That Spice She was Looking for

Info EroNoire
13 Oct. '19

I'm really tired of having to go to these parties. They claim it's for charity, but we all know it's just rich folk piling in to an expensive venue to flaunt their new purchases and excursions. What ever, I should at least enjoy myself while I'm here. I got my fucking hair straightened for this thing. Mindlessly I sipped on my Martini, engaging in "small talk" with people I could care less about. 
"Nala come here, there's someone I want you to meet." Jessica gripped my hand and dragged me away from Mr. Boring.
"Alright, I'm coming Jess. No need to drag my ass."
"It's the friend I was telling you about girl. Cute, recently single and lives right where you plan on moving to this summer, Chicago."
"Oh, so you're trying to get me a boyfriend before I even step foot in the place." I asked with a raised eyebrow. I recently ended a lackluster 2 year relationship with my ex Ben. He was sweet and smart but, he lacked spice. It had been 8 months since we broke up, and it's been a complete relief. I barely think about him. But, there is one man who had been running rampant in my mind, Scott. We met online a little over a year ago, but we'd both been in relationships at the time. I loved speaking to him. He made me feel free. I just couldn't stand the thought of emotionally cheating on Ben, so we stopped talking. Ever since then he's been the star of all my fantasies, and I never even saw the man's face. Just a few pictures of his fully clothed body and thorough descriptions. 
My mind snapped back to Jess...
"No girl, I'm trying to make sure you have a friend and someone to look out for you when you first get down there. Whether or not you recognize how wonderful he is, is all up to you."
"Fine, fine...let me meet this guy."

Jess and I walked up to a group of two men and one woman. 
"Hey guys, this is my friend Nala. Nala, this is James, Sandra, and--"
Jess was cut off by the second man's warm timber coated in a Chicagoan accent, "Nala?!" 
He looked at me with searching but confused eyes. 
"Uhh, yeah" I whispered as my body warmed under his gaze. The sound of my name leaving his lips was something I wanted to hear again, preferably as I rode his cock. Lord! Why was I so horny all of a sudden.  
I scanned his face trying to figure out if I knew him from somewhere. His curly brown hair, brown eyes, and slightly tanned features matched the description of the person I could only wish he was.  But it couldn't be. My eyes continue to peruse down the rest of his body, taking in his lean build. And then I zeroed in on his hands. Those fucking hands that had roamed my body and brought me so much pleasure in all of my fantasies. It couldn't be!
"Ahemmm… uh yeah, Nala this is--"
Shock was present in everyone's eyes now, as they looked between Scott and I, trying to decipher how we were connected. 
"Do you two already know each other?" Jess questioned. 
"Yeah, just a bit", Scott answered as his long legs strode over to me. In two steps he was right in front of me and pulling me into his embrace. I immediately melted into him, loving the feel of his arms wrapped around me, the warmth of his body. His clean and slightly masculine scent invaded my nostrils. Everything about him was comforting yet exhilarating. My pussy warmed while my heart felt soothed. Without a doubt in my mind I knew he was my Scott. 


We spent the rest of the night chatting, catching up, and dancing. With every minute that passed the sexual tension between us grew thicker and thicker. I remembered all his secret fantasies and fetishes. Everything that turned him on was permanently etched into my mind. And with the little gestures he did to me all night, I'm sure he felt the same way. The way his fingers pressed into my hips when we danced. Or his searching thumb rubbing circles on my low back. The bold man even whispered in my ear so close that his soft lips brushed past my lobe. If I was of a lighter shade, there would have definitely been a blush present on my cheeks. There was no way we could just go our separate ways after this event. I craved more of him. 

As we picked up our coats, I turned to him, "Scott, take me to your hotel." It was my turn to be bold now. What I said wasn't a question, it was a demand. He had my pussy singing, and I need to know what it felt like to be with him. So, I stood my ground and spoke my mind. He was a little taken a back at first, but quickly a sinful grin landed on his face. "Why do you want to come back to my room Nala?"
I know this boy did not. Placing my hand on my hip, and planting a sweet grin of my own on my face, I let my other hand rest on the center of his chest and then slowly drop down to the belt on his waist. Tugging him to me just a bit, "Because Scott, I want to be screaming your name so loud that front desk has to call us about noise complaints."  
His grin widened, "Good, just making sure you know what your getting yourself into baby girl" 
He grabbed my hand and escorted me outside and into the nearest taxi. 

