Brod: Growing Unrest, Part 6


Sarkopheros Says:

Whoops! Looks like I wrote a Brod over twice the size of the ones I’ve been doing lately. This one has swollen larger than any Brod before it, with an impressive length of over 10,000 words. 10,381 to be exact.

You really don’t have to read the previous stories in the arc for this one to make sense, but it does help. The reason there’s a foreword for this one is that it’s a different animal than the previous installments. Brod is not the one in charge in this story—the women are. I don’t want to spoil everything, but it involves femdom by a gang of muscular women. So it’s almost a female-on-male gangbang. There is also a great deal of emphasis on things like sweat and sexual scents. However, worry not, because your usual Brod tropes are still in play—massive sizes, cum inflation, lots of holes, etc. It gets intense, and is a worthy end to the arc. I think so, anyway.

Enjoy, and as always, please leave any comments you have.


My body was layered in thick, caked layers of jizz and cunt-juice. The blonde She-Hulk marched me down a hallway and said, “I’m Valeska,” she growled. The goth girl returned.

“Ow! How do you know Yara?” I asked. She wasn’t actually hurting me, but I was into it.

“She trains me to fight. And she told me all about her monster-cock sperm-slave!” Her muscular arm wrapped around my neck. Valeska’s body was so hot. I could smell the sweat built up after a day of training and teaching. I breathed harder. She was huge. She was so strong! I don’t think I could have overpowered her if I tried. Even if I wasn’t tired from fucking dozens and dozens of women. But even though she was clearly built for power, she still had lovely, rounded hips and a nice rump on her, not to mention the heavy tits that rubbed against my cheek.

Valeska made a deep purring noise. “We’re gonna have fun with you.

I felt an instinctual desire stirring deep in my loins … I wanted to breed her. Granted, I have a strong desire to impregnate almost every woman I come across, and if it weren’t for the regimen Nahid had me on, I probably would. But a powerful woman triggered some deep-rooted instinct I had to make strong babies.

Splat-splat-splat. My jizz-caked feet slapped the hard floor as spunk rolled down my body, cooling in the air. They marched me out through the back of the gym. Smack-smack-smack. My fat, 16.5-inch slab of flaccid cock-meat bounced against my volleyball-sized nuts. I could feel the droplets of sperm rolling down my length and being thrown off of it.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as they walked me out into the rear parking lot. Night had fallen while I was laying siege to the showers.

“I’m taking you and that fat hunk of man-meat to the actual gym where we work out,” answered Valeska. “There, you’re gonna meet my big sister.” Her accent was sing-song, lilting. When she made a “V” sound, she tended to soften it. Some kind of Scandinavian accent. Which was quite fitting, considering that she looked like a goddamn lady-Viking. “You’re ours now, cum-sack.”

The trainers surrounded me. Did the security cameras catch me being held hostage by this pack of predatory women? Was someone watching? I left white footprints on the asphalt. We crossed to a steel door on the other side of the lot. It looked like the back of a warehouse. There was a metal roll-up door nearby. The muscle-goth unlocked the door. What a nice little bubble-butt she had.

“Yara told us about her gland theories and experiments. The ones involving you sounded unconventional,” said Valeska, arm still around my neck.

I walked into a concrete-and-steel space that looked more like a machine shop than the gym I had just left. While my own home gym wasn’t very pretty, this was downright industrial. The bright lights left the ceiling in shadow. Chains with rings hung down. Weight equipment was arranged around the concrete space. The plates were battered and showed some corrosion. I passed a steel folding chair with a fist-print in it—I wasn’t sure what to make of that. Mirrors surrounded the area, letting me see the gorgeously sculpted women leading me and my pudgy self along.

While physical training is very important to me, I am still built more like a strongman than a model. Muscle and fat. The contrast of their lithe bodies and my bulk was quite pleasing.

As we moved deeper in, I saw the person who could only be this “big sister.” Literally. She had her sculpted back to me. In her hands was a steel bar, and on that bar were what appeared to be six truck tires. Her round shoulders rose. I could see her forearms, hamstrings, calves engaging, her muscles flexing, shifting under dark sweat-slick skin. Perspiration rolled down a big, muscular,  round ass, and thick, powerful thighs. Wild, jet-black hair hung down her back, pulled into a rough ponytail. She lowered the bar. Whump. I heard her breathing as she performed another deadlift with perfect form. Whump. Metal clinked. She did another.

Finally, she stopped and straightened up. She was even taller than Valeska! By at least five or six inches. After a moment, she turned around. Her eyes were big and brown, her cheeks high, her lips full. Her skin was a cinnamon color. I felt small in the face of these two female titans.

She crossed her arms under plump tits. They were right in front of my head and probably bigger than it was. “Who is this?” she asked, her voice husky. When she looked down, the lighting cast her face in ominous shadow. She didn’t sound anything like Valeska, and while there was a passing resemblance, I wasn’t convinced they were sisters in the biological sense. I’ve been with a lot of sisters.

“This is Brod, the jizz-factory manwhore that Yara told us about,” answered Valeska, her strong hands settling on my shoulders.

The muscular goth girl spoke up. “He ran through everyone at the other gym,” she chuckled. “We noticed all the clients disappearing. Heard yelling in the shower, we found this guy.” She jabbed a finger at me. “Apocalyptic. He filled the showers with jizz and wrecked housewives. Looked like a horror movie, just, you know, white instead of red.”

“Wasn’t just housewives,” said a big-hipped blonde.

“I didn’t know human bodies could stretch like that,” chuckled Valeska.

The big brunette chuckled. “So. Yara wasn’t exaggerating. This is her little protein factory. And he’s every bit as big as we were told,” she said. The muscular giantesses were talking over my head. Literally. I could feel the warmth from both their sweaty bodies. The bigger one cupped my chin and made me look up. A warm smile crossed her face. “You poor thing. Looks like you and all of this protein…,” she grabbed a handful of my sack. “...belong to us tonight. My name is Thalita, your new owner.” Valeska leaned in and they whispered to each other. Thalita turned to the smaller trainers. “You’ll all have a chance to use him, too. Let’s take him to the arena.”

I didn’t say anything. I was taken through the gym and out the back into a concrete lot with high walls. Sodium lamps cast the “arena” in an orange glow. In the middle was a recessed area with drains. Rubberized mats hung from a wall. They looked like they were cut to fit in the recess. There were some yoga mats, kettlebells, dumbells. I saw coiled battle ropes, a couple of tractor tires, and even several anchor chain links.

“Grab that bench,” instructed Thalita, pointing at a bench press bench. The trainers grabbed it. “Put it there,” she pointed to the middle of what I assume was the “arena,” that recessed middle area.

The two huge ladies pushed me towards it and— “Oohf!” I was shoved back onto the surface. They’d laid me on it upside-down so that my knees were near the head, legs bent, feet brushing the floor. The crossbars connected to the rack were below my knees.

