Breeding the Hotwife

Info Ben Rosewood
17 Mar. '17

I arrive at Janice's front door, where her husband Alan greets me. We exchange a firm handshake before he mumbles “Come in.”

He seems nervous. Maybe as nervous as I am, but then again he's much older than me. His hair is leaving and his body is getting wider, especially compared to my somewhat scrawny build. My job is to supposedly fix his failing marriage and give his wife a child that he couldn't provide for her.

I follow Alan to the living room, where his wife Janice is sitting on the couch with a wine glass in hand, calm and collected. Her voluptuous figure was on full display. The only thing she had on was raven black lingerie underwear that is the same colour as her luscious long hair. Both contrast against her pale skin.

With a devious smirk, she says “Hello Chris.”

“Janice.” I reply trying to look at her face rather than her large breasts. They are nice and perky, especially for a woman near her mid-thirties. Her nipples, surrounded by massive areolas were visible under the lingerie. I'd gazed at them many times when she was my former manager at my old job but now I will finally see them bare and feel them with my hands. That moment cannot come soon enough.

“Please, sit next to me.” She asks, patting the empty couch space to her right. I look at her husband for approval, but all I receive in response is his stoic face. I awkwardly approach the leather couch before taking a seat next to Janice. She wraps her arm around my shoulder before saying “So how are you Chris?”

“A bit nervous to be honest.”

“You've got nothing to worry about, we've all agreed to this.” Janice states, with not a hint of the anxiety either me or her husband is feeling. Just a devious bite of her lip.

“So are we going to the bed room?”

“Ohh getting right to it?” Janice chuckles.

“That okay?”

“There's nothing wrong with a man who knows what he wants.” Janice replies as she places her other hand on my thigh.

“There's no way I could say no to you.” I redundantly state whilst Janice begins to massage my thigh.

“Mhmm, good boy. I'm more than happy to stay here in the living room, don't you agree honey?”

“Yeah.” Alan mutters before nodding in both agreement and defeat.

“Oh, okay then.”

“Do you want anything to drink Chris?”

“I'm fine, but thanks for asking.”

“Okay then.” Janice says. I start to rub her soft, silky smooth thigh, which causes her to comment “I shaved last night just for you.”

I look into Janice's amber eyes, which burn with desire. Right now I am with another man's wife. There was no backing out now, so I seal my fate by kissing her tender lips. We hold each other, before Janice removes my shirt, revealing my hairy chest. I begin to kiss her neck, causing Janice to suggest “Leave a love mark. I want a reminder.”

I obey her by sucking on her neck as her hands run down my lean torso. After I was done Janice had a red mark, a memento of what we were about to do.

Her hands finally arrive at my belt buckle. She runs a hand down my throbbing erection that is pressing against my pants, begging for release. As she begins to undo my belt buckle I take the chance to unhook her bra and smell the expensive perfume she is wearing. Janice removes her bra and tosses it away before bringing her attention back to my pants. Her ample breasts are now in full view. Today is my lucky day.

Janice pulls my pants down to my knees, before reaching for my underwear. Finally, she lowers them, allowing my thick cock to stand tall at eight and a half inches. Janice eyes light up as she gasps “Wow, my secretary wasn't kidding about you.”

“So Ashley told you about me?” I jest as she grips the base of my cock. Janice nods her head and says “You come highly recommended.”

I look over to Janice's husband, who wears a concerned expression on his face. Maybe heis having second thoughts? Part of me hopes not. I don't want this to end. I've dreamed of this moment for years.

Janice's fiery eyes are still glued to my cock that she slowly strokes. I decide to get a handful of her breasts. I knead her soft pillows and use my thumb to rub her tender areolas that juxtaposed the erect nipples that they surrounded.

We exchange another kiss, and wrestle tongues as we play with each other. Once we break the kiss Janice whispers into my ear “I want you to eat my pussy.”

I'd do anything to please Janice, so I climb down from the couch and get on my knees. In response Janice lifts her legs off and launches her panties into the air. Next she leans forward and spreads her legs, giving me full view of her juicy slit.

Once I lower my head into position, I begin to slowly circle her clit with my tongue. In response Janice purrs “That's perfect Chris.”

I massage her thighs as I continue to lick her. Her breathing becomes deeper, and more ragged. She was telling me, right in front of her husband, how much I am satisfying her. I decide to insert a finger inside of her pussy, which becomes drenched in her juices.

My finger thrusts back and forth. Under her moans I hear her hands squeeze on the leather cushion she was sitting on. Janice cries “Oh my God” whilst her body begins to twitch and shake. She starts screaming in pleasure, surely letting her neighbours know how much of a good time she's having.

Once she calms down I look up to see her pearly white grin. She coos “I'm ready Chris. Take me.”

Those are words I'd been waiting to hear ever since I first got an interview with Janice all those years back. It's now time to give her the best fuck she'll ever get. I stand up and press my cock into her soaking pussy. Janice's jaw drops to let out a gasp whilst I push the tip inside of her. I plunge deeper and grip her hips. The walls of her channel squeeze on my cock. As I continue to penetrate deeper into Janice she moans “Yes Chris.”

That's when Alan begins to loom over me. He watches me piston his wife, causing her to unleash a tirade of passionate cries. He's not ripping us apart so he can't be too upset. Janice screams “I love your cock Chris.”

If Alan is going to kill me now, this was it. I start thrusting harder in case that did happen, but thankfully Alan just continues to watch. His wife continues her erotic theatrics. I don't care if it is just an act for her husband. I know she is enjoying it so I contribute by growling “You love that dick don't you Janice?”

“Yes I fucking do.” She screams. I smirk knowing I am now really pushing the boundaries. Although part of me wants to playfully smack her bouncing breasts I decide not to push my luck any further, not knowing how either would respond.

Suddenly I feel semen build up in my balls. My soldiers are ready for release so I declare “I'm gonna cum.”

"Fill me Chris.” Janice cries between laboured breaths. My body tenses up. I give one final, hard thrust, pushing my shaft as far as it can go before I erupt inside of Janice.

After getting my composure, I slowly retract from her tight pussy before Alan ask “Was that good baby?”

“It was perfect.” Janice replies. Alan moves around me. He was now standing with one foot on the couch. Janice looks at his average sized cock and sighs “Just give me a sec honey.”

Alan patiently waits by his wife, stroking his cock whilst I pull up my pants. I'm sure the anticipation is killing him. Before Janice starts pleasuring her husband again, I decide to ask “Well, are we done now?”

“For now, but I want to meet same time tomorrow. We need to be sure.” Janice replies as her hand wraps around Alan's shaft. Next she wraps those luscious lips around the head. I sit down and watch Janice suck and slurp. Now I know what it was like for Alan, watching this amazing woman pleasure a man.

It doesn't take long for Alan to climax inside of Janice's mouth. She swallows every drop and gives Alan a smile, but he still has that doubtful look on his face. Maybe I wasn't the fix to the marriage they needed. Guess it's not my business.

Janice looks at me to say “Thank you Chris.”

“Any time.” I reply.

“Want to stay for a drink?”

“No I better head home.”

“Of course. See you tomorrow.” Janice says before giving me a smile.

“Yeah, tomorrow.” Alan adds with a mutter. I pat him on the back before grabbing my shirt and heading for the front door. I don't know whether I truly am the solution to their marriage woes, but I don't mind taking advantage of the situation either way.


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