Dr. Welles - Part 2

When I woke up the next morning, I remembered what had happened, and found myself hard as a rock. I looked for my slippers, but finding only the mules, I put them on and went into the bathroom. For some reason, although they hadn't bothered me before, I found I couldn't stand up to pee in them. Instead of taking them off, though, I just sat down. My cock softened enough for me to pee, and I thought briefly about how ridiculous I must look, but the thought disappeared as quickly as it had come. I stood up, and looked in the mirror, hating how ugly the green mask looked on me. I began to wash it off, and after some time, I finally got rid of it all. It did do the trick, I thought to myself. My face seemed much softer and smoother. I ran the electric razor over my face, thinking that I seemed to have less beard than usual.

Carol, Carl, was still sleeping, and without thinking I walked over to the dressing table and sat down. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own, as I began to pick up the cosmetics and apply them to my face. I put on foundation and powder, and was amazed at how steady my hand was as I applied eyeshadow. The hand that was putting the bright red lipstick on my mouth seemed to have had years of practice. A little blush, I thought, then with that taken care of, I looked at the result. There was a woman staring back at me. I knew in my head that it was me, but anyone looking at me would not. I began to brush the long blonde hair in a very feminine manner, giving it my total concentration. "Why, how pretty you look, Donna," Carl said, startling me. "You've done such a beautiful job on your makeup its almost as if you've been doing it for years." I thanked her for the compliment, and she hugged me from behind, her hands wandering over my silicone-enhanced breasts, then slipping a finger inside my bra-cups to tease my nipples. I found that, while they had never been particularly sensitive before, they now became erect and I wriggled under her touch.

"Would you like to get dressed for the day now?" she asked. "Oh, yes, I would," I breathed. She helped me out of my nightgown, bra and panties, and I stood naked before her. I saw myself in the mirror, a woman from the neck up, but with an obvious male body below the waist. In between, though, the bra that I had worn all night seemed to have given me little titties. "I think you need to have a real womanly shape to wear the things I've picked out for you," she said, holding up a long white lacy garment. "This is a firm control all-in-one," she explained. "It zips up the side, so just step into it." I did, feeling how tight the buttocks portion of it was, molding my buns. I pulled it up over the rest of my body, slipping my arms into the bra-straps. When it was positioned properly, she told me to suck in my belly, and began to zip it up. It rearranged my flesh, compressing my waist, and pushing everything upwards. My little titties were increased by the silicone forms again, giving me an hourglass shape unlike any I had had before.

It took me a few seconds to adjust my breathing to the tight confining garment's shaping, and Carl waited patiently for me. Then she sat me down at the dressing table, and showed me how to put on the sheer nylons that would be held up by the garters hanging down from the all-in-one. When I had put on the first one, I unhappily noted my leg hairs showing through the sheer material. "Carl, these look terrible - you can see the hair through them. If this is going to be realistic, should I get rid of them?" I hadn't even thought about this before the words just popped out. "Why, Donna, I guess you're right. Take that stocking off, and we'll take care of it right now." I rolled the stocking down, and she led me into the bathroom.

She lathered up my legs, and using her pink razor, she whisked all my leg hair off. I briefly considered the consequences, but dismissed them immediately. I wanted to do everything I could to save our marriage, after all. So what if I couldn't go to the gym for a while. We went back inside, and continued dressing me. When I put the stockings back on, they felt so much sexier and erotic on my newly shaven legs. The open bottom of the all-in-one was covered by a pair of silky white panties, then she handed me a white knit dress. I held it over my head, then allowed it to slip over my body. She brought over white pumps with 3" heels, and I stepped into them. For the first time, I was dressed totally as a woman, and I rushed over to look at myself in the full-length mirror. I couldn't recognize myself, so completely had I been transformed!