I looked up. Them, their sweaty employees, all surrounding me. They smelled wonderful. All that musky effort from a day of hard work. Some kind of sweet fragrance was on at least one of them. All those powerful quads, strong arms. Moist abs, pert breasts, toned asses. Hungry eyes moved down my body as all those girls eyed me and especially my monstrous cock and balls like a ham. I felt my cock stirring again as my heart rate increased. And I was just tiny bit apprehensive of this whole thing. “Uh, ladies, are you sure—”

“Yes, I’m sure that I want to milk every drop of sperm I can out of those giant balls,” interrupted Thalita. “Yara’s made incredible gains guzzling your sperm. Free protein shakes? She may not be very big, but she’s very strong. We all want a taste of that, don’t we?”

The ladies all nodded.

“You’re telling me Yara just randomly talks about drinking jizz to people?” I asked, rather incredulous.

“Oh, yeah, all she talks about is sperm,” said the goth girl. “Whenever she talks to anyone. Meeting a new person? ‘Hello, have you thought about sperm today?’ That’s Yara for you.”

“We were talking about a science fiction story we’d read. The conversation turned to DNA, amino acid synthesis, tissue synthesis ... and eventually to fitness and the weird-smelling protein shake she had,” explained Thalita. “And honestly, what woman in this city hasn’t heard some rumor, some whisper about the insatiable giant cock of Tocobaga Bay? And apparently Yara is its owner.”

“Yara doesn’t—”

“Yeah, right, Yara doesn’t own you? That what you were going to say?” asked Valeska. “Ha! Any guy who gets used as furniture to park your ass on doesn’t get to talk about being owned,” she laughed. Apparently, Yara had informed her that she likes to sit on my face. “Maybe you and your fucknormous cock rule over all these blown-out slut-cunts, but here, you’re just a dildo, you get it, cum-slave?” She leaned over me. “We’re not your usual jizz-guzzling spunk-dumpsters.” Hearing her curse with her accent was strange but oddly refreshing. It was hardly the first time I’d spoken to a foul-mouthed girl, but never a Swedish girl. Granted, at the time, I didn’t know what country she was from, just the general region. But one thing was for sure—she lived up to that Viking blood. She could have been a valkyrie. Both of them could have, really, but Thalita reminded me more of an Amazon.

“Speaking of which,” said Thalita. “I know this poor thing is probably sore from destroying my clientele, but thanks to Yara, I know how to turn it back on.”

Valeska used a jump rope to tie my wrists underneath the bench. I grunted and pulled. The rope ground against my skin.

Thalita swung a long, muscular leg above me. She was now straddling me, facing my cock. I could see how soaked her clothes were, dark with perspiration. The outline of a puffy, fleshy mound. It was coming towards me. Then its heat mashed into my face and I couldn’t see. Thalita’s muscular thighs wrapped around my head. I could barely hear her orders.

“Rub his balls,” she said. Her big hands began to rub my cock. She could cover so much more skin than a smaller girl! And her grip was tight.

Eight hands kneaded and gripped handfuls of hot, thick, sensitive skin and began to massage those spunk-factories. I could feel them reactivating, preparing more semen.

The only thing I could smell was Thalita’s sweaty muff. The shorts had collected her sweat, stained dark, and the feminine musk saturating the air invaded my nose and lungs as I breathed deeply. She ground against my face, her meaty pussy rubbing against my nose, chin, and lips. I kissed it back, moaning into her cunt. Thalita chuckled above me. “All those pheromones down there, not to mention that sweat. And I know how much you like that, Brod,” she laughed. “Mmmh, you’re a nasty little boy, aren’t you, Brod? Yara told us all about how she uses her own pheromones on you.” I tried to talk, but she mashed her pussy into my mouth, putting more and more weight on my face. “Ssshh. Don’t talk. Get high off that pussy.”

I couldn’t speak, I could barely breathe. Her cunt was so hot and moist, her scent so strong. Feverishly-hot, muscly thighs pressed against my ears, muffling everything. She ground and rubbed her sweaty mound over my face. She wouldn’t even stay still for me to lick it! And all those roaming fingers kept massaging my sack while she pumped my cock.

In the face of all this stimulation and teasing, there was no restraining my cock. It rose rapidly, filling and swelling, growing bigger and bigger in Thalita’s hands. She indeed knew my weaknesses. It reached its full two-foot size within seconds.

“Look at this thing!” I heard her say. Not even her hands could wrap around it.

“God damn,” said another voice. “If I fuck this thing, it’ll come out my mouth! It’s like one of those poles they use to stop cars from hitting buildings!”

“How does he wear clothes?”

“Holy shit, it’s like your arm,” said Valeska to someone I couldn’t see.

Even Thalita needed both hands to encircle my whole cock. They were coarse. She began to pump my cock faster, making a humming noise. I felt her hot lips kissing my tip, her tongue slipping inside of it. Another pair of hands joined her further down. Someone’s thumb rubbed up against the little spot under my glans. I moaned into Thalita’s cunt.

She continued to grind her cloying pussy all over my face, ensuring that I’d smell her long after she left. Her thick thighs closed around my head. New perspiration began to roll down her legs.

The hands on my nuts hadn’t stopped. They grew more insistent. I felt lips kissing the flesh, tongues and teeth pulling at its surface. They nibbled mouthfuls of flesh, they massaged up behind the gigantic orbs. I just barely caught wind of the pleasant little cooing and moaning. The girls talked softly to each other I could feel their hot breath against my skin, just as I felt Thalita’s against my tip as she lapped at the precum leaking out.

The clear slime rolled down its length in rivulets. The second pair of hands were probably Valeska’s judging by the size. “Ooh, look at all this lube,” she chuckled. Yes, it was definitely her.

My fluid coated her fingers and hands and I could hear the lewd schlick-schlick-schlick over the sound of Thalita’s thighs rubbing against my ears. Thalita and her sister both began to pump me faster and faster. Thalita’s hips rolled, her mound pushed against my mouth and chin. I breathed in her strong, feminine sweetness, the delicious musk of her effort and arousal.

And she was definitely aroused—the musky cunt-sweat was mixing with her dripping nectarl. I could taste it in flashes as she moved, little shocks against my tongue. It was delicious.

I could feel my nuts tightening up, and I doubt anyone ould blame me in the face of all of this! I let out a long groan into Thalita’s pussy. I tensed my core.

“He’s gonna blow,” I heard her announce. Then I felt her teeth scrape my fleshy dome as her mouth surrounded me. Her tongue teased my tip, her hands pumped. Valeska massaged the spot under my glans, and—

GLOOOOOORCH. I blasted Thalita’s mouth with a geyser of steaming-hot goopy jizz. I filled it in a blink and kept gushing.

Huuurrkh!” she grunted. Then she began to gulp. I could hear it, and I could feel her lips working. “Gluck! Gluck! Gluck!” Her sounds echoed off the hard walls. I felt a hot splash against my belly, chest, and legs. Droplets of cum spraying out of her mouth. But she kept sucking down my cum with incredible vigor. GLOOORCH! GLOOORCH! I let out a long groan as my cock bucked like a cannon, held still by her strong grip. The sound of my jizzing echoed. Each rushing wad stretched my cock’s throat, feeling wonderful as it blasted from my tip, a white column feeding the titaness.

