Help Chapter 2

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08 Oct. '21

Help Ch. 2


By Ray Dario ©


Chapter 2: Carl

Ann was pregnant; pregnant and very happy. It had been five months since she, and her husband Mike, had met with Paul in a hotel room. Paul had fucked her wildly with Mike right there watching, in fact in the end Mike had even licked her cum filled pussy. That first meeting had began all about getting her pregnant. Mike's sperm count prevented him from being fertile, so he had given her this baby the only way he could, a donor. By the time it had ended both Ann and Mike had known that their lives had taken a wonderful new turn.

There was no doubt that Ann loved Mike. She loved him as she could love no other and he loved her the same way. They were still passionate and still had sex almost every night. Mike loved licking her pussy and Ann loved for him to lick her. The variety of their sex life had improved too. Before Paul, Ann would have never considered sucking Mike's cock or letting him fuck her ass or any other wild sex act. Now her attitude had changed and they both had benefited. She had been afraid, though, that as her pregnancy progressed Mike would lose interest in having sex with her. She had been wrong, if anything, her condition and distended stomach had only improved their sex life.

All Mike had to do was look at her and the memory of her moaning and thrashing as Paul fucked her would fill his mind and instantly make his small cock jump. And when they talked about the first time, that sweet wonderful first time, he would cum without even touching her. Not that he neglected her at all. No he always took the time to make sure she came, again and again. Eating her swollen pussy, using his tongue and fingers to bring her to blissful orgasm. Sucking and gently biting her clit and her engorged lips or using his tongue to lick and caress her sweetly puckered asshole.

Ann, too, had that constant reminder of how it felt to be fucked by a truly huge cock. Each time she saw her growing belly her mind would play the scene out, ending with her husband licking Paul's cum from her pussy. She could almost orgasm just thinking of that and she wanted to experience it again. In fact she needed to experience it again, longed for it, craved it, but since their last meeting with Paul neither she nor Mike had pushed for her to have sex with another man.

Ann shook the reverie from her head and looked outside. It was a beautiful summer day, not too hot but certainly not cold. She thought about putting on her swim suit and heading down to the beach, but her suit no longer fit her properly. Not just her belly had grown. Her breasts were two cup sizes larger now and her ass had filled out as well, but physical fit was just one of the ways her old one-piece outfit no longer fit her. She had grown beyond the conservative look it presented and wanted something more adventurous.

"What I need is a new suit." She thought and then smiled, grabbed her purse, and looked in the mirror. She was wearing a maternity blouse that buttoned up the front and a loose fitting pair of pants, hardly stylish but functional. Her hair was black and long, nearly touching her rounded ass, and her face, almost pixyish with her cute button nose and full lips, had the perpetual glow of pregnancy. She smiled into the mirror and hurried out the door.

Two hours later she was back home. She couldn't believe she had gone ahead and bought the bikini. She went into the bedroom and put it on. As she turned this way and that in front of the mirror, seeing the way her bare belly stood out even farther than her, now very large, breasts. The bikini top barely covered her tits, apparently they had grown more than she thought. Her nipples too were getting larger and firmer and now she realized that the thin material was not enough to keep them suppressed. They were sticking out prominently. She turned to look at the back of the suit. The bottoms were almost a thong and the material had already pulled up between her rounded cheeks, leaving her ass bare except for a very thin strip down the center. Turning again she studied the front. Her pussy area was hard to see from her angle because of her large belly but in the mirror she could still tell that her swollen pussy lips filled the material sexily. Just looking at herself this way was getting her hot and she could see a small, but clearly visible, wet spot forming between her legs. "Damn that's sexy." She thought and laughed. God she was horny.

Just then she heard the garage door start opening and knew that Mike was home. She smiled and decided to greet him like this. She knew he would like it. She went into the living room and waited for her husband. "Ann, I'm home." Mike called from the small hallway leading to the garage.

"I'm in the living room!" Ann shouted back, imagining the wild sex scene about to happen as he came in and saw her in her tiny bikini. With her imagination running wild, she struck a sexy pose and waited.

Ann smiled when she saw her husband come around the corner into the living room. His mouth dropped open and his eyes popped wide when he saw her standing there. The wet spot between her legs had grown and Mike could easily see it from the doorway. He stared at his gorgeous wife for almost a minute and then a sound behind him brought him out of it and an evil smile spread across his face.

"Honey, I'd like you to meet Carl." He said and stepped out of the way to let a tall black man enter the room.

