted at a slight angle, sperm rolling down her back, her tongue lolling out as Jae’s cock stopped shooting. She groaned, practically melting onto her belly. Jae panted. Turuse collapsed against Raphana’s back.

“I’ve never felt anything like that,” moaned the pureblood. “A disturbance in the Force, getting fucked by it….”

Mmmmhh.” Jae looked back over his shoulder. His balls were still growing. “Who’s next?”


Captain Torvast was breathing hard, her fingers jammed down the front of her slacks, moaning as she pumped them in and out of her sticky-slick slit. The other ladies weren’t in any better shape. She moaned. It was bizarre. All of a sudden, incredible arousal slapped her in the face like that Jedi’s cock would have.

“C-Captain!” moaned Ensign Suki.


“I don’t understand this, the ship is becoming more and more front-heavy!” panted the woman. Torvast looked over. Clear fluid leaked over the edges of the ensign’s chair.

“What does that mean?!”

Suki managed to look over, working her console one-handed. “It’s all that Jedi sperm, I think! And I think he’s growing, too! Faster than ever!”


“It must be because of the Sith!”


GLOOORCH. GLOOORCH. Turuse screamed as her belly grew bigger, bigger, bigger. Jae gripped her ass cheeks as he blasted her insides with his seed. On both sides, more than a dozen red blimps with Sith attached were jiggling. The purebloods’ gaping cunts erupted like geysers, each moaning as her sisters sprayed her with spunk.

Turuse moaned, laying on her belly. “Th-thank you…,” she mewled. “This is going to get interesting in another nine months.”

“Glad to help,” chuckled the Jedi, lying back against his nuts.

GRRRNNNGH. There was a metallic groaning noise, a tightness pressing on his nuts. He looked back. His balls were so big that they were pressing against the ceiling again. The Jedi knew he had to get the Sith off his cock. “Sorry, but I’m gonna pull out.”

“Maybe I’ll be able to walk again one day,” chuckled the Sith.

Jae smiled and shoved forward, using the Force to send Turuse skidding away. SCHLLLRRRK-POP! The pureblood yelled as he pulled his cock out of her.

All around him, the hangar was piled high with gushing ladies full of jizz. But nearest him were the dozens of red Sith, each one a moaning, sperm-glutted wreck. His nuts pulsed and swelled, but the growth was slowing. Everywhere, sperm spouted into the air, like he was surrounded by a bunch of vulgar fountains. And still his cock pulsed. It could sense the powerful Sith waiting to attack him.

THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. Jae looked up. He could hear a thumping noise. “What an appropriate onomatopoeia,” he commented.

Schloof! The door leading onto the mezzanine in front of him slid open. Jizz rolled out of the compartment, then a thick fog. Colorful lights struck out into that fog, and the thumping turned out to be part of a beat. Jae started to bob his head.

Out of the fog came five figures. Two Dark Matrons on each side of a Sith lord. Well, she had to be a Sith lord, what with the slinky black-and-blue dress and hood. She was the curviest pureblood he’d ever seen! “Hot damn, girl,” he growled. Not that she could hear him over the beat. And there was the fact that he was at the far end of a cock which would take several paces to traverse the length of.

She had very big tits, maybe bigger than her head, but those hips! She shook them back and forth, the hips over half as wide as she was tall, incredibly thick thighs, ass cheeks he could never get his arms around! Jae’s eyes grew bigger as she strutted out, swaying her rump. The Dark Matrons behind her began to dance in rhythm, serving as impromptu backup-dancers. A gold-plated droid stood behind her. Its chest unfolded into a turntable and it began to scratch.

The Sith pointed at him as she began to rhyme into her headset.

“Motherfucker, why you steppin’ in my dreadnought? Jedi invasion like the treaty was signed-not. Krayt dragon-sized phallus makes you real slow. So let me tell you who you’re up against, yo. I’m ready with some dark-rhythm rhymes, I’m here to bring an end to your times. I’m the magnificent, malevolent, marvelous and succulent. Darth Magnaculus, makin’ you irrelevant.” She turned around, shaking her ass, jiggling it up and down, bouncing it in front of him. The purebloods continued to dance around her, the droid going nuts.

“It’s fucking beautiful,” he muttered to himself, captivated by her gigantic, wobbling red rump. The dress was cut such that she had long strips of cloth hanging down in front of her groin and the center of her ass, emphasizing her exposed hips, legs, and ass. Jae had a hard time resisting a big ass to begin with, but this red Sith booty was incredible. And she was strong. Her force power resonated with his cock, stimulating him to continue making spunk. “Hot damn, girl, come closer!” he yelled at her.

“Hah! Who woulda pinned it on this chump? Even Jedi gotta shout for this fatass red rump!” She slapped it, twirling around and hanging back from the railing, her dress dipping into his jizz. “It seems that you caught me by surprise. Because I heard that emotion you despised. You over here shouting ‘bout my ass. And I thought Jedi boys were all too high-class.”

He cupped his hands to his mouth so he could be heard again. “Get over here, girl, shake that big booty! I’ll show you how a Jedi does his duty!!”

She laughed. “Oh-ho-ho! Is it light-side lyric time? Trying to spit out some basic-ass rhymes?”

“No, I didn’t mean to,” said Jae. That rippling rump was damn hypnotic. He couldn’t take his eyes off of its luscious curves, he couldn’t stop imagining his hands and lips gliding over it. He imagined it grinding on his cock. The ripples traveling over its surface just drew his eyes back in when they tried to escape.

The beat kept thumping. The droid’s head was spinning and colorful laser-lights were shooting from its eyes as it scratched on its turntable. The Darth continuing to twerk back and forth, balancing on the railing as she looked over her shoulder, giving Jae an eyeful of her gorgeous ass. “Jedi-boy’s up in here, all a-floodin’ my ship. Pompous Jedi-boys? Into many shreds I will rip. Giant cock or not, you still just a rookie. Ragged-ass hair lookin’ like a wookiee. Dressing in red-and black, coppin’ Sith clothin’. You sayin’ brown burlap robes fillin’ you with loathin’?”

