Conjugal Visit

Info Kornslayer1
06 Jan. '21

"What's your name?" the guard asked.

"Tamera Wilson."

"And your relationship to the inmate, Mr. Farn?"

"I'm his girlfriend."

"Oh," he said, breaking eye contact. "So, you're here for a conjugal visit then?"


He failed to comment further and let me into the back. I kept smiling the whole time and felt giddy too. I wasn't sure how he'd react, but I was more than curious to find out indeed.

"Okay, you've been stripped of all metal objects and things of that nature, Ms. Wilson," the guard said, before turning to me. "You have an hour with the inmate, so make it count."

"I will, and thank you," I replied, before I went into the room. 'There he is, sitting there and waiting. I just hope you're not disappointed,' I thought, before I made the floor creak.

He turned his head to me. "Miranda?" he asked, shooting me a dirty look. "What are you doing here? Where's Tamera?"

"She broke up with you, Phil," I reminded him, sitting down next to him. "Don't you remember?"

"Yes, but you're not her, and I was told it was her. Did you lie about your identity to get back here?"

"Yes," I answered, getting close to him.

"Whoa, what the hell, Miranda? You're my step-sister."

"I know, but I wanted a hug."

"Oh," he muttered, before hugging me.

It lasted a few seconds before he backed away. "Damn it, Miranda," he whined, looking away.

"What's wrong? Were you hoping to get laid?"

"Yes, but I thought there might be hope for Tamera and I too," he responded, peeking at me. "I just had hope, but you just gave me false hope, and it's disappointing, that's all. I really do need to get laid, too; I feel like I'm going nuts in here. Masturbation can only get you so far."

I smiled and calmly leaned back to him. "Well, I thought about that," I whispered, before kissing him.

"Whoa, again, Miranda, you're my step-sister," he protested, pushing me away somewhat.

"So, as far as everyone's concerned, I'm your girlfriend, and you need to get your dick wet, right?"

"Yes, but with you?"

I sat next to him. "So, what, we're not blood-related, it's not like we don't find each other to be attractive. Our parents think I'm hanging out with my friends right now, so no one will ever know. You're twenty-two, and I'm twenty, so we're just young and horny adults. You need to get your dick sucked, and we love each other, don't we? You may admit you're interested in me. You're gonna be here for another year, so I want to do something nice for you," I made clear, prior to wrapping my arms around his neck. "We've already eaten up five minutes talking. Do you want to waste more time because I'm your step-sister?"

He closed his eyes and backed his head away too. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, but I waited for him.

After a minute, he looked at me again. "Wow, Miranda, this must be the nicest gesture I've ever experienced, but this isn't right; you're my step-sister. You're right, I do think you're pretty and would love to get into your panties, but it surely wouldn't be right for us to get involved at all, even if it were just once. I mean, we'd have to keep a secret forever, and it'd just feel weird to bottle that up, don't you agree?"

I sighed and got up off the couch. I turned to Phil, and he kept his eyes on me too. I could tell he still had something to say and lust after, so I calmly brought my hands to the bottom of my t-shirt. I saw his eyes widen, and then I pushed down my shorts too.

"So, I thought it might be nice for you to see the goods first," I uttered, before a gap. "Well, you're ogling me, so you must like what you see, Phil," I theorized, coming back to his side. "You can look at my tits; I don't mind."

He couldn't formulate any words for over a minute, but his eyes wouldn't come off me to save his life. I surely wanted to take off my bra as well, but I resisted for the time being and let my semi-nude body do the talking.

I didn't want to put out too much temptation and let him find his way to fucking his step-sister. We had been step-siblings for six years by then, so there was a lot of step-sibling love there, so he was right to be resistant.

"Well, you are quite beautiful, step-sis, pink oddly brings out your blue eyes and makes your blonde hair brighter too."

"Thank you, and the orange jumpsuit brings out your handsomeness too."

