Drive-In Movies

It was 1968, and Cheryl and I had been best friends since third grade. We had done everything together it seems. Sleepovers, experimenting with make-up, we even had our first periods a month apart. The only thing she got first was boobs. Of course, now that we were both 18, she was a buxom brunette and I was still a willowy blonde.

But that did not get in the way of our being friends. We even double-dated once we turned 16. Depending on who the boyfriend was at the time and which one of them had a car. And the dates at church and school dances soon turned to necking on the bluffs outside of Twin Falls with boyfriends together.

After that things did diverge a bit. I knew Cheryl had gotten felt up first, and could understand why. Even at 16 my friend had a nice C cup rack. My little A cups had not even grown into the B they were now. And when we turned 16, our parents let us date boys. So we did a lot of double dates, and they required that we never be alone with a boy. More than a few times we would see each other getting involved with a boy in the other seat of a car, but never very far.

Scott kept pestering me to go out with him on a date alone, and I kept refusing. I said it was not allowed, I could only go on a date in a public location like a school or church dance, or if Cheryl or another girl was there with me. One day he showed up while I was in the shower, and I did not know he was there until I was brushing my hair, and heard voices outside my window in the back yard. I turned down the radio and overheard my dad telling Scott why I could not go with him to the drive-in that night.

“Scott, you have to realize something. You may not realize it, but a lot of first babies here are born prematurely. As in 1-2 months premature. Ashley, she was born over 13 months after her mom and I got married. And my sister did not have a premature baby, and none of my wife's sisters had a premature baby. And I refuse to allow Ashley to be in a situation where she may have a premature baby. That is why she only goes with Cheryl or some other girl with her. I have no doubt that some things happen. But by having her friend there that keeps things from going so far that she and a future husband might have a premature baby a few months after they get married. You get me?”

Scott said he did, and while we did go to the dance that night at the VFW hall, it was our last date. And obviously, he did not listen to my dad, because after me he dated Vera Greenbow. And they got married 4 months later when they were both 16. And I remember grinning when I heard their daughter was a healthy 8 and a half pounds, even though she was over 2 months premature.

And all of my dates in my Sophomore and Junior years were of the “parent-approved” kind. Even though we could drive at 14, curfews were used to keep things at a set level. My mom would even look at the movie we were going to see, and I would have to be home no more than 30 minutes after the show ended. Enough time for a little kissing, but not much more than that. And after most dates, either we spent the night at my house, or at her house on the next block. We would both get out at one house, greet the parents, then walk to the other house for our slumber party.

During our senior year, I turned 18 and was given a bit more freedom to set my own curfew (mostly). Cheryl and I were now letting our dates feel us up a bit, even to where one of us or the other might even have our blouse or dress open so our dates could play with our breasts. I was the first to take things a step farther, when I let Robby slide his hand under my dress and feel me through my panties. This time it was in Robby's car, and Cheryl and her boyfriend Matt were in the back. I saw his mouth around her breasts, and leaned all the way against the door and moaned as I felt his fingers caressing me, and it was nice, but also a bit rough. Like he was a meat inspector at the slaughterhouse looking for flaws before giving it a USDA stamp. But I was able to see Cheryl and Matt in the back in the space between the back of the seat and the door, and I gasped slightly when he took her hand and moved it to his crotch.

She moved it away, as she should, but a minute later he moved it back again. After 3 or 4 times, she left it there and started to rub him through his slacks. Robby kept trying to get his hand into my panties, but I refused. Finally, I was watching as Matt pulled his zipper down and took his bare cock and put it into Cheryl's hand, and it was not very big but she wrapped her hand and fingers around it and I heard her sigh.

Just then I realized Robby was trying to take my panties off, and I reached down and pushed his mouth away from my nipple and said in a voice louder than I intended “Robby McCormick, I am not that kind of girl!” I could hear the two in the back disengage, and Cheryl said it was probably time to take us home.