“No, I don’t really like the brown,” agreed Jae. “Come over here.”

“Righteous-ass Jedi, holier than thou. ‘Saber everyone around’ ‘em, actin’ all high-brow. There is no emotion, emotion is dangerous. How about love, compassion, and happiness?” She smirked at him, smacking her ass again.

“Did you not see me fuck your whole crew?” asked Jae. “C’mon, girl, why you gotta tease me with that thing?”

Magnaculus cackled. The droid was far, far too into his routine. She said, “I’m teasin’ you, I’m pleasin’ you. The deck I am stackin. In just one sec, lady-Sith attackin’.”


VWURRM. VWURRM. Jae looked up. Lightsabers glowing! He pulled his out as two Sith attacked him from either side. A busty purple twi’lek  with a purple saber and a cute little pureblood with matching orange sabers. WHURM! WHURM! Jae had been so distracted by Magnaculus’s ass that he hadn’t noticed the two Sith sneaking up on him.

They were each a few meters away, each standing on a pureblood’s belly. Jae was levitating his sabers, dueling them at a distance. When your cock is bigger than a hutt, and your nuts are titanic targets, you learn to protect your entire body—distance-dueling was a necessity for the ludicrous Jedi. The twi’lek’s tits were gigantic, so big she, was wielding hers sideways.

He knew he could only keep this up for a limited time, but there were also tricks they didn’t have. Jae pulled his lightsabers inward and swept his arms out to the side. CHWOOM! A powerful tremor thundered. Jizz erupted into the air, a circular wave radiating out from him, meters of spunk drenching everyone present.

Fzzhh-pop! Sshhhpop! The lightsabers of the Sith deactivated, now immersed in liquid. Good thing they’re not nautolans, he mused.

Zivarr and Gallik’ta looked at each other. Darth Magnaculus frowned.

“Well, lightsabers gone lame, gotta beat this punk at his own game,”  she said.

“Plan B it is,” said Gallik’ta. She grunted, looking down. Her tits were each now well over a meter across and growing faster and faster. Being this close to the Jedi, with this much of his musk in the air … the power, the arousal … all that heat was collecting in her chest. Her nipples went from dripping to trickling to pouring white milk

“Fuck!” yelled Zivarr. She began to aggressively disrobe.

“If you want at this butt, I’mma grind you in a rut,” said the Darth. She reached up and began to undo her dress, slipping it off, exposing her deliciously curvy body.

Mmmh, now we’re getting somewhere. Who says diplomacy is dead?” chuckled Jae.

“Fool, you ain’t my chum, just gimme all your cum. Lightsabers can’t beat you, but my cunt will defeat you,” she told him.

Jae narrowed his eyes as he floated in the jizz. “Uh. Yeah, well, it’s three against one. Outnumbered and … um … outgunned! Yeah. If you think your cunt can block me, then using my dick I will. Uh. Rock? Rock thee! My dick will rock thee.”

Magnaculus stared at him. “I would spend some time working on your rhymes.”

“Yeah, I’m a guitar player, not a lyricist,” he said. Except something bright and flailing drew his attention behind her. “Dude, your fucking droid is going crazy.” Jae stared at the droid behind her. Holy shit, that thing is way too into this. The droid was spinning on its back while spinning its head, kicking its legs in the air, still scratching records on the folding turntable attached to its body. “Does no one notice what that droid is doing? Is it broken?”  It didn’t help that the damn thing had gold plating and flashing lights on it. And the pureblood backup dancers kept dancing. Yet no one seemed to notice any of this except Jae.

Magnaculus looked at the droid, then back at Jae. “Don’t try to be distractin’ Sith bitches. I’mma leave your bigass cock all up in stitches.”

The two other Sith both widened their stance and raised their arms. Jae felt their energy on his cock as it rose out of the white mire. That was also when Jae noticed the twi’lek’s tits were steadily growing.

The Darth raised her hands, spread her feet, and WHUMP! KRNKKGGH! The metal of the rear wall warped as she blasted herself backwards. Her meaty, dripping, feverishly-hot pussy hit his cock with incredible force. Jae went careening backwards, kicking up plumes of jizz with his nuts. Gallik’ta and Zivarr hopped from belly to belly as the purebloods went rolling by.

Magnaculus kept going, howling at the top of her lungs as her cunt stretched around the Jedi’s cock and she spread her thick thighs. Her tight tunnel molded around his pulsing organ, swallowed every centimeter, every thick vein. SMAK! Her ass hit his chest. It was so big that it went up to his chest. KLONG! Jae’s nuts hit the blast doors hard enough to rattle them. The computers on the bridge informed the crew that they were under torpedo attack.

The Jedi and the Sith were both panting wildly, staring daggers at each other.

Magnaculus had never had such a powerful cock inside her before, nor such a big one. It resonated with raw energy. She could feel its synergy with her own.

And her own powerful pussy was practically vibrating around Jae. He let out a long groan of pleasure as he wrapped his arms around her cheeks. He could smell her sweat, her arousal.

The raw fuck-Force coming off them washed over Zivarr and Gallik’ta. The small pureblood rubbed her knees together as her pussy spasmed and gushed. Gallik’ta’s tits swelled as her entrance did. SMAK-SMAK. The fat orbs grew so big they hit the belly she was standing on.

GLOOORRMBBLLL. His balls began to grow bigger, faster. It felt like the Darth’s cunt was massaging him, stroking him, making his cock vibrate with her power. And his cock felt as if it was radiating energy that fed and bolstered her own, lighting every nerve in her pussy on fire.

Awwh, fuck!” GLOORCH. GLOOORCH! Jae began to blow his load.

