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28 Oct. '19

We were both in our mid-forties, for Christ’s sake. This isn’t how it’s supposed to go!

I was led out of the public restroom with my hands cuffed behind my back, dreading the ridicule that would inevitably follow. Shit, would I become a convicted sex offender? But I’m a nice guy! No, I really am one of the good guys. Apart from my high sex drive, I’m about as far from being a pervert as it’s possible to be.

Well, that used to be the case. Before I met Jo….

“Damn, you need a woman!” said my friend Andy, seeing me watching the pretty girls walking by the park bench we were sat at, eating a burger during our lunch break. I smiled and nodded, knowing he was right. I’d been single for, Jesus, nearly a year, my last long-term relationship ending in a teary farewell when my girl had decided to take that job abroad. Sure, there’d been a few dalliances since then, but nothing like what I’d had and really wanted again.

Then came Jo. Hmmm, let me rephrase…

“Have you seen the new girl?” asked Andy, continuing our bench conversation. “I bet she’s a little demon between the sheets! You should ask her out, maybe she’s desperate too!”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence!” I replied, and stood gently on his toe. We both laughed until Andy said “No, seriously, she’s a stunner and I’ve heard she’s single. What have you got to lose?”

I stroked my chin pensively, and to wipe a little mustard from my beard. “Yeah, you’re right, I should. She’s looked over to me a few times and if you’re sure she’s single, I’ll ask her out on Friday.”

“Atta boy,” said Andy. “We can’t have your cock shrivelling up and falling off, can we? You might be old, but you’re not too old just yet!” I stood on his toe again and Andy sniggered. He loved to wind me up about my age as I was nearly ten years older than him. But there was definitely some life left in this forty-something. Now I had to prove to Andy and myself that I was equal to the challenge.

I used to get very nervous before asking a girl out, overthinking things and focusing on the likely refusal rather than the potential agreement. Once I realised that women like confident guys, I consciously flipped this attitude around and it had been a revelation. Even picking girls up in a bar, something I used to be terrible at, became a breeze. I’d had many a brief fling or one night stand from simply appearing confident when asking a woman to dance or to go out for dinner. One time I was so successful, we ended up fucking in my car that very evening, but that’s another story.

Friday came around and I made it my business to be close to Jo throughout the day. I helped her with a spreadsheet she was working on, made her coffee while she incorporated my suggestions in to her work and was generally around, being a good colleague. I knew she wouldn’t be surprised when I asked her out. Women have this sixth sense when it comes to these things and she hadn’t put up any barriers so far. Time to pounce!

“So Jo, it’s Friday and I have no plans for the weekend. I hope you haven’t either and we can go out for dinner tonight. It’s the least you can do ‘cos I’m sure you want to thank me for being an awesome friend today!”

This might sound cheesy to you, but I was confident and sincere in my approach, looking her straight in the eyes. She held my gaze and her face remained implacable. She was teasing me and I was so relieved when her face broke into a beaming smile.

“Ha, you cheeky sod!” she replied. “Go on then, I’ll bite. Shall we go straight from here or will you pick me up later?”

Bingo! And she’s keen too!

I picked her up from her place at 7.30 and our first date went very well. I dropped her home around 11.30 and made no attempt to go into her apartment. She gave me a peck on the cheek as she said “That was a lovely evening. If you like, you can come round on Sunday and I’ll cook you lunch?”

So it began…

Jo and I became an item pretty soon afterwards and I’m happy to report her sex-drive was as high as mine. Compatibility is important, don’t you think? Not only did we make love frequently, she seemed to like all the things I liked and was always keen to experiment with new things. Toys, bondage, cyber-sex when we were apart – all great fun.

Then the fateful day arrived. We had always enjoyed a bit of heavy petting in the car and one evening, we were in the local park and the urge overcame us, leading to a knee-trembling quickie behind the large oak tree. I was apprehensive as the thought of being caught terrified me. The thing is, that same thought aroused Jo beyond anything we’d done before.

Later that night, we were back in the privacy of our bedroom, lying naked beside each other on our huge bed. Jo said “Oh my God, Matt, when you fucked me up against that tree, I was really hoping we’d get caught! It was so hot, I came much quicker than usual! Didn’t you think it was hot too?”

I rolled my eyes and replied “Honestly Jo, you’re such a dirty slut. I could see how up for it you were and yes, that did make it hotter!”