He glanced back at my breasts too, so I made them shake a few times. I couldn't resist but to look at his crotch too and surely noticed his hard-on as well. I was more than tempted to feel it, but I still didn't do it.

He licked his lips and even quaked the couch a bit too. Neither of us spoke for a moment, but he pulled me to him and kissed me. He felt my lower back, but didn't touch my panties, and my hands landed down on his legs.

After twenty seconds, his lips gently came off mine. "You're crazy, step-sis."

"I know, but I love you."

Then he pulled me onto him, and we both lay down with our lips pasted together again. He still had his jumpsuit on, but he still surely felt my semi-naked figure on his and felt my bare skin too. As we made out, he let his palms on my back.

He didn't let his hands go down further than that, but I knew he wanted to, though. He was resistant, but I took one step at a time. I felt his crotch vibrating, so he was turned on too, but still needed some convincing.

So, I blindly grabbed onto his hands and moved them down to my butt. Oddly enough, he didn't fight me on that, but didn't grasp my butt cheeks. Although, I did feel his palms shaking quite a bit, too, so I had him biting on the hook.

A minute later, I let my lips off his. "I don't think there's anything to fret about, Phil, we can fuck, and no one will ever know. I think it'll just bring us closer," I explained, before kissing him again.

"Fair enough," he added, having us both rise to our butts.

He brought his hands to my bra. "May I?"


He undid my bra and calmly took it off me. Needless to say, as he got a view of my tits, he couldn't look away to save his life. I stole his hands and immediately placed them on my moneymakers too.

"Oh, these are quite lovely, steps-sis."

"I know," I added, pushing down my panties as well. "You can look for yourself, but I do have a bush down there."

He had to glance and verify that.

After a few seconds, he placed his hands on my back and pulled me back to him again. We made out again, but with me completely naked that time. I knew we were on a time crunch, but I let him lead and do what he needed to do.

We had kissed each other before, but never like this and certainly nowhere near that amount of time either, but it was rewarding, to say the least. That time, he willingly felt my ass with both hands and caressed those cheeks too.

I felt his crotch pushing on me more and more within a few minutes, and I felt my panties getting drenched in the process. I surely found myself wanting to jump his bones, but I waited for him to make his move.

That happened after another moment where he pushed my lips off his, and he snatched my melons. He squeezed them firmly and grinned too. Then he leaned to them as well and felt them with his face too.

"They might just be B-cup tits, but I'm sure you appreciate them, especially in your situation."

"Yes, I can cherish these boobs, step-sis," he muttered, before letting his tongue out.

I watched him lick my left nipple, and he already had me shaking a bit too.

"That feels good, dude, did you like that?"

He didn't answer, but licked it a few more times and made me feel his head.

"I hope the prison doesn't mind a little lady juice on your suit."

"I'm sure they can get it out, Miranda," he mumbled, before kissing me. "I love you."

"I love you too, step-bro," I added, undoing his suit.

He got out of the sleeves, and then I took off his white t-shirt that went with it too, leaving him topless.

I felt his chest too. "Nice and hairy."

"Well, I'm in the clinic, Miranda."

"I complimented you, dude, it's not a bad thing to have some hair there," I made clear, before yanking him back to my boobs. "Now get back to licking these melons."

I felt him lick my other nipple and look up at me too. As he did, he even pushed his suit off himself by then, but still had his boxers on though. Needless to say, once he got off his training wheels and over the stigma, he ran with the taboo sex.

"Oh, yes, you like your step-sister's tits, don't you? Well, enjoy them; we don't have all day."

He leaned to my lips again and kissed me. "I know, but you're gonna have to come back sometime."

"So, you don't want this to be a one-time thing?"

"I guess not," he replied, before going back to my breasts again.

I watched him work on his new desire to have sex with me as he licked those nipples slowly. He didn't peek up at me then, but he didn't need to, though. I fondled his head and made sure he knew I was enjoying his company.