The knit dress clung to every curve that had been formed by the all-in-one, and my sleek, smooth legs shone beneath the silky nylons. The spike-heeled shoes accented the curves of my legs, and, looking up, my long blonde hair framed my perfectly madeup face. I batted my long eyelashes, and I practically simpered as I asked her, "Do I look pretty?" "You look beautiful, Donna, just breathtaking. Would you like to help me dress now?" I said," Sure," then remembered my pledge not to make her wear the uncomfortable male underwear. I told her what I had discussed with Dr. Welles, and she thanked me, stripping off the boxers and T-shirt. She put on a pair of her own panties as I got out socks, a shirt and a pair of slacks. She put them on, teasingly saying that the buttons were on the "wrong" side. We both laughed at that, then I brought her into the bathroom to fix her hair. She already had a fairly short hairstyle, so with a little gel, I was able to comb it into something resembling a man's cut. Even without any makeup, her face was very feminine, though, but there wasn't anything we could do about that. The shirt hid her breasts pretty well, I thought, but she looked much, much less like a guy than I did as a woman. Somehow, I felt some pride in how well I had been transformed.

We went downstairs, with me walking carefully as I negotiated the steps in my heels. I began to make us some breakfast, as Carl read the paper and drank a cup of coffee. I felt so happy being able to do this for her, and I knew that I my feminine side was becoming more pronounced almost minute by minute. When Carl said, "Got another cup of coffee for me, babe?" I recognized the words as ones I had often used, so apparently her assumption of the traditional male dominant role was taking place as well. After breakfast, I cleaned up while she went in and went through the mail. I found that I needed to go to the bathroom to pee, and I found myself automatically sitting down without thinking about it. I seemed to be having these momentary lapses of consciousness, but I attributed it to the new role I was playing.

I busied myself for the rest of the morning by doing some laundry, and when I was getting ready to put on the load of feminine undies, I found myself staring at each item and fondling it before putting it in the washer. I found that I loved the silky feel of them, and only reluctantly let go of each one. While I was waiting for that wash to finish, I sat down in the kitchen and had another cup of coffee. Carol came up behind me, and began to nuzzle at my neck. I felt waves of erotic sensations surging through me, and when she whispered, "Donna, sweetums, I feel kind of horny," I wanted to be made love to desperately. "Me, too," I responded, as she took my hand and led me upstairs. She helped me off with my dress and panties, leaving the rest of my clothes in place. She stripped her clothes off quickly, and we got into bed, in a 69-position. I immediately lowered my face into her womanhood, licking at her erect clit. She reached under my all-in-one and began to stroke my erect cock. "Does this feel good, Donna, sweetums?" she asked. Again, when she said those words, a surge went through me, and I wanted her to play with my ass. "Put your finger inside me, Carl, please," I begged. She slid her other hand inside my clothes, and put her moistened finger on my tiny rosebud. She teased me with it, slipping the tip of it in and out, until I begged her again to enter me. I felt myself relaxing as her finger went all the way inside me, and begin to move back and forth with the rhythm of her cock-stroking. "More, more," I begged, and a second, then a third finger joined the first. She pumped me, as I continued to eat her pussy, and we finally came together with thundering orgasms.

We lay still for a moment, then she started to grind her pussy against my face wanting more. As I began to eat her again, she moistened her fingers with my cum, and reinserted her fingers inside me. I knew that I wanted to be filled like this, and the slippery fingers felt so wonderful inside me. My hips were thrusting to match her movements, and she didn't stop until she came twice more, covering my face with her juices. I lay there, amazed at how much I had wanted to be filled by her, something I had never even thought of before. But it had felt so good, being penetrated by her, just like a real woman!

I knew that I was a real mess, and in a few moments I got up to wash my face and fix my makeup. Carol lay in bed, watching me, and asked, "Isn't doing housework a bitch, you always feel like a maid, Donna, don't you?" When she said that something snapped inside me, and I said, "I'd be happy to be your maid, dear." It wasn't a conscious thought, it just popped out. Carol got up and went over to the suitcase. She pulled out some frilly black things, and said, "Well, if that's what you want..." She helped me out of my all-in-one and stockings, and began to lace me into a black satin waist-cincher. If I had thought the all-in-one was tight, this was crushing. I gasped as Carol laced up the back, eyelet by eyelet. "I can't wait to see how sexy you look in this outfit of a maid, Donna," she said. As soon as she said "maid, Donna," I wanted so much to be laced up that the protest I had started to make died on my lips unsaid. She handed me sheer, seamed black stockings and I automatically rolled them up my legs and attached them to the garters hanging from the cincher. She held out a pair of lace-ruffled satin panties, and to my eyes, they were the most desirable thing I had ever seen. I sat there, clad in feminine finery from the waist down, and placed my arms through the straps of the longline bra Carol held out for me. I saw that my tits were totally exposed - there was underwiring and the outline of bra cups, but no cups themselves. The puffy flesh of my chest formed into two mounds, and Carol pulled even more through the cup outlines. Even without padding I saw that I had two real breasts, of my own flesh, although they were quite small, of course. But they were real, and when Donna said, "Do you like your new titties, Donna?" a surge of pleasure raced through me, and I nodded, 'yes', unable to speak.

