Trampled Within Inches of My Life

   About a year ago, while I was back in my home town on a holiday from College, my mom, my dad and I were invited over to my Aunt Laurie’s house for a housewarming party. It was kind of weird because the house was far from ready for a party, but Aunt Laurie had decided to invite us anyway and have a real housewarming with everybody when the house was finally done. You see, she had bought this really old, rustic, historic house in Everett, Massachusetts, about ten miles north of Boston. My mom and I had driven there that Saturday morning and my dad was going to come up later because he had an emergency with a patient in his dental office.

   When we got there, the house was a mess. The crews – that had been working for months – had finished some of the rooms, but most of the place was a construction site. My aunt showed us around quickly, apologizing every three seconds for the saw dust, the junk laying around, the paint stains or the plaster marks. The house was habitable but I wouldn’t have wanted to live there while it was in that state. Even if my sexy cousin Cassie lived there, too.

   Aunt Laurie showed us around the ground floor and the first floor where the bedrooms and bathroom were. Then, she said that we were welcome to some appetizers and drinks in the living room, the only room in the house that was basically done.

   – What is this door for, Auntie? I asked, curious.

   – Oh that goes down to the basement, she answered. It’s kind of creepy right now but we are re-doing it to turn part of it into a den and part of it into a library and reading room. It’s going to be great. It’s just that in these old houses, the ceilings are really low in the basements so what better than turning that space into rooms where we are mostly seated, right?

   She had me at creepy. I really wanted to see it for myself so I snuck out of the living room when my mother and her sister started talking about what old folks home they would set up my grandfather in because he couldn’t live on his own now that grandma wasn’t around to take care of him.

   – And sadly, he can’t live with us anymore, I heard my aunt say. It is just too much now.

   As I was heading to the mysterious door to the creepy basement, the doorbell rang and my teenage cousin Cassie – who’d just finished high school and turned 18 – ran  down from her room to the front entrance to answer. My eyes widened as her beautiful, perky breasts bounced past me, but I snapped out of it quickly, thinking, “She’s your cousin, Garrett! What is wrong with you?” When Cassie opened the door to her three gorgeous friends, my mouth fell open. They were the most amazing-looking girls I had ever seen in my life. Three stunning beauties that would, without a doubt, fill my wet dreams for years to come. I just stood there, my hand on the knob of the door to the basement, in awe. The girls came in and walked passed me as Cassie said:

   – This is my cousin Garrett. Mia, Janie and Samantha.

   – Hi, Garrett, said the girls in unison, before Janie added:

   – Wow! He’s a cutie! with a voice that sounded like she was talking to a toddler.

   – Janie! Oh my God!

   I guess the girls thought this was highly inappropriate but I didn’t care because the feeling of her hand stroking my hair and coming down to caress my cheek while she gave me a nice view of her lacy black bra poking out from under her skin-tight top was enough to buy her permission to talk to me in any tone she wanted.

   – You’re such a slutty whore! added Mia, laughing, before all three girls disappeared up the stairs to Cassie’s room.

   Snapping out of my daze once again, I looked left and right before discreetly turning the doorknob and slipping passed the door to the basement. I switched on the light, but in the stairway, it didn’t make much of a difference. I headed down to a very large room with low ceilings – as my aunt had promised – but not so low for me since I am not that tall anyway. But maybe six-feet high which would be low for my dad and my Uncle Mark to walk around. I’m just more on the stalk-y side, that’s all.

   I made my way to the back room, which – I was about to learn later – would be the one that would be converted into a reading room and library. The cement floor had all been taken out and temporary wooden planks had been set down so that the boxes, tools and furniture weren’t directly in contact with the damp soil. A few tarps, old paint-stained sheets and bedspreads, as well as a solar pool cover were spread out or piled all around the place. I started looking through some boxes where I found some old, dusty books… which made sense since this was to become a reading room.