I felt my nipples fling, which made me twitch in the process, but I didn't throw him off his game. I felt my pussy leaking out a hell of a lot, but he didn't comment on that. He was too busy making both of us feel good, and after a few minutes, I angled his head back up.

"You see, you can fuck your step-sister; it's only wrong if it's not consensual, dude, so don't feel ashamed."

He nodded and even sucked my right nipple into his mouth. That made me angle my head back and quake the couch even more. He certainly knew what he was doing down there, so I just needed to make him feel comfortable enough to get off his leash.

Then I couldn't turn down temptation for another second; I let myself off my leash as well and brought my hands to his boxers. I felt him jolt again, but he didn't stop pleasing me. I got out his cock and began stroking it blindly.

I had him moaning somewhat, which made me smile even more. I felt his wood also stiffening more and more, which wooed me more too because I knew I was getting my step-brother off in prison. He didn't increase his grip on my boobs, but for a good reason.

"Oh, yes, did you get caught doing some insider trading at that law firm so that you could get your step-sister to pose as your girlfriend and come in here and fuck you?"

"No," he answered, bringing my face to his. "This is a good bonus, though," he made clear, before kissing me. "And you have extra soft lips and hands, Miranda."

"Thank you," I added, before kissing him and lowering myself down to my knees on the floor. "And your pecker is as hard as a diamond. Is that solely because of me, or are you just happy it's in a woman's hands?"

"Both, I guess."

"Fair enough," I responded, before letting his johnson in my mouth.

"Oh, shit, step-sis, if I didn't love you before, I certainly do now," he let out, feeling my head. "I love you, Miranda. You're the best step-sister in the world. It might've taken me a few years to realize it, but it's true."

We exchanged eye contact, but I didn't let his member out. I kept my head slanted so we could keep looking at each other as we became so much closer to each other. I surely didn't have any ulterior motive for doing this; I just wanted to give him a thrill in the clinic.

He kept his hands moving all over the back of my head, and I only let my lips go in extra slow movements for the time being. I saw him slathering his lips and fighting the urge to scream too, but I didn't halt my pleasuring even for a second.

I kept my hands at the base of his schlong too and even massaged his pubes a bit too. I kept him rather taken care of then, and indeed relished it. I knew he couldn't put every single feeling into words or even actions, but I knew what they were.

I made my feelings somewhat clear, at least enough to let him know I loved him enough to do this for him. After he gave in, he couldn't protest or even question me by then. He just let me thrill him, and there I went with him down the sexual rabbit hole.

I also moved my head back and forth a bit, making his cock slide on my wet and mushy lips even more. So, it seemed there was no roof to making him feel good, but I still surely wanted to give him one hell of an experience that included him shooting his load.

"I want another kiss, step-sis."

I leaned up to him and kissed him. "Don't fall for me, dude. I still have a boyfriend."

"Are you serious? You're cheating on him?"

"Yes, but I'd do it for you, hung man," I let him know, before taking his cock back into my mouth.

"Oh, I don't know what to say to that, but I love you too," he moaned, plopping his hands back on my head. "I'll never be able to look at you the same way, but shit, you're something else. I can't say I'd ever do this for you, even if I was single, but you're willing to do this for me? Wow, I'm one lucky duck."

I nodded and stroked his member a bit more for a few seconds. Then I arched my head forward and made myself push my lips down even further towards the base. I got an extra close look at his pubes, but then I closed them too to prep myself.

As a direct result, his vibrations went up a few notches, and he had to pull my hair too. I didn't mind and just let it happen. I practically felt the pleasure I was giving him, so I had thrills surging throughout my body too.

I ran with that indeed and allowed whatever happened to happen. I pushed his dick further into my mouth as time went on, but each time, he reminded me that he pushed a little too much. I wanted to milk him and not rush out his load, so I kept at it well.

"Oh, yes, I've never had a girl suck me like this, step-sis, so you're certainly going into my record book, I assure you of that. I feel a big load of cum building now; I hope you're ready for it. May I shoot it all over you, Miranda?"

