Tom Martin 4 - As Nature Intended

"Coming." I shout, wrapping a towel around my naked body. I wonder who's disturbing my post-workout shower? I receive my answer upon opening my door: Andrea Grace, the daughter of my next-door neighbor. I can't deny I've had my eye on her, with her ebony skin, slender frame, and bubbly smile. Even better, she's flaunting everything with a pair of denim short-shorts and black tank-top.

"Hey. What's going on?" I ask.

"Oh... Umm. Sorry to disturb you." She stammers.

"It's fine."

"Well, I could do with your help, if you don't mind?"

"Not at all. What do you need?"

"Uhh, there's this photo competition about nature shots, and I was wondering if you know anywhere breathtaking?"

"Well something breathtaking is standing right in front of me."

Andrea lets out a nervous laugh as her cheeks turn red.

"I know a place. I can give you directions there."

"Uhh, how would you feel about taking me there?"

With a smile, I say "I'd love to, but I don't know how your father would feel about that." I mean, we got along well enough, but I didn't want to get on the bad side of a security guard who carried a gun for a living. Then again, the whole forbidden fruit thing made Andrea that much more alluring.

"Oh he's working all day. He won't know."

"If you say so. Just let me get dressed."

"Of course."

As I turn and head to my bedroom, I decide to have a little 'wardrobe malfunction'. For the last two weeks, Andrea has been admiring me and now I have a chance to get her alone. I'm sure she's gawking at my well-toned body, appreciating all the hours I spend at the gym. Inside my bedroom, I throw on some slacks and a shirt, before going back out to see Andrea waiting for me.


"Let's go."

We head to my car, where Andrea says "I can give you some money for gas if you want?"

"If you want." I didn't need it, but I didn't want to make it an issue.

"Least I can do."

"So how much does this competition payout?"

"$500, plus being published in an e-magazine for the winner."

"Nice. That should get your name out."


I pull up by the Costa Rosa National Park, right near a hidden little waterfall. With a smile, I grab my backpack and say "C'mon."

Andrea follows me on the short trek to the waterfall. When we arrive, I turn to her and the huge smile on her face. At that point, I knew I had made the right choice.

"Oh my God... This is perfect."

"Knew it would be."

We spend the next half-hour searching for the right angle to take the perfect photo. I try my best to help, but Andrea's certainly the expert among us. The session is taking its toll on Andrea, who's sweating, and breathing heavily. Truth be told, the sun is bearing down on us, and hell, I'm starting to sweat a bit. Eventually, she cracks, stating "Damn it's hot out here."

"Sure is. How about we cool down?"

She puts her camera back in its bag. "What did you have in mind?"

With a grin, I remove my shirt. "How about we skinny dip?"

Her eyes go wide. "You sure?"

"Yeah. I mean you've already seen me naked. It's not like anyone else is around."

"I mean I guess..."



"Do you like me?"


I decide to go for the kill, pulling her in for a kiss. We wrestle tongues as our hands explore each other's bodies. Soon enough, I tug on the hem of her top. Our lips part, allowing her to put her camera bag down and me to remove her shirt. Unfortunately, she'd opted to wear a bra, but my nimble hands swiftly remove it. Once it lands on the ground, I knead her perky breasts, causing her to giggle.

"Sorry. Couldn't help myself." I jest.

"That's okay."

"You can touch me if you want."

In reply, Andrea puts her hands on my chiseled chest. My hands then glide down her waist and to her hips, before reaching for her fly. Her hands imitate the movement of mine, and soon enough, she's tugging down on my slacks. I slip out of my shoes, allowing her to pull my pants and underwear down, exposing my stiff cock.

"Ohh, someone's ready."

"Can you blame me?"

"I guess not."

That's when I slide a hand into her short-shorts and under her panties. My fingers rub the lips of her entrance, causing her to purr. At this point, I doubt we're going to get into the water, but she's certainly getting wet. When I focus my finger on her clit, she begins to twitch. That's when I ask her "What do you want?"

"I want sex. With you Tommy."

Hearing her confession sends shivers down my spine. The two of us finish stripping off until we're completely naked, like nature intended. I pull her in for one last kiss, before spinning her around. Instinctively, she bends over, bracing her hands on her thighs. Next, I press my tip against her eager slit so she looks over her shoulder to me and says "Do it."

My cock sinks inside of her craving channel, causing her to gasp. She is perfect. Tight and wet as can be. As I proceed to piston, she whimpers "I've wanted this for so long."

"So have I." I confess, before lifting her torso up slightly and indulging in her lips once more. Next, I squeeze on one of her breasts, before the other rubs on her clit. My touch causes her to shudder, and in turn, our lips to part. This allows her passionate moans fill the air and my ears. Our intimacy is completely uncontained for all to see and hear, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

As I continue to thrust, Andrea's breath becomes heavier. Next, her legs begin to tremble and not long after I turn Andrea into nature's most beautiful sight: A woman shuddering throughout her orgasmic bliss. If only I had a photographer here to capture the moment. With my own climax imminent, I decide to stick with what nature intended: filling her channel with my seed. 

The two of us catch our breath, before Andrea breaks the silence. "Oh Tommy... That was perfect."

"Sure was. We'll have to do it again."

"So, how about that skinny dip? Think we need to cool off."

I couldn't agree more.



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