Carl was well over six feet tall and thickly muscled. His deep ebony skin contrasted wonderfully with the ivory white of his well kept teeth. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown and when he saw Ann they crinkled up in a huge smile. Ann shrieked in terror at the sight of the other man and she tried to cover herself with her arms and hands, but there was just too much of her to hide. She had wanted to be adventurous but had not been prepared to show off so quickly.

Mike laughed at her antics and then walked over to her and put his arm around her gently. "Don't be embarrassed honey." He said softly, "Carl doesn't mind seeing you like this. Do you Carl?"

"Hell no!" Carl shook his head emphatically.

"Well I'm just glad I wasn't waiting for you naked, ready to jump your bones." Ann said as she realized how turned on it was making her to see this big black man obviously staring at her nearly naked body.

"Hmm, I'm not so sure that I am." Mike whispered into her ear as he slid his hand down over her round ass.

Ann squealed at his touch and ran for the bedroom. She quickly pulled one of Mike's shirts on over her bikini and then paused as she reached for her maternity pants. Something in her made her hesitate as a wicked idea wormed it's way from her pulsing cunt into her brain. She blushed, but dropped the pants and then buttoned just the center two buttons on the shirt before walking back out to living room.

"Oh you're back." Mike said, eyeing her new outfit with obvious delight. "Honey, this is Carl. I know I've mentioned him to you before. Carl this is my wife, Ann."

"Hi Ann, nice to meet you." Carl's voice was a deep baritone, rolling from his chest like soft thunder at the end of a storm.

Numbly Ann offered her hand to Carl and blushed when he took it and bent down to lightly brush his lips on her knuckles. "So, uh, Carl, Mike has told me quite a bit about you." She shot a condemning look toward Mike, "Just not that you were coming over today." She feigned disapproval but she was surprised at just how wet her pussy was.

"Sorry about that Ann. I just didn't think. We were sitting around the office and Carl told me that his wife was out of town for the week so I invited him over for supper." Mike leaned over and kissed Ann on the cheek.

She smiled and quickly grabbed his head to give him a passionate kiss on the lips that left them both breathless and Carl a little embarrassed. "It's okay dear, but I haven't even started supper."

Mike shot a shit eating grin at his wife. "Tell you what. I'll do a little magic with some chicken while you keep Carl company."

Mike had always been a good cook, actually better in the kitchen than Ann, so she really didn't think too much about his offer. "Sounds wonderful. Hey Carl would you like a beer?"

"Sure, whatever you got is fine with me." Carl's deep baritone sent shivers down Ann's spine and she paused, staring at him, for a few seconds before she followed Mike into the kitchen.

As soon as they reached the kitchen Ann grabbed Mike and pushed him against the wall, kissing him wildly. He responded quickly and let his hands make their way to her full breasts. He massaged her gently but firmly for a few seconds before reaching down over her belly to gently rub her pussy through her soaked bikini bottoms. Feeling how wet she was drove him farther and he slid down the wall until he rested on his knees in front of her.

Ann put her hands on the wall to balance herself and raised one leg to allow him better access to her dripping cunt. He leaned forward, roughly pulling the thin material out of the way, and pushed his face hard onto her throbbing pussy. As soon as she felt his tongue slide into her she wrapped her raised leg around his head and used it to press his face harder into her aching sex. He slid his hands up her firm legs and onto her full ass as his tongue attacked her pussy. He worked her like this for a few seconds and then sucked her engorged clit into her mouth. This set off a tremendous orgasm in her and it was all she could do to keep from screaming as her body spasmed and shook.

Ann's cunt flooded his face, filling his mouth and dripping her juice down his chin. He continued to eat his wife's pussy through her long orgasm until, finally, she pulled her pussy from his face. She reached down and dragged him to his feet and kissed him hard on the lips, letting her tongue taste her own copious juices. When the kiss ended she smiled at him and reached down to straighten her bikini bottoms. They were soaked but she didn't care, she just tugged them back into place and then whispered into Mike's ear.

"Better not take too long fixing supper, lover, or I might have to eat something else." She roughly grabbed his small cock through his slacks.

"Just remember we have company." Mike said, smiling at her.

"Who do you think I'm going to eat?" Ann laughed at the first shocked and then aroused look that rushed over Mike's face. She grabbed a beer and a wine cooler from the refrigerator and sashayed back into the living room, giving Mike a hungry tigress look as she went.

"Everything okay in there?" Carl asked as he took the beer from Ann.