I nodded without looking at him. I wasn't sure where I wanted it, but I knew I'd figure it out sooner or later. My main goal remained that I tried to woo him, and if he wanted to shoot me with his seed cannon, I was down for that.

'Your cock tastes better than others I've had in my mouth, Phil, so you get points for that too. It has a much better texture than Stephen's, so be proud of that too. Although, telling you that might make you picture me blowing him.'

I kept going for over five more minutes, even though we were on a time crunch. Phil wasn't complaining about it, so I kept going on him. I even felt some drool going down his pecker, too, so he had even more of it than I could take.

Nevertheless, I wasn't about to stop. I gagged somewhat, but it didn't turn him off at all. I reintroduced an element back into life, and he sure loved it. So, there was no turning him off unless I bit his wood.

I pressured his schlong, and he even began jumping off the couch a bit too. "Fuck yes, step-sis, don't stop, don't stop until you milk me for every single drop of seed you can get from me. I love you, I love you, and I love you some more."

I peeked at him to see him covering his face, but I quickly leaned back again to keep going strong. I surely knew he wasn't lying about shooting his load; I could feel it all too well, both physically and mentally. I just worked him the best I could without making him cum too quickly.

Even with us on the clock, I didn't care anymore. I enjoyed myself and him too much to give a crap. I felt that veiny schlong all over my mushy lips, and it constantly reminded me of what I was doing. I knew it was good and bad, but still quite lovely, though.

His hands never stopped moving; whether he had strands of my hair going through his fingers, pulling it, or he was rubbing my head, he kept moving them. I never increased my speed too much; I just kept it nice and slow for him to make it as intimate as possible.

I certainly knew I pegged his interests quite a bit, so he'd want to see me again, so I saved something back for next time. For the time being, I gave him probably the slowest blow job he ever experienced and showed him I was in no hurry just to get him off either.

"Oh, only a great step-sister would do something like this. I had no idea I'd ever feel your lips down there, but I do not hate it. Not at all, in fact. If I could, I'd keep you around all day."

'I bet so, horndog.'

As time went on, though, I let my lips go down towards the base more and more. I certainly felt the effects more and more and just waited for him to go nuts. I fought with myself whether I wanted to push him or not, but hearing and feeling him fight the thrills was awesome.

"Fuck yes, step-sis, keep going, I'm almost there, I'll give you an ocean if you want, I promise," he moaned, leaning towards me. "You have the touch, that's for sure."

I watched him again, dealing with the gratification. He moved back and forth endlessly and made it a little hard to stay focused, but I didn't mind. It just meant he was losing it and nearly one powerful orgasm too.

I had no idea how much he had masturbated in the recent past, but he said he might give me an ocean. So, I surely did do my best to milk him, so once he planted the idea of cumming that much, I ran with that idea.

I failed to speed up my thrusts, but pushed my lips onto cock as hard as I could. I let them go over my teeth, which made the pressure even bigger. I grabbed the base as hard as I could, too, so I could contain Phil, but of course, I was still fighting with myself on how far I wanted to push him before I had him cumming.

After a few minutes of taboo pleasure, he gently pushed my mouth off his cock. "Oh, Miranda, I fucking love you."

"I know," I agreed, taking his wood in both hands.

I did indeed get in a few more strokes to get every single drop I could before he needed to shoot. He couldn't look at me, but he was feeling the pleasure coming to the max. A few seconds later, I felt his cum spew onto my breasts, but I didn't even bother looking.

I wanted to view him dealing with the luxury I was giving him. I still couldn't put myself in his shoes, but it wasn't difficult to figure out how much he loved the love I displayed for him. After he couldn't let out another drop, I glanced at my rack.

I smiled, but he yanked me to him and pasted his lips to mine. "I fucking love you, step-sis," he mumbled, encasing his arms around me.

I couldn't even make myself murmur back, so we made out for a few minutes in silence before he pushed my lips off his. "Wait, you brought a condom, right?"