   While rummaging through a wooden crate, I came upon a pile of old girly magazines. These were Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse magazines from 1977. I knew they were nudie magazines because the girls on the covers were either covering their titties with their hands or had objects hiding their lady parts. There were about twelve different magazines… including a Hustler Halloween issue with a really sexy scarecrow on the cover and a Penthouse number with a beautiful girl in red high-heels wearing only the star-spangled banner around her waist. My heart started to race and I felt my cheeks become flushed. What were these erotic magazines doing here and who did they belong to? The old owner or my Uncle Mark?

   I looked around as a reflex – even though I knew nobody was down there with me – and I listened for a minute while holding my breath, only to hear mumbling from upstairs and footsteps over my head. Cool. Everybody in the house was busy. I sat down next to a window to try to get a little of the sunlight to shine on the magazines, because in the back room, there was no light switch yet. I started looking through the magazines and, to my delight, the ladies inside weren’t covering much!

   I’ve seen plenty of porn in my life, but this flash from the past was particularly sexy and erotic to me. I’d never seen such a great variety of beautiful women showing their naked breasts, furry pussies and milky butts. All the while looking straight into my eyes like they were expecting something from me. My eyes getting pulled into some of the girls in the magazines, I felt my cock stirring and growing in my pants.

   I was so concentrated on these crazy-sexy pictures that it took me a while to realize that someone was coming downstairs. Suddenly, I heard my aunt and my mom’s voices, and high-heel shoes on the wooden steps. “Oh my God!” was all I whispered as I rushed to hide the magazines under the pool cover I was sitting on. I didn’t even bother to close the Hustler issue with the beautiful red-head with her legs open and her finger inside her orange-furred kitty that had captured my attention.

   – It doesn’t look like much now, but you saw the pictures, right? said my aunt, her voice getting closer and closer.

   “Pictures?” I thought, my heart racing. “Idiot! Not those pictures!”

   I slipped under the solar pool cover myself, trying to hide from my mother and aunt, embarrassed about what I had been doing and not wanting them to know, obviously.

   – So this will be the home theater room…

   – Wow! It is going to be great.

   Whose voice was that? I didn’t know that voice. There were three of them? Who was that other lady with my mom and my aunt?

   I didn’t have time to worry about that. They were getting closer and I was so afraid of making a noise with that plastic pool cover, but I had to hope I would be able to make myself disappear before it was too late.

   – Watch out for the paint cans,…

   The paint cans were right next to the entrance to the room where I was hiding. I had to stay very still. Apparently, they hadn’t heard me yet.

   – And here, we will have the library and reading room.

   – Oh you’re so lucky, Laurie! I’ve always wanted a cozy oasis in which to read.

   Who was this woman? She sounded like a librarian, and I wasn’t sure she would be the young, sexy type.

   – Watch your step.

   I could hear their voices in the door opening.

   – The ground is really uneven and they haven’t put the concrete in yet. We are redoing part of the foundation and we are having the best concrete put in, all the while respecting the historic aspect of this century-old home, you know?

   I heard my mom and the other woman agree. I also heard their high-heeled footsteps walking on the wooden planks, getting closer to me. Had they found me out and were pretending they hadn’t? Were they playing some kind of mind game? Or weird hide-and-seek? I stayed completely still, crossing my fingers that I was being paranoid. I had slipped under the pool cover so fast, I hadn’t even given any attention to what position my body was in. That’s when I realized I was almost flat on my back, but not completely. Most of my weight was resting on my right hip and I was feeling my pants getting wet from the dampness in the soil. This lying partially on my side was not very comfortable but I kept thinking of the magazines, hoping I hadn’t put them directly on the humid dirt. If they got all soggy, the pages would crease, curl and warp… and all those bare, naked ladies would get cold. Yeah, I know, it’s silly… but that’s what was going through my mind.

   – See? Here is where I will put my reading chair, said my aunt as she stepped on the pool cover… and on me. Watch your step. I think the work guys might have put some stuff under here. It is really wobbly.

   The pain of this full-grown woman standing on my arm was excruciating. I could feel one of her heels digging into the palm of my right hand and the weight of her other foot on my forearm, but I was relieved that she wasn’t resting on her heel. She pinned my arm to the damp earth. The cold from the soil and the fact that my arm was now flat gave me some relief, but not much. Because that is when I felt the wooden beam behind my shoulder, and realized my spine was almost in line with this beam… but not quite, making me even more uncomfortable.

