Catching My Cousin

Hey there, this story is one of the strangest experiences of my life, but before I go any further I’ll let you know a bit about myself. My name is Anthony, though my family and friends refer to me as Ant. I stand at 6’3” tall and am naturally skinny, no matter how much I eat. Without wanting to sound egotistical, I would say I look above average, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. My job is within the media industry, which often means I have to travel between my companies bases. I live near the midlands HQ, around Leicestershire. Fortunately for me, my cousin lives only a few blocks away of the southern HQ, based in Gloucester, which saves me money and time for my week or two trips down.

I have been into bondage for as long as I can remember, I quite like being both a Dom or a Sub. I don’t know why I like it, I have put it down to the strictness of the care homes I was in. I was never given any freedom and there were some “restraining” punishments for children who disobeyed, which I did quite a lot. I was adopted at 12 years old, which many count as old but it was the best thing to happen to me, though those are stories for other times. Whatever the cause of me being into BDSM, I got the urge to first tie myself up around the age of 16. I didn’t know any release methods then, so I just kept a hand free. 

6 years later and I now have more kit than I can play with, yet I still always buy more. I had been in a couple of relationships, though it sounds odd, I was never into the sex, rather I enjoyed playing or being played with via toys. I guess for this reason, I have a lot of female toys too. Nothing turns me on more than leather, chains and ring gags, and the more spread open the ‘victim’ is, the better.

Anyway, I was heading south for 3 days for work. I’d organised it with Emily, my cousin, in advance and although she said she would be busy the first night, then I could let myself in and make myself at home. This was perfect! I quickly added a bunch of my favourites to my suitcase. I picked out my leather buckle wrist and ankle cuffs, a leather collar, way too many chains with padlocks (and keys), a simple blindfold and a medium sized ring gag. I was about to leave when last minute I decided to put in a couple of butt plugs, a chastity belt to hold the plugs in place and finally after much deliberation I went for a female chastity belt and a couple of vibrators, as you never know who you might pick up in a bar.

I was excited as I was on my way down and the journey turned out to be not too bad. I let myself in, and as promised, she wasn’t home. The stage was set. I quickly laid out all the toys I’d need to chain myself to the bed, I figured I’d got 2 hours before Emily got home, and it would be nice for me to make a cup of tea as thanks for letting me get here earlier, so I got the keys to my cuffs and attached them to a the minute hand on a clock. I am also aware at this point of things going wrong, so I attached a second key with some string attached so i could reach it, on my bedside table, and then put a full glass of milk over the top. It meant I was never in any danger, but there was no incentive to do it unless of emergencies. I then shut my door, but left it unlocked. Again, I would rather be caught embarrassed than stuck in a dangerous way.

With my escape routes set, I quickly stripped naked and then tested each lock with a third set of keys to make sure nothing was jamming, and finally I was happy enough to get on with it. I went to put in my butt plug and realised I had brought no lube, so I quickly got my vaseline out of my bag. It was about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide, and it hurt like hell to get in, but wow did it feel good. When I turned the vibrate on then it just about tickled the prostate, which feels heavenly, but that doesn’t start yet. I quickly put on my metal chastity belt to lock it in, though that meant my dick wouldn’t be able to get fully erect. 

I’d wasted about 30 minutes setting up but I knew I had plenty of time. I locked my ankle and wrist cuffs on, loving how it felt they hugged my body. Then I looped a chain around a bed post and locked one ankle to them, doing the same thing to my other ankle. This meant I was sitting there with my legs too open for even my knees to touch each other. I checked that I could reach both of my releases before throwing the spare key onto my clothes pile, then set the clock at 8:55, so the key wouldn’t get stuck as it dropped.

The nervous excitement shot through me, as it always does. Self bondage has never been quite as fun as someone else playing with me, but I still loved the thrill of it. It was easy getting the chain attached to my left wrist. I then turned my plug on to slowly build the vibrations up to max and then restart from the lowest setting. Finally I had to do the difficult part of locking the chain to my other hand, though after a few moments struggling, I managed to snap my right hand padlock down.