She then helped me into the maid's dress I felt I wanted to wear so much. It had self-contained crinoline petticoats underneath the black satin skirt, and though it had a bodice, it ended below the bottoms of my new titties, leaving them fully exposed. I raised one red-tipped hand to my breast, and caressed it lightly, feeling how firm it felt. My nipple hardened, and I rolled it between two red nails. The sight of myself in the mirror while I did this was tremendously exciting, making my cock get erect again inside my satin panties. "Enough fooling around, Maid Donna," Carol said, "there's plenty of work to do to make the house sparkle and shine." I jumped up and began to do housework, as though it were the most wonderful task in the world. And the only thoughts inside my head were to please Carol by doing a good job, showing her that I could fully understand the feminine perspective.

By early evening, the house shone, and Carol complimented me on what a good job I'd done. "The whole house looks great, Donna, you've done a wonderful job." I beamed with pleasure, and thanked her. "What would you like to do now, Donna sweetums?" she asked. I suddenly wanted to make love again, and I said so. We practically ran upstairs, and when she laid me back on the bed, and asked, "How would you like to make love, Donna sweetums, Donna sweetums?" I answered, "I want to be made love to like a woman, Carol, I want to be filled by you." I lay there passively and watched her put on a harness-like device around her waist. She inserted one end of a double-sided dildo inside herself, then walked over and stood above me. "Do you want this, Donna sweetums, Donna sweetums?" "Oh, yes, please, Carol, fuck me in my ass, I want your cock inside me!" I begged. She lubricated the tip of the double-ended dildo, and positioned it at my opening. I moved forward, as if to suck it inside me, previously unknown thoughts driving me to do it. She slowly slid the false cock inside me, but I wanted more, now, faster, as she whispered, "Donna sweetums," over and over in my ear. Each time she said that I wanted it more, until the full 8" length of her cock was buried inside me. I began to rock my hips in a primitive rhythm, and she matched my movements, withdrawing the cock almost out of me, then plunging the full length into me again and again.

Waves of intense pleasure surged through me, and she kept whispering in my ear, "I'm fucking your virgin ass-pussy, Donna sweetums." The movement of the dildo inside her soon had her first at the brink, then over the edge of orgasm, and I moved my hand to my cock, picturing the red nails against the blood-filled flesh, and brought on my own orgasm, as she gave a final, savage thrust into me. I lay there, filled and contented beyond belief, feeling so much like a woman, and loving every second of it. When she finally withdrew from me, I hugged her close to me, feeling her resting on my new titties. My nipples were still erect, from the touch of her against me. "I think I have my period" I said. "Are you sure, Donna?" I hugged her again, filled with love, "I think I need a tampon, dear." Another thought out of left field that just popped out.

Before I knew it, she had gone away and returned with one of her tampons. "Are you sure its your period, Donna?" and I said, "Yes, please put the tampon in my ass-pussy, dear." She did, and although it was much smaller than the ass-filling dildo had been, it was still comforting to feel its presence inside my woman-hole.

We lay there together for a while, and I felt a little tired from the day's activities. I told this to her, and she said, "do you want to sleep now, Donna dear?" As soon as she said that, I grew unbelievably tired all of a sudden, not able to keep my eyes open. I felt myself falling immediately to sleep, as dreams, strange but pleasurable, filled my head.

The next thing I knew, Carol was whispering something in my ear, and I woke up, feeling as refreshed as I did after one of our sessions with Dr. Welles. She said, "C'mon, sleepyhead, its morning already." I had slept right through the night! Carol had apparently removed the maid's clothes from me, because I was wearing a gauzy nightgown and panties. As I took stock of my situation, I realized that I still had my tampon, though, and around my chest was a regular version of the cup-less bra I had worn yesterday. She had apparently also given me another facial mask, because I could feel its hardened presence on my face. Carol played with my breasts through the nightgown, asking me, "do you still like your titties, Donna?" Again, the surge of pleasure at her words, and I found myself getting aroused inside my panties. When her hand moved down to touch me, I wanted her to make love to me again. And she did, sitting on my erect cock, sliding up and down until she made both of us cum.

