You'll Never Be the Same

Mike and Kate had been married for twenty-three years and while they had a very happy marriage and good life together, they had fallen into a rut.  Their lives had become rather humdrum, especially in the bedroom.  One evening after another routine but satisfying lovemaking session, Kate asked Mike how he felt about their love life.  Fearing he might be "set up" if he said the wrong thing, he told her it was good.  He then asked how she felt.  She paused and said, that it might be fun to try something new and different if he was game.  

Mike breathed a quiet sigh of relief and said he would be open to trying something new if she did.  After fencing up and back she finally said ok keep Friday night open and I will come up with something new if you trust me.  Mike laughed and said he had trusted her for over twenty four years so he saw no reason to stop trusting her now.

Friday night came and when Mike got home Kate was already out of nice long, relaxing hot bath.  She was just putting on her robe when Mike walked in.  They greeted each other and Mike got undressed and jumped in the shower while Kate poured some wine.

He showered, dried off, put on a robe, and joined her in bed.  They sipped wine and talked about their respective days.  When they were both finished Kate asked if Mike was ready.  He smiled broadly in anticipation and said, he was ready.  She told him to remove his robe which left him totally naked and his cock was already rising.  

She told him to lie down and then tied his hands securely over his head.  "What are you doing?" he asked.  

"You said, 'You trusted me.'" she replied.  

Once securely in place she put a blind fold on him.  He became a bit more apprehensive.  Sensing his anxiety she gave him a tender kiss and told him to relax and enjoy.  They kissed but this time he felt her tongue glide across her lips.  He opened his mouth and the two exchanged a long passionate kiss.  

Kissing was and art that they both enjoyed.  They kissed each other with passion and desire and Mike was fully hard after just a few kisses.  Kate playfully said, "Well, well what do we have here," as she gently caressed his cock on the underside of the head.  He sighed softly.  She let go and kissed him passionately again.  

She then kissed his chin and along his jaw til she got to his ear.  In a breathy voice she said, "After tonight you'll never be the same."  She laughed and then gently nibbled on his ear.  As she did she gently stroked his cock and whispered, "Do you want to cum, darling?"  

"Yes, very much honey," was his answer.

"Then you must let me do anything I want to you.  You can not resist because if you do I will keep you tied up and you will not be able to cum until I let you go.  I will tease you repeatedly until you ache but I won't finish you.  Understand?"

He thought for a moment and said, "I understand and I will let you have your way."  

She kissed him and said, "That's a good boy."  

She got up from the bed and was gone for a while.  When she returned he heard something like water be squeezed out of a towel, when he suddenly felt a very warm, wet wash cloth put on his groin area.  They sat quietly for a moment and Kate removed the wash cloth.  He heard a funny sound and then her hand in his pubic area.  

Suddenly it hit him, "You're not going to shave me, are you?"

She laughed, "You agreed.  So don't move I'd hate to cut something off my mistake."

Mike laughed nervously as she set to work.  When that was finished he felt the wash cloth again but this time under his right arm.  "You're not going to shave my armpits are you?"

"I want you nice and smooth darling.  Remember if you want to cum (she stroked his cock a couple of times) you must let me do what I want."  

Without waiting for an answer she shaved under both of his arms.  "There, nice, fresh and sweet."  With that she leaned down, nuzzled his armpits as she stroked his cock.  He moaned as she gently made love to him.  This went on for a while and Mike was really getting aroused when suddenly Kate stopped.  

He felt her get out of bed and heard the rustling of clothes.  He felt her get back on the bed.  She straddled him and slowly moved up his body until her pussy was directly over his face.  "Honey, I am so horny looking at your freshly shaved body, and your cock, and low hanging balls that I want you to lick me til I cum."  With that she lowered her pussy to his mouth.  

The first thing he noticed was that she had shaved her pussy.  He noticed her hypnotic scent which she gave off when really aroused and then how wet she already was.  Her clit, which was larger was already out from underneath its hood.  

He stuck his tongue out and gave long slow licks to her bare pussy. "MMMMMM you taste wonderful."

She giggled and said, "Shut up and keep licking."  Now it was his turn to laugh.  

He flattened out his tongue and pushed it up against her protruding clit.  She ground against him and they fell into a nice rhythm.  She ground against his face in an up and down motion while he moved his flattened tongue across her clit in a circular motion.  

Her honey flowed freely filling his mouth and tasted incredible.  He licked and enjoyed her totally and wondered why so many men were so hesitant to go down on their women.  Not him!  Mike loved eating his wife's pussy and she loved having it done.  Her soft moans were becoming increasingly louder and her hips were really grinding against his face.  

She was now moving her hips in earnest and then she began to pant and grunt as she came.  She never squirted but it was more like a flow.  As she moaned and grunted she filled his mouth with her nectar and he greedily lapped it down.  

She gently began to come down from her high and then lay down next to him with her head on his chest.  As she lay their relaxing she gently reached down and began to stroked his erection. 

