What if...

“Oh my! I’m sorry, Sir! I was… distracted. It won’t happen again” I said with a little smile. I just hit a man’s cart with my one.

“No problem at all, Ma’am” he says.

WOW! He’s handsome and in good shape, very good shape. There aren’t many here around. And then, out of the blue, the scenario changes. In a blink I am ready to knock at his door. A nice single house with a pretty big yard. While waiting for him to open the door, I try to think how I happen to be here and why. I am not ready for what is showing up at the door: he is wearing black boxer and… nothing else. I was speechless. I didn’t expect this “welcome” show. And what is before my eyes is absolutely… STUNNING, including his obvious erection! My hormones and my pussy are performing a standing ovation. I am immediately feeling my thong getting wet.

So he invites me in, closes the door behind me, and commands: “Get off of your clothes!”.

I am shocked this time. I turn toward him, mouth and eyes wide open “Excuse me?”

“Your heard me. You can keep your undies on and leave your clothes on the couch there. When you’re done the kitchen is that way” indicating a very bright room on the left. It took me a few minutes to elaborate the situation. I am not very comfortable in showing my body to anybody.

But… I’m doing it. I kicked my shoes beside the door, pull off my shirts and my jeans, and head to the kitchen.

When I enter in the kitchen, he sits with his back to me but I could see that he lightly turns his head to the door to look at me and I can see a corner of his mouth get up as in an approving smile.

“On the counter there is all you need to make a salad. I will take care of the steaks” he says, still in his commanding tone. He’s so sexy and his voice is making my heart skip a beat.

Another blink and I am on a bed with silk sheets beneath my body. My body! I realize that I am totally naked. I try to move and look around but I can’t: my ankles and wrists are tied up to the bed frame with my legs wide open. My pussy is wet, I can feel it. The feeling is so arousing. He’s approaching the bed with a sash. He wants to blindfold me. How does he know that bondage is my dream since I was a young girl?

“Now it’s important for you to understand our roles here: I am the Master and you are the Sub. This means that you have to follow my orders. I’ll be tolerant because it’s your first time and if you need I can repeat the orders, but that’s all I can do for you tonight. If you are uncomfortable, just say SKY and we can go back to the kitchen and finish our dinner. Am I clear?”

“Yes Sir”

“Gooooood girl! See? reading is important and you already know to respect me. Perfect. Now walk toward the couch. Do you remember where it is?”

“Yes Sir”

“If you won’t follow my order even after I repeat it, you’ll be punished and I’ll decide the punishment. You can’t talk unless I ask you a question. Just feel. And, most important: YOU CAN’T CUM UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN. Clear?”

“Uhm. I dunno if I can but, Sir, I will try hard”

“That’s not enough. If you cum before I say you can, you’ll be punished”

“What’s the punishment?”


“Good. I’m not telling you. Try not to find out.”

He’s right: it’s my first time. Who is he? I want so much to be here and follow his orders. I want him to be rough but not violent. But I’m also scared. I am powerless now, I can’t move, I can’t see. I can’t cum while I’m pretty sure I might cum with just a graze! He could do anything and I have to trust him. Actually this is one of the fundamentals of the dom-sub relationship: trust each other.

I hear the crackle of the floor. He’s walking around me… He’s opening a drawer.

“Tell me if you are cold or if it’s too warm. Anytime”

“It’s perfect right now, Sir. Thank you for asking”

He’s behind me. I can feel his eyes touching my body, my boobs are exploding, my pussy is dripping on the sheets. I thought at my age women were suffering of dryness but it’s seems that’s not my case!

“OUCH!” He hit my pussy with something. A crop?. Actually, it’s not really hurting but I wasn’t ready.

“Oh, I see my little sub is already in pain. Get use to it and stop complaining!”

“Sorry Sir”

He hits my pussy again. Again. And again. Jeez… it’s incredible. My head fall back. I can’t breathe. Please don’t stop. Please. I need more.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No Sir. Please don’t stop. Do as you please”

“Do you remember you can’t cum until I say you can, right?”

“Oh! Yes sir”

And then I’m cumming… Oh my! I couldn’t stop.

But now… I am awake… it was just a dream. My dream. The Dream, since I was a young girl. I’m crying now. I’m aroused from the dream and I’m crying for something that will never be.



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