I heard grunting, shuffling. Between wads, her mouth came away. Another clamped down just in time for me to blast it with jizz. “Nnnngh!” Valeska. Thalita had surrendered my cock to the blonde have a turn. Both pairs of hands kept pumping me. SPLOOORT. SPLOOORT. Another splatter. I could hear the droplets pattering against the floor. I heard moans from the trainers as they watched and kneaded my nuts. I kept cumming and cumming.

I felt Thalita yank my cock away from Valeska. SPLOORRSSCH!

“Fuck!” yelled Valeska. “It’s all over me!”

Thalita laughed before taking my cock into her mouth again. After a couple minutes, I felt something soft press down on my belly. A warm, soft thing, like a big, hot water balloon. Then Thalita gasped and let go of my cock once more. Finally, after another long moment, my wads came slower and slower. Then stopped.

Thalita’s hot pussy left my face, much to my regret. I leaned up to kiss it.

When she stood up and stepped aside, I could see her and Valeska both looked like they had swallowed a watermelon. Each one’s abs were distended into a swollen belly that contained gallons and gallons of spunk. On their frames, though, the proportions were more like they were heavily pregnant rather than inhumanly bloated.

Valeska rubbed a hand over her belly. “Mmm. Damn, is your jizz thick,” she grunted, jiggling it.

I licked my lips, tasting Thalita. The other five trainers stood around me. The goth girl was gently rubbing my cock.

“I’m still hungry,” grunted Valeska. “I wonder if he’ll cum more if we milk him the old-fashioned way?” She turned to the blonde with big hips. “Romy, want to help?”

Romy had wide hips and thick, thick thighs. Natural badonkadonk on that white girl. But those cheeks were sculpted by many squats. A long braid hung down her back. She shook her head. “I’m not sure I can take something that big. I didn’t think it would grow so much.” The girl couldn’t have been much over five feet tall.

Thalita chuckled and slipped a hand down her shorts. I saw her fingers working under the tight cloth. She slipped her glistening hands out. Clear droplets fell from them. She smeared the liquid under my nose and over my lips. I could taste and smell that delicious cunt juice.

Mmmph.” I wanted that cunt of hers! Fuck, a girl that big? I bet she could take lots of cock. “Why don’t you old-fashioned-milk me yourself?” I asked, looking from Thalita to Valeska.

Hah! Shut up, fucktoy. You don’t decide,” growled Valeska.

“We will use you when we feel like it,” added Thalita.

“Fuck it, if no one’s going to volunteer,” said the goth girl. She wiggled her hips and slipped out of her shorts. That milky six-pack flowed all the way down to her tight-looking little cunt. She had a little tattoo of a winged heart over it. She licked her lips and slipped her sports bra off.

“So what do I call you?” I asked her.

She ignored me and knelt between my legs, gripping my cock with both hands and raising it vertical. Her dainty fingers rubbed up its smooth surface. “Fuck, this thing is just … fuck!” She looked around. “It’s like holding a whole ham. I think it might just be bigger than all of my boyfriends combined,” she chuckled. With both hands, she hefted my heavy balls. “Mmmph. God damn, these things are like bowling balls. And enough cum to bathe in? I wish you’d showed up sooner.” The girl rose, running her tongue up the underside of my cock, gathering my precum into her mouth before kissing the tip. Her hands pumped my organ slowly. A barbelle tongue teased its mouth. Unlike Thalita, she couldn’t encircle it, even with both hands.

For a long moment, she just admired the glistening organ, shining in the orange light. During the momentary silence, I heard road noise in the distance. A police siren somewhere.

“You just going to look at it?” I asked her.

“You make a lot of noise for a glorified sybian, buddy. Someone sit on his face again!” said the goth girl.

Romy grinned at me. I really wasn’t sure of the color of her skin or her ethnicity in the lighting, but I think she might have been Italian? Forgive my focus on ethnicity, but interracial is just so wonderful. Sure, I’ve knocked up plenty of women of the ethnicities comprising my genetics—literally thousands of women from all over Asia. But breeding women of other races is just such a primal appeal. If I could breed aliens, I’d do that, too.

I digress, though—this blonde’s ass was a thing of beauty. She moved to the head of the bench. Or, at least, where my head was, since I was lying on the bench upside-down. The blonde licked her lips and wiggled her hips. I could feel the goth girl’s fingers stroking my monstrous cock.

Unlike the nameless goth, she was quite curvaceous rather than slender. The blonde had big hips, natural badonkadonk. The goth had a pert little bubble butt. The blonde had thick thighs and a plump booty toned, lifted, and smoothed by countless squats. Thick quads outlined under softness. The goth’s legs were long and smooth. The blonde had abs that were toned but not ripped, unlike the goth’s.

“This is so wrong,” said the blonde, chuckling as she grabbed the corners of the bench and lowered her ass over my face. Cooing, she ground her mound up against my lips and nose. I inhaled deeply. “Are you smelling my pussy? I’m all sweaty and nasty right now!” she whined.

“Oh, please, Romy, you’re always nasty!” quipped the goth. KLANK. I looked up. She’d put an unladen Olympic bar on the rack above my hips.

Romy rolled her eyes.

“Oh, Yara tells me all sorts of nasty things about this one,” said Thalita. “He loves girl-sweat. You should have felt him sniffing my cunt. Like he was suffocating.”

Romy cooed and bit her lip as she ground against my face, smearing more of that sweaty-cunt-juice mixture all over me. The cloying smell was so strong! I couldn’t smell anything else. “Jake would be so mad!” she complained as she ground faster and faster. I reached up with my tongue, trying to kiss and lick, but she was moving too much.

“What happens here stays here,” said the goth. “Besides, we’re after the protein, remember? Jake doesn’t get mad about whey! What’s the difference between a few scoops of distilled dairy protein and a few gallons of a man’s baby-batter? It’s like, exactly the same thing.”

“I’m sure Michael would agree with you, Sasha,” snipped Romy. I heard her inhale sharply. “Jesus, I can smell his cock from here. He smells like an orgy.”

“There’s a reason for that,” I said.

“You shut up,” said Romy. “You’re a fuck machine! D-don’t talk. Please.”

I’d recognized what she was doing. The logic where if she dehumanized me, it mitigated her cheating. Whatever. Worked for me.

Romy stood up and began to wiggle her ass above me. KLANK. Sasha was now straddling me, grabbing that bar for leverage, her sneakers planted on the crossbar under my knees. Wait. How had she gotten those tight-ass shorts off with her sneakers on?

