Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - Unbridled Vacation Sex

Since the start of our exotic vacation on Antigua, she and I became instantly ensnared in the erotica “E’s” spell of the island and aura of our surroundings. What is the spell of the “E’s”? Evolve. Excite. Explore. Experience. Experiment. Endure. Enjoy. Complement this mystical posture with our respectful and engaging spontaneity of satisfying each other’s lust for sex. Neither she nor I would ever have imagined becoming so engaged in such bold erotica but we have and with absolutely no regrets. As our incredibly exotic and uninhibited Caribbean vacation was waning down, we did tone down the pace of our daring sexual promiscuity and prowess. Many couples would see what we have engaged in sexually as being taboo and perverted, but neither she nor I were going to fall into the pitfalls of a stale sex life lacking passion, adventure and excitement. The fulfillment of an incredible sex life is peaked both emotionally and physically by both participating persons yearning to feed their sexual intended desires and passions. Even though what we have consensually shared during our visit, it has actually made our love for each other and sex life much more vibrant and diversified. This does not mean we ceased with love making both orally and sexually. On the contrary, we continued with our sexual encounters in either the morning, afternoon or evening with either a good hard fucking or oral pleasuring in bed or the shower. In the entire time of our vacation at the Eden Beach Resort, there was not one day we went without sex. We were all too caught up in the moment on each day when the urge arose. The great thing about our frequency with sex as our vacation days waned, we both developed an unprecedented resilience to go at it for long periods of time making our sex erotically incredible and our orgasms extreme.

A couple of days had since passed from our X-rated rendezvous at the spa with Thomas and Tori. It was early in the afternoon and the sun was bright and hot. She and Tori had gone inland to go shopping again. I was coming up from the ocean after taking a long refreshing swim to cool off. I laid down in the chaise lounge without toweling off feeling the warm Caribbean breeze blowing against my wet skin. Just as I picked up the book I was reading and was ready to put my sunglasses back on, she leaned over the top of the lounger giving me a smile and then gave me kiss saying hello. Seeing I was still dripping wet, she asked me if I was nice and relaxed while she had been gone shopping. I told her “Very.” She then asked how my book was coming along. I told her it was a real good book. I asked her how her shopping with Tori went. She told me she and Tori had a great time. They did some shopping and stopped in at a couple open air bars for some cocktails. She then said, “I bought something I know you’re going to love. First, I really need to cool off with a swim.” As she walked by me heading towards the shoreline, she was wearing only a side tie bikini bottom and loose fitting thin white racerback tank top. Because of her deep tan, the bikini bottom she was wearing was one I never saw on her before. It was a beautifully crocheted and very revealing.  I watched her walk down to the shoreline and go directly into the ocean, swim out a distance and float on her back. After spending 10 minutes in the ocean, she swam ashore and walked up to where I was laying. As she walked up from the beach with the sun beading down on her wet body as she was wringing out her hair, I could see her firm breasts through the wet and now transparent top she was wearing. Because of the crocheted pattern design of her bikini bottom, I could see a portion of her tattoo. The vision of her definitely had my attention and was quite frankly, arousing. When she got to the end of my chaise lounge, getting on her knees and straddling my legs, she slinked up to my waistline and seated herself on my groin. She leaned into me dripping wet placing her arms and hands around my neck and embraced in a long passionate kiss.

She asked me, “So, you like what you saw with my new bikini? I couldn’t resist after seeing it and it wasn’t all that expensive for being hand crocheted.” So, I could get a closer view of her bottom, she leaned back on her arms and spread her thighs outward giving me a full view. She asked, “What do you think? You like it? Now I could see why the bikini was revealing. Not only was pattern design rather risqué, but it was also unlined. I replied, “Baby, I love it. It’s definitely you.” She told me when she went into the ocean, it felt as if she was swimming naked. She got up from sitting on my thighs and went into our suite. When she came back out, she was now wearing the matching bikini top. It was just as revealing and unlined as the bottom was. Very erotic when she was wearing it. She said to me, “Honey, I need you to take some pictures of me on my cell phone.” I told her, “O.K.” I got up off the chaise lounge and we walked down to the shoreline. She went diving into the ocean to get completely wet before I took the pictures. Seeing her in that wet bikini as she walked up to the shoreline was to say the least, very arousing. Her vision left very little to the one’s sexual imagination because of the darkened skin tone contrasted against the lighter crochet pattern. The pattern design partially covered her breasts, vaginal area and ass. As she posed, I took several pictures of her in provocative poses. When I finished, I asked what she needed the pictures for and she told me she wanted to send them to some of her girlfriends showing who gorgeous this place was. I handed her the cell phone as she walked up from the shoreline. She said to me, “Now it’s your turn.” I asked her what she meant. She told me she wanted to get some pictures of me in the ocean. I agreed. I walked out into knee high water and turned to her. Laughing, she said, “No, no, no. Get yourself completely wet like I did.” I walked out further and dove into the ocean. I walked back up to the shoreline where she told me to stop. Where my swimsuit was loose fitting and slightly transparent when wet, she could easily see the entire outline of my large cock pressed against the fabric of my swimsuit. It didn’t help being a bit aroused after watching her pose in that bikini wet. Posing for her she took several pictures. As she was finishing, I pointed out to her that James and Erin were walking the beach in our direction.

