Hyper Jae: Worst Jedi Ever, Part 2


Whrrrrrrmmm. The turbolift descended toward the fray.

They could both hear the comm traffic. “Ooooohh! Bloody hell! I can’t even— AAAAHHH!

Oh. Oh. Ooh. Oh no!” Then the nasty, liquid sound … gloooooorch!

The guardswomen looked at each other.

“It sounds bad out there,” commented Kenta. She was darker, shorter, and less braided than Estin.

More chatter. “Oh my fuck, it’s coming right for me!

Estin nodded in assent. “I don’t understand how a Jedi even got onto the ship. It doesn’t make sense.”

“And I thought Jedi were chaste,” said Kenta.

“Right now, we’re the ones being chased,” countered Estin, removing her goggles from their compartment.

Kenta continued. “How can such a Jedi even exist? How can the light side do this?”

The radio squawked again. “This is Captain Torvast. I know things are looking bad, ladies. I know that that thing is gigantic. But this is a Harrower-class dreadnought! The hammer of the Empire! So what if he’s already fucked most of the crew?! He’s just one puny Jedi with a puny plan!

“Light side?” Estin repeated. She put on her goggles “Right now, I’d be more worried about your backside.”

Yeeaaaahh!” screamed a woman on the radio. Splooort, sploooort, came the gooey punctuation.

KCHUNK. The turbolift reached the deck the Jedi was currently assaulting.

Chik. Chik. The women readied their blasters. The door slid open. They were greeted by—

GLOOORSCH! A wall of torrid white slammed into them. Hot, goopy liquid swirled around their bodies. Their blasters were torn from their hands by the tsunami, their bodies flailing as they were carried out of the elevator. The goo filled their mouths, saturated their hair, seeped into their armor. The women gurgled and gargled sperm.



And the taste! If an orgy could have a flavor, if male potency had a taste, this was surely it! Estin couldn’t see anything, even with her goggles.

Abruptly, she broke the surface. She gasped for air. “Huuuugh!” The trooper wiped her lenses off. The sight that greeted her made her gasp in addition to the gasping she was already doing, making for some manner of bizarre double-gasp.

The devastation was incredible. She was floating at the surface of what must have been three or four meters of semen flooding the cargo bay. Semen was rolling down the walls, falling from the ceiling in massive globs. She barely registered it as one such glob splattered against her head.

Her fellow crewmates were also in there. There were dozens … over a hundred! Who knew. Their groaning bodies littered the cargo hold. Each woman seemed to be laying atop a private island the same color as their—

Wait. No. Those were their bellies.

He’d filled them so full that their bellies lifted them above the spunk like ludicrous water beds.

Estin climbed up onto one of the women’s stomachs. It wobbled in waves as she did so. The belly’s owner arced her head back as well as she could to look at her.

“Hi,” she said.

Estin nodded and said, “How are you?”

The woman grunted and laid her head down on her belly. “Oh, you know, filled with enough sperm to hydrate Tatooine.”

“Flooding Tatooine with sperm would be an improvement,” said Estin.

“I can’t disagree.”

Kenta appeared after a moment, gasping and slicking spunk-soaked hair from her face. “Hahh! Hahh!

Sklorch. The belly’s owner cooed as semen gushed in an arc from her blown-out cunt. She bit her lower lip. “Mmmhh!

“Where is the Jedi?” asked Kenta.

“It looks like…,” Estin looked at her. “He already came.”

Kenta growled. “Dammit, Estin!”

“He’s not the only one,” grunted the swollen woman. She looked half-catatonic, her eyes glassy, her mouth slack, her toes curled. Her finger traced circles in the sea of semen.

Kenta swam towards them and climbed up onto the other side of the woman. The woman groaned at the added weight. More jizz gushed out of her gaping entrance. Kenta bit her lower lip as she eyed the hold. The think gunk just had such a strong, hot scent, one that was felt as a heavy heat filling both of them. Her cheeks were flushing, her breathing deepening. “W-we should go find the Jedi.”

The swollen woman tried to look back as best as she could, belly rippling around. “Why are you two sitting on top of my belly?”

Estin looked at her and asked, “Because we don’t have our own yet.” She began slipping out of her armor. Once her pale body was exposed, she took off her helmet and scooped up the white pearliness. Lifting the helmet above her head, she began pouring the thick stuff into her mouth. Slimy spunk rolled over her face, drenched her body, and she gulped it down quite enthusiastically. “Gluck-gluck-gluck. Mmmmhh!"

“It’s good, isn’t it?” asked their jiggling island.

“Estin, what are you doing?” asked Kenta.

“First. I need my energy. Second. We are going to have to swim, Kenta, and Imperial armor isn’t exactly conducive to that,” answered the braided woman, pouring the steaming seed all over her breasts and stomach. The white gunk blanketed her in thick sheets.

“Why are you covering yourself in cum?”

Estin rolled her eyes. “To mask my scent from the Jedi! They can smell your fear. You should probably do the same thing,” she suggested, before starting to gulp down more semen. Liters of the hot, sloppy seed rolled down her throat, filling her belly and distending it. It grew rapidly as she drank, beginning to fill her lap. Still steaming-hot, yogurty, goopy thickness, filling her throat completely, coating her body in wonderful stickiness. Glistening sheets hung from her arms, thick tendrils of spunk stretched between her lips and the helmet.

Kenta sighed and began stripping. “Okay, fine, but we have to go. I doubt it will be hard to find the Jedi.”

“But I bet…,” Estin looked at Kenta. She smacked her lips.

“Estin, don’t!”

She leaned in close. “...That he’ll be hard when we find him.”

Kenta shoved Estin off the stomach and into the jizz. SPLOOSCH!

That was when the PA system chimed, announcing an announcement.

Attention, all hands. This is Captain Torvast. Everyone please report to Fore Hangar Bay 2 immediately for hot cakes and ice cream. We have a very special birthday to celebrate!

Estin’s helmet beeped at Kenta, amazingly functional despite the fact that she’d been using it as a sperm-dish. Kenta threw the helmet at Estin as she swam closer.

She caught it, let out a loud belch, and put it on. Squiilsch! It squeezed her cum-drenched hair and smeared it all over her face. Kenta likewise put her own helmet on.

The captain spoke. “Crewmember. If you are able, I need you to report to the main cargo bay adjoining Fore Hangar Bay 2 for a final assault on the Jedi. We must be honest. The situation is bad. The Jedi has fucked and inflated most of you. He’s taken that giant cock and stretched you out into gibbering, slimy, orgasm-wracked, barely cognizant wretches, filled you with lakes worth of thick, gooey, gooey sperm!” Her breathing was becoming heavier as she spoke. “What was I saying?” A voice spoke to her. “Oh, yes, thank you. It’s uncertain how many thousands of tonnes worth of semen have entered the ship, and we are having difficulty ejecting it into space,” she explained.