Thalita leaned in and grabbed my cock, holding it vertical. She pumped it up and down, vigorously stroking with a strong grip, slathering thick layers of pre all over its pulsing length. The sounds were moist and vulgar. Sasha began to lower herself. I felt the kiss of her heat against my tip. Sasha moaned as her grip tightened on the steel bar. I felt her stretching as—

Romy’s bare, bald cunt was now in my face. She grabbed the edges of the seat. I had been so fixed on Sasha I hadn’t noticed Romy’s clothing disappearing. The blonde’s bare entrance ground up against me, naked, silky slickness kissing my lips as I lapped at her. Her soft thighs encircled my head, once again muffling the sound and blocking the light. Finally, she stood still, letting me start. I—

Moaned loudly as Sasha got my coconut-sized glans into her body. I heard her yelling, but I didn’t know what she was saying. I felt her tighten and shudder. A warbling moan came from her throat as her cunt squeezed my glans. SKLLRRSCH. A hot splash around my length.

My lips surrounded Romy’s mound as Sasha came on my cock, sinking deeper. She began to bounce, the metal clinking. My tongue slipped into Romy’s slit, hot liquid rolling over my face. I kissed and lapped, gently biting at the lips. I heard her moaning above me.

Sasha was mewling and bouncing, flexing her thighs as she took me deeper. I couldn’t see it, but I knew what was happening. Her toned abs were pushing outward, stretched ludicrously, the outline of my cock visible in her belly. It jammed up against her cervix. I felt her squirt and cum again, another throaty howl echoing through the concrete space. Who could hear us on the outside?

Romy’s thighs rubbed against my ears, her hot skin rubbing my cheeks. I could feel her hands grasping at my scalp, fingers in my hair. I could taste her cunt as I kissed her clit, taking it between my lips and teasing the tip with my tongue. More and more juice dripped from her, sticky on my skin.

The goth girl was howling and wailing as she bounced up and down like mad, bouncing on those cross bars and taking my cock deeper, deeper—

FFFAAAAUUUGH!” she screamed, dropped lower, and I felt a hot cascade coat the lower half of my cock. I’d penetrated her womb. I could feel a grip on my crown. Sasha was looking down at her belly, formerly flat and trim, now stretched and tented around a ludicrous monolith of manhood. She was gripping my cock, disbelieving of the sight. Her jaw was probably hanging open. What I knew for a fact was that she was gasping and cumming violently. I could feel her cunt spasming. I heard her yelling.

I heard Romy’s soft mewling and moaning. I could imagine her biting her lip and closing her eyes as she ground harder into my face. Sure, it made my job harder, but it also let me know she was really into it. I kept licking, slipping my tongue deeper, wiggling it. I slurped loudly, surrounding the whole mound with my lips as my tongue teased inside of her. I could feel her pussy shifting and quivering.

Sasha began bouncing again. Now I could feel more hands massaging my nuts. Urging me to fill her faster. I felt another pair of large hands pumping my shaft. Thalita’s or Valeska’s, I wasn’t sure.

Romy moaned, and I felt her weight coming down on my mouth. I heard her say something, then moan. She tightened. I could feel her pussy gripping, felt her thighs squeezing and twitching. GLLLRSSSCH!  A hot deluge swept over my face, soaking my hair, dripping over my ears, filling my mouth with her heat. I swallowed the nectar, licking and slurping, drinking it up as another pulse squirted over me. I knew the fluid was dripping from the bench, running down her thighs. I kissed her silky-smooth pussy. She’d probably gotten waxed a day or two ago.

Light shone on my face as Romy wobbled away. “Ooh,” I could hear her cooing.

Now it was my turn.

I looked down. Valeska was pumping my cock. Thalita was watching. More trainers were between my legs, rubbing my balls. I could see Sasha’s ass bouncing. My balls tightened. My cock swelled in girth. I groaned and tightened my core, arcing my head back on the wet bench. Romy smiled at me.

A hot column of goop stretched out my cock’s throat. GLOOOOOORCH!

Aaauuugh! Yeaaah!” howled Sasha. My cum blasted her insides with heat, slammed them with a heavy impact as the wad exploded. SPLOOOORT. SPLOOOORT. Jizz blasted out around my cock, re-coating it in white, the streams rolling down. I could feel them trickling over my hips, rolling over my stomach, filling the wrinkles in my sack and dripping from my balls. I felt lips lapping up the seed from my sack.

I kept cumming and cumming inside Sasha. My shoulders and arms flexed against the bench. I wanted to feel her stomach. But I couldn’t move. She was now still, moaning, arching her head back, staring at the sky as her belly grew bigger and hung lower. GLOOORCH. GLOOORCH. I kept erupting, trillions of sperm eager to escape my balls.

Sasha got so big I could see her belly swelling from behind her as it expanded to the sides. It hung lower, lower. Thalita smiled and rubbed her hands over the growing gut. Valeska kept pumping. “Fill her up good,” she instructed.

Sasha lurched forward and grabbed the bar for support. Her legs went limp. Now her weight was completely on my cock as it filled her, her thighs spread, pressing into her yoga-ball-sized belly. Bluuuurt…. And finally, I was done.

Valeska moved around between my legs and took away the bar. She laid it aside and looked down at Sasha. The huge blonde bent down and threw Sasha’s arm over her neck. Her strong hands grabbed under Sasha’s ass. She rose, pulling the muscular goth off my cock. I could see her stretched-out lips clinging.

When they came away, sploosch! Jizz began erupting from the gaping cunt of the trainer. Valeska straightened up, holding Sasha over her shoulder. When she turned around, Sasha was facing me, her head and arms draped down Valeska’s back.

Jizz erupted in a bright arc from Sasha’s cunt, catching the lamplight. Thalita leaned in and pushed her face up into the flow, grunting as she began to gulp down liters of jizz. Gluck-gluck-gluck! I could see her throat working, her belly swelling. She gripped Sasha’s ass with both hands and spread her pussy with her thumbs. Thalita’s belly grew and grew, hanging lower, abs completely disappearing.

Finally, she backed away,  and the other trainers pushed in. Jizz rained down on them, a waterfall of white. Valeska bounced Sasha on her shoulder, forcing more of my sperm to squirt from her.

Meanwhile, my two-foot monster collapsed across my soft belly with a meaty thwack! It pulsed atop me, reaching all the way to my chest. It poured slick, sticky precum onto my skin. The fluid rolled down my sides. It bounced gently as it pulsed. I’ve never known what having a normal cock is like, but I can tell you, as messy as it is, it’s nice having a cock so heavy it presses down on your body.

Thalita came toward me and smiled. Globs of sperm clung to her face. “Your jizz is far better fresh than bottled, my little spunk-pet.” She reached down and patted my face. Then she looked at Romy. “I think it’s your turn.”

Romy shook her head. “Oh, uh, no, I got off already. Besides, Jake—”

“You’re shaking, Romola. You’re dripping wet,” countered Thalita. “And we need help milking more jizz from our friend. You want that huge cock, admit it,” she chuckled. “It’s okay, I want it, too. But me and Valeska are going to ride it last.”

“I couldn’t!” insisted Romy. “It’s huge, that thing is like a battering ram!”

Thalita chuckled. She put her hand on Romy’s shoulder and pushed her towards my cock. “Look how big it is.” She guided Romy’s hand to my organ’s sticky surface. “Feel its pulse, how powerful it is. Yara says that thing has impregnated tens of thousands of women.” She grabbed my cock and held it vertical. “It’s bigger than any cock I’ve ever heard of, and you saw what he did to the showers.”

