Roommates with Benefits

Info Tristan LeMay
24 Jan. '17

   A few weeks ago, I’d just come off from touring with my band – a grueling 25-city, 40-shows-in-45-days tour – and was really veg’ing out for a few days, just trying to catch up on sleep and binging on the new seasons of my favorite television series. I was just totally exhausted and needed to recharge my battery.

   Melody, my brother’s ex who was also my roommate, worked as a colorist in a salon and had crazy hours with the holidays approaching. I was happy about that because it pretty much allowed me to have massive amounts of alone time which was exactly what I needed after being on the road with the guys for the last month and a half.

   I’d met a few hot girls on the tour – even when you’re not as famous as the Stones, Maroon 5 or One Direction, you still get your fair share of females who just get wet at the sight of anybody who can play a note on any instrument – but I’d been home a few days and hadn’t really gone out at all so, that Tuesday afternoon, while I was in the shower, I started getting horny so I thought, ‘Why not just pop a good old porn DVD in the player and jack off to relieve a bit of tension?’

   When I came out of the shower, I was rock hard at the thought of catching up with Lolita Taylor and Candy Bell in Student Nurses and quickly popped the DVD in the machine before spreading my towel out on the couch. I was already stroking my rigid pole before the orgy on the school bus scene had started. I was so fucking horny, I thought to myself, ‘You better cool down if you don’t want to pop your load in less than a minute, dude.’

   Then, just as the scene started getting hot on the screen, Melody burst into the apartment.

   – What the f…

   – Shit!

   I grabbed the ends of my towel and wrapped them over me to cover up my precum-drenched cock.

   – What are you doing?

   – Isn’t it obvious? 

   The video was still playing and the cheesy music and moans and groans of the models were suddenly not as sexy and actually kind of weird.

   – Hum… don’t you do that in your room usually?

   – Uh, what do you care? Don’t you finish work like at 5 or 6 o’clock?

   I was having a really hard time hiding my boner under the towel and suddenly, all the fantasies I’d had about Melody were flooding my mind and keeping my cock irrigated with hot blood. I’d always fought off any sexual attraction I’d felt for Melody because she was my brother’s girlfriend but here she was now, my brother was gone, out of her life, and she was standing there in the living room, staring at my nakedness, not running off to her room so I could clear out of the living room.

   – My boss sent me home ‘cause a few clients cancelled. I’m sorry I’m interrupting.

   She smiled. It was a condescending ‘you-guys-are-all-the-same’ type smile, but she just stood there, not moving.

   My cock was still tenting under the fabric and I couldn’t reach for the remote so, on the screen, Lolita Taylor was going down on Thomas Stone’s hard pole, sucking it in and bobbing on it like she wanted it to pop in her mouth.

   I didn’t understand why Melody just stood there, staring at me and turning to the TV, checking out the action on the school bus.

   – So this is what you do with your free time when I’m at work?

   – Not all the time, obviously, and not usually on the couch, but… yeah, sometimes. When it’s been a while since I’ve been with a girl.

   – Oh yeah? And when was the last time you were with a girl?

   I chuckled awkwardly, feeling weird having this conversation with my brother’s ex.

   – What’s it to you?

   – Just curious…

   – When’s the last time you were with a guy?

   – Your brother. Three months ago. You?

   – Some girl on the tour. About two weeks ago.

   – Hum… so you’ve been jacking off a lot since then, I imagine, right?

   I couldn’t believe how direct her questions were.

   – I’ve been so fucking tired. I haven’t really felt very horny… until now.

   – I can see that.

   I kept thinking, ‘Why isn’t she leaving? Why is she just standing there?’ Then, she turned to the TV like she was doing it on purpose: standing there for no reason other than to make me feel uncomfortable.

   – Wow, that girl’s breasts are hot, she commented.

   Hearing Melody comment on Lolita Taylor’s tits was both hot and annoying. I wanted her to get the hell out of there so I could just finish jacking off, but he comment on the porn star’s boobs drew my attention to Melody’s and I noticed that her nipples were hard, poking through the fabric of her bra and her blouse.