When we got to her house Cheryl asked me what had happened, and I admitted to what I had allowed, and where I drew the line. “Besides, if he had been more gentle, I might have actually let him.” She nodded, saying she had touched Matt, and it was kind of nice. We giggled and said we had both gotten pretty much to third base that night, but in different ways.

I don't know if she took advantage of the shower like I did when I was done, but I masturbated for sure, images of her hand on Matt's cock as Robby was making my panties more wet than usual. When I finished and she went in to take hers, I closed my eyes and imagined it again.

It was almost a month later before we were again dating 2 guys, and one had a car. I had given Robby the heave-ho right afterward, but because I was now single and Matt did not have a car, it was back to church dances. But it was at one of those I got to know Jack better and we had started dating. And even better, Jack had a car. Or at least access to one, his mom's, a 1961 Valiant station wagon. We went to the drive-in to see “Our Man Flint”, which was really funny. But none of us were paying much attention to the second movie, we were making out with our boyfriends.

And it was easy to see that Cheryl and Matt had lost little ground without privacy. I was purring as Jack was kissing my neck, and looked back to see that Cheryl had Matt's cock in her hand, and was stroking it. The little slut, she was giving him a handjob! Even though it was really only our second week dating, I did not protest when Jack opened my blouse. I had to reach back to unhook my bra. And I moaned softly when his fingers, then mouth found my hard nipples. I also continued to watch Cheryl's hand, and when I looked up our eyes met. I looked away, embarrassed, but a few minutes later looked again, and she smiled at me. I saw her lick her lips, and with her eyes directed me to look down.

Her hand was moving even faster now, and I saw that Matt's handkerchief was sitting on his leg. She mouthed “Watch,” and her hand moved faster. Jack tried to kiss his way back up my chest at that time, so I pulled his head back down to my other nipple and watched. Just then, Matt moaned something and he grabbed his hankie, and as the first of the white fluid shot from the tip he clamped it over, catching all his cum.

The second movie was starting to end, so we got ourselves arranged properly. Cheryl had to go to a family function the next day so no sleepover. So we were dropped off at our own houses. I did not even bother with the shower, I went right to bed, got naked, and masturbated. 3 times! Seeing Cheryl actually jacking him off had gotten me so turned on, I finally drifted to sleep before I was really satisfied.

The next weekend was at the bluffs, and this time Cheryl and I wore some of those new “miniskirts” that were becoming popular. Well, they were not really miniskirts, neither of our moms would let us get any. But after dinner, we went into the restroom and each carefully rolled the waist a few times and carefully fastened them again, so the hem rose from below the knee to above it.

Jack was a bold one, and he got the message and at about the time I heard Cheryl moan in the back for the first time, his hand was sliding up my inner thigh under my skirt. I peeked, and Matt already had his hand up her skirt and seemed to be searching for treasure.

Jack was so much better than Robby, he had gentle hands and gentle fingers. I was having a hard time keeping my hips still, and his fingers on me through my panties felt amazing. I looked back, and I could see Matt's hand moving. I had a really good idea of what he was doing. And by how Cheryl had her head back he seemed to be doing a good job of it.

It was only then I realized Jack had his fingers slipping inside my panties, but I did not care. He became the first other than me or my doctor to touch my pussy, and the first thing I had inside other than my own fingers.

I am not sure if Cheryl had an orgasm that night, but I know I did. Another first, not given to me by myself. And yet another, my first orgasm around other people. And when Jack moved my hand to his slacks, he had already pulled himself out! But my hand knew what to do, and it felt smooth and hot. Bigger than Matt's too, I started stroking and peeked back and saw Cheryl was doing the same thing. She grinned at me, obviously knowing the reason my arm and shoulder was moving the way it was. I nodded to her, and she grinned back.

That was repeated many more times during the spring and summer. The guys would change, but we always let our dates know (thanks to our parents) that neither of us went out on a date alone without the other. My dad even told Jack after Cheryl and Matt broke up that I could not go on a date with him alone. “Jack, I like you a lot. But unlike some families, nobody in this family was ever born premature, if you know what I mean. Ashley was born 13 months after we

got married, so no dates alone. My daughter will have no babies born one to two months premature. 7 months after she gets married if you catch my meaning.” I was not supposed to hear that, but they were talking in the backyard below my window.