The Harrower had dropped out of the twisting realm of hyperspace, and was now cruising towards the Samiya system. And, perhaps most oddly, it was trailing white ribbons that sparkled in the light.

Many airlocks had been opened, strategically-placed compartments closed, bulkheads lowered, ducts rerouted. The few remaining crewmembers were attempting to shut use the air pressure to shunt the Jedi’s sexual leavings out of the ship. But it was not working as well as they would have hoped. The ship’s gaping orifices were gushing semen from the sides, top, and bottom of the ship, but it wasn’t enough. And perhaps even worse, the sperm was painting broad white stripes across the ship’s hull.

Captain Torvast herself was making the announcement from a bridge she was having difficulty seeing out of because of all the thick white goo painting her windows.

She continued to speak. “Our Sith lords have organized themselves and will manage this final assault. We estimate a few hundred of you are left. Yes, the Jedi has fucked thousands of your sisters! I’m not even sure how he did it, considering he’s been here for less than a day. He’s dumped tonnes of jizz into each one, literally! He’s left thousands of you as a shuddering, orgasmic, dripping-wet mess catatonic with ecstasy! But I know that you can defeat him. So far, he’s only encountered a few dozen at a time. You will attack with at least two full companies. And the support of the Force, in the form of our Sith masters. I know you can do this. So if you can get to that cargo bay, do it now. Torvast out.”

“Is the Jedi really going to show up for some cake?” asked Kenta.

Estin took off her helmet. “Well, Kenta.” She fixed her gaze upon her. “He’s already taken all the pie.

Kenta put her foot on Estin’s head and shoved her under the jizz.


Jae looked up as he listened to the announcement. SMAK. SMAK. SMAK. The trooper’s ass bounced off his abs as he pumped his arm, the Force serving the ultimate purpose: facilitating sex. She slipped up and down his six-meter phallus, screaming the whole way.

Then he heard the announcement. “Oh, hell yeah! Hey, it’s been fun, girl, but I wanna go to that birthday party. I want some ice cream. Here, let me give you some cream.”

That titanic cock began erupting. SKLOOOOORSCH. SKLOOOOORSCH! The woman’s belly grew and grew, inflating around his cock like a condom. She howled, “AAAAAEEE!” The woman threw her head back, clenched her cunt, curled her toes, and grabbed handfuls of her own skin.

SPLOOORCH, SPLOOOORCH. His monstrous organ recoiled like a cannon, bathtubs worth of semen exploding intensely inside her, swirling and storming around his cock, putting pressure on her insides as she swelled up and up, her belly lifting her. After a long couple of minutes, her eyelids fluttered. White sprayed out around the Jedi’s cock. The woman went limp.

Jae grunted as he felt the last few gallons of seed rolling from his tip. Then he sent a pulse of Force towards her. SMAK! Her ass and belly rippled as he pushed her away. SCHLOOORK-POP! The woman skidded across the jizz-flooded room, a broad wake of white spraying into the air as she slid towards the far wall. BLORM! She hit the groaning pile of women, dozens upon dozens of troopers piled up, forming a gaping, jizz-gushing pile of meters-wide bellies that reached the ceiling.


Kenta and Estin strode down the hallway. Every door and hall seemed to be flanked by a pair of Imperial banners. More Imperial logos were everywhere, every three meters, at least!

“Hey, why are there so many logos everywhere?” asked Kenta. “And if you make another pun….”

“I actually wasn’t going to,” Estin said. She shrugged. Slap-slap-slap. Her bare, sperm-frosted feet slapped the metal flooring. Her breasts jiggled atop her swollen, wobbling, sperm-swollen gut. Kenta could hear dozens of liters of semen sloshing rhythmically with their stride. Slorsch-slosh. Slorsch-slosch. “Branding is pretty important, I guess.”


Vowrawn jabbed his finger at Marr and opened his mouth to speak, but no words came from the pureblood. Smoke plumed from his nostrils, trailing behind them as they walked down the metallic hallway.

Darth Marr stopped in his tracks and began to snicker. The snicker turned into a roaring, techno-distorted laugh through his mask. The Darth doubled over as Vowrawn kept blowing smoke out of his nose, passing him the blunt.

Marr kept laughing until Vowrawn walked into one of the ubiquitous Imperial banners and fell over. KLANG. His thrashing limbs tangled in the cloth. Then Marr sat on the floor and began dying. “Aaahhh! Ahahahah!” He kicked his legs in the air. “By the dark side! Good job, Vowrawn … Vow … rawn … wait.” He paused for a long moment. “Have you noticed that your name sounds like ‘mow lawn?’ “

Darth Vowrawn sat up, still entangled in the Imperial banner, and stared at Marr, his mouth slowly opening. “O-ho … you’re right! That must be why I have so much grass!”

Both Darths resumed their giggling.

Until Vowrawn yelled, “Oh dear, where have we wandered to?!”

Marr looked around. “Uh. I don’t….” He spotted one of the banners. “Oh, look.” He pointed at it.

“Oh,” said Vowrawn. He got to his feet and started to walk again, forgetting he was dragging the banner. SKREEE. Its stand scraped against the tiles. Vowrawn put his foot on it and tore the banner away. Schriip! Then he draped it over his head, wrapped it around his torso, and said, “Maaaaarr! Now I look like you!”

“Emperor’s breath, that’s amazing!” Darth Marr stared at him for a long time. “Vowrawn. What is that gold thing on your nose for?”

The pureblood touched the piece of jewelry. “This thing keeps me from. Uh. Snoring,” said Vowrawn. “How is it that you’re smoking through that blasted mask?”

“Um. I don’t know,” said Marr. They began walking again. “Man, but, what if we….”


“Remember the experimental droids we’re to receive this week?” asked Marr.

“The pizza-droids? What about them?”

Marr leaned in and whispered conspiratorially. “What if we blamed the project on Baras?”

Vowrawn slapped Marr’s back. “Do-hohoho! Brilliant! His denial will only make him look more guilty!”

Marr’s laughter stopped. “Wait, where are we?!”

Vowrawn looked around and pointed at one of the Imperial logos.

“Oh,” said Marr.

They walked a few more yards before … “Where did we go?” asked Vowrawn.

Marr pointed at the next banner.


Their feet clanked against the metal plating as they kept going.


It was the same in every room they’d passed on the way here—women swollen so big their backs touched the ceilings in some of the smaller rooms. Gaping cunts and gushing jizz. A reek like a brothel. Semen covering the walls and dripping from the ceilings. They must have walked half a klick through waist-deep semen. Whenever the air conditioning kicked on, the vents rattled, and GLOOORSCH, a blast of more steaming-hot spunk would gush out and drench one of them.

