Secret Confessions of a Cheerleader

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12 Feb. '17

Friday May 2nd 
Maisie Edwards is such a loser. Just because she gave Mr Totbury, the geography tutor, a hand job, she thinks she’s the cat’s pyjamas. It turns out, he’s not even on the judging panel. That girl is just one epic fail. 

My name is Danny and I am a Junior cheerleader for one of the top football teams in the south of the USA. This year I got short-listed for Cheerleader of the Year in my grade. To get short-listed, you have to have what it takes. Your high kick has to be faultless and you need to have a perfect jump and tumble as well as a good range of stunts. After you’ve made the final eight, well it’s anything goes. I’m not sure the last time a girl actually won the prize purely for her cheerleading skills, if you know what I mean. 

My best friend is JJ. Her full name is Julie Jackson, hence the nickname. Everyone calls her JJ though, including the tutors. We’ve been besties since we were freshers and we will do anything for each other. I think you would say that we’re straight technically, but we do get a bit kissy and giggly after a beer or two and if the moment is right, we’ll go further. 

I’m sure JJ would be the first to admit that she’s a bit of a slut. Well, I can talk - we’re both little cock teasers. It kind of makes the world go round. Unless your dad is the mayor or something, you have to go the extra mile to get anywhere in this world. 

This year, there’s a new award for best Cheerleading duo. Julie and I have been selected for the final four pairs in that category as well as the individuals. Our main competitors are Maisie Edwards and Lauren Vickers. Maisie sees herself as a bit of a bad ass because her mom did time for money laundering. I have to admit she is a great cheerleader, but she just needs to be not so up herself. Lauren is cool, but she needs to ditch Maisie. She thinks having her as a a cheerleader buddy will open doors, but she’s in for a rude awakening, in my humble opinion. 

Wednesday May 7th 
Brad Dempsey is one amazing fuck! Everything Betty Ricardo said was true. Apart from the length of his cock. That was a slight exaggeration. But still, he scores a straight 10. I’ve not seen JJ orgasm so big. I thought she was going to break his bed! Slut. Ha ha! 

Last night saw JJ and me heading to Brad’s house. Brad is a new guy. He moved state with his parents last year. He’s a senior, but we’re not partisan. A mutual friend road tested him two weeks ago and reports were very favourable. 

I went round to JJ’s and we decided to walk to Brad’s from there and get a taxi back. It was a hot evening, so we were dressed for the weather and the occasion. Julie looked amazing. She was ready, just as I turned up at her house. She was wearing just the skimpiest red shorts I ever saw. She has the cutest butt and in those shorts, and it would be on show for Brad’s viewing pleasure, even before we got down to it. She has fairly long, sandy blonde hair and a very tight figure. Her boobs are small compared with my own, but they’re a nice handful. She has very unusual, sexy green eyes, that have an intoxicating quality that sparkle when she’s happy. 

I am a true blonde with big but proportionate boobs and rather a pert bum. I’m told my butt wiggles when I walk and I get more than my fair share of attention from guys. I’m not blowing our trumpet too loudly, when I say that when JJ and I are out on the town we are drop dead gorgeous and smokin’ hot. On this occasion I was in my favourite lemon skirt and button up, white sleeveless top. My skirt was really short, so it didn’t require a leap of imagination to see the crease of my ass cheeks. I love that I have an ample butt. Julie is always giving it a playful squeeze at virtually every opportunity. 

I think it’s fair to say, we were going to blow Brad’s socks off. Being active and training constantly, we are equally toned, with slim legs, and tummies that you could bounce a cent on. We headed off in the direction of Brad’s house, our pony tails bobbing, knowing that every guy mowing their lawn and watering their flowers were checking us out. Some girls say guys like that, I mean like my dad’s age and stuff are just pervy, but I don’t see that. Just because they’re a bit older doesn’t stop them having fantasies. I know the way my tits bounce as I walk, makes guys blow a fuse - I think that’s a good thing. 

“You look awesome baby! I love the red shorts,” I said, as we walked down JJ’s road. 

“Ah you too! You’re so sexy with your BUTT!!!” 

“Waaah heeee heee!” 

I nipped JJ back and we were almost skipping as we reached Brad’s house, teasing each other and talking about all the naughty, slutty things we were going to do with our man. 

Brad’s folks had gone out for the night and weren’t expected back till the early hours. That gave us plenty of time to give him a proper work out. We had both hit on him after lunch the previous Friday, telling him that we were good ol’ Southern girls, and had heard good things about guys from the mid-south. 