In the back of my mind, as I lay there, the thought crept in that when Carol said certain things to me, my reactions were almost involuntary. I tried to shake the feeling away, but it persisted. Even thinking the words to myself caused some of the reaction to happen. "Titties, Donna" made me proud of my fleshy chest growths, "Donna sweetums" made me think of being fucked in the ass. I didn't understand why it was so, but it was. When Carol returned from the bathroom, I mentioned it to her, but she dismissed the idea. "Don't be silly, its just your mind playing tricks on you. You're learning the feminine perspective, and those words must be enhancing your feelings for the moment. I love you so much, silly little Donna-head," she said, and the thoughts immediately left my head.

In a while we got up, showered and got dressed. The outfit Carol had selected for me was a nice cotton shirtwaist dress, and underneath I wore panties and pantyhose. Carol had given me a regular bra to wear, and the silicone forms, but I asked if I could continue wearing the bra I already had on. I liked the way my own flesh was formed into breasts, though it seemed as if they were a bit larger than they had been yesterday. I must really be getting out of shape, I thought. Though, they did look awfully cute. Carol put on a sweatsuit I had chosen for her, and she fixed her hair with the gel while I shaved. My beard was actually very light, I thought as I put on a little makeup. I didn't put on as much as yesterday, but my skin was so soft and smooth from the facial mask that it still looked very feminine.

We just lounged around for most of the morning, reading the Sunday papers, and about noontime, I made us a nice little brunch. I cleaned up after we had finished eating, then Carol changed into slacks and a sweater. She asked me if I would like to go out and do a little shopping. "Honey, I can't go out dressed as a woman. People would spot me in a minute." "Don't be silly, you look so cute, no one would ever be able to tell that you're my husband, dressed in women's clothes," she said. I refused, saying that while I had agreed to spend the weekend like this, I certainly hadn't agreed to go outside. "Oh, honey," she said, "shopping is such a big part of being a woman. I really think we should have a shopping party, Donna dearest!" When she said that, all the arguments I had against going out just flew out of my mind. The next thing I knew, she was helping me on with my coat, and I picked up my purse and walked out to the car with her. My head was filled with the overwhelming impulse to go shopping, in spite of what I had been saying just moments before.

We arrived at the mall, and she said, "Ready for our shopping party, Donna dearest?" and the urge to go inside and shop got even stronger. This wasn't the mall where we usually shopped, so I was in strange surroundings, but Carol seemed to know her way around. I followed her around, my worries about being spotted resurfacing from time to time, but diminishing as I didn't see any unusual reactions toward me. "I don't really need anything," Carol said, "so why don't we just pick up a few things for you?" She led me into a lingerie store, and before I could form the words, "but I'm only dressed like this for the weekend," she said, "let's make this a real special shopping party, Donna dearest, and pick up some frillies of your very own. You have to return the things you borrowed to Dr. Welles, you know." That seemed to make sense to me, or at least some kind of sense. The last thing I remember, after walking into the shop, was Carol saying something to the owner, then turning to ask me, "are you in some kind of a trance, Donna dearest?" Then suddenly we were leaving the shop, carrying a bunch of packages and shopping bags.

We got back into the car and drove home. On the way, I asked Carol what had gone on in the shop, because I was confused, and couldn't seem to remember. "You know, Donna, something must play with your mind. You seem to be spacing out all the time." I was embarrassed, so I didn't say anything else. When we got home, I mentioned to her that my nipples were very sensitive, and the cotton dress seemed to be aggravating them, making them sore. "Well, why don't you pick out something softer from the shopping bag of things we just bought at our shopping party, Donna dearest?" she suggested. I went upstairs with the bag, and started to look through it. There were a number of silky dresses that seemed a little too dressy for a Sunday afternoon, I thought, but there was a particularly nice wool skirt, with a matching pink silk blouse that I thought would be very attractive. I took off the dress I was wearing, and slipped my arms into the soft smooth blouse. As I was buttoning it up, I noticed how my titties were filling out the blouse, and I could have sworn they were even larger than they had been this morning. The touch of the silky material against them sent sensuous waves through me, and I could see my nipples, erect, I guessed from the irritation of the cotton, jutting out through the fabric. It felt wonderful, I thought, as I pulled on the curve hugging skirt. Damn, I must be putting on weight, as well as being out of shape I thought, as I looked at the smooth curves of my buns under the skirt. It seemed as though they were much larger than they had been a week before.