   – Yours are much hotter than hers, I dared to say, surprised by my own brazenness.

   She turned to me and I couldn’t help but squeeze my cock through the towel.

   – You want to feel them?

   I was so surprised, I couldn’t speak.

   – Huh? You want to touch them?

   She started moving closer to me and I thought she was just kidding, you know? Acting stupid to humiliate me somehow because we’d never been anything more than roommates and she’d been pretty pissed off at my brother when he’d left her so… I couldn’t help but wonder if this was just part of some twisted revenge.

   – You do, don’t you?

   I couldn’t speak. I just kept sitting there, squeezing my cock through the towel as though I was watching a stripper doing her thing, with the Marc Dorcel DVD playing in the background with the cheesy music and moans and groans of pleasure.

   – I see how you look at me when you think I don’t notice.

   I still couldn’t say anything. And then she straddled me, sitting in my lap with her crotch pressing against my hard meat.

   – I bet you’d jerk off when you heard Ben and I fucking, huh?

   My heart was beating like crazy and I still couldn’t say a word.

   – I have to tell you a secret, she whispered in my ear, her swollen tits rubbing against my bare chest. Sometimes, I used to make more noise when we had sex just so that you’d hear me, you know? I was hoping it would get you off to imagine my wet pussy getting banged by your brother’s hard cock.

   She had started rocking her hips so that her pussy was dry-humping me through the towel. She cupped her tits in her hands like she was turning them up toward my mouth offering them up even though they were still clothed. My cock was getting teased so much I was about to go crazy.

   When she pulled off her top, she revealed a black lace bra that was almost transparent. I could see the outline of her nipples and ‘the girls’ – as she called them – were clearly happy to see me. I still couldn’t believe what was happening.

   She grabbed my hands and put them on her thighs as she brought them up inside her skirt. I just wanted to reach inside her legs and feel her wet pussy with my fingers. Instead, she lifted her skirt up even more and kept rocking her panty-clad pussy against the hardness under the towel. Then, she unhooked her bra and grabbed my head, burying my face between her nude breasts. Just when I thought I needed to come up for air, she stood up and slipped out of her wet panties before getting on her knees to open the towel.

   My rock-hard cock was oozing pre-cum into my bellybutton and Melody wrapped her fingers around it, using her index from her other hand to swirl the gooey translucent liquid around on my cock head. After a few seconds, the nerves in my cock were raw and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head. This felt totally amazing!

   Then, Melody scooped up some of my pre-cum with her finger and brought it up to my mouth, forcing my lips open and making me taste my salty spunk. Then, she swabbed my cockhead with her tongue, licking off all the pre-cum. At the same time, she stroked my meat and squeezed it like her fist was a heart beating. It was a great feeling and I just wanted to pump her hot mouth with my hard pole, but I resisted the urge to fuck her face.

   When she started deep-throating me, her eyes turned up so she could see my reaction, I almost lost it. It was a really good thing that I was sitting or I might have fallen over. After a while, just as I was about to blow my load in her mouth, she pulled up and wrapped her tits around my cock, egging me on so that I’d bounce my ass off the couch to tit-fuck her. I was in total paradise and didn’t even feel the urge to look over her head at the Dorcel movie that was now into scene 2.

   I started caressing her tits and lightly pinching her pert nipples. I just wanted to suck on those babies but this felt so good that I couldn’t make up my mind what would be best. I could see that what I was doing with my fingers was giving her as much pleasure than I was getting frm the tit-fuck so I just let it go on.

   Then, as my cock was getting ready to explode again, I pulled it from between those delicious mounds of flesh and pulled Melody up, slipping down myself to position my face between her legs. The musk of her pussy was like alcohol fumes. I instantly felt drunk from the pleasure of smelling her female juices. When I dove in with my whole mouth, flicking her clit with my tongue and shoving it into her slit, she moaned loudly and I thought about what she had said earlier. Was she now trying to get the neighbors aroused by making more noise than she really needed to? I didn’t care, I just wanted to give that pussy a good licking and I couldn’t wait to slip my meat inside.