SKLRRT. SKLRRT. SKLRRT. Magnaculus bit her lip before crying out. “Mmmffuuuuck yeah!” Her cunt sprayed hot juices all over Jae’s abs and legs. Her belly began to swell drastically from all that jizz. It flowed through her, liquid potence. Liters of cunt juice sprayed the Jedi, squirting up from between her ass cheeks and around the sides, bathing him, washing layers of spunk off his body. Some of it managed to get into his nose, and it soaked his hair. Torrid Sith nectar blasted with such pressure it sprayed high into the air, sparkling in the lights.

Her cunt rippled and spasmed. Her womb stretched like latex as she grew bigger and bigger, her belly swelling to the sides. They panted as both of them kept orgasming violently, which of course only caused the other two Sith great discomfiture as they felt it inside them.

Finally, they both stopped cumming, breathing hard. Magnaculus looked over her shoulder and said, “H-hey. Big-dicked Jedi punk. Are you already sunk?”

“I’m still hard, aren’t I?” chuckled Jae.

Magnaculus smirked and wrapped her arms around his cock. She began to slam her hips up and down, groaning as she manually slipped herself up and down his organ without his help.

Jae let out a long groan as the Sith began to fuck his cock, sending out ripples through her swollen belly. His nuts were already so big they reached the ceiling, so now they began pushing the two forward and growing out to the sides. The blast doors groaned. Magnaculus slammed her cunt down into him, slapped him with her ass so hard ripples traveled through his nuts and the metal creaked with every thrust.

Gallik’ta moaned, “I cannot handle this!” She leapt over onto Jae’s cock, standing on its outline. Her fat tits slapped the Darth’s belly. Pushing down with her hands, the twi’lek used the Force to wrap her tits around Jae’s cock, pushing the spunk in Magnaculus’s belly down. She began to pump the tits up and down his organ, dripping wet the entire time, milk pouring by the tub-full into the mess as she howled. The twi’lek ground down on his cock through Magnaculus’s belly, practically vacuum-packed as it was and outlining every vein. She was near its head, fucking the front half as if it were a bright red dildo.

“Motherfucker!” screamed Zivarr. She Force-hopped towards the fray, landed on Jae, and wrapped her thighs around his head. “Yeah, eat my pussy, I’m gonna ride your face like a speeder bike! You’re my bitch now!” she yelled at Jae.

Jae replied with, “Hmmrrphhh!” He was hardly one to say no to a delicious, dripping alien pussy redolent with sweat and arousal. He moaned into her mound and wrapped his muscular arms around her slender thighs, easily lifting her small body as he slipped his tongue into her.

Magnaculus grunted as she fucked his cock hard, slapping his body with her ass cheeks, so big they actually half-engulfed his torso. Her giant red ass rippled and wobbled madly, just the way his balls did. GRRNNNGGHHLL. The heavy metal doors groaned again.

Jae moaned into Zivarr’s dripping red cunt. Pureblood pussies had odd little ridges in them and their lips weren’t straight petals like a human girl’s. They made for an interesting texture on the tongue. Zivarr grabbed handfuls of his dark hair and ground her pussy into his face, humping his lips as she bit her own. That humming Force power was resonating, making her cunt and womb buzz with pleasure, so it wasn’t long before she began squirting again, clenching her thighs. SKLLRRCH. SKLLRRRCH. Jae tried to suck all that delicious Force-charged nectar down … which of course only sent another ripple of pleasure deep into his nuts.

Gallik’ta moaned. Her tits grew faster and faster, until the red-wrapped cock was sucked into the massive purple spheres. Deep in the muck, their fat, thigh-sized nipples were gushing milk as fast as the Jedi gushed precum into Magnaculus.

Jae groaned as he was assaulted by the three Sith. He could feel tightness around his growing testicles. Metal struts and lamps were pushing into the surface.

He bounced his hips, grinding, pounding into the pureblood’s body as best as he could. SCHLORK-SCHLORK-SCHLORK. Every thrust sprayed gallons of pre and cunt juice all over the place, and sent waves rushing out through the semen.

The Darth’s deliciously powerful pussy sent pulses of energy into his cock, stroking it in a way that physical hands usually couldn’t, at least not without horny hoards of cock-worshippers. And that twi’lek was giving him a titfucking to end all titfuckings. She moaned as she used the Force to animate her massive, growing tits. Between her milk and the precum, the liquid was rising in the chamber.

THUMP. THUMP. Jae looked back. His gigantic balls were now rectangular. They’d grown so big they rose from floor to ceiling, from wall to wall. They filled up half the hangar with their bulk, and the hangar didn’t like it. HNRRRNNGH. He could feel the metal bending around them. On the outside of the ship, the blast doors were bowing outwards.


In the hangar below it, a few un-fucked Imperials looked up at the ceiling as the lamps swayed back and forth. “What the hell is going on up there?” asked the taller one.

The shorter one shrugged. They both looked to the side as they heard a BLORM-BLORM SKLRRRRSCCH. Two women, vastly inflated with meters-wide bellies, rolled into the room, gushing gallons of jizz into the air. A wave of semen followed them.

“Looks like our pair of hangars isn’t big enough for the Jedi’s pair of hangers,” said Estin.

“If I could reach you, I would dropkick you,” said Kenta.


Back in the jizz-filled hangar, Jae grunted as he felt the twi’lek and the pureblood on his face cumming again. Gallik’ta moaned.

Zivarr leaned forward, grabbing handfuls of the wall of scrotum behind Jae. Cackling, she said, “Let’s see how you handle this!” KRRRKHH-ZRRMMMM! Purple lightning arced from her hands, lighting up the room.

The energy lanced into Jae’s balls. Electric buzzed against his sensitive skin. He could feel all that Force power being fed into his nuts. GLOOORSSSCHMMBRRRLLL! They rumbled volcanically. All throughout the ship, pools of spunk rippled. Women’s bellies wobbled. Cups vibrated off tables. The bridge crew’s consoles told them they were under heavy bombardment.


KRRRHNNNOONNNGH! Beneath the Sith and Jae, the ceiling in the second hangar groaned and began to press downward. Rips appeared in it. Jizz began to gush through the cracks, beginning to flood the hangar. Spacecraft toppled and shook across the deck.

