Now that I have gotten my wife involved with Alex, she is opening up and telling me more about her sexual escapades. One day, after we had a few drinks, I asked her if there were other guys, other than Tom (her second boss), Terrell and Charles, (the guy she had the three-year affair with).



She hesitated, and finally said yeah.  She went on to say that sometimes in my job, I had to do things that I didn’t like to do.  I asked her, what do you mean.  She replied, you know what I mean.  I asked her, how many times; she responded, I can’t remember.  I asked her, how many guys; she said several; (they were all vendors that had booths at the conferences that she puts on.)



She said now just listen to me; please do not get upset with me or judge me; try to understand the position I was in.  I listened.  (Note: In her current position, which she has been in for 15 years, one of her responsibilities as event planning which includes putting on the annual conference for a state agency.)



Following is a paraphrased compilation from my notes after much back and forth between me and my wife, over a period of weeks: 



I have been wanting to get this off my chest for a long time.  I did this for us and the boys.  When I took this position at the agency, the previous person was fired because of poor performance with the conferences.  After being in the position a year, I was sweating my annual evaluation.  My director said I did okay but he wanted to see a significant increase in the number of conference attendees.  I realized that in order to increase attendance you had to have quality speakers and entertainment in the evenings. 



Since the state agency cannot use funds for entertainment, I decided to reach out to a couple of vendors to see if they would open a bank account where vendors could donate funds for entertainment costs.  The fund was not growing, so I decided to start reaching out to vendors for donations.  When I was attending a conference in Atlanta, I saw Andrew, one of the vendors (he was the CEO of the company) that always has a booth at our conferences.  I approached him and told him that I had put together a budget for conference entertainment activities, and asked him if he would look at it to see what he would be willing to fund.  He told me to bring it over to his room after the conference sessions and we could discuss it.



After the sessions ended, he came up to me and said he would be in his room for at least the next hour.  I told him that I would bring the proposal up shortly.  I knock on his door, he gives me a cordial greeting, and we sit down at a table in his room.  I show him my proposal and budget amounts and ask him, how much of it would he be willing to do.  He studies it a while, then looks me in the eyes and says, let me ask you a question; how much would you be willing to do if I funded the entire budget.  I was taken aback by his comment, didn’t know what to say at first, so I told him let me think on it.  He said, that’s fine and I left.



I pondered what he said for a long while before I fell asleep.  I thought about it all during the day; in a way I was also excited that he wanted me.    He walked up to me at lunch and asked if I had made a decision.  I told him that I was still thinking about it and would let him know after the sessions ended. 


I made my decision; I knew that women sometimes use their bodies to get what they want; never thought it would be me. I would add a couple more items to the budget, and see if he would accept the revised proposal.  I was in a desperate position.  I knew I had to get conference attendance up; that if I didn’t, I would probably lose my job, that I really liked.  I was under a lot of pressure.  If he funded all of it, I would be assured that I could get what I wanted and I knew it would boost attendance.  After the sessions ended, I walked up to him and told me that I had made a few additions to the budget and if he wanted to look at it with the changes.  I was really nervous; believe he could tell it.  He smiles and said sure.  Let me see what you got; let’s go to my room.



We get up to his room and I hand him the proposal.  He isn’t saying anything, so I ask him, are you still willing to fund all of it.  He looks me in the eyes and asks, what are you willing to do if I fund all of it.  I stood there for what seemed like eternity, thought about walking out; thought about losing my job.  I walk up to him and give him a kiss and ask him if that answers his question.  (I asked her, just a kiss; my wife says, okay it was a passionate kiss.)  I step back as he smiles and goes to his brief case, pulls out his check book and writes me a check for the entire amount and hands it to me.  I put the check down on the table as he sits down on the sofa, and tells me, now it’s your turn. 



I walk up in front of him and start to slowly unbutton my blouse.  After I get my blouse off, I turn my back to him and ask him if he wanted to unzip my skirt; he does and it falls to the floor.  I pick it up and take my panty hose off.  I am standing there in front of him in my bra and panties.  He tells me to stand there a while; that he wants to absorb my beauty.  



Thoughts flash through my mind again as I am standing there; do I really want to do this; do I want to risk losing my job, what should I do.  I had mixed emotions, at the same time I was starting to get turned on; when he says, okay, take your bra off.  I was beginning to get really excited at the thought of what was to come next. I hesitated, then told him, why don’t you do the honors.  Andrew gets up and starts to reach around my back.  I tell him, the hook is in the front.  He fumbles around and finally unhooks my bra; opens it and says; my, beautiful, as my bra falls to the floor.  He kisses my boobs; he pulls my panties down; they fall to the floor.  He picks them up and throws them on the sofa.  We start kissing as he is fondling my boobs; he puts his hand on my tush and starts to finger me. 



This goes on for some time; he takes me by the hand and lays me down on the bed.  I noticed he had a very large bulge in his pants.  He gets undressed; his tool (my wife refers to penis as “tool”) is sticking out of his short.  It is slim, but my gosh it was long; bet it was almost a foot long, the head looked like a mushroom. He lays down beside me.  Neither of us are saying anything. 



He gets on top of me, looking me in the eyes.  He slowly sticks his tool into me, still looking me in the eyes as he gradually gets all of his tool into me and asks if I was okay.  Guess he wanted to be sure I could handle it.  I can feel his tool just throbbing inside of me; I told Andrew that it feels good, as he slowly starts to work me, I close my eyes and we get after it. I climax; Andrew keeps giving it to me; shortly thereafter, he shoots his wad inside me.  It felt really warm; I could feel his mushroom head throbbing inside me; I give him squeezes.  Andrew looks at me, smiles and says, you were spectacular.  




As we are laying there, he tells me that he has seen me at a number of conferences and always thought I was the prettiest and sexiest woman at the conference; that he never imagined me lying in bed with him.  He asks me if I was okay; I told him I was fine.  (At this point I tell my wife: Now be honest with me, you can’t tell me that you weren’t enjoying this too.  My wife tells me: I was a little nervous at first.  As I was undressing, I had mixed emotions; thought about tearing up the check and leaving, but I also felt a sense of excitement as I kept undressing.  As he started touching me, I started to get aroused and the rest is history, so yes, I did enjoy it.  I thanked her for being honest.)  



As we are laying there, I thanked him for funding the entire entertainment budget and told him about my job situation; about having to boost attendance at the conferences.  I told him that I wanted this one speaker, because I knew he would draw more people, but his fee exceeded the state limits; that I hoped more vendors would be making donations to the fund. 



Andrew tells me, let me make you an offer.  If you agree to spend tomorrow evening with me, I will pay the speaker fee and will promise to increase my annual contribution to the fund.  I didn’t have to think about that too long; this would ease a lot of my worries and leave me more state funds to make the conference a success.  (Side note:  Conference attendance almost tripled.)  I felt a great sigh of relief.  I wasn’t saying anything; Andrew says, well??  I roll over on top of him and tell him, does this answer your question.  As I am laying on top of him, dangling my boobs in his face, Andrew starts to kiss them as I feel his penis get erect; I grab it and stick it into my vagina, we get after it a second time. 



(I tell my wife; you were really getting the hang of this. She said I felt such a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to worry about the funding for that year.  I just wanted to show him my appreciation, plus he really made me feel good and yes, I was enjoying it.)



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