I looked for shoes that would go with the pink outfit, and not seeing anything more suitable, I slipped on the 3" white pumps I had worn yesterday. I brushed out y hair, and fixed my makeup before going downstairs. "My, my, don't you look sweet, dear," Carol said to me when I walked into the room. "Almost good enough to eat." My cock was a little hard inside my panties, and just the slightest bulge showed in the front of the skirt. Her words turned me on, and I saw myself bulging out more and more. She laughed, and knelt down in front of me. She lifted my skirt, lowered my panties, and began to teasingly lick on my erection. Her hands wandered up my body, and began to caress my titties, making the jutting of my nipples even more pronounced. She was murmuring things as she licked my cock, and she finally asked, "do you like wearing those clothes, Donna, do they feel nice?" I sighed, "Yes, yes," as she took me into her mouth, and quickly sucked me to climax. My cum was all over her lips, and I felt the urge to kiss her, and taste what my essence was like. I put my lipsticked mouth on hers, and as we kissed, she slid the wad of my cum that had been in her mouth into mine. The salty taste was different, and it heightened the sensuous kiss.

We were interrupted by the ringing of the telephone. I went over and picked it up, and heard Dr. Welles' voice. "How is the weekend going, Donna?" she asked. "Oh, just great, I think we're really coming along, Doctor," I said. "That's wonderful, dear. Listen, I know that this is at the last minute, but I'm having a small get-together at my house this evening, and I was wondering if you and Carol would like to join us?" I wondered if the woman could be serious - she knew that I, we had promised to spend the weekend in reversed roles, and I started to remind her of that. But she said, "It will just be a small formal party, Donna dearest. You can wear a nice gown, and Carol can wear the tux you picked out for her." When she said small formal party, the idea sounded good somehow, and I told her to hold on while I checked with Carol. "You do that, dear," she chuckled, and Carol immediately said, "Sure, why not?" Dr. Welles gave me the details on time and place, and hung up.

Carol said that we'd better start getting ready right away, and we went upstairs to prepare. She started a bubble bath for me, and when I got in, I noticed that my breasts were definitely larger than I had thought, and they looked quite sexy with the bubbles floating around them. I tried to concentrate on them, wondering what was happening, but Carol called out, "C'mon, slowpoke, you can't spend all night in there!" I dried myself off, and wrapped the towel around me, not from the waist down as I normally would, but over my chest to hide my fleshiness. Could I be somehow taking on the shape of a woman, just from trying to think, feel and act like one?

Carol had already gotten into her tux, and I complimented her on how nice she looked. Her feminine shape wasn't really hidden by it, though. She looked more like an actress I had seen once on an award show who had worn a similar outfit. I looked on the bed, and saw the underwear she had selected for me. I groaned a little when I saw a red waist cincher, knowing how tight it was going to be. I was right, in fact it was even tighter than the black one. It took a few minutes for me to be able to get used to breathing again. There were sheer red stockings there, and I sat down to attach them to the garters. A pair of red satin panties slid easily over them, and Carol fastened on a strapless red bra. I gasped when I saw what it did for, to me. It only had half cups, and there were pads inside that pushed my titties upward, giving me a tremendous amount of cleavage. The cups just barely covered my nipples, and I asked Carol if maybe this wasn't a bit too much. "But the gown you're going to wear is so low-cut, you need to wear this bra. Besides, don't you want to show off your titties, Donna?" Suddenly, I felt that I really did, and I stood up so Carol could help me into my gown. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was - a deep red velvet, with long sleeves, formfitting down to the waist, with a slightly relaxed sheath skirt. I slipped it over my head, and I realized from the fit that I really had needed such a tight waist cincher to be able to wear this lovely gown! And as she zipped me up, I saw what she had meant about the bra - my creamy globes were lifted above the neckline, showing off my cleavage. I was in a daze as she applied my makeup, and brushed my hair. Finally, she placed the highest heels I had ever worn, they must have been 4" or more on my feet. She was standing in front of the dressing table mirror, so I couldn't see what I looked like, but when I stood in front of the full mirror....

