Four is the magic word

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19 Oct. '19

Four is the magic number


We had waited the four of us to spend a one-week getaway in Brittany. That was only last year. We, Corinne, my wife of four years now and Claire and her husband, Hervé. We were so close as friends that it seemed like renting a house in Brittany was the right thing to do, no question about it.

Watching Corinne prepare our suitcase was arousing me; she had put on a pair of beige leggings that accentuated her shapely ass, and she knew how much it turned me on to watch her walk by in our apartment with these leggings on. She kept winking at me doing every so often while making each of our suitcase in no time at all! Something she really insists on doing alone as she keeps repeating that I don’t know how to pack! She does have a point, though.

On the day of departure we met our friends at the boarding gate; they had run late and we laughed it off as “you guys will never change”- as they ended being late at their own marriage which beats it all! The flight took six hours and pretty soon, I was driving the rental car with Corinne at my side and Claire and Hervé, in the back seat.

We made it to our hostel later that afternoon thanks to the GPS in our car. The host lady was friendly and we spoke in French mostly as we are part French part American, only Claire is full fledged French. I fell exhausted on our bed from the trip and another six hours went by before I opened my eyes to the gorgeous landscape from our window.

The weather was just right not too hot not too cold and the temperature made me want to take a shower in our cosy little hideaway. As soon as I stepped in the shower, Corinne approached me and began snuggling to me kissing me with her warm lips and sleepy eyes. The touch of her hand in mine was making me want more and she felt my erection grow in a few seconds, winking at me again as she always does when she's about to do something naughty or simply acting mischievous. "I wonder what Claire and Hervé are doing in their room" she whispered in my ear. "hmm" I replied feeling her right hand on my erection. "Probably something similar", I added."

I tried to imagine what our friends would be doing and I simply couldn't agree more than what I just said. Claire was always a tease before marrying Hervé and he confided to me that nothing in her nature has changed after wearing a ring. I also knew that Claire and Corinne were outspoken about lovemaking and their girls’ talk was somewhat of a turn-on for me, not that she had confided to me but she has always playfully saying things like how great they look together physically and a cliché line: they do get along in bed! Yet, I've never asked Corinne to reveal their discussions.

I did however like many guys had solo thoughts about Claire, her taut French ass that she displays whenever we double date was always a good bate debut session for me; last New Year’s I remember how she seductively walked by me to go to the living room where we were entertaining, wearing some tight jeans, and I remembered being really turned on; Corinne eyed me a few times while we were having dinner  And later in the bedroom she whispered to me “I saw you looking at Claire’s kissable ass, doesn’t she have a great body, it would be great if we competed for you guys to vote who does have the best ass”. Needless to say I came like a volcano when she said this to me.

While she was climaxing from my thrusts, we were locked into that very thought. That was a year ago…

We ended the shower and I started drying up, sporting my usual hard-on and looking at myself in the mirror. Like many guys I enjoy looking at my member, and like the feeling that it’s neither small nor big but just the right size. It also felt great to know we were on a vacation in our grand-parents homeland. Corinne dried up and soon we were back in our bedroom; she motioned me to take a seat in the sofa saying she wanted me to give her an appreciation for a couple of bathing suits she'd brought with her. As she went picking them up on her suitcase I still was wearing my solid erection if only flattened by the water but quickly did it grow back up again at the perspective of these bathing suits of my 3-year old wife with her shapely buns submitting to my attention.

It’s her way of teasing me knowing that I worship her derrière, having told her over and over how fortunate I am to be married to an intelligent and smart-ass lady!

I sat down on the couch and just smiled as she turned around with a sizzling black and white one that just was perfect, I thought. It enhanced her so well couldn't imagine why she picked another one! She turned around and with a sly grin and said; - “How do you like my butt in those?”. I almost got up but she waved me to sit still. Just then we heard a knock on the door; Corinne smiled as if she knew who it was. "Put on your trunks at least”. I did as I was told while getting up and hid in the bathroom, but somehow I didn't think twice about that knowing for some reason I expected it to be the host lady but it was Claire and Hervé who stepped in our bedroom, with ravishing smiles and looking rested. Claire and my wife exchanged glances, at Hervé and I – as if to say “you don’t know what we have in store for you, lads”.