Well, Jack and I broke up shortly afterward, as he kept pressuring me to visit him at his house after school. His mom was a widow from the Korean War, and that would have put us alone at his house, and I was not willing to take that chance.

The most exciting thing other than our double dates was that we both got accepted at Boise College! We were both excited over that, she was going for accounting, I was going for a teaching certificate with a major in history.

For graduation, her dad bought Cheryl a 1960 Rambler. We added a hitch and a U-Haul trailer and that fall we drove to Boise. Now this was not my first time there, but the new freeway was mostly built now, so it took a lot less time than it would have just a few years before. We pulled in front of the dorm and were a bit bummed when we were not assigned as roommates. But we were just across the hall from each other, so that was good enough.

But we were soon dating, and I again beat her to a first. We were out on a date about 2 months after we started dating our boyfriends, and Mark and Ben. They were actually cousins, and were both from Boise. It did not take long to learn the city, and that the foothills south of town were a popular place to go for privacy. Since we were no longer at home, we had gotten even shorter skirts, and that night Mark was with me in the back and I had even let him pull off my panties and his fingers were doing amazing things on and in me as I was stroking his length.

“Ashley, can I put it in?” He softly asked. I shook my head no, I agreed with my dad, no premature babes were ever going to be born to me unless that was how God had determined it. I was not on the pill and was not willing to take that kind of risk. But then he whispered “Come on, please baby, you have me burning here. I have a rubber in my wallet.”

I will admit, I had been wanting to have sex, but the fear of pregnancy kept me from doing it. Back home in Twin Falls, you had to be 18 to buy such things so none of the guys I ever dated had any. But I was so hot, and wet, and... needy. He asked again, and I quickly found myself nodding before I could change my mind.

I watched as he pulled the little foil square out of his wallet, and tore it open. I watched in fascination as he rolled it down his length, then licked his hand and spread it around the condom. I held him tight and felt him lie on top, of me, and then I could feel him pushing.

A little pain, a little discomfort, and a little stretching. And he was inside! Oh god, a man was actually inside of me! I was fucking! Ashley Simpson was fucking! I wish I could say it was amazing, that he lasted 10 minutes and I saw the stars three times. But truthfully, maybe 3 minutes later he mashed his mouth against me and groaned into my mouth after poking me even faster, stiffened up, then went limp on top of me.

His face was pressed against mine, and I looked at the front of the car. Cheryl was obviously jacking off Ben, but looking at me. Her mouth wide open in surprise, and I blushed and nodded. A minute later it must have been Ben's turn, as there was more movement in front. Then I heard him grunt his release as Mark was pulling out of me.

The next day Cheryl and I met at the cafeteria for breakfast, then went to her car to get our jackets. I had not thought of where Mark would have put the rubber afterward, but I certainly had not expected him to just drop it on the floor in the back of her car! I saw that and gasped as I recovered the panties I could not find in the dark, and she looked down and saw the limp tan colored thing that looked like what a molting snake leaves behind and crinkled her nose. I found the wrapper nearby, used that to pick it up, and tossed it on the ground under her car.

That night, we had a repeat, but sadly it was no better than the first time had been. Mark might have lasted 5 minutes that time, and it was really starting to feel good when he went all stiff and filled the rubber. After they dropped us off at the dorm Cheryl asked me if it was any better, and I shook my head. We hugged each other goodnight, and 10 minutes later she was knocking at my door.

Seems her roommate was moving out of the dorm and into one of the sororities. That means she needed a new roommate! Far Out! On Monday we each went to the office on the first floor and I had permission to move as soon as her roommate was gone. Both Mark and Ben pressured us to go out with them that weekend, but we insisted we had to move our things and did not have the time. But maybe we could get together the next week sometime.