Estin looked at Kenta, pointed up, and said, “Looks like the Jedi’s coming out on top.”

“I swear, Estin, I am going to throw you through a window,” yelled Kenta, shaking her fists from atop her gigantic belly, the motion causing a few liters of sperm to gush out of her.


The blast doors on the orgy-hangar bent outward, roaring in strain, meters-thick durasteel bowing outward. Between the two horizontal doors, golden-tanned flesh began to bulge out like dough.

Jae let out a moan, his eyes half-lidded as energy crackled across his nutsack, Zivarr laughing wickedly the entire time. “He really likes this!”

“What you trying to do, you silly little fool?!” demanded Magnaculus.

“Jizz! Jizz for everyone! You get a sperm, and you get a sperm, and you!” screamed Zivarr.

“This makes no sense!” yelled Gallik’ta.

“Yes, it does!” insisted Zivarr. “If we can push this Jedi past his limit, then he’ll be too tired to resist capture!” She moaned and kept grinding against Jae’s face as he eagerly ate her out. “But if it’s all the same to you, I’m going to ride his face a bit longer.”

Jae’s face was incredibly slick and sticky. He could barely get air in, the little Sith’s pussy acting like a decadent-smelling fountain. She just kept gushing slick alien nectar—a foreign, spiced sweetness, but unmistakably sexual. It tasted wonderful to him. And his nuts were quaking with pleasure as they grew, low humming in his throat as he slurped and licked and swallowed with sordid sound. Schlrrp!Hmmhh.Gluck-gluck. Schllrrph. Zivarr groaned in her throat as she ran her fingers through his hair.

“It might work!” moaned Gallik’ta, biting her lower lip as her fat nipples sloshed through the spunk, gushing fluid to replace whatever leaked into the hangar below.

His hands moved from Zivarr’s ass to return to Magnaculus’s magnificent rump. His tight abs rolled sinuously as he pounded her, just as she pounded back against him, groaning the whole time. The Darth was treated to the sight of Gallik’ta’s bouncing ass as the twi’lek titfucked Jae. Her purple tits were getting big enough to start rising above the jizz, blankets of jizz rolling off of them.

Of course, every time the twi’lek came, it was— SKLLRSCH! SKLLRSCH! Hot juice sprayed all over Magnaculus’s face, soaking her, making her sputter.

Several of the cum-glutted purebloods nearby looked up. The dripping purebloods dancing for Magnaculus hopped from belly to belly, bouncing off each rippling sphere with a blomp! Blomp! they stopped nearby. MMKRAAKKH! More lightning arced towards Jae’s nuts from their fingertips. His balls rippled where they were struck, drinking up the power and turning it into more energetic white goop.


The ceiling of the lower hangar groaned. The sperm was already waist deep, thick jizz rising up around the spacecraft, already lapping at some of their bellies, engulfing the landing struts. The lights blinked on and off as the metal warped, sagging downward as more jizz and milk poured in. The Imperials who could move looked at each other.

“I don’t think we should be in here!” yelled Kenta, watching the ceiling as it continued to bend. Jizz was rising up around her.

“No shit!” yelled one of the other Imps. “Hold on, I have an idea.”

“Better do it quick!” yelled Estin.

The two ladies ran towards a couple of the forklifts nearby and drove over with them. Kenta and Estin were swollen too large to fit onto the fork itself, but when folded up, the forklifts were able to roll the two women out of the hangar, each one of them gushing jizz in loops as they rolled away, painting swirls on the wall.


CHRRRMMMBBBLLRRRGH! Jae’s immense nuts expanded bigger, shoving the whole orgy forward, straining the hangar doors. Hundreds of thousands of tons worth of testicle pressed on them, growing endlessly, placing incredible amounts of force over the entire surface area of each one.


On the bridge, alarms began going off.

“What the hell is going on in there?!” yelled Torvast, shaken from her clam-taming by the shuddering of the ship and flashing red appearing on the wireframe display.

Ensign Suki shook her head and paused, with fingers buried in her slit, to look at her display.“Well, we’re gaining more and more mass in that hangar. And it’s giving off all kinds of heat. Looks like extensive damage to the frame in that section and the blast doors to Fore Hangar Bay 2. The doors are going to give any second.”


Back in the hangar, Jae was biting his lower lip, strings of cunt-juice connecting his face to Zivarr’s mound. She was cackling like a witch, shocking his nuts.

He could feel the pressure ramping up and up. It felt like someone was squeezing his balls. He could feel the tightness. Jae gritted his teeth. The metal of the hangar groaned as it struggled to contain his testicles. He clenched his eyes shut. “Motherfucker!”

GHRRRNNNGGHLLL! The hangar’s doors tore apart, sundered pieces of durasteel rolling outward as two titanic honey-tanned mounds swelled forth. The metal groaned, the hull shook. The metal surrounding the opening warped.

A Harrower-class dreadnought’s forward hull is split into two “prongs.” However, most Harrowers did not feature a giant, growing pair of testicles between these prongs. Jae’s balls each were easily over twenty meters in diameter at this point, as big or bigger than many people’s houses. His gargantuan nuts were now free to expand, their mass pulling him backward as his balls fought to reassert their spherical shape, albeit on the outside of the hangar. But there was still so much flesh that his sack blocked the opening completely.

The lightning-happy Sith lords, of course, couldn’t see this. They simply heard the hull complaining. So, naturally, they kept shocking him, because how else is one to solve one’s problems?

Magnaculus moaned. “We’re gonna keep this Jedi for our toy. He’s gonna be our personal slave-boy!” she panted, still milking his cock for everything it was worth.

“Imagine all the strong Sith he could breed!” groaned Gallik’ta.

“Yeah, we’ll definitely need those udders for that,” grunted Zivarr. “They might make you and me Darths for turning him in!”