Brad is five eleven and lean but hunky with it. He has all the muscles in the right places without being too ripped. He has fair hair, shaved at the sides and kind of curly on top. He’s cute too and very confident. Some guys can be overwhelmed when they’re approached by two girls, but none of that with Brad. He was like ‘bring it on!’ I like guys to be confident, as long as they’re not macho and boorish. Quietly confident, clean and masculine, and a guy is half way into my panties. 

We knocked on Brad’s door. It was in a quiet neighborhood with some tennis courts and a little wood at one end. 

“Hey ladies! Come in.” 

“How you been?” I asked. 

“Good, but better now! Shit you two look hot!” 

“That’s the idea,” said JJ. 

Brad was in loose-fitting blue shorts and a thin white, sleeveless basketball top. He had a rangy, athletic look about him, which I like. Just seeing his legs and arms, all toned and rippling made me gooey, especially when I thought about what we were there for. Exams weren’t that far off and we should have been revising by rights; but we weren’t gonna miss an opportunity to sleep with Brad. 

We stood in his hall, making small talk for a while. The usual shizzle. During this time, Brad’s eyes were all over us. He had a very casual and calm way of talking and didn’t seem even a little bit fazed about nailing two eager cheerleaders like us. Even after a few minutes, he had an obvious semi on. Goodness knows what was going through his mind, but it occurred to me that whatever it was, we needed to put it into practice. 

“So, are you going to show us up to your room then, or what?” I asked, cheekily. 

“I think that’s a marvellous idea. Straight up stairs, I’ll be right behind you!” 

We walked up stairs and Brad lost no time in giving our butts a feel on the way. Once on the landing, he pointed to his room and we entered together. He had an old ship’s name plate mounted on one wall and two wooden oars, placed in an ‘X’ on the other, as well as the usual semi-nude beach babes and a totally porno calendar. 

He turned to me and gripped my ass as he gave me a kiss full on the lips. His cock was poking into my belly as we kissed. I went to stroke his dick through his shorts but I found that JJ had got there first. My hand bumped into hers as we teased his cock. It felt like a real monster and we wanted to verify whether Betty’s description of his hard-on was accurate. 

He turned to kiss JJ as I pulled the waistband of his shorts over his erection. It was totally the best cock I’d ever seen. He was thick and veiny and absolutely huge. I stroked his shaft, gently raking my finger nails along the top, which made his foreskin peel back just a bit, revealing the swollen pink tip. 

“Have you got a measure or something?” I asked. 

“Why, what you going to do?” 

“We want to see how long it is!” added JJ. 

“I can tell you if you like,” said Brad. 

“Yeah, we want to make this official,” I said, sceptically. 

“Okay, here goes,” he said, pulling a clear plastic rule out of his bedside drawer. 

I unbuttoned my top and placed his hand on my boob. 

“Fuck you have great tits, Danny!” 

“Hmmm… I love having them sucked, Brad. “Especially by JJ.” 


I pulled JJ towards me and I kissed her passionately with tongues and everything as I stroked Brad’s cock with one hand. Then, I turned to him and took his other hand, guiding it inside my skirt, until his fingers rubbed against the gusset of my panties. 

“Right, I think we have maximum arousal,” I said, nodding to JJ. 

My best friend grinned and took the rule, measuring the underside of his wang as I held it up. 

“Ooh! Eight and… not quite three quarters.” 

“What? I’m nine all day long!” Brad protested. 

“Ruler don’t lie, I said. Anyway it’s still a whopper.” 

I unzipped my skirt at the side and then stood behind JJ and kissed her on the neck as I fondled her boobs, running my hands up, inside her top. Brad kissed her at the same time and rubbed her pussy through her shorts. I gradually eased them down, revealing her pencil thin line of mousy pubes, giving Brad and excellent opportunity to feel her bare pussy. 

We both had a hand on his cock, wanking him slowly as his fingers found JJ’s soaking wet vagina. I knew how turned on she was, as was I and we were soon all moaning and groaning in various degrees. 

Without much further ado, JJ and I stripped down, removing our panties all together and we stood in front of Brad, totally naked. He ripped his shirt off and guided us to his bed, where we knelt together and resumed our fondling and kissing. I have to say, Brad is a good kisser. He uses just the right amount of tongue and lets the girl take the initiative in that area. We let him suck our boobs and we took turns at jerking his dick as he suckled on our tits, as well as giving our butts a proper feel.

Stroking and kneading his balls, I asked if he would like to lick JJ’s ass hole as she really likes that and knowing guys, he wasn’t going to resist eating her plump little butt. 

