Once upon a time

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28 Jan. '20

Once upon a time, in a castle far, far away, a little baby girl named Daisy was born. She had three siblings, Roy, 9, Iris, 8, and Genevieve, 6. 

Daisy was the little doll of them all, and as any doll, when they got too tired to play with her, they just put the doll aside to direct their attention to another, more interesting toy.

This is a fairytale, and as any fairytale there is a happy ending. Before the happy ending, though, there is a Magic spell to tear up. It was the envious Maleficent who made the spell.

No matter where she was, whenever Daisy would look at herself reflected in a mirror, she’d see a distorted image of herself. 
Maleficent transformed herself in Daisy’s shadow to make sure that nobody would ever erase the spell. The more Daisy was convinced she wasn’t beautiful, the more all the people around her would think the same thing, and the more Maleficent became strong.

With the passing of the years her siblings found Daisy less interesting because Roy, Iris and Genevieve were too old to still play with her, so she learned to play alone but always admired her siblings and their friends. 

Even when Daisy became a grown-up girl, her family members thought she still was a little baby and never involved her in their discussions. Around the table there was always something to talk about, and every time Daisy wanted to participate, they would tell her she was too young to understand, so she just stayed there watching, listening, and admiring them. She admired them because Mom always had beautiful words for them. They were good students, they were good in sports, they were polite, they were beautiful. They always had so many friends around that nobody noticed Daisy was alone. 

When Roy, Iris, and Genevieve were grown up and ready to fly with their own wings, Mom realized that she still had Daisy and decided it was important for her to be as beautiful and good as the other children. This was a family with a special social position. In their castle they hosted influential families and the appearances were important, more important than anything else. That’s why Mom couldn’t afford to have a daughter that wasn’t perfect. Mom taught Daisy how to behave in society.
Mom, victim herself of the spell, thought Daisy was fat, and believed that no man would ever want to marry her.  Mom saw many doctors to help Daisy lose weight, It used to work at the beginning but after a few weeks it stopped working.
Mom didn’t understand why. 

The more Mom was disappointed with Daisy’s appearance, the more Daisy ran to the closest bakery. It wasn’t Daisy’s fault. It was Maleficent who made sure that whenever Daisy passed in front of a bakery, she wanted to buy a pastry.

With the passing of the years Daisy realized that nobody ever told her she was beautiful or smart, and she started to believe she wasn’t.

Daisy knew she wasn’t beautiful, Mom would always remind her of that, but she hoped that one day a blind Prince would fall in love with her. Isn’t it true that “Love is blind”? 

Everything changed one day when Daisy, now a woman, was sit by the river, reading a novel and met Ronan and they became friends. Ronan was a fairy but, of course, Daisy didn’t know that, and the weird thing was that at the beginning Daisy thought Ronan was a woman. 

Being a fairy, Ronan was immune to the spell, so he was the only person able to see Daisy for how she really was. He tried so many times to convince Daisy of the truth, but Daisy couldn’t believe him. How could she believe one person when for all her life everybody said the opposite? 

One of Ronan’s magic powers was the ability to dry Daisy’s tears and transform them into smiles. The more Daisy smiled, the more Ronan was happy. The more Ronan was happy, the more his powers increased and all Daisy’s tears were dried. Every time Daisy smiled, Maleficent’s powers weakened.

When Ronan decided to confess his love to Daisy, she discovered he was a man. They laughed when she told him she thought he was a she!

Ronan and Daisy had never touched each other, they’d never kissed or hugged.  Ronan was the only person When Daisy went to visit her family for a week, Maleficent used her power to hypnotize Daisy’s mom and be sure that Mom would say mean words to Daisy and make her cry.

When Daisy got back home, she was incredibly sad. Her sadness was weakening Ronan’s powers, and of course Maleficent was happy and more powerful.

Ronan’s only chance to survive was to make Daisy happy. He invited her over for their usual talk. It was summer but the night was cooler, and Ronan thought that it was a good idea to turn the fireplace on. He then prepared some warm herbal tea, Daisy’s favorite. Daisy arrived, beautiful as always, with a summer dress, her favorite, with roses on a white background, spaghetti straps and a short cardigan on her shoulders. On her feet simple sandals that she pulled off in the moment she stepped inside. 

He offered her the tea and then they sat on the couch in front of the fireplace with no other lights on. She was staring at him while talking about her trip. He was handsome, with the flickering light painting magical patterns on his skin, on his eyes. In that moment she thought he was magic, like a fairy. 