As they got up to where we were standing, we greeted one another. You could tell they had been sunbathing nude again because of their dark tans. James immediately complemented her and her bikini. He responded, “Wow, now that’s a bikini!” Because of the way the bikini accentuated her firm tanned body, Erin inquired as to which shop she bought it from. She told her from a boutique in town. She then asked them how their honeymoon was going. Erin said with a laugh and in her British accent, “If I don’t end up pregnant after the week we’ve had, I’ll be very surprised.” James added with a laugh while looking at Erin, “Stop being so damn randy all the time. Geez. I’m not a machine.” We all laughed and they asked us what we were doing later in the day. We told them we really had no plans and were just going to lounge around the beach. They invited us to meet up with them later in the afternoon at the bar. We accepted. Before they continued with their stroll along the beach, she asked Erin if she would take some pictures of her and me in the ocean. Erin said it would be her pleasure. We both walked into the warm tropical ocean and dove underwater. We surfaced and walked into knee depth water. Both being wet, Erin and James could see how revealing her bikini was along with the large outline of my soft manhood. Erin took several pictures while commenting, “Very, very sexy. Like X-rated sexy.” She thanked her for taking the pictures as they went on their way down the beach. She and I walked back up to the chaise lounge I was laying in. As I laid back down she climbed on top of me straddling her bent legs across my groin. She was looking at the pictures that were taken and started a text message while laughing.  I asked her who she was texting. She told me a couple of her friends and she was attaching some of the pictures to the text. She suddenly let out laugh. I asked her what was up and if she got any replies. Still laughing, she said, “Oh yeah. I purposely sent my ex a picture of me in the bikini along with my friends. The dumb shit even responded back.” I asked her what he said. Reading the text reply she said, “Oh my God! Wow! Can we get together when you get back?” She added, “He had his chance many times. A little bit too late now.” Laughing, I asked her, “So, you going to hook up with him when we get back home?” She responded, “Fuck no!” She leaned into me and we engaged in a long French kiss.  Pausing from our kiss, she said, “I am so much in love with you.” We continued to kiss.

Pausing again, I placed my hands on her lower waist and told her, “You have no idea how much I love you.” Draping her hands and arms around my neck, we gazed into each other’s eyes as the hot sun shined down on us. She then said to me, “You know what I’m in the mood for?” I asked, “What babe?” Giving me her sinister smile, she then started to gyrate her covered pussy against my groin. She asked, “You like that?” Giving her a chuckle, I replied, “Like? I love it when you do that.” Her slow gyrations started to get faster as did her breathing. She could feel my cock beginning to rapidly grow and become erect against her pussy. We passionately kissed as she continued to rub her wet covered labia against my now hard shaft. She got up off my groin, took my hand and led us directly to our suite. She opened the screen sliding door and motioned me to go in first. Just as we entered our suite heading up to our bed, she wrapped her arms around my waist pressing her body against mine having us stop short of the step up to the bedroom. She started to give me gentle kisses on my back as her hands slid down to my groin. With one hand, she fondled my testicles while the other hand was slowly rubbing back and forth along my rock-hard shaft over my swimsuit. I was so ready to impale her pussy with my throbbing hard cock. I reached behind feeling her hips and finding the side ties to her bikini. As I did this, she pulled on my swimsuit’s drawstring and expanding the waistline letting loose my hardened cock. As she started to stroke my bare shaft, I pulled on her bikini’s side ties causing her bikini bottom to fall to the floor. We both desperately wanted to exchange our bodily juices into each other.