"No, I'm on birth control, I'm in college, I'm not looking to get pregnant right now."

"Good," he added, pushing me down onto my back.

He quickly got on top of me and aligned his cock with my twat, but he didn't push it in just yet.

"What the hell you waiting for, Chinese New Year?"

He pushed it in there, grabbed my thighs, and cleaned up too. "I know you're seeing someone, but I gotta see you once a week."

"I can make that work, even though it's wrong if you don't mind fucking your step-sister that much."

"I don't mind at all now, but make sure you save some cum for me, though. I'm not cheating without my white prize."

"I'm up for a challenge, step-sis."

"Then give me another kiss."

He leaned to me to kiss me, but cut it short. After a few seconds, he arched his back and let his dick go in and out ever so slowly. All the while, he kept eye contact with me to make the intimacy as ironclad as possible too.

The cushions moving too made my tits move around even more manageable, which he was loving viewing too. I surely didn't just eyeball his eyes, but check out all of his body as well. Being in prison, he did have more than the average amount of hair, but I found that sexy.

I didn't touch him for the time being and allowed him to do all the work. I lay back, relaxed, and let the pleasure come over me nonstop. There was a clock by the door, but I couldn't see it from my angle.

I knew he was too busy loving the satisfaction he had not received in over a few months. So, I wasn't to fault him, and I indeed had my own issue to deal with too at that moment. I bit down on my bottom lip and felt my pussy hurting a bit, but I didn't let him know it.

He just smiled at me more and more, and I tried to return the favor as much as I could. It was an uphill battle as feeling his schlong in that hole was different than feeling it in the other, but I fought the urge to scream too and took the thrills the best I could.

He increased his grip on my thighs after a few minutes, but still kept his thrusts slow, just how I did for him. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes, but surely reveled in the taboo sex like nothing else we had ever experienced before in our lives.

Just like when it was in my mouth, I felt his dick going nuts, with the heartbeats going off every second too. He held my thighs tight and helped himself touch me a bit down there from time to time.

So, he couldn't hold me as tightly as possible all the time, but feeling him massage my stomach and him feeling my hair down there too was quite thrilling too. We knew the taboo sex was terrific all by itself, but of course, we had some great connection together for it to build off of, though.

Even at his slow pace, I still felt his rod diving into my pussy deeper and deeper with time, but we still didn't talk. We didn't need to because the undeniable chemistry made everything perfect and okay for me to cheat.

'Oh, fuck Robert, I have this hunk to fuck,' I thought, grabbing his arms.

That made him blow me a kiss, so once again, he proved that I wasn't some hot piece of ass for him to fuck, but a lovable lady to get some action off of because we loved each other. Even though it was cold in there, we were both sweating our asses off indeed.

He also maintained his small gap and kept it as slow as he could. Unlike me, I didn't go for the milking method, but the beyond sexy and intimate one. Surely, I knew him making love to me was different from me blowing him, but still, he went for it and made me love him more.

After a few minutes of that, I dropped my hands and clenched my fists as hard as I could to deal with the pleasure. As Phil saw me biting down on my bottom lip, too, he clutched my thighs a bit harder and indeed began thrusting a bit faster.

"You could only go for the slow fuck for so long, right?"

"Yes, step-sis, I hope if I ever get a weekend pass, you allow me to fuck you in your bed. I want to take you around the world and back, I swear. I'll be making you feel better than a whole new woman. If you don't believe me, try me."

I nodded and moved my crotch back and forth a bit, too, making his pecker from side to side a bit too.

"You're a kinky lady, Miranda; I had no idea."

"Believe it, that's why I love taking big white loads, so don't shortchange me."

"Trust me, I won't," he moaned, moving both hands to my jugs. "Wow, these are small, but to die for though, I swear. I don't know why you'd cheat on your boyfriend just for me, but he must not appreciate you enough, so fuck him. If you were my girlfriend, I'd praise you night and day."

