Taxi Driver

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20 Nov. '19

Ever since I became friendly with a chap who joined the company I worked for, we had been going out once a week, just the two of us, no wives. Normally, we’d meet up, have a game of squash or a swim, then go and have some dinner and a drink, all very relaxed.

These weren’t late nights, usually ending around 11 as we both had work the following day. It was when I was driving home from one of these evenings that the story I’m about to tell happened.

It was about a 30 minute drive home and I usually took the same route but for some reason, I decided to take a different route that night. This route skirted the town centre and it turned out to be a poor decision as there’d been a concert in town that evening and I got caught up in the traffic as the audience exited the venue and started to make their way home.

I crawled through the slow moving traffic in frustration but then I was distracted by a very pretty young girl who appeared to be waving at me. I eyed her up and down, liking what I saw, pretty sure she wasn’t actually looking at me. I was wrong though. As my car approached her at no more than a walking pace, she bent down, looked me in the eye and knocked on my window. I dropped the window so we could speak.

“Are you going towards Warleigh?” she asked. I stuttered “Uh, well, yes, I am.”

“What’s the fare from here?” she enquired, with imploring eyes.

“Uh, the fare?” I said, mystified. Then the penny dropped. She thought I was driving a taxi. Well, it was quite dark and I was driving a black Mercedes which didn’t look unlike the taxi cabs used by many drivers in this town.

OK, I’m a red-blooded male. Put another way, I’m a horny mid-thirties guy not getting much action at home! What’s the worst that could happen? I help a young girl home safely and have somebody cute to look at in my rear view mirror. I didn’t want to lie to the girl though, so I answered her “I’m not a taxi, sweetie, but I’m happy to give you a ride home if you like.”

There was no way my pretty new friend was going to get a cab in this melee of pedestrians and car traffic. She smiled and said “Are you sure? You’re not an axe murderer are you?”

I grinned at her and said “Nope, not today, I’m having a night off! Hop in, you can text my registration number to whoever’s waiting for you at home if you like, I’ve got nothing to hide.”

This seemed to reassure her, so she opened the rear door and slid in behind me.

“This is really kind of you, thanks, um…” she said, fishing for my name.

“Steve, nice to meet you, um…” With a giggle, she replied “Shelley. You sure you don’t mind? I thought you were a taxi and I’d got lucky finding you.”

“Well,” I replied with a chuckle in my voice, “I’m not a taxi, but you did get lucky! I’m just a decent guy who doesn’t mind helping a pretty girl out!” I looked at her in my mirror and Shelley flashed me a dazzling smile. I could see her more closely now. Her eyes were vivid blue, her teeth were the whitest I’d ever seen and she had the cutest dimples when she smiled. I guessed her age to be around 23 or 24. She was fiddling with her phone, obviously sending a text.

“How was the gig?” I asked, trying to sound as if I was interested. It had been by an artist I wasn’t keen on. I won’t say his name because that would be unfair. Let’s just say I’m not a Belieber…

Shelley laughed. “Well, I hope it was good cos we’ve got two more nights to do!”

I was puzzled. “Uh, you mean you’re in the show? Don’t tell me, one of the sexy dancers?” That got me another dazzling smile. My mirror had never been full of such a pretty face and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Luckily, we were still plodding along at about three miles per hour so I could look properly at her.

Shelley laughed at my suggestion. “Oh yeah, I wiggle these hips round and flash my bum all night in front of thousands!”

“Well, I’d pay to see that!” I blurted out, unintentionally sounding like a pervert.

Shelley laughed again. “No, silly, I’m one of the promotional girls at the venue. I’m sure this singer can afford his own dancers wherever he goes.”

I nodded my understanding. I’d been to gigs and seen the promo girls. I’d just never seen one as pretty and sexy as Shelley before.

“Um, I like you and it’s hard to talk being behind you. Can I, uh…” said Shelley and motioned to the front seat.

“Of course, that would be much nicer,” I replied. Shelley quickly got out of the car when I stopped at a red light and jumped into the passenger seat instead. She leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek, which took me a little by surprise.

“You’re bloody lovely!” she said, the Welsh lilt in her accent coming to the fore.

I didn’t know what to say. “Wow, thanks Shelley. I’ll take that as a compliment coming from the prettiest girl I ever met!”

She gave me a playful punch in my arm and said “Oh, you!” the beaming smile never leaving her face.

“So, where am I taking you? Home to Mum and Dad or have you got your own place?” I asked.

“Home to hubby actually!” she replied. “I’ve sent him a text telling him I’m getting a ride home from a sexy stranger!”

