Caught Browsing

As Monica was browsing the internet one day she accidentally came across some of her husband’s leftover porn history he had forgotten to delete. Unable to resist the temptation of looking, she scanned the titles in the history. One stuck out; “Wife Gives Friend BJ While Husband Watches”.

Woah. That was quite the title.

“Does he want that to happen to us?” She thought to herself.

She felt herself start to become excited. She had never thought of herself with another man while her husband watched. She decided to click the video.

It was a woman that looked strikingly similar to herself, giving a blowjob to a man on a couch. Her wedding ring visible as she used her left hand to stroke his cock. The woman’s husband would occasionally talk from behind the camera, letting it be known he was the one filming.

Monica felt herself become extremely wet. Andy would be home in about an hour.

“I have time to watch more” She thought.

The woman in the video would occassionally look over at her husband, the other mans hard penis securely in her wet mouth.

Monica couldn’t help but picture herself in that position. Her mind almost immediately pictured herself giving Andy’s good friend Dan a blowjob as he relaxed on their living room couch; Andy watching from a chair. Monica was surprised she had thought of Dan so quickly. He was handsome though, so she didn’t mind. She began to touch herself.

She continued watching the video, hand down her pants rubbing her swollen clit. The end of the video came, and the wife took a large cumshot to her face. She then smiled and blew a kiss into the camera. Monica envisioned herself doing the same to Andy.

She then hatched a plan in her arousal. She was going to see if Andy was serious about his fetish. She texted her husband and said that she saw his friend Dan at the supermarket and he said he was going to stop by tonight to visit. Her husband had no objections and Dan came over commonly.

Once her husband had approved Dan’s visit she texted Dan and told him to come over before Andy got home from work because she had a birthday surprise she needed help with. Andy’s birthday just happen to be only 4 days away. Dan texted back almost immediately and said he was on his way.

Now all she had to do was wait. She hadn’t ever finished herself from the video and her arousal was overflowing. She knew she wasn’t thinking clearly.

“This is a bad idea.” she thought to her self over and over. However she couldn’t stop herself. She was an evil genius and her plan had already gone to far in her mind. She got herself ready and waited. She decided to wear a short skirt and a tight fitting cotton tee with three buttons on the front that ran down to her nipples. She decided to leave them unbuttoned and exclude a bra and panties. Her nipples were easily visible through the tight fabric.

There was a knock at the door. Monica felt each knock vibrate through her body. She went and opened it. Dan’s jaw almost immediately dropped as he looked down to see Monica’s perky breast’s and wide smile greeting him.

“Hi, Dan.” Monica said with seduction.

Monica had caught Dan looking at her plenty of times, but had never confronted him. Monica actually had wondered how Andy couldn’t notice. Now she thought to herself that maybe Andy had noticed indeed.

Dan stumbled through a hello as he stepped into the house. Monica said Andy would be home in a few minutes and to have a seat in the couch. Dan took the far end. Much to his surprise Monica followed and sat on the couch right next to him. Her soft legs pulled up onto the couch, leaning on his thigh. Her skirt slid down her leg. Dan could almost see her pussy.

Monica could see that Dan was confused. She told him not to talk; just to wait for Andy to arrive in a few minutes. Dan seemed relieved to be allowed to just process the situation. Monica could see a bulge in Dan’s jeans. She couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. Dan’s crotch pulsed. Monica shifted slightly, just barely showing off her shaven pussy to Dan. He looked up at her face to see her staring back at him. Monica then softly bit her bottom lip and spread her legs just ever so slightly more. Both of their hearts were racing.

As Dan and Monica shared a silent but sexually heated moment, the door flew open. Andy came walking in. Monica and Dan looked over at the door. They both shifted in reaction and Monica quickly closed her legs. Andy saw them and stopped in his tracks door still open. Immediately suspicious of the two. For about 5 seconds the tension in the room could not have been higher. Monica’s heart was beating out of her chest. “What have I done?” she thought as she stared at her husband.

Then Andy closed the door and stepped in. He asked what was going on. Dan immediately looked at Monica as if to let Andy know it was her idea. “Sit down” Monica said to Andy. She was surprised how calm her own voice came out. Her mind was quite the opposite. She thought about backing out, as Andy’s face didn’t exactly look pleased. It wasn’t angry, but it didn’t look happy. It didn’t really look aroused either. She couldn’t believe how difficult a time she was having trying to read her own husbands emotions. Andy still stood like a staue, just staring at his wife as she sat dangerously close to his best friend.