Jo looked up at me frowning. “Dirty slut, eh? You’ve never complained about me being dirty before!”

I knew she was teasing me but I wanted to make sure she knew I was teasing her too.

“I’m not complaining now, either,” I replied, “But I do have a reputation to maintain, you know. If we’d been caught, my career as an all-round nice bloke would be shattered!”

Jo’s frown broke into her trademark dazzling smile. “All-round horny fucker, you mean!”

I took that as a compliment, even if it wasn’t intended.

Well, with the horny banter and Jo’s dazzling smile, my pecker was growing hard and I reached my hand down to feel that Jo was on heat too. The knee-trembler we’d had earlier had gotten us both horny and ready for more. I span myself around, kissed Jo’s belly, making her giggle, then I headed south…

Jo purred a hoarse sigh as my lips brushed against her shaven mound and my hands gripped her knees, pulling her legs apart. I explored down by an inch or so until my lips found what they were looking for - Jo’s clit. She was already wet with anticipation of a good pussy-licking. I was eager to taste her too and my cock was aching with a strong erection, and was level with Jo’s mouth. She loved sucking my cock as much as I loved eating her pussy and the 69 that followed was sensational. But today, it was a little different. Jo was giving me a foul-mouthed commentary as she sucked and stroked me.

Imagine, if you will, us lying side by side, my face buried between Jo’s legs, my tongue exploring every crevice between her legs and ass cheeks. Jo was noisily slurping on my hard cock and each time she pulled my cock out of her mouth, she stroked it firmly and recounted our earlier session in the park.

“Slurp, oh my God Matt, your cock is so hard. Mmm, I love your tongue on my clit, oh yeah, just like that! Are you gonna fuck me again like we did earlier?”

I muttered a muffled sound of agreement as Jo sucked me again. The next time she pulled my cock out, she said “I thought we were gonna get caught with your cock inside me!” More sucking and then “I saw a guy walking his dogs not far from us and I was praying he’d walk our way!” She licked the length of my shaft and tickled my balls as she said “If he’d caught us, what would have happened? Maybe he would have joined in and spanked my ass while you fucked me!” One, then the other of my testicles were sucked into Jo’s greedy mouth and I was starting to feel the urge to cum.

“Maybe he would have fucked me right after you did? I was so full of your cum, he could have slipped his cock into me so easily!”

That was it for me. I love dirty talk at the best of times and Jo knows it. With an almighty “OH FUCK!” from me, I came hard, splattering Jo’s face and neck, and covering her hands with sticky semen. As I pushed my tongue into Jo’s ass, she let out a gurgled “Arghhhh” and came too, clamping her thighs around my head a little too tightly and rocking back and forth with the power of her spasming body.

I wanted to fuck her hard and deep right then, but I needed time to recover. As we lay there, our limbs still intertwined and Jo’s face a sticky mess, we sighed and I reflected on just how much this scenario had aroused her. I have to admit, I was starting to feel the same. The thrill of being caught was already making my cock get hard again and Jo was quick to make good use of it. As I turned to lie next to her, face to face, she turned away from me and ground her ass into my groin. Making little Matt throb hard. Jo was so wet that my cock slipped into her easily and I fucked her from behind, side by side, for as long as I could. Jo bent herself forward so I could get inside her really deep and we fucked hard until the inevitable. Jo came first, breathing hard and squealing as her orgasm hit and this tipped me over the edge, making me cum inside Jo’s pussy as it contracted, milking me for all I had left. This naughty little slut had caused me to cum three times in as many hours. I suspect she had cum at least four or maybe five times too. What was that I said about compatibility?

So it continued…

The next time we were out in public was three days later. We were meeting Andy and his girlfriend Tess for a late lunch at an outside eatery overlooking a large lake on the outskirts of town. None of us were driving, so the drinks were flowing and while we were waiting for the main course to arrive, Jo took my hand and guided it down in between her legs. She had a skirt on, which had ridden up as she sat down. We were mid conversation with Andy and Tess and I wondered if they noticed me jump as Jo guided my hand lower and I could feel she had no panties on! Not only that, as my fingers curled around, I could feel she was already soaking wet down there. My cock immediately started to grow and I felt Jo’s hand rubbing it though my pants. Just then the waitress approached us, so we quickly stopped pawing at each other and concentrated on the conversation and the steaming pasta dishes that were placed in front of us.

