Tonight you're mine

Info bluelou
05 Nov. '19


Earlier, we agreed you would meet me in the room. 

You are to knock lightly on the door and I would know it is you. 

I prepared myself; I bathed, I oiled my skin, it scent ever so light. I’ve put on my favorite silk robe. 

I always had trouble keeping it closed; it seems appropriate now. Before, on my way to the room, I grabbed some candles from the maids cart. I lit them up, set them around so that the light can gently spread across the room and we can play in the shadows. 

I am ready. 

I can feel you coming down the corridor. My heart beats faster, my breath is getting heavier.

I hear a knock on the door, gentle, like you said.

Slowly walking to the door, I can barely keep my cool. I’m not scared, I’m excited. I’m ready for you to full fill my fantasy. 

I open the door. 

There you are, sexy as ever. 

Your eyes happy and playful, they look down on me, my robe giving out a little. 

You bite your lip quick but smooth. You take a step closer, I go back one. 

You take another, I stand my ground. 

No words between us. We don’t need them. 

I can’t wait for you to touch me. Everything you are in life: strong, assertive, infuriating, makes me want you now. 

You walk straight pass me, not touching me. My eyes follow your step; did you just pass me? 

You stop in the middle of the room, turn towards me and nod your head a bit. I knew you were going to make me come to you… 

Your right hand opens my robe just slightly, while your eyes follow it. First your fingers, then your hand on my hip. 

Commotions in my heart, butterflies. 

I want to touch you. I put my right hand on your chest, you take it by the wrist and pull it down and away from you. 

You don’t want me to touch you, but you want to touch me. Holding me gentle but tight, your right hand moves slowly down my hip, to my behind, down my leg, in my thighs, on my pussy. She is already wet, longing for you. 

I close my eyes, lift my head towards the sky, deep breath, I’m already about to come. 

Your head on my neck, I can feel your breath, warm and heavy like mine. I want you to kiss me but you’re not. Just your hand moves down my clitoris, I can feel your palm on it, your fingers down to my ass, you grab my pussy. I take a deep breath, your other hand holding me tighter. 

I know I’m not suppose to move, I let go of my control. I’m yours now, do what you will with me. 

Your hand gently rubbing me, up and down, up and down. I can’t control my spine, it starts to curve. My head goes back, another deep breath. 

Your head now on my collarbone, then on my chest. I can feel your warm breath making my nipples hard. 

Your fingers around my clitoris, around and around, gentle, steady. I’m breathing in to my orgasm, I can feel it coming. 

You slip me a finger, pressing your hand against my sex. 

Ummm, I want more. You know this, I can see you smile a little. Your tongue on my nipple now, oh my, like ice and fire at the same time. 

I can feel you put two fingers in me, you push them in, more and more. I’m about to explode. 

You stop. 

My left hand, lazy on my side until now, rushes towards yours, I’m not going to let you stop.

Your entire lips over my nipple now, you suck on it hard while pushing those fingers deeper in me. 

I can feel my soul in my throat. 

You bite my breast, mouth full with it, I’m coming hard. My eyes closed, but I can see the light, bright and warm. Heat spreading through my head, my burning breath, down my chest, my stomach, into my abdomen, down to my inners and out with your fingers. My hand still holding yours, I push my fingers between your wet fingers. My robe now completely open, I lean forward, spreading my fingers to feel my juices. With exhale, I bring back my head forward, your lips gently pulling away from my breast, letting my arm go. 

Free to touch you now, my hand  is slowly working its way over your wrist, your elbow, your shoulder, the back of your neck, I stop. 

Your lips close to mine, our eyes locked, I let go. 

Gently moving away from you, allowing my hand to slip from your neck, down to your chest, I go towards the armchair in the corner. 

I want you to sit in it. 

You know what I want. 

As you come closer, I let my robe slip down to the floor. 

I am completely naked now. I feel sensual, sexy and ready to give you a taste of my powers. 

Ready, sitting down, spreading your arms on the side, you watch me go down to my knees, right between your legs. 

I look at you. 

You break a slight smile, knowing what comes next. 

My hands on your thighs, I hungrily move them up to your center, your throbbing sex between my thumbs and index fingers. I lean closer, my right hand opening your zipper, my left pulling your manhood out. Its thick and strong, and hard like a rock. That makes me wet, I want it in my mouth. 

Not waiting, my lips are already touching the tip of it, I suck it in my mouth, my tongue wrapping its side, I devour it whole. 

I can feel you move, lifting your hips, this time your spine is curving. 

I push your legs down with my elbows, sucking your dick harder and harder, in and out, up and down, I feast on it. 

You want me, you’re holding in your orgasm, I can hear your deep fiery breaths. 

I lift my head, looking up at you, your eyes pleading me not to stop. I stop. I get up. 

Your hands go to grab me out of fear I’ll stop for good but I was faster. Moving forward, pushing your arms down, I first put my right knee, then my left knee down your sides, I want to feel you in me. 

My lips almost touching yours, I feel your warm breath on my face. 

Slowly I let your sex push into mine, I feel I can come again. Gasping for breath, my head flies back. Your body pushes against mine, you break free from my restraints. Grabbing my back with both hands, you push deeper and deeper into me. My hands wrapped around your head, pulling on your hair, moving my body up and down. I let my breaths become sounds, louder and louder. You pull me in tighter and tighter until we climax together in unison. I let you come in me, your essence filling mine, I feel every inch of myself, inside out. 

Your hands let go a little, you’re holding me gently now, catching your breath. You look up at me, your eyes filled with wonder, it was as we hoped it would be. 

I smile lovingly and lean in to give you a kiss. 

Our first kiss. 

My soft lips on yours, our tongues gently touching, then intertwining fully, deep in our mouths. 

It’s a mouthful of goodness, like the finest chocolate, the finest champagne, only better. 

I lift my head a little. Still savoring the taste, we share a final kiss on the lips. 

With a slight smile on my face, I get up while you zip up, your smile nostalgic already. 

As I get back into my robe, I head towards the desk where a bottle of whiskey is waiting. 

I pore some for you and some for me. 

I actually bought cigarettes earlier today, even though we both stopped smoking a while ago. 

I bring you the glass, give you a cigarette, light yours then mine, and sit in the armchair next to you. 

Without a word, understanding everything, knowing it’s our first and last time, we sit together in silence, savoring our whiskey and cigarette. 

Soon you will leave, and so will I, never to see each other again.


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