Brod: Doctor's Note


Sarkopheros Says:

This is the third Brod story. As before, expect the Brod stuff you love—hyper cocks, balls, cum inflation, etc. But this time around we have some anal, paizuri, and cum fountaining. What’s that last one? I’m honestly not sure I want to spoil the surprise for you. You know what? Skip down to the notes after the story for an explanation if you want to see. Otherwise, enjoy!


I bulged a lot in college—and I’m not just talking about the one hanging between my legs. I was a lot fatter back then. And the thing about being quite fat is that you lose some cock because the base gets covered by said fat. So, back then, while my cock was only about half an inch shorter—around nineteen inches—the practical measurement was only about seventeen or so because I was way heavier. I still had my girth, though. And it’s not like I can ever get the whole thing inside someone.

Anyway. A lot of stupid shit happens to me because of my genitals and the fact that I can’t say no to women (a few twinks have gotten the better of me, too). I’ve been mugged, shot at, and beaten because of these things—mostly because of that “not saying no to women” thing in particular. I guess it kind of averages out, since I basically won some kind of genetic lottery when it comes to manhood.

But, I digress. I don’t generally enjoy dwelling on or writing about stuff like having a gun pointed at me. This is a much more light-hearted story about stupid shit happening because of my size.

My feet crunched over leaves and the red bricks of the pathway. I was dressed in my comfortable black sweatpants—and any pants being comfortable for me is saying something. My enormous balls slapped against my thighs as I walked, my cock swinging in front of me, visible under the cloth.

A waifish boy with eyeliner smiled at me as we passed each other, his hand brushing mine. I smacked his rear as he moved away, drawing a gasp and playful glare.

Ahead, a chubby blonde smiled at me. “Hey, Brod.”

“Hey there, Tiff,” I said with a smile.

And so it went, my previous trysts greeting me as I made my way to class.

My bulge preceded me into that class. Semester was getting rolling, and the professor was near the door, handing out syllabi and smiling. Professor Klein was a nice enough man with an impressive beard. When I got to him, he smiled and reached out to shake my hand. “Ah, hello there, young man, what’s your name?”

“Hey, Professor. Brod Kanayama,” I answered him, shaking his hand. Back then, I didn’t know how to give a proper handshake. I think it showed, because he looked down at my hand, and past it, my bulge. His eyes widened in shock, his mouth hanging open.

“Mr. Kanayama, what is the meaning of that?!” he snapped, jabbing his finger at my bulge.

I sighed. I was hoping to avoid this conversation. “That’s…. You know. Me. My junk.”

“That is most certainly not you, nor your junk.” His eyes met mine, his brow rumpled. “Do you take me for an idiot? If you are trying to appeal to the ladies, Mr. Kanayama, I assure you that this is not how to do it—”


“—and if this is a prank, no one is laughing.”

“Mr. Klein, that’s him, alright,” piped up a petite white girl to my left. I’m pretty sure her name was Riley. I knew she’d been in my room last week—I recognized her face, at least. “I’ve seen it!” she said, before blanching once she realized what just came out of her mouth.

Klein took his glasses off and rubbed his wizened face. “You will not be allowed into my class while you are engaging in such foolhardy activity, and this will be counted toward your absences.”

“Sir. I can show you—”

“Unbelievable!” The professor looked at the crowd piling up around us. “You are wasting time. I will not be peeking into anyone’s pants!” he snapped. “If you can give me a doctor’s note that this is indeed your condition, then we will drop this matter. Until then, you will not be in this class. I don’t need you distracting everyone.”

I stared at him, then sighed. “Fine, I’ll be back.” I turned around and headed to the clinic.



It was bullshit, really, but it was part of what happened when you had a cock like a culvert and balls suitable for demolition. Sometimes, men said things like what Klein did out of jealousy. I can deal with jealousy. I like it, to be honest. However, I think that he was legitimately concerned that I had decided to go and rob a produce stand and the deli.

In any case, remember what I said about women? Yeah, I’m very easily distracted. Honestly, it’s amazing I made it through school. And if I wasn’t fucking teachers, I don’t know how it would have went. I’m intelligent, don’t get me wrong—I’m just very, very horny. The reason I mention this is because it took me a long time to make it to the campus clinic.

