Mutual Masturbation

Mutual Masturbation


We had arranged to both dress up in items of our choosing and to play a few sexy games. Missy had gone up stairs and I was in the front room getting ready. I had decided to play along at her own game and dress up in a more personal fetish style as she knows how much I like it we had just never discussed it much before the revenge saga. I was quite shocked myself as to how much I liked the feel and the painful sensations it gave me.


Anyway I put on my outfit and moved in to the lounge and waited for her to come downstairs. I was hoping to hear the sound of some stiletto shoes coming down the stairs and she didn’t disappoint me. I close my eyes as I hear her take the first few steps to see if I can work out in my head what shoes she is wearing. I think they are quite how as the sound is quite heavy. My groin twitches at the thought of them.


Missy comes through the lounge door and I am shocked at how sexy and kinky she looks. I can see she has really thought about this night. I almost forget about what I am wearing in the confusion but she looks at me and smiles. This settles me as I was quite nervous about what she might say. Not many women in the world if any would put up with me and what I like to say, wear and do!


She comes over to me and stands in front of me. I look her up and down eagerly trying not to burst at the site of her. She is wearing a full length black dress with a slit up one side of her which goes almost up to her hip. This reveals her stocking tops which I wouldn’t know she had on without it. I can see her breasts are looking much larger than normal so a push up bra is being worn. She has a necklace around her neck which dangles down in between her cleavage, sparkly earrings and beautifully crafted make-up. The stockings are barely black which she knows are my favourite as they feel nice but they also show up all the muscle movements as well as the bones and accentuated features. On her feet she has a lovely pair of platform stiletto shoes which are patent black and look stunning. I look back up at her and give her a big sexy kiss on the lips in appreciation. She looks back at me and I stand a bit further back so she can have a good look.


What am I wearing! Well that is a bit of an embarrassing confession really. I love wearing stiletto shoes as they hurt and I enjoy, no love the pain, especially if there is more to come later. Stockings and tights in all forms make me feel sexy as they are soft and cling to your body like a second skin. Basically I am a bit of a tart without actually being one if that makes any sense. Probably not as most of me and my life doesn’t anyway!


Missy looks me up and down and seems to approve in some weird kinky kind of way. I am wearing a white shirt and black trousers with a pair of black tights underneath and black patent stilettos on my feet. You can just see the both of the latter as when I stand the heels are high enough to lift my trousers by a couple of inches or so revealing a bit of toe cleavage at the same time.


I light a few candles and pour a drink for us both. We sit down on the floor opposite each other and in front of the fire. Missy is sitting with her legs around her body and to one side. I stick my legs out in front of me and without stabbing her with a heel I place one shoe either side of her. At the same time I tell her to do the same but her legs go over the top of mine. Looking down at her legs and with my drink in one hand I can’t help myself but to run my other hand along the top of her leg. The stockings feel so soft against my skin and it instantly turns me on. I do it again but a bit harder and push some of the material along which stretches and then springs back in to place. I go all the way up to her knee pushing up her dress as I go then I run a single finger back down again all the way to her ankle. Grabbing it hard she smiles at me so I give it a good hard squeeze. She twitches and pulls away slightly so I pull it back towards me.


Missy grabs my ankle and starts to do the same with each hand and finger in turn. I get goose pimples all up and down my legs as she does so. She continues to run a finger and nail across the top of my stockinged foot. I smile at her so she carries on. Next she runs the finger down into the gap in between my high arch and the shoe towards the sole of my foot. I twitch as it tickles but I love it and she knows it. Pushing hard she forces all her fingers in to the gap and gives my foot a squeeze while it is still in the shoe.


Finishing our drinks I tell her I want to watch her pleasuring herself. She agrees and grabs her skirt with both hands and starts to slide it slowly up her legs. I watch intently as she does so gradually revealing her thighs then her black knickers in turn.


Holding on to her knickers she pulls them down while lifting her arse off the ground at the same time. Sliding them slowly down her thighs towards me I help by lifting her legs up in the air. I can see her sexy pussy as I do so which instantly makes my blood start to flow to my pulsating cock. Taking over I pull her knickers down her calves and over her feet and shoes. Throwing them to one side she places her legs back on top of mine and starts to touch herself.