Kenta’s heavy tits were now bouncing atop a swollen belly of her own. The whole ship was missing tea time thanks to the Jedi, and she’d gotten hungry. Temptation got the better of her. She’d stood under one of the vents, gulping down pint after pint of that delicious batter. It just felt right, sliding down her throat, swelling her belly, clinging to her tongue. White layers rolling down her tits. She didn’t stop until she felt her stomach push through the layers of spunk on the wall and touch the metal.

Both women were caked in semen now, their complexions indistinguishable.

Finally, they came into the appointed room. In front of them were more or less two companies worth of women standing in neat rows, many already naked. While semen was pouring in from the vents and knee-deep in here, there weren’t any massively swollen women. Granted, judging by a lot of those bellies, they had been gulping down all that spunk, too.

The three Sith Lords traveling on board were already here, standing atop a large metal crate.

Besides the human troopers, there was a large group of Sith Purebloods dressed in silver robes. The Dark Matrons. They sat atop more metal crates.

Atop the highest crate were Lord Zivarr, Lord Galik’ta, and Darth Magnaculus. The first was a small pureblood who was eating a cookie. The second was a chubby purple twi’lek with massive tits that her custom robe could just barely contain, albeit with epic cleavage. Darth Magnaculus’s biggest feature was her monstrous, round ass, and ludicrous hips. Her robes were cut to show off those hips and thick thighs, and it was obvious she was proud of that huge derriere. Behind her was a gold-plated droid.

Zivarr spoke up. “Alright, now that you’re all here! Wow, these cookies are surprisingly fresh. Anyone want a bite?” She held up the cookie. Lord Galik’ta shook her head and Darth Magnaculus leaned in and said something neither Kenta nor Estin heard, but judging by the gestures, it was something like “hurry the hell up.”

“Here’s what’s going down. As you may or may not know, there’s a Jedi in the next room. We’ve sealed him in there. Far as we can tell, his balls grow faster the more stimulation he has, and there’s no one in there with him, so they should be at a minimal size. Then everyone’s gonna wail on his ass!” declared Zivarr.

“My associate left out a few details,” said Galik’ta. “Now then. First, the infantry will move in from both rooms adjoining the sides of the hangar, distracting the Jedi. After you sap his energy, we send in the Dark Matrons,” she gestured at the purebloods in their grey robes. “These purebloods have volunteered to participate in a genetic program designed to strengthen our Empire. It is them who you are on this ship to protect.”

“Yeah, that and some dumbass droids,” grunted Zivarr.

“Shoosh, Zivarr.” Galik’ta put her hands on her hips and walked back and forth on top of the crate. Her massive tits were each over half a meter in diameter and wobbled with every step. She looked at the Dark Matrons. “Ladies. I know this is not what you were trained for, but you are Sith, you are force users, and you are well-equipped.”

“So is the Jedi,” laughed Zivarr.

Estin laughed. Kenta glared at her.

Galik’ta swung around. BLOMPH. Her enormous tits sent Zivarr flying. SPLOOSH! The petite pureblood landed in the white muck.

She sat up, spitting cum out and wiping it out of her eyes. “Well, that was just impolite,” she complained.

Galik’ta continued. “You will do your best to capitalize on the efforts of these brave troops.”

They smelled hornier than brave, though. Zivarr, Kenta, Estin … most of the women there could feel the heat in their bellies, the warmth between their thighs. Estin and Kenta could both feel trickling trails of nectar rolling down their inner legs and into the semen below. Thinking of going up against that cock, while standing in its fresh, liquid potency….

Galik’ta continued. “After he is worn out and tired, we will emerge, fresh and powerful, to neutralize him once and for all.”

Darth Magnaculus addressed them last. The droid behind her began beatboxing. She spat some rhymes. “Ladies, surely we can’t fail this. Jedi sperm fittin’ ta make us all ship-less. Make us proud, fight his cock with. All your strength, and force-rockin’ lady-Sith. These lightsabers got your back, yo. Now, bring down that heavy flak. Go.”


Meanwhile, Jae looked around the hangar. He sat against his balls, in the middle of the vast room. It was strangely lacking any spacecraft. Maybe they’d moved them for the birthday party? But where was the cake? The ice cream?

A clear puddle was rolling out from his tip as his cock kept drooling. Schloof. One of the doors to the side opened, and in came a curvy little chiss in Imperial uniform.

She blinked her big, red eyes at the sight of the Jedi the PA system had been talking about. His cock looked as thick as she was tall! It was bigger than a hutt! She covered her mouth with both hands. His balls were behind him, each so big they were as high as his head. She could hear sperm sloshing within them! No known species got that big!

“Sup, girl?” he asked, smiling at her.

The chiss gaped at his sheer size. “You’re just … you’re massive!” She came up to the side of the cock. The heat was palpable radiating from the mighty organ. Veins as thick as her legs pulsed on its surface, rippling with power that fed the monster. Globs of precum as big as her head rolled from its mouth.

“Heh, yeah, I am. Still growing, too.”

“Really?!” After all, his cock was at least twice as long as a dewback and fatter than one, too—and she’d spent some time on Tatooine, in hives of both scum and villainy. Granted, most of the hives were more full of alcohol and boredom.

“Yeah.” The Jedi smiled at her. “So whose birthday is it? Where is everyone?”

“I don’t know, it’s my birthday, though.” The chiss frowned. “I thought the Captain was getting ready to surprise me.... it was all a prank! I guess she really doesn’t even know I’m here.” She pouted and looked down at her brightly-polished shoes.

Jae frowned. “Aww. It’s a big ship, you know, I bet she doesn’t have time to meet everyone,” said the Jedi.

“Then why make the announcement?”

“Huh, I guess that’s a point. Girl, if I woulda known ahead of time, I would have brought you something. I hate to see a pout on that cute little face.” He smiled at her and leaned forward, elbows on his cock, chin on his hands. “Hey, you know, since they kinda screwed you over, maybe I can give you a little something to cheer you up. And help you screw with them in the process.”

“Oh,” she said, crimson gaze turning from his face back to his cock. “Uh … what. What might you have in mind?”

“Depends what you want, girl. I’m Jae,” he offered.

“Kinli,” she replied. “You’re much more polite than the other Jedi I met.”

“What were they like?”

“Oh, you know, the same old cardboard personality.” She stood up straight and stiff as a board. “Har-dee-dar there is no emotions cease and desist your unruly activities, get down off the bar, stop setting my robes on fire.”

Jae burst out laughing. “I know a few of those. I know how to have fun, though, trust me.”

The chiss gave him a crooked grin. “Wanna show me?”