Nothing is more enticing for me when I read that thought in a woman’s demeanor. It was still early in the morning and we didn’t have coffee yet, What’s happening here?… The girls instructed us to sit still in the sofa and be quiet. “We brought a swim suit each that we hope you will like but as we are not sure of ourselves we will ask for a fair opinion, besides you’ve nothing else to do at the moment than admire our bodies…. Hervé and I sat and opened our legs instinctively. Claire came up to us then and said “I would take these trunks off if I were you guys, you might not need it after all. She had a look I never knew she could muster, one that seemed to look into your soul. Quizzically, we looked at each other but again we did as told. I was back to a high standing woody and Hervé had a slightly curved cock that sprang in the air. He looked at mine and nodded his head. I did the same. The girls seemed relieved and together in unison playfully licked their lips. At that sight we must each have raised an inch of flesh. It was hard not to play with ourselves past that. Together and in perfect coordination Claire and Corinne took each a white thong and in coordination put it on only to reveal two pair of simply fabulous tight buns which as we never saw before us our wives together in such a pose, gave us reason to take each a hold of our dicks accelerated by this lusty situation. It was a sight that matched postcards of Florida or California postcards featuring beach girls buns!  Only it was real – that was no postcard!. We were realising what none of us ever considered to: partake in a foursome with our own wives, but it was time to wonder why.

Both Hervé and I sat mouth wide open as our cherished wives shook ever so slightly their buns in accord, asking without moving their heads to us “so what do you  think of these thongs, do you think it will go well if we wore it together, Michael and Hervé, please answer how come you guys are sitting in silence?” The torture seemed to last even more as Hervé and I stroked our missiles ready to explode.  I couldn’t articulate much except my mind was reminiscing to some Miss Reef videos I used to jerk off too a few years back, watching all those lovely derrieres getting an appreciation was a favourite of mine.

Then the girls did nothing more than achieve us in a final act that I would always relive over and over. They got on their hands and knees with their buns shaking side to side tempting us in a crying sight of pure majesty.  “What do you think Claire, do you think like me - do you think your hubby Hervé is certain of what to do next? Claire replied with her lovely French accent: “I think your Michael might need some guidance, but my Hervé is ready to give me good loving in our favourite position”.

Matter of fact it was Corinne and mine favourite position too, oh boy! I thought, the number of times since we got married that we both came in that position is limitless… We got up from the sofa and softly, delicately, as to not disturb the harmonious sight of two lovely backsides staring at us, we removed each thong of our wives’ and kissed their pussies, licking eagerly and letting our tongues roam all over their luscious behinds. We rimmed their wet holes and I clearly caught a sight of Hervé as his nose and tongue dove into Claire’s backdoor, he was relishing the aroma, and he looked at me in awe sighing with content, just then I did the same to Corinne, as she pushed her backside against my face. The proper rimming I was giving my wife was beginning to be too much to bear for her, Hervé eyed me licking Corinne’s asshole like it was honey, I swear I saw a smile escaping from his lips. I realised then that we were both releasing the tension that came ever since this vacation getaway came out.

“You started this!’, I thought to myself, as my tongue was circling her clit. “Come and fuck us now, lads!” articulated Claire. We then proceeded to enter each our wives from that angle. I was feeling so bold and invincible paying tribute to my wife’s greatest nature attribute!

In front of her friend who was giving the same tribute by her hubby, never suspecting that he was a true ass lover like I. But then I suppose if you marry Claire it is for her wits, her French attitude and her rear which is beyond ratings.

We pistonned their backsides like pre-programmed sex machines, not uttering a word which added to the erotic tension and the lovely surroundings, jet lag too! Minutes later we came like a flood inside them. I must have dropped more love juices into Corinne’s than in our 3-year old marriage – just the sight of her head looking straight ahead as I’m pumping her ass, was astonishingly impossible not to retain from coming. Hervé, too was looking too spent to even articulate a word as the sight of his French wife with her butt high up matching each and every thrust of his cock, though not new to him, made him feel like a sinner in front of us, pleasing his wife in from of her friends - as I did feel too.

But our women seemed even naughtier as they turned slightly looking at us, licking their lips in sync. As if more was to come. Hervé and I were dumbfounded. “Now if you two were to go back to the sofa and sit down while we recover – we’re going to brush up and you can regain your vigour.

We’re going to let you vote for the best cocksucker; meanwhile you should order breakfast. They laughed off after that last sentence was pronounced by Corinne.

Hervé and I looked at each other’s cock coated with each of our wife’s come.

“Let’s just go with the flow”, I said.


To be Continued


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