"Great. Mike is a great cook." Ann sat on the couch beside Carl, turning toward him so that their knees almost touched. "So where is your wife this week?"

"Nialia took the kids to her parents Monday. She's gonna stay a week and then leave the kids there and come home. I woulda gone, but I couldn't leave work this week." Carl's voice thrilled Ann in a way she couldn't explain even to herself. Just the sound of it gave her goose bumps and flooded her pussy.

"So you've been home alone all week?" Ann smiled at him.

"Yeah, but it ain't so bad. Gives me some time to myself."

The conversation kept going, with Ann and Carl finding that they really liked each other. Every now and then Ann would touch his leg or arm for a second and then pull back, each time she touched him her hand would linger a little longer. Carl was stunned by how beautiful Ann was and by her sitting so comfortably in front of him with just a button down shirt and bikini on. Every move she made gave him precious glimpses of her ample breasts and thighs and each time she touched him he felt his cock respond with an increasingly powerful jump. He had heard the soft moaning from the kitchen earlier and now he could smell her sex. He wondered if Mike had actually fucked her with him waiting for them in the living room or if maybe they had just kissed, like they had when Mike and he had first arrived.

Both of them were surprised and maybe even a little disappointed when Mike appeared at the doorway and announced that supper was ready. The three ate and talked and enjoyed each other's company through the meal. Mike was an excellent cook and Carl commented on it several times.

"Now I know how you caught such a beautiful girl as Ann here." Carl said when the meal was through.

"Oh, I'm not so beautiful just now." Ann said running her hands over her huge belly.

"The hell you ain't!" Carl said, "I have never seen a sexier woman than you are right now."

Ann blushed but was very pleased with the complement. Mike smiled and stood up.

"Why don't you two go see if there is a movie on TV while I clear off the table." Mike said winking at Ann.

Ann smiled and then took Carl's hand and led him back to the living room. As soon as they were out of Mike's sight Ann turned to Carl. "So you like the way I look?"

"Hell yeah. I've got four kids myself and I always thought my wife was sexiest when she was knocked up." Carl smiled looking at her. "I saw you when we first got here and all I could think was 'Damn'."

"Would you like to see me again?" Ann reached up and unbuttoned the top button on Mike's shirt leaving a single button holding it together.

"If I weren't Mike's friend, I'd take you right here. I can tell you are hot for me but damn I don't treat my friends like that."

From the doorway where he had been watching them, unseen, Mike said. "What if I told you it was okay?"

Carl spun like he had been shot. "Shit Mike, I'm sorry." Carl looked devastated, he hung his head and groaned. "I guess I better go."

"Calm down Carl, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm proud to call you my friend and I heard you say you wouldn't fool around with my wife because you were. But the question still stands, would it make a difference if I said it was okay?" Mike's face showed that he was sincere and not at all angry.

Carl looked at Mike and then looked over at Ann. She just stood there smiling with her hands on the next button, ready to reveal more of her body to him. Slowly a wide grin filled his face and he turned to Mike.

"You serious? You want her to show off for me?"

"Well of course it's up to her, but I think she would like to," Mike smiled, "and I think you would like it too." He pointedly looked down at Carl's crotch where it was obvious that his cock was beginning to harden.

"Shit! Okay, sure, I'd love to see what you got girl." Carl moved over and sat on the couch.

Mike quickly moved the coffee table out of the way and then followed Carl and sat on the other end of the couch, leaving space between them. Ann stood in front of the two men and started doing a sexy striptease. She released the last button holding Mike's shirt together in front of her breasts and then pulled it apart, sexily showing her bikini covered tits to the two appreciative men. She swayed in front of them, leaning forward and pushing her tits close to Carl's grinning face. Her nipples were fully erect now and the thin material in the bikini did nothing to hide that.

As she swayed and moved in front of him she slipped the shirt the rest of the way off, tossing it over to Mike. He deftly caught it without taking his eyes off her. Ann turned so that her back was to the men and spread her legs apart a little. She pushed her nearly bare ass to within inches Carl's face, and bent over as far as her large belly would allow.

Carl could clearly see her very wet and pouty pussy lips through the thin bikini bottoms, but no hair poked out. He very much wanted to lean forward and lick her sweet white cunt, but he was still unsure just how far Mike and Ann wanted this to go. Maybe she was just going to cock tease him a little and then leave him with blue balls. He hoped not, but knew he would not push it, no matter what. He would just let them make all the moves.

"Honey, I think Carl would love to see your nipples, don't you?" Mikes voice cut between the silence that had settled over the three when Ann began her dance.