   – With the back of the chair to the wall, I’ll get natural light, continued my aunt while I felt her shift her weight around, kicking me in the rib cage before lifting her foot a bit higher, and putting it down just above my waist, pushing me down against the wooden beam.

   I winced ever so quietly. Then, I held my breath, hoping they hadn’t heard me. My aunt now had her back to the wall and I could feel both her feet on my right side, the heels of her shoes scraping toward my back and the middle of her soles landing on my ribs and the side of my belly. I slowly shifted in hopes that I could ease the pain, all the while hoping my aunt wouldn’t feel that this movement under her feet was odd.

   –  Ooo… it really is uneven, she said. I wonder what’s under here.

   Part of me was hoping she wouldn’t check, but the other part was begging for her to get off of me and lift up that pool cover. But just get off of me! Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.

   – Come see how perfect it will be, said my aunt to my mother.

   – Really? blurted out the other woman, apparently a bit startled.

   – I’m not sure I should get up on that tarp, answered my mom. You seem to be having a hard time keeping your balance up there.

   – Nonsense! insisted her sister. I want you to get a feel for the light.

   I felt like screaming, “No, Mom! Don’t do it! You’re going to kill me! Your only son!” But somehow, I was more afraid of getting caught under the pool cover with those girlie magazines than getting trampled by three full-grown, three-dimensional women. Okay, so my mom and my aunt aren’t big ladies, but I had no idea about the third lady, and I was just a puny guy! Come on!

   – Okay, I guess I could try, said my mom.

   First thing I knew, my mom was walking on the pool cover, toward me. I heard the rustling of the magazines and thought how envious I was of the naked ladies who weren’t suffering because they were just paper. Still, I predicted: “Damn! The magazines are going to get wet and dirty!” Then, I thought, “Yeah… they are already dirty.” And I realized that idea had crossed my mind only to divert my brain from the pain I was feeling. And the pain got worse when I felt my mom’s shoes kick my right hip, push against my side, slipping toward the floor, pinching my shin under the pool cover. She then got up on my belly and my pelvic bone, her heel digging into my groin, just above my half-erect cock. Ow! Ugh! I should have lain on my stomach under this thing. What if she moves down into my groin. Would my cock just snap off? I know. Silly.

   – Whoa, hold on to me! said my mother. You need to be a circus performer to stand on this floor!

   – Don’t be silly, answered my aunt, while both women started shifting their feet around, trampling me like I was a vat of grapes during harvesting time in wine country, like I had seen in a documentary. Do you want to get a feel of it, Sandra?

   I certainly didn’t want to get a feel of this Sandra woman walking all over me, that’s for sure!

   – Oh, I don’t know.

   I was holding my breath in because, oddly, the pain seemed to diminish when I didn’t breathe. But how long could I hold this up? And how could I breathe without my mom and my aunt noticing that the ground was moving under their pumps? Ugh, this was a nightmare… and the only things I could think of were: “Thank goodness I am not claustrophobic!” and “Please, Sandra-whoever-you-are, don’t pack it on!”

   That’s when I heard my aunt and mom encourage this other woman to join them. “No!”

   But Sandra didn’t need much convincing.

   – Oh, all right. Why not?

   Why not? Because you will be killing an innocent young man who just became a man and who just wanted to check out some vintage porn magazines for a few minutes!

   – But I think I will go around this way.

   Sandra carefully stepped toward my feet and walked up my body with one foot on the wooden beam between my legs and one foot on the inside of my right leg. I don’t know how she managed not to tip over – she might have been holding on to the wall, somehow, I don’t know – but she managed to get up near my mom after crushing the left side of my pelvic bone with her right foot and grazing my balls with her left foot which sent a bolt of pain from my privates to my brain. I can’t believe I managed not to scream. But the worst was yet to come. To make room for Sandra, mom and Aunt Laurie scooted over and my aunt’s foot landed on my wind pipe, choking me. I wanted to scream, to tell her to get off, but I couldn’t make a sound. After a few seconds, I thought I would die then and there. In a bout of survival instinct, I wanted to push her off, but I was so terrified, that it was as though I had been paralyzed. Luckily, she moved just before I lost consciousness.