Outside, Jae’s nuts were so big they were filling the entire fifty-meter gap between the Harrower’s prongs. The flesh pressed against windows, cracking many. Windows not painted with jizz found themselves blocked of all light by flesh. Those testicles were so large that each could have contained several fighter craft, so big each one could serve as a planetary water tower. Balls so large they were shaking the dreadnought and forcing it to make maneuvering corrections because of the added mass. And they just kept growing, putting more and more pressure on the forward hull.

The flesh muffined over the dorsal hull of the dreadnought, now growing up and out of the gap. They jiggled madly as their owner panted. Each nut was easily over thirty meters across at this point. The Sith had to shout to be heard over the rumbling. Magnaculus could feel all the raw energy contained within his nuts being readied. GLORSSSCHMMMRRBBLL. The familiar rushing was back.


Torvast looked out through what little un-jizzed glass she could look through. Squinting, she pointed. “Does anyone else see that? What’s that yellowish-orangish thing attached to our ship?”

Suki stood. Her mouth gaped. “I think those … those are his balls.”

“But … that can’t be right. Each one must be approaching forty meters across! They’re like hills! I could go climb them! I will go out there right now in an environmental suit and climb that Jedi’s balls!” insisted Torvast.

Suki stared at the Captain. “I’ll help you.”

“Well, maybe later,” said the Captain. “But what does this mean for the ship?”

“The sheer mass of those testicles is necessitating a bunch of corrective burns to maintain current course. Bonus: we’re in Samiya’s gravity well.”

“I see. I hope the Sith make this better, and don’t exacerbate the situation in any way by doing something asinine.”


Magnaculus slammed her ass into Jae. “Jedi jizz-slave, I’ll make you cum your brains out! Biggest load ever, blast me with that sperm-spout!” she yelled at him.

Zivarr cackled as she listened to the metallic roaring, the hull sounding like it was dying.

Meanwhile, the twi’lek’s tits were so enormous that they rose from floor to ceiling, her nipples over a meter long each, gushing geyser-like torrents of milk as wide as a person against the walls, adding to the mess as Jae fucked her tits. He mumbled into Zivarr’s pussy.

“What was that, Jedi bastard?!” she yelled at him, clutching his head.

Mmph. Gonna blow,” he said.

Each of his nuts was stretched to a ludicrous degree, all those millions of liters of sperm raging inside, waiting to be unleashed.

Magnaculus cackled.

“Are you sure being on that thing when it goes off is a good idea?” asked Gallik’ta.

“Sayin’ my womb cannot contain? No, I will not abstain,” replied the Darth.

GRRMMMRRRMMBBBBLLL. A tremor from Jae’s testicles shook the hangars, the prongs, the whole ship. In the (literal) mess hall, plates fell off tables, silverware danced across tables. In the barracks, carefully-stacked pogs toppled over. Several Imperial banners fell off the walls. Several commemorative plates fell from their holders.

The ship’s computers didn’t know if they were landing in the ocean or grinding across the planet in a belly-landing. The triangular engines’ bright white-blue light fluctuated. Many windows went dark. Cum-swollen women went rolling through meters of seed.

Magnaculus bit her lower lip.

Jae closed his eyes, leaning back against his nuts. Zivarr managed to wedge herself between his muscular, chiseled back and his sack. She wrapped her arms around his waist and said, “Fill the bitch up good!”

“Fuck you call me? Skinny-ass hussie?” asked Magnaculus.

“Nothing personal! Heat of the moment!” insisted Zivarr, rubbing her hands up the Jedi’s flat abs and broad chest.

GLLOORRSSCCHHMMMMRBBLL.  “Aaauuuggh fuck! This is gonna be apocalyptic!” he roared at the ceiling, eyes clenching shut, hands grabbing and squeezing handfuls of sack-flesh. He could feel it as bath tubs worth of jizz blasted their way through his tubes, stretching them wider, wider, flesh expanding like latex. His cock vibrated, jiggling up and down, its belly swelling enormously, girth increasing inside the pureblood. Was this what getting fucked felt like?! His monster organ’s throat bulged like mad. Its mouth spread wide, feeling as if it was doubling in width.

The sound was incredible, a liquid thundering like the rapids of a river or a waterfall. The unmistakable cacophony of raw, liquid power. GLOOOOOORRRRRSCCH roared his cock! It recoiled, bucking wildly, bouncing the twi’lek up and down, making her tits jiggle as they gushed milk.

Magnaculus felt an impact in the gut, like she’d fucked a turbolaser and had it go off—but in a good way. Her cunt clamped down on him as an orgasm ripped through her like a groundquake, gallons of juice spraying out around his cock. SKLOOOORRSCH! Jae was drenched, some of her juice flowing into his mouth, matting his hair over his face as she soaked him.

“Aaauuugh my fuck!” she howled, eyes rolling back, biting her lip hard enough to draw blood, feeling her belly stretch forward with the sheer force of seed blasting into it.

Zivarr shuddered and went limp. Gallik’ta’s eyes rolled back. The purebloods around them made warbling noises, their eyes unfocused. All of them began to explode. SKLLRSCH! SKLLRRT! GLIRRSSCH! Cunts erupted, spunk flew into the air, wombs wobbled. Even the non-force users began to orgasm. The bridge crew practically fell out of their chairs, feeling their uniforms become soaked by the violent orgasm as the sheer power of the union of Jae and Magnaculus.

SPLOOOOORCH, SPLOOOOORCH, SPLOOOOORCH. Each titanic wad lasted for nearly a minute. A minute of a gushing, torrential, seminal tsunami. Magnaculus felt her womb swell bigger by the second, her belly expanding and lifting Gallik’ta and Jae’s cock upward as she grew. Between the twi’lek, her growing belly, and Jae’s nuts, the hangar was becoming full of flesh. Metal groaned as the ceiling was pushed down in the lower hangar, some of the taller spacecraft having their wings crushed.

The red blimp of the Darth’s belly grew bigger than anyone present—seven, eight, ten meters across. SPLRRRRCH! SPLRRRRCH! And he just kept erupting, blasting a hurricane of potence into her. She kept cumming right along side him, clutching handfuls of her own skin, scratching lines into her belly, ass wobbling, pussy blasting.

