Tom Martin 1 - Taxi Service

The electronic dance music blares from outside the Nightlyfe bar. Normally on a weekend I'd be inside having the time of my life, but tonight I am outside waiting in my car to pick up my most likely drunk stepmother. Stacy predictably stumbles out of the club wearing one of those revealing dresses that would predictably turn heads. I knew why Dad married her. He was rich and she was attractive. There is nothing more to it.

Behind her follows a woman seemingly her age, which would make her thirty. She is wearing a black dress which contrasted against her creamy skin. Her hair is short, and blonde. The woman walks like a model on a catwalk. I am so infatuated by the sight of this woman that I didn't notice Stacy enter. She interrupts my trance by saying “Got a friend coming with me Tom.”

“No problem.” I mutter, hoping her friend is the goddess I was gazing at. She looks at me and smiles back. Part of me seem to recognize her. Maybe at Stacy and my father's wedding. There were plenty of guests, and I certainly didn't meet all of them.

“Thanks dear.” Stacy says. Not like I have much of a choice. Things were already tense since Stacy had entered my life, and I didn't need any more drama in my life.

That's when the blonde goddess enters the car. It was my lucky night. She sits next to Stacy before saying “You must be Tom?”

“Yes ma'am.”

“I'm Morgan, pleasure to meet you.” She says, but the pleasure was all mine. I start the car and try my best not to think about her lovely long legs, or her shining white teeth, or her ocean colour eyes. I knew she is older than me but she is pure perfection.

As I drive Morgan asks “So Tom, you getting anything out of this?”

“I'll pay him for this, don't worry Morgan.” Stacy injects, hopefully sincere.

“You better. His time's valuable.” Morgan states.

“Well it was your idea Morgan.”

“You said it'd be cheaper than an Uber.”

“Don't worry Morgan, we'll sort it out.” I say. No need to have a cat fight in the back of my car. Not like was doing much with my night anyway. I haven't really felt like going out after breaking up with my girlfriend Lana.


The rest of the drive to Dad's house is quiet. Once I arrive in front of my father's house, Stacy says “Thanks dear.” before opening the car door. Morgan then states “Aren't you forgetting something?”

Stacy ignores her and stumbles out drunk. Morgan says “Jeez, I'm sorry.”

“It's not your fault. I'll get the money tomorrow.”

“You sure?” Morgan says as she reaches for her hand bag.

“I'm sure. So do you want me to take you somewhere?”

“If you don't mind dropping me off? My address is 25 Green Avenue.”

“Too easy.” I state as I plug the address into my GPS.

“So you up to anything else tonight?” Morgan asks.

“Uhh not really.”

“Thought you'd be star of the party.”

“Eh normally, but just need some time, you know?”


“Uh yeah. Break up."

“Sorry for your misfortune.”

“Ah, it's okay.”

There is a pause in the conversation, which Morgan breaks by saying “I don't mean to pry.”

“Oh it's okay. I know you're just making conversation.”

“Well yeah.”

“So what do you do for a living Morgan?” I say, trying to keep her talking.


“So if I do get into trouble I go to you?” I jest. She giggles at the lame joke before saying “Yes, I can do that.”

“Must be hard?”

“Oh yeah. Being a single mother and juggling a full-time job is certainly stressful.”

“So how do you juggle all that whilst looking like a supermodel?”

“Supermodel?” Morgan gasps. I glance into the rear mirror, to see her raised eyebrows and devious grin. She may have been surprised, but she didn't mind my casual flirting. Well, at least I hope so. Fuck it, may as well go all in with the hand I've been dealt. I say “Well yeah, I think your hot.”

Morgan playfully giggles, like some teenage girl hearing the latest gossip. After her laugh, she says “Thank you Tom.”

“So how do you do it?”

“I just do I guess.” Morgan casually jests. I think Stacy and most girls in her circle would be shooting dagger eyes at Morgan if they heard her say that.

“Fair enough.”

“So you think I'm attractive Tom?” She rhetorically asks.

“I sure do Morgan.”

“What do you like most about me?”

“So far? You're long legs.”

“You haven't seen my ass yet, have you?”

“Sadly not.”

“You haven't seen my tits either have you?”

“Well not bare.”

“Take a look in your rear view.”

I do as I'm asked of, to see Morgan flashing her tiny breasts. They may be small, but they are nice and perky. As much as I love a full-chested double D vixen, there was something cute about small breasts that I adored. Before I crash the car due to being distracted I ask “Are you trying to cause an accident?”

“Maybe you'd better pull up?” Morgan flirts. We are near a park, so I decide to pull the car up. She looks around and says “No one around.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get in the back with me.”

I get out of the car and head for the back door. I wonder how far she wants to take this? Was this just a fun little game for her to play with me?

I open the back door to see her looking at me, biting her lip. I sit down as she says “Well I've shown you mine. How about I see your chest?”