I was a vision in red. The tight gown accented my curves, and between the contrast of my blonde hair and white breasts and the red of the dress, the effect was stunning. If I had been told I would look like this if someone dressed me as a woman, I'd never have believed them, but there was undeniable proof right before my eyes. "You are a real knockout, Donna. Ready for the small, formal party, Donna?" "Yes, of course, I can't wait, dear," I said, and we went downstairs to leave.

It was only a short drive to Dr. Welles' house, and my euphoric feeling continued until we rang her bell. "Carol, I'm upset about this, I just know that I'm going to be spotted as a man." "Don't be silly, darling, Dr. Welles wouldn't put you in a situation she didn't think you could handle..." she answered, interrupted by the opening of the door. Dr. Welles stood there greeting us. "Welcome, welcome, come on in," she urged. And this was quite a different Dr. Welles - instead of the business-like suits she wore for our sessions, with her hair in a severe up-style, she looked absolutely gorgeous in a figure-hugging black evening gown that showed off her curves wonderfully. Her long hair swept down around her face, reaching well below her shoulders. "My, you're beautiful, Donna, I just knew you would be. Please, come in and meet the others. I didn't mention this before, but the other guests are all at the same stage of counseling," she said as she led us inside, "having a role reversal weekend. But none of the husbands look nearly as good as you, Donna!" My mind struggles to assimilate what she had said - that the other men would be dressed as women, and the women as men too! Somehow this seemed to relieve my anxiety, and when I saw the six people in the living room, I knew that it would be OK.

There was no doubt that what she had said was true - the other guys looked like men in dresses, none of them would have been able to pass as women. And the wives were all wearing tuxedos, just like Carol. It was definitely a strange group. Dr. Welles said a few words, "Thank you all for coming tonight. This is an important part of the counseling process, the learning of how to socialize while you are in your 'other' side. You'll find that the roles of men and women are very different at these occasions, and it will advance your process considerably. But that's enough about why we're here, let's just all have a good time!" We took her at her word, and began to chat, as one normally does at cocktail parties. Dr. Welles' maid carried around a tray with champagne, and I took a glass in my hand. I noticed that the outfit was pretty similar to the one I had worn, though the top, of course, was much more modest, not exposing her breasts. I was a little surprised by this, not picturing Dr. Welles as someone who would be into sexual stereotyping, but looking at the sexy babe, I couldn't knock tradition.

As is normal, the guys and girls clustered together, but the conversation was much different than usual. Instead of sports, the four gown-clad men talked about the weekend's adventure. One of them said, "I would never have pictured myself this way, dressed in women's clothes. But I really have gotten into it, and I am starting to see things from my wife's perspective." I piped up that I had been surprised to find out how comfortable panties were, and how pantyhose kept you so much warmer in the cold. There was a general nodding of heads, and I realized that mine was not a unique discovery. "I love the way panties feel under my suit," one of them said, "and even when the counseling is over, I'm through with boxer shorts for good." Again, there was a nodding of agreement from all of us.

There was music playing in the background, and Carol came over to me and asked me to dance. She assumed the male position, and I snuggled myself against her. Her hand stroked my velvet-covered back, and slid down to rest for a second on my buns. "Don't be so fresh, dear," I teased her, as she led me around the floor. "You are the prettiest 'girl' here, Donna," she said, laughingly, "I guess I just can't help myself." About an hour later, I realized that I had to go to the bathroom, so I headed upstairs. When I had finished, I passed a closed door as I was heading down the hall toward the stairs. Suddenly I heard voices behind a closed door - Carol's and Dr. Welles. "And he doesn't suspect anything, Carol, about what's happening to him?" Dr. Welles asked. "No, not a thing, though I've had to use the post-hypnotic phrases quite a bit to keep him on track," Carol answered. Post-hypnotic phrases - suddenly I realized why certain things Carol had said to me had caused unusual reactions! These bitches had been brainwashing me, and I had been going merrily along, believing that I was trying to save our marriage. I threw open the door, and shouted, "What have you been doing to me?" They looked around at me, and Dr. Welles said, "shut the door, Donna, and lower your voice. You wouldn't want to upset the others." I definitely did want to upset the others, and I was going to keep yelling, but for some reason, my voice wouldn't go above a normal tone. "What kind of a crazy plot is this, making guys dress up as girls, what's going on?"