With everything locked in place, I settled in for my half hour of fun. It was really a long build up for such a short experience, but I wasn’t complaining. I wriggled and struggled, pretending that my cousin had walked in and seen me. She would brush her black shoulder length hair to one side and slowly undress, showing off her slim, cute frame. I was imagining an evil smile spreading across her lips, when suddenly I thought I heard the front door open. I panicked, knowing that my bedroom is unlocked and Emily might walk in to check on me. I held my breath for as long as I could waiting for another sound but heard nothing. Just then the key slipped off the clock and into my hand and I attempted to both quickly and silently work my way out.

Feet were padding over to the bedroom, and I swear I heard a door handle being pushed down. In my blindfolded state, I couldn’t do anything but pray that it was her own room being opened. In my fear I dropped my key before I could even get my first wrist out! I heard it drop behind the bed. This left only one other option. At this point silence wasn’t my concern, though I froze when I thought I heard a gasp from inside my room. Again I waited, but nothing happened. So I yanked at the string, pulling the key towards me, and I heard the unmistakable sound of a glass falling over, it’s contents going everywhere. 

My plug chose this moment to go to full power, and I shot my load out into the tube casing. I was getting tired, and my panic was slowing my progress so I instead took a moment to calm down. I thought I heard another movement, and quietly uttered an awkward “‘ello?”, though there was no answer and I quickly got back to untying myself.

20 minutes later, I was sitting on the bed, putting everything away, and tidying the milk up. The Front door suddenly opened loudly.

“Hello! Ant are you here? Or am I crazy talking to an empty house as usual?” This was reassuring. I had only imagined the noises after all and I nearly laughed at how scared I had felt. 

“I’m in my room, Emily. I spilt some milk so I’m just cleaning it up! Be out in a sec.” It was already clean, but it gave a moment for me to compose myself and clean my toys. I walked out , and helped her put the groceries she’d brought away. 

“You’re home early?”, I enquired. She explained that her long business meeting had been cancelled and instead had a half day. Though even now, my mind wasn’t really paying attention, my brain still on the cut-short fantasy, as I looked her over. She was a full head height shorter than me, her black hair pulled into 2 short pony tails sticking out at the back. I felt the urge to pull on them to make her expose her soft, thin neck, and as both her big green eyes, and mouth with dark lipstick open in surprise I lean in and kiss her. I shake my head, knowing the stigma attached, even though it is legal in England. She’d probably hate me for doing anything of the sort.

But it was hard not to stare at her. Her tits were relatively small, I don’t know the exact size, probably a B cup, but they were perfect in my eyes. Her slim figure showed she did exercise, though not excessively, and her long skinny legs made me drool thinking about them. She had a sort of old school emo or goth look about her. Dressed in a tight black top and black jean shorts with jet black tights, and knee high boots over the top. If you bumped into her in the street there would be a lot of judgement, but she was a sweet, kind and innocent 20 year old, who liked to dress the way they felt comfortable. She had long ago got used to people staring.

We were watching TV when something happened in the show, “Oh actually, that reminds me, the meeting got delayed till tomorrow afternoon, so I won’t be going work in the morning” Emily said, off hand. I was not sure if I was imagining it, maybe just wanting to imagine it, but she seemed more fidgety than normal and she kept glancing at the time and her room. I pointed out that if she was tired, I was about to go to bed myself. It had been a long day. And so we hugged and went to our own rooms. I waited a while, making sure she had gone to bed herself and wouldn’t walk in on me and decided to get my toys out, though I thought something was missing, I couldn’t work out what. As long as I woke up in time to escape and wash myself off, then I would be out for work way before she got out of bed. 

I read my book for half an hour, and decided to get ready for bed. First things first was cleaning my teeth. So I quietly left my room, not wanting to disturb Emily, but then I thought I heard the faint sound of a vibrator. I felt myself get slightly hard at the thought, but carried on quietly, though now I had my ear pushed right up to the wall. Then I suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of chains being moved. My mouth dropped. Had she done it in the past? I realised it was my chains missing from my room! My heart was racing, but I knew I had to ignore all the images flying through my head. I pulled my head away and then heard a harsh whisper through the wall.