Monica had had enough. She was ready to throw in the towel.

Then Andy took a step towards them.

“Over there” Monica demanded and pointed at the loveseat across the room. “Where did that come from?!” she thought to herself. It was as if another person was talking through her. Someone confident and dominant. Monica’s voice came out casual yet strong.

Dan sat silent. Visibly stressed, looking at Andy in disbelief. Dan now had realized Andy too, had no idea what was going on. They had been friends since the 3rd grade, Dan loved Andy and would never hurt him. Yet he sat with his erection nearly bursting out of his pants at the thought of fucking his best friends wife.

Monica knew she couldn’t back out now. She sat stone faced. Andy still didn’t move. After a few seconds the voice that seemed to be controlling Monica spoke up.

“Now.” Monica said impatiently.

Andy immediately walked slowly over to the loveseat and sat down.

OK. So she had them where she wanted them. But what now? She hadn’t been this nervous in her entire life. The room felt like ut was spinning. Andy still didn’t look very interested. If she were to be honest with herself, she probably should stop, but her pussy soaked and throbbed in excitement. She couldn’t get herself not to do what happened next. She swore she could feel an entity grab her arm and forcefully move it towards Dan.

She placed her right hand on the top of Dan’s bulge in his jeans, and stared at Andy, saying nothing.

Andy sat reactionless.

“Step one done” she thought. “Time for step two.” she reached over with her left hand, wedding right still on. She was concious to make sure she kept the ring visible. She then began to unzip Dan’s zipper slowly.

Dan tried to speak up “Andy I...”

“Shut the fuck up” Monica shouted, interrupting him. Dan’s face turned even more red than it already was as he listened, and looked back over at Andy. Monica lowered Dan’s zipper and undid the button. She then began to pull on his waistband to remove his clothes. Dan looked over at Andy.

Andy sat back in the chair, still near emotionless, or at least one unidentifiable to Monica. Dan raised his ass so Monica could lower his pants, still checking on Andy’s reaction. He seemed to be trying to apologize with his eyes.

Andy nodded towards him, as if to say “I forgive you.”

Dan’s penis popped out of his waistband and hit the underside of Monica’s chin. He was bigger than Andy, both in length and girth. Not by too much in either category, but the increase in both made Dan quite impressive. He was also uncut, which surprised Monica. Andy was circumsized and Monica had never been with a man who hadn’t been. To be honest she wasn’t sure how she felt about it but decided to roll with the punches.

Monica looked over at Andy as Dan’s throbbing member pressed into her chin.

“Should I?” She said tantalizingly towards her husband. She then began to tickle the very tip of Dan’s head with her tongue. Teasing both of the men. Monica felt in complete control. The power was intoxicating to her.

Andy sat forward in his chair. He began to rub his hands over his face. Covering his eyes.

Monica knew this emotion. He was nervous. She almost felt bad as Andy made it visible that he was overwhelmed. Monica thought about stopping briefly, but quickly

disregarded it. Maybe she even liked it more that Andy didn’t like it. She hoped that weren’t true. How terrible of herself she thought. Right now she didn’t care though. Her pussy was throbbing and she hadn’t been this excited in years. Her free will was gone, only her desires remained.

She opened her mouth and put Dan’s large cock in her mouth, closing her eyes. She moaned loudly. “It’s bigger than Andy’s” she mumbled while Dan expanded even larger in her mouth. Monica wonder why she had said that. She had never minded the size of

Andy’s cock, in fact it was larger than most she had had. This was another sign she was being possessed by the chemicals rushing through her brain.

“Sorry, man.” Dan actually managed to say aloud. Monica enjoyed that Dan felt that he was doing something wrong. He wasn’t stopping anytime soon though. In fact Monica could feel his cock pulse as the apology left his lips. “How sincere.” She thought.

Andy now stared, eyes wide at his wife as she pleasured his lifelong friend. He was in disbelief.

“It’s not your fault” Andy said.

“Uh oh.” Monica thought. So that means Andy was blaming her. If he was blaming her he was angry. She was going to be in trouble. The word divorce crossed her mind and she became worried. Then Dan’s cock pulsed against her tongue and her worries were pushed aside. She tightened her lips around his thick cock.

She kept sucking Dan for several minutes, keeping her eyes closed as she could no longer bear to look at her husband. She wondered how the woman in the video had made it look so effortless. Divorce once again came to the front of her mind. As a distraction, she took Dans cock deeper into her mouth. She could taste a drip of precum grace her taste buds.