Well, that was not to be. On Saturday we were all finished and decided to give them a call after dinner. We each called their houses, but neither one was home. Ben's sister said she thought he might be rollerskating. So we got dressed and put on some make-up and decided to head on over. Skateland was on the south side of town, so we hopped into Cheryl's car and headed over.

But the only ones there that were surprised was us. They were there alright, and each was skating hand in hand with girls that looked like they were just barely into High School. We watched, and it was obvious it was more than casual with them, with hands on hips and the saucy grins the girls were giving them. We went back to the front, and the lady looked apologetic when I told her I was having “problems”. She could not give us a refund but did give us 2 passes we could use at a later date.

We picked up a 6-pack of beer on the way home and snuck it into the dorm in our purses. We both complained about how guys were, and towards the end, Cheryl at least said I had gotten more than she had. “Trust me, I wish I had waited. It was not that good, either time.”

So it was back to us two again, and the next weekend, Cheryl asked me if I wanted to see a movie with her. “Come on, that new horror movie everybody is talking about is playing out at the drive-in in Nampa.” Well, it was a bit of a drive, but it's not like we had anything else to do. So after dinner at A&W, we headed on out and pulled in.

Cheryl had always been a sucker for horror movies, and “Night of the Living Dead” was claimed to be a good one. It certainly had a lot more blood than we had seen before, and the scenes of zombies eating people was creepy.

The next movie was one we had not heard of before. It was called “Love After Death”, and in some ways, it seemed like it might be similar. But instead of a zombie crawling out of the grave, it was a guy that had been buried alive by his wife to collect his money.

But shortly afterward, it was clear this was a very different movie! The husband tried to rape a woman, but when she made it known she really wanted it, he got scared and ran away. And this was not like other movies, bare breasts were clearly seen and not hidden at all.

Then my jaw dropped when he went into a room where 2 women were starting to make love to each other! But once again, gets scared and runs away. And then he meets a woman and they actually do it. Oh, it was obvious they were not REALLY doing it, but it was sexy to watch. Even though we never saw anything below the waist other than bare bottoms. And mixed in with this was scenes of his wife doing it with her boyfriends that had helped arrange for him to be buried alive. At the end, he strangles her and vanishes.

Cheryl started the car, and we were both a bit breathless. Neither of us had imagined a movie like that, and I was sure she was as excited as I was. We went in to take showers after getting back, and I can only imagine she was doing the same thing I was. After all, why else would she take one of the stalls on the other side, and not next to me as she normally did?

The next weekend we made the drive back to Nampa again. The drive-in was outside of town, surrounded by cornfields. This made it dark and secluded, which is probably why they could show movies like that. This week the paper said they were showing “College Girls” and “Mini-Skirt Love”. We both laughed at those and admitted we wanted to see them. Since we were both college girls and loved to wear miniskirts, it seemed appropriate.

Well, the title in the paper was not quite right. It was “College Girls Confidential”. It had gotten a little cooler, so this time we grabbed blankets from the trunk and had them over us as the movie started. It was obvious within 5 minutes that this was more like the second movie the week before. One of the girls was only in panties on the couch in a professor's office, and they were once again simulating having sex. Then two of the girls taking turns with one guy. Then two girls with another guy. Then 2 girls! That last one was actually the most sexy, with one girl walking in on another one as she was masturbating, and then actually going down on her.

I noticed that Cheryl was squirming a bit, and I had one of my arms under the blanket and pressing on my pussy. That was so hot and sexy, and we were both breathing harder when it ended. We used the restrooms and got more popcorn between movies, then it was time for the second movie.

This one actually was called “Mini-Skirt Love”. And once again, within 5 minutes the clothes were coming off. We looked at each other, and I saw Cheryl was blushing as much as I was. “Ashley, do you want to go home?” I shook my head and said that since we were here, we might as well see the rest of it. And it was more of the same, including towards the end two girls starting to make love on the floor of the living room. A guy once again walked in and was invited to join them.