I turned to face her and she immediately went down onto her knees, gripped the sides of my hips and wrapped her lips around the large head of my cock. Sucking and flickering her tongue, she slowly took more and more of my cock into her mouth. Bending my knees slightly and looking down on her while holding the sides of her head as I watched her mouth slide back and forth on my shaft making sure I was completely coated with her saliva, my uncontrollable urge to fuck her hard and deep was overwhelming. She suddenly stopped, got up off her knees and we both hurriedly went to our bed. Both of us climbing onto the bed, I grabbed her arms directing her to lay on her back. Still holding her arms down against the mattress while we both looked deeply into each other’s eyes, her bent legs spread wide open at the same time I slithered my body in between them bracing myself above her on my arms. She said to me, “Baby, give it to me deep and hard!” With one of my hands, I guided the head of my cock in between the lips of her aching labia. With ease, I slid the entire length of my cock into her hot moist pussy. Just as the head of my cock hit her cervix, we both gave out a passionate grunt of sexual ecstasy. As I started to slide my thick hard cock inside her pussy, our breathing got heavy and we both started to quiver from our sexual excitement. She wrapped her legs around my thighs at the same time saying to me, “Baby, faster and deeper please!” I replied to her, “Baby, you’re one incredible fuck! You are so fucking hot!” I gave her a few hard, deep thrusts striking her cervix causing her entire body to tense up and blurt aloud, “Oh shit, baby, I can’t stop cumming! Keep pounding me hard!”  With her toes curled, she arched her back and gripped my forearms as I was rapidly thrusting in and out of her. Both of us were moaning in blissful unison. She let go of my arms, grabbed the insides of her knees and pulled her bent legs towards the sides of her chest. She spread her inner thighs outward from her knees, getting as wide as she could as I continued with my hard, deep and fast thrusts. She was so moist and lubricated from the release of her orgasmic juices, we could feel the warm spurts of her released bodily fluids against our bodies when our loins briefly slapped together at the time of my complete insertion into her pussy. Because of our enraged horniness and hot internal sexual conjoining of our bodies, my own orgasmic pinnacle came on so suddenly. As I let out a loud passionate moan, her hands firmly grabbed my ass forcing me deep inside her as I released a huge load of semen inside her pussy as I furiously kept thrusting in and out of her. We kept grinding and thrusting our bodies against one another until I went completely limp. What an afternoon romp!

Laying on our sides gazing at each other with grins of sexual satisfaction, we both started to lightly laugh. Even though we went at it fast and hard for 5 to 7 minutes, the level of our intensity was indescribable. I said to her, “If we keep up this pace, you’re going to kill me.” She replied, “And you’re turning me into a complete nymphomaniac! But how I love our intense fuck sessions!” She then added, “Come on, let’s get up.” We climbed off the bed. As we walked down to our living room area, we just noticed the sheer curtains were completely wide open for anyone to see and hear us fucking each other if they had walked by our suite. That did not phase us in the least. We put our swimsuits back on and lightly jogged down to the shoreline and dove into the ocean. This was a very convenient way of cleansing off our sex. We swam out into deep water. Being the horny prankster that I was, I dove underwater, swam underwater to her and pulled off her bikini bottom. When I came to the surface, she was lightly laughing commenting how nice it felt swimming partially nude. Not being phased at being bottomless, she floated on the surface of the ocean exposing her bald pussy to the tropical sun and to anyone who may have been watching us. To one up me, she then dove underwater only to return the favor of untying and removing my swimsuit. Returning to the surface and treading water while facing each other, she said to me, “Now doesn’t that feel good swimming nude?” I told her I loved it. Because of the clarity of the water, anyone watching would know we were swimming almost completely nude. She then said, “Uh-oh!” while looking down into the water. I asked what was wrong. Laughing, she said she accidently let go of my swimsuit and it was floating towards the bottom. We both dove underwater and I was able to locate and grab hold of my swimsuit from the bottom. While underwater at the bottom, she started to fondle and stroke my balls and cock. Still being unable to get hard in such a short time, it sure did feel good. We both surfaced looking at one another. I said to her, “You’re relentless!” She replied, “You bet I am!” We waded into shallower water to where we could stand so we could put our swimsuits back on. I was in chest deep water watching her put on her bikini bottom at a slight distance. She then dove underwater and swam up to where I was standing. Still being under water, she placed my soft cock in her mouth and started sucking hoping to get me hard. To no avail but she did manage to get me semi hard with her attempt. Looking down into the clear Caribbean water as she continued work her mouth on my cock, I could not help feeling aroused seeing her underwater being smoking hot with that bikini on. Not being able to accomplish what she wanted, we did finish our swim, went up to our suite to change and subsequently met up with James and Erin at the bar for happy hour.     

