His Friend's Daughter

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18 Jan. '17

His Friend’s Daughter


As usual Jessica was flaunting her tight little body around the house in front of Steve. At eighteen years of age she was simply stunning.  She planned on going to the beach with friends and her tan young body was practically naked wearing nothing but her tiny black bikini.  It was his best friend’s daughter but she was certainly her own woman.

Jake groaned inwardly and tried to ignore her as he installed the new A/C unit for his buddy’s new pool house. He was forty-five years old and taking extra work to build up his business before the winter months. Jessica did not care as much about working as she did about the next party she could go too.  She was a daddy’s girl and he did not enforce responsibility on her. Spoiled rich girl who only dated little high school boys. She needed a grown man to put her in her place.

“I have been waiting, like, forever!’ she complained into the phone. “I want to go to the beach!” she pouted with her full cock sucking lips. They were covered in a pink gloss. Jake wondered if they would taste like cherries. 

She walked up behind Jake and asked if he would take her to the beach to meet her friends.  She didn’t want to wait for her boyfriend to pick her up any longer. Jake sighed and threw his tools down. He would drive her and get her out of the house for a while.  Maybe then he could think without having to deal with his constant hard-on he got with her around.  He said yes and she did a little jump of happiness before running off.  He loved seeing her full tan mounds jiggle as she bounced up and down.  He knew it was wrong since it was his friend’s daughter.  She was sexy as all hell and he would not mind burying his rod into her sweet blonde bush. 

He finally dropped her off at the beach and headed back to the house. His friend John called and asked him if he minded spending the night in the pool house to keep an eye on Jessica.  He was going to be out of town for a few days. Shit.  He agreed but already his cock was ready to spring from his jeans. Stretching out on the king sized bed he wanted to relieve his sexual frustration and  had visions of a hot blonde with big tits riding him. His dick got harder as he thought about sucking on her little nipples while she moaned with pleasure.

Jake grabbed some oil out of the pool house bathroom and wrapped his hand around his dick. He pumped up and down, imagining Jessica’s head between his legs. Sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Damn it would feel so good if it were real.  Pumping faster he imagined getting Jessica on all fours and slamming her from behind. He imagined she felt like hot wet silk and wanted to feel her pussy walls squeezing him.  With this thought, he orgasmed all over his six pack toned abdomen.  He would love to fuck this beautiful teenager for real but he knew that would never happen. She would be horrified and it was all so wrong. Plus her father was his best friend. It had to stay a fantasy.

Jake had waited up till he heard Jessica walk into the main house and he went back to his bedroom, shut the door and stripped off all his clothes.  He liked to sleep naked between the sheets.  He was forty-five but his body was athletic, healthy and very strong.  Hours at the gym paid off and he was quite athletic. With dark brown hair and hazel green eyes, he had no issues getting women. He was charming, sexy and confident.

It wasn’t long before Steve felt that he was being tickled by something soft. He tried to pry his eyes open to see what it was but it was impossible. Everything was dark and the feeling of silky hair caressing his face and his body was extremely erotic. He assumed he was dreaming and decided to enjoy it while he could. He could feel himself getting hard as he felt the hair drag across his stomach, muscular thighs and thick cock. 

Finally the darkness started to lift and he could make out a figure on top of him.  He reached out his hands to touch it and he felt smooth silky skin. His hands felt slim arms and shoulders, a small waist and finally they reached full heavy breasts with hard erect nipples. Steve groaned as he felt the pressure of this beautiful woman’s body press into him. He could feel the heat of a warm wet pussy rubbing against his dick.  He lifted his head to pull a nipple into his mouth and suck hard, while his other hand fondled the other equally as beautiful breast.

The seductive woman on top of him arched her back and moaned. She loved his touch. But who was she?  Unable to stop his curiosity he reached over to switch on the light.  It took a moment for his eyes to adjust, but then he saw full pink lips with cherry gloss smiling at him.  He saw platinum blonde hair and thought “Oh God.”  It was friend’s teenage daughter. Jessica.

Though Steve was in quite a shock, his dick was still hard pressed against Jessica’s soaking wet cunt.  She closed her eyes and began to move her hips back and forth, relishing the friction against her swollen clit.

“Jessica, what is going on?  Why are you here?”  Steve gasped trying to control his breathing.  He knew he should stop her but he was unable too.  It was still very wrong.  What if John found out?  What if he walked in and saw them naked on top of each other? Fuck.

“Oh Steve” she said in a soft feminine voice.  He had never heard her use this tone before. She opened her eyes to look at him and that’s when he realized he couldn’t say no to her. She knew exactly what she was doing.   

Smiling like a sultry She-Devil, Jessica stayed on top of Steve and started to rub her huge fat breasts as he watched.  In spite of himself, Steve’s cock twitched and Jessica threw her head back and laughed.  Looking down at him she said, “You want me. I am going to give myself to you, Steve.  You are going to fuck me hard and fast. You will shove that delicious cock down my throat and make me swallow your thick salty cum.”

Feeling a surge of strength he flipped her over as she squealed and laughed.  He kissed and licked her beautiful silky back as she lifted her firm round ass toward him.  It was a beautiful ass, round and soft. He slapped it hard, leaving a huge red mark on her. “Yes!” she begged.

Moving down her back he started to lick and suck her ass cheeks.  She wriggled against the bed, loving it. He ran his tongue over her ass crack before sticking it deep in between.  Spreading her ass cheeks he shoved his tongue deep into her ass as his fingers pushed into her dripping cunt.  Two fingers pumping fast, reaching that precious G-Spot. Jessica continued to moan into the mattress, her body trembling with waves of pleasure. 

Steve turned her on her back and she lay there with her legs spread like the dirty whore she was.  He sucked her nipples as she pulled his hair.  “More! Give me more! Please fuck your best friend’s daughter!” she screamed in her girlish voice.  Making him even more turned on if that was possible.

He moved his head down between her lovely legs.  What a pretty tight cunt she had.  Smooth and pink, he spread open her fat pussy lips.  Her clit was engorged and pointing toward him, begging to be suckled. Jessica lifted her hips toward him mouth, “Taste me, Steve” she demanded.

Steve groaned into her cunt as he tasted her sweet honey. So warm and slippery, he kissed her pussy over and over, shoving his tongue deep inside.  He licked her from her clit to her ass, then back again.  Jessica came over and over again, now begging to be fucked.

His long thick cock pushed its head into her wet opening. It felt incredible, it was hot and moist. He stayed there for a moment, savoring the contact.  Then suddenly his cock started to slowly get pulled and gently sucked inside her.  Jessica had the ability to inhale his dick into her body!  Jake threw his head back and held onto her waist as his entire length was pulled deep inside Jessica’s hot wet sex.

He began to pump slowly, as Jessica began to moan and grab her own tits he pumped faster.  She urged him on by raising her hips and meeting his deep thrusts.  He buried his face into her neck while she clawed his back.  She screamed her orgasm, her pussy walls clenching him so tight. 

Normally he would have pulled out but since he had lost all control, he gave the teen girl a hard deep thrust as she screamed in a mix of pain and pleasure.  He poured his seed all the way inside her and collapsed on top of her.  Breathing hard, he turned over and tried to understand what had just happened. 

Steve told himself to just forget the whole thing.  It would not happen again. He took a shower and headed inside for breakfast.  At the table eating cereal, was Jessica. She looked up and smiled at him.  “Hey” he said. “Any milk left?” He was trying to be casual.

She motioned toward the fridge. “I’m heading out with my friends, so leave me alone tonight.  I need my beauty sleep.”  Jessica turned on her heel and walked out of the room, small hips swaying and blonde ponytail swinging.

Jake had an image in his mind of yanking that blonde ponytail till she cried out while slamming her from behind. He thought about how fun it would be to treat her like his fucking whore and filling every one of her tight holes.  His cock started to get hard and he ran to the bathroom to jerk out his frustration.  

The rest of the day was pretty much the same routine.  Jake went to his jobs and met friends for lunch.  He also went to the gym and picked up some A/C parts for his job at the house.  He had been able to avoid Jessica the rest of the day. 

Several hours later, Steve was once again woken up by Jessica.  When is her dad coming home? He was worried he would find them. He felt the girl caressing his body, stopping to bite his nipples before plunging her tongue into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue and she rubbed her pussy against his hard muscular thigh.  It was so dreamlike, he felt drunk as his body was being nibbled by Jessica.  She kissed him deep and hard again, “I need you to fill me with your cum, I am so hungry.” She whispered against his mouth. 

Steve grabbed hold of his hard cock that was dripping with pre-cum and rubbed it all over Jessica’s pouty red lips.  She licked at it greedily as he held her blonde hair in his hands.  “Suck it, bitch” he growled at her.  She opened wide and he held tight onto her head, fucking her mouth as much as she could take.  Gagging and choking she opened her mouth even wider.  She sucked and licked like a ravenous creature. He shot his hot semen down her throat and she was gulping it down.  ‘Give me more” she rasped, famished for more of Steve’s cum.

He now pushed her down doggy style.  She arched her back so her ass was high in the air.  But instead of her pussy, he decided he wanted to fuck this ass that always in his face around the house.  Wanting to take out some aggression he spit all over her ass crack then shoved his dick deep inside her hot little hole.  “Oh Steve, give it me. Fuck my nice little ass” as she moaned and took all she could from him.  Her ass was leaking white cum and she still wanted more. 

Breathing hard, he slammed Jessica up against the wall as she grinned at him.  She loved being hurt by him. Her pussy was dripping hot juices all down her thighs, her swollen clit sticking out between her pussy lips.  He dropped to his knees and clamped his mouth down hard onto her pussy.  Jessica shrieked as she began coming immediately.

Suddenly the door clicked and opened.  The two lovers froze.

Stay tuned for Part 2


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