Small Steps - Chapter One: "Two Years"

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11 Nov. '19
Small Steps - Chapter One: "Two Years"

All characters depicted in this story are over 18.

A young woman sits in a therapist’s office, motioning her hands passionately as she opens up to the doctor. Her name is Sophie and as of right now, she’s talking through her 23rd session of therapy. The therapist sitting across from her is an older white woman - has that vibe like she would cook you a meal in a heartbeat if you looked like you needed it. Sophie is sitting with one knee over the other. She’s short, black hair pulled back with her bangs still present in the front. Intense heat has her dressing in short short jeans and a dark grey tank top. Her skin is brown, eyes hazel. Her face is full of expression. She’s the kind of girl who tells you what she’s thinking before she even says it.

“So, how are you and your boyfriend doing?” The therapist asks. Sophie hesitates for a moment, not for any concerning reason. “Uh, yeah we’re good.” The therapist pushes just a bit, “Are you sure?” She follows that with a brief chuckle that irritates Sophie a bit. “Oh no, we really are doing well. There’s just something I’m stuck on that kinda started before our relationship.” The therapist encourages Sophie to explore these memories, “Before your relationship?” The doctor asks, trying to spur her client further into this subject. Sophie put her hands down for a moment, resting them on her thighs palms facing down. She leans forward, feeling more embarrassed and unprepared to talk about this than anything in previous sessions.

“Have you ever had, like, a summer where there just isn’t shit to do?” She leans back a little bit, getting more comfortable. Not waiting for an answer she continues, “You’re outta school, you got all this free time, the sky’s the limit, ya know?” She pauses briefly, not really making eye contact as she gets closer to opening up about something she has never spoken to anyone about. “I had a summer like that. It was mind numbin’ boredom. Somewhere along the line, I got so bored that I thought it would be funny to look at porn and what started as a joke turned fully into an obsession.” She looks at the therapist to gauge her reaction.

“When you say obsession… How often were you watching porn?” The therapist asks, toying with her pen against the notepad in her lap. Sophie laughs, a bit embarrassed. She looks to her side and down at the floor. “It may have been 3-4 hours a day…” She mumbles. “What’d you say? I’m sorry.” The therapist squints as if that’s going to help her hear better. Sophie repeats louder, “Uhm, 3-4 hours everyday.” Pen hits notepad and a few moments of silence pass as they take notes. Sophie is barely leaning forward now, trying to see if any of the doctor’s notes say, “This bitch is too horny… Like horny as hell!” She can’t get a good look before the therapist perks out of her mini writing session. “And how has this affected you today? Do you still watch a lot of porn?” They inquire, fiddling with the pen.

“Not 3-4 hours, I ain’t got time for that shit anymore.” She laughs, still trying to hide embarrassment. “But, it certainly affects my sex life.” “How so?” The therapist quickly asks. “Like, before I got on this big porn kick that has lasted years now, I didn’t know what a dude’s dick looked like. The first time I saw just a medical ass photo of a penis, I thought it was kinda gross. Fast forward to me lookin’ at porn for the first time, I’m just like ‘Oh my god. These guys have huge, beautiful cocks’.” She leans her head back, “God. This is embarrassing as hell.” The therapist quickly validates her. “No, no. If you’re ready to share this, I think it would be really good. Even if you think it’s silly, a lot of this is natural.” Sophie nods her head, starting to ease back onto the subject. “I watched so much of that. Got off to images of oiled up buff guys plowing girls who were in ecstasy. I got off to that every day for years and then I got into my first serious relationship with a guy.” “Your current boyfriend?” The therapist interjects. “Yes, who like, I got two types, right? Buff monsters of men who could rip me in half or these adorable nerdy, Peter Parker lookin’ guys. My boyfriend is the latter.”

The therapist interrupts, “And what’s his name again? I forgot to write it down last time.” “Julian. We’ve been together for over three years and he’s never gotten me off with anything but oral.” “And you think this may be related to how much porn you used to watch?” Her therapist seems to be enjoying this session which always helps Sophie open up. “Oh for sure. I tried to imagine for a moment that he was packing like those guys but, it still didn’t work. We haven’t actually fucked in awhile… Uhm, our routine is…” She pauses for a moment, retreating into herself a little before she eyes back up and continues, “... Mostly him eating me out when I want it.” The therapist nods her head, eyebrows raising a bit with fascination. The older woman was wishing she had a man that well trained. Sophie continues, “The reason I feel embarrassed talking about this other than admitting I have a weird obsession with big dicks is, like, I feel as though it’s a betrayal to even say that he doesn’t get me off. I love him. I don’t want him to feel lesser because I spent my time doing that as a teenager, ya know? So maybe I can find a compromise.”