So, JJ leant over and laid her palms flat against the wall. Brad got onto all fours, which gave me a great access to his balls, so I couldn't resist but weigh them in my hands as he pressed his face between JJ’s ass cheeks. This elicited groans from Brad and squirms of pleasure from Julie. She has what you might call, a sensitive ass. She loves having it squeezed, kissed, licked – in fact just about anything, so long as it’s getting attention. 

He parted her butt cheeks with his hands and found her pink, puckered hole and ran his tongue round and round. I grabbed his hair and encouraged him to lick her and get her ass properly wet. As this was happening I had one hand on his crown jewels, alternately stroking his rod and playing with his sack. Julie was gasping and mewing with pleasure as he licked her bum good. His balls were so tight, like walnuts and his cock would have passed the towel test for sure.

When eventually he sat upright, I lay on the bed and got Julie to join me. We were sort of squidged together, our legs interlocked and ready to suck some cock. I had been waiting for this moment ever since we arrived and now I was finally going to get Brad’s super, nearly nine inch cock between my lips. I stuck out my tongue as Brad aimed his cock at my mouth. Almost immediately I tasted the salty, slippery juice of his pre-cum. He had been teased a lot, so I wasn’t surprised. Julie and I shared his cock for a while and he was fairly fucking our mouths after not many minutes. There we were like proper sluts, taking cock in our faces and fingering ourselves at the same time. I did my best not to gag, but with that much man meat thrusting into your throat it’s hard not to. We got his cock really wet, until our spit was dripping from his bell end, in long gloopy lines.  Between sucks, Julie and I would kiss, sharing his pre-cum and generally getting very horny.  Brad himself was getting completely turned on, groaning and telling us what dirty little sluts we were and how he wanted to come in our faces.

If Brad had come like that, I wouldn’t have complained, as I was close to coming myself. Sucking and fingering at the same time is a real turn on for me, but Brad had plenty in reserve and I had a mini orgasm anyway.

Julie looked pleased when I offered her pussy up for round one.

"Ah babe, if you're sure!" she said.

"Bend over and give up that pussy, before I change my mind!" I said, with a giggle.

She bent right over and Brad gripped her hips before plunging his cock into her swollen cunt. Her labia were really puffy and juicy. The little slut took a good three quarters of his cock in a single stroke, and she let out a huge wail of pleasure as he impaled her on the bed. I gripped Brad’s ass and gave him a little extra momentum as he doggy-styled my best friend. As his thrusts became faster, my hand began to slap his butt until I had created quite a nice rosy glow and the distinct impression of my tiny hand on his cheek. 

Brad’s face was fixed with concentration and intense pleasure as his cock went in and out of Julie’s wet pussy. She was giving plaintive little squeals of satisfaction as Brad hit her spot. His cock became creamy with her cum streaked along the shaft. 

Deciding that JJ had had her share, I ordered her to make way, and I bent over with my pussy available for his fucking pleasure.  I scrunched the sheets in my fists as I felt his huge man rod enter me.  I squealed in an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain as my tight little cunt accepted his meat.  I yelped as the beautiful sensations of sex crept over me and my body began to relent to the inevitable throes of my orgasm.  

"Ahh JJ he's huge!" I cried.

I felt Brad take a bunch of my hair in his hands and pulled on it as he fucked my pussy.  It felt like he was ball deep although that was technically impossible, but there was still the squish and slap of his balls on my lips, simply from the relentless momentum of his strokes.

I couldn't take any more and I shrieked with pleasure as a massive trembling orgasm riddled through ever cell in my body!

As Brad was reaching the point of no return, I stood up, and squished my boobs into his face as Julie turned round and let him have a second round with her.  That really made him groan and after a few hard thrusts, he pulled out, snarling, and unloaded his spunk all over my friend’s ass. It was one massive load from those big fat balls and JJ’s ass looked like two peaches covered in cream. 

Yes, after a bit of a break, he was ready for another session and yours truly got a proper seeing to by Brad and his secret weapon. That guy can fuck for Georgia. We both gave him a nice slow blow job in order to revive his pride and joy, but he hardly needed the encouragement and was rearing to go in no time.

After plenty of fooling around and fondling, he did me doggy and then missionary, while Julie kissed me. He liked that. He loves to see girls make out, he said.

I was happy to let him come in my mouth after giving me multiple orgasms. 

Diary entry: supplemental. I should really keep Brad for me and JJ, but mustn’t be greedy. A full report on the College grapevine will follow forthwith. 

Friday May 9th 
Accidentally on purpose caught giving Billy Schulz a blowjob in the science block. Oh dear, how indiscreet. This means a visit to the Principal. He just happens to have a double-weighted vote in the Cheerleader of the Year. Hey ho! 

Don't miss part 2.... coming soon (pun intended)


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