Hotwife Surprise

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20 Mar. '17


Hotwife Surprise

The room is arranged so everyone will be comfortable. The bed is freshly made; towels and accessories are laid on the small table next to it. There is a nice comfy armchair in the corner of the room with a good view of the bed, curtains are drawn, the essential candles are lit and already scenting the room. She has no idea what he has prepared for her, but he is positive she will enjoy it.

Hearing some noise downstairs, he rushes to greet her with open arms. With a large smacker of a kiss on the lips, he smiles and embraces her passionately. A bit taken aback, she reciprocates and beams back at him.

“What is all this about?” Amy asks.

“Oh! I just have a nice surprise for you tonight and to tell you the truth I am really quite excited!” he replies.

Feeling a bit nervous, as she has no idea what she is up to, she says:

“Well! Make me a cuppa then!”

This he does with a bounce in his step.

What the fuck has got in to him she thinks to herself. He is like a bloody kid in a sweet shop!

Seated at the kitchen table, she places her handbag down and thanks him for the cuppa. Placing it on the mat, she looks up to him and asks:

“I suppose there is no point in asking what you are up to!”

She waits for a reply.

Nothing! Just a big grin and then he says:

“I don’t want to spoil it!”

“Ok!” she replies.

“Enough said!”

They chat about each others days respectively before enjoying the meal he has lovingly prepared for her. Lucky for her he has had the day off work. It is nice to come home to this. It does happen, but not as much as she would like it to.

Anyway, the meal was lovely and once he had put all the dishes on the side, he pours her another glass of wine, only a small one though as he doesn’t want her to drink too much.

Leaving her at the table, he goes up stairs to run her a nice hot bubbly bath. With a couple of candles around the edge, the room is looking and smelling really inviting.

When it is run he calls her up. She slowly makes her way up the stairs, glass in hand, and enters the room. With a tear in her eye, she says it looks lovely and proceeds to place her glass down before getting undressed. He leaves her to it and pulls the door, leaving just a small gap so as not to make it too steamy.

Happy in his work, he goes down stairs; opens the fridge and cracks open a bottle of his favourite beer. He doesn’t know if it is his age but as he has got older it must be in a bottle! It just doesn’t taste the same otherwise!

Sitting on a chair, listening to the sound of her in the bath, he can hear the water lapping around her naked body. Imagining it, he can feel his blood pumping at the thought. My god, he really loves her, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her and tonight is going to be one of those occasions.

A short time later, she calls out:

“Was that the door my love?” Amy asks.

“No dear! I think that may have been a noise form next door!” he lies.

Opening the fridge again, he grabs a bottle and also pours a second glass of wine.

“When you are done my darling? Go to the bedroom and give me a shout to come up! Okay!” he says.

A hesitant and confused reply comes back.

“Okay!” she says gingerly.

About fifteen minutes later he can hear her getting out of the bath and drying herself off. Listening further, he can hear her footsteps along the landing heading towards the bedroom. It goes quiet for a minute or two then she calls out for him to come up. This he does, pointing at the spare room as he goes. Reaching the bedroom, he is greeted by yet another sexy smile. Pushing the door almost closed, he walks over to her. She grabs him and gives him a big kiss on the lips, complimenting him on how lovely and sensual the room looks. He doesn’t reckon she has taken too much notice of the pile next to the bed, which is a good thing as it might give the game away.

Kneeling on the floor in front of her, he holds each hand in turn and explains:

“I have a very special night for you planned so you just relax and enjoy it. I love you and this is my gift to you!” he smiles.

In truth, this is for him as well, but he doesn’t want to say too much. Instead he picks up the blindfold and places it carefully over her eyes.

Standing up again and taking a few steps back, he gesticulates for the surprise to come into the room.

This she does and so he makes his way to the armchair and makes himself comfortable.

He watches intently as Cindy stands in front of his wife. She has no idea she is there and he wants to withhold the surprise as long as possible. Cindy is completely naked, getting undressed in the spare room before she came in. She has long blond hair and a really sexy little body.

He has told her not to say anything until the game is up. In the meantime, he will call out instructions to his wife and just hopes that she won’t catch on.

He tells his wife to lie back on the bed and spread her arms and legs out. This she does. Cindy walks around the edge and without touching her she manages to tie her wrists and ankles with sexily soft satin scarves. Once she is secure she starts to kiss and lick down her left arm. With her body off the bed it is hoped Amy won’t guess for some time.

When her fingers are sucked Amy starts to feel a bit weird but can’t work it out. It does seem a bit strange that the instructions seem to be coming further away than the sensations. Mind you it does feel really good and maybe even a slightly bit different but she can’t quite put her finger on it!

