Heights of Ecstasy

Info Ancy
03 Nov. '19

The waiting was too tough for me. Minutes ticked away very slowly in snail's pace. I lay with memories of that night which showered bliss on me. That night made me know what a man means to a woman and how he can lead her to a world of boundless pleasure. That was indeed a lovely night never to be forgotten. My fingers unknowingly found their way to my secret garden which was wet.

With these thoughts I waited for him. And there he came, the love of my life. The tall lean well built figure was enticing beyond words. A hot embrace made us one and squeezed us. Our lips got locked, our tongue slipped into each other's mouth. I was hotter of the two of us and was in an indescribable mood. Moments went off and and I didn't realise what happened, until I saw that both of us were starkly bare. Two hot nude bodies got entwined together and lay on the couch. 

I found the hot masculine body as a bed and lay over it. My bosom was pressing against the manly chest. My lips and tongue smoothly rolled over his body, on his hairy chest, on his navel and still downwards. I lifted my face and saw his dick in its full glory. It was a very hot and lovely sight and made me more womanly.

A reflex took over me and I lowered my face and my lips touched and felt that glory of masculinity, and his manhood slipped into my mouth. My tongue joined the action and made me realise the hardness. My lips and tongue realised how they can pleasure him. My face moved up and down my lips firmly on his pole. And lifting my face I saw him wriggling with pleasure. I was getting fully soaked down there and felt hardness in my bush. 

He lifted me and pushed me and got on my top. His face went downwards and rested on my bush. His tongue started exploring me and tickled my clit. It went deep down through my slippery pussy. His tongue came out and went in fast, driving me to an amazing world of boundless frenzy. He drank my honey which was there profusely.

It was too much for me, and I was irresistible. A strong reflex took control of me and I rolled over him, oblivious of what I was doing but seeing only a hot male body. Sitting on his nakedness gave me the feeling of sitting on a horse. My feminine wetness pressed on his rock like dick. I held it and teased my clit with its head. I couldn't bear it any more. Parting the pink lips of my pussy with my fingers I led his pole into my love hole. It forcefully entered me giving joy to both of us. The love stick went deep inside the totally drenched slit. I pushed down my pussy more and more on his dick and it was fully inside me.  Oh I am sitting on a horse and so I must ride it. My reflex made me ride the horse first slowly and then faster. My pussy kept on taking his dick in and out, in and out. My stiff clit was getting greeted by his erection. He caressed my stiff clit enchantingly. Ecstasy started fast climbing, up, up and up. I was rocking over him, my pussy was grinding his cock. I was panting, my bottom gyrating on him. I looked down and saw the magnificent sight of his dick in full glory entering and exiting my soaked pussy in quick pace sending electric waves all over my body.

My panting gave way to sweet moaning and my riding pace became feverish and feverish. I forgot everything, the world, my existence. There were only a woman and a man discovering ecstasy. Only my pussy and his cock mattered for us. His length was pretty good so I could raise my hips pretty high. I was riding, my body moving up and down, up and down and my pussy taking his cock in and out in very fast pace.  And a volcano erupted deep within me taking me to the heights of ecstasy. And deep down there was a lovely shower. And the same time my dearest pal emitted thick melted emotions. 

A sweet smile greeted the face of both us and I lay on his top. The tiredness which swept over both of us had a rare charm.


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