During another day while we were out exploring the island and its landmarks, we had received a formal invitation from the resort inviting her and me to a reserved dinner party this evening at the resort’s exquisite restaurant. The resort does this on a regular basis for the resort’s guests. Of course, we responded to the RSVP accepting this generous offer and opportunity for an excellent romantic evening. Because we were hot, sweaty and covered with suntan lotion from walking and hiking, it was necessary to shower prior to going to the dinner party. Both of us walking into the bathroom, stripping off our sweaty clothes in order to take our shower, she paused me from untying the drawstring on my loose fitting linen shorts saying to me, “I want to do that if it’s O.K. with you.” Looking into each other’s eyes while smiling, with both her hands she untied the drawstring and unbuttoned the shorts causing my soft cock to become exposed and dangling as my shorts dropped to the floor. At the same time, she was doing this, I pulled down on her yoga shorts causing them to fall down her legs exposing her enticing bald pussy. With her hands, she cupped my testicles and fondled my long limp shaft. I pulled off her sports bra and dropped that on the floor. I gently cupped and caressed her breasts. Maintaining our eye contact while still smiling, she said, “Let’s take our shower honey. You wash me and I’ll wash you.” With our clothes stripped from our bodies, we both still showed no tan lines. Turning on the shower, we entered and doused ourselves down with warm water. For the next 10 minutes often times standing face to face and stepping away from the shower heads, we washed each other’s hair, lathered each other’s entire body all awhile caressing, rubbing, stimulating and teasing each other’s sensitive erogenous areas causing me to get erect and hard. Because we are rubbing our soapy bodies against each other having her feel my hard cock against her body, I was so tempted to take her to the shower floor under the gentle flow of shower water and insert my long hard cock deep inside her love canal. Because we were limited for time, I was forced to curtail my sexual urge and desires at her disheartened recommendation. We rinsed ourselves off, exited the shower and toweled ourselves off. How I loved taking showers with her. Where this was a formal dinner party, we speculated to having to dress more conservative versus wearing attire that was seductive and provocative. 

I walked into our bedroom area and just got my underwear on when she called out to me from the bathroom, “Honey, I need your hands. Can you help me?” I walked back into the bathroom and she was standing by one of the vanity sinks next to the oversized bathtub brushing out her hair in front of a wall mirror. The only thing she was wearing was a bright white spaghetti strap thong that looked absolutely stunning on her due to contrast from her very deep and dark tan. Looking at me as she was finished brushing her hair, she commented with a grin, “God, you’re real sexy looking in that underwear. You looking to get lucky later tonight?” I smiled back and thanked her. I then asked her, “Honey, what did you want me for?” As she was putting up her hair, she handed me a plastic bottle of clear coconut oil. She said to me, “I’m wearing a dress tonight and I need for you to put a very light coating of oil on my entire backside. Not much though please. Just a light coating.” I replied, “Sure, honey” and put a very small amount into one of my hands and rubbed both hands to together. With both of us standing in front of the wall mirror, I started to work my hands at her neck and then down to her shoulders. As I was rubbing the oil into her skin, she reached over to the vanity and put on a light mist of perfume. I don’t know what her intentions for the evening were but this was the same perfume she had worn previously that made me uncontrollably horny. The fragrance was so sensually captivating.