When she finished her tea, she stretched out on the couch with her legs on his. He started caressing her legs and she felt her body relaxing under his touch. She closed her eyes and didn’t realize he wasn’t talking anymore. It was the first time their bodies were in contact and her body felt like she was under a spell. She felt incredibly light, almost floating in the air.   
He started caressing her feet, moving slowly up to her ankles. It was a magic sensation, she couldn’t open her eyes, her body was in a place with no gravity, no time, and no space. Only feelings. 

Ronan’s hands moved up to her knees and she spontaneously slightly opened her legs while he moved up caressing her thighs, first on the outside, then on the underside up to where her thighs meet her butt cheeks. 

She could only smile and enjoy the magic of his touch. 

He then held her hands caressing each finger and her palms, moving slowly to her wrists, her forearm and the inside of her elbow. It was all so magical. She felt like his hands were caressing her insides. She couldn’t explain the amazing feeling, and she didn’t want to explain it, she only wanted to live it and enjoy it.

His hands moved to her shoulder, then up to her neck, her face, up to her head. 

Her eyes were closed but she could imagine them floating together in space. She felt her dress sliding down her body and for the first time in her life she allowed herself to enjoy her nakedness instead of covering herself. She knew Ronan liked her body as it was, imperfect.

She felt his lips touching hers and after a few instants, or a few days, she couldn’t say, she parted her lips to join her tongue with his, to feel the love passing through her mouth to all her body. She wanted to give him the same love, she wanted him to feel what she was feeling. She closed her arms around his neck to keep him closer. She was afraid he might leave her alone and cold.

He broke the kiss to move down and kiss her neck, her chest. Then, first one, then the other, he made love to her breasts and her nipples using his lips and his tongue. 

She felt her blood boiling in her veins. Down in her belly she felt something she never felt before. It was like a hand was inside her belly and was gently squeezing her organs spreading a sensation of immense pleasure all over her body.

When he broke this love session with her breasts, she was disappointed, until she felt a trail of kisses going from her breasts to her belly button and down to her mound.

A hand was now caressing her inner thigh going up almost to her mound but never touching. At the same time, she felt a puff of air through her mound’s hair, as if he was blowing. Another hand was still playing with her nipple, pinching and pulling it.

The hand on her thigh moved back to her butt cheeks, squeezing first one then the other. His lips were now touching her mound in a delicate kiss. 

She opened her legs wider and he moved down between her legs. Both hands were on her butt cheeks massaging and squeezing them. His lips and his tongue were between her pussy’s soft lips.

Maleficent was mad and there was an invisible power that was keeping her hands and legs tied up. Without her hands she had no power. She was watching this erotic scene, powerless, trying to scream but nobody could hear her. 

Daisy was so incredibly aroused she was getting closer and closer to her release. Ronan was watching her while licking and sucking her pussy. She was so female, so sexy. She was the goddess of femininity. Watching her, touching her, smelling her, tasting her, Ronan got aroused but he held back because this was Daisy’s moment, her redemption.

In that moment Daisy believed she was the most beautiful person in the universe, and in that moment her orgasm exploded shaking her body like never before. It was the most powerful orgasm because it hit not only her body but her mind as well. She felt it completely. 

In that exact moment, Maleficent exploded crumbling in a million pieces and disappearing from this world. Her power disappeared with her, her spell was forgotten, and Daisy's real shadow was back.

Daisy opened her eyes to realize they weren’t floating but they were on the same couch as before. She was smiling staring into Ronan’s eyes. Ronan got up, pulled off his pants and briefs showing an incredibly hard cock. He laid on top of Daisy whispering, “I love you”.

He was ready to become one with Daisy, but he had to say something first. The head of his cock was ready at the entrance of her pussy.

“Ronan please, make love to me” Daisy whispered with a bright smile moving her hands on Ronan’s butt.

“First I need to say something. Daisy. I am a fairy. I know that people believe fairies are only female, and I know you probably won’t believe me, and I don’t know how to prove it.”

“Ronan, I knew you had to be magic, so I believe you. I love you and I want you to make love to me” 

“Daisy, my love, if I make love to you, in the moment my cock enters your pussy, all my magic powers will disappear, and I’ll become a human. That’s what happens when a fairy falls in love with a human being. Do you understand that?”

“Yes Ronan, my love. I understand, and I accept it. Now, please, can we make love?” she said pushing her hips toward him to have his cock inside her.

They became one, they made love, slowly, kissing, touching, hugging, whispering love words and promises. Their bodies released an orgasm that shook them both for a few minutes. In that exact moment, they didn’t know yet, but a new magic happened, and a new magic, perfect seed started growing in Daisy’s womb.

And they lived happily ever after.



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