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02 Apr. '21

Jenna hadn’t gotten on well with her Mum ever since she cheated on her Dad three years ago.

Her Mum had started seeing the most sexiest man alive called Stewart and they had recently become engaged, he was forty-five had gorgeous blue eyes, and had the body of a Greek god.

  She fancied him the minute her Mum had brought him home to meet her, Jackie had moved into his house within a few weeks, Jenna absolutely refused to call him Stepdad since they were not married yet.

Nothing had happened between Jenna and Stewart yet but, that didn’t stop her fantasizing about him when she was in the shower or when she masturbated before bed, every part of her ached to be fucked into submission by him.


It was a gorgeous sunny morning, Jenna was staying at Stewart’s mansion because her apartment was being refurbished.

She had no work to do today so she had decided to lounge by the indoor pool all day and perhaps have a swim.

  Jenna went for a quick shower, then put on her polka dot bikini and grabbed her towel from the cupboard.

No one was around when she entered the living room, her Mum was at work thankfully and Stewart must have been too.

  Stewart was a famous rock star and was worth over five million pounds.

Jenna headed to the pool room, the smell of bleach and chlorine clung to the air like flies.

No one was around so she decided to lie on the sun lounger topless, the sun beamed through the patio doors, so Jenna slathered sun cream on her arms and breasts.

‘Want me to put some on your back?’ said a voice behind her.

  Jenna turned to see Stewart standing there shirtless, his body glistened with sweat, he must have been in the gym she thought to herself.

‘Sure ok, ‘was her reply as she lay on her back.

Stewart approached her and picked up the bottle off the table, he squirted some into his hands, sat on the edge of the lounger, and began to rub it into Jenna’s back.

  Her body began to tingle with his touch, she had dreamt about him touching her like this, she tried not to let out a moan of pleasure as his hand grazed the edge of her left breast.

‘I’m so sorry,’ said Stewart as he finished the task in hand.

Jenna sat up and turned over so her breasts were on full display, Stewart couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

If he was being honest with himself, Stewart had fancied her from the very first moment he had met her.

  She was twenty years younger with 34D breasts, a curvy figure, gorgeous blue eyes, and light brown hair.

‘I want you, Jen, you are so sexy,’ said Stewart as he leaned in to kiss her.

Jenna found herself kissing him back, he was such a good kisser, she could feel her heart beating like a drum as a familiar stirring started in her stomach.

 The kiss seemed to last a lifetime, after a while they broke apart.

Stewart couldn’t stop smiling at Jenna, he wanted to devour every inch of her right this minute but couldn’t as his fiancé was due home in the next couple of hours, and what he had planned would last longer than that.

‘I should go and get changed,’ said Stewart as he stood up.

  Jenna nodded as she glanced over and saw a semi-erection in Stewart’s trousers.

‘I better get dressed too, I’m meeting up with a friend in an hour.’

‘Just know that I want to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to sit down for a week,’ he replied as he helped her up.

‘Yes please,’ replied Jenna as she grabbed her things and headed back into the main part of the house.

  Jenna ran up to her room to get changed into her tartan skirt, black knee-length boots, and black jumper that made her boobs look bigger.

Stewart was sitting in the living room watching football highlights when she came back downstairs.

  She purposely walked past him to grab a bottle of water from the fridge, she loved to tease, Stewart grabbed a cushion and put it over his forming erection that had only just gone down after that kiss.

‘See you later,’ said Jenna then she blew him a kiss.

  Stewart needed to let out some of that sexual frustration, so he decided to have a wank before his fiancé came back home.

Jenna came back five minutes later as she had forgotten her phone when she saw Stewart wanking on the sofa it turned her on.

  Her hand wandered down her skirt and into her underwear, Jenna began to rub her swollen clit as she watched him wank his big cock.

Jenna tried not to let out a moan of pleasure but couldn’t help it, Stewart turned around to see her playing with herself.

‘Oh you naughty girl, ‘said Stewart as he continued to wank as he watched Jenna.

  Jenna’s eyes closed as her pleasure took over her body, she was so wet and horny that she needed to orgasm soon.

Stewart stopped what he was doing and walked over to her, he pushed her against the wall removed her hand, got on his knees, and started licking her wet pussy.

‘Oh fuck, Stewart don’t stop,’ she moaned as he continued the task in hand.

‘You taste how I imagined,’ he stopped to reply.

  After about five minutes, Jenna exploded her juices onto his tongue.

Stewart stood up and licked his lips, Jenna tidied herself up and kissed him on the cheek.