"If you say so."

"I do," he moaned, lying on top of me. "Wow, I had no idea how much I needed this. I mean, not necessarily with you, but I needed to get laid. Although, it's hot here to be screwing my step-sister. I admit, it was weird and wrong at first, but after we got started, it felt right. You're stunning, the say the least, and I definitely noticed in the past few years. Maybe you don't have the rack you should at your age, but you're still fine. I swear, if I could, I'd spend every minute I could with you, whether we were naked or not. Obviously, being nude together is quite hot, but still, you're the little someone."

"Thank you, step-bro, if you want me to, I'll break it off with my boyfriend. I don't want you to feel bad because you need to get your dose of step-sister pussy."

"I won't ask you to do that, but I'd appreciate it if I do get to see you once a week."

"Again," I said, coming up with him. "Just save cum for me, and I'll stay on the pill too," I told him, pushing him on his back so I could ride him. "Now hold onto my thighs again, and don't be afraid to eyefuck my strawberries."

"No, they're bigger than that, maybe like peaches," he corrected me, before kissing me. "You're dazzling to me, step-sis."

"Again," I added, before pushing him back. "If you say so, Phil," I said, before bouncing up and down. "Yes, do you feel my cherry thrusting on your dick?"

"Yes, I feel it all too well, Miranda. I feel like it's Christmas morning around here now. You gave me the best surprise I could possibly imagine," he moaned, feeling my butt too. "Every single inch of you is mushier than a cloud, I had no idea just how sexy you were, but shit, I'm not griping. I don't even know what to think; I know you're the most ravishing chick I've ever seen in my life. Well, except porn stars, I guess."

"Don't worry, I know I'm not Reilly Reed, but I can fuck like her, though."

"Prove it," he dared me, pushing me up a bit.

With his help, I fucked him a little harder and longer too. I had my small boobs flopping around quite a bit, but he opted not to view them in that position. He wanted to stare into my eyes as we fucked each other madly.

I let my hands on his legs and held them for leverage as well, so we could keep going until he just couldn't take it for another second. Once again, we had the legs coming off the floor and making some noise. Although, we didn't let that distract us.

"They don't just listen to people who have sex, do they?"

"If they do, they know our relationship. step-sis."

"Good point, and don't be afraid to drown my slit with your seed; I won't mind. Or, warn me, and maybe you can squirt on it, then in, horndog. I just ask you one thing."


"Don't brag to the inmates that you got laid. Yes, it's just because we're step-siblings."

"I agree; it might come up somehow."

"Damn right," I added, bringing his hands back to my boobs. "Shit, we don't have much time left, so make the most of this now."

He nodded and added his own thrusts to the mix as well. He didn't get the view of my moneymakers moving, but he was feeling them, though. We both moaned more and more and tried to deal with thrills the best we could.

"How's your pussy doing?"

"It hurts because it has a huge dick in it, but I'll ready for you next time now, mark my words. I'll be able to deep throat you too. So, prepare for bull balls every week because I'm gonna drain you. If you think I can't remember a reason why I can't, I'm all ears," I told him, playing with my hair. "You can admit it, your step-mom made a hot blonde daughter, and I'll confess my step-dad helped out making a handsome brunette son too."

"Well, you already said, but I do love your curly hair, step-sis," he moaned, feeling it on my shoulders. "Wow, even just your hair is drop-dead sexy to me now. Shit, you're a handful and a half, I swear, Miranda."

"Ladies that are down to fuck always are; it's a curse and miracle wrapped into one. Just like me pressuring your cock with my butt cheeks, I can make you feel good, but you never know when you may need to shoot, though. You never want taboo sex to end too suddenly, do you?"

"No, you don't," he moaned, yanking me back to him. "Now with a woman as stunning as you that is, hot stuff," he praised me, before kissing me. "Crap, we only have ten minutes now; why did you let me protest so much, step-sis?"

"Are you saying I should've stripped right away?"