I was slightly disappointed to hear she had a husband, although I’ve been married for several years myself and wasn’t expecting to pursue this girl. However, my ears did prick up when she described me as ‘a sexy stranger’. I like to think of myself as tall, dark and handsome, don’t we all? But being at least ten years older than Shelley, I expected her to think of me more like a Dad than anything else, yet here she was, flirting with me.

“Hmm, you've got a hubby, have you? He doesn’t mind you working late and flirting with strange guys?” I asked.

“Yes, no and no!” replied Shelley.

I was working out her reply when her phone pinged with a text message. “I bet that’s him now, right?” I asked.

Shelley was reading the message and nodded as she replied to it. We’d started to move at a normal pace now and would be in Warleigh in no time. Shelley looked at me and said “Yep, that’s him. He said I should invite you in for coffee to say thank you. You’ll like my Rhys, he’s one of the good guys. A bit like you!”

Well, I couldn’t really refuse and I was intrigued by this couple. “Sure, that would be nice, thanks,” I agreed.

Shelley directed me to her house and we parked up. Wow, nice house, I thought to myself. As I lived just about a mile further on, it would only be a few minutes until I was home, so I easily had time for a coffee. I didn’t want to be too late tonight having work the next day, but I wouldn’t disturb my wife when I got home. I always slept downstairs in my den on nights when I got home late as Sue has to get up earlier than me so it’s only fair.

We got out of the car and I followed Shelley to her door. It opened before she had a chance to put the key in the lock and a chap about my age peered out. This must be Rhys and he and Shelley kissed hello. Hmm, I thought, Shelley must be in to older men!

“This is Steve, my saviour this evening. Steve, this is Rhys,” said Shelley, introducing us. We shook hands and Rhys said “Come in, I’ve got the coffee on. Thanks for giving Shell a ride home. I told her to pre-book a cab but she always knows best…”  Shelley looked down her nose at him and said “Rhys? Fuck off? OK?” and the three of us laughed.

She continued “Besides, if I had booked a cab, we wouldn’t have made a sexy new friend, would we?”

Damn, she described me as sexy again. Rhys handed me a coffee and whispered “I think she likes you, man. Wanna fuck her while I watch?”

Talk about shocked! “Uh, wha.. are you kidding me?” I stammered. My mind was racing and I really thought I’d misheard Rhys.

“Aww, come on, man. You must fancy her, she’s fucking gorgeous. I’m serious, I’d love to watch you two fuck and I know she’s up for it. She asked me if she could fuck you in that last text she sent me. To quote “He’s really hot, can I fuck his brains out babe?”

I was genuinely shocked, blushing hard and my cock was stiffening in my pants. They say when you look back on your life, if you have any regrets, they you should only be for things you’ve done, not for things that have passed you by. I wanted to fuck Shelley and suspected I wouldn’t regret it anyway!

I was just about to reply when Shelley entered the kitchen where Rhys and I were talking.

“Well?” she asked, knowing what Rhys and I were discussing. If I was about to refuse, that would have changed anyway. Shelley, who had previously been wrapped in a thick coat was now standing before us wearing only a bra, panties and stockings. My jaw hit the floor and Rhys giggled. She looked amazing with her big firm boobs and erect nipples straining against the flimsy material of her bra. Her waist was slim and her hips jutted forward invitingly. Her creamy thighs looked good enough to eat and I immediately wondered what her ass would look like and how her pussy would taste.

Rhys piped up “Judging by the bulge in his trousers, I’d say you got a date, Honey!”

Even before I could compliment Shelley on how beautiful she looked, she had approached me and leant forward to kiss me. Our lips touched tentatively, then more purposefully. Pretty soon, our tongues were jousting and we were tightly embraced. I had no doubt that Shelley could feel my cock bulging against her tummy as we kissed, such was my level of arousal. She tasted like nectar and we kissed for some time, Shelley backing into the lounge and pulling me with her. We shuffled up to the big plush sofa and flopped down on to it, our bodies entwined. I didn’t want to let go of her. Ever.

When we came up for air, I could see Rhys sat opposite us. He had removed his clothes and was sat in just his boxers, stroking his own cock through the material. I’d heard of couples who got off on fucking strangers and it had always intrigued and excited me. Now I’d stumbled into my own porno fantasy.

Shelley was helping me divest myself of my clothes and when I was down to my boxers, she stood up and started to dance and wiggle sexily in front of me. When she turned to face her husband, who now had his hard cock in his hand, jerking it slowly, I got my first glimpse of Shelley’s ass. Oh my God, it was beautiful. Full and firm and as sexy as her hips. I had to pinch myself to make sure this was really happening.

Very erotically, Shelley started to remove the few garments she still had on. She slowly rolled each of her stockings down her smooth legs, kicking them off daintily. The suspender belt was next, followed by the bra. My eyes were feasting themselves on her big boobs, marvelling at how hard her nipples already were. Then she slid her thong down to her ankles, stepped out of one leg and kicked them over in Rhys’s direction. He caught them and did exactly what I would have done – raised them to his face and inhaled the smell of his wife’s pussy.