I smiled as I plucked some paper towels from the dispenser and began to wipe the jizz off my cock. I balled them up, throwing them into a growing pile of spunk-soaked paper in the trash can. The raw scent of sex mixed with that of cheap soap and commercial cleaners. My erection bobbed up and down in front of me, still dripping precum. I sighed, looking down at it.

A voluptuous cinnamon-colored girl was groaning, her thick thighs spread wide. Jizz poured from her stretched-out cunt into the toilet, her apron hanging from a hook in the stall. A little sandwich was emblazoned across the front. Her eyelids fluttered, her body twitching. I think she was still cumming. I looked around and saw the sink. Moving up to it, I turned on the cold water and pushed my cock in … it could only get the glans, and I had to keep pushing the button. But it helped get my erection to go down. Now, I admit, as big as my belly was back then, it did make things a bit more difficult, since it put weight on my cock while I was trying to hoist it upward into the sink. But I managed.

A little while later the girl had recovered a bit and was pushing down on her distended belly to force the last of my seed out. I bent down and kissed her on the cheek. “I have to go, Elena.”

She grabbed my hand and groaned, “You didn’t eat, mi amor! You should eat.”

“Oh, right. Yeah, I’ll eat later. I don’t have a lot of time,” I said, pulling up my sweatpants. “I’ll see you later, though!”

She gave me a little wave as I left. I’d gone to the little sub store in the student union to get some lunch, seeing as how I’d miss class anyway. And, well. I got distracted. Despite my hunger, I wanted to get this thing with the clinic over with before my next class began, and stopping for a fuck had taken up a good 45 minutes total with dick deflation time.

I finally got to the campus clinic. Most students were in class, so the wait was short. I was in the back, sitting on a rustling sheet of wax paper in the middle of a massive exam room. I’d long wondered why the rooms were so large. My enormous bulge hung over the side of the table.

Doctor Nahid Ghali sauntered in, smiling at me. “Mr. Kanayama! What sort of trouble are you in this time, hmm? Get another rugburn fucking a sorority? It’s a bit early in the year.” The top two buttons of her teal blouse were already undone, exposing some of her vast, sandy-colored cleavage.

I shook my head, rolling my eyes. “No, I was trying to go to class, right?”


“And the new professor doesn’t believe this is me.” I patted my balls. “He said I had to get a note certifying my ‘condition.’ “ I added some air quotes.

Dr. Ghali came toward me, her enormous bust wobbling, her big, dark eyes looking into mine. Those massive breasts were each easily bigger than her head. The pristine lab coat she wore stood absolutely no chance containing them. Her jet-black hair was up in a bun, exposing her sparkling earrings and graceful neck. She stood between my legs, her gigantic tits so close to my face I could feel the warmth coming off of them. Thick nipples made miniature tents in her lab coat. Her hands cupped my heavy nuts. “You know, Brod. You never know what happens with these ‘conditions,’ they can change at any moment. Especially with such interesting physiology. I’d better reexamine you … if you have time, of course?”

I looked up at the clock on the wall. “I think you’re right, doctor,” I answered, sliding to my feet with a rustle of the paper. Delicate fingers slid into my waistband and slipped the pants down, along with the boxers I’d worn specially because it was the first day of class. I sat back against the examination table. The doctor smiled as she slowly unbuttoned her top, leaning in toward me and pushing her cleavage up against my face. My whole face was buried in her silky, pliable flesh. “Mmmph. Mmm.” I could smell the sweetness of her perfume. I kissed one of her breasts, groaning as I sucked at it, biting gently at a mouthful of flesh. I could feel her body shuffling as she trapped my head in her bust.

When she pulled away, her top was gone. She wiggled her hips at me, turning around as she bent over, slipping her slacks down, exposing her teal panties. Her ass bounced as her bra came away, her fat tits jiggling under her. Then, slowly, her panties slipped downward, exposing her  pussy, the pink lips standing out against her tan skin. Standing again, I licked my lips. Her enormous tits were so big that you could easily see them from behind! I felt my cock stir. 

The doctor then freed herself of her shoes, turning around, now naked except for her socks, necklace, and earrings. I shrugged my way out of my t-shirt, giving her a much less dramatic reveal. Dr. Ghali folded her clothes up and went to the side of the room, sticking everything in a drawer. She knew what my seminal output was like, and how messy I got. Walking toward me, her feet padding softly, she grinned.

