Happy Birthday to Me

   Today’s my birthday, but it certainly didn’t start in a very exciting way. I had to get up and get out of the house really quickly because I had a crazy day planned at the office. I didn’t even have time to kiss my wife goodbye and, when I got to the office, absolutely nobody acknowledged that today was April 30th. Well, nobody except that girl in Accounting who reminded me she needed my expense account report so she could have it approved. She didn’t give a crap that it was my birthday. To her, it was just the closing of the books for the month.

   I couldn’t wait to get home to my wife because – I swear – I really am the luckiest guy in the world.

   When I walked into the house, I was overwhelmed by a tantalizing mix of sweet smells – she’d made one of my favorite desserts, I could tell – and there was a beef bourguignon simmering on the stove. She hadn’t forgotten my birthday and I smiled.

   – Laura? I called out. Honey? I’m home.

   There was no answer. I smiled again, because I knew she was somewhere in the house. For a moment, I thought, ‘Please don’t be hiding somewhere with a bunch of people, because I really don’t want a surprise party.’ Nonetheless, I was bracing myself to make sure I wouldn’t have a heart attack if people started jumping out at me.

   – Laura? Come on! What’s going on?

   I knew she had to be in the house or in the backyard because her car was in the driveway and, with the food cooking, she couldn’t have gone very far. I called out her name one more time but she still didn’t answer. Where could she be hiding? I walked around the house looking for her, but there was just no sign anywhere.

   – Are you taking a nap? I said very quietly, more for myself than for her. You tired from all that cooking and you’re resting up for a long, romantic evening?

   Just saying that aloud actually gave me a little twinge in my pants. My cock shifted in my shorts and I walked up to the bedroom, my imagination going crazy. Could my wife be spread out on the bed in a sexy new negligee, waiting for me, hoping to give me my birthday present before we had dinner? I chuckled to myself.

   Suddenly, as I walked toward the bedroom, I heard struggling, moaning and groaning. My smile turned into a puzzled frown and my heart started racing.

   – Laura? I repeated, my voice quivering.

   When I heard a muffled scream, I ran to the bedroom and swung the door open.

   – Laura? What the…?

   I couldn’t finish my sentence. My voice got stuck in my throat. I found my wife naked, tied to the bed, struggling desperately to get free. She seemed to have been abandoned like that after having been tortured or abused. My heart sank in horror. I couldn’t believe that such a horrible thing could have happened to her on my birthday.

   My wife was desperately trying to communicate with me but her voice was muffled by a hand towel that had been shoved in her mouth to gag her. I was totally freaking out, trying to understand what was happening, my head spinning.

   – Oh my God, sweetie, are you alright?

   I suddenly felt really stupid for asking that since she couldn’t answer me.

   I had already made it to the bed and was about to start untying her when I was startled by a voice behind me. A female voice.

   – Well now, if it isn’t the birthday boy.

   I turned quickly and discovered Kelsey, our next door neighbor, sitting there in the arm chair in the corner of the room.

   – Right on time. Good boy.

   My eyes popped open as my mind tried to process what was going on. Kelsey was clad in a leather jumpsuit with her huge tits lightly resting on the underside of the bustier. She smiled at me deviously, and softly hit the inside of her left hand with the red flogger whip she was holding.

   – What the hell is going on? I shouted at her. Have you gone fucking mad, you crazy bitch?

   She burst out laughing.

   – Wow! Such harsh words. Happy birthday, neighbor.

   She was so oddly calm and eerily relaxed, speaking in a strange, condescending tone.

   – What the hell did you do to my wife?

   I just stood there, torn between the urge to strangle the loony bitch and the need to hop on the bed to free my struggling wife. I felt like my feet were stuck in hardening cement as I stared at Kelsey, dressed in a sexy dominatrix suit and getting aroused by it – against my better judgement, I should add! I looked over at my wife who was staring at me with desperate, puppy eyes that just screamed, ‘Save me!’

   This was just too nuts. My wife knew how much I’d always been attracted to Kelsey and, ever since she had thrown her husband Brad out of the house for swindling her mother out of part of her pension, I’d fantasized about getting into a hot threesome with her and my wife.

   But standing there at that moment, I was definitely having more than second thoughts! But damn it, part of me was aroused. I could actually feel my cock growing in my pants. Seeing my wife like that, naked, with those marks on her legs and arms that looked like she’d been scratched by sharp fingernails and probably whipped with that thing Kelsey was holding in her hand… Shit! My head was spinning out of control. The other part of me was horrified and scared thinking, ‘What if she has some other kind of weapon somewhere? What if she really is crazy and whips out a gun and shoots us both dead?’

