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09 Jan. '17

She comes at night, when silence creeps in through the floor and shadows wander idly across the window-shade. She looks in at me from a distant reality, peering through my eyes, carefully observing my mind, until I drop from this world into her dreamscape. and when it is safe, she appears.

At first, I notice a mist in the air, then a taste of bittersweet music on my lips. I feel a shiver down my legs, then a tingle, wandering about under the covers and then the room is overwhelmed by her presence and everything is soft and comforting and very warm. A serpentine fog wraps around me, tightening as it thickens, until I feel her arms holding me against her, warm and welcoming. A great majestic halo coalesces about her head, then falls to her chest, the longest, silkiest hair imaginable. Her dark locks, carelessly forgetting that the air is still, shimmer in the moonlight as if a phantom wind were delicately stroking them. They brush against my cheek, fall blissfully against my shoulders, and then impossibly they seem to reach around my neck and shoulders to pull me closer.

Her lips touch mine, timidly, almost apologetically, and her mouth opens slightly. and suddenly I am dizzy with the taste of desire on my tongue as it meets hers. Her hands press against my back; then they close around my shoulders lovingly, as if they have found their mates. She draws her toes against my ankle, up the back of my calf, then back down and across the sole of my foot. Her hand wanders around my waist to my belly; then one finger slowly encircles my navel, and moves inside, rubbing the center lightly. She kisses my cheek, then my temple, and her tongue dances about in delicate patterns, as if exploring. She runs her tongue over my ear, licking the tips and corners; her tongue retreats momentarily into her mouth and re-emerges, warm and wet and electric. When she reaches the lobe, she takes it into her mouth and closes her lips against it, sucking contentedly.

She continues down my jaw and stops at my throat to give the Adam's apple a friendly nibble. Finally she reaches my chest, and covers the entire area, lubricating it with her lips and tongue, teasing my nipples, following my ribs, tickling my waist, always becoming more excited, until she can no longer contain her passion. She wraps her hands around my thighs, squeezing them, kneading them, gripping them as if this anchor prevents her from drifting away. She pushes me up against my pillow so that I cannot lay my head down, and when she is certain that I can see her, she slowly runs her tongue across her lips, smiling. She watches as I swallow heavily; my mouth opens and I cannot control my breathing. My head reclines stiffly against the pillow, still almost upright, and I watch her wrap her arms around my thighs. Her hands clutch my buttocks, and as I swell and pulse before her eyes, she takes me into her mouth, slowly. she continues to tease me, taking it inch by inch, making seconds seem like hours, and I lose control of my voice and begin to moan softly.

Finally, I am inside her mouth, and she starts. very slowly, pulling me almost completely out, then back in, speeding up, finding a rhythm. Her tongue darts about inside her mouth, surrounding me, treating every inch as if it were the only part that mattered. My moan becomes a yell, and she sits up and pushes me into her, her mouth now free to kiss mine.

As soon as I am in her, I burst; the fluid splashes out against her back wall, and she screams with delight. She rocks slowly back and forth as I come into her, for the better part of a minute. then, as I begin to relax, she rises and falls with the same rhythm as before. She moves into a pistonlike dance, bucking and writhing; then, as my voice rises again in pitch and volume, she bounces against me, quickly and forcefully, until our voices fill the air with orgasmic screams and she collapses limply onto me.

But I am not limp I clutch her shoulders and flip her over, landing on her, and as her eyes widen with surprise I rock back and forth, slowly, imitating her graceful motions, and when I am too full of passion to hold back any longer I begin pounding swiftly into her soft, warm, wet, beautiful body. She climaxes with an ear-shattering yell, bringing a rush of pleasure to my head and arms, and I speed up, feeling more and more energy build up in my pelvis as the seconds tick away and I come again, with so much force that I have to wrap my arms around her to prevent my thrashing body from falling out of her.

She holds me, and I begin rocking again, faster this time, harder, rushing with lightning speed to my climax as she reaches hers. We scream together. we hold each other tightly. we relax into each other's arms. and still we are coming. I lie on top of her with closed eyes, breathing deeply, feeling nothing but my hot wet shot as it bursts, again and again, into that beautiful well of energy and passion.

My heart pounds violently against my chest, trying to escape. My lips brush against hers, carelessly, and her tongue emerges and travels the length of my mouth. We kiss. and suddenly my energy returns, and I cover her inch by inch with my tongue, finding every muscle, every bone, every single nerve in her skin. I take her breast into my mouth and my head is filled with the wonderful taste. I move my tongue around the nipple ecstatically, unable to concentrate on my actions, and I close my lips on the breast. My vision is reeling; I close my eyes and think only of this moment, these actions, this real-life fantasy before my eyes, living, breathing, filling me with excitement, commanding my mind with limitless emotion.

She brings a leg up and folds it over my shoulder. The scent of her desire fills the room, and I move slowly down and tuck my head between her welcoming thighs. I lick her slowly, savoring the taste with a euphoric headrush, and she gasps audibly. I trace tiny circles around her clitoris with my tongue; then I begin tasting it. The muscles ripple in response. She moans, and wraps her calves around my neck.

Slowly, I move the tongue up and down, back and forth then in and out. My lips close around her, and the ceaseless flow of sweet emotions continues onto my tongue and down my throat, filling my body with the taste of passion. She becomes louder, and I bring a hand around to her clitoris and begin caressing it slowly. As the tongue speeds up, I press my thumb against her clitoris and push it back and forth. I extend my tongue as far as possible, draw my lips over my teeth, and move my head against her pelvis, quickly and forcefully. My remaining hand, resting blissfully on her inner thigh, starts stroking the muscles in every direction.

Her entire body is pulsing; her juices are pouring out into my mouth and down my chin; her voice is louder than ever before. With a spasm, she screams. and suddenly my mouth is filled with her satisfaction. I continue pushing my tongue into her, pressing her clitoris against the bone, kneading her thigh, moving my lips against her, and she continues to come into my mouth, minute after minute, until she is drained of the fluid. and still she comes!

I move my tongue to her clitoris, and push down; I lick and kiss, firmly and carefully, and she reaches her true climax she bolts upright, gasping voicelessly, clutching the bedsheets, pulling me closer with her calves. then she releases my neck, puts her feet down, falls back, and arches her body until her hips are six inches above the bed. I hold her buttocks, push my tongue deep inside her, and roll it around. Finally she screams, and her muscles tense; I feel a pulsing against my tongue, and she falls back, motionless.

I move up, and put my arms around her. She hugs me softly. As her arms relax, she drifts into a deep sleep, still holding me. I close my eyes, and let the darkness take me. As my consciousness peels away, I feel her body slowly evaporating into its original formlessness. I smile; and as I fall asleep, I remind myself that she will return tomorrow.



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