Up & Adam I: My Hot Encounter in the Subway

   Every morning, I take the subway to work. I hate it, but it really is the easiest and quickest way to get to the office. Driving in the city is out of the question because people on the streets are just plain insane.

   Anyway, last month, I had this amazing thing happen to me on the subway. When I saw the train come into the station, I rolled my eyes in discouragement because the cars seemed even more crowded than usual. I so hoped that the door that would open in front of me would allow me to enter a car that wasn’t as full, but… no such luck. Hundreds of sour-puss-faced men and women of all ages, races and sizes were standing, stuck together so tight you would have thought that even water could not have passed between them!

   I took a deep breath and slipped into the car, apologizing for inconveniencing my fellow commuters who had already endured this torture for a few (or many) stations. The heat was unbearable. The overbearing scent of all the colognes and perfumes mingled together in the still, stale air was enough to make you noxious. The people all around me were so close, I didn’t even have to hold on to anything to keep my balance. I thought to myself, “Adam, just relax. Breathe.” I am not usually claustrophobic, but this was just too much. I decided to close my eyes and concentrate on something soothing, relaxing, some sort of mental getaway. I tried to zero in on my breathing. With the vibration from the tracks and the strange arms, legs, shoulders, buttocks rubbing against my business suit, I unexpectedly became aroused. I could feel my cock swelling in my pants and my fantasies went into overdrive.

   I started imagining myself nude, on a beach, standing facing the water, as if I was offering my buff, sexually stimulated body to a sexy Poseidon, God of the Ocean. I started imagining this unbelievably cut, delicious deity walking out of his watery home and kneeling before my hard, throbbing cock, caressing it, licking it, worshiping it, and engulfing it in his eager mouth.

   I didn’t want to open my eyes. My erection was pushing against the cotton of my boxers as if it wanted to bust out through my woolen trousers. I consciously made it bounce in my pants a few times thinking, “If I wasn’t in an overcrowded subway car, people would see the throbbing behind my fly.” I think I moaned out loud, but I still didn’t open my eyes, certain that nobody could have heard me anyway over the roaring sound of the old subway train.

   That’s when I felt something pushing against my crotch. I don’t know what came over me. Instead of opening my eyes and trying to find a way to pull away or turn ever so slightly, I just went with the moment. The pressure on my hard, eager cock was intensifying. Suddenly, a hand rested on my hip and slipped slowly onto my butt. I felt as though somebody was engaging me in a strange, hotter than hell tango. I quickly realized that another fabric-covered hard-on was what was pressing against my boner. Another guy was pulling me into a dry hump. I opened my eyes and looked around.

   Nobody was looking at us.

   Of course, they weren’t. They were too busy living their own lives and trying to survive this terrible commute that was turning into an amazing encounter for me.

   This hunky, Charlie Hunnam type, dressed in a sharp business suit, was looking intensely into my eyes and smiling mischievously, all the while kneading my butt as though it was a firm globe of dough to be turned into a luscious, mouth-watering loaf of bread. The underbellies of our throbbing cocks were rubbing against each other, pointing to the ceiling of the subway car. Oh how I longed to be rid of my clothes. But that was impossible, obviously.

   My mysterious lover leaned in and whispered into my ear, as if it were a secret, “Nick”. The air from his breath tickled my ear and sent shivers through my whole body. I felt my nipples stand at attention suddenly, rubbing against the inside of my shirt. I whispered back, “Adam”. Nick smiled as if to say, “Nice to meet you”. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me.

   When we started pulling into the next station, Nick discretely pulled me in even closer and, a few strokes later, I felt the hottest load of cum rush from my bulging balls and flood my boxers. I did everything I could to keep the ecstasy from illuminating my face. But Nick knew that he had made me erupt in pleasure. He smiled again and expertly turned me around, making it look as if I were turning toward the door myself, preparing to get off at my stop. But I wasn’t going anywhere. Nobody got on or off. The doors closed again and when the train started moving once more, so did Nick’s stiff cock, now lodged between my ass cheeks. He was dry-humping my clothed butt and was doing it so discretely, nobody was even noticing. Except me… and my drenched, spent dick that was starting to get hard again.

   After a few more minutes, just as the train was exiting the tunnel to penetrate the next station, I felt Nick’s hands grip harder around my hips, and his cock stiffen even more as he released what I could only imagine was a powerful river of cum into his underwear.

   “Oh my God,” I told myself when noticing what station we were at. “This is my stop”.

   When the doors opened, without turning around, I politely pushed my way out of the car with difficulty, trying not to crush anybody. Once I was on the platform, I turned, just in time to see the car doors close on Nick’s smirking face. He winked at me. I was dumbfounded. The train pulled away and all I could think about was “I have to find a way to do this again tomorrow”.

   When I snapped out of my daze, I looked around and realized that everybody was way too busy to have noticed a thing, but I still put my briefcase in front of my crotch because I was fully erect and felt a little self-conscious.

   I started walking to my office building, feeling the cold cum dripping down my pant legs… and not caring one bit that it was uncomfortable.

* * * * *

   The next morning, I was on the platform at the same time, standing on the same spot as the day before, so that the same door would open. No Nick in sight.

   Well, it was a long shot…

   For two weeks, I tried to make the magic happen again. To no avail. Who knows if I’ll ever see Nick again. But that was definitely my most memorable commute. Ever.


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