“I can’t have you cumming inside me right now, Brod,” she said. “I have a job to do.”

“Okay, then where am I gonna cum? The sink clogged last time we tried that,” I said.

A wry smile played across her face. “We’ll just have to store your cum somewhere else,” she answered cryptically. Her hands gripped my cock and she began to slowly pump it, kneeling, her tits rippling. Pressing her nose against my heavy nuts and cock, she inhaled deeply. “Mmm! Who did you fuck?” Her tongue slipped from her mouth and ran over my cock.

“A girl at Sub-Liminal,” I answered.

Her eyes met mine. “They only go up to 12 inches there, Brod.”

“We had to add a few,” I snerked.

She grinned and stood up, walking toward the door. Cracking it open, she peeked out, while my own eyes examined the curves of her ass. “Lizzy, come in here, please?”

Turning back toward me, she came over, draping an arm over my shoulders as she faced the door. “Elizabeth is my intern,” she explained.

The door opened, and a petite white girl came in. She gasped, dropping the clipboard she was holding. It looked like she was considering fleeing.

“Wh-wh-wha?!” she warbled. Her pale cream complexion made the brilliant pink of her blush all the more obvious.

“This is Brod Kanayama, a patient of mine,” said Dr. Ghali.

“Why are you both naked?!” she yelped, covering her face.

The doctor walked forward, waggling her finger. “We’re going to examine him, and you’re going to help.”

“But. He’s … huge!”

“You said you wanted to meet him last time he was here, Liz. When you saw my belly?”

Lizzy nodded and knelt down to collect her clipboard. I could see her squeezing her knees together and hear her making a little humming noise.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

She nodded. “This is just really surprising!” She shook her head. “Okay. Okay, I can do this.” Liz came up to me and Dr. Ghali. She was dressed in a set of scrubs, roughly matching the teal of the doctor’s discarded blouse and panties.

Ghali knelt in front of me, hefting my cock. She ran her tongue up its underside, moaning. “Just start licking,” she told the intern. “It’s not hard.”

“Soon it will be,” I chuckled.

Liz smiled weakly. “I can do that.” Kneeling in front of me, she joined her superior, their slippery tongues caressing the sensitive underside of my fat cock. It immediately began to swell, pulsing as it got heavier. I heard soft little whimpers coming from Liz. The doctor’s fingers cupped my melon-sized nuts as well as they could, and I could feel her kneading them, pulling at the skin. Liz’s delicate hands pumped up and down my organ. Even soft, she couldn’t get the fingers around it.

Ghali’s plush lips curled around the tip of my manhood, her tongue teasing it. Liz’s tongue kept lapping at it like a candy cane. I knew she wasn’t the most skilled, but I didn’t care, it felt good. The hot breath of two ladies washed over the moistened skin as the paper crinkled under me, my hands running through their hair … or at least Liz’s. The doctor’s bun made it difficult.

Finally, I reached my monstrous full size, almost half a yard of pulsing cock that looked like it rivaled Liz’s legs in girth. The doctor looked at her. “You take his balls.” Then, standing up straight, she put a hand on my chest. “Lie down.”

Liz and I shared a glance of confusion, but I lied down. The doctor climbed up onto the examination table with me … then laid atop my soft belly and planted her ass in my face. Her ass wasn’t huge, but it was pretty shapely. Doc did her squats. Her dripping, hot pussy ground up against my lips and noise, smearing them with her delicious juices. The scent of her heat replaced the antiseptic smell of the room. Meanwhile, I felt her gripping my cock with both hands and pumping it.

Grabbing her hips, I began to lick the pussy I’d stretched out earlier that week. My tongue teased the tip of her clit as her tongue slipped into the tip of my cock. I heard shhrrlp schlrk-schlrk as she began to slurp at it, groaning as her lips swept over the glans. Sucking, licking, the tongue darted into my organ’s gushing mouth, its owner greedily drinking down my precum. I moaned into her cunt. Ghali knew how to work my dick.

I felt fingers grabbing handfuls of the thick skin of my sack, lips kissing the nuts, a nose brushing against it. The tongue swept in circles, and I felt the vibrations of the intern moaning. Slimy syrup poured from my cock, directly into the doctor’s mouth. I could feel it trickling down my enormous, pulsing shaft, down over my fleshy cantaloupes.