   – See how amazing the light is, said my aunt. It’s really surprising for a place like this, that’s basically underground for the most part.

   I heard my mom agree.

   Slowly, I forced myself to breathe in and breathe out as softly as I could, even though my whole body was screaming for air.

   – Oh, that’s strange, said my aunt. Did you feel that?

   – Yes, said my mom. Like the ground is moving, right?

   – What? asked Sandra.

   – Ugh! I know. I can’t wait for these renovations to be done so I can put my comfy chair in this spot and forget about these nightmarish renovations.

   I thought to myself, “A chair? Ow! You’re heavy enough! Get off! Please!”

   And as though my mom had heard me, she said:

   – Can we get off whatever we’re standing on, now?

   I heard my aunt laugh, and their feet started moving again, trampling my ribcage, my shoulders, my belly, my thighs, my hips, my groin, my cock, my balls, my legs, my feet… I felt so relieved that Aunt Laurie didn’t decide to go in the direction of my head to get off, as Sandra was heading back down my legs! All three, of course, tried their best not to lose their balance. And finally, they did get off.

   – Yup. You’re lucky, I heard my mom say. This is going to be a great room. I can already imagine mom’s beautiful bookcases in here.

   And it was my aunt’s turn to agree.

   – But we should get back upstairs. It is so damp down here.

   I heard my aunt’s and my mom’s shoes walking away on the wooden planks and out of the room. I guess Sandra was wearing less noisy shoes even though I had felt her heels on my body, too. They were just less narrow, I guess. More sensible, as my mom would call them.

   I could hear the ladies talking about my dad who was probably on his way by now and should be arriving soon. Then, I heard their footsteps up the stairs, the door open and close… before I started breathing again. I moaned in pain, as though the sound coming out of my mouth would make me feel better. I have to admit, it kind of did.

   In a hurry, I pushed the pool cover off of me and I realized I had been suffocating under there. Although the ground had been cold and damp against my body, it was actually becoming quite hot under the plastic covering.

   I went for the magazines and examined them as though they had been precious artifacts. Actually, they were so old that they probably were artifacts, and they were so cool to look at for me that they definitely were precious!

   I piled them all together, using the open edition of Hustler as a sort of binder that I wrapped the other issues in and I got out of the back room in hopes I could find a more comfortable place to feast my eyes on the beautiful nude models inside.

   I also grabbed a large bedspread that seemed really thick, fluffy and comfortable and took it with me into the other room. Since the dampness that had permeated my clothes was starting to get cold, I would wrap myself in the bedspread and continue my visit with my beautiful, naked new friends. But I would do it in the other room, where the light would be even better.

   Once I had gotten myself all set up cozy on the floor, I discovered that there were six more pages of the red-headed beauty who had been the first to show me that delicious opening to her cave of love. In some of the other pictures, she would lie on her side, holding up her leg and sucking on the finger she had slipped between her legs. My mind was just starting to wander to what that would taste like and I had just undone my fly and slipped my hand inside, rubbing my hard cock when, again, I heard the door to the basement open ever so gently. I gasped and quickly closed the magazine, listening for a few seconds before gathering all the magazines quickly and holding them tightly to my chest as I slipped under the comforter.

   Oddly, I couldn’t hear much after what I thought was the door closing. I held my breath in hopes of better grasping any sound that might help me guess what was going on. Then, a few creaks coming from the steps. Somebody was coming down. Or was it just some kind of settling of the wood? I didn’t know.

   “Darn!” I thought to myself. “I’m on my back again. Idiot!” And I thought, “Of course, I am on my back. Every time I get under the covers of my bed, I am lying on my back. It’s like a reflex.” I felt as though I was lying in a coffin with the pile of girlie magazines pressed against my chest.

