You're Never Too Old 4

Info hondolane1949
18 Nov. '20

Lisa's hands and arms slid under Kat's legs and up to her breasts.  She gently massaged each of Kat's breasts as she lowered her head and flattened out her tongue and let it come in contact with Kat's clitoris.  Kat sighed and Lisa was overwhelmed at how wonderful Kat's pussy tasted.  She held her tongue there for a while, not moving.  Then Lisa lifted her head and looked at Kat.

Their eyes locked and Lisa said, "Baby I have never tasted anything so wonderful in my whole life.  Your flower is delicious and I could feast on  you all day."  With that Lisa smiled and lowered her head back into Kat's dewy covered flower.  

Lisa's tongue came out and she licked from Kat's rosebud up to her clit.  A long, agonizingly slow lick.  A lick that aroused yet frustrated at the same time.  A lick so slow that Kat almost cried out, "hurry."  When Lisa's tongue came to Kat's clitoris she flicked the swollen bud several times and then went back to Kat's rosebud.  

As she slowly licked Lisa gently teased Kat's nipples.  It had been so long since Kat had had anyone make love to her like this.  She was swept away with varying emotions.  She was happy, content, joyous, and aroused all at the same time.  Her emotions ran so deep that tears ran down the sides other face into her hair.  

She remembered the love that she and her husband shared.  It was a deep love, a love that Kat thought she would never have with another man, let alone a woman again.  Kat thought about the relationship between herself and her husband.  It was beautiful.  Yes they had their moments of frustration and doubt with each other but by in large it was a long lasting, loving relationship.  

She thought of how men and women looked at lovemaking in a  slightly different way.  The woman opened herself up to a man.  She invited him to enter into her most private parts.  She held nothing back but said, "Here, I offer this to you."  The woman welcomed the man into her body.

The man on the other hand saw it differently.  Instead of receiving, welcoming the love of your life into your body, you were giving your most intimate part to the woman you loved.  Both, giving and both receiving and Kat never thought she would have that giving and receiving kind of love again, but now it was happening.  

As Lisa ran her tongue around Kat's clitoris she moaned and came back from her emotional ride to the physical ride she was now taking.  While her husband had been wonderful at orally satisfying her, Kat was amazed at how wonderful Lisa was making her feel.  Was it because it had been so long, or was it because Lisa was a woman and knew exactly what another woman would need.  Whatever it was, it was indeed paradise.

Kat was pleased at the moans she heard escaping Kat's mouth.  She knew she was making the new lover of her life feel special, wanted, and desired.  Lisa was literally lapping up Kat's honey as it gushed out of her.  Lisa had been licking Kat like this for nearly half an hour and as she licked up she realized just how much more wet Kat had become and how swollen Kat's clitoris was.  

Lisa decided that it was time to increase the pleasure to the next level.  As she ran her tongue round and round Kat's clitoris she inserted one, then two fingers into Kat's flower.  She moved her fingers slowly inside Kat in and out.  Moving to different places with in Kat's flower and seeing if there were places that really pleasured Kat more than others.  

Then Lisa changed it up and flicked her tup vertically over Kat's clitoris and as she did that, Lisa spread her fingers, pressed u into the roof of Kat's flower, and then began to slide her fingers in out of Kat.  With that Kat let out a loud cry of pleasure and said, "Oh my God.  I think I have died and gone to heaven."  

Lisa kept up the fingering but changed the licking to horizontally across Kat's clit.  Kat let out long moan and her breathing was coming in shallow pants.  With that Lisa withdrew her fingers and went back to the long slow licks.  Kat said, "Please don't stop."

But Lisa ignored the woman's plea.  She licked loveingly and slow from rose bud to clit.  The two women looked at each other.  A look of frustarion was in Kat's eyes, while Lisa's were filled with a devilish grin.  Lisa giggled and then Kat said, "You know Karma is a bitch."

Lisa laughed again and Kat put her head down in resignation that nothing was going to change Lisa.  After a few more licks Lisa reinserted her two fingers and went back to licking Kat's clitoris.  And then Lisa just stopped licking and held her tongue against Kat's clit.  Kat began to move her hips in a frantic up and down motion and as Kat began to moan even more Lisa pulled her head back and withdrew her fingers.  

Kat let out a long frustrated sigh and said, "You're going to get your's, lady."

Lisa giggled as she licked very slowly once again.  Up and down her tongue glided again and again.  Each time Lisa's tongue reached Kat's clit, Kat would dig her heels into the mattress and lift her hips.  Kat was now straining for an orgasm.  She wanted to cum in the worst way and she was trying to help it along by pushing up with her hips.  She was breathing hard and her body was covered with perspiration.  Lisa knew exactly what she was doing and finally decided to be merciful to her new love.  

Lisa inserted, spread her fingers, pressed up into Kat's flower and began to finger her in and out.  At the same time she began to flick Kat's clit.  Kat was right on the verge when she reached down and held Lisa's head in place.  "Please finish me.  Please let me cum."  Lisa responded by licking faster and fingering Kat faster and with more pressure.  

Lisa felt that Kat was right on the brink and then Kat went over.  She grabbed the sheets on either side of her body's he lifted her hips off the bed and said, "Cuming!"  

As Lisa licked Kat's hips bucked up and down and she squirted into Lisa's face.  It was like old faithful going off.  But Lisa kept licking and fingering.  As Kats hips bucked she blurted out, "Still cuming."  Lisa kept it up until Kat's bucking ceased and her arms fell limp at her side.  Kat was gasping for air, like she had just finished running the marathon.  

Lisa placed soft kisses on Kat's thighs and then moved up her body, put her arms around Kat, and held her close.  Kat lay their motionless.  Finally she spoke. "I don't know how to say it in French but the French describe the orgasm as a 'little death.'  Baby I am about dead.  I hope you don't expect reciprocation for a while."

Lisa just laughed, "Don't even worry about that.  Just let me hold you and enjoy this moment.  I hope this is the first of a lifetime full of 'little 'deaths,' 'petite mort.'"  The two women cuddled and relaxed.  It had been along time since the women had felt such closeness and they never wanted it to end.  

Lisa kissed Kat on the cheek and said, "You smell of sex and sweat and baby I love the way you smell."  Both women smiled as the sun shined in with full force through the blinds on the window.    



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