“Sounds fair.” I state as I remove my shirt. Morgan's eyes go wide at the sight of my chest. All those hours at the gym had paid off. She puts one of her soft hands on my smooth chest before saying “You must work out a lot?”

“Sure do.”

She then goes in to kiss me. Our lips meet and then our tongues wrestle, before she hugs me, squeezing like a vise. I wrap my arms around her as we passionately kiss. It is almost overwhelming, from the smell of her perfume to the way she holds me tight, to how her breasts press up against my bare chest. She is the predator and I am her prey.

After the kiss, Morgan retracts and says “Ever fucked in a car?”

Somehow I am not dreaming. I blink before stammering out “Uhh no.”

“I thought your generation was more liberal?” Morgan jests.

“Well, what if we get caught Morgan?”

“What if?” Morgan dares, with a wicked smirk followed by a wink.

“You can't be serious?” I ask. Surely not. I mean for me it'll be embarrassing, but Morgan's putting her entire career on the line just for some sex. Losing her job probably means losing everything.

That's when she strokes my cock from under my jeans. She is serious. She wants me, right here, right now. Consequences be damned Morgan was going to fuck me in the back of my car tonight, and I sure as hell aren't going to stop her now.
“You're ready for me.” She purrs, as she strokes my erection from under my pants.

“Of course Morgan.” I reply.

“The risk of getting caught is getting that heart of yours to pump, isn't it?” Morgan suggests. I nod. She's right. This is crazy. I never understood the whole exhibitionist thing until now. The risk of getting caught, or the possibility of being spied on added an extra thrill. She unbuckles my belt and unzips my jeans. Next, she pulls down my jeans, unleashing my cock.

Her hand then grips my shaft. We again lock lips as she slowly strokes me off. This is the point of no return. If a cop pulls up, I'm going to learn what the penalty is for public indecency.

Morgan retracts from the kiss before lowering her head. I ask “Are you going to suck my cock?”

Her response to my pointless question is to wrap her lips around the head of my shaft, before plunging down. I am only average in size but I'd never seen a girl swallow my cock like that before. I gasp as she bobs her head up and down. She certainly knows what she's doing. I state “Morgan that feels fucking incredible.”

I receive no reply. She just keeps blowing me, in spite of the awkward way she lays on the back seats. Her dexterous tongue dances around my shaft as she slurps and sucks. I swear if she keeps this pace going I'm going to erupt any time.

Thankfully though, Morgan removes her mouth from my cock and then looks me in the eyes before asking “Enjoy that?”


“I want to ride your cock.” She declares. Before I could even reply she is climbing on top of me. I say “Wait what about a condom?”

“I'm on the pill.” She says as she lifts up the skirt of her dress, revealing her pussy, with a nice trimmed blonde bush. She lowers herself so the tip of my cock then penetrates her wetness. God she is soaking. No wonder she couldn't wait any longer.

Morgan lets out a moan before slowly sliding down my cock. As the walls of her channel squeeze against my cock I tell her “You've been wanting this all night haven't you?”

“I've got a confession.” She lustfully gasps.

“What is it?”

Morgan locks eyes with me and says “I made Stacy call you. I've wanted this ever since I saw you at the wedding.” Holy shit. She didn't just want to get laid tonight. She wanted me. I mean I consider myself to be quite handsome, but this revelation still takes me by surprise. To think that a woman as sexy as Morgan lusted after me for so long. It makes me feel like the most handsome man on this planet.

“I wanted you so badly Tom. I haven't fucked a man in months and I've needed this.” She says as she slowly pumps my cock. I grip her firm ass and begin thrusting. I will make this a night she will never forget. The night she fucks her fantasy man in the back of his car.

Despite the minimal space in the back, Morgan makes the most of it, grinding and pumping on my cock as I continue to thrust. If anyone caught us now they'd have to physically remove us from each other. We are going to make each other orgasm no matter what.

Morgan's cries of ecstasy become more frantic. Whatever we're doing it is certainly working for her. She finally cries “I'm gonna fucking cum.”

Her body then begins to shake. She gasps, trying her best not to scream or shout. I can feel my own climax approaching so I say “Ready for my cum?”

“Fill me, Tom. Fill me with your fucking load.” She cries.

I begin thrusting her hard, before I finally erupt inside her, grunting and growling. Now that I've unloaded into her, Morgan locks lips with me again. Even after I had satisfied her she is still crazy about me. After the kiss she climbs off of me so I tell her “Think the neighbors heard?”

“Well if you did, that means you gave it to me good.” Morgan states before we both chuckle. I pull my pants up as Morgan reaches for her handbag. Next, I reach for my shirt as Morgan says “Take this.”

I grab her business card as she says “My personal number's on the back.”

“I'll be sure to give you a call.”


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