Standing behind her as my hands slowly applied a light overlay of luster onto her tanned skin, my hands moved from her shoulders down her back expanding a light glistening appearance of moistness just like she wanted. In between placing very small portions of oil in my palms, I briefly looked up at the wall mirror and noticed she had a smile while watching me put coconut oil on her body.  I could not resist looking at her beautiful firm breasts as we both smiled in the mirror. When I got to the small of her back, I assumed this was where she wanted me to stop. Both of us looking at the mirror, she said, “Don’t stop there. Keep going.” I applied a little more oil and continued downward from the small of her back to her firm slender buttocks. As I rubbed her buttocks, my hands glided underneath the thin waist band of her thong and then down the crevasse of her ass causing her to constrict her upper leg muscles. My hands then moved to her outer hips as I was putting the final touches to my application of coconut oil to the backside of her slender body. The sun was shining through the bathroom windows exposing a beautiful light sheen radiating off of her body. Again, both of us looking at the wall mirror when my hands were touching her outer waistline, she displayed a devilish look at the same time she stepped back gently pressing her backside against my chest. With the muscles of her buttocks tightened, she slowly gyrated her ass against my groin at the same time she had reached behind herself and slid her hands under the thin waistband of my underwear of my outer thighs. Her back pressed against my chest; she slightly tilted her head back onto my shoulder. I gave her light gentle kisses on her exposed neck. The fragrance of her perfume was becoming more pronounced as our heated bodies continued to touch each other. No words were said. We were both once again caught up in an erotic passionate moment just like in the shower. The gyrations of her tight buttocks against my groin elicited a rapidly growing erection. Still kissing her neck, my hands moved up from her waistline, along the sides of her body to her breasts. While kissing her neck, I gently caressed and massaged her beautiful breasts slowly as she watched me through the wall mirror. With coconut oil still on my hands, her round breasts took on the same light sheen her backside had. She whispered as I kissed her neck, “Please don’t stop. I love the way you touch me.” Bending her knees slightly, she dipped downwards at the same time she extended the waistline of my underwear with her hands causing them to slide over my thighs and drop to the bathroom floor. Standing upright again, she pressed and grinded her tightened buttocks against my exposed hard cock while giving out a very faint moan. My hands moved from her breasts to her abdomen as I continued with my slow gentle rubbing and caressing. My hands moved underneath the front thin waistband of her thong where I then started to tantalize her upper inner thigh area with my fingertips. She twitched and let out a quick gasp. All the time we were erotically fondling each other’s bodies, we were both watching ourselves in the mirror with arousing excitement. Using both of her hands, she guided my hands under her thong onto the lips of her labia motioning their movements on her vaginal opening. She turned to me and placing her hands on my waist at the same time I reached up touching her face, we embraced in a long gentle kiss. She stepped back from me, taking the bottle of coconut oil, pouring a small amount in the palm of her hand and then rubbed her hands together. Both of us were looking into the other’s eyes as her oil coated hands reached down and started to slowly stroke my huge rock-hard erection and fondle my testicles. Looking down on my now glistening manhood, she commented, “Well, someone is larger and harder than usual today.”

We embraced in another kiss as she continued to slowly stroke the shaft of my cock with one hand and fondle my testicles with the other. To say the least, this was driving me crazy. While still kissing, I motioned us to shuffle over to the side surface edge that enclosed the oversized bathtub. I had her sit on the edge as I gently spread and pressed outward her inner thighs opening up her covered vaginal area. As she sat herself on the edge, she clasped her hands around my neck while looking down on her spread thighs and my glimmering hard erection. Also looking down, with fingers on one hand, I grabbed my cock at the base of my shaft at the same time using my fingers on the other hand, slid the white covering to her thong to the side exposing her moist labia. I guided the head of my cock into her vaginal opening. Just as the head of my cock separated the lips of her labia, the bent legs of her widely spread thighs forced her heels into my outer buttocks forcing me into her driving the entire length of my cock deep inside her. Because of the coconut oil coating she had stroked onto my entire cock, I slid inside her with no resistance. Both of us still watching our sexual interlude, we both twitched from our stimulation. I wanted to start thrusting in and out of her but she resisted by continually pressing her heels against my buttocks keeping me deep inside. She softly whispered while still watching, “Oh my God. Keep all of you inside me. I love the feeling.” She then said, “I want to try something on you.” She placed her hands on the edge she was sitting on and tighten her leg hold around my upper thighs. I told her she felt so hot and I love being inside of her. We looked into each other’s eyes as she repetitively squeezed her vaginal muscles all around my inserted cock. This caused me to give out reactionary gasps to her delivery of pure hedonism causing my climax point to quickly build. With my legs gently shaking from her continuous repetitive muscle contractions around my cock, she could see I was struggling not to release my semen inside her. In an awkward tone, she said to me, “Please let me know when you’re going to cum. I want to watch you cum. I want to watch you cum on me.”