You didn’t! It was insane!” complained Romola. I could see her squeezing her legs together. “Some of those women were like … like they drank a bathtub, I don’t know!”

“Just jump on that cock, already!” yelled Valeska. I leaned my head up. I could just barely see the trainers rubbing their gravid guts. Sasha wobbled unsteadily before collapsing on top of a yoga mat, sprawling out as her cunt leaked. Her belly was flat, and she groaned, still incredibly sore, pussy yawning open.

Thalita chuckled. “This is one of the few cocks, maybe the only one, worthy of us.”

“If you don’t jump on that cock, I will!” yelled one of the other trainers. Cute brunette with a bob.

“Fine!” Romy said. “Put the bar back.”

Valeska replaced the bar. KLANK.

Romy looked at me and moved down the bench. She stepped up onto the crossbars and grabbed the steel bar in front of her. “Okay, okay. Wow. It’s so hot,” she cooed. “I can feel the heat against me!”

She grabbed the bar and tentatively lowered her lovely ass until her hot slit kissed my tip. Her steamy slickness mixed with mine. Romy began to press her weight down. “Oooh! Mmmhhh! I don’t know!” she panted, looking over her shoulder. I could see her thighs flexing as she carefully controlled her weight. Her lips started to stretch. She began to roll her hips, grinding and grinding. A long moment passed. “Okay, I can take it … I hope….”

Valeska rolled her eyes, stepped forward, and grunted, “Just do it!” She grabbed Romy’s shoulders and shoved her down.

I growled in my throat. My cock was pretty sensitive at the moment. My gigantic cuntbuster exploded into her body, smashing into her pussy, spreading and straining the sensitive flesh. Her cunt was lit on fire as the silky skin stretched like latex all at once, forced to conform to my monstrous organ. I felt her cervix briefly resist me. Valeska grunted and pushed harder. The cervix dilated. Romy’s womb stretched and resisted only briefly, now filled with pounds of penis.

Aaaawauuuuuuugh!” Romy howled like a banshee. Her whole body began to shake. Her head lolled back, her eyes rolled up, exposing the white. The thighs flexed, the toes curled, the tongue lolled. The cunt spasmed and squeezed, the womb wobbled and rippled. It struggled against my cock. SKLLLLRRRSSCH! Hot juices blasted around my cock, clear sheets erupting around its girth, painting me with female heat. SKLLLLRRRSSCH! SKLLLLRRRSSCH! Romy spasmed and seized in Valeska’s hands. Only they and my cock supported her. The blonde warbled incoherently. “Huh-wauhhh. Auwwauuuh. Wuummm. Uunnh.” My cock pulsed inside her as she hung there for a long moment.

Sasha looked over and said, “Is she dead?”

Valeska grunted and removed the Olympic bar once again. She wrapped her arms around Romy’s body, under her shoulders, and straightened the girl. The huge blonde gripped the smaller one and grinned devilishly as she flexed her biceps. Valeska pulled Romy upward. Her cunt clung tightly, the slime squishing lewdly. SCHLLRRRK. Then she shoved Romy down.

Aaugh!” cried the smaller girl.

Valeska began to bounce Romy, pumping her whole body up and down my cock, using another girl to extract my semen. Romy’s legs bounced and dangled as her head lolled. Valeska made a low sound that sounded like an honest-to-God cackle. She moved her feet apart to get more leverage and put her shoulders into it. She grunted as she manhandled poor little Romy, thrusting her body up and down my cock.

I let out a groan, closing my eyes halfway and looking up at the moon. The metallic sounds of the bench echoed against the concrete. KLINK-KLINK-KLINK. I felt hot sprays of juice.

Romy made more noise. “Auughwahh. Mmmmuhhh. Oh!” She tightened again, curling her toes, cooing.

“Someone pump his cock!” ordered Valeska.

The brunette from earlier grabbed my organ as the others began to knead my nuts again. “Make him blow his load! I want the next turn!” grunted this new trainer. Schlick-schlick-schlick. Her hands pumped my sperm-slick shaft.

Sweat rolled down Valeska’s shoulders and arms. her biceps flexed, her clothes were soaked in perspiration. Her blonde hair was in disarray, her face fierce. Poor Romy looked so tiny compared to the huge gold-haired she-Viking. Hot juices leaked down my cock. My nuts were coated in heat, it blocked out the air. I could hear the liquid splattering into the puddle under us.

I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the sensation. Honestly, as far as punishments went, this could be much worse! When I opened my eyes, I couldn’t see anything, and suddenly, there was a hot, musky weight on my face. Whose pussy was this?! I inhaled deeply. But the size of the mound and the scent told me it could only be Thalita’s cunt, greeting me once more. Except this time it was completely bare. However, that didn’t stop her from grinding on my face, preventing me from eating her out as I wanted to. That pussy was just so … plump. It was very inviting. I could feel some fuzz.

KLINK-KLINK-KLINK. GLISCH-GLISCH-GLISCH.Aaaauuugh!” cried Romy as she orgasmed again and again. The silky-hot flesh of her cunt constricted, her womb squeezed, her body spasmed atop me, her legs kicked on either side of my hips. Valeska used her like a fleshlight, a toy to extract the pearly fluid she wanted so badly.

I felt my balls tightening as they got massaged. I was going to cum again. My cock’s throat stretched delightfully as it filled with spunk. I felt the sperm pushing toward my tip, dilating it. I felt my nuts squeezing, my abdomen tightening, and— GLOOOOOORCH. SPLOOOOOORT. My sperm-cannon detonated and unleashed a tsunami of virility inside of Romy. GLUUUURCH. I could feel my sperm blasting against the back of her womb. I felt it stretching it out as the walls lost contact with my cock. BLOOOORT. Torrid semen sprayed my body. Romy screamed. And all I could see and smell was Thalita’s dripping cunt. And she wouldn’t let me even lick it! It only made me blow my load harder … which was probably the point.

Minutes later, my nuts stopped pumping. I sighed. Thalita stood up. She smiled down at me. “What a wonderful new piece of equipment you are. I’m going to keep you, I think.”

“Not if I take that big slab of meat, first,” said Valeska.

I looked down at Romy’s back. Her belly was swollen enough to easily be visible from behind, several times wider than her back was. Valeska began to pull her up and off my cock, making her belly jiggle. Schluuuuur-pop! My cock popped free. Romy warbled again, moaning through another orgasm. Valeska laid her out on a yoga mat.

The ladies moved toward Romy. I saw as they spread her legs wide. They pushed their faces in so they could gulp down my gushing seed. I could hear the chorus of slurping and gulping. Everyone was getting protein today. The brunette with a bob looked at my cock and grinned. “Me next!”

Then Thalita moved into view, dangling her shorts from her finger. She grinned and pulled the shorts over my head, the sweat-soaked garment filling my nose with her thick feminine aroma once more. I felt hands on my cock.


SSCHLOOOR-POP! My cock popped free. I heard her scream. “Aaaauugh!” She was cumming again. I knew she was, even though I couldn’t see her.