Ann turned to Carl and smiled. "Would you like to see my titties? Would you like to suck them?"

"Shit!" Carl groaned. "Oh yeah." His cock was fully hard now and painfully straining against his slacks, but he didn't care, he desperately wanted to see Ann's tits.

She smiled and moved closer to him before reaching up behind her and sexily untying her top. She slid her hands forward, cupping her breasts seductively for a few seconds, and then pulled the top away from her breasts and tossed it to Mike. As soon as her breasts were free she moved forward again and climbed up onto the couch straddling Carl's legs with her knee's bent. She didn't sit on his lap, but remained kneeling and used her hands to offer her breasts up to him. He was a little too tall and had to bend over just a little to take her nipple into his mouth. Carl brought his hands up along her sides, feeling her soft warm skin, then took a milky white breast in each of his big dark hands. He sucked gently on her distended nipple, pulling it into his mouth and using his teeth to lightly bite and roll it.

Ann groaned loudly as his tongue began to flick and tease her erect nipple and she grabbed his head and pulled his mouth tighter onto her tit. "Oh yes, suck my titty. Your mouth feels so good. Suck it good Carl."

Mike moved closer beside them and reached out and untied the bikini bottoms slowly. First one side then the other came apart and then he slid them from between her legs, leaving her completely naked and revealing her freshly shaved pussy. He gently slid one hand between her spread legs and let one finger slip into her cunt, feeling how wet she was. When he pulled his hand back his finger was literally dripping with her juice and he raised it to his mouth and sucked her essence. Mike moved off of the couch and knelt behind his wife. He spread her sexy ass cheeks and then pushed his face deep into her crack, tasting her musky asshole.

Ann trembled at the touch of her husbands tongue and then moaned a hissing "Yessss" as he continued to lick and suck her. She bent her head down, pressing her lips to Carl's ear and whispered hoarsely. "I want your cock. I need your big black cock in my pussy. I need you to fuck me."

"Oh damn, you are one hot little bitch. I'm gonna fill your cunt like you never been fucked!" Carl couldn't believe it was happening but he sure liked it. He reached down and tried to unbutton his pants but Ann's belly was pressing hard into his chest and prevented him from reaching the buttons.

Ann realized the problem but she didn't want him to stop sucking her nipples so she moaned out. "Mike, help him get his cock out. I need his cock now. Oh fuck, help him fuck me please."

Without even giving it a second thought, Mike reached around his wife's sexy legs, fumbling around with his hands searching for Carl's slacks. He found the button and was easily able to unfasten it. Mike pulled Carl's slacks apart, forcing the zipper apart easily. Finally he decided he wanted to see what was going on so he pulled his mouth from his wife's ass and bent a little lower so that he could look between her spread legs. Now, able to see what he was doing, he tugged Carl's pants down and then off of his legs. He repeated the process with his friend's boxer shorts, freeing a thick black cock nearly twelve inches long and hard as a rock. Mike gasped when he saw how big his friend was. He didn't know if Ann could take that huge cock, but the thought of seeing her try was strongly erotic to him.

Carl couldn't believe that Mike was actually undressing him so that he could fuck his wife. To him the idea was bizarre. How could he even stand the thought of another man ramming his cock into her cunt? Trying to understand his friend, Carl pictured Mike fucking Nialia and found the image strangely erotic. He decided he would have to think about that later.


Ann strained to get her pussy onto Carl's throbbing prick but her belly was interfering again and she couldn't quite get the position right. Mike saw the problem and again, without thinking, he reached between her legs and grabbed Carl's cock. He pulled it into position and then watched as his wife slowly lowered her swollen pussy down onto his friend's huge black knob.

Carl had stopped sucking on Ann's nipples when Mike grabbed his cock. He was almost in shock and for just a second he thought he was going to lose his erection. Then he felt her pussy begin to push down over his cock and she was so tight and wet that he just accepted the situation and relaxed. Ann felt his cock sliding into her hot pussy and then an intense orgasm rocked through her body. He was huge! Bigger even than Paul, thicker at least. She couldn't see how long he was and she just had the tip inside her. Her orgasm wracked her body but she resisted the urge to throw herself down onto his magnificent cock, teasing herself and him she held still, feeling how his cock stretched her widening pregnant pussy. Finally her orgasm weakened and she once again began to push herself down onto his throbbing shaft. Down and down she went, slowly taking it into her cunt.