Jae grinned and took her hand. He lifted Kinli up onto his cock. She laid down on the massive organ, leaning on her elbows, kicking her legs and biting her lip as she looked up at him. “Oh, my. Mmmh! I feel like. Have you ever been in the engine room, or near the main reactor of a super-dreadnought while it was underway?”

“I don’t think so.”

“You can feel the vibrations. The heat. You can just feel it … all this power. Rumbling and shaking around you. That’s how it feels being on top of your cock,” she panted, leaning down and kissing its slick surface, moaning as she lapped at it. “Mmm! Before we do this.” She took out a datapad and began typing on it, teeth exposed in a wicked grin.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m opening up some of the bulkheads and vents they locked down. Closing the hangars.” KLANK. VRRRUUUMMMMN. The massive metal blast doors behind them began to rumble closed. “So when you reach your … ‘finale’ … all that spunk will be free to flow and fill up the ship!” She cackled.

“Hah. Such a wicked, vicious woman. I like it! Let’s fuck.”

She put away the pad and looked up at him, biting her lip, hungry eyes gazing into his for a long moment.  “Okay. Can you, uh….”


“My butt.”

“Okay,” chuckled the Jedi. He raised his hands. Kinli giggled, took off her cap, and put it on Jae. He winked as she floated up into the air, rising up, up, lifted by invisible energy. The fleshy monster she’d just been lying on tilted up into the air until it stood vertically, a great monolith of manhood. She could see into its mouth as gallons of pre burbled forth.

“FUCK!” Her stomach leapt into her throat! Her hair and arms flew up into the air. She was hurtling down like an asteroid when—

SCHRRRIIIIPPP.Aaauuuuugggh fuuuuck!” Her slacks ripped apart in an instant. The cock slammed into her ass and spread it wide in a blink. The organ shoved her organs aside and bulged out her belly. The whole uniform exploded, her blue belly stretched out, she felt heat in her throat— “Hurggghlll!” The massive meter-wide glans erupted from her lips, pushing up above her, jutting into the air and spewing gallons of precum.

In just a second, the cock had entered her ass, straightened her entire digestive system, stretched out her belly, and shoved its way out of her mouth. She was a blue sleeve around the base of his cock. Most of her body was on top of his cock, but her tits had been forced to the sides, her pussy was now underneath its belly, and she was a general mess, precum rolling down the organ and drenching her face.

Grey shreds of cloth raining down across the room, only the back of her jacket and tattered sleeves remaining. The sheer volume of stimulation left her temporarily numb, but all at once, the sensation of penetration like no other slammed into her body. A raw tsunami of fuck, lighting up every nerve in her being, setting her brain on fire, making her feel like she’d swallowed a thermal detonator full of pleasure or some equally inept analogies.

Her eyes rolled back, not that anyone could tell with a chiss. Her legs kicked, her toes curled, her arms flailed and she clawed at handfuls of cock-skin. She screamed, muffled by the cock jammed all the way through her. “MMMHHH!SKLLRT-SKLLRRRRT-SKLLRRRRRT! Her cunt began to gush jets of hot, clear juice all over Jae’s feet and legs as she came.

The Jedi began wiggling his finger up and down, grinning. His cock moved back to horizontal, lowering itself in front of him, but he kept it hovering a few feet off the floor. The chiss tried to scream again as she began to careen forward, then backward. SCHLUUURK. GLIIIISCH. SCHLUUURK. GLIIIISCH. Liters of precum sprayed out around her as she took the most intense ride of her life, lighting her up more than any of her battles or covert operations ever did.

Her pussy kept gushing, and her toes stayed clenched, her entire body shuddering in unending orgasm. She was nigh catatonic—the whole room faded to nothing. It was just her and the Jedi’s cock.

Jae let out a groan as his nuts began to rumble and gurgle. GRRMBBBLLL. They started to swell bigger, bloating out to the sides, rising up in height, sperm multiplying infinitely, fluids secreted, semen bloating.

That was about when the Imperial army decided to roll on in.

Schloof! Schloof! Doors on both starboard and port slid open. Hundreds of women poured in, blasters at the ready. SMAK! SMAK! The chiss kept pumping up and down his cock, slamming into him.

Kenta and Estin were at the front, nothing on them except a blaster. They were immediately hit by the hot, thick, fresh fog of sex. It had been saturating the ship, subverting the higher processes of every woman on board, making each more keenly aware of what was between her legs. The women who had been wearing their helmets the entire time were less affected, and it was them who leveled their guns at the Jedi.

But Kenta and Estin and about half the other ladies had different ideas.

Estin looked at Kenta and said, “I wonder if he’ll chiss and tell.”

Kenta sighed. “Dammit, Estin.”

Estin stared at her. “You know what they say, chiss is a game of strategy.”

“A chess pun?! That’s not even related to what’s going on!” complained Kenta. “Anyway. Who wants to get a good look at that cock?!” she yelled, before jogging forward.

By the stars, it was like a black hole, sucking them in! The exposed ladies began to move towards the Jedi’s monstrous organ. It was even bigger than they’d been lead to believe! It was pulsing heavily, veins as thick as their legs, a broad head so big she could shove melons into its hole. That monster was so fat that it looked like the Jedi was riding it like a tauntaun rather than the cock being attached to him. His feet could barely touch the ground with the organ’s sheer girth—without the force, how would he even move?

The rest of the women were coming into the vast hangar, and once both companies were inside, the doors closed behind them.

“Get out of the way!” yelled a still-armored trooper.

“No, take your helmet off!” yelled Kenta.

“That’s the only way you’ll get a head!” added Estin.

“Dammit, Estin, this is not time for puns!” yelled the trooper. “That one didn’t even make sense!”

“Yes it did!”

Dozens of women, each with an annoying, needy trickle between their legs, threw themselves against the monstrous organ. Jae let out a long growl and a sly smimle as the Imps began to clamber up on top of his cock, finding the thick veins made good hand and footholds. Their bodies were beginning to perspire in the heat coming off his cock. They slipped and slid, gathering up handfuls of pre. Women were on top of his cock, grinding against it, against the pulsing veins. There were so many bodies that the six-meter organ disappeared with their sheer number.

Meanwhile, his nuts kept growing and swelling, bigger, bigger, each one several meters high, claiming more and more floor area. The troopers began to climb them, as well, grabbing handfuls of loose, thick, sack-flesh, still more of them near the bottoms, kneading and moaning, licking over their surfaces.

Everywhere, the ladies were grabbing up crystalline handfuls of ropy slime that stretched and squelched and splatted, and slathered it all over their bodies, the hot fluid marinating them in Jae’s sexuality. Their skin grew warmer, hotter.

Mmmhh,” Estin moaned. “This stuff feels incredible!” For once in her life, she wasn’t making awful jokes.