Jae arched his back, wedging Zivarr deep into the folds of his sack. The little pureblood would have complained if she didn’t feel like her sex had turned into a sublight thruster.

Several long minutes passed. Outside the ship, it didn’t look like Jae’s balls had shrunk at all, each one still big enough to pulverize a house. And speaking of houses, Magnaculus’s belly was so big she may as well have swallowed one. It engulfed her less-inflated compatriots as they were pushed aside. The twi’lek’s gigantic tits were each nearly as big, and their milk added to the mess.

Every second, dozens and dozens of gallons of spunk blasted out of the Darth’s cunt around Jae’s cock. The spunk-level rose and rose.

As he kept cumming, Magnaculus found herself scooting forward along his cock, until her face mashed into Gallik’ta’s gushing cunt. Perhaps it was some sense of self-preservation, but the Darth Force-shoved herself forward, grunting as she began to slip under the twi’lek. Their bodies slid against each other.

“T-too much?!” asked the twi’lek.

“Fuck,” was Magnaculus’s response. “Of all the … luck … so much … fuck!”

Zivarr said, “Haammrgghbml.

“Hamburger, what?!” Jae roared at the ceiling. Granted, he was making just as much sense. “Aw fuck it ... hot damn ... blasting, motherfuck space!”

Finally, Magnaculus felt her tits rubbing against the glans, and SKLOOOOOORSCH-POP! The next wad blasted her off the tip of the cock. It was now wedged between her belly and the twi’lek’s titanic bust. It mass pushed her down into her own stomach.

GLOOOORSCH. GLOOOORSCH. Jae’s cock kept erupting, blasting spunk as he rolled his hips, thrusting up between the hot flesh ensconcing his cock, slipping in and out of swollen tits and belly. His seed blasted forward in a stream of spunk that seemed to flare in width, a meter-wide column of seed that blasted into the cargo hold the Sith had been waiting in. Of course, that chamber was still open to the rest of the ship, as were the side chambers now.


Two women waded through the jizz deeper in the ship, holding their bundled clothes above their heads. They heard a roaring noise. GRRRSSSH! GRNNNGH. Metal groaning. They looked at each other, shrugged, and kept wading.

GROOOORSCH! They looked up. The white liquid rippled. Then a white wall roared around the corner, coming right at them.

“Fuck!” they turned around and began to run away, but the jizz swept up and caught them. They went careening down the hall, carried by the sperm.


In one of the barracks, semen gushed out of the air vent, drenching a woman and flooding the room knee-deep in seconds.

“Open the door!” yelled one of the soldiers.

The trooper keyed open the door, and—

SROOORSCH! A wall of boiling-hot, musky jizz slammed her backward, filling her mouth, nose, and every orifice full of Jedi seed. It tossed the mattresses from the beds, filled the footlockers, and unfolded the socks.


Several engineers stood around the massive hole, looking down into a cylindrical void that lead into darkness. The only clue to its depths were the red lights, stretching out ad infinitum.

“Why does the Empire have so many bottomless pits in its starships and space stations, anyway?” asked a blonde.

A redhead shrugged. “Yeah, we really should try to set up some kind of safety compliance. This really doesn’t seem safe. Where does this even go? I mean, the railings are a good start, but. What is the point of this hole?”

Schrrrsschh. As they watched, the red lights began to wink out one by one.

The blonde frowned. “Um….”

Then, they saw something rippling in the darkness. A solid white mass filled the hole, rushing up towards them.

“Oh, shit!” yelled one of the other engineers.

“Get away!”

Jizz overflowed the put, spilling out in a rolling meter-thick blanket that chased the engineers from the room.


All over the ship, the story was the same. Corridors completely filled with semen. Rooms with only tiny air pockets left. Vast spaces flooded with potent, yogurty, fresh, steaming-hot jizz. Women rolling about, swollen incredibly huge with seed. Many tried to flee the roaring walls of spunk rushing throughout the vessel. Most were unsuccessful.

Jedi sperm filled every hole, crevice and crack. Women who had never gotten anywhere near Jae were filled with his sperm as it soaked their clothing in his sexual heat.


In one of the officer’s quarters, a woman sat, calmly reading galactic news on her datapad, ignoring the comm chatter and roaring metal noises. Her uniform was immaculately pressed and dry, as was her whole room, and she smelled fresh. Blonde hair was pinned into a lovely bun.

GLLORRRSCCH. There was a roaring outside her door. She crossed her legs, sipped her tea, and said, “Boy, it sure is nice not being soaked in jizz.”

The woman finished reading and had a very nice sperm-free breakfast.


In the bridge, the alarms went off. Jedi seed was gushing into the room, filling it waist deep on the lower tier.

“Get those doors closed!” yelled Torvast. Two engineers were fighting with the hydraulics, several droids lending their aid. But more semen kept gushing in.

KLONG. Finally, the doors closed, but sperm kept spraying from between the seams.

“I don’t know how long that will hold, Captain,” said an engineer. The doors groaned, emphasizing her point.

Torvast nodded. “Open all hangar bays! Let’s flush this ship out, we can’t handle all of this additional mass!”


Samiya’s glow backlit the ship as the hangar bays began to slide open—both the side bays and the ventral bay. Sperm blasted from these newly opened holes, trailing back in the ship’s wake, even as the Jedi’s testicles jiggled near the crux of the prongs atop the ship.

The Samiyan patrol craft flying by, of course, had no idea what to make of this scene.

One of the pilots reported back to his base, saying, “Uh. Imperial dreadnought appears to be … uh … leaking … white liquid. Biological object of some sort affixed to hull. Bigger than my spacecraft. Not sure what it is. Possibly some kind of soul-powered amphibious space-jellyfish. I wrote a whole paper on them.”

KLANK. A plate flew off. Jizz erupted. KLINK. Another armored panel failed and detached from the starship, tumbling back over the hull. The proud Harrower was gushing semen from every orifice, and several new ones.

