Rainy day

Info bluelou
06 Nov. '19

It was a dark, cloudy day. It’s been raining since last night.

Not much happening today. 

Everything seems to be under control at work so I decide to take a shower and just lie around all day, watching TV or something.

As I’m coming out of the shower, I put on my white summer dress, which could be mistaken for a sleeping gown but I don’t care. Nobody can see me anyway.

My phone rings.

“Argh…who’s calling me now?” – I think to myself.

I look at the screen. 

It’s you. 

I wasn’t expecting your call today. 

“Hey you, what’s up?” – I pick up the phone.

“Hey.” – your brisk tone on the other side.

“What’s up?”

“What do you mean, you’re calling ME.” – I answer slightly annoyed “ Aren’t you in Japan? What time is it there?”

“Ummm… I dunno, might be 10.” – you say.

“10 in the evening?!” - I’m confused – “Isn’t that a bit late? What do you want?”

“I was just calling to check up on that Australia delivery.” – you get all business-y on me.

“I don’t know, it still at customs I believe.” – I reply thinking why are you asking me, I wasn’t handling that. 

“Well, have you checked?” – you sound angry.

“Dude, it’s not me who sent it but I did check, it was still at customs this morning.” – tired of your attitude I spit back. 

“You know, it doesn’t matter whose job it is, I just want it done. You know how things get fucked very quickly, we need to make sure it gets cleared!”  - you snap at me.

“You know what, I’m not having this conversation with you now. It’s late where you’re at. What have you been up to?” – I’m changing the subject.

“I was out. Had a Wagyu beef steak. You heard of it?”

“Yeah, I know it. It’s expensive?”

“It was about 200 bucks.” 

“Oh, Wow!” – I’m surprised.

“It’s worth it. I had a glass of great wine, had a nice evening.”

“Well, good for you then.” – what now I think to myself, what are we suppose to talk about?

“I was on a date last night.” – you’re provoking me, I feel it. 

“A date? Already? You’ve been there a day!” – I say angrily. I surprised myself, it’s almost like I was jealous or something.

“Yeah.” – that is all you say.

“Well, how was it?” – since you mentioned it, I wasn’t going to let you off the hook so easy.

“It was fine. Great girl, I was thinking of seeing her again, tonight.”

“So, what are you doing calling me then?!” – who’s provoking who now.

“I just wanted to check on that delivery.” – I can hear you smiling.

“Have you been drinking?” – I ask, trying to push your buttons.

“Just a couple of beers. I wasn’t drinking - drinking.” – you get all defensive.

I start smiling, I got you! 

I lie down on my bed, getting ready to mess with you. These moments are so rare, it’s usually me who’s on the defense. 

You love making me angry, it’s like you enjoy when I start justifying myself.

“So why are you drinking alone? Shouldn’t you already be on your date then?”

“I wasn’t drinking! I just had a drink with my meal.”

“You just said you were drinking wine with your steak! Where did you drink the beers?”

“Oh just a beer or two, at a pub next to the hotel.” – you’re actually cute, explaining yourself. 

“Where are you now?” – hoping you were back at the room.

“Just getting up to my room.”

My hand starts crawling up my thigh. My skin is so soft. I wish you could feel it.

“Soooo, what are you gonna do now?” – I’m curious, my hand getting closer to my privates. I just remember I’m not wearing any panties. 

“I’m talking to you now, that’s it. So how’s your day?” – you continue.

“It’s been raining all day. I’m lying in my bed actually, lazy.”

I bite my lip.

“Is it cold?” – you sound curious.

“Not at all, I just had a shower to cool of a bit.” – my hand on my pussy already. Your voice is making me wet.

“Don’t tell me you’re naked?” – you get all excited. 

“Well… I’m wearing a tiny dress, didn’t have time to put on my underwear…” – I smile, feeling naughty.

“Is that so?” - I can hear you unlocking the door.

I start rubbing my pussy. My breath is getting heavier, I’m sure you can hear me. I want you to hear me.

“What are you doing?” – your voice curious.

“I’m touching myself.” – I’m teasing.

I can hear your slight smile. 

You take a deep breath and say - “How does it feel?”

“Soft and wet.” – my fingers moving gently down my pussy lips. “Mmmm….” I let out a sound.

“I wish I was between your legs now, kissing your wet pussy.” Your voice all husky and sweet.

“Oh my…..” I let out.

“I would suck on your clit, put your whole cunt in my mouth.” – your lips smacking gently together, like you were sucking on a sweetest candy.

I can almost feel your mouth on my sex. It’s making me crazy horny.

“Put a finger in yourself.” – you demand.

“Ahhh...” – I let you know I did just that. 

My breathing heavy, oh I want you so bad.

“I wish you were here right now.” – I say while moving in and out of myself.

“Lift your dress with your other hand.” 

I do, slowly moaning with pleasure.

“Touch your breast.”


“How does that feel?”

“It feels so good… My nipple is so hard.” – I feel like I could explode any minute now.

“Squeeze it.”

“Ahh…” – you know I did.

“Oh my God, I can almost feel you in me. I’m gonna come now.” – I truly feel a rush coming over me.

I can hear your heavy breathing. I know you’re right there with me.

“Oh, oh, oh!” – I breathe with every sound.

My back is curving up, my nipples hard…. I pull my hand out of my pussy. Wet fingers around and around my clit, I can feel the heat washing over me.

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” – breathing faster and faster, louder and louder, I feel my orgasm like a wave crashing. Oh, what an incredible feeling. My entire left side is tingling. 

I can hear you’re coming too… 

My breathing is getting easier, my entire body relaxes.

I bring my right hand over to my lips. I lick my fingers.

“Mmmm… my fingers are so wet.”

“How do they taste?” – you ask, coming down from your high.

“Sweet.” – I pull my middle finger out of my mouth, smacking my lips around it. 

I take a loud deep breath, taking in my scent “Mmmm…” – I let out.

I stretch my body, fingers in my hair. I smell like sex and jasmine. 

“I wish I had a cigarette now.” – I say disappointed since I stopped smoking a while ago.

“I know what you mean.” – you in the same predicament as me.

My head is resting on a pillow, I feel rejuvenated. 

“At least I have some whiskey in the house. I need it after this.” – I get up slowly, start moving towards the kitchen. 

“I think I might have some here too, in the minibar.” I can hear you opening the fridge. 

We pour ourselves a glass, take a sip and let the silence between us linger just a bit.

I look towards the chair, I have a seat and say – “Well, good night then.”

I hear you gently laugh. With a smile on your face, you reply – “Good night darling.”

I put the phone down, enjoying my whiskey another minute longer.


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