Shelley was now completely naked in front of me and looked vulnerable and incredibly sexy. I quickly slipped my boxers off, allowing my engorged cock to spring upwards. I was about to stand up and join Shelley but she had other ideas. She dropped to her knees and crawled over to me, almost purring with anticipation. I could see the lust in her eyes, almost matching my own! She placed one hand on each of my knees and pulled my legs apart. She started to kiss my chest then worked down to my belly. Her chin brushed the tip of my cock, making it twitch hard. Shelley never flinched, she moved her face further down until her pursed lips reached my cock head. I felt the tip of her tongue snake out from between those luscious lips and lick all around my glans. Just as I was about to faint with lust, her lips parted and her head moved even further down, allowing my big cock to slide right into her mouth.

The feeling of your cock sliding in and out of a warm sexy mouth is one of the greatest a man can experience. Shelley made it the best ever for me by using the tips of her fingers to tickle the underside of my testicles and she hummed as she ran her pursed lips all over my cock head, adding to the already thrilling sensation. I was able to reach down and fondle Shelley’s breasts as she blew me. I enjoyed pinching and tweaking her nipples which were very hard between my fingers. I heard her let out a huge gasp and I opened my eyes to see that Rhys had crawled up behind his wife and now had his face buried in her ass, no doubt using his tongue on her pussy and ass.

With Shelley’s erotic attention to my cock and the mental image I had of Rhys’s tongue stimulating Shelley’s pussy, I started to feel the urge to cum. I can normally control this quite well, but when Shelley looked me in the eye and said “Cum in my mouth Babe,” I lost it big time!

With an involuntary “Oh Fuuuck!” I started to cum. Shelley gulped down the semen I shot into her hungry mouth and she kind of squeezed my balls rhythmically, as if to pump out my cum. It worked – I don’t think I’ve ever cum as much before and Shelley gasped at thevolume of my load. She managed to swallow almost all of it then sang out a loud moan as she came hard too from Rhys’s loud slurps on her soaking wet pussy. I was a little taken aback when Shelley straightened up, turned her body and kissed Rhys full on the lips, giving him a generous taste of my cum. He seemed to enjoy this and kissed Shelley urgently, still stroking his own hard cock.

Then things got really kinky! I was still coming down from my massive orgasm when Shelley said to Rhys “Jerk off onto Steve’s belly and I’ll lick him clean!” As I was realizing what Shelley had said, Rhys swapped places with his wife and stroked a huge load out over my body, splattering me from chest to belly. I quite like seeing a guy cum when I’m watching porn, but I had never experienced another man’s cum in such close proximity before. My head was spinning as Shelley, as good as her word, started to clean me up, licking and swallowing every drop of Rhys’s cum from my torso. It was incredibly hot and my cock sprang back to life, especially when she licked and nibbled at my sensitive nipples.

“Oh fuck, that’s was amazing,” gasped Rhys as he slumped down to the floor. “She loves eating cum, as you probably noticed.” I was shaking my head in amazement when Shelley turned to kiss her husband, this time sharing his own load with him. I started to wonder what it tasted like. I’d never had the courage to even taste my own cum before, now I was wondering what another man’s cum tasted like!

It didn’t go unnoticed that my cock was hard again. Shelley remarked “Mmm, Steve is ready for more!” and Rhys nodded. “Yeah, I think you two should fuck now. Mind if I film a bit on my phone Steve?” I was throbbing with anticipation now so I didn’t even consider the consequences when I replied “Go for it!” Rhys was good though, saying “Awesome and don’t worry, no faces.”

Shelley held her hands out and helped me up from the sofa. I could see what she wanted as she sat where I had been and opened her legs wide. I knelt down in front of her and kissed her belly while running the back of my fingers gently over her shaven mound. Her head fell back and her eyes closed as I traced my tongue down towards her clit. Rhys hadn’t started filming us yet and I saw him place his phone down on the floor. He was now out of my eye-line as he was behind me. I was concentrating on eating Shelley’s heavenly pussy, trying my best to make it as good for her as she had done for me. I rubbed my pursed lips all around her clitoris, licked up and down her outer lips and slipped a finger between her ass cheeks, gently probing a finger against her anus.

I felt hands on my ass, stroking my cheeks gently, squeezing them then smacking them. The hands felt great and I jumped as a finger traced its naughty way between my cheeks, nudging my own anus. It took me a few moments to realize – Shelley couldn’t reach my ass with me in this position! It was Rhys stroking my ass playfully, massaging me and tickling my asshole. Jesus! I’d never even considered touching or being touched by a guy before, but this was so erotic, I let out an involuntary moan. “Oh, you like that, Stevie?” breathed Rhys. “Mmmmm,” was all I could manage as a reply. I really did like it, although I didn’t like him calling me Stevie!

