A day at the office

Info bluelou
06 Nov. '19

I was in a rush to get up to the office.

I was late coming over. 

We agreed I’ll meet everyone there and then we’ll go to that new bar that opened recently.

The elevator dings, I run up to the door, give it a quick knock. I can hear the lock, you’re on the other side. 

 “Sorry, sorry I’m late! “, I start apologizing – “You know, girls.” 

I give a little smile. 

You smile back saying - “Don’t worry about it, the guys just left. We’ll meet them there. I need to send an email before we leave.”

“Oh well, that’s great. Feeling guilty for nothing then.” – I smile, moving past you towards your desk. 

“So, do you need any help?”- I say.

“No thanks, it’ll just be a minute, grab a seat.”

“You want a drink? I think I have some whiskey here. Somewhere.” - you look around your desk, getting out a bottle from the bottom drawer.

 “Sure boss, you know me, I love my whiskey.” – I give a naughty smile. 

“You know, I haven’t been your boss for a while now?” – you pour me a glass. 

“I know. Habit.“ – I shrug my shoulders, smiling.

While you go back to your email, I look around the office. I know you received a new collection. I was looking forward to seeing it. 

It’s on the desk across from you, where the guys usually check it. There is a chair there, but I don’t feel like sitting. 

“Can I have a look?” – I point to the bag. 

“Knock yourself out. Tell me what you think.” 

I lean over the desk, maybe a bit more than I should but I never felt like it was an issue, this thing between us. This unspoken, never acted upon, thing between us…

I’m wearing a white and brown wrap dress, nothing fancy (It’s hot on this side of the world. A dress always seems to do the trick when it comes to these warm nights) and a pair of nude stilettos, they’re really showing off my tanned legs. 

It’s not a posh bar we’re suppose to go to, but hey, anyone that knows me, knows I’ll take any excuse to wear my heels. 

I see the collection is more or less your usual stuff. Nice pieces, I wouldn’t mind having all of them. 

“So, what do you think?” – your voice scares me. I jump up from the desk, thinking - “Why is your voice so near?” 

You are standing right behind me, your body touching my back, as I’ve straighten up. 

“Fuck” – I think, hair on my skin reaching out. Goosebumps all over my body, I can’t move an inch.

“What are you doing?” – I say, startled.  

“Why?” – your hands gently holding my waist. 

You pull me closer. 

I take a deep breath, a bit louder then I was hoping - “You know why.” 

I knew you knew, because I knew, but it was obvious we both didn’t care. 

I move my head slowly to the right, exposing my neck to your lips. You’re not hesitating.

I can feel your warm breath on my skin, your hand slowly moving to my front, pulling on the belt holding my dress. 

The dress opens up, reviling my white lace panties, and the fact I wasn’t wearing a bra. 

With one hand moving slowly to my breast, making my nipples hard, the other already found its way into my panties, touching my wet pussy.

“Jesus” – I let out with my breath, taking in another deep one. 

“Do you want me to stop?” – you whisper lustily in my ear. Warmth spreading behind my ear, my neck, right down to my spine… 

“Asshole” – I breathe in to it, my back curving, while your fingers find your way to my swollen pussy lips. You push your middle finger into me, my juices dripping down it. 

“Oh no”- I think to myself, we should definitely stop. I grab your hand and turn around to face you. 

Your eyes move from my naked breasts to my lips, not knowing where to look first.

You’re not trying to kiss me, but I know you want to. 

With both hands under my dress now, I’m locked in your embrace.

I should push you away; instead my eyes follow my hands, unbuttoning your shirt. I can’t wait to feel your skin against my own.

My gaze lifts up to meet yours, escaping to your lips. I slowly move in to kiss you.

Your lips feel smooth, wet, and warm. My tongue reaches gently to find yours. There it is, fat and juicy, filling my mouth, making me want to orgasm right then and there. 

Damn, I knew you were a good kisser.

My hands grabbing at your shoulder blades, I move them down to the inside of your pants, feeling your firm ass. 

You move closer to me. 

I can feel your engorged sex almost in me. Your hands in my panties, pulling them down, I let them slip to the floor. 

I start unbuckling your pants, your manhood pushing to get out. 

Zipper down, I push everything down, revealing your gorgeous, thick, enflamed dick. I touch it, oh my, it’s hard like a brick.

You grab me by my legs and lift me up on the table, spreading me wide open. 

You pull me closer, pushing yourself into me. 

“Ahhhh…” - I’m gasping for air, my head flying back, you bite my neck. I push my self closer on you, again, and again, and again. 

I can feel your fingers digging into my ass, it hurts, but in a good way. 

I can hear the song of pleasure coming fast towards me. I feel its power in my center. Just a couple of more times, and the symphony of my orgasm will wash over both of us. I can’t wait. 

You pull out.

My eyes cutting you in despair, in a split second I see you down on your knees, with your mouth all over my sex. 
“Oh my God!” – I let go, the warmth of your mouth like nothing I’ve ever felt before, I come right in it. It just keeps going. Not stopping. It feels like hours are passing. The most incredible feeling washes over me, like the universe is hugging me. You are not moving away, you allow me to take as much time as I need. 

I feel so grateful, while this rush slowly fades away. 

I just realized I’ve been holding your head, pulling on your hair, keeping you a prisoner of my thighs. 

I release my grip, my legs relaxing a bit, you free yourself and come up to my lips. 

I can smell myself mmmm… it’s making me hot. 

I want to taste myself on your lips. 

I lean over, kissing you slowly, my tongue licking gently.

You pull me closer to you. 

I feel your manhood entering me slowly. You’re gasping for air, your eyes firmly shut… I know you’re about to come.

My arms around you, holding you tight, your rhythm getting faster and faster, I want you to come as hard as I did. 

I’m not letting you go, come in me, come in me. 

Your arms wrapped around me, I feel your chest up against my breasts, your stomach pushing into mine, we are both sweating from the heat of our bodies. 

You’re coming, I can feel you squeezing me tighter. Holding in your breath, your body stiffens up like wood. 

I hold my breath to match yours.

Looking at you with eyes wide open, I feel my power over you. 

Finally, you release your breath and open your eyes. 

Your look matching mine - “This was amazing.” we thought. 

You lean in to kiss me, me holding your neck, our bodies breathing in unison, it truly was amazing. 

We take a moment there, not one of us moving. 

Your cheek against my cheek, “You are so warm.” – you whisper in my ear, “I want to feel you forever.” 

I breathe you in, we both know there is no forever for us.

“We would kill each other!” – I laugh. 

Smiling, knowing I’m right, you gently pull yourself out of me, kissing my cheek, then my lips, neck… Your hand moves playfully to my breast, you put it in your mouth quick, finishing your final kiss. 

“We should have done this a long time ago.” - you say while getting dressed, your eyes looking at that whiskey bottle.

I’m not sure if that would’ve been a good idea, who knows if we would still be friends today. That meant something to me and I know you felt the same. 

I dress up, fix my hair, and raise my drink and say – “Cheers to that.” 

“I wish I had a cigarette now.” – I say, putting on my heels. 

“Why did we both have to stop smoking, hey?”

“Maybe we can stop and buy a packet on our way to the bar?” you say, grabbing your keys from the desk.

“Not a bad idea. Hurry up then!” 

Walking out I ask, smiling- “Did you send that email?” 

You laugh - “Its nothing urgent, it can wait until tomorrow.”



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