Dan couldn’t help but look over at his helpless friend as Monica bobbed on his engorged member. It was the best blowjob he ever had. He knew that the excitement of the situation had definitely played a hand. He felt terrible, but damn was he enjoying himself. He felt monicas tongue swirl around the inside of his foreskin over and over. What a whore Monica had turned out to be. Andy no longer made eye contact with Dan, and looked uncomfortable with how much Dan was staring at him. Dan couldn’t help it though, his friends sorrowed face was captivating. Dan’s arousal had led him to be turned on by his friend’s visible heart break. He felt so disgusted with himself but the taboo made the blowjob unbelievable. What a terrible friend he was. Andy stared at Monica as she slurped on the tip of Dan’s thick cock. Monica couldn’t help but moan as her eyes remained closed, enjoying every second of her twisted masterpiece of emotional torture. She could feel Andy’s eyes on her.

Suddenly Dan’s mind turned sinister. He suddenly wanted to give Andy a show. He grabbed Monica’s hair and pressed her head down onto his dick. He then pulled her off, spit directly into her mouth, and shoved her back onto his dick. A move he had seen in a rough porn he had seen, his favorite kind. His cock slid all the way to the back of her throat. Monica gagged as she struggled to breathe. Dan held her down firmly as she repeatedly gagged, not letting himself leave her mouth.

Andy watched in horror as Dan began facefucking Monica’s wet mouth.

Monica couldn’t believe what Dan was doing. He had been so reluctant up until just a moment ago, now he was roughly ramming his big cock into her throat. She wasn’t complaining. She has subconsciously accepted the consequences awaiting her, and now was just trying to get her moneys worth.

She felt the skin of Dan’s dick slide across her tongue. She reached down and began fingering herself. She couldn’t believe how wet she had became. A large spot had soaked into the couch. As Dan released Monica’s head she sprung off gasping for air. He eyes opened in reaction and she found herself looking at Andy. Panting, spit dripping down her chin and onto her chest. He looked heartbroken. “What have I done?” she asked herself. What was she thinking doing all of this based off of one porn video. Of course Andy wouldn’t want this.

She felt a chill run down her spine. Shame overwhelmed her. She looked at Andy with regret and began to speak. “Andy I...”. She felt Dan cock slap across her cheek with a loud clap. Monica stopped speaking. She had no words she could say, for she knew she was going to keep sucking Dan’s cock regardless.

Dan slapped her even harder across the face with his cock. Monica winced, as his cock left a red mark on her oretty face. Andy covered his eyes with his hands. Dan continued slapping Monica’s rosy cheeks with his spit covered penis. Making it as loud as he could so Andy could hear it if he wasn’t looking.

Andy looked up just in time to see Dan pull Monica’s mouth toward his balls. She gave no resistance as she closed her eyes and began massaging Dan’s testicles with her tongue. She made subtley slurping noises as her tongue teached out toward Dan’s taint. She hooked her tongue and swiftly darted her tongue around the very back of his testicles, bouncing them ever so slightly in the process.

Andy let out a groan of disgust, as Dan released a soft “fuuuuck”. Monica moaned as she slid her tongue all over Dan’s low hanging testicles and up and down his thick shaft. She was enjoying herself, and it was clear she wanted Andy to know that. She went crazy kissing and sucking and rubbing her face all over Dan’s cock creating a sloppy mess all over her face.

Andy sat back in his chair, defeated. Monica opened her eyes and looked over at him as she once again swirled her tongue around the inside of Dan’s foreskin. She noticed Andy didn’t look quite as sad as before. Most likely a result of acceptance.

As she bobbed on Dan’s cock she suddenly felt him get even harder than before. She could tell he was close to cumming. Monica then closed her eyes and let out a humming “mmhhmm” to let Dan know he had permission to finish in her mouth.

“Please don’t” Andy said out loud.

The first verbal confirmation that he definitely was NOT into this. At this point a mere formality. Even Andy knew they were past the point of mercy.

“Do it Dan, cum in my mouth!” Monica mumbled loudly in direct defiance to her husband’s wishes.

“Sorry man, but your wife...ughhh...” Dan spoke as he felt himself begin to explode. “she wants me to...”