In the taxi we were gentle. Sweet kisses and light touches allowed us to become acquainted with one another's bodies. Soft whispers and promises of what the night would bring were exchanged. 
His hand placed on my low back, guided me through the front entrance of the hotel and to the elevator. As we entered he moved to press the button for the 10th floor. His arm brushed by breast causing my nipple to harden. A small gasp escaped me at the contact. His eyes locked onto mine, I could see the heat rising in them. If there weren't other people in the elevator with us, I'm sure he would have tried to take me right then and there. Our fellow elevator riders, however, did not stop him from discreetly placing my hand on the growing bulge in the front of his pants. A pool of warmth flooded my panties for the umpteenth time tonight. 
As we exited the elevator and walked to the room his strides became more rushed. He swiftly took out his room key, opened the door and entered. His hand wrapped around my wrist like a vice yanked me into the room. 
"Jesus Scott, I'm--"
His lips came crashing down onto mine as he kicked the door closed behind us. His hands squeezed and kneaded at my plump ass cheeks as ground his hard bulge into my stomach. We stood there licking, nibbling, and groping each other until we were both breathless. 
"I'm sorry for rushing you like that, but I couldn't hold back anymore." The warmth of his breath kissed my face as he spoke to me, bent over low so that our foreheads and noses could touch. 
"Mmm, it's no problem." He could have cussed me out a few minutes ago and it wouldn't have mattered. That kiss made my knees weak and butterflies erupt in the depths of my stomach.

"How about we uh.." his hands slipped under my thighs picking me up. Instinctively I wrapped my legs around his lean waist, "...take this to the bed" I finished. "Yes, we should"
The soft sheets welcomed our bodies as we fell onto them. Giggling we continued to explore one another, losing articles of clothing left and right, till we were both down to our drawers and panting for more. Scott left a trail of warm kisses down my neck and chest. Stopping at my breasts he gave each nipple equal attention, licking and nibbling on them until I was a squirming mess below him. He continued to kiss and nibble his way down my body until he was at my hot thong clad center. The tiny red G-string didn't leave much to the imagination. But he took his time, kissing my clit and lips through the fabric. I wriggled trying to push my hips up; TRYING to convince him to give me more. His arms snaked around my thighs and held me in place as he continue to tease me. 
"Scott, please...I need more" I groaned out
No response, he just continued his assault. After a few heart beats and my unsuccessful pleas he removed my panties. I assumed he would take his time again, teasing me until I thought I would lose my mind, but I was absolutely wrong. He dove in, licking and sucking on my lips and clit like it was his favorite meal of the day. My moans filled the room and he hummed back in approval. The vibrations tickled my clit adding to the experience. Good god could he eat pussy. One thick finger slipped into my pussy as his tongue continued to explore my clit. The pad of his finger moving in a come hither motion stroking my g-spot caused my body to shake. 
"OoooOo fuck daddy, right there" 
A second finger followed. With each stroke my orgasm began to build more and more until...
"Come on baby, cum for daddy" he crooned...suddenly I was falling apart in his arms.
"Shittt, I'm cumming!!" My back arched off the bed. Scott held me tight anchoring me down by my thighs as I rode out my orgasm. 
As the last tremors shook me, he began a slow climb back up my body, kissing and nibbling the same way he descended. 
His tongue snaked out to part my lips, I could taste myself on him as he kissed me. The taste was uniquely mine, slightly sweet, with hints of him. 
I became greedy for more of him. I wanted to take his throbbing cock between my lips and tease it the way he teased me. I moved my hand in between our bodies and began to stroke his cock. He released a small grunt as my small warm hand wrapped around his cock. He began to thrust his hips into my hand. 
"Mmm, Nala, grip it a little tighter" he whispered against my lips
Doing as I was told, I closed my hand around him a little more. With my second I cupped his balls and began to massage them. 
"Yes baby, like that"
"Let me taste you" I damn near begged
"Not tonight" he pulled back, and gripped his cock stroking it for me. I watched and began to rub my clit. 
"Such a naughty girl. Are you ready for daddy to fill you up?" 
"Yes Daddy" 
"Guide me into you" 
Lining his cock up with my pussy I guided him as he sank his hips into me. We groaned in content. The feel of his cock entering me stretching my pussy to accommodate his size had me dizzy with lust. He steadied himself for a few moments allowing me to adjust before he began to thrust in and out of me. His arms around my head caged me in as his hips began to piston into me. I pushed my hips up to meet each of this thrusts.
"Shit Nala" he grunted "this pussy is so fucking good".
Our bodies moved rhythmically, skin slapping together. Kissing and licking each others necks and faces, tasting our sweat mixed together. We were in a haze of passion, nothing existed outside of our bodies coming together.
Leaning all his weight onto my body he grabbed my ass and positioned my hips so that his pelvis brushed against my clit with each thrust.
"Uhhh Scott, yes!" I needed to contain myself or my prediction would surely come true and we would get complaints from our neighbors. I bite into his neck to muffle my screams. 
If he kept that up I was going to cum soon, but I needed him to cum with me. 
I licked my finger and began to rub on his asshole as he continued to stroke into me. 
"Fuck N-"
I slipped a finger into his tight asshole. "Ohh fuck Nala, I'm going to cum" 
With two more stroked we were both coming, our orgasms wrecking our bodies as we fucked like our lives depended on it. His load flooded my awaiting pussy coating my insides. 

When our bodies finally stilled we laid on the bed in a sweaty satiated mess. My leg thrown over his body as he stroked the back of my neck and nuzzled my cheek. 
I think I found the spice I was looking for. 


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