Making her way slowly around the bed, Cindy starts on her right arm. She tries to make sure it is only her lips and tongue that touch her, as she is sure any more would give the game away.

With her warm and gentle touch she stands next to one leg, kissing down towards her sexy little feet. This is where he starts to struggle, as this has always been a fantasy of his. To watch another woman sucking on his wifes’ sexy stumpy little toes!

Trying desperately to keep quiet and control himself, he watches as Cindy makes her way down the other leg towards her other toes. With a raging hard-on he is struggling to keep it all under control. Breathing heavily he giggles to himself as this is meant to be for her.

Amy sighs with sexual happiness as she can feel a cold breeze travel across all the damp warm patches that Cindy has sucked, kissed and licked. With a little fidget, Cindy is ready to let the cat out of the bag. Carefully climbing on to the bed, she moves in for the sexual kill. Straddling her, Amy suddenly realises that something is different, but before she can react. Cindy leans down and starts to passionately kiss her on the lips. She instantly responds and lets go of all her inhibitions. Their tongues collide in a mix of sexual warmth and nervous energy. Cindy relaxes her body and is almost lying on top of her now. Breast on breast, they continue to kiss and exchange saliva for some time.

Sitting in his seat, he feels like he is going to explode at this point. Never had he imagined just how sexy an experience like this could be. Feeling like his cock is going to split under the pressure, he unzips his jeans and starts to play with himself. Staring as if hypnotised at two sensual bodies joined in utter sexual connection, he cums in his hand and apologises for his early failure of control.

Amy calls out and explains that it is ok and she completely understands:

“However! Can I have the blindfold off now please?” she asks.

Cindy looks round at him and he nods. She turns back and lifts the blindfold gently off of her eyes. Amy squints for a bit while her eyes adjust to the light.

Amy and Cindy, both laugh at the sight of her strained face.

When her sight has returned she looks up at Cindy and says:

“Hello. I'm Amy!” she says.

“Hello. I'm Cindy!” says Cindy.

They exchange greetings, which is a bit weird as Amy is still tied to the bed and Cindy is straddling her. Smiling at each other, Cindy states that this is as far as the discussion between her husband and her had got, so she can untie her now if she wants. Looking over to her husband, Amy was going to ask him, but he seems to have not recovered just yet, so she decides to make a decision herself.

“If you would like to carry on, I would be up for it. I would however like the blindfold to be left off now as I want to see what you are doing!” she states.

She can see her husband has come back to earth and is nodding his approval. He must have lost his voice for the moment, as subtle movement of his head seems to be all he can muster at the moment.

Cindy smiles and slowly slides down Amys’ sexy body towards her groin. Parting her thighs with gentle but forceful hands she starts to kiss the outside of her very wet pussy. Breathing in her sexual aroma and forcing her tongue inside, she manages to look upwards towards Amys’ face. Her eyes have closed now anyway as she arches her back, making it easier for her to tease and please her pussy lips. She pushes her tongue in to put pressure on her clit and occasionally engages in a bit of nibbling.

Amys’ breathing becomes heavier and heavier. Fidgeting more and more Cindy is aware that she is getting ready to cum. This just encourages her even more.

Raising an eyebrow, Amy manages to see her husband is playing with himself again, turning her on even more. Grabbing Cindys’ hair she lets out a huge cry of sexual emotion and her whole body tenses up. This includes her sexy little feet and toes which funnily enough her sexy thoughtful husband also notices.

A collision of two simultaneous orgasms rings around the room.

Cindy sits up and releases Amy from her bonds. She doesn’t move, but lays spread eagle on the bed, her chest rising and sinking in tune with her breath. Beads of sweat appear on her forehead, glimmer in the candlelight and the room suddenly goes in to an eerie silence.

Flat out exhausted in the chair, he watches them both as Cindy moves Amys’ leg over a bit so she can lie down next to her. Running her fingers gently across her chest and stomach, looking into her eyes she waits for some sign of life.

A short time later, a small resemblance of normality returns to the room. Amy puts her arm around Cindy and gestures for her husband to come over to them. This he does and lies down on the opposite side of her to Cindy. In a three-way embrace, they all smile at each other and agree what a sexy experience that was. Deciding that they will have to do it again one day and maybe make it a foursome next time, they all make their way down stairs for a well-deserved drink.

Chatting at the kitchen table for sometime it seems that a real bond has been created tonight. A few bottles of wine and beer later, Cindy decides it is time for her to go until next time. Kisses are exchanged and Cindy leaves. Amy grabs her husband and with a passionate embrace she whispers in his ear:

“I love you so so much!”


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