Monica began to cum herself as she flicked her throbbing clit. She began to feel Dan’s load squirt into her mouth. Slowly at first, but then thick streams began flowing onto her tongue. Monica moaned loudly as Dan’s cum filled her mouth, her orgasm still far from over. The cum began to overflow and drip down Monica’s chin. She swallowed while his cock kept shooting spurts of warmth onto her tongue. She started sucking on it like a pacifier, milking out ever drop. A Thick white line ran from the corner of her mouth as she suckled upon the tip of Dan’s cock. She sucked hardly and she came off resulting in a loud POP.

She opened her eyes and held Dan’s pulsing dick firmly with her right hand. She looked over at Andy who was watching intently.

Then something happened almost instinctually for Monica.

She gave Andy a big smile, and blew him a big kiss with her left hand. A subtle trail of cum stranding from her lips with it. “Wow” Monica thought. “I can’t believe I just did that”.

Monica held Dan’s cock as it began to shrivel. Dan was panicking now that he had came. Everything he just did was rushing over him. He pushed Monica off him and she fell to the floor. He was done using her. Monica sat back and stared up at him with a devilish look. As if she had just won a bet. He quickly stood up and pulled up his pants.

“I’m so sorry” He said to Andy as he practically ran out the door. It slammed shut. The noise acted as some sort of a gavel to announce cour was now in session.

“Why?” Andy asked Monica. She still sat on the floor, cum now dried to her chin and stained onto her shirt. Her breasts were almost popping out of her shirt and her wet pussy was visible to Andy under her skirt.

“Just. Why?” Andy asked again.

“Well I...” Monica struggled to speak, she too was now panicking. Her excitement and arousal had now turned into embarassment and fear. She didn’t want to lose her husband, but knew he would never forgive her for what she just did. She had just thrown her life away for a load of jizz. She tried to bail herself out “... I saw your browsing history. And i just thought maybe you’d like it.”

“You thought i would like to watch you suck my best friend’s dick? All over a video? Monica that video was probably on the front page. Of course I wouldn’t want to see that.” Andy said angrily.

“Well....then why didnt you walk out” Monica questioned. She hadn’t even thought the words prior to her speaking them.


“If you didn’t want to watch why didn’t you just walk out. You didn’t have to stay.” Her voice took a condescending tone.

Andy was silent for a moment. “Well because....I....I don’t know...” He stammered.

Monica knew he didn’t have an answer. She decided to go on the offensive. “You could have left at any moment, but instead you sat and watched as I sucked his cock. Why?”

“Well you said to sit down.”

Monica chuckled. “So? I didn’t tie you down.”

Andy blushed. The truth is he didn’t know why he had stayed. In fact he had never even looked away. He had painstakingly witnessed every second of his wife pleasing another man. The images of Dan’s pulsating member as it unloaded into his wife’s mouth would burn in his mind for weeks, maybe months, maybe years. He didn’t have to subject himself to that, but he did.

“What if you actually kind of liked it deep down?” Monica continued. Her tone now took a dominant, seductive tone. Her evil genius had one last trick up her sleeve. “What if you watched that video because deep down you actually did want me to blow Dan? What if you wanted to see me lick his fat dick. What if you didn’t leave because deep down you wanted to see me swallow his thick, white load?” Monica was laying the porn talk on thick.

Andy’s face had changed. His anger had faded. For the first time that day Monica recognized a new emotion, excitement. He was definitely more confused than anything but Monica knew Andy well enough to pick up on his sudden shortness of breath. She had him right where she wanted him.

“I didn’t like it though.” Andy said, clearly unsure of the words as they left his mouth.

“That was only because you felt obligated to be jealous. If you had let yourself go you would have enjoyed it.”

Andy was taking the bait, time to set the hook.

“When we try it again go into it with an open mind and you’ll see. If you really disliked it you would have walked out. Just trust me baby.” She said with puppy dog eyes.

Andy looked down at his beautiful bride, and uttered a small “OK. I’m sorry I got upset.”

Monica cheered inside her head as she celebrated her success. She reflected on her accomplishment. She just blew her husband’s best friend 10-feet in front of his face, and then got him to apologize for it. She had never felt so empowered.

“Why don’t you call Dan back here, let him know that everything is alright. Then we can try again and see how you like it.” Monica propositioned. Andy nodded, agreeing to let Monica blow Dan once more. Monica giggled softly, acknowledging her husbands submission. He called Dan and told him to come back. Andy seemed oblivious to the brainwash Monica had just performed on him. Now she knew that she could do anything she wanted. This was only the beginning. As Andy hung up the phone he heard his wife whisper under her breath.

“Good. He left before I made him fuck me.”


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