“Maybe a toy?” The therapist suggests before eyeing down at the clock. “Oh shit, we’re five minutes over and the person who comes after you is always super early. This was a great session though!” She’d say, standing up to see Sophie off. Sophie understood that they only had a limited time every two weeks but sessions like this were her least favorite. The kind where you have the courage to open up but there’s not enough time to explore what you opened up about. “See you again in two weeks?” Sophie asks, standing up. The therapist nods, “Yup! I got you down. I appreciate you opening up more today.” “Yeah, I’m tryin’!” She laughs a bit before the two say their goodbyes and Sophie heads back to her apartment.

The car ride home was nothing but daydreaming. Her mind whirled with ideas. What if they got a big dildo to try out? Would he be okay with that? Julian was so easy going but she hated to ever take advantage of that. Life up until the last two years or so left the poor girl with a long list of trust issues and as they’ve faded into the past, she’s still having trouble shaking the lingering feelings that came with those experiences. Sophie pulls over to a gas station. While stopped, she pops a text Julian’s way. “Aye, you want anything from the gas station?” He quickly responds. “Nah, I’m good. Thank you though!” This was quickly followed with, “Therapy go okay?” Sophie stopped to consider that for a moment. She had a lot on her mind that was easy for her to invalidate. It was just sex, right? No need to make anything awkward by bringing up an addiction to looking at big dicks. Except it wasn’t just sex. It was one part of two halves in her. As ridiculous as having a “big dick obsession” sounds, Sophie was realizing that it used to be one of her few comforts during a bad time. When it came to this, she didn’t want to let anxiety get in the way of communicating with Julian. “We kinda got cut off at the end but, I’ll talk to you more about it when I get back!” She types, turning around to finish up with her car. Sophie throws a pair of shades on and hops back in her jeep, cruising back home. With the window down, her ponytail whips through the air. Her shades jiggle around on her face as the road gets bumpier. It’s not long before she makes it back to the apartment. 


“Guess what I got?” Julian asks with a wide smirk on his face as Sophie takes off her shoes at the front door. “A soundcloud account?” She teases him about his recently dyed blonde hair. He playfully scoffs, “Nah, nah.” With a sudden burst of energy, Julian hops over the couch in their living room to grab something off the coffee table. Sophie starts to step towards the back of the couch. Julian is out of sight until his hand pops up with a pipe in it. “We get to have our first smoke tonight.” He says, leaning back up with a smile. “Ooo!~” She sings, reaching forward to take the glass pipe from him. “Yeah, I picked it up from the shop earlier today.” Julian keeps talking as she eyes over the logo across it. “What are we going to do about the smoke?” She asks, pausing to look back up at him. He turns to reach over to the coffee table and comes back with a little mouthpiece device. “You blow the smoke in through this and it filters the air. We don’t have to worry about any complaints from the neighbors.” He explains. Sophie lets out a sigh of relief, “Fuck yes.~ I’m excited to smoke this shit. When were you thinking?” He eyes up at her with a playful shrug, “I don’t know. I’m not goin’ anywhere. I don’t think you’re goin’ anywhere so let’s just smoke it right now.” Sophie chuckles in response, looking away for a moment before eyeing back to him, “Always the eager one.~” Julian is quick to retort, “I thought you liked that about me.” She reaches forward and playfully messes up his hair.

Julian streams some music to the living room TV as Sophie pulls the pipe up to light it. “Here, I got you.” He sets his phone down and reaches out to grab the lighter. Sophie takes her first hit, breathing in the smoke for a moment before coughing it out. Julian reaches for a bottle of water nearby and hands it to her laughing a bit to himself, “So much for filtering the smoke.” Her coughing settles down a bit and she takes a sip of water before giving Julian the stink eye, “I’m about to watch you do the same thing.” She hands him the pipe, Julian laughing a little at her sass. He liked to egg her on sometimes. It always came back to bite him in the best way. He takes a hit and immediately chokes. Sophie points at him teasingly, “There it is!~ Tryin’ to be hard and shit when we both babies.” She leans forward and hands him the bottle of water. The two pass the pipe back and forth, laughing together and talking about the two years since they moved away from their homes.