Ghali’s hands began to pump up and down my cock, spreading layers and layers of the slimy stuff over it. Schlick. Schlick.Mmmm,” I heard her purr.  I could feel the thick coating being applied, the clinging viscousness of precum being used to oil my heavy rod. I knew from experience that my erection would be shimmering with the shiny liquid. Then I felt her body shift, mashing her pussy into my face. I felt her lower lips spread out, engulfing my nose, my lips, my chin. I’d stretched her pretty well.

Leaning back down, I felt warm, fleshy pillows molding around my cock … she was using her tits! Her body began to buck up and down. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Her heavy teats hit my thighs, bouncing and jiggling as she used them to work my cock. Fuck, that felt good. My thick, viscous pre made for excellent lube, and I felt her lips working my glans.

I began to bounce my hips, though it wasn’t easy with both her weight and mine. Her painted fingernails gently scratched at the sensitive skin under my crown. Fingertips rubbed up underneath the head.

Gripping her hips, I panted as I began to lick her clit, my head bobbing in time with her pussy as she titfucked me. Liz’s hands kneaded at my nuts, stimulating me into making more jizz. I felt her moan as she lapped up the back of the sack, her hot breath brushing the skin. Schlip. Schlip. Ghali’s tits engulfed a good half of my organ as she made out with it, moaning into its throat. Those things were enormous!

My precum flowed down my shaft, seeping in between her enormous mammaries and providing all the lube we needed, making it feel nearly as good as pussy. But unlike a pussy, she was also making out with my dick. All the while, her intern kept suckling at my balls. I could feel her tongue tickling through every fold in my sack. I knew I couldn’t last long like this. I guess I technically could hold back, but what was the point?

The doctor knew what was happening as she felt me tensing up. “Stand up!” she commanded Liz. I felt her fingers and lips reluctantly leave my nutsack. I leaned to the side as well as I could, trying to see past the doctor. I could sort of make out what was going on.

Panting, I felt my nuts tightening. The doctor wrapped her lips around my cock’s tip just in time. I swelled slightly in girth. I felt seed careening down my urethra. GLOOOORCH. I erupted in Dr. Ghali’s waiting mouth.

HHHRNKH!” she grunted. “Mmmph! Glph. Glph. Glph.” Entire cups worth of jizz blasted into her throat as she sucked it all down … and amazingly, it didn’t seem like she was spilling any. Another wad came. SPLUUUURT. Again, she gulped it all down like a pro. I could feel her belly swelling, pressing against mine.

A gap between wads. Ghali snatched Liz’s head, pulling her forward.

“Doctor, wha—mmmmmrrkh!” she cried. GLUUUUUURCH. I flooded her throat with spunk. I felt jizz splattering everywhere, gushing out against my nuts, Ghali’s tits, down my rod. SPLUUUURT. Ghali looked back and gave me a devilish grin as she held her intern’s head.

Amazingly, I felt a second pair of hands join hers on my cock. Liz grabbed a hold of my erupting organ. “Mmmmgh!” I blasted again, again. It felt wonderful. White goo frosted over Liz’s face and cheeks, dripping down her scrubs, rolling down her arms … but I was impressed, she stayed there, sucking down all she could! The teal cloth of her top got tighter and tighter as it stretched around her growing belly. Soon, her gravid tummy hung halfway from her top. Seed rolled over it like icing over a cake. It looked like she’d swallowed a beach ball. Finally, with a gasp, she released my cock, and Ghali released her head.

“You did well!” complimented the doctor before shoving the cockhead back into her own mouth. Liz stumbled back and collapsed into one of the chairs, slipping her top off. She began cleaning off the layer of pearly paint I’d given her face.

The good doctor’s tongue penetrated my urethra just as I erupted again. She moaned. I went back to licking her pussy, slipping my tongue up inside of her, slurping at her deliciousness. GLRCH. GLRCH. GLRCH. Her belly pressed into mine as she ate pint after pint of seed.

The doctor arched her back, moaning into the air. I felt her push the cock away from her, probably to keep from getting any sloppier. Her cunt contracted around my tongue, and SPLISH. Hot juices gushed over my face. My eyes closed tightly. My mouth filled with Ghali’s spicy-sweet nectar. I lapped and licked and swallowed as my cock blasted another wad, another.