   Then, I heard more creaks. And a couple of thuds. Somebody was definitely coming down. Then, another thud and people hushing. It was more than one person coming down the stairs.

   That is when I heard a whisper. It was my cousin Cassie.

   – Wait. Not now.

   Then, silence again.

   – It’s cold down here.

   That wasn’t the same voice. Another girl. One of Cassie’s friends.

   – Sssssh! My mom will hear us.

   – No, she won’t.

   Cassie was down here with Janie, Mia and Samantha, the most beautiful girls in the world, and I was lying on my back on the floor, with a pile of nudie magazines against my chest. Nervously, I started pulling at my cock through my Calvin Klein boxers like my boner was itching. It felt reassuring, pulling on my cock, just like when I was a little kid. But then I thought, “What if they see the bedspread moving?” And I froze, my right hand over my groin.

   – Come on, Sam, take it out, whispered one of the girls.

   What were they talking about?

   – No, wait. I want to make sure my mom didn’t hear us come down here.

   – She didn’t.

   – How do you know for sure?

   – My feet are freezing.

   A sigh and a short silence. Then, I heard Cassie say:

   – I told you you didn’t have to take your shoes off in my house.

   – Yes, but when I keep my shoes on, I get stinky feet.

   – Ew!

   – Sssssshhhh!

   Another short silence, and then, Cassie said:

   – If your feet are cold, get up on that duvet, Mia.

   – What’s that?

   – Oh my God! The comforter!

   – Ssssshhhhh!

   A few seconds later, I felt Mia’s toes press down against the skin of my arm and it pinched like crazy.

   – What is that?

   I held my breath, fighting off the urge to scream in pain.

   – I don’t know. There’s stuff all over the place here. Just stand on it if you want to warm your feet.

   Mia moved up onto my belly before her feet shuffled down to my groin. “Stop, stop, stop!”, I thought. “Don’t go lower, don’t go lower. Please!” She was crushing my pelvic bone and I was holding my breath to ease the pain. I could feel her feet and toes wiggling around as though they were searching for heat, and I got a weird feeling that made my head spin. It was almost as though she was jerking me off through the comforter and my underwear, the two largest toes of one of her feet rubbing and pushing against the base of my cock.

   – That does feel better.

   In spite of the pain, the rubbing did feel good. And since I’d never had a girl jack me off yet, this was a weird experience.

   – You should try it.

   “What? No! All four of them? They are going to kill me!”

   – Not with my shoes, said one of the other girls.

   – Who cares? said Cassie. It’s just an old bedspread they use for painting now.

   “I care! Please don’t!”

   The first thing I knew, the three other girls were trampling me like I was a field of grass. The soft-sole shoes – probably sneakers – were not as painful as my mother’s, my aunt ’s and Sandra’s heel shoes, but having four teenage girls walking all over me was excruciatingly painful and oddly arousing. I felt like they were doing their best to put all their weight on my poor, aching body, but they were probably just trying to keep their balance on the oddly uneven comforter that was bunched up on the floor.

   – Who has the lighter?

   – I do.

   What were they doing?

   – Are you sure it isn’t going to smell?

   – That’s why I brought this.

   That is when I heard the flick of the lighter and smelled the smoke of a joint. “What? Is that marijuana? Are they crazy? In the house?” Yuk! Disgusting! I was already having trouble breathing from all the feet that were trampling my shoulders, my belly, my neck, my groin, my arms and my legs, and sometimes, even the side of my face, I certainly didn’t need to have weed smoke seep through the fabric of the bedspread. What a nightmare!

   The girls were passing around the joint. One of them – I don’t know which – seemed to be having a harder time than the others, because she kept coughing and the others kept shushing her.

   – You were right. This thing is warmer than the floor.

   They were killing me. I could feel pain in places I had never felt before. I had trouble breathing and I was wondering if I would soon lose consciousness.

   – It’s starting to smell a lot. You should spray that thing.

   I heard a mist… a little bit of coughing and complaining… and then an overwhelming smell of cheap lavender invaded my nostrils. It was almost worse than the pot smoke and only took my mind off the numbing pain of being trampled for a few seconds.