Time passed quickly. I don’t know how much. All I know was that my cock got used several dozen times by those horny trainers. All I could smell was Thalita-sweat, my jizz, and pussy. It was obscene and decadent.

I could only put a name to a couple of the voices, but I’m fairly sure each girl took several turns.

Fianlly, the shorts got pulled away. I blinked at the orange light. I looked down.

At some point, three other women had appeared. Where had they come from? I really had no clue. I did know that there were eight normal-sized women laying on yoga mats all around me, each with a belly as big as an over-filled bean bag chair. Blown-out cunts and asses gushed jizz into an ankle-deep pool of semen filling the arena.

Romy’s head lolled to the side. Her eyes were glassy, her cunt gaping wide enough to slide a wine bottle into. Her ass was in no better condition. Each hole was gushing rivers of thick jizz. It leaked from her mouth. Sasha twitched nearby, sitting up so I couldn’t see how ravaged she was. But I could see that she was draped over her belly. It was so swollen it engulfed her splayed thighs.

Two girls were back-to-back, sitting in a pool of spunk, groping and kneading swollen bellies. Another one was swallowing the cum leaking out of a dark girl’s cunt. A white girl was slathering handfuls of sperm all over her body.

Valeska and Thalita stood over me, looking at each other.

Valeska grinned and grabbed my cock, squeezing it behind the glans. As big as she was, my cock still looked monstrous in her hands. “I bet I take this thing deeper than you.”

Thalita shook her head. “Brod belongs to me, dear. I’ll show you who the monster-cock-master is.”

“Oh yeah? Let me show you how to do it, you spunk-chugging slut,” grunted Valeska. She turned her light eyes towards me and said, “I’m gonna drain those nuts once and for all.”

“Be my guest,” said Thalita, smirking at the blonde.

Valeska chuckled and put a leg over me, straddling my body, facing me. Reaching under her, she seized my organ roughly and pushed it up against her dripping entrance. Her soft tits wobbled as she backed up and grunted, her sticky lips pressing against my drooling, eager cock. She looked over at Thalita, winked, and slammed her hips back.

We both cried out, both of us surprised.

Her cunt stretched around my cock, accepting it with relatively little struggle. Her swollen belly bounced and jiggled.

“Fuck, you’re huge,” she growled. “Mmmph.” I could tell she wanted to make more noise, but she was biting back the grunts of effort as she pushed her pussy down further.

“Is he too big for poor little Valeska’s itty-bitty cunny?” cooed Thalita.

“Fuck you, hamsnatch!” yelled Valeska.

 “ ‘Hamsnatch?’ “ I repeated.

“Don’t you start, beeftower!” ordered Valeska.

“Where are you getting these names?” asked Thalita. She moved so she was straddling my head, standing over me. Her inviting cunt hovered up above my head. Drip. Drip. Drip. Boiling-hot, fresh cunt juice dribbled onto my forehead and cheeks, rolled down my nose. Pat-pat-pat.

Valeska’s muscular thighs flexed and she slammed her hips down again. Whunk! I hit the back of her cervix. She gritted her teeth and glared at Thalita as she tightened up, apparently frozen in place. I could feel her pussy clutching and strangling my cock, powerful muscles rippling.

Auugh! Fuck!” I grunted. She was strong inside, not just outside! It felt incredible.

Skllrrrssch! I felt hot jets of cunt juice spraying my nuts and thighs. Valeska was cumming! Yet she still looked pissed? Whatever. It felt great!

Thalita smirked. “Ooh! Valeska’s cunny-wunny is cummy-umming! Done so sooooon? Are you tired?”

“I swear to God I will beat you with one of those chairs,” growled Valeska. She straightened up and began to bounce up and down on my cock, aggressively slamming her womb’s gate into the battering ram of my cock—the opposite of how this usually worked.

Umph! Mph! Mph!” I grunted and groaned as her weight came down on my cock, her cunt clutching me as she forced me to penetrate her womb. It was weird, though, because I could feel that she’d already taken over half my cock. “Augh! Yeah! Mmm!” I grunted as cunt-juice dripped on my head. When a busty seven-foot Viking girl bounces up and down on your cock, it’s really hard to stay quiet.

“I bet you want me to put my pussy back on your face, don’t you, Brod?” asked Thalita. She reached down and teased her puffy mound with a fingertip, spreading the fleshy lips, taunting me with that delicious-looking thing.

“I! Mph! Wouldn’t mind!”

“I’d love to, but then Valeska would complain,” she chuckled.

Valeska’s body came down. Her cervix buckled. She fell lower. I was in her womb. It stretched around me, slick-sticky silk clutching my glans as tightly as her hands. Her insides rippled. I saw her gritting her teeth and closing her eyes. As she bit back the howls of another intense orgasm, she ended up making squeaking noises. Skllrrsch! Skllrrscch!Mmpheeeee!

She grinned, leaned back, and lifted her belly with both hands. Thalita and I could see. My jaw hung open. I was so surprised that not even the pleasure of that pussy registered for a long moment. Valeska was taking over three-quarters of my cock! Only one hand-width was exposed! She had over a foot and a half of arm-thick cock stuffed into her cunt! “Where you been all my life?!” I groaned.

Valeska cackled and began to bounce. She put her rough hands on my chest. Her jiggling belly rested on my own, the soft heat wobbling and sloshing audibly. It rippled as she began to bounce her hips, lunging forward till just my glans was in her, then shoving back until I was buried in her womb once more. She worked my cock in a long, languid rhythm, seeming almost relaxed if it weren’t for her tensed face.

Thalita knelt down and put her face next to mine. I could smell my sperm on her breath. She kissed my cheek and said. “I’ll take every. Last. Inch. I’m your mistress, not her,” she breathed before using the tip of her tongue to lick up behind my ear. The tip traced through the grooves. I felt the hot breath on me. She bit its edge gently. Her fingertip smeared her nectar over my lips and nose again.

The bench clanked as Valeska bounced up and down on my cock, moving faster. I could feel her cum again, twice, thrice. Yet she still managed to hold back the moans. Skllrrsssch! Skllrrssch! The blonde’s nectar sprayed all over my sack and thighs. “Mmmph! Fuck yeah!”

It felt so good! Having so much of my cock inside a warm, silky, rippling, tight pussy! I was so used to only being able to use half of it on a girl. I’d never fucked such a large woman. And she’d never fucked a cock as big as mine. I knew I couldn’t last long.

“This cock is the best!” she growled. “Fuck! Blow your load, already! Cum in me!”

“Oh no, you really are getting tired!” cackled Thalita.

“We’ll see how you do!” snapped Valeska as she looked down at me. “Yeah, you never had a pussy like this, huh!”

“Never been so deep!” I yelled. “Augh, fuck, it’s so tight! So deep! Can’t get this much cock in any one!”

“That’s right, my pussy is the best! Don’t you forget it, cock-slave!” yelled Valeska. “Only the biggest and best for my pussy!”