SPLAT. SPLAT. My fleshy cannon painted the far wall. “God dammit!” I heard Liz cry.

Another wad. Another. And finally, I was empty. I panted, opening one cunt-soaked eyelid. Liz was frosted white all over again, as well as a large portion of the wall behind her.

The doctor sighed contently and slipped off of me. There was a spring in her step as she turned and grinned. It looked like she was ready to give birth … modest compared to her intern’s gravidity. Her prodigious tits wobbled as she walked over to the counter. “Thanks for lunch, Brod,” she told me over her shoulder, reminding me that I’d forgotten to eat. She turned to Liz. “I’ll understand if you want the rest of the day off.” Turning back to the counter, I heard the click of a pen and the scratch of ink and paper.

“Thanks for the exam, Nahid,” I chuckled. “So. Have you determined if my dick is, in fact, real?”

“Hard to say. We’ll have to do a follow-up. But for now, here’s your note,” she said, putting the pen down. Opening a cabinet, she got a towel out, wiping herself down. “There’s more towels in here, Elizabeth.”

“Thanks,” groaned the dripping intern.

As Ghali got dressed, Liz stood up, eyeing my cock. She walked over, her belly jiggling. A dark stain took up the front of her scrubs. I didn’t know if she’d came, was horny, or if that was jizz. “Uh … you’re still hard after all that?” She swept her hand over her face, wiping away my cum. She wiggled her way out of her pants.

“Yeah, jizzing once just makes me hornier,” I explained. Even though this was about the fourth time today.

“Wow,” she gasped, her hands gently rubbing over my member. I slid off the table and got to my feet.  “What’s it take to satisfy it?”

“A couple dozen pussies, give or take,” I said. “Then my refractory period lasts 15, 20 minutes. I can usually handle a couple dozen more after that.”

“Wait. When did you have a chance for an endurance test like that?” gaped Liz, wide-eyed.

“I wasn’t exaggerating when I asked him if he fucked a sorority,” the doctor commented. Her bouncing belly lead her to the door. I’m not sure where she got it, but she was now wearing a shirt that exposed her gorgeously swollen stomach.

“I don’t think I was in the room,” Liz said.

“Oh. Right. You kids have fun!” the doctor waved as she left.

Elizabeth looked back at me, smiling. “If I asked you to fuck someone, would you?”

I chuckled, putting my hands on her belly. “Can you even take another round?”

“In a minute. But not me.”

“If he or she’s willing and looks good, yeah,” I answered.

A mischievous grin crossed her round little face. “Then I have a party I want you to go to. But first,” she said, turning around.and perking her ass up, her belly mushing against the table.

I licked my lips, grinning as I moved forward, rubbing the tip of my cock against her tight-looking little pussy. I had to bend my legs to level myself with that hole. Liz shook her head, reached back, and moved my crown a few inches higher.

I chuckled as I began to rub my tip against her puckered little hole. I reached forward, spreading precum over it, my other hand holding my cock just behind the head. I slipped a finger into her, pumping it in and out. She cooed sweetly as I pushed another in, lewd squishing sounds as my cock poured slime everywhere.

She let out a deep sigh and relaxed, laying against the table, her ass spreading slightly. My hot precum poured into it, flowing deep inside her, cups worth of natural, steaming-hot lube. Liz panted. I spread my fingers apart before slipping them out of her ass. Gripping her hips, I began pushing forward.

“Fuck!” she cried, pressing her ass back against me. I felt it stretching slowly around my cock. The tip pushed in, forming a seal, channeling my precum directly into her. Gritting her teeth, she shoved back. SHPLOP. The head was in! I began to rock my hips more insistently, both of us grunting as my cock slipped further into her.

I pushed her up against the table, her belly molding around it and rippling as I sank more and more cock into her ass. I was getting tired of this weird semi-squat position, so I grabbed her hips and lifted her, her feet dangling in the air.

Eep!” she yelped, gripping the edges of the table as I began pumping my enormous fuck-rod into her hot, tight ass. With how much cum was inside her belly, there was no cock-bulge. Not that I could see it even if there was. I felt more and more dick sinking into her, and sighed in pleasure as I looked down. I was spreading her so wide. Her little feet swung back and forth, little cries coming from her throat as I pumped my hips. Glsch-glsch-glsch. My heavy nuts swung back and forth, my generous belly rippling.