   – What are you waiting for? she asked me calmly.

   – What do you mean, what am I waiting for?

   With a cold, deadly-serious look in her eyes, she ordered:

   – Take your clothes off… NOW!

   – Oh my God! You really are fucking crazy!

   My wife was struggling and moaning in a desperate, begging voice.

   – Mind your manners! she shouted at me, cracking her whip on the floor, startling me.

   – Shit!

   – Take your clothes off, birthday boy. It’s time to see you in your birthday suit.

   When I told her there was no way I was doing anything she said, she smacked the side of the arm chair with her whip, ordering me to obey.

   I turned to my wife and she stared at me with sad, scared eyes, but then, suddenly, the look she was giving me changed and she started playing with her eyebrows mischievously.

   – Holy shit! I whispered. You planned this? This was your idea?

   I turned to Kelsey and, this time, in a low, deep voice she said:

   – Are you going to take off your clothes or will I have to beat them off of you with my whip?

   I obeyed, taking off my jacket, shirt and tie, while my wife seemed to struggle with her straps. Kelsey swung her leg over the arm of the chair, giving me a view of her crotch-less dominatrix costume. Her pussy opened like a flower’s corolla and my cock twitched in my pants.

   Kelsey started rubbing her pussy with the handle of that whip of hers. But suddenly, I started thinking maybe that whip was my wife’s. Was this all part of an elaborate plan? Had she gone out and bought it as part of the surprise?

   I flung off my shoes before taking off my slacks and freeing my granite hard cock from my briefs, standing naked except for my socks in front of Kelsey.

   – Are you just going to stand there looking stupid in your socks, handsome?

   I took them off and flung them at her.

   – Hey! Respect the Mistress, birthday boy!

   She threw the socks on the floor before ordering me to turn around and bend over. This was borderline humiliating, but somehow exhilarating at the same time. I felt like a male exotic dancer.

   – That’s very hot, birthday boy, she said. Now get on the bed.

   As I was obeying, she swung her whip in my direction and hit me in the ass.

   – Fuck!

   – Move it. Your wife is waiting.

   I got on the bed and she said:

   – Now eat her pussy.

   I positioned myself between my wife’s legs and eagerly proceeded to eat her pussy, starting with a few flicks of my tongue on her wet clit. That’s when it became clear to me that my wife was not only an amazing actress but she was really getting off on this domination shit. As I worked my tongue, lips and teeth on her pussy, I began slowly fucking the mattress between her legs, my cock so hard I thought I’d shoot in less than a minute.

   As my wife moaned and rocked her pelvis with pleasure, I looked up at her face and noticed that Kelsey was now straddling her head, pulling the gag out of her mouth and ordering her to give her pleasure.

   My wife quickly obeyed and for the first time ever, I saw her licking pussy like she’d always done it and loved it. Kelsey’s trimmed pubes glistened with my wife’s spit and I almost lost it right then and there.

   I kept looking up at the both of them and thought, ‘Wow! What an awesome birthday present!’ which made me chuckle inside.

   After a few minutes, Kelsey ordered me to slip my cock inside Laura’s pussy.

   –I thought you’d never ask, I quipped.

   – Don’t be a smart-ass, birthday boy! she deadpanned.

   I smiled.

   – Yes, ma’am, I said, playing along.

   As I felt my cock pushing inside my wife’s slit, Kelsey sideswiped me with her whip, startling me and making my cock explode, my cum no doubt blasting the walls inside Laura’s pussy.

   As both my wife and I moaned and groaned in ecstasy, Kelsey got up on the bed and grabbed my hair, turning my head so I would look up at her. She pulled me back a little bit and my still hard cock popped out of Laura’s twat, slapping against my pubes.

   Then, as though they had perfectly rehearsed the whole scene without me, they exclaimed in unison:

   – Happy birthday, stud!

   And they ‘high-fived’ each other, so cocky and arrogant, happy at how great their birthday prank/fantasy-coming-true scenario had gone off.

   Kelsey, Laura and I showered together – another one of my dreams come true – before we ate my wife’s delicious beef bourguignon and shared a bottle of my favorite Cahors.

   My birthday certainly ended in a much more memorable way than it had started.


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