I had Shelley’s fingers running through my hair and Rhys’s hands squeezing and kneading my ass cheeks, all while I had my face buried in Shelley’s soaking wet pussy. My cock was rock hard and when Rhys reached around to stroke it, I nearly came again, especially when I realised it was his tongue probing my anus, not his finger. He jerked my cock slowly with long strokes, pulling his face back long enough to say “Are you ready to fuck my beautiful wife, Stevie?” Was I ever!

I lifted my face out from between Shelley’s legs, allowing her to reposition herself. She was now kneeling on the floor with her face down on the sofa. I eased myself back until I was in the right position to fuck her from behind. I dropped my head for one final taste of her pussy and deliberately let my tongue linger on Shelley’s anus for a few moments, causing Shelley to gasp loudly and shout “Fuck yes!”

I saw Rhys pick up his phone and turn the camera on. He was aiming it at his wife’s sexy ass just as I was about to penetrate her. I looked at him and said “What about a condom?” Rhys shook his head and said “Shell hates them. Just fuck her man, but don’t cum inside her, OK?”

OK? Ha, like I could have stopped myself anyway. I was conscious of Rhys filming us now, so I offered the tip of my cock up to Shelley’s soaking wet pussy lips. My knob slipped into her and Shelley pushed back, taking my full length. We both gasped and Shelley moaned “Fuck me hard, lover!” I thrust into her dripping snatch again, and went as deep as I could. Rhys had moved in for an extreme close-up, the camera now inches from my cock and Shelley’s pussy as they became one. I felt Rhys place one hand on my ass cheeks again and he squeezed with the rhythm of our fucking. I had my hands on my hips, Shelley was fingering her own clit and Rhys was pushing me deeper and deeper into his wife with each thrust. He moved the camera back to record his hand on my ass, then I felt his finger exploring my crack again.

My head was spinning and my emotions were a blur as I felt the tip of his finger slide into my tight anus. He must have lubed me up good with his tongue earlier as it slipped in easily and felt amazing. I thrust forward penetrating Shelley then moved back, impaling myself on his finger. In and out, harder and faster, his finger was as deep inside me as it would go, massaging my prostate as I fucked Shelley passionately.

Shelley was first to cum, letting out a huge moan as her body stiffened, wracked with a huge orgasm. She squirted a little, and slumped forward, my cock springing out of her. I was wondering how I would finish myself off when Rhys did it for me! He swivelled around and took my cock into his mouth, bobbed it up and down a few times, held his finger deep in my anus and that was it for me. I came hard, my knees buckling with the ferocity of my orgasm, pumping spurt after spurt into Rhys’s mouth. He swallowed the lot and as the last few drops of cum oozed out of me, Shelley knelt beside him and took my cock into her mouth to finish the job. They then kissed passionately, sharing the taste of my cum for a second time that night.

I could see Rhys’s cock throbbing as he kissed his wife and I knew he hadn’t cum a second time yet, but would be close. Fuck it! I thought, why the hell not? I dropped my head and took his full length into my mouth and sucked.

“Oh shit!” cried Rhys.

“Oh YES!” cried Shelley.

“Oohjh oommphl” I mumbled.

I’d never had a cock in my mouth before but I thought it was the least I could do for Rhys. He’d not only let me lick and fuck his amazingly beautiful wife, he’d introduced me to a prostate massage and had helped to give me the most amazing orgasm of my life. Besides, like I said, I was curious what his cum would taste like!

It didn’t take long for me to find out. Shelley had joined in so we were both licking and sucking him and I wasn’t surprised he came so fast. With a loud gasp, he shot a huge spurt of cum onto my mouth, then one into Shelley’s. The last few spurts were over both our mouths and lips as we kissed and shared his load. It tasted of pure sex, unlike anything else I’ve ever tasted. Shelley and I kissed for ages after Rhys’s cock had stopped oozing cum. Eventually, we all slumped down on to the carpet and breathed heavily until we recovered our composure.

Shelley went to fetch us all some water and Rhys showed me the footage of what he’d managed to film before joining in the fun. It was so hot seeing a close-up of my big cock penetrating the dripping wet pussy of such a beautiful girl. Shelley had a look too and said simply “Wow, HOT!”

So, if there’s a moral to this story, it must be “Do a good deed and you’ll be repaid ten-fold.”

However, I’m not really into stories with morals. I was just so happy to have found a sexy couple to play with and introduce me to new experiences.

After that first meeting, my regular night out with my buddy was always more fun when I’d pre-arranged to meet again with Shelley and Rhys afterwards!



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