Liz pressed her cheek into the rustling wax paper. I felt more and more of her tunnel stretching around my cock as I forced more and more meat into her body. It felt great with as tight as she was. I couldn’t see the bulge, but I could feel the way her waist seemed to swell every time my gargantuan organ pistoned into her petite body.

Precum sprayed out around my cock with every thrust, her body bouncing, half hanging on my cock. Her belly expanded again as pints of precum got trapped in her bowels. It dripped down her legs, from her toes, and my balls into a pool at my feet.

“B-Brod! Oh god. I’m—” Gloosch! Her cunt erupted, spraying juices all over my thighs. I grinned. As her ass loosened from the orgasm, I sank deeper, now fucking her with over half my cock. I reached up and brought my hand down. SMACK. I swatted her ass hard, drawing a yelp. “Augh!SLAP. SLAP. My heavy nuts smacked the backs of her thighs as well as against her pussy. I swatted her tight ass again.

Ooh! Fuck! So …. AUGH!” She started to gush again. I kept spanking her, her pale ass becoming red.

My cock pulled one, two, three handspans out, glistening with juices, before slamming back in, my gargantuan column lifting her up, bouncing her against the table. Her pussy was a constant waterfall at this point, gaping open with all the stimulation, her mound so lovely as it blushed. Fingernails dug into the cushion as she clutched at the exam table. Her eyes clenched shut, mewling in her throat.

I love the feeling of my nuts hitting thighs … my balls are very sensitive. I groaned as I felt my jizz-tanks tightening. “I’m gonna cum.” I announced.

“Fuck you! Don’t talk, do it, you! Ngh! You. Mmmph! Fatass cock-monster!” she howled at me.

I didn’t need to be told twice. BLUURCH. My gargantuan cock erupted like a cannon, flooding her bowels with goopy white seed. SPLRRRT. It gushed and rushed into her, wad after wad, pints of jizz flowing into her already swollen belly, albeit from the opposite end.

“So fuuull!” she screeched as her growing stomach began lifting her higher. It spread out to the sides, now as wide as the table itself. Very quickly, her distended belly went from beach ball to yoga ball. “I’m gonna … gonna—BLURGH!” Abruptly, jizz fountained out of her mouth. Liz’s whole body convulsed as she came violently, spraying huge amounts of cunt juice all over my legs and cum from her mouth. Her pussy coated me from hip to toe in glistening fluid.

The pearly flood from her lips spilled into a growing pool on the table, rolling off the sides and splattering into a pool below. “Grrlllgghll!

I couldn’t just stop mid-orgasm. I kept blowing my load, her belly apparently expanding at the same rate as my cum was being forced out of her stomach. I groaned loudly. “Mmmph. Yeah! Fuck.” GLRCH. GLRCH. GLRCH. Liz’s eyes rolled back, eyelids fluttering as I turned her into a cum fountain. Then they closed and she went limp. I panted, and a couple minutes later, my balls were empty.

I sighed, grabbing her thighs and flipping her onto her back. Red ball-prints showed sharply against the milky skin of her legs. I pushed her up onto the table. She mumbled as she regained consciousness. The intern seemed fine, passing out aside.

“God DAMN!” I looked over my shoulder. About two dozen med students had, at some point, came into the room. I had no idea! I couldn’t hear anything but me and Elizabeth. The nearest gawker was only a couple feet behind me. Ghali was visible behind them wearing an absolutely demonic grin on her face.

“Holy shit! Are you okay? Lizzy?” asked a voluptuous, tan girl. Liz answered her by convulsing through another orgasm.

Behind them, Ghali spoke up. “You ladies are lucky!” Most of the crowd turned towards her to listen. “This was going to be another boring visit, but you came in on the same day as the reproductive marvel known as Brod Kanayama! His endocrine system is by far the most interesting I’ve ever studied!” Many of them kept stealing glances at me. The doctor continued, “Now then. I know this isn’t what you were scheduled for, but this should make for a much more interesting observation. I suggest you all step forward and get some hands-on experience. The rest of you take notes, and pictures! I’ll check back in a few hours.”