“Wait till I fuck you, Brod,” said Thalita. She cupped my cheeks and began to kiss me, our lips intertwining, her tongue teasing mine. I tasted myself on her. She probably tasted all the pussy I’d been eating—or trying to, anyway.

Valeska tossed her head to clear some of the hair out of her face. Her belly sloshed and bounced against mine wildly, rippling like a water balloon. Slap! Slap! Slap! Glisch! Glisch! Glisch! Her rough hands gripped my body tightly. She was salivating, drool rolling down her chin as she fucked my cock. Her breathing was ragged and heavy. The whole bench wobbled unsteadily back and forth.

KLANK. KLANK. KLANK. The bench rattled. I could feel my heavy nuts swinging. Valeska sped up, arching her head back as she began to pound me harder and harder, slamming her cunt down, clearly hoping she could force more cock into her body. For me, it felt wonderful, and my eyes were closed to slits as I felt the grip of her pussy milking me of my sperm.

Sweat shined on her body, her powerful quads and hamstrings flexed under the skin. I could feel my sperm starting to rage in my nuts, jostling for the chance to fill her womb. I felt my balls tightening, my body shifting.

Valeska must have sensed it. “Yeah, blow your load! Cum in my blonde cunt! Give me slanty-eyed babies, fuck-off Jap Cockzilla! Augh!” Some women could be very vocal while making very little sense during sex.

“I’m gonna pump that white-girl pussy full of jizz!” I yelled at her. “You’re gonna birth a whole litter of super-babies for me!”

“Knock me up! Yeah! Yeah! Sperm, now!” she ordered.

“Okay!” GLOOOOOOORCH. As if on cue, I erupted. BLOOOOOOOOORCH. We both yelled as I began to cum. I felt her spasming into another orgasm. GLUUUUUURCH. Pints of sperm blasted through my cock, erupting at the tip, filling her womb, my cock spewing for several long seconds before finally stopping. GLURCH. GLURCH. GLURCH.

“Aw, yes! Yeeeess!” she howled.

Thalita rolled her eyes, but I was only half paying attention, instead more focused on pumping semen into this huge white girl’s womb. The blonde’s belly began to swell even larger, growing impossibly, even with all the semen already in her. Her belly was bigger than any of the other girl’s. It engulfed my own body, spilling to the sides as she stopped moving. She gripped my chest, leaning against me, chest heaving, breasts bouncing. Her eyes stared up into the sky, glassy and far-away. Another droplet of saliva rolled down her chin. Her belly gurgled as I filled it.

GLOOOOOOOORSCH. GLOOOOOOOORSCH.Aaauuhmmm,” I moaned. My cock spasmed and bucked inside her. Gallons of sperm erupted from deep in my nuts, each one contracting in unison. Oh, how I wish I could breed this woman.

“Oh, such a good boy, that’s right. Cum for us, Brod,” cooed Thalita. She stroked my face. “You’re doing very well.”

Aahh!” cried Valeska as she closed her eyes, cumming once more. SPLOOOORT! Her belly kept growing and growing. How much more cum could she take?! GLUUUURCH.

“We’ve searched so long for a man worthy of us,” said Thalita, her voice sweet in my ear.

Hurkh! Mmmph!” Valeska gurgled, then clenched her jaw. Her belly looked big enough to climb into, a good four feet in diameter, engulfing most of my torso. I bet there was well over a bathtub worth of jizz in her body right now. Which was probably why she was hitting her limits.

She tried to talk. “I can’t—hurrgghll!” Valeska lurched forward and my spunk erupted from her mouth. Liter after liter of the cum that had been in her stomach poured from her maw in a constant waterfall. “Ughaauugh!” she gurgled as semen blasted from her mouth, all over her belly, rolling down to mine.

Thalita began to laugh, an evil cackling that echoed off the concrete.

Finally, my nuts began to empty. Valeska collapsed on top of her belly when she sensed I had stopped cumming. She groaned.

Thalita stood up. Her wide, dark hips rolled, the globes of her ass passing in front of me as she moved to her friend. “Are you alright, Val?” she asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

Valeska waved her hand dismissively. “Give me a moment.” After that moment, she grunted and began to move, pulling off of my cock. “I’ve never been so full. I feel like I ate all of Golden Corral or some shit,” she complained. “Augh.Schlllrrrrr-pop! My glans was free.

The blonde swung her leg back over me with difficulty. I watched spunk gush from her gaping pussy, open enough for me to push both hands in. Gallons of semen splattered into the deep pool as she waddled away and squatted, squeezing her belly to force my sperm out of her womb. She winked at me.

“I’m not done with you yet,” she told me.

Thalita smiled and patted my cheek. “I hope Yara won’t miss her toy. I think I’m going to take you home and keep you,” she chuckled. The caramel-skinned Amazon swung her long, long leg over me and grabbed my cock. Her sperm-swollen stomach wobbled as she backed up, pressing her pussy to me and sighing. Thalita bit her lower lip and closed her eyes, rolling her hips and grinding back against my tip. Her breathing deepened, but remained controlled.

Then, she slowly pushed back. I heard the sound of her pussy stretching around me, its dripping lips Schllrcck!

“Oh, that’s good,” she gasped. “No wonder Yara keeps you around,” she sighed. Her hips moved back. My cock slipped smoothly into her welcoming pussy, the silky walls stretching around me. There was a lot of resistance, and Thalita let out a long groan—but this wasn’t the struggle it was with most girls. “Mmmph. Ooh!” Her body shuddered, her belly and tits jiggled … I felt her contracting. She paused momentarily. Her pussy rippled. Gllsssch! Her nectar gushed, coating my cock once again, washing some of the white spunk away.

Thalita smiled down at me and started to push downward again. “Oh, my, you’re so big. I’ve never felt so full of cock, Brod. And believe me, I’ve tried,” she panted, biting her lower lip as her pussy swallowed inch after inch of my cock. My girth pulsed inside her feverish heat, the huge organ rivaling her arms and the smaller girls’ thighs in thickness. “I’ve fucked my bedpost, the biggest dildo I could find. Nothing like this,” she panted. “I get so, so horny!” she cooed. Her voice was low, sultry, dark. “I’m cumming again!” she announced, shuddering as she squirted another wave of cunt-juice onto me.

Valeska started yelling. “And you were talking shit about me? Look at you, twice and you’re not even in, slut!”

Thalita chuckled and began to pump her hips, slowly easing my cock in and out of her hot tunnel. Then I felt a gentle bump as I hit her cervix. Thalita bit her lip and began to press back against it, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. “Mp!” she grunted. Her cervix dilated, and she pushed back, my cock shoving into her womb and stretching it out. She moaned and began to cum again, closing her eyes, curling her toes, her pussy gushing. Glooosch! Gloooosch! “Unlike you, I’m not afraid to enjoy my orgasms,” she moaned at Valeska. “Oooh! Mmmmhh! What a little stud you are, Brod! Oh, you’re doing so good!”

I wasn’t sure why she was treating me like a teenager fumbling with his first vagina, but I really didn’t care.

“How did you do that?” I grunted.