At least the sound was better than the one last week, and the plot was a bit better also. And the fake sex looked better also. I know I was sweating when we headed back to the dorm. And I needed a long shower, it had started to be all I could do to not masturbate during the movie, and once was not enough.

The next weekend neither of us had dates and decided to see the movies again. And for the rest of the fall and winter semester, that became our pattern. Most of the guys seem to be taken, so on Friday nights, we went to see movies in Nampa. “A Thousand Pleasures”, “Unholy Matrimony”, “A Sweet Sickness”, almost all similar. Cheaply made black & white movies, often with poor or even little sound, but lots of nudity. And we noticed we could sometimes even see the pubic hair on the girls. And in most of them, at least one scene with two girls together.

Then we pulled in, and they said that for a quarter we could rent a heater. I still wanted the blanket, as I had taken too lightly playing with myself under it, but we both thought that was a good idea. We rented it, and this time the movie was called “The Abnormal Female”. This was the best one yet! Now we could see the bush of the girls, but still no penis.

And in one segment the girl was in a car with a male student, and he started to finger her in the car. Then they pulled into an alley and had sex in the back seat. I blushed, as it was so similar to how Mark had taken me. With my legs spread on the back seat, and my back against the door. Cheryl did not help when she whispered “That looks familiar.” I reached over and smacked her hand and told her to not remind me, and we both giggled. Cheryl then grabbed my hand and squeezed, and hand in hand we watched the rest. Then it was followed by more sex, including several with two girls. In one, it sure looked like one girl was going down on the other.

We did our usual between movies, and as we were getting more drinks between movies the cashier smiled and leaned in closer. We were the only 3 in the concession area, and she commented that she had been seeing us for over a month now. We admitted we had never seen movies like that before, and some were rather sexy. She nodded and said that we might want to come on Monday nights.

“That's when we start the new movies for the week, and if you wait 20 minutes after the last one finishes, the projectionist normally shows at least one more. If he turns on the screen lights, that means that was the last movie. But if after the credits finish the screen lights are still dark, that means there will be another. But keep it quiet. You are regulars here now, only our friends learn about Monday night shows.”

That night in the shower, I had 2 images running through my mind as I masturbated. First was the sequence in the car, which was so like how I had lost my virginity not all that long before. But then a second sequence in the same movie, where one girl went down on another inside of the shower. And I wondered if Sheryl was doing the same thing across the bathroom. And if so, what she was thinking of.

I also realized I missed having my own bedroom. Sure, doing it in the shower is still nice, but sometimes I just want to take my time laying in bed. Where sometimes I could finger myself to a climax, rest a few minutes, then do it again.

The next day over breakfast we talked about the Monday night shows, and we both decided we would give it a try. And 2 nights later, we were pulling in again. “Indecent Desires” had less nudity and almost no sex, but was still kind of weird, with a girl being manipulated like a voodoo doll. But “All the Sins of Sodom” was even more so!

Lots of simulated sex this time, a man and woman, and two women. This time I was not able to resist sliding my hand down to my panties and caressing myself, and I suspect Cheryl was doing the same. I did not reach a climax, but it sure felt good. Especially when one of them used a vibrator and masturbated, it made me wish I had one myself. But it was a big thing, the size of a hand mixer and loud. No way I could hide it, or use it with Cheryl in the room.

During one sequence the girl was laying on her belly, and the guy was laying on her back. “Ashley, do you think he is supposed to be putting it in her bottom?” Cheryl gasped. I grinned and nodded.

“Well, it is called 'All the Sins of Sodom', so it only makes sense sodomy would be one of them.” We both giggled and continued watching.

The lights came on the screen at the end of the second movie, so we headed home. And all week long my thoughts were on the movies as I pleasured myself in the shower.

We both managed to get dates that Saturday, but other than some kissing we did not let the guys go any farther. But it still felt nice, and I was a bit sticky when we got home. Well, just another excuse for a shower.