Dr. Welles said in a calm tone, "Freeze, Donna," and I found myself unable to move or speak. I could see and hear perfectly, however, and the words she spoke chilled me. "Carol heard about the unique counseling services I offer from one of her friends. I help wives become the dominant partners in marriages, and turn their husbands into simpering, feminized slaves. I've found that macho assholes like you make ideal sissies, and by using hypnosis, they remain under their wives' control forever. I guess you'd say that I'm at the forefront of the women's movement, not satisfied with equality between the genders, but in favor of promoting the natural superiority of women!" I saw her open the door, and call out, "Bobbi, would you come up here for a minute?"

Moments later, there was a knock on the door, then the maid entered the room. "You see, Donna," Dr. Welles continued, "I've been doing this for quite a while, and quite successfully, I might add. I'd like to introduce you to my husband, Bobbi, formerly know as Robert." That beautiful maid was a guy? I couldn't believe it. I hadn't had a clue, in fact, looking at him, her, I still didn't believe it. My skepticism must have shown on my face, because Dr. Welles said, "Strip off your clothes, Bobbi, to prove what I said is true." The maid's outfit was off in a flash, and when he pulled down his panties, a long cock was clearly visible. "Take off your bra, too, Bobbi," Dr. Welles said, and when he did, I saw that he had a large pair of well-defined breasts! "You may have noticed some changes in your own body, Donna, a softening of your skin, growth of your breasts, a changing of your hips and buttocks? Those have been caused by a special hormonal implant I gave you, the night of your second session with me. I've done some quite advanced research, and have managed to isolate the particular components of estrogen which enhance breast and body development into feminine proportions without reducing the penis or testicle size. Also, it doesn't inhibit sexual desire, which was one of the major problems before."

I could not believe what I was hearing - she and Carol had been conspiring to turn me into a feminized slave, and I knew that they had already made significant progress! I wanted to scream out, to protest, to kill them, for doing this to me, but I was still frozen, unable to speak. "I know just how you're feeling right now, Donna," she said, as my mind shouted, "stop calling me that - my name is Don!" "There are a few other things you might as well know - Carol hasn't told you, but she's gotten a major promotion at work. So a second income, yours, isn't going to be needed. But we'll arrange for you to go on disability, so Carol will still have some extra cash, when you have to leave your job. The hormonal implant can't be reversed, and you'll continue to experience body changes for another six months or so, until you have as nice a feminine shape as Bobbi here. Carol will, of course, know all the post-hypnotic commands to keep you under control at all times, but after a while, I doubt she'll even have to use them - you'll grow to love your new role." My mind said, "No way, I'll get out of this mess somehow, now that I know about this I'll be able to resist the commands." Again, a look must have tipped her off to what I was feeling, and she turned to Carol and laughed, "She doesn't believe it, even after I've told her all this." Carol laughed as well.

I don't know whether that was true or not even now, two years after the events in my story took place. Dr. Welles was correct when she said that my body would continue to become more feminine, my breasts are now fully developed, and almost all my body hair has disappeared. My head is now crowned with my own long silky hair, and electrolysis removed the last remnants of my beard. Except for my cock, which is as big as ever, and fully functional, there is no way that anyone who looks at me could ever think that I am, was, a man. Carol treats me well, and I have become a really good girlfriend for her. I don't really miss going to work, and I've learned to love being a woman, even the less pleasant aspects, like housework. But one thing that Dr. Welles was wrong about, I have been able to learn to resist the post hypnotic suggestions, at least some of the time.

But then again, as I sit here, proofreading this story, in frilly black panties, with my new breasts filling the cups of my 40C bra, my long lacquered fingernails stroking my erect cock, and my prostate being massaged by a vibrating butt-plug, well, I can only say, "What more could a girl ask for?"


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