“Yoga, Tai-Chi, a lot of meditation, a number of things. Yara helped,” said Thalita. She smiled as she began to pump her body more smoothly. She straightened up, leaning back and grabbing the steel bar, bouncing her whole body up and down with her thick, muscular thighs, her quads shifting under the sweat-slick skin. The huge belly bounced and jiggled and sloshed as she sunk lower and lower. Schlllooock! She rose to the balls of her feet. Gliiiisch! She dropped her body, shoving my whole cock into her womb again, the feverish walls of her vagina feeling as if they were rippling and massaging me.

She was slow and sensual compared to Valeska’s intense fire. I was surprised the blonde didn’t have more comments after all the shit she’d been talking earlier. She was off to the side, squatting down and bouncing. The blonde massaged her stomach, grunting as pulses of spunk continued to gush from her cunt.

Thalita’s belly undulated in waves as she pumped her hips slowly up and down, gripping me with the toned muscles inside her. Her dark eyes fixed on mine, and she bit her lip as she looked at me with a delicious hunger. Schllluck. Schlluuuck. Thalita milked my cock using her whole body. Each time she came down, her belly smacked into mine. Her tits wobbled. I wasn’t thrusting back up into her, but I didn’t need to, and I wasn’t sure she wanted me to. Precum and cunt juice rolled down my cock in sheets, dripping onto my body. Every inch of my skin was slick with pussy juice, jizz, or sweat, and it was all dry and sticky in the temperate outdoor breeze.

“Mmmph!” Thalita came, erupting around my cock, closing her eyes. It felt incredible, feeling her pussy sinking lower and lower. I could feel her heat stimulating more and more nerves.

But then I felt something weird. Her muscular thighs pressed against mine. She stopped moving. I could feel her weight on my legs, her belly sitting and sloshing on top of mine.  I squinted. The orange light revealed the bulge of my cock, the head tenting her belly far and high … despite the fact that her stomach was ludicrously swollen. My brow furrowed. This didn’t make sense. With that much jizz in her, my cock shouldn’t have been visible! “The hell?” I asked.

Thalita winked, and lifted her belly.

“Holy shit!” I yelled, my eyes wide. “What the fuck?”

Valeska looked over and squinted. “Jesus fuck! How the hell?!”

Thalita had taken my entire cock! Her lips were stretched like latex, her neatly trimmed pubes mingling with mine, her thighs atop mine as she sat there. It was a dream come true. All my fantasies about Helen Parr fulfilled by a very real dark-haired titaness. I couldn’t stop staring at how her groin was RIGHT AGAINST mine! I had no words. It felt so good!

With both hands, she began to massage the coconut-sized head of my cock through her belly. Valeska waddled up behind her and grinned, rubbing each heavy nut.

I erupted.

GLOOOOOORSCH!AAAUGH!” I cried, my voice echoing off the concrete as liters of jizz erupted inside of Thalita’s womb.

Auuugh! Yeah! Knock us up, breeder-boy!” she cried, closing her eyes tightly as she began to cum once more. SPLOOORT. SPLOOORT. Each nickel-thick wad blasted for several long seconds, flooding her, exploding inside her womb and stretching it from the inside out. Her belly began to grow and grow.

Chrrmmbbl! I heard the gurgling rumble in her belly as I filled it, the sperm swirling about my cock. White sprayed out around my base, squirting between our bellies and leaking to the sides.

Mmph!” Valeska grunted, likely getting sprayed with spunk , as well.

Thalita and I kept cumming and cumming together. Her belly spread out to the sides, as Valeska’s had, the torrid, slick skin hot against mine. Sweat poured over Thalita’s brow, dripping onto her belly and me as she closed her eyes.

SKLLRRRRT! SKLLLRRRT! Vaginal nectar sprayed from her. I could feel it. SPLOOORT! SPLOOORT! Gallon after gallon of steaming-hot ultra-thick semen filled her.

Her belly grew bigger than Valeska’s had at her peak. Valeska seemed surprised, and she began kneading my balls more fervently. It kind of hurt, but it felt great. “Mmpphahh!” I moaned.

“Come on, cum more already! Pop that slut!” ordered the blonde.

But I felt my orgasm petering out. Spluuuuuurt…. Spluuuuurt….

“No! How can you contain all of it!” yelled Valeska.

I went limp as I blew my last wad, panting and staring blearily at a point somewhere beyond the sky. “Ugh….”

Thalita sighed and leaned on her belly, smiling at me. Her stomach was so big that it engulfed me up to my chest. Her hands stroked my face.

Valeska released my nuts and walked up besides us, frowning.

Abruptly, Thalita lurched, belching. Valeska’s eyes lit up. Thalita belched again. “Urrkh!Splat! A fat wad of sperm squirted from her mouth and onto my chest. “Whoops. Excuse me.” Valeska sighed.

I began to relax, letting out a long sigh, loving the feeling of my entire two-foot monster pulsing inside a hot womb I’d just filled with spunk. I asked, “Are you going to untie me now?”

Thalita patted my cheek. Both her and Valeska grinned. Valeska said, “I made plenty of room.”

Thalita chuckled and added, “Brod, we are far from done.”

She began to pull up, moving away. Schlooor-pop! My cock came free. Hot jizz drenched it. Valeska moved into position.


Deep blue began to creep into the sky. Birds were chirping.

Finally, Valeska untied me. I sat up. The creeping dawn illuminated the comatose trainers laying all over the gym yard, bellies swollen, breathing gently as they rested.

Valeska and Thalita helped me up. Their bellies both wobbled and sloshed back and forth. Each had to be over four feet across. SLORSCH. GLURSCH. SLUUURSCH. All those gallons of spunk sloshed audibly, and it gushed from their pussies and asses, splattering all over the ground, leaving a broad white trail in our wake. Both the Viking and the Amazon looked like hell. Valeska’s hair was matted into gold tentacles, spunk caked all over her cheeks and body. Thalita’s gorgeous brown skin was frosted thick and white, broad patches that ended up making her look sort of like a cow. Her wild hair was an absolute fright.

None of us could walk right. We wobbled like a bunch of bow-legged zombies trying to prop each other up. I nearly fell, but the girls helped me up. Valeska and Thalita each took a moment to lean against the wall of the gym as we went back inside. But we managed to lurch and shuffle our way into the showers. I don’t know how many times we fucked. It was Saturday. At least … I think it was.

Some time later, Arva unlocked the door to her shop. At some point, someone had advised her to just go home for the night. Lana was waddling beside her, still sore from what I’d done to her. I was so drained that not even their ludicrous curves roused my cock. They gasped when they saw me. I was splayed out in a loveseat in the back hallway, out of view of the front. My legs were spread wide, my cock and balls dangling.

Everything was so smooth and bleary. I felt both stoned and drunk, my vision lagging behind my eyes, my thoughts slow. Fatigue and who knew how much sex had taken their toll. The last time I felt like this was when I’d plowed my way through a dorm housing a few hundred ladies over a holiday weekend.

I smiled at Arva and said, “I need pants.”


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