“Tastes and feels even better than it smells, huh, girl?” asked the Jedi, looking down at her in the mass of slick, shining bodies.

“For a Jedi, you’re pretty cocky,” she replied. Nevermind. She’s still making awful jokes.

“Ha, true!” laughed the Jedi.

There was no denying it—the heavy heat in her stomach, the heat in her cheeks, it was creeping all over her body, wherever his precum touched her. The gargantua of flesh before her had looked tantalizing before the pre, now it was irresistible.

And like her, most of the ladies were dripping wet, the smell of a dozen-dozen dripping cunts creeping into the air. And that scent only made the Jedi’s nuts grow faster. They were each an incredible four meters across now, their sheer mass making them more oval than spherical.

They crept over the deck as they expanded and churned and rumbled. The heat coming off their surface was enough to raise the temperature of the entire chamber, turning it into a musky, sex-funky sauna. All the women were sweating. The heat had risen so much, so fast that the computer alerted the bridge crew.

A dark, petite girl with a cute bob stood up on Jae’s cock and moaned as she walked along the top of it, coming towards him. Her belly jiggled and wobbled, gallons of his spunk distending it.

“H-hi! Oh, by the Force! I’m so hot! I’m burning!” she complained, biting her lower lip, her knees shaking as her juices rolled down her thighs.

The girl stepped on top of poor Kinli, still twitching and catatonic in ecstasy. There was so much moisture that he wasn’t sure, but he was certain she was still squirting chiss-juice onto his legs.

“Oh, I’m s-sorry!” she cried.

Jae pulled her closer. “Sup, girl? What’s your name?”


“I’m Jae. Kenta, I got a plan, and we can help each other,” he said.

“H-how?” she asked.

“Bend over and shove your ass in my face. A little pussy juice’ll speed things up nicely.”

Kenta turned around and pushed her toned little bubble-butt into the Jedi’s face, smothering it with her sweaty-slimy cheeks. His nose pushed against her back entrance as his tongue began to slip up between her burning lips, the nerve endings practically melting with relatively little stimulation.

The Jedi only had to touch the tip of her clit for her to—

Haaaagh!” she cried. SKLORSCH! SKLORSCH! Her body quaked as her pussy interrupted, explosively spraying glistening juices all over Jae’s face. The juice rolled down his cheeks, coated his lips. He moaned into her pussy as he began to swallow it down.

Meanwhile, the armored ladies watched this. Their suits protected them from the fuck-scent, but not the sight. The magical sight of a cock so big it took dozens of women with slick bodies rubbing and kneading and licking and loving its surface to stimulate it. The six-meter phallus, so thick it would come up to their waists or higher while lying on the floor, had nearly disappeared behind a wall of frantic flesh. They swarmed over it, desperate for its flesh. There was the sight of balls that were each big enough to contain several banthas, five meters in height a piece and still growing. Besides the moaning that echoed through the compartment, there was the constant rumbling. GRRMBBBLLLL. CHURSCH-SLORSCH-CHURSCH. Loud sloshing and gurgling inside the nuts as they produced spunk. Their peers were on top of those nuts, grinding and kneading as best they could.

Many of these armored ladies found their armor filling with their own juices. A niggling, annoying little trickle down the legs, a hot creeping sensation on their skin. The comm channels were becoming full of heavy breathing and quiet, wishful mewling.

Their resistance eroded. Helmets were unsealed. The orgiastic reek slapped them in the faces. They inhaled deeply, gasping, dripping as their armor came away. And slowly, the armored forces disintegrated as naked, needy women dashed towards the Jedi, many of them slipping and falling, sliding face-first through the ankle-deep pool of pre creeping across the metal floor.

Jae groaned as he continued to eat Kenta’s pussy, and Kenta moaned as she kept gushing more and more juice onto his face. SKLRRT. SKLRRT. The Jedi eagerly lapped it up, his body responding to the feminine juices by producing more thick seed. Finally, the woman fell forward and laid atop Kinli’s back.

The Jedi looked back at his ever-expanding nuts. Their growth was accelerating. All these excited women felt incredible. Their collective libido was a vibration in the living Force that he could feel deep in his nutsack where his sperm frothed and sloshed and swam in a hurricane of virility. Bigger, bigger, bigger they grew, each glorious testicle over two stories in height. “What do you say I flood this room, ladies?” He asked.

There was a collective wailing in response. He closed his eyes and leaned back against his nuts, massaging handfuls of Kinli’s ass as he swelled. Moaning filled his ears, hands and lips covered his skin. He could feel them on top of his sack, pushing their feet into its skin. He felt grinding pussies, smelled their heat.

KLONG. His balls hit the hangar’s main door. Their tops pushed up against the ceiling. The women caught on top of the balls were sandwiched with their backs against the metal roof and their skin against his, trapped in a sweaty pocket of flesh, all air replaced with the scent of his hot, full nuts. They wiggled and continued to grind, enjoying their predicament, growing wetter by the second, feeding their libido to his.

With nowhere else to go, the flesh-mountains began to expand sideways, blocking the lights and pushing him, and the orgy, forward. Women crawled up and laid in the wrinkles of his balls like hammocks.

It was time. “I’m gonna blow my load!” he roared.

His improvised harem cried out, and they fell all over each other as many of them surged to be in front of his cock. Dozens of them stayed behind, preferring instead to stimulate the fleshy behemoth, but most had ended up in front of it.

CHHORRRRMMMMBBBBLLL. His balls issued a seismic rumble that shook the hangar. The lights hanging from the ceiling of both this and the hangar below them began to swing back and forth.

The semen in the neighboring rooms began to ripple, as did the precum in this one. The Sith looked up as they heard the vibrations.

His nuts kept growing. The metal of the hangar groaned.

Hhmmmmaaaaugh!” The Jedi closed his eyes and arched his back, roaring at the ceiling as he felt his sperm raging inside his testicles. RRRMMMBBBL. SCHLLRRKKRSSCCH. There was a gushing-rushing noise deep within as rivers of semen flowed through the tubes. The belly of the cock bulged outward.

“Oh yeah!” he cried, leaning forward and planting his hands on his cock. A white tsunami blasted through it, stretching its throat in an incredible way from the inside.

GLOOOOOOOORCH! It bucked like a cannon, throwing several of the women lying on top of it.

A vast white serpent of jizz blasted from its tip, a rope of semen thicker than they were, ludicrous amounts of cum erupting from its tip. The boiling-hot, gooey tsunami swept dozens of gathered women off their feet, knocking them back in a seminal tempest. His first wad painted a swath of white across the deck meters wide before exploding against the far wall, leaving a massive white splatter.