Mike saw his wife orgasm with just the head of Carl's monster cock inside her. He watched as her body shook and trembled and he just held the instrument of her pleasure as he watched. Then she began to slide down again, taking inch by inch of Carl's ebony dick into her bare white pussy. Mike was eager to see if she could take it all. He watched raptly as Ann continued taking inch after inch almost praying that she could.

Ann had more than ten inches of Carl's black meat in her pussy when she felt his cock push against something deep inside her. She still could not feel his balls on her ass so she knew he had more to give and she wanted it badly. She wanted all of his cock in her cunt. She paused for a second and then took a deep breath and pushed herself down hard. The head of his dick pushed deeper into her, sliding past her cervix, as she forced herself down all the way. She had never been this full, even Paul had not filled her this way. Ann screamed out with a mind blowing orgasm that roared through her body and ravaged her soul. Never had she come so hard. She began to bounce on Carl's thick ebony shaft, grunting and moaning with each down and up stroke.

Carl was mesmerized by the feeling of Ann's tight cunt around his cock, and by the sight of her full round white tits bobbing in front of him. He moved his huge black hands down to her milky thighs, supporting her and helping her keep her rhythm as they fucked. Neither of them were even aware of Mike, who had finally released Carl's cock, and was just sitting, staring at the awesome sight of his black friend's huge cock nearly ripping his wife apart.

Ann and Carl's tempo increased and Carl knew that he was going to come soon. He couldn't hold back any longer. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill your cunt with my cum. Oh fuck, I'm cummin'" His deep baritone voice filled the room.

Ann pounded her ass down hard, forcing his cock deep into her pussy and holding it there. She felt his thick fluid jet into her with amazing force as he came and came. Her pussy was quickly flooded with his sperm and then it began to flow out of her hot cunt and down over his balls. Both of them grunted and Ann pulled his head to her chest and held his face between her breasts as she relished the feeling of his cock filling her cunt to overflowing.

All to soon it was over and Ann whispered to Carl's ear. "Scoot forward a little. Let Mike lick your cum from your balls and my cunt while you are still inside me."

Carl had forgotten about Mike and was initially shocked at her suggestion. The thought was erotic to him though, and he decided to do as she wished. He thrust his hips out to the edge of the couch, letting Ann lean forward, and from his position behind her, Mike got the idea. He leaned forward and began to lick Ann's tight little asshole first and then made his way down to slurp Carl's white juice from where it was leaking out of his wife's still stuffed pussy. He lapped and lapped at her cock filled cunt, letting his tongue slide lower and lower along Carl's fat balls, licking up all of the cum he could find. Finally there was no more cum for him to lick up and he sat back and watched as his slutty wife slowly pulled herself up and off of Carl's softening cock.

Carl's big cock slid out of her cunt with an audible pop and then Ann spun herself around and over to sit on the couch beside her black lover. "Oh, Carl, that was the best fuck I've ever had. Your cock is simply magnificent."

"Glad you liked it. Your pussy is the sweetest white cunt I've ever had." Carl smiled at the sexily rumpled pregnant woman sprawled beside him.

Mike stood up and then sat down beside his wife. He leaned over and kissed her slowly. She returned his kiss and it became passionate. When the kiss broke all three of them smiled at each other happily.

Carl glanced at his watch and noticed the time. "Shit! Nialia is gonna kill me if I ain't home when she calls." He said reaching for his pants. "Sorry to fuck and run but she calls every night around eleven to make sure I'm behavin'." Carl laughed a deep hearty laugh.

"No problem Carl, we are probably just gonna go to bed now anyway." Mike grinned at his friend.

Carl returned the grin and finished buttoning his pants. Mike walked him out through the garage.

"Uh, Carl ." Mike looked uncomfortable.

"Hey Mike, don't worry, everything is cool." Carl said, sensing what Mike was worried about. "But don't think I'm gonna be letting you screw my wife now okay?"

Mike smiled, now at ease and assured that Carl was okay with what had happened. "Maybe I could just lick her after you fucked her?"

"In your dreams boy, in your dreams!" Carl playfully slugged Mike in the shoulder and then drove off toward his home.

Mike walked back into the living room and saw Ann laying sprawled out on the couch. Her pussy was red and stretched below her huge rounded belly. Her breasts were red and had rough teeth marks on the nipples where Carl had sucked on them. Her eyes were closed and her face was as peaceful as the baby she was carrying inside her. Mike swelled with pride and love for his wonderful wife and just stood there admiring her beauty.



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