All the Shades of White - Part 4

Info TomDunson1948
29 Oct. '19

His alarm when off at 7 a.m.  He kicked off the covers and realized he had a hard on.  He smiled and then notice the crust of his left over cum on his stomach.  He made the bed and then showered.  He shaved and brushed his teeth.  Then he went to the kitchen, made coffee and made the toast.  Finished he looked at the clock and saw that it was a few minutes til eight.  He walked down the hall with the coffee and lightly buttered toast.  He knocked on the door and suddenly heard come in.  

He couldn't help it but his cock was erect as he walked over to her with the breakfast tray.  She smiled.  "Good morning and I see both you and your friend are happy to see me."

Mike blushed as he set the tray down on her lap.  "Yes Ms. White, we are both glad to see you."

"How did you sleep?" she asked.

"It took a while Ms. White but when I finally fell asleep I slept very soundly."

As she at he toast and drank her coffee she asked, why he hadn't slept.  He replied that he was going over all the had happened last night.  She smiled and then asked what conclusion he finally came too and he replied that he was happy to be there with her and that he hoped he could live up to her expectations.  She smiled, patted his ass, and said, "So far, so good."  When she was finished she asked him to bring scissors, razor, and shave cream.  

He went to his room and got the supplies and came back.  Bring me a wash cloth and a basin from my bathroom with hot water.  He did and when he returned she was standing with a an open silk robe on.  As the robe opened and closed as she moved about he could see her breasts, lovely pinkish brown nipples. and lovely shaved pussy.  

She told him to lie down and put his arms over his head.  She rang out the was cloth and placed on under his left arm.  She then put some shaving cream on her hand and covered his armpit with the cream.  Then with a few strokes she shaved his right armpit.  The left followed with the same procedure.  Then she set to work on his groin.  Be careful she worked around his erection trimming the hair way back.  Then the warm wash clothe, shaving cream and razor.  When finished she had him stand up.  

"Very nice.  I love a clean shaven man.  I will expect you to be clean shaven all the time.  I did it this first time to show you want I want you will do it from now on.   You will shave everyday and keep yourself free of all hair."

"Yes, Ms. White."  

"Run me a bath and use the lavender bubble bath." He did as she said.  She walked into the bathroom and he followed.  She turned her back to him and he removed her robe.  She stepped into the tub and lowered herself into the sudsy water.  She leaned back and told him to fetch her another cup of coffee.  He brought back to her and he stood there holding the cum and saucer for her.  He watched her bathe and then she told him to put the cup and saucer down.  She then handed him a soapy wash clothe.

"You will wash my back and feet.  Eventually you will bathe my whole body but that is something you will earn.  The more obedient you are the more will be allowed to bathe my body."

When he finished with her back and feet he just stood there as she soaked.  His eyes gazed over her body.  Her warm, smooth thighs and lovely lush breasts.  His cock was now very hard and right about now he would give anything for release.  Finally she rose and said, "Towel."

He held it for her and then put it around her to dry her off.  He could feel her tush, her breasts, her thighs.  "Give me your hand."  He put his hand out and stepped out of the tub.  "Dry my legs and feet please."  He knelt and dried her legs and feet.  "Robe."  He grabbed it and put it on her.  She walked over to the sink and brushed her teeth.  It was almost 9:30 by the time they were done.  They walked back into the bedroom and she sat down.  

He brought her more coffee and then they heard to doorbell ring.  He didn't move and she said, "Get the door."  

"May I dress," he asked.

She smiled, "Of course not.  Get the door."

He walked to the door and the more he tried to think about getting rid of his erection the harder it became.  He got to the door and took a breath.  He opened the door and he came face to face with a beautiful woman with very dark hair and eyes.  A lovely figure and several years older than Ms. White.  He saw her looking at him up and down and became embarrassed.  

"May I help you?" he finally blurted out.

"Where's Jean?" she asked and before he could answer she pushed passed him and started down the hall toward Jean's room.  He trailed behind her watching he lovely ass move under she tight yoga pants.  