"I don't know, step-sis, I don't want to fight."

"Don't worry," I consoled him, backing away. "I should've; it's not like I came here to chit chat, especially considering what name I gave to get back here. I guess I'll have to keep giving that name now, so I hope Tamera doesn't come to visit you."

"You're right, but you're so much better than her. The sexiness coming off you is radiating; I don't know how to put it in better words than that."

"No one is making you, dude," I made clear, leaning to him and bringing my bosoms to him again. "Now make these nipples feel good again, stud."

He had no objections to that and licked my reddish nipples for me quite swiftly and made me wrap my arms around his head too. I held it tight, but not too tight. He had at least enough room so he could switch nipples.

He certainly proved to be a worthy fuck, even if I was cheating yet again. I couldn't even be sure what made me think this was okay initially, but I rested assured with all things considered, I made the right choice.

"We both know how to keep a secret, and being your step-sister, our parents will never object to me coming to see you. I'd just never be able to see with our folks because it'd be weird to give the wrong name."

"Fair point," he moaned, wrapping his arms around me. "Just how I won't be telling everyone I did it with my step-sis."

"Shut up and get back to pleasing my boobs."

"You're feisty too," he giggled, before licking them.

"Oh, yes, I am, Phil," I moaned, slanting my head back.

I felt his schlong still taking on my cherry, and he was getting my nipples good too, so he gave me one hell of a double whammy. I looked at the clock again and saw time running out. I wasn't sure if they always called it right on the minute, but I worried they did.

So, I made sure to thrust my snatch off his wood the most I could too. So, I was undoubtedly setting us both up to feel more than outstanding, but invincible, so to speak. I knew we both still felt the tolls coming upon us, but we went out with a bang.

"Just don't bite that nipple; that might put a damper on things."

He nodded and pushed my arms away too so he could see my face. He proved time and time again, we wanted some intimacy with his step-sister, and he indeed got it. I never figured out what it was, except for he did, in fact, love me more than a step-sibling by then.

Either way, we'd date once a week for a long time to come. I rubbed my head and his several times as I tried to deal with the thrills, but nothing really worked. He got me too good just for me to be able to fight the urge to scream and go nuts forever.

He sucked my nipple into his mouth, too, and indeed made me quake the couch even more. I felt like he was striking me with lightning more than anything else, so I had an intense pleasure to deal with again.

"Fuck yes, stud, we have like three minutes left now, and you're making them count indeed. I hope you know how to pump out that load before the guard pulls the rug out from under us."

"Actually, it's time now, step-sis."

I rose off his schlong and grabbed it. "Then cum all over these peaches as you call them."

He laughed, but a few seconds later, he surely let out his seed to them. I milked him again and stroked his rod slowly in the short time before he needed to unleash his load. I got another five shots all over my tits.

I jolted a bit again with each stream, and it hit me hot as hell too, but quickly cooled down. Nothing and no one could duplicate the memory, so I had to attack him after he was done. I brought our chests together again and pasted our lips too.

"Holy shit, Miranda, you're hot as hell," he moaned, wrapping his arms around me.

Even though I knew we were just seconds away from having time being up, I kept kissing him.

"You have one minute!" we heard the guard yell through the door.

"Damn," I whined, parting my lips. "Do they break down the door?"

"No, but they do have the key for the lock. So, may I see you again next week? It's every Wednesday."

"I have nothing going on," I replied, before kissing him and getting off him. "I guess I'll have to wait until next week for you to fuck me from behind."

"May I have one more kiss?"

I kissed him, but tossed his jumpsuit to him.

We both managed to get dressed before we heard some keys dangling outside the door.

"Okay, your time is up, Ms. Wilson."

"Thanks for giving us a one-minute warning. I guess I'll see you next week too, Mr. Chadwick," I said, peeking at his nametag.

"Already then, now let's go; I'll escort you out."

We left, and I had a date for next week too, even if it was with my step-brother and not with my boyfriend.



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