“I’m going to miss class!” I yelled at the doctor.

“I’ll write everyone here a note. Ladies, get to work.” The doctor cackled as she closed the door. So observing classes was why the room was so big.


The light from the bright window was turning orange as I sat in one of the rolling chairs, sighing. Two tongues lapped at my jizz-caked cock, soft mewling from their throats. Liz and another girl were kneeling, lapping at my nuts.

A chorus of groans and moans filled the room. The air was replaced with a thick fog of sex. The floor was littered with the med students. Some clutched their bellies as their gaping pussies poured jizz. Glorious seed-laden domes of flesh in all colors. Two were in the corner making out, ropes of spunk connecting their lips. Their bellies were all obscenely swollen.

One girl was draped over the exam table, jizz gushing from both her cunt and ass, another girl lapping at the thick stream as the first sucked cum off the table. I couldn’t even see the tiles beneath the layer of jizz covering them. A redhead had somehow ended up on the counter, sitting in the sink, her legs spread as she drained. Globs of seed fell from the ceiling. Another girl had her cheek and belly against the wall, hands rubbing the paint as she panted. The doors from one of the cabinets had been ripped off and were laying on the other side of the room. I’m really not sure how that happened.

“Finally,” said Liz. My cock was beginning to soften. I sighed in relief, that familiar feeling of euphoria coming over me. At least until my refractory period ended. “Twenty-eight pussies. More if you count the asses you fucked. But we defeated your cock!” She smirked up at me.

I nodded. “Yeah. You girls did good,” I sighed, my eyes becoming unfocused. I felt so light. I stood up, my head swimming like I’d had a few drinks. I felt fluid, smooth. Completely draining my libido was a very rare thing. As I picked up my drenched clothes I said, “I’m hungry, I think I’ll get dinner.” I looked at her and smiled. “You have my number?”

“I’ll get it from the doctor,” she said. “I have some people you need to meet.” She grinned devilishly.

“So. ‘Fatass cock-monster?’ ” I asked.

Liz blushed and looked down. “Sorry, I say weird stuff when I fuck sometimes.”

“A lot of people do,” I chuckled. “It’s a better nickname than ‘meat wagon.’ ”

“Oh, yeah, I guess so.” She said. “I’ll be in touch, Brod.”

“I’ll be waiting,” I chuckled as I got dressed. “I’ll see you later,” I said, leaning down to kiss her cheek. My feet splatted as I maneuvered through an obstacle course of jizz-laden ladies.

I folded up the note, which had somehow escaped insemination, and decided to just hold it in my hand. My clothes were soaked. As I closed the door behind me, the doctor came out of another room. “You’re a mess,” she said. “I’m almost ready to go home.”

“I’m gonna get dinner,” I told her, smiling.

“I’m making shawarma and falafel,” she cooed, knowing I liked her cooking. Her hands brushed over my shoulders. “You’ll be ready again soon, right? Now that you’re all warmed up!”

“Give me twenty minutes or so,” I chuckled. The woman was incorrigible.

“Come on, cock-monster,” she put a hand on my waist as we walked out back. “You just burned a few thousand calories, I think.”

“Yeah, I could stand to burn a few more,” I chuckled, my sandals leaving white footprints on the pavement. I sighed as I felt my cock sliding over my nuts, each layered with jizz, slipping in a lovely way.

Sshhh. Crash dieting isn’t good. You know, maybe if you listened to me, you’d lose some weight,” she said, clucking her tongue at me. “I know a good trainer who would love to work with you in the gym.”

I smiled. “Okay. How about. Falafel, then diet tips?” I chuckled. “Do you have any of those date pastry things?”

She poked my bulge and lead me to her car. “You can have your dessert after you fuck me, young man. And if my daughter’s home, you only get dessert once we’re both satisfied and give you permission.”

“How draconian,” I said as I got into her car. “Fine, it’s worth it.”

She chuckled and patted my cock. The doctor started the car, and we rolled out of the parking lot.


Sarkopheros Keeps Talking:

Cum-fountaining is what I call it when enough cum gets pumped in one end to spew from the other, whether it’s ass or mouth. Don’t worry, as you saw, I keep things very clean.

Anyway, all comments are encouraged, be they criticism, compliments, or anything else! I reply to everything I can.


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