Desires - Master to Slave


I want to be your Master, and have you do as I command. I tell you to comply and the only answer you should give is "yes sir" and surrender yourself to me. Show me how bad you desire my romance and affection.

I start by telling you to lay on the bed and I blindfolding you as tie your hands and then your legs open wide for me to the bed. You at my mercy. I kiss your body gently and touch you everywhere. Nice and slowly. I massage oils into your skin and take my time exploring every inch of you.

Then I use a small rabbit vibrator on your clit leaving it in your panties as I touch you and lick your body some more teasing you ever so gently. I tell you, that you can only cum when I tell you to. Your response to me is “yes sir".

You feel the urge to release and scream but you feel me put my hand over your mouth and kiss your neck reminding you that I am your master. When I see you getting close to release, I stop. I begin teasing you just to get you to the very brink of cumming, then stop my actions. I let you catch your breath and relax then begin again.

I use a feather or rose on you barely grazing your perfectly sexy body, as I kiss your lips and work my lips all over you. You are loving the sensation with your blindfold and enjoying the pleasure I'm giving you as my sexy slave surrendering to me.

You feel me moving your thong to one side licking your clit, slowly making a circle with my tongue, kissing your inner thigh and kissing you all over and ever so passionately as you're whole-body trembles with pleasure. I reward your good behavior by removing your blindfold and I tell you, "I want you to see this", as you watch intently as I slip two fingers inside you as I maintain I contact. Then, I use nipple clamps on your nipples. You nervous at first that it will hurt but instead say "yes sir" curiously excited. Telling me, "I'll do whatever you wish master." I fasten them to you exciting you more as I am pouring hot oil on your body to heighten the heated sensations throughout your senses and get you craving more.

As your excitement increases, I show you a horse crop that I will have with me as well. I will guide it along your body seeing the excitement in your eyes and your reaction to it. Untying your ankles, I turn you over and spank you with it not painfully but enough your pussy drips and you are loving the naughtiness. Your thoughts twisting in your mind begging me for more with your body and saying it out loud with each moan you let out.

You feel me enter you hard and ready for you just as you have been aching for. You feel me inside and you beg me to let you release as I nibble your back and shoulders. I whisper to you, “not just yet baby”, as I continue to take what is mine frantically harder and harder with each thrust. I can tell you are aching to cum and can no longer take it and I tell you, "now baby and you cum for me good”. You feel your pussy moisten and the shear pleasure of total and complete release. You begin drenching my cock like a good girl then feel my cum rushing inside you deep filling you the way you love.


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