   – Where do we put it out?

   – Give it to me, said Cassie as she got off of me.

   One less teenage girl on my poor body, I thought. Not that it made that much of a difference. “Why aren’t they leaving right away?” was the question I would have liked answered.

   Suddenly, I heard screaming from the ground floor.

   – Cassie?  Cassie?  What is that smell?

   – Shit! My mom! whispered my cousin.

   Then, I heard the mist from the spray can again and the overpowering chemical smell of lavender almost made me want to throw up, not to mention that my stomach and my guts were churning from all the pressure of these girls trampling me.

   – CASSIE!

   That is when I heard the door of the basement swing open.

   – Are you down there?

   The insistently pounding sound of my aunt’s high heels on the wood of the stairs followed before I heard:

   – I knew it! You girls have been smoking, haven’t you?

   – Mom!

   – Not a word out of you, missy! Girls, I will have to ask you to leave now. My daughter and I need to have a talk.

   I heard one of the girls whisper:

   – Sorry, Cassie.

   And another one said:

   – We’re sorry, Mrs. McCarthy.

   My aunt Laurie was containing her anger when she ordered:

   – You run along now, girls. I’ll see you… some other time.

   After that, I heard the sneakers walk up the steps and the door close behind them. There was a brief silence before Aunt Laurie walked up to her daughter, stepping on me again… with those killer high heels!

   – I’m very disappointed in you, young lady!

   What? They were going to have this whole argument on my aching body? Hadn’t I suffered enough? Hadn’t my naked lady friends been squished against my chest long enough?

   – You are always disappointed in me, Mom! whined my cousin.

   – Don’t be such a drama queen. You know very well that smoking is bad for you. Your father and I had the roughest time quitting and now you are starting?

   Cassie sighed a heavy sigh of impatience.

   – I am not hooked like you were!  I am not a pothead.

   – You show some respect, young lady!

   – Don’t worry, mom. I won’t become addicted.

   – Famous last words.

   – Ugh! You never listen.

   And then I felt my cousin step off of me.

   – Don’t you walk away from me!

   Next, I heard Cassie running up the stairs, thinking those poor steps were taking a beating.

   – Come back here!

   I felt my aunt turn around on my battered body and her heel dug into my windpipe. The pain was unbearable.

   – Damn it! she mumbled.

   Then, she lifted her other foot and slammed it down on my shoulder in frustration. I winced and put my hand over my mouth so she wouldn’t hear me cry out. A few of the magazines slipped off my chest.

   – I’m not done with you, young lady!

   That’s when I felt my aunt storm off of me and toward the steps to catch up with her daughter. After the door slammed shut, I lay there on the floor without moving for what seemed like the longest time because I needed to recoup and let the pain subside.

   When I realized that I was going to survive this incredible ordeal, I pushed the bedspread off my head and took a deep breath, inhaling the remnants of lavender air spray, pot smoke and mildewed humidity. Yuk!

   I painfully turned to my side, piled the magazines back together and propped myself up on my elbows. The gorgeous July playmate – that is how they called her on the front page – was looking up at me like she was feeling my hurt. I opened the magazine so she could ease my pain. I was dizzy from the trampling I had endured but slowly, I seemed to forget the soreness, thanks to the milky breasts and intriguing crotches that were shown to me on page after page of forbidden beauty.

   I could barely hear my aunt and cousin arguing upstairs because I was immersing myself in the discoveries I was making. I hauled my hard cock out of my underwear, leaving my balls squeezed inside the fabric. I was jacking off with one hand, holding the magazine to the light with the other.

   When I blasted a big load of hot spunk on my belly, I realized the pain the trampling had caused me actually increased the power of my eruption. Shit! Was I into pain somehow and I’d never realized it?

   Even though I shot a generous quantity of cream, my cock was still up and ready to go as I kept checking out the gorgeous women. I gave myself a few more strokes but thought I’d been missing for long enough and decided to go put away the magazines. I got up from the floor and the pain washed back through my whole body. It was as though the shift in my weight from the change of position, obviously made worse by gravity, was sending messages of pain to every nerve ending in my body. I knew my basketball game with my pals that following Monday would be harrowing. Every bone and every muscle in my body felt like it had been pummeled.