In our ever-expanding voyaging to sexual nirvana regardless of how long or short our indulgence into each other’s erotic yearning lasts, what she just did was like having a human vibrator wrapped around my entire cock. Another sensation I never sexually experienced. Using her arms and hands, she elevated her buttocks slightly up off the edge she was sitting on. I grabbed onto her taut elevated buttocks from underneath. Legs still locked around my upper thighs and using her abdominal muscles and hips, she slid her pussy back and forth on the shaft of my hard cock. Each time she pushed her pussy into me, she gave off short excited breaths from feeling the head of my cock striking against the rear wall of her vagina. In a gasp, I said to her, “Oh God baby, I’m going to cum!” Looking at our partially locked loins, she lowered her buttocks onto my hands on the edge, with one of her hands, she reached in between us, grasped the base of my shaft and gently squeezed around it just as I climaxed. In feeling the pulsations of my climax on my cock, she let go of my shaft to be gushed with three large streams on semen on her abdomen. Looking with such exhilaration at my powerful ejaculations, she continued to watch my cock pulsate and throb the remaining cum out of my shaft and onto her body. Putting her arms and hands around my neck with a smirk on her face, she said to me, “I love watching you leave your man juice on me. It’s such a turn on to make love all over again.” We embraced in a deep passionate kiss. We cleaned ourselves up without having to shower again, put on our underwear and went out to the bedroom where we got dressed for the evening. She put on a string and lace bra and tight-fitting dress that buttoned in the front. Even though this evening out was going to be more formal and conservative, she did put on a string and lace bra and tight-fitting sleeveless dress that buttoned in the front being tasteful but also elegant and seductive. The combination of the lightly oil coat on her skin and the color of her dress, she gave off a radiant beauty that would catch the eye of any man.

Being just a few minutes late from the scheduled reservation time, we arrived and were welcomed at the restaurant. We were seated at our table where we both ordered a glass of white wine. We saw Thomas and Tori and James and Erin had also been invited to this dinner party. We all acknowledged our presence to one another. Seated at the table we conversed, joked and laughed over our glasses of wine and placing our orders with the wait staff. Leaning in towards me, she asked, “With everything we’ve done sexually, do you have any reservations, any second guessing or regrets?” Looking at her with a smile, I told her, “We both agreed to never hold back or have any boundaries. Not to be judgmental. With what we’ve done when on vacation has only made me love you even more and wanting to make love to you as often as we want. You are an amazing woman in bed.” Giving a light laugh, she replied, “And you mister, have turned me on like no I’ve ever met before. I’ve never orgasmed as many times and as often as what you’ve done to me when we make love. God, how I love you.” She then added, “And Tori. Whoa! She told me when we were shopping you are not only the biggest dick she’s ever had but you were definitely the thickest. She told me how lucky I was to have such an incredible and passionate lover.” We leaned into each other and kissed before raising our wine glasses to each other and gently joining them together. We both exchanged our “I love you” to each other. Giving me a baleful smile, she said, “You’re definitely going to get lucky tonight.” Because of the fragrance of her select perfume, my urge to ravage her beautiful slender and tanned body was fostering throughout the evening. We shared an outstanding gourmet dinner. After finishing our dinner, owners and management staff of the resort came around to all the tables asking the resort’s guests questions on their stay. They were so polite and gracious. A small Caribbean band started to play music making some couples get up from their tables and dance to romantic music. Of course, we did the same. With our bodies pressed against each other, we looked into each other’s eyes and occasionally kissed. My hands were placed on her lower waist just above her firm buttocks. As we danced, I would lightly force her loin into mine softly grinding my soft bulge against her covered bare pussy. She would give me a smile of anticipation of what was going to happen with us later on in the evening.