"Feels so good baby."  She began to kiss his chest and as she stroked his cock she began to lick and kiss his nipples.  He was in heaven and he was looking forward to getting off when she abruptly stopped.  "Oh baby, not yet.  Way too soon," she said.  With that they began to kiss again.  Their tongues moving in and out of each other's mouth.  Each in turn trying to catch the other's tongue and suck on it.

After awhile Kate kissed her way down his body, got between his legs, and licked from his balls to the tip of his cock.  Over and over again.  He moaned and babbled about how good it felt.  After her doing this for what seemed like an eternity she put her open mouth over his cock and took it all the way in.  Her head began to bob up and down and Mike was in exquisite pleasure.  

As she worked gently on him he lay there and began to realize who enjoyable this was.  To be totally helpless and just to lie there and enjoy was nothing he had ever experienced before.  Suddenly she stopped and gently began to suck on his balls.  He was disappointed at first as he was nearing cuming but was very happy that she worked on his balls.  

Soon her tongue drifted and went to to that little patch behind his balls and in front of his asshole.  He tongue flicked lightly across that area and he was beside himself with pleasure.  As she licked her hand grasped his cock and she began to stroke.  He moaned loudly as both her tongue and hand moved faster.  Mike's hips began to move when suddenly she stopped.

"Damn, I was almost there."  Kate giggled, "Too bad but I have more to do with you."

With that she felt her hands gently spread his ass cheeks.  "What a cute little asshole."  As she spoke she ran her finger tip around his opening.  "So tight but so sensitive."  

She didn't do anything for a moment and suddenly her mouth covered his cock again followed by a finger sliding into his asshole.  It felt so good as she pushed her finger in deeper and deeper.  He pulled his legs up and allowed her free and deeper access.  As she sucked her finger moved in and out.  The pleasure was amazing.  He could feel his orgasm building when suddenly she stopped sucking on his cock.  Her finger still kept moving when he said, "Please let me cum.  I was so close."

"Hmmmm, I'll tell you what," as she slipped from between his legs and left the bed.  

"What are you going to tell me?" he asked.  As he lay there he heard a drawer open and then some fumbling around.  He felt her get back on the bed when she felt something on his thigh.  He dawned on him, it was a dildo.  In fact it was a strap on cock.  "So, if you want to cum, then you have to let me fuck your virgin asshole.  That's all and then you can cum in mouth.  How does that sound?"

Before he could answer she was pushing his legs up.  "Ready?  Just relax and let me have my way with you."

Mike tried to relax as best he could when he felt the artificial cock slide into him.  It stung at first and felt rather uncomfortable and fortunately she pushed in slowly until she was all the way in.  She didn't move once in but then lowered her head and kissed him.  "I love you," and with that she began to pull out and then push back in.  She slowly fucked him and at first it was uncomfortable but as she fucked he went from uncomfortable to comfortable.  As he relaxed that discomfort dissipated.  It now began to feel good and as he lay there he began to understand for the first time what it must be like to be a woman.  

He realized that part of his discomfort came from being embarrassed.  Embarrassed that his wife was fucking him.  Embarrassed that he was enjoying it.  Embarrassed because while doing this may not be natural, it really felt good.  

His thoughts were disrupted when she asked, "How are you doing, baby?"

"Honey I have to admit, it feels good."  She leaned down and kissed him again.  She kept on fucking and soon he began to move his hips up to meet her thrusts.   The more she fucked the more he enjoyed it.  Finally she leaned down, kissed him, and said, "Are you ready to cum?"

"Oh god, yes," was all he could say.  She pulled out of him slowly and when he was finally out he missed her being inside of him.  She took her strap on off, knelt next to him, engulfed his cock in her mouth and began to suck on him.  His feelings were all a jumble.  He had never felt as aroused as he had right now.  He let himself go and said, "Oh baby don't stop I'm getting close."

No sooner had the words come out of his mouth then she stopped.  She snuggled up next to him and whispered, "I lied.  Fucking you was not all.  I want  you to cum in my mouth, and then I want to kiss you and let  your cum flood into your mouth.  Ok?  That's all you have to do."

"And what if I cum and don't open my mouth?"

She didn't say anything but simply pinched his nose shut.  As he opened his mouth and took a breath she asked, "Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, I'll do it."  He had just gotten the words of out his mouth when she went back to sucking him.  As she sucked she reached up with the one hand she caressed his nipples.  It took only a short time before he groaned, "I'm coming."  His orgasm was so intense that he half sat up in bed.  He pumped stream after stream into her warm waiting mouth.  Finally he was done.  She moved up his body placed her lips on his and he opened his mouth.  She parted her lips and filled his mouth with his own cum.  It was mildly salty and he was amazed that he didn't choke on it.  They kissed long and hard and she snuggle down next to him.  

"I think from now on we should add this to our lovemaking routine.  What do you think?"

"I was hoping you'd say that."  With that she kissed him and untied his hands.  The cuddled and drifted off into a blissful sleep.  


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