Somewhere along the way, Julian ends up laying against Sophie. Her fingers absently run through his hair. Both were sleepy at this point and deep in their own highs. Julian’s head shifts a bit to eye up at his girlfriend, “You’re so pretty.” He says, pulling Sophie back to reality a bit. She eyes down and smiles, “You’re so pretty.~” She giggles in a joyful hum before nuzzling against his head. The music now is just ambiance in the room. They haven’t been paying attention to it for awhile. The room is dimly lit with string lights. Julian perks back up a little, “Oh, what happened at therapy? Everything alright?” He asks, remembering to check in. Sophie had completely forgotten about the end of her session today. That anticipation to tell Julian about her big dick obsession returned causing her to stiffen up a bit. “Oh, um, I never told you about this…” She trails off, trying to choose her words well. “... When I was a teenager I had kind of a porn obsession.” She starts to explain, absently looking forward. “Ooo, what? I thought I got you into all the stuff you look at.” Julian asks, getting a little excited. She looks into those big brown eyes of his, fingers running through his hair stop for a moment. “No, that’s not true. I used to get off to a lot of videos of guys with really big cocks.” She admits, both of their faces flush a bright red. “Oh! Sorry! Is that weird?” Sophie stammers. Julian is quick to comfort her, “No! No! I just… I wasn’t expecting you to say that.” She starts playing with his hair again, “Oh, well, yeah. I just wanted to talk about it because in therap-” She’s cut off by the rising tent in Julian’s sweatpants. “A-are you hard?” She asks, not hesitating to reach forward and grab his dick through the fabric. “Uh…” He stammers before she squeezes tighter, forcing a moan out of him. “You are!” She laughs a bit. “What made you hard, huh?” She asks, kissing the side of his head a little as her hand fondles his dick. “Uh, I watched some weird stuff as a teenager too.” He meekly admits.

Sophie lets go of Julian, only to reach under the waistband and grip his cock skin to skin. She tilts his head to the side and glides her tongue along his cheek. “Do tell.~ I only know you like to be dominated.” She says while her thumb teases the tip of his throbbing dick. “I got a little flustered when you mentioned the porn you watched because, I’m for some reason really into being teased about the size of my dick.” Sophie continues running her hand along his shaft, a little confused. “Babe, you know your average, right? You’re not even small.” She says almost trying to comfort him. “I know. I just like being teased as if my cock isn’t enough for you. You know, all in good fun like the other stuff we do.” Her heart beat felt like it had slowed down, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Sophie expected Julian to feel inadequate and he does but… He gets off to it. Her mind floods with images of all the cocks she’s seen over the years before she grips a little harder on Julian’s, stroking the submissive male off. “Take off your pants for me.~” She playfully demands, whispering into his ear.

He’s always obedient when she talks this way. Quickly, Julian shuffles his comfy bottoms off, letting his cock spring free in full view. Sophie reaches over onto the coffee table for her phone, quickly opening a Pinterest-like app called, “Harpy Delights”. A board of new images and videos appear that are different varieties of porn with a comment section you can tap on underneath. Users often provide sources for the content in the comments if the poster does not. Sophie’s cycles over to her homepage. It’s filled with a mixture of two things that contrast pretty dramatically. Cute amateur videos of women gently topping their significant other and then a collection of petite sized women similar to her getting railed by monstrous dicks. It pretty well summed up Sophie’s two sides in the bedroom, a playful top and a toy of a bottom. Her finger gently taps the screen, pulling up a video she favorited.  It starts with a guy slowly beating himself off, stroking what can only be described as a thick slab of meat attached to his body. The weightiness of it could be gathered just by the way it bounced when he’d let his hand off of it for a moment to edge.

“This guy has to be twice your size.” She purrs, handing the phone off to Julian. She refocuses herself on teasing his sensitive shaft. “With yours, I can fit my whole hand easily around it but his… I think his is a two hander.” She says, smirking as she notices how red in the face Julian is. “Oh Jules.~ You must be pretty backed up after not cumming for a week.” She reminds him, quickening the pace of her stroke. He lets out a whimper of a moan, leaning his face back in a state of absolute pleasure. Sophie had recently started to control his orgasms after they had talked about trying it. She really wants to make Julian cum just from stroking him through his pants, but she has to get him really backed up for that. Despite taking on leadership roles in his day-to-day life, Julian always enjoyed being the bottom. He loved it to the point of gifting Sophie a cute little bell she could ring anytime she needed him to eat her out. Like clockwork, that bell was rung almost every time she got out of the shower after work. Julian never complains.

