You're Never Too Old 3

Info hondolane1949
16 Nov. '20

The women slept well that night.  The first good night's rest both had.  Perhaps it was because the "elephant in the room" had been dealt with and in such a glorious  way.  Now things had changed.  The emotional support they had gained from each other was about to become physical.  

Lisa was the first to open her eyes in the semi-dark room.  She was a bit perplexed when she opened her eyes as she didn't remember where she was.  She blinked a few times and then remembered she was in Kat's bedroom, in her bed, after they had both declared their love for each other.  

Lisa's eyes finally came into focus and there in front of her was the curly dark hair of Kat and the woman's bare shoulder.  Lisa remembered that Kat slept in the nude and then Lisa realized she still had on her robe over her panties.  She listened to Kat breathing and smiled to herself thinking of the love and the life there were about to embark on.  The more Lisa looked at Kat and the more she thought of their life together, the more she wanted to reach out and touch Kat.  Pull her close, give her a morning kiss, and tell her how much she was in love with her.  

As Lisa lay, she saw Kat move and let out a little moan.  Taking this as a sign that she was waking Lisa moved closer, spooned her, put her arm around her, kissed on her bare shoulder, and said, "Good morning beautiful"

Kat didn't move for a moment and Lisa was afraid she was not fully awake.  But then kat turned over put her right arm over her head, smiled at Lisa, and said, "How did you sleep baby?"  

Lisa inhaled Kat's earthy scent and moved closer in.  She kissed under Kat's raised arm and kissed her way up to Kat's mouth.  The women kissed softly and tenderly but as they kissed the passion began to rise.  Lisa parted her lips and ran her tongue over Kat's lips.  Kat opened her mouth and sucked on Lisa's probing tongue.  Both women sighed softly as they kissed and held each other.  

They broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes.  There  was need, desire, and passion in their eyes as Kat said, "Baby, are we going to make love right now or wait until we are married."  

"Oh Kat," replied Lisa, "unless we are going too be married in the next five minutes I can't wait to make love to you."  With that Lisa pushed the covers down revealing Kat's breasts.  They were petite, soft,  yet firm with elongated nipples.  As Lisa ran her palm around Kat's right nipple she smiled and said, "Your breasts are beautiful."  

They looked again in each other's eyes as Kat said, "They are yours baby."  Lisa kissed Kat once again and then ever so slowly kissed her cheek, neck, shoulder, underarm and then placed a soft kiss on Kat's right nipple.  Kat wrapped her right arm around Lisa as Lisa began to suck gently on the nipple.  Kat sighed softly and just pulled Lisa close.  As Lisa nursed on Kat's right nipple her hand reached across and began to gently massage Kat's left breast.  Both women were content and then Lisa flattened out her hand and lightly caressed Kat's left nipple with her palm.  Kat moaned as both her nipples were being cared for.  It had been so long since someone else's hands or mouth had been on her breasts.  Yes, Kat had massaged her breasts when she masturbated but to have someone else do it now, someone who loved her was an experience she had not experienced since her husband died.  She was in heaven

"You could do that for the rest of the morning," said Kat.  "I wouldn't complain one bit."

"With so much else that I want to explore, no way I'm not moving on," replied Lisa.  As Lisa kept kissing, licking and sucking Kat's nipple, Lisa's fingertips began to glide over Kat's warm, smooth flesh.  Lisa pushed the covers lower revealing Kat's tummy.  She ran her finger around Kat's belly button and Kat giggled and moaned at the same time.  She pulled Lisa's head tighter to her breast as Lisa pushed the covers down farther and farther.  Kat finally assisted by kicking off the covers off her feet and for the first time she lay naked in front of the woman she had been in love with for well over a year.

As Kat lay there she did not feel awkward or inhibited in anyway.  Lovers did give themselves to each other without reservation.  She felt comfortable, content, aroused, and loved all at the same time.  She felt Lisa's finger glide across her tummy down to wear her trimmed bush began but then to her dismay, Lisa changed direction and glided her fingers over her right hip and then up and down the inside of her right thigh.  

Kat felt a bit frustrated as she would have loved to have Lisa, glide her fingers into her pussy, but she knew that Lisa would take care of her all physical needs.  Lisa began run her fingertips down Kat's right thigh and back up her left thigh, getting just to wear thigh joins the pelvis and then Lisa would start down her right thigh.  Kat was feeling simply wonderful when Lisa moved her head and began to kiss her way down Kat's ribs. 

As Lisa ran her fingers up and down Kat's thighs Lisa darted her tongue in and out of Kat's belly button.  Kat giggled but it felt so wonderful she just sighed softly.  Then Lisa moved to her her knees and then for a moment lost contact with Kat.  Lisa knelt upright and took off her robe and tossed it off the bed.  Kat watched Lisa.  Her tanned body with slightly larger breasts made Kat hungry for Lisa's body.  

As soon as the robe was tossed aside Lisa resumed placing soft kisses on her tummy and light caresses up and down her thighs.  Kat  was looking forward to Lisa going down on her as he kissed closer and closer to her pussy, but then Lisa made the same detour with her mouth and tongue that she had with her hand.  Kat shared her frustration with a little grunt and Lisa smiled and said, "Good things come to those who wait."  With that Lisa put her mouth back down and began to kiss Kat's right thigh.  

Kat through she should help by parting her legs but Lisa pretty much ignored the gesture.  But she could not ignore Kat's scent.  The scent eminating from her pussy was musky, strong, and so richly inviting.  It was all Lisa could, not to dive right into Kat's pussy with its dark, short, curly hair.  

But Lisa pressed on kissing down to her knee, then her shin.  She kissed down to her ankle, across her instep then kissed each toe.  When she had finished kissing each toe she went back and sucked each toe into her mouth.  She then kissed the sole of Kat's right foot and then moved to her left leg.  

She repeated the same loving care to Kat's left foot and leg.  She kissed her way slowly up her right leg and by now Kat was panting almost begging for Lisa to cover her pussy with those luscious lips.  But just as Lisa got to Kat's hip, Lisa looked up and said, "Should I go make us some coffee?"  

Kat sat half upright in bed and said, "You finish what you started young lady or the wedding is off."  Lisa laughed and settled down between Kat's legs.  She took a long look at Kat's beautiful pussy.  Dark hair made a canopy over the swollen outer lips which had opened like the wings of a butterfly.  The inner lips were also parted revealing Kat's protruding clitoris.  Lisa looked for quite some time and then looked up and Kat and said, "You're beautiful down here.  Simply beautiful.  And your scent, oh my god, it is amazing.  What a wonderful perfume you have my sweet love."  Kat smiled as Lisa lowered her head.  



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