The rest of the afternoon was full of anticipation for both of us. Andy and Tess had to go at about four to pick up their daughter and that left a very horny Jo and an equally horny me wondering how we could continue our naughtiness. I’d noticed earlier that there was a large disabled toilet cubicle in between the male and female rest rooms. After settling the bill, I asked if Jo needed to use the facilities before we left. She nodded and wandered off towards the rest rooms. I followed at a discreet distance then caught her up just before she reached the door to the Ladies. The disabled cubicle was vacant so I caught Jo’s arm and in a loud whisper, said “Jo, in here with me!” and pulled her into the cubicle with me. I didn’t have time to lock the door behind me before Jo was grabbing at my crotch!

She reached up to kiss me on the lips, unzipped me as she did so and said “Fuck me now!” She had pulled my cock free from my trousers so I span her around, lifted her skirt and plunged into her with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer cracking a peanut. It was so incredibly horny that Jo couldn’t stop moaning loudly. I reached around and covered her mouth with one hand as I fucked her hard and fast. This made her moan even more and she bent right forward, hands against the wall, and pushed her ass back into me with each thrust. We love our quickies almost as much as our long, tender lovemaking sessions. They can be so horny and always leave us wanting more.

This time, however, all didn’t go to plan….

The sight and sound of Jo being fucked from behind would drive any man crazy and I’m no different. The feeling of her pushing back with each thrust, her fucking me as much as me fucking her, meant I wasn’t going to last long. It was the same for Jo. I could feel her rising to her crescendo as well and at the exact moment I remembered I hadn’t locked the door, Jo squealed, the door swung open, I pulled back, looked to see who had interrupted us and unleashed a huge torrent of cum. Spurt after spurt shot out of me and I cursed “Oh Shit!” Jo had turned to look and started to giggle as I came and the face that had interrupted us was not amused. He quickly closed the door but I knew he was still outside.

Giggling like a couple of naughty children, Jo and I quickly straightened ourselves out and cleaned up where we could. The door opened a few inches then fully opened when our intruder revealed himself. My heart sank and Jo muttered “Oh fuck” under her breath as we realised he was a policeman.

“What the fuck, guys? Come on, this is a public restroom!” Jo and I studied our shoes, our faces bright red, the shame starting to engulf us.

The worst part was yet to come.

“OK, I would expect a couple of kids to behave like this,” continued the officer, “but you guys? Really? Have I stumbled across an affair? You really ought to be more discreet. I’m gonna have to take you both in. Christ, you didn’t even lock the damn door!”

We protested, of course. “No, no, we’re a couple, honest. We just got the urge, and you know…”

I must have sounded pathetic!

I volunteered my ID and gave our names and tried my best to ingratiate myself. Jo just looked sheepish and said nothing. Damn, it was her fault, the horny little slut, and now I was going to be…

This is where we came in, so to speak.

The policeman cuffed me and led us outside. Fortunately, his car was parked close so we weren’t paraded through the restaurant like a couple of pervy criminals. He bundled us into the back of his car and as he jumped into the front seat, he muttered “I only stopped for a bloody sandwich and to take a leak. I heard the commotion in the disabled toilet and knew somebody was up to something. I wasn’t expecting to find two mature adults fucking like teenagers and you, you asshole,” pointing to me, ”you nearly sprayed me with cum!”

Shit, I didn’t mean to laugh but Jo sniggered and I couldn’t help it. Talk about a ruined orgasm! The policemen wasn’t even that hot! Fortunately, he had a sense of humour. With Jo sniggering and me laughing out loud, the officer guffawed loudly too. We all laughed long and hard and when we finally calmed down, I held my wrists up towards him and while shaking his head, the officer released me from the cuffs and said “Sheesh, I oughta lock you two up. But it’s Saturday and now I have a great story to tell the lads back at the station.” Jo and I looked at each other and the policeman said “Go on, I’m giving you a break. Get your horny asses out of my car and don’t let me catch you again. Go! Now!”

With a sigh of relief and a “Thanks, man!” from me, Jo and I shot out of the police car and practically ran all the way home, still giggling. We got to my house, went in and locked the door behind us. I looked at Jo and she looked at me and we burst out laughing again.

And so it ended….

We made a pact that afternoon. No more public fucking.


At least, not if there is likely to be a policeman around...



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