She walked into Jean's room as both women smiled and exchanged a hug.  Michael walked in behind her and stood in the door way.  

"So, I see you've got a new trainee.  How is he working out?"

Jean replied, "Well, it's only been a day but so far he is doing quite well.  I think he just may make it.  He has an amazing tongue."

The guest turned to look at him.  "Stick out your tongue," she said and Micheal did.

She turned back to Jean and said, "I hope you don't mind but I could really use him right now."  Jean laughed please feel free.

The guest peeled down her yoga pants, kicked off her Nikes and slipped her pants off.  She wore no panties.  She stretched out on the bed on her stomach.  Michael looked at Jean and Jean only smiled.

Suddenly the guest spoke, "Let's see how good your tongue is.  I need at orgasm and the ones I get from anal pleasuring I truly enjoy."  Michael looked as Jean and she nodded.

He walk over, climbed in the ged and bot between her legs.  He lay down spread her cheeks and gave her a good long slow lick.  She sighed softly.  He worked on her like the for quite a while.  Long slow licks over and over again.  He breathing and sighs became more intense.  

He began to focus more and more on her anus.  He ran his tongue around it and she gasped with pleasure.  She lifted her hips slightly and pressed her ass into his face.  He licked evern faster and would alternate between kisses and licks.  The more he kissed, the more he licked the more intense her pleasure became.

Then he rolled his tongue and pressed into her anus.  She gasped with pleasure.  "Oh god, yes.  Please don't stop."  He kept moving his tongue in and out, in and out, fucking he anus with his tongue.  He looked up and saw her grab the sheets.  She moaned and her hips began to move involuntarily.  The oragasm swept through her like a title wave.  Wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her.  Until finally she quit moving.  She place soft little kisses all over her ass and then move off of her.  She turned her head to look at Jean and said, "He is a keeper."  Jean smiled as her guest began to sit up with her back agains the headboard.

"Where did you find him" she asked.

"He teaches at the university.  He was walking around the student union looking like he was lost so I threw him  a life line and here he is.  

"Do you mind," was all she said.

"Feel free," Jean replied.

"Come over her!"

Michael walked over to her and she reached out and began to stroked his cock.  He gave out a little moan as she stroked it.  She cupped his balls with one and stroked his cock with the other.  She kept it up and Michael began to move his hips slightly.

She looked at him and said, "You like?"

"Yes, Miss.  Very much."

She kept stroking him as she looked past him to Jean.  "Ok if he cums?" she asked.

Jean smiled and said, "Of course he's free for you to use."

She took a finger and lightly caressed on the underside of his cock.  Michale shuddered and his knees buckled slightly.  

She looked past him again at Jean and said, "You know maybe Friday I will bring David over and the two of them can get acquitted."

Jean laughed, "Was hoping you were thinking along those lines.  I know David is very obedient and then we will find out just how obedient Micheal is"  He turned to look at her.

"If you being with another man would please me, would you do it."  

Before he could answer the guest began to stroke him in earnest and he began to feel that orgasm was very close at hand.

"Yes, Ms. Jean, whatever you say."

"That's my boy.  If it's ok with Carol, you may cum now."

Michael looked at Carol.  "Ms. Carol, may I please cum now."  

She stroked hard and faster and said, "You may cum."

Michael close his eyes and let it happen.  His knees buckled, his hips moved up and back, his eyes closed and he moaned loudly as he came.  

Carol giggled and looked surprise as he came.  He spurted into her hand and some of his cum went up her arm.  She kept pumping him until he was completely spent.  

"Thank you," was all he could manage to say.

Carol smiled and said, "If you really want to thank me, you will lick my hand clean."

Without thinking Michael knelt down and licked all his cum off her arm and hand.

As he licked her hand Carol said, "Gives a whole new meaning about having him eating out of your hand."  Both women laughed.  When Mike was finished Jean told him to got clean up and bring coffee and another cup for Carol.  

"Yes, Ms. White."  He walked to his room and with a warm wash cloth cleaned himself up.  As he walked to the kitchen he wondered what David was like.


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