And the Jedi kept cumming.


SPLOOOOORSCH. Jae moaned as he kept shooting spunk, bubbles coming from his mouth—the entire chamber was now flooded. Magnaculus wondered when he’d stop cumming, Gallik’ta wondered when her tits would stop swelling, and Zivarr was hungry so she started sucking down spunk.

So wrapped up in his orgasm was he, the Jedi had no idea how much havoc his vast load and his titanic cock were wreaking.


GRRNNNNGH. The Harrower’s sleek outer hull was beginning to warp, deform. Durasteel buckled, frames failed, alloys groaned in strain. The starship’s armored shell began to bulge outwards, clean lines becoming curved.

Even with millions of liters of semen blasting from its hangars and new hull breaches into Samiya’s atmosphere, the Harrower couldn’t drain fast enough. The pressure was too great. The ship began to expand, its hull bloating outward, becoming more round and conical than sleek and elongated.

The bright engines winked out. The starship could no longer maintain power because it was full of jizz. Its nose dipped towards Samiya.

The Samiyan people were treated to the sight of the Empire’s swollen pride careening through their atmosphere in plain distress. Instead of fire, white liquid blasted from every hole, raining down, leaving a slick of jizz kilometers in length. Entire towns had their roofs and streets blanketed in semen. It was raining sperm.

KRRRMMMMSSSSCHCHHH. The ground shook as the starship impacted. Mountains quaked, forests rattled, the pieces in a game of holochess fell over.

It left a swath of destruction across a broad, rolling plain, crops bursting into flame, kilometers of fields plowed to oblivion. And, of course, semen was now flooding those fields, spreading out from the crashed dreadnought.

Out of the hangar, dozens and dozens of swollen women rolled out, spilling across the plain, the sun lighting their sticky bodies.

The smoldering ship rose high above them, leaking semen from its gaping, blown-out holes, the hulk’s metallic groaning echoing off the nearby mountains.

And in front of the ship, a red blob bigger than a house sat. A Sith with a ludicrous ass was attached to it, gushing white from her stretched-out cunt, groaning loudly.

Next to her, a twi’lek whose quivering tits were several stories high and gushing milk laid moaning. And resting against her tits was a Jedi, his flaccid two-meters-plus flopped over one leg, lying in the dirt. His legs were propped up on his meter-wide nuts. He let out a long groan, staring at nothing, eyes glassy. On top of him, a petite Sith cradled a massively swollen belly.


The pointlessly enormous doors of the council chamber swung open, and in came a togruta with white markings on her red face. She approached the pointlessly enormous table.

Grand Master Shan looked up and nodded. “Master Kiwiiks,” she said, putting her datapad down.

“Grand Master. I see that Jae came back from investigating the dreadnought,” commented the togruta. “Or is it a ‘dreadnaught’? Oh well, I doubt anyone will notice one different vowel. So what did he find?”

“He came back?” asked Shan. She sighed deeply, pinching the bridge of her nose. “He was supposed to debrief me. I didn’t even know he was back on Tython. I sent him a message specifically telling him to clean up and come to me before he did anything else.”

“I see.” Kiwiiks smiled warmly as she sat down in one of the bizarre chairs the Jedi Council insisted on sitting in. “I know he frustrates you, Satele, but he has nothing but respect and admiration for you and the other masters.”

“Yes, but he never does what he’s supposed to.” She stood up.

“He may be … less than traditional … but we’re getting reports of a crashed Harrower on Samiya,” said Kiwiiks.

Satele squinted at her. “A crashed … he crashed a dreadnought? What does that mean?”

Kiwiiks took out her own datapad and began tapping. The table’s central holo-display showed the deformed wreck of an Imperial Harrower-class dreadnought smoking in the middle of one of Samiya’s vast grain farms. The ship was barely recognizable. It was so warped and swollen that it looked more like an over-stuffed samosa than an arrowhead. It also appeared that the ship was gushing white waterfalls from its hangar bays. The engines were leaking the fluid. More rolled over its hull from dozens of breaches. And then, of course, were the hundreds of swollen Imperials rolling majestically across the plains near it.

A reporter held a microphone up to a rodian, who said, “I’ve never seen anything like it! I tell you what, boy, the Empire’d better pay for all the crops it just destroyed. That funny-smelling white stuff coming out of the ship, though, it’s making the plants grow like crazy.”

As the two spoke, a gold-plated droid flopped across the ground behind them, doing the worm, its head spinning.

Satele looked at Kiwiiks. “Where is he?”

“Go outside, he’ll be easy to find.”


Master Shan strode across the Gnarls. Several padawans were sparring with training sabers. A nice breeze came off the river, rustling the trees and grass.

But the breeze didn’t negate the smell. It was the unmistakable odor of fresh sex.

Shan frowned. After walking a bit farther, she noticed what Kiwiiks was talking about. Dotting the landscape were what appeared to be fleshy boulders with padawans lying on top. Except those were their bellies. Shan had seen this before.

A togruta laid upon her stomach, groaning, eyes staring blankly at the sky as semen gushed out of her gaping entrance. Her belly was so bloated she was a bit higher in the air than Shan’s head. A fresh-faced human girl’s tongue lolled out, and she waved lazily to Shan as she walked by.

She passed an area where the trees were coated in thick whiteness, dripping from their branches. A creaky bridge over a small creek let her see that the water was running cloudy white.

The Grand Master passed several dozen bloated padawans, frowning deepening with each. Then she found another odd sight. A group of hammer-headed flesh raiders surrounded something deep in the trees. Red dripped from their jaws, and they appeared to be tearing into an unseen body with much gusto. Shan reached for her saber.

One of the flesh raiders looked up at her. It was holding … a piece of pizza? Shan squinted.

As she continued walking, a large droid scuttled towards a group of flesh raiders chasing another padawan. Its chest unfolded, SCHLOOMP! A circular object went flying—a pizza?! The droid shot a pizza out of its chest!