‘God, you are good at that.’

‘I want to do so much more to you,’ he replied as he spanked her ass.

‘I can’t wait,’ she replied as she headed back out after grabbing her phone.


It was five in the evening when Jenna came home, her Mum was in the kitchen cooking dinner, so she headed up to her room.

She could hear the showing running in the bathroom next door to her room, Jenna pictured Stewart naked and soaking wet.

  Thinking of that water running down his perfect body was making her horny again, she wanted to go look.

The door to the bathroom was open a crack, the room was filled with steam.

Jenna could see the shadow of his perfect body through the shower curtain, she could feel herself getting wet again.

  She really wanted to join him but thought it wasn’t a good idea in case her mother came in.

Jenna snuck back to her room and got into her vest top and pyjama shorts and decided to watch a naughty film, she flicked through Netflix and found one she watched often when she was horny and needed to masturbate.

  Her dildo-shaped vibrator was resting on her bedside table, Jenna grabbed it, took off her shorts, and set the vibrator to slow.

She began to run it over her clit which made her heart race, she let out a low moan as she inserted it inside her pussy and massaged her g spot.

‘Holy fuck,’ she screamed as it made her orgasm within minutes.

  Jenna grabbed a pillow to smother her sounds as she again screamed in pleasure.

After she had finished masturbating she changed the film to a comedy romance, she slipped her shorts back on a got under the duvet.

There was a knock on her door, she shouted to come in, it was Stewart.

‘Everything ok? I heard a scream.’

  Jenna nodded, ‘I thought I saw a spider, but it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.’

Stewart laughed he knew what she had been up to, he was drying off and getting dressed when he could hear the hum of the vibrator.

‘Are you coming down for dinner?’ he asked.

  Jenna shook her head, ‘not feeling that hungry right now.’

‘Ok angel,’ he replied as he then left her to her film.

Goodness she wanted him to fuck her right this minute, Jenna couldn’t wait for her Mum to go away for a business trip on Monday morning, it was Saturday today.

  Her Mum was going away for a week to Paris, Jenna was looking forward to having Stewart all to herself.

An hour or so later there was another knock at the door, Stewart was back.

‘Your Mum has gone to see her friend Angie, her boyfriend has just left her.’

Jenna held open the duvet so he could join her, Stewart slid in next to her, he was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt which defined his muscles perfectly.

  Stewart pulled her onto his lap and Jenna started grinding away on his forming erection, he pulled her closer so he could kiss her.

‘Oh princess, you are a naughty girl.’

‘I can feel you pushing against my pussy, I want you right now.’

  He winked at her as he lifted her up to pull down his shorts, his cock sprang to life.

‘Mmmmmm I love it,’ said Jenna as she pushed her shorts to one side and slid onto his cock.

‘Oh fuck you feel amazing, princess.’

‘Oh my goodness Stewart, fuck me harder.’

  Stewart rolled her over, so he was on top of her, Jenna rested her legs on his shoulders for better leverage.

She closed her eyes as he continued to fuck her hard and fast.

‘Am I better than my Mum?’

  He nodded, ‘much better princess.’

Stewart pulled up her top to see her pert breasts, he bent forward and took her left nipple into his mouth.

Jenna was so turned on it had been a while since she had been fucked like this, Stewart was a good lover.

‘Oh fuck I’m so close Stewart.’

He gave one last thrust and exploded deep inside her as Jenna came all over his cock, luckily she was on the pill.

‘That was amazing Jen, you are a naughty girl.’

‘You are a naughty guy,’ she replied as Stewart got off her and lay back down.

  Jenna got under the covers and started to lick and suck his still semi-erect penis, she loved giving blow jobs it was her speciality.

‘Oh fuck that feels good princess.’

‘Am I your dirty girl?’

‘Yes you are,’ he replied as she went back to sucking his cock.

  After about five minutes, Stewart exploded in her mouth, Jenna licked her lips and sat up, and lay her head on his chest.

Stewarts phoned buzzed on the side, it was his fiancé.

‘Your Mum isn’t coming home tonight.’

  Jenna grinned, ‘stay with me tonight if you want?’

Stewart nodded and disappeared under the cover, pulled down her shorts, and began to flick his tongue in and out of her pussy.

She grabbed his hair as he started to suck on her still swollen clit, she arched her back a little so he could reach her G-spot.

‘Oh Stewart,’ she moaned as she squirted into his mouth.

  Stewart came up for air and pulled her into his arms, she snuggled up to his chest and into his strong arms.





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