“Oh no”. Something had gone wrong. My mind raced with the danger she might be in, but figured that she would call for help if she needed it. I carried on to the bathroom and cleaning my teeth. On the way back, I listened again, just to make sure she was ok. 

“Shit! This is bad!” I heard her mutter, along with several moans, though not sounding of pleasure. I also realised the chains were being moved around more, she was obviously struggling. I decided I would knock on the door and ask if everything is alright. I moved quickly, both aroused and nervous. I knocked on the door, there was no answer other than the current moans and struggle. That’s it. Something is wrong. I pushed the door open and even my imagination couldn’t have dreamed up a better image. She was dressed in more than I expected. She had a pair of thigh high - over knee boots on, now had dark stockings on underneath. She protected her modesty with a pair of pink panties, that already looked soaked through, with her torso covered by a crop top that was clearly too old, and made it look like her tits wanted to bust out of it. 

But the bit that blew my mind was her bondage. She had copied what I had done to my legs earlier, and chained them separately to the bed posts, forcing herself open and vulnerable. Her arms were behind her, It looked like a pair of cheap cuffs held them, they wouldn’t be comfortable but they were cheap enough for a newbie to experiment. On her face she had no gag, and was muttering and murmuring, her bright green eyes were hidden by her sleep mask, and as I grunted my presence, with no response, I stepped forward and noticed she had the ear plugs in she used for sleep! She didn’t know I was in the room with her. I decided not to disturb her yet, and enjoy the view, but first I needed to know what was wrong. 

It was then I noticed she had an electric toothbrush as a vibrator, but it had fallen out and wasn't touching her. Rookie mistake, I almost giggled to myself. And then I realised that the keys must have bounced in her struggles and had now landed too far away for her hands to reach. I quietly pocketed them, feeling super aroused. 

I was now torn though. I obviously didn’t want to do anything that would traumatise her, but I also wanted this fantasy of mine to stay alive. I’d taken the keys at this point, so I shrugged. In for a penny, in for a pound. 

I bent down close to her face and blew softly on her nose. She froze. Obviously Emily had as much idea how to react as I did. 

“A… Ant?” she whispered. God was she sexy. I stroked her cheek in response. She only gasped at that. It sounded like she enjoyed it, and then I realised the gasps from earlier had been real. She had walked in on me, maybe even got off to it. That’s why she wasn’t in her work clothes! She pulled away from the stroke slightly, and her breathing sped up. No word was said though, was that a good sign? It came to me to get some of my gear, and wished I had brought more. I opened her mouth slightly, and put the key in. If she had tried to escape whilst I was out the room, I would uncuff her, and let her escape without having to look at me. If she had waited I would carry on.

I returned a few minutes later, with my blindfold, collar and gag in hand. I turned the toothbrush off, yet still she hadn’t moved. I wasn’t sure if she had frozen in fear, or was enjoying it. I hoped for the latter. I climbed on the bed, above her head, and pushed it forward, giving me room to put the collar on. Still no objection. I was then torn on whether to put my gag in and swap her blindfold for one that would definitely stop any vision. 

But it was then that I noticed her phone next to her. A short video of me from earlier was playing on loop. I decided that unless she said otherwise I would carry on my fun. Again I lifted her head, this time so she couldn’t see me, and removed her blindfold, quickly swapping it for my own, buckling and padlocking it at the back. I then went for the gag. I pushed it against her lips, but her mouth didn’t open. I panicked thinking I had fucked up and misread the situation, before I realised she still had the keys in her mouth. I gentle pulled them, and she opened up. She was back to breathing heavily and I wondered what was going through her brain.

Impulsively I lent in and licked the inside of her lips, whispering how she was mine, even though she couldn’t hear me. I carefully got off the bed, and went back to get the rest of my toys. As I once again walked into her room, I couldn’t resist her body any more. She shook her pelvis, I assumed asking for a sexual release. But she wouldn’t get it yet. I had spent years imagining what I could do to her, and what she could do to me, and I wasn’t going to let it slip. I stripped naked, feeling the cool air against my skin, and let my erection stick out before me. It was a good size, though I had never measured it, it was obviously above average.

I quickly straddled her, a pushed my dick deep into her throat. At first she gagged and pulled back, out of surprise. I pulled back slightly to let her get herself together, but left it in her mouth. Nothing happened for a moment, and I slapped her tit. Immediately she started sucking as best she could with the gag on. Everytime she slowed I slapped her again, until at last I squirted my load straight down her throat. My dick was going flaccid but as I pulled out I felt her try to lean after it. I smiled, knowing she was enjoying it. 

Now that I wasn’t battling with the urge to fuck her, I decided she needed a new position. I carefully twisted her onto her side and locked a chain to her handcuffs, and then attached that to the end of her bed, pulling her hands downwards. I then put my leather wrist cuffs on her and attached a chain to each of them. Undoing her left hand from her cheap cuffs I quickly pulled the chain up to the top left bedpost and locked it in, pulling her tight. I then did the same with the right hand. Though this meant the left slacked slightly as more room was created with the new position, so I went back and padlocked that arm tight. 

She struggled a bit to get comfortable in her new position, but she couldn’t move anywhere. I had already got my pleasure, and in this situation, I probably could have gone again almost straight away. But I had work in the morning. I sighed knowing I should really wrap it up and end the fun.

Though not before I finally got a proper look at her tits and snatch. I left the room and returned for the final time, though now I had scissors. I stroked the metal up her exposed belly, making her shriek softly. Slowly but surely I cut away her top, letting her tits bounce out. Immediately i was erect again and started to let myself get off to her perfect tits. I shot my load over them, again making her jump and shriek.

Next was to see her snatch. I wondered if it was shaven. Again, it flashed through my brain that I shouldn’t, but at this point if she was against this happening I was fucked anyway. So I leaned close and licked the juices from her panties, she pushed her hips upwards trying to get more from me. I grinned at that. I wasn’t going to fuck her though, I wasn’t ready for a third round. So I cut her underwear off, and stuffed the wet fabric in her gaping mouth. I then picked up the female chastity belt I had brought.

The belt itself was made of metal, and was a perfect fit as I test closed it around her waist and legs, so there would be no room for her to escape. Before I locked it up properly, I jammed in a remote vibrating egg, that I could keep the controls too. I decide to leave it on random bursts as I locked it away inside her.

“Sorry Emily, I have to sleep. I will let you out in the morning though!” I said loudly for her to hear. She started to shake her head, but I knew she just wanted more playtime. I yelled my goodnights, and returned to my room. Before I could sleep I jacked off again. And then fell into a great sleep with dreams as good as the night had been.

The next morning I woke up, had a shower and cleaned my teeth. After a quick breakfast, I decided I really ought to let Emily go. I suddenly feared again that I had gone too far. She had a video of me, but never actually did anything. 

I opened the door to her room and immediately noticed a few things. The vibrator had ran out of battery, she had pushed the panties out her mouth and she had peed herself during the night. I quickly ran to her, pulling the ear plugs out, apologising constantly. I felt sick. She grunted to get the gag out, which I did, but her voice was a croak. I ran to get water for her to drink, and noticed the line of tears. At this point I was already running late for work, and I couldn’t bring myself to look into her eyes. I ran to my room and got the key with the string attached, and tied it round her thumb, so she couldn’t lose it. I told her I had to go, and rushed off, letting Emily deal with the predicament herself. Of course I felt worse through the day, but also kept flinching every time the door opened at the office. What if she stormed in? What if she sent the police?

I didn’t go straight back, knowing she would get home about the same time as me, if I did. Instead I went shopping to restock the food I had eaten their, and to buy her a present. I picked out a cute teddy bear, knowing in reality it wouldn’t be enough if she hated me, but at least it delayed the problems.

I walked in to the house, and noticed the TV was off. I walked to my bed to pick up my stuff and leave, but as I did I noticed a note on my pillow. Telling me to go to her room. I groaned, but knew I should, no, had to go. I knocked and entered. She was sitting at the end of the bed twirling the collar in her hands. 