   When her orgasm finally erupted, she accelerated her humping of my face and inundated my mouth and cheeks with her pussy juice. I don’t know if she squirted per se because I was too close for the juice to actually shoot anywhere, but there certainly was a lot of it. She was panting and moaning, groaning and squealing until she finally pulled herself off my mouth and slipped down my body, her pussy like a target searching for its missile. My hard cock just naturally slipped into her wet hole and as soon as her pussy hit my pubes, Melody started bouncing furiously on my meat, taking control and driving us both toward a climax, my first, her second!

   As she was humping my cock with everything she had, her tits bounced joyously before my eyes, adding to the level of arousal I was feeling. Those hot globes of flesh were just gorgeous and I couldn’t help but grab them and squeeze those amazing nipples again.

   Suddenly, Melody reached over to her handbag that she’d flung on the end of the couch and pulled out a vibrator. My eyes almost popped out of my head because I was wondering what she was planning to do with that thing. She turned it on as she kept bouncing on my cock and slipped the battery-operated gizmo into her mouth, wetting it a bit before pulling it out. Then, she forced it into my mouth which felt really weird but kind of hot so I sucked on it for a while thinking this would probably make her even hotter, too.

   When she finally slipped the vibrating dick out of my mouth, she reached back and slipped it into her asshole, moaning and groaning in a strange mix of pain and pleasure. What happened next I'd never felt before. As she bounced on my cock, I could feel the vibration of the dildo in her ass through her pussy around my cock.

   – Holy shit, I can feel that in my cock, I told her, my eyes wide in amazement.

   – Mmmmm… I know. Your brother used to love that.

   Talking about my brother at that precise moment was one of the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know what it was – her hot pussy, the vibrating dildo in her ass, realizing I was fucking my brother’s ex, remembering the sounds of Melody getting fucked by Ben in the other room or all these things at once – but I felt my cock was about to erupt and that there would be no turning back.

   – I’m gonna fucking shoot, Mel!

   – Mmmm… I’m gonna cum, too! Do it! Shoot me full of cum!

   When I began painting the inner walls of her pussy with my hot spunk, my body become stiff like a surfboard and Melody kept riding me like she was scratching a nasty itch with knitting needle.

   She was screaming with ecstasy and just kept going and going like she never wanted it to end. Her whole body was so hot that there was just no way my cock could have started deflating. She just pumped it dry and went for a third orgasm. By the time she came again, my spunk and her juices had blended so much, they’d created a white foam at the base of my cock and all over her shaved pussy. It looked as though  she’d just spread shaving cream all over her twat.

   When she started slowing down, I realized the vibrator was still buzzing inside her ass. She collapsed on my chest and, breathing heavily, reached back to pull the battery cock out of her butt.

   – That was awesome, roomie! she said. Exactly what I needed to ease the tension I’m putting up at work.

   – What tension? I asked. You dye rich ladies’ hair for a living.

   – And ever since your brother left, my horny boss is all over me.

   I laughed.

   – I thought all the guys who worked in beauty salons were gay.

   – I wish! Tell that to my boss’s cock!

   I chuckled.

   – If you don’t mind, I’ll pass.

   She sighed.

   – He’s like a dog with a bone.

   – You mean a boner…? I joked.

   – Ugh! Yeah…

   – Maybe he’ll leave you alone if you tell him you’re having sex with your ex-brother-in-law.

   – Are you crazy? That’ll probably make him fantasize even more about having sex with me.

   – Right. Maybe you should just start your own place…

   – Or go off on tour with you guys. Don’t you need a back-up singer? I play a mean tambourine.

   We both laughed and, when she stopped instantly, she got up, picked up the vibrator and strutted off to the bathroom. I just lay there thinking, naked, remember the vibration in my cock from the anal dildo. ‘Fuck that was hot! I wonder if she does that every time…’ I asked myself, wondering if there would ever be another time.

   As I was about to fall asleep on my towel, the moaning and groaning sounds from the Dorcel DVD drifting away in my sleep, I heard the giggling of the front door’s knob.

   – What the fuck… said a man’s voice. Yo, bro! You in there? Did you fucking change the locks?


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