After a few dances, we went back to our table. Tori and Thomas and James and Erin came over with their drinks and joined us. We talked and laughed as to what we all had been doing over the past couple of days. I complimented Thomas as to how much color he now had as compared to when we first met him. He chuckled while looking at Tori and told me they both spent a day at Eden Beach sunbathing nude. I asked him what he thought about sunbathing on a nude beach. He said, “Honestly, at first I was a little apprehensive about sunbathing nude around other people but was amazed as to how few people were actually at the beach. Once stripping naked and getting under the sun, I found it invigorating to be naked with the woman I love basking and swimming in the sun. It was really cool.” He told me, surprisingly, there was hardly any people there. She looked at Thomas and Tori with an inquisitive smile and laugh asking, “And did anything else happen?” Tori immediately piped up, “Oh yeah. A lot of times. It was awesome. And we loved it.” We all now experienced having prolonged incredible sex under the hot tropical sun at Eden Beach. Tori then asked me if I wanted to dance. I accepted and we got up from the table and went over to the dance area. As we danced to slow Caribbean music, I asked Tori if she and Thomas were enjoying themselves at the resort. She told me absolutely. She added, “Ever since that night at the spa, Thomas has become a sexual monster. We have fucked at least 2 times a day while at the resort and it isn’t just good sex. It’s great sex. He’s been non-stop which so is out of character for him. But I’m not complaining. It’s fantastic.” As we continued to dance, I felt her press her loin harder into my groin. Because my manhood was hoisted up because I was wearing underwear, she could feel my soft bulge pressed against her pussy. Looking at me while giving a devilish smile as we danced, she said, “From what I’m feeling against my dress though, and I’ll be honest, I’d love to go to bed with you and ride that big dick of yours one more time.” I chuckled and replied to Tori, “Oh, I’m already aware. She told me you wanted to.” Tori added, “You’re unbelievable in bed. She’s so damn lucky to get that every night. And she’s so slender and yet can take it all. Unbelievable!” I replied, “If you think I’m good in bed, you should see her. She’s non-stop once I get her going.” We both smiled at each other, finished our dance and returned to our table.

The dinner party came to an end and we all left agreeing to go to the main bar on the beach for margaritas and shots of tequila. It was a warm and humid tropical night as we walked the walkway leading to the bar. As we all walked, each of us couples with one arm around the waist of the other, the tantalizing fragrance coming from her became more prominent due to the warm air, humidity and light perspiration coming off her body. The combined bouquet of her perfume scent and bodily pheromones triggered my horniness again. My once soft tame bulge in my pants became a little more pronounce and larger. When we arrived at the beach bar, there was a refreshing gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean and soft Caribbean music playing. Where it was now later in the evening, there were very few guests at the bar. We got a table just off the beach so we could hear the gentle surf as we conversed with one another. Thomas, James and I went up to the bar to get our drinks. While waiting, I looked back at the ladies as they talked and laughed. The light being emitted onto them as they stood at the table coupled with all their deep tans, I could faintly see the outline of her scant sexy bra and thong through the light fabric of her dress. Tori was also wearing a light-colored dress but unquestionably was not wearing any type of undergarments. She definitely was dressed to tease and seduce Thomas in anticipation of being penetrated by his cock long and hard later in the evening. Because Erin was wearing a tight fitted top, we all knew she was not wearing a bra just by being able to see the outline of her firm breasts and nipples. As Erin has disclosed to her, since being on their honeymoon, she and James have not been able to keep their hands off one another and have fucked so many times, she has lost count. She’s always ready for James when their erotic passions arise and he wants to insert his cock inside her by not wearing any undergarments. Erin jokingly told her and Tori in previous girl talk sessions that even though she’s taking the pill, she wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up pregnant after their honeymoon with the amount of semen James has injected inside her pussy.

We came back to the table with the drinks and continued with our talking and laughing. As we drank, Thomas asked me what she and I were doing tomorrow. I looked at her and replied we had no definite plans except to relax as our vacation days were coming to an end. She then rubbed my hand and said, “We’re going to Eden Beach again to put our finishing touches on our tans before we get back home.” Once she said Eden Beach, both Tori and Erin both excitedly looked quickly at all of us and stated they thought it was an outstanding idea and said we should all meet there tomorrow. Without thought, Thomas and James had no objections knowing we’d be seeing the ladies naked covered with body oil, suntan lotion and tropical sweat from the sun. Of course, when we all continue to drink margaritas and take shots of tequila, our conversations become much more open, carefree and loose. I had untucked and unbuttoned my shirt. She had unbuttoned most of the buttons on her dress partially exposing her sexy skimpy bra against her tanned breasts. It caught the attention of both James and Thomas. All of us were definitely feeling the effects of drinking all that alcohol with continuous talking, laughing and non-stop playful touching of each other. Thomas and Tori openly told in full detail to James and Erin about our evening at the spa, pseudo-orgy and how fantastic the sex was. Thomas said to James he had experienced his first threesome and how incredible it felt pleasing 2 women at once. He complimented Tori and her oral sex skills while he was performing cunnilingus on Tori and having his cock being deep throated at the same time. It was a first-time experience for Thomas and Tori loved being witness to his ability of going out of his conservative boundaries. She had to add that the reason our spa sex went so long was because of her and Tori giving Thomas and I that blue pill.