An awkward silence filled the room. She was wearing a simple outfit. Loose black jeans and a light green jumper. I sat down next to her. Even now, I caught the scent of her perfume and her makeup, and I couldn’t help getting aroused. I opened my mouth to apologies, and as I did, she rested her head on my shoulder. My heart leapt. I quickly put an arm around her and pulled her into a hug, which she returned.

After what seemed like an age, she looked up at me, and I was once again drawn into her emerald eyes. 

“Why didn’t you let me go?” she whispered, still searching my eyes. It felt like she could see into my brain and I knew that if I lied she would se straight through it.

“I’ve crushed on you since we first met” I said with a hollow voice, “I know you saw me tied up and were playing the video whilst doing it to yourself, so I hoped you felt the same”. My normally bright blue eyes felt like they had dulled, still scared that I might lose her.

“It sounds dumb, but I thought I had caught you staring at me several times” she shrugged, her face flushed red as she thought about the situation she had been in. I wanted to interject, and tell her how much I had loved it, but I needed to hear her say it first.

“I won’t look again, I swear it. I don’t know why I did that last night, but if you said ‘no’ I would have stopped” I tried to sound earnest. I was giving her an out. A chance to say that she didn’t want it again, that she didn’t enjoy it. But instead she flushed even deeper red.

“I didn’t say not to do it again!”, she stated bluntly, making me gawp. She leaned up, and softly licked my ear and then nibbled it. Emily whispered she still had the chastity belt on. I could hardly believe this was happening, but I wasn’t going to start asking questions now.

I decided to cook dinner for us both. All the time discussing what we liked and didn’t like. It turns out we had quite similar interests, though I pointed out that if she planned to piss herself again, we should put down latex sheets. I told her about a few extra toys I had at home. I didn’t want to say some of the stuff, amongst other things I kept my women clothing, anal hooks and needles as a secret. There was enough time for her to learn the basics before I scared her off. I told her that I quite like to be the sub too, which she smiled at the thought. Finally I went through safety precautions with her. If I wasn’t there, who knows how she would have gotten out, or who would next come into the house.

We didn’t do anymore bondage that week. At least I didn’t. I let her keep the vibrator I had left in, and I would occasionally hear her using it with the cuff chain jingling. However I didn’t press it, the images of the first night stayed with me, filling my nights with pleasant dreams and distracting me during the day.

On my last day there, I waited for her to return home from work. She was running late, but I knew I had to say a proper goodbye. She walked in with a carrier bag. I had been shopping recently so I knew it wasn’t groceries. Before I could ask she told me to turn around and close my eyes. I complied, and waited patiently. The bag rustled and I suddenly I felt a blindfold cover my face and be buckled at the back. I went to comment and she slapped my face, hushing me. I nodded my yes.

She then slipped on her pair of cheap handcuffs, and locked them tight enough to be unescapable. Next I was turned around to face her, my heart beating faster than I thought possible. She undid my belt and pulled my trousers and boxers down. I was already stiff at this point, but instead of the pleasure I expected, I was pinched a few times. My dick immediately started to soften, and then something metal encased it. I started to ask what it was, but she slapped my balls making me wince into silence. I heard a padlock click, not one of mine, so she must have bought it specially.

I gulped and licked my lips, knowing she had power over me. It felt so good! Suddenly her mouth came up to mine and we kissed, it was long and passionate and I suddenly felt sad that I was going to have to leave. I wasn’t sure whether it was to my relief or horror, when I felt Emily pull up my boxers and trousers, and re-buckle my belt. I let out a quiet sigh of disappointment as my hands were released and the blindfold removed. I stood outside her house, rubbing my wrists, wishing for more. But I had to go.

“I’m free next weekend, starting Friday evening!” She shouted as I walked down the driveway, “And I have the only set of keys!” followed by a girlish giggle. I wondered what she meant till I sat in my car and remembered the feeling of metal. I took a quick peak and realised there was an open end Houdini Chastity device on my dick. I would be able to go toilet, but nothing else until I returned to her for the key to a surprisingly strong padlock. 

On my drive home, I was already planning what to bring the next weekend. 


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