GLOOOOOOOOOOORCH! His cock shot again, a mighty load that threatened to drown all those ladies in his seed. They tumbled across the deck, groaning and shuddering as one by one the pressure and heat burst like a damn, and miniature floods sprayed from their swollen slits. But this was swept aside in the torrid deluge that descended upon them.

In the cargo bay adjoining the hangar, the Sith lords heard the impact on the metal as the liquid beat against it. They saw white jets spraying around the seams of the door.

GLOOOOOOOOOORCH! The ladies coughed and sputtered mouthfuls of jizz as it washed over them, some climbing up on all fours to try gulping it all down. His spunk splashed off the far wall, painting everything white. The semen began to roll outward, covering the floor of the hangar. The liquid began to rise steadily.

Jae groaned loudly as he leaned forward, planting his hands on Kinli’s shoulders.

The poor little chiss had no idea where she was. It was hot. She was sweaty. There was screaming. Her pussy was aching and raw. Her insides were heaving all topsy-turvy. She felt dehydrated. All that was in her mind was her euphoric discomfiture and the cock. This massive, mighty cock that, for the moment, ruled her entire universe.

Jae licked his lips, tasting pussy as his cock kept erupting, his nuts very slowly shrinking. But the collective horniness in the room and the dozens of bodies stimulating his cock caused his nuts to keep making cum, even while they were being emptied.

His nuts sloshed and rumbled, their surfaces rippling visibly. He groaned low in his throat, feeling all those hands rubbing and caressing his crown. The ladies had climbed back up on his cock, and he could see several of their asses and gushing cunts wiggling at him as they crawled on all fours, licking and kissing the back edge of the glans, biting at its rubbery flesh.

Jae grinned. He summoned up the Force and used it to move himself once more, rotating him, his cock, and his balls to face the armored phalanx. GLOOOOORCH. His semen rained down on them, painting black armor in centimeters-thick-layers of white, the seed blinding them and flowing into their air intakes.

The women found seed being carried by their suits’ ductwork, squirting into their faces, filling their helmets with the hot, tantalizing scent. The smell of his semen flowed into their noses, cloying at the primitive parts of their brains, flipping switches, and generally making a mess. It was electric, flowing down their spines, cheeks burning, legs quivering. The Jedi turned to drench the other phalanx in his spunk. And they, too, began to leak.

And then, on both sides, the last vestige of resistance broke as they began to peel off their armor.

Ten, fifteen minutes, no one was sure of the passage of time, but they could see the spunk climbing up past their ankles, past their knees.

SPLOOORT. SPLOOORT. Sploooort…. Sploooort…. His wads were coming slower, less voluminously. His nuts had shrunken substantially, but were still a good four meters across each, looming behind him.

The Jedi looked around the hold, grinning. Naked human women were wading towards him from all angles.

He raised a hand, and Kenta felt herself rising into the air. Invisible hands suspended her. She didn’t know what was going on, the frenzy making her perception a bit foggy.

But it came rushing in when she went flying through the air. SMAK! She slammed into the tip of the Jedi’s cock cunt-first, and in a blink it stretched her out like latex. Her legs spread to the sides, forced apart by the sheer bulk. “Aaaauuugh!” she screamed as she hurtled backward along his organ, feeling every titanically thick vein inside her, feeling their pulsing as her belly stretched out in front of her like a coffee-colored condom.

Her ass shoved up into Kinli’s face—not that the chiss was present at the moment. She just gurgled, blowing bubbles of precum from her nose, because a woman in her position as a literal cocksleeve didn’t have much to do.

Kenta looked up at her belly, stretched out meters in front of her, pulled tight, shrink-wrapped around that organ. She could see the pulsing veins under her own skin, the ridge of the glans, the women rubbing his cock through her flesh … then she saw nothing as her eyes rolled back and she contorted through an intense orgasm that seemed to assault her mind like a Sith lightning bolt.

SKKLLLLRRT! Her pussy squeezed Jae’s cock tightly and her hot juices sprayed out around its girth, drenching Kinli’s face. She shuddered violently as her body began to hurtle forward. SCHLLLLRRRK! Her head stopped just above that of the organ’s, and then she was yanked backward again. The Jedi let out a growl as he used the Force to make the trooper into a toy with which to pleasure his colossal cock.

Her ass kept smacking the chiss in the face. And if her orgasm ever stopped, Kenta didn’t notice. Her head bounced against her belly as he fucked her for what felt like a century. The trooper wasn’t sure how long she’d been mounted on his cock. She was breathing fuck-steam and hearing nothing but the GLLLRRSSCH of her body rocketing back and forth and the deep RRMBBBLLL of his swelling nuts.

Jae groaned. The tight pussy felt wonderful, and it was even better with all the ladies swarming over his cock and kneading at its surface through the girl’s skin. Thousands of times the surface area of a normal cock, all those extra nerve endings for pleasure. A hundred handjobs all at once, hot breath, kissing lips, licking tongues. Tight, silky walls around him. Then there were the ladies still atop his nuts, rubbing and dancing on top of them as they rose higher and higher, sending out sloshing waves through the chamber.

The Jedi looked around. He had a lot of bellies to fill. Kenta was nigh comatose, twitching and shaky. No one would notice if he decided to blow his load quickly instead of holding it back as he’d done to fill the hangar waist-deep.

SCHLOOOORK! Kenta hurtled back towards him, her ass mashing up against Kinli’s face. He grabbed her ankles. SPLOOOOOOORCH. At the tip of his cock, her belly bulged out in a secondary tent, distorted by the sheer seminal force. SPLOOOOORCH. SPLOOOOORCH. A column of jizz as thick as Kenta’s former waist blasted into her, a boiling-hot river of virility inside her.

Her belly sagged, growing, swelling to the sides, stretching like a brown water balloon. GLOOOOOORSCH. It felt like he was pumping a whole swimming pool through his cock, raging torrents of thick spunk rushing down its throat before exploding inside her. SPLOOORCH. SPLOOORCH. Jizz swirled in a mad hurricane in her belly, lighting up every single nerve in her body, even the ones not in her womb or cunt. Sperm pushed all her cunt juice out, making her body go haywire. As the Jedi’s nuts shrank, some of the women atop them began to topple off.

Kenta’s belly wobbled and began to push the women around her backward. It rippled and wobbled like jelly, swelling bigger by the second, lifting the woman atop it up into the air and tilting her backward as the Jedi’s cock angled up to compensate. As the minutes past she was soon vertical, her belly a good four meters across. Jizz blasted out around his cock, showering the nearby bodies with even more spunk.

Jae let go of Kenta and raised his hands. Her ass and belly rippled as she began to pull up and off his cock. SCHLOOORK. Her pussy clung to him as she twitched, globs of seed the size of water balloons splattering their audience.