The next Monday, it was “Therese and Isabelle”. And other than one scene it was a love story between two girls. And god, the words they used! The woman narrator talking about wanting to use her mouth on her girlfriend, and how her girlfriend would “Lose her pearl, but always find it again” made it clear beyond a doubt exactly what they were doing. Even if once again nothing was shown below the waist.

I am pretty sure we both had been at least playing with ourselves as we watched. I know I was, as my right hand was between my thighs. But I was not really masturbating, just rubbing and playing. And even though the heater kept it nice and warm inside the car, we still had blankets pulled up above our breasts. And the second one, that is when things really changed.

“Vibrations” featured actresses we had seen before and even the same vibrator. And when the actresses were not having sex with guys, they were making love to each other or masturbating. About 15 minutes in, Cheryl was wiggling in her seat like crazy, and I am sure I was also. And as one couple were fucking in one bedroom, another girl was listening in on them through a wall. And it looked like she was trying to restrain herself from masturbating.

And after restraining herself for a minute after she slipped into bed, she could still hear the moans from the next room. And her hands both moved down below her waist, and it was quite obvious what she was doing. I carefully eased the gusset of my panties to the side and started to caress myself. I was so wet and puffy, and needed more. I sensed movement out of the corner of my eye and saw that Cheryl was being a bit more obvious, her arm was very obviously moving under the blanket. She saw me looking and blushed, but she did not stop.

“Ashley, I imagine you are also, or want to. I just can't hold back anymore, I'm sorry.” I whispered it was alright, and to go ahead. I reached down with both hands and lifted my hips, pulling off my panties. I placed them on the dashboard and stopped hiding my movements. Now we were both obviously masturbating, and her panties were on the dash also.

I think by the time it was over, I am pretty sure we each had an orgasm. At least I know I did, twice. And the ending sequence was really hot, with two girls tying up a third and using the vibrator on her. But we both noticed as we were catching our breaths that the lights under the screen did not come on this time. We both went to use the bathroom and returned to the car. Once inside Cheryl looked at me and smiled as she reached inside her blouse and removed her bra, putting it on the dash next to her panties. I did the same thing, and we giggled at each other. She commented on how it was not all that comfortable behind the wheel, and I invited her to slide over even closer. We did not quite touch, but almost, through the blankets we each had over us.

Well, the next movie started, and not only was it foreign, but it also was not even in English. It was Danish, or Swedish, or something like that. We only know that because the title card was in some kind of Scandanavian language. The scene opened without music other than the Hawaiian guitar that was played between movies. And the screen was filled with a pussy, with a pink plastic cock sliding in and out of it. We both gasped, and I felt my own pussy clench as if I could feel it inside also. And when the camera pulled back, we could see the hand moving it in and out belonged to another girl!

One of the girls was blonde, and one was built like Cheryl, and the other like me and a brunette. But it was the blonde that was getting her pussy filled. I did not even try to hide my right hand had moved it back into my own pussy again. I was still wet from my earlier play, and getting that way again. I felt Cheryl grab my hand, and I twined our fingers and squeezed, looking over to see her other hand under the blanket.

The camera pulled back some more, and we could already see the blonde was on her back, and the brunette was resting her head on her breast, and stroking the plastic cock in and out. And what seemed to be her moving because of what she was doing to her friend was not so when the camera pulled out even more. A good looking blonde guy was behind her, fucking her!

Just as it was obvious the blonde had a toy in her pussy, we could both see the penis going in and out of the other girl's pussy, the black hairs making it obvious it was indeed inside of her. We both gasped, and squeezed our hands as we both rubbed faster. I blushed when I realized Cheryl could probably hear my fingers going in and out of myself, but I was beyond caring at the moment. The three changed positions, and the blonde got between the legs of her friend and started to lick her pussy! And at the same time, the guy knelt next to the brunette and she took his cock into her mouth.

The only sound in the car was my moans, Cheryl's gasps, and our fingers other than the music on the window box. And I realized I was about to have an orgasm when he pulled his cock out of her mouth, and his sperm squirted all over the breasts of the brunette. I did orgasm then, still squeezing Cheryl's hand as she had one herself.