She starts by running her hands and fingers around her legs, over her body and around her breasts. She looks so sexy and erotic with every move she makes I find it difficult not to join in but I am going to watch at least for now even if it kills me. She continues to fondle herself all over, pinching her nipples which I can see clearly even through her bra and dress. Reaching down to grab her dress she slides it up, under her arse and then up her body and over her head. Throwing it to one side she looks at me for encouragement. I say a few sexy words and ask her to continue and she does.


We decide that I cannot touch her while she is fondling herself but she can touch me which will be reversed later when it is my turn. Carrying on she touches the outside of her pussy gently teasing around her clit and inner thighs. By this point I am really turned on but I have no idea what is to come and the no touching rule is proving very difficult to adhere to. She licks her finger and then puts it inside her pussy and starts to tease it in and out. All the time she is smiling at me and keeping constant eye contact.


Suddenly from out of nowhere she lifts up her foot and gestures it towards me as if it is a present. I state that I can’t touch her but then she points out that technically touching her shoe wouldn’t be touching her anyway! She doesn’t want me to do that yet anyway as she has other ideas.


She asks me to undo my shirt and then places the heel on my chest and digs it in leaving a red mark behind. Moving the shoe around she creates a dot to dot puzzle on my chest. I can’t say in any way that I don’t like it but sometimes I am just surprised by what she comes up with. It’s as if she can read my mind and that is something that I wouldn’t suggest a lot of people to do. Moving the shoe down she pushes it in to my thighs. I wince a little as it digs in to my skin. It can be quite a surprise as to how sharp the heel of a shoe can feel. After a few more jabs she then pushes it in to my groin. I feel a sharp stabbing pain on my cock which almost feels like a cut from a knife. Pulling the shoe away she lifts it up to my face and asks me to take it off.


I stare at the shoe in front of my face and then oblige by sliding it off. Oh how I love that noise and the smell of the leather is just too excruciating to bare. I place the shoe to one side and she moves her stockinged foot down my chest. Stopping to grab each nipple in turn with her toes she continues towards my hardened cock. Grabbing it through my trousers I can feel it throbbing. It’s almost as if it is calling me to let him out. I unzip my flies and undo the button. Releasing him from his chains he bursts out and is instantly met by her foot. I can feel the sweat and heat coming from her beautiful sexy foot through my tights as she plays with my cock as if it is a plaything. The blood rushing through my body almost takes my breath away. I lean back on both my arms and let her do her thing. She grabs my cock between her toes and starts to rub up and down my shaft. I can feel the material being dragged along with them. It feels so soft and sexy being rubbed up and down my cock. I’m in heaven!


While all this is going on she is still playing with herself at the same time. I can see she is getting hot and sweaty with all this action. Looking at her pussy I can see that she is now very wet and I am flattered to have had a part in this. I am quite surprised as to how confident she has been I thought she was going to struggle. It’s amazing just how wrong you can be sometimes.


Breathing heavy and starting to get louder and louder she asks me to suck her toes. I reply I would love to despite the rules. Some are obviously made to be broken and this one just happens to be one of those. Lifting the foot up to me I place my lips around her toes. Licking and sucking I quickly make the stockings very wet. With the occasional nibble and bite I try to get as many in my mouth as I can. Luckily as she has very small and sexy feet I can actually get all five in at one go. Concentrating on what I am doing and yet listening to her at the same time I can tell that she is going to come soon so I suck and bite as hard as I can. Out of the corner of my eye I can see her moving with a rhythm as she plays with her pussy and gets faster and faster. She suddenly lets out a massive groan and stops playing with herself so vigorously. Her foot tenses in my mouth so I suck it gently and then release it. She pulls her sopping foot back towards her and places it on the floor. Catching her breath she looks straight at me, smiles and asks how it was. I struggle to put into words just how sexy and exciting I found it but I try my best and tell her. I lean forward and plant a massive soppy kiss on her luscious lips. I then place her shoe back on her foot and pour her another glass of wine. She leans back, closes her eyes and has a relaxing well earned drink. I just sit there and look her body up and down. Love it!