   I piled the magazines together again and walked back to the wooden crate, putting them back where I had found them and covering them up with the same books.

   – Bye, ladies. It was great seeing you.

   I had whispered the words with sadness.

   And as I walked away, hoping I would someday revisit this house – and those magazines –, I heard the door to the basement open AGAIN. I gasped in horror.

   I recognized one of the girl’s shoes at the top of the stairs and ran to hide under the bedspread once again. This time, I pulled it behind what looked like a rickety old couch and threw myself on the ground, covering myself with the comforter.

   – Garrett? I heard whispered. I know you’re down here.

   I quickly wiped the spunk off myself with the comforter and slowly appeared from behind the couch. It was Janie.

   – What were you doing down here? Were you jacking off?

   – What? No! I protested.

   – Come on. Don’t bullshit me. I can smell the cum.

   – But…

   She had come really close to me.

   – I love the taste of cum.

   She was whispering in my ear now and my cock was as hard as ever.

   – Everybody’s wondering where you are… but they all think I’ve gone home. But Cassie and I, we sorta use each other’s houses when we need to disappear, so… you wanna disappear with me?

   I just stood there, my mouth agape. And Janie took off her top and unhooked her bra, releasing her small, champagne flute tits before taking my hands and placing them on her. Then, she slowly stooped down and pulled my pants and underwear off my butt, squeezing my ass cheeks before she made my cock disappear whole inside her mouth.

   – Oh, man! I whispered. Are you, oooooo… really doing that?

   My cock was like a missile on a mission to the back of her mouth. She gave it unbelievable suction and I was afraid the noise she was making with her mouth would attract attention from upstairs. Which of course was ridiculous. I could feel my pulsating cock pump in and our of her mouth and soon felt the need to explode again.

   – Stop! I’m gonna shoot!

   Janie took her mouth off my meat, chuckling.

   – That was fast for a guy who just came a few minutes ago…

   – I’m sorry.

   – Nah, it’s quite flattering actually.

   – Yeah, ‘cause you’re really good at it.

   – You ever been with a girl before?

   – No.

   – Mmmmm… Freshman, are you?

   – Yeah… in every sense of the word.

   – You wanna taste my pussy?

   – Yeah.

   She laid down on the comforter and slipped off her jeans before saying:

   – Take off my panties.

   I knelt down and obliged, releasing the musky, billowing perfume of her wet slit.

   – Do it. Taste me.

   I devoured her pussy with a little too much fervor in the beginning and she guided my mouth, my tongue, my lips to indicate where her pleasure was. Then, just when I could feel that her breathing and panting were getting more and more intense, she said:

   – I want you inside me.

   My head was spinning but I knew what that meant so I crawled on top of her and my cock slipped into her like a hot knife in butter.

   – Mmmmm… yes. Your cock is like a hot iron. Push it all the way in. Pump it inside me, Garrett.

   That’s all she needed to say. I gave a few strokes inside her pulsating pussy and I just exploded inside her. She came, too, trying not to make too much noise.

   – Not bad for a first timer, she said with a smirk while my cock was still hard inside her.

   She quickly pushed me off of her and got dressed.

   – I gotta go, but… we should do this again soon.

   And she discretely went back up the stairs.

   As I lay on the old, musty comforter, holding my cock in my hand while it got hard again, my memories of what had just happened with Janie filling it up, I realized that she had temporarily made me forget the pain of being trampled. But now, it was rushing back. I felt like I had been trampled by a herd of elephants… light-weight elephants, but still. Ow!

   This was the weirdest day and strangest mix of emotions I had ever been through. When would I see Janie again? Would I ever tell her about the strange adventure I’d been through before she took my virginity? Probably not. The pain.


© 2016, Tristan LeMay. This work must not be copied, transmitted or used in any way, either in part or in full, without the expressed written consent of the author.


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