But the action did not stop. The blonde came up and licked the sperm off of the other girl's breasts, then turned around as they used their mouths and tongues on each other. After a few minutes they rolled over, and the camera showed that the blonde on the bottom was holding the other girl's ass, and her tongue was sliding between her pussy, sliding in and out a few times before moving down to lick and suck on her clit. I rubbed faster, and heard Cheryl whimper, then softly say “Ashley, I'm cumming again, I can't stop cumming.”

The guy then got involved and pulled the girls apart. He got on top of the blonde and almost roughly shoved himself into her. And for the first time saw what it looked like when a guy was inside of a girl. Her pussy was pushed round, surrounding him, taking him inside. Cock sliding in and out of wet pussy, I could even see the wetness on his shaft. I whispered it was beautiful, and Cheryl responded she never got that close of a look when I was with Mark, but I must have looked the same.

I moaned, and this was going to be big! I spread my legs wide, and when my leg bumped into Cheryl's, she moved the blanket and lifted it above hers, telling me to go ahead. And as I was starting, I realized her hand was still on my thigh, and wet. I came, knowing the fingers she had been masturbating with were on my thigh, resting there, caressing me.

I was regaining my breath as the guy pulled his cock out of her pussy, and squirted his cum onto her. Seeing his thick white cum splatter her lips and pubic hair was so exciting and sexy, and I found myself licking my lips at the sight.

A few minutes later the screen lights came on, and the music stopped. There were only 3 other cars left, and as the car warmed up we got our clothing back in place. And we talked quietly on the drive back, and we both admitted that we had been masturbating in the shower after each time we had gone out there.

Well, many remember 1968 for the “Summer of Love”. For Cheryl and me, it was the “Winter of Masturbation”. A few weeks later the girl that took our money handed the quarter back to Cheryl and kept the $3. “Don't worry, we do not charge our regulars for the heaters. We want you to be comfortable and return. Enjoy the movies!” And each time now before the movies started, we went to the restroom a final time, and in there removed our bras and panties and put them into our purses.

No, we never did make love. But we no longer hid if we needed to please ourselves. At least once a week or so one of us or the other would come into the room, and find the other masturbating. We sometimes would even sit on the bed and do things like whisper encouragements and brush the hair out of the eyes of the one pleasing herself. Or hold the hand that was not busy at the time. More than once one of us would catch the other, and simply remove our own clothes, and lie on our bed and do the same thing.

I remember one week it was raining. So instead of going to the movies, we were in the dorm. By this time I had bought a small black and white TV, and we had set it so we could watch it from a small couch that somebody had left in the hallway and we claimed. Partway through Laugh-In, Cheryl finally just sighed and slipped off her panties. I grinned, and as I saw her fingers between her legs I just got undressed. She giggled and then did the same thing. But we did not even try to pretend we were watching the TV, we place one leg on the couch and faced each other. We were both wet, and it was so exciting watching her fingers dip in and out of herself to gather some moisture before returning to her clitoris.

But we also continued doing on Monday night in Nampa when we could. Now it was common got one of us to rest our head on the shoulder of the other in the car. But we never touched each other sexually, we simply enjoyed being together and helping each other out. And of course, watching and hearing each other.

And that Spring, I got to see what it looked like for myself as we started dating 2 guys, and one of them had his own apartment. And I will never forget seeing the look of pleasure the first time her boyfriend slid inside of her body. And as we had both finally gotten on The Pill by then, I even got to see what it looks like when a man cums inside of a woman, and then leaks out of her. Something none of the movies ever showed.

We did try again, in the 1990's. My husband had died of cancer by then, and Cheryl was divorced. But it seems the magic of that era was gone. In the last decades, most of the movies we used to see were now shown on cable TV regularly and was now called “softcore”. “Hardcore” was in, and it was just not the same. But I still treasure the memories of that winter. Two 19 year old girls, masturbating under blankets in a car with snow all around, watching what was then known as “dirty movies” at the drive-in.



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