James and Erin were humorously envious for not being part in participating even though I did mention to them they were celebrating their marriage and with what all of us gathered in speaking to them, they both were having a plethora of non-stop sexual intimacy and activity. They both agreed but also said how they’re not afraid to expand their very own adventurous erotic desires. Like all of us, they did not want to have a stale sex life. In a truth or dare question with a light laugh, James asked us what has been our longest fuck session? Both of us looked at each other with a smile and having to reflect for a moment, after a brief discussion with each other over light laughs, we told them it was a toss-up between our initial extra-marital affair at the hotel and when we were house-sitting for Kevin and Cheryl. Erin asked, “So, how long?” She responded, “Our hotel rendezvous was from mid-morning to the afternoon. Our house-sitting escapade was a day and a half between the swimming pool and bedroom. Both were beautifully intense like I’ve never felt before.” She then asked Erin, “And what about you and James?” They both said their entire time at the resort. Each time they have a desire to fuck, they go longer and longer and longer. They told us they missed out on an entire beach day due to starting their fuck session first thing in the morning and not ending until early dinner time. The only reason they stopped fucking was because they were both hungry. James commented with a laugh, “I was completely drained of my love juices. But after our third time fucking, I could just keep going and going.” Looking at Erin, he added with a smile, “And her randy drive drove me nuts with her lips and tongue. She gave me the longest blowjob I have ever had!”

Being later in the night and still warm, all of us were mildly drunk from all the drinks we consumed. Her scent from the combination of perfume and perspiration was still triggering my amplified horniness making the bulge in my pants more noticeable. We all decided to end the evening while exchanging jokes and laughs. We all walked to the footpath and it could be noticed that all of us had been drinking just by the way we walked. Our laughing gave the hint we were slightly intoxicated. She took off and carried her sandals walking barefoot as did Tori and Erin. We all bid our good evenings as each of us reached out suites. As Thomas and Tori got their suite door open, Tori was just about completely out of her dress. Just like I suspected, she was not wearing any undergarments. As we continued down the footpath, I was guessing Thomas had already impaled Tori’s pussy with his cock and was thrusting away to pleasure her and trip her orgasms. When we arrived at our suite, she dropped her sandals by the bed as she made her way down to and opening the sliding glass doors letting in the gentle ocean breeze. I followed behind her doing the same as we continued to walk out into the beachfront darkness towards the shoreline. Feeling the effects of our drinks, we both had a noticeable sway in our walk and were continuously laughing with our light talk. As we walked towards the shoreline holding hands and hearing the gentle surf get closer to us, she unbuttoned the remaining buttons on her dress with her free hand exposing her now partially covered but open front side. Although the night lighting along the shoreline was very limited making it difficult to see from a distance, up close she looked erotically hot with her opened dress and exposed bra and thong. Standing at the ocean’s edge, we turned to each other and I placed my hands inside her open dress onto her lower waist as she wrapped her arms around my neck. We embraced in a hot French kiss as we pressed our bodies together. In very slow circular motions, she was grinding her pussy against my fast-growing cock. Pausing from our kiss, she said with a giggle, “I don’t think I ever told you this before but tequila makes me super horny! So, mister, you’d better be ready to give it to me good and hard!” I returned with a light laugh and replied, “Well honey, tequila makes me very horny too so you’d better be ready for some serious deep hard humping by me!”

As much as she and I wanted to pull off each other’s clothes and fuck right there on the beach, the resort’s security was very stringent on couples swimming and skinny dipping in the ocean at nighttime. This is why they kept a close watch on the beach area at nighttime. Even though the darkness of the warm tropical night did cover us from any plain view to anyone who may have been watching us, as we were kissing and groping each other on the shoreline, a security officer did walk by us making sure we were not going into the ocean. With my hands still on her hips as we kissed, I slowly grinded our loins harder together making her feel my large hard bulge against her covered vaginal area. While kissing, her hands shifted down to my waist where she unbuttoned my pants. Sliding her hands under the thin waist band of my underwear, both her hands gently gripped onto the shaft of my hard cock. Because of our growing sexual excitement, I had dribbles of pre-cum coating the head of my cock. As we continued to kiss, her hