The Work Out 4

Info hondolane1949
03 May. '21

Jenn startled awake and for a moment she had no idea where she was.  It was twilight and she did not recognize the room.  As she lay there trying to sort everything out she realized that another body was snuggled up against her.  She turned slightly and when she saw Liz it all came back to her.  She was smiling at Liz when the trainer opened her eyes.  "Hi darling," said Liz."  "Did you have a nice little nap?"

Jenn caressed Liz's arm and said, "It was a wonderful nap because it was preceded by an amazing orgasm from you."  With that Jenn leaned into Liz and gave her a tender yet passionate kiss.  Their tongues touched.  They took turns sucking on each other's tongues as their hands glided up and down each other's bodies.  The scent of sex and female sweat was in the air and it only seemed to re-ignite the flame of passion between the two.  

Jenn became the aggressor, gently pushing Liz on her back.  Jenn put her arm across Liz's chest and a leg across her legs.  Liz could feel the dampness of Jenn's orgasm on her thigh as the women kissed.  Jenn began to make little kisses from Liz's mouth to her her cheek, to her ear, and down her neck.  Liz was really strarting to feel the arousal now as Jenn kissed down the outside of Liz's arm.  Down the forearm, wrist and back of her hand.  Jenn turned her hand over and sucked on each one of Liz's fingers.  Jenn ran her tongue across Liz's palm, and then worked her way up the inside of Liz's arm.  She raised the arm up and on to the pillow as she kissed, licked and nibbled Liz's armpit.  Liz let out a sigh of pleasure.  Jenn moved to the other side of Liz's body and did the same to the other arm.  

Jenn then lay on top of Liz and the two women kissed.  Both women were becoming aroused and as they kissed Liz reached down and spread Jenn's tush.  Before Liz could tickle Jenn's rosebud, Jenn began to kiss her way down Liz's body.  Jenn settled on Liz's breasts.  In turn alternating between her breasts, kissing, licking, and sucking on Liz's nipples.  As Jenn sucked on Liz's nipples Liz ran her fingers through Jenn's hair.  Liz was breathing deeply and moaning as Jenn began to kiss her way down her ribs to her belly.  She kissed and and stuck her tongue in Liz's navel.  She push her tongue in and out as though she was fucking Liz's navel and Liz was truly enjoying the feeling.  After giving her navel plenty of attention Jenn kissed her way down and just as she got to the top of Liz's thick bush, Jenn makes a detour and kissed down Lis's left thigh.  She kissed and licked her way down to Liz's knee and then moved over the right knee.  

Jenn slowly kissed and licked her way back up Liz's right thigh until she got to Liz's garden.  She moved her mouth and nose into Liz's bush and the hair tickled Jenn's nose.  Jenn did not move for a few moments just inhaling the scent of Liz's garden.  The scent was amazing.  Humid, hot , musky, pungent yet oh so inviting.  She then opened her mouth of covered Liz's flower.  

Liz pressed her hips up into Jenn's face and then felt Jenn's flat tongue on her lovely pink petals.  Liz had her first taste of a woman and she was thrilled by the scent and the taste.  She had tasted herself from time to time but never had she ever tasted this good.  She lapped up the nectar that was flowing out of Liz's garden.  It was amazing.  Her clit was swollen and large.  She flicked in with the tip of her tongue and Liz let out a gutteral moan.  

"Oh fuck, please don't stop.  I need to cum, NOW." said Liz.

Jenn flicked her tongue across Liz's clit again and she moaned loudly.  

When Jenn stopped Liz said,"Please don't stop.  I need this.  I have wanted this since the day I met you."

As Liz mumbled on Jenn pressed two fingers into Liz's pussy and then began to run her tongue up and back across Liz's clit.  Liz pulled her legs up and gave Jenn more access.  Liz's nectar was flowing down the crack of her tush and then Jenn inserted her pinky finger into Liz's rosebud.  Fingers moving in and out of her pussy, and rosebud.  Tongue flicking her clit and Liz cried out, "CUMMING."  Her hips bounced up and down, her pussy and rosebud spasmed around the fingers that had invaded her orifices.  Her whole body shook, the nectar flowed out totally soaking the bed and running down Jenn's arm.  

Liz kept waiting to come down from the pleasure but the orgasm just seem to be going on and on and then she realized she was having just one long continuous orgasm.  She couldn't stop cumming even if she wanted to.  It went on and on.  Heels digging into the mattress, toes curled, nipples hard as pebbles, body covered in sweat and the bed clothes soaked.  

Finally she began to return to earth.  The trembles were now little spasms.  While her nectar was still flowing the spasms in her pussy and rosebud had ceased.  Jenn did not move but kept placing little kisses all over Liz's garden.  Finally, liz's legs and arms fell limp.  It was like she was paralyzed.  She had never had an orgasm like that.  So intense, so long, and so completely satisfying.  

Jenn finally move from between Liz's legs and lay next to her trainer.  Jenn just held Liz and finally Liz regained her breath and said, "I have never had an experience like that.  I am afraid I have fallen in love with you."

Jenn gave Liz a tender kiss on the shoulder.  Liz continued, "So, if  you don't feel anything for me, please let me down gently."

Jenn kissed Liz's shoulder again and said, "You ever saw the movie Casablanca?"  Liz said, "Yes, but not for a while."

"At the end of the film Rick says to Louie, 'I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.' as they walk off together."

Liz looked at Jenn, caressed her cheek with her finger and said,"So what does that mean."

Jenn, kissed Liz's finger and said, "If means that you are stuck with me for a long, long time."  The two women smiled, kissed, and hugged.  



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