Now it’s my turn so I finish un-buttoning my shirt and slide it off my shoulders and down my arms. Reaching down I pull my trousers under my arse being careful not to take my tights with them. I then lift my legs out from under hers and place them on top being careful not to stab her. I start to rub my groin while looking straight at her. I can feel my tights are damp from when she played with me earlier. My cock is getting hard so I suddenly have a brain wave and reach out for her foot. I slide her shoe off and grabbing the tights around my groin I proceed to rip a whole in them. This releases my cock in to the open so I wrap my hand around it and start to wank myself off.


Looking up at her I lift my foot up to her face and tell her to start licking the heel of my shoe. This she does and I watch as she slides her lips and mouth up and down. Pulling the entire heel out of her mouth she holds it in front of her and licks the end with her tongue as if it was my cock. I can feel my pain as she does this. So sexy!


Holding my shoe in her hand she kisses and licks all around the outside before she decides to slip it off and cradle my foot in her hands. Running her finger down the sole I twitch as it tickles. I ask her to do it again and she does so if a bit more vigorously this time. I decide that I would like her to tie me up and tickle and pain my feet for me one day but that is another thought for another time. Continuing on she starts to bite and nibble my foot before turning her attention to my toes. They are a bit tender now but that is good as it makes them more sensitive to her touch. She licks one at a time before placing them all in her mouth at once. I can feel the warmth and wetness of her tongue as she sucks them. The material is sticking to my foot and toes as it gets wetter and wetter from her love.


I am trying my hardest to wank myself but it can be very difficult to do so when someone is doing something that you find so sexy. That’s how weird I am! I am not only obsessed with her feet but I am also obsessed with mine. What are the chances!


She stops and puts my shoe back on before putting my leg back down. She then picks up my other shoe and places it in-between her legs towards her pussy. I can just about feel her wet pussy through the leather of my shoe as she pushes it in and out of her groin. She leans back and pushes her arse forward to make it easier to get it in further. I can’t believe she is fucking my shoe and I am struggling to keep control of myself.


Trying to wank myself off and watch her at the same time is difficult enough let alone the fact that she is getting really turned on with fucking my shoe. I can see her cum glistening on the top of my shoe which is flowing over on to my stockinged toes. I can feel them getting wetter and wetter as she gets more and more violent with it. I grab hold of her ankle to steady myself with my spare hand which just seems to make matters worse. She is starting to get quite loud now and I am not sure how much longer I can hold on.


It turns out not much longer at all but then I didn’t need to as she grabs my shoe so hard and holds it inside her pussy as she cums all over it as if she is having a piss. I have never seen her cum so much but at the same time I am so pleased and flattered that she has. She looks up at me and looks quite embarrassed. Completely forgetting about myself I sit up and lean forward. I give her a massive hug and a kiss to reassure her it is ok. She smiles, kisses me back and says that she loves me. I reciprocate and hold her tightly against me.


After a while we separate and she says to me that I haven’t cum. I reply that I know but I got completely lost in the moment and forgot. I was so proud of her for feeling she could do what she did that it completely slipped my mind. She insists that I do and what did I want from her. I am still in a bit of a shock but you sucking me off would be nice.


Without saying a word she sits up a bit, folds her legs behind her and crawls towards me, her face heading towards my groin. Burying her head in my groin she starts to suck my cock in to her mouth. I slowly lie back as she does so and concentrate on the feeling. My mind slips back to what we had previously done and it doesn’t take me long to cum my load in her mouth. She keeps sucking as if hungry for more. When I have given her all I can I lift her head and pull it towards me. Giving her a big kiss on the lips she lets herself go and lies on top of me. I can feel her weight but the pressure is nice. She runs her shoes over the tops of my feet as we embrace, kissing each other. I can feel myself getting hard again!


SAH 17.12.10



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