The pizza slapped into the lead raider’s face. He stopped, peeled it off, and stared at it. One of the other raiders tore a piece away and took a tentative bite. Then another droid showed up and they began to shoot more pizzas at the flesh raiders. SCHLOOMP-SCHLOOMP-SCHLOOMP. The ravenous aliens were quickly buried in a pile of pizzas.

“What in the name of the Force…?” asked Shan.

Finally, she found him. In a clearing, legs crossed as he sat atop his gigantic balls, his ludicrous member hanging down and lying in the grass. It was thickly caked in blankets of semen, padawan-juice, and who knew what else.

“Hello, Jae,” she said.

He opened his eyes and smiled. “Master Shan!” he slid down off his balls, putting them behind him, and walked up to her, dragging the monstrous nuts and wrapping his arms around her.

“Oh! Jae! Yes, hello!” she gave an uneasy smile and gently pushed him away. Looking down, she saw his spunk smeared all over her legs and tunic. She flicked it off her fingers and inhaled sharply, collecting her thoughts. “I thought I asked you to clean up and report to me?”

Jae bowed. “I’m sorry, Master Shan. I was offloading the Imperial droids I captured. We reprogrammed them, and I sent them to fight the flesh raiders. And then some of the padawans asked me for my guidance, and I got distracted.”

Shan frowned. His “guidance?” She said, “So there were experimental droids!” She paused. “Wait, are you referring to the pizza-droids I passed?” She shook her head. ”Pizza? Seriously? Korriban is not even known for it!”

“Yeah, I was confused about that, too, but according to the Sith, some guy named Darth Baras ordered them to be developed,” explained Jae. “Do you know who that is?”


Vowrawn blew smoke from his nose as he passed the spliff to Marr. “Hey, remember those pizza droids we lost?”

Marr stared at his hands, ignoring it. “The ones. The ones on that. Oh, wow, where did you get this?” He looked up and nodded. He reached up and pulled one of the donuts off his gigantic pauldron-spikes. “Yes, I remember.”

“Now the Dark CPAs won’t question our spending!” cackled Vowrawn. “I pinned all of that budget on Baras!”

Marr began giggling like mad, doubling over and slapping the table. “Good work, Vowrawn! And when he denies it, he’ll only appear more guilty!”

A tremor shook the table as a voice down the hall yelled with incredible vociferousness. “I cannot find him!”

“He’s coming!” hissed Vowrawn. “That is the loudest man I have ever met.”

“Get down!” whispered Marr. He and Vowrawn slid out of their chairs and got on the floor behind the table.

A hefty, silver-armored Sith stomped into the room and yelled, “Vowrawn, I know it was you! Marr, get out from behind that table!”

They stayed behind it so that they could start giggling again.

“I know you’re there, Marr!”

“No I’m not!” yelled Marr.

“I can see your spikes sticking up above the table!” countered Baras. “What sort of an imbecile are you mistaking me for?!”

“I’m not Marr, I’m Vowrawn,” said Darth Marr, giving Vowrawn a donut. “I’m testing Marr’s armor.”

“Oh, yes, and I’m Darth Marr,” called Vowrawn. “I’m in the next room. Would you like a donut?”

Both of them started cackling. Baras sighed.


“Baras? I see, that make sense,” said Shan. “And the genetic program?”

“Turned out it was basically a few dozen purebloods that were going to get knocked up by some dark lords, or that’s how it sounded, anyway,” Jae said, shrugging. “But they’re already pregnant.”

Shan squinted at him. “How would—Jae. Did you impregnate a bunch of Sith?!

“Well, better me than them,” he said. “Besides, I think they want to defect now.”

“What about the rest of the crew?”

Jae shrugged. “They’re probably pregnant now, too. I said it would be okay if they wanted to defect to us. Is that … is that okay, Master Shan? They might need our help. And that’s a whole lot of new Jedi!”

“You impregnated over nine-thousand women?” Shan asked. There was a long silence. She pursed her lips, considered his words, and finally nodded. “Yes, we must help those in need, even if we created the need.” She poked his chest. “But you’re right, we need new recruits, and … well … you are a gifted Force-user,” she begrudgingly admitted. “But that’s assuming they even want to defect.”

Jae nodded. “That’s true, but it’s worth a try.”

“And you did destroy an entire dreadnought. It looks like you did well, Jae,” Shan sighed. Perhaps he was exasperating, but he did accomplish something. Even if it was using complete phallic insanity.

Jae bowed. “Wow, thanks, Master Shan!” he caught her up in another slick hug.

Shan grunted and hugged him back, though it resulted in her arms becoming coated in more semen. “Yes, you’re welcome, Jae. Are you sure the … ah … padawans won’t disturb your meditation?”

“No, I like teaching them, and they like me.” He shrugged. “Don’t worry.”

Shan nodded, looking up as a cluster of giggling padawans came down the path.

“If you want, I could teach them at the temple?” he asked.

Shan looked at him. Not after the last time!  “This is better. Field training is more conducive to learning than the environment of the temple,” she said.

Jae nodded. “I agree.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a shower,” said the Grand Master. Jae bowed. She nodded and turned around to head back to the temple.


Sarkopheros keeps talking:

Why yes, I do enjoy rambling and talking about my story and process. Yes, you can skip this if you prefer to focus on the story rather than what I did to create it.  Think of this as one of those DVD special features.

You people don’t read my stories for subtlety, do you? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from you and knowing why my stories draw you in. Humor? Sexiness? Something else? Some combination? But I really doubt you come to me for subtle, tasteful sex. That’s largely why I went nuts with this story. Because fuck it, let’s try it out. And it seems you guys liked it!

I got a couple people asking why I didn't have Jae bang Satele or any of the canon ladies. I just didn't think it would be funny.

I set a record during this story—5,489 words in one day. That is not normal. It also involved a degree of writer’s block and a little planning, which I don’t usually do for these stories.

As always, yes, I am fishing for comments because I’m a comment-slut. Compliments, criticism, canon correction, general commentary, I welcome it all.


Written by Sarkopheros

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