“Oh fuck!” He squirms. Sophie brings him closer and closer to the edge before letting go. “Oh, did you wanna cum?~ Mmm, I’m not sure someone with a cock like this should.” She nuzzles her head into his with her eyes still peering down at his crotch. “How about this… If I let you cum, you have to clean it up like a good boy. Is that a deal?~” Sophie pulls herself away a little to look at Julian’s doe eyed expression. She moves her right hand away from his cock and grips his neck lightly, thumb resting just below his chin. “I’ll clean up every drop.” He promises with a cute smile to let her know he’s enjoying this. She leans forward and kisses his lips for a moment before pulling back, “Good boy.~” She purrs again, releasing him from her grip. “Now, get on top of me. I wanna toy with your small dick while I tease your mouth.” With that command, Julian happily repositions to be on all fours across her. They were now face to face with his throbbing erection pointing at her thigh. He leans in and they embrace in a kiss. Sophie moans against his lips, hand reaching up to glide across his cock slowly before firmly gripping it. She pulls her tongue free of the kiss for a moment, “You know I love you.~ Every part of you.” Her tone shifted a bit from the more sultry sound it was a moment ago. She almost glowed to Julian but that may have just been the weed still in his system. “I know you do.~ I love you and all your kinkiness too.” Julian returns, leaning forward to continue their kiss. Sophie starts to pump away at his dick, coaxing precum to leak out on her hand.

The two moan against one another. Julian’s mind feels like it’s melting just from the attention of her hand - that’s how pent up he was from just a week. On top of that, she still happily rang that bell even when he wasn’t allowed to orgasm. It worked in Sophie’s favor however since Julian only gave better head the more desperate he became. The massages were also “torture” as he lotioned down her naked body, pussy on full display. Sophie would smirk and tease him, “Don’t worry, Julian.~ I might let you fuck my pussy after your week is up.” The room would go quiet again for a moment before she continued, “Big emphasis on ‘might’ though.” His face became red, dick aching for release as a wide smirk appeared on her face. He was still working on being more comfortable responding to her when they were like this but she tended to get him very riled up. All that riled and built up energy finally shot out of his cock, his whole body feeling the sensation of his orgasm. Julian lets out a loud moan that’s only muffled by their kiss. Cum splatters against Sophie’s thighs as she releases him, planting more kisses along his neck. Her hand keeps pumping at his cock, desperate to get every drop out of him so he has plenty to clean up. “Ooo!~ I can tell someone didn’t break their promise.” She eyes down, very pleased. Her thigh is covered in his spunk - maybe setting a new record for not just Julian’s quickest orgasm but his largest load.

“That may have been the hardest I’ve ever cum in my life.” Julian says with a breathy laugh of joy. Sophie chuckles along with him, “I could tell by the way you were moaning. You used to not be so vocal when I toyed with you.~” She smiles, caressing his cheek with her hand. “Oh, am I too loud for you?” He playfully retorts, fishing his waistband back up to it’s original position. “Nah, little pet.~ And I think you’ll get louder if I make you go without cumming for even longer.” She teases before guiding his head down to her thigh. “Now, clean up.~” She orders, pulling her tank top off due to the heat in their apartment. Her smaller sized breasts bounce free before she toys with them for a moment. Julian leans down, happy to worship his girlfriend’s body. The more the two played like this, the more they felt a trust between one another. Neither one would do anything that would make the other uncomfortable, it was just the dynamic they had. They valued the same types of communication which only made their relationship work so well. As her boyfriend ran his tongue along her thigh, she reaches forward to play with his soft hair. The anxieties she had at the start of the day were now long gone and she felt a comfort that the  high from earlier could never give her. It was clear to her now that the arbitrary shame she felt from watching porn as a teenager had blinded her from thinking about who Julian really is. He finishes up cleaning her, leaving a small trail of smooches across her skin. Sophie spots something on the coffee table and quickly reaches over for it. B~ring! Her hand jingles a bell.

To be continued in chapter two...


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