POP! The Imp lifted away. Her cunt gaped wide enough for someone to crawl into. GLOOOORSCH! A waterfall of white semen drenched the Jedi and his new friends as she floated into the air. He slid her through the waist deep spunk. The Force caused her to careen to the side, throwing up plumes of hot spunk before hitting the wall and rippling.

His cock, covered in thick blankets of spunk, lowered itself. It was immediately set upon, an eager feeding frenzy as the mouths began cleaning the semen off its glistening, pulsing surface. Jae let out a little growl, his nuts swelling as they replenished the semen he’d just expended.

Jae began to look around the room to decide who would be next, but then he remembered the birthday girl! He smiled down at Kinli and leaned in over her. “How about I fill your other hole?”

The chiss gave a rather eloquent response. “Grrhhghhlll.

Jae raised his hand, and she began to slide towards the front of his cock, groaning and trying to howl as he unwrapped her from his monstrous organ. The motion shook her from her catatonia. Ruby eyes refocused and darted around the room. Her tongue slid over his cock, the veins acted like rubbery ridges, grinding over her insides. Then, she reached the tip, her teeth rubbing over the glans as her mouth was allowed to resume its original shape, her abdomen returning to something recognizably humanoid.

Her pussy squeezed, small jets still squirting. But she still tasted the sheer, overwhelming flavor of Jae’s virility on her tongue, in her throat. She smacked her lips. There was nothing but that delicious flavor of raw sexuality. And she was almost as it went schlr-POP! And came free of her ass. Torrid pre gushed over her blue bubble-butt and down her thick thighs.

“Wh-what…,” she grunted, looking back over her shoulder. Jae and a few of the girls waved. Only now did she realize what was going on. With the wits fucked right out of her, the chiss had only been vaguely aware of what was going on up until this point. There was a good meter of jizz filling the hangar! The girls were wading in it! When had so many appeared?!

That was also when she realized what the Jedi intended to do with her.

The monster phallus was so fat that not even this much spunk could submerge it, so instead it was lurking in the white pool like a dragonsnake. It rose up, its drooling tip pointing towards her. She bit her lip. This is going to hurt so good.

She hurtled backward. Her stomach flopped like she was piloting a fighter craft. The impact with his cock barely registered—a pleasure-bomb hit her like a turbolaser and her eyes were rolling back and she was howling again, her shrill cry echoing in the room. SCHLLLRRRK-SMAK! Her ass smacked into the Jedi’s pubes.

Jae looked like he was wearing a blue condom, her belly vacuum-packed around his cock and detailing every contour. His strong, coarse hands wrapped around her hips as he began to pound her body. His cock was in her womb—a sensation she’d never had before. Then again, how many women had been turned into living masturbatory aids by a Jedi—supposedly the epitome of emotional control?

The Jedi’s cock gushed enough precum to fill a hot tub in a moment, and already her belly was swelling around it. GLOOORSCH. She slid back. SMAK! Her ass hit his abs. All the while she felt the strange sensation of all those naked human women rubbing up against her, moaning and crying out as if they were getting fucked themselves. Their cries filled the chamber, echoed off its metal walls. Schlick-schlurk. Schlick-schlurk. Her body slid back and forth like a dizzying carnival ride.

Hundreds of proud Imperial troopers were naked around her, many of whom she recognized. Many of whom treated her with trademark Imperial xenophobia. They were all the same now. Granted, she was having quite a difficult time philosophizing around the bulk of that cock, but this is probably what she would have been thinking had she been more cognizant.

Her legs flailed, kicking several of the other women in the head as she moved, arching her head back, grabbing her own stomach, wailing at the ceiling. “HAWAAAUUGH!” Jae grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back as he pounded her from behind, all six meters of that ludicrous thing buried deep inside, being massaged all the while.

As he pounded her body, one hand clutching her hair, the other smacking her across her pert rump, his tonnes of cock bounced up and down, slamming against the deck below. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! SLORSCH! SLORSCH! It sent out waves of semen, roiling white splashing up against the far walls, painting them meters high.

His nuts were rolling outward, swelling every second. The women atop were once again threatened by the ceiling as the fleshy robs rose. They began to quake and rumble again, shaking the hull once more, rattling the neighboring compartments, sending out waves through the spunk before GLOOOOOOOORCH!

It was like sitting on a geyser. Kinli’s belly exploded in girth. Liquid heat filled her entire being. Her belly swelled rapidly. So quickly, it rolled over several of the women around her. The rest began to back away, but the cum was so thick it made escaping the blue balloon difficult. Kinli’s eyes fluttered, her toes clenched, her fingers clawed, her body rattled. SPLOOOORT. SPLOOOORT. Each wad gushed like a geyser for long moments, devastating pulses of seed that sprayed for a good ten seconds each, Jae’s cock stretched out by the storming sperm. The Jedi let out a long rumbling growl of pleasure.

The waves of jizz rolled away from her as she began to get bigger, bigger, angling vertical like Kenta behind her, a jiggling, bloated blue balloon. Kinli’s mind once again blacked out except for her, the cock, and its sperm. She stared blankly at a point a thousand light years beyond the ceiling as he filled her. Her belly cast many of the women in shadow, and forced them to back further and further away.

Minutes passed as she swelled. Bigger, bigger, belly jiggling, eyes blank. His nuts were small enough now that they’d only be big enough for one bantha.

Finally, his cock bucked more gently. The wads came more slowly—of course, even the “small” bolts of spunk he shot at the end of his orgasm would have been enough protein to feed a platoon for a week.

Kinli’s eyes fluttered. Her tongue lolled out. And it all went black.

Jae felt her pass out. Her belly jiggled as he pushed on her with the Force. SHCLLLRRRRRRK…. The dark-blue lips of the chiss’s delicious alien pussy clung to his cock, stretching towards him as she pushed away. Semen gushed out around his organ, spraying, coloring his honey-tanned phallus white.

As she moved away, the ladies trapped under her popped back up, gasping for air.

POP! GLOOOOOORSCH! His glans popped free, his cock, bounced, and her gaping cunt began to gush like a broken water main, a bright white arc spraying high into the air, showering those below.

Kinli went sliding away, spraying up a wake of jizz, bouncing against the wall next to Kenta. Jae grinned. She was even more swollen than Kenta, and conveniently, her cunt was gushing spunk right onto the human.

He looked back down at the crowd. “Mmmh,” he hummed, looking at the eager ladies. His nuts were growing again, his cock was still hard. He raised his hand, levitating another woman….


Several hours later, Captain Torvast stood by her ensign. Just about everyone was crusted with jizz, and sadly, the Empire did not design its computers to be inseminated, so many of them were no longer functioning properly.

“We’ve gained … millions of tonnes of … Jedi … bio … matter,” said the tech.

“It’s sperm. There’s no reason not to call it what it is, Ensign Suki,” chuckled Torvast. “It looks like … is this right? Almost three hundred life signs in fore cargo bay two? Did the attack work?”

“They’re not moving a lot, Captain. Most of the … semen … seems to be flowing from there. The temperature in that chamber is over 37 degrees.”

“Like a damn sauna. What do you suppose it’s like in there?” asked Torvast.

“I have no idea, Captain, should we go find out? I can go!” volunteered Suki.

Torvast laughed. “Calm yourself. We need to fly the ship. As much as I’d like to investigate the sperm-sauna-hangar myself.” A few of the women looked up at her. She cleared her throat and added, “To ensure the safety of the ship and crew, of course.”

In the sperm-sauna, Jae relaxed against his vastly swollen balls. All around him, another room had turned into a seminal sea. It was five, maybe six meters in depth, rolling waves of white lapping at the room’s walls. It rolled down the bulkheads, dripped from the lamps. The heat was oppressive, the air was sex-steam.

Women were again lying on islands of their own flesh, swollen bellies so big they touched the bottom. Towards the edges of the room, he’d lifted them to build pyramids of fleshy balloons. Their gaping holes gushed spunk that rolled down in wide swaths, cascading over one belly, onto the next, adding to that woman’s gushing. Then the gallons of seed finally fed into the pool around them. It was like the lewdest fountain imaginable.

Jae floated near the top. His cock pulsed, half-submerged. It was still hard, fat veins pulsing on its surface. Every heartbeat sent out ripples into the spunk. Thick layers of cum frosted it, rolling down its surface. More bellies hemmed him in, his cock sandwiched between two rows of swollen stomachs.

Behind him, his nuts rose just a meter above the jizz, high enough that he could lie back on them. Of course, these were just the tips of the icebergs … his balls touched the bottom. They were like golden islands, rippling. The wrinkles of skin had pools of semen collected him them. His legs were submerged up to the knee in jizz. His bathrobe was completely soaked and squished like a wet sponge. Fortunately, it and his lightsabers were still there, and he’d built his lightsabers specifically to withstand his predilections.

The Jedi grunted. He could feel his sperm swirling, raging, tickling the insides of his balls, demanding escape.  He stared at the ceiling. Jae could feel energy, a feeling that manifested itself as a buzzing in his cock. Female Force-users were nearby. A lot of them, a few of which were particularly strong. He smiled. Finally.


The Sith lords sat on top of the metal crates in the cargo bay. They’d stacked them up, because so much semen was leaking into the room that it was a good two meters deep.

Zivarr’s robes had dried from falling into the semen, but it was on her skin, and she’d felt the tingling, the collecting heat. Gallik’ta and Magnaculus were also affected, but not very strongly. All of them felt warm between the thighs, and all of them felt as if their judgment was not at its best.

Hunger for power is one of a Sith’s driving motivators in life—and all of them could feel the raw energy radiating from that white fluid. It lapped at the crates, murky, thick, white, and energetic.

“Can you feel the power coming off of this semen?” asked Gallik’ta, feeling the warmth in her tits as much as her nethers. She and Magnaculus were both ignoring the arousal, however, their minds overpowering their bodies with sheer will.

“It’s like a fizz, bubbling from this jizz,” said Magnaculus. Her massive ass almost covered a crate itself.

“Yeah, you didn’t taste it, it’s like drinking pure spice … not that I would know what spice is like,” said Zivarr. “Bloody hell, it’s just strong, it’s filling me, my panties are like Dagobah right now.”

“Thank you for informing us,” said the twi’lek.

“Yeah, let’s see you act all high-and-mighty once you fall in the stuff,” retorted Zivarr. “You’re like 3 cup sizes bigger than before.”

The twi’lek narrowed her eyes and looked down. Yes, her tits were starting to strain their top, muffining out. “Hmmh….”

“Yeah, ‘hmmh,’ you’re swelling like a loaf of bread.”

Magnaculus frowned at the door. “It’s awfully quiet in the hangar. Wonder if he’s finished with his banger?”

“The power coming from that room is ludicrous,” said Gallik’ta. “I wonder if this Jedi is some Republic experiment in genetic engineering? After the rumors I’ve heard from Belsavis, I wouldn’t be surprised. How can one person be a … wellspring, a fountain, for the Force? One has to wonder, were they hoping he would breed a generation of light-siders? Infiltrate, devastate our colonies? A more subversive type of weapon, breeding us out?”

“Subversion means being sneaky, and that Jedi’s way too leaky. But still I wonder. What rock was he under?” Magnaculus looked at the others. “Power source or not, that Jedi’s wrecked a lot.” Darth Magnaculus looked towards the dozens of Sith purebloods, the so-called Dark Matrons. “Lord Turuse. Get off your caboose.”

The silver-robed Matrons stood up, like the Sith, standing atop stacked crates. “We are all ready, Darth Magnaculus,” said Lord Turuse.

Magnaculus began to gesticulate as she spoke in rhythm. The droid began beatboxing again. “That’s what we need if we’re going to be freed. The plan you must know, check my dark-side flow. All you Sith ladies are strong with the Force. That’s why you got selected, o’course. Get in there and show what nasty lighting that you throw. We’re going to catch a Jedi, so I need you all redd-i.” She shook her head. “A Republic weapon, science run amok? Don’t matter none, Masta’ Jizz’ll be our luck. You hear me?”

“So you want to take this opportunity to catch what may or may not be a genetically-engineered Republic weapon,” surmised Lord Turuse smiling at Magnaculus.

The pear-shaped pureblood smiled. “You caught my words, you fly-ass bird. I know you can conquer that Jedi donger. He’s got real tired in that sperm-filled mire. Four’a you, hang back with me. Another part’a my plan you will be. Rest’a you, get to those side bays. Put a number on that Jedi’s days.”

Turuse bowed her head. “We’ll make you proud, my lord. The Jedi is as good as ours.”


Sarkopheros Keeps Talking:

Originally, this story was going to be shorter, and I was going to conclude the series with the second part. However, well … things got out of hand.

I write stories as long as I feel they need to be, so I don’t really have a word count in mind. And it just so happened that this story ended up being 10,046 words.

So, basically, I decided it would be more prudent to let the story conclude in the third installment. It’s fucking huge as it is. Of course, whether I conclude in the third chapter assumes that I don’t go nuts with that one, too.

Another note. I’ve never tried to write rap before, so yeah. Magnaculus may have sounded a bit weird.

Anyway, as always, comments, compliments, and constructive criticism are more than welcome. I hope it was fun!


Written by Sarkopheros

Copyright © Sarkopheros 2015. All rights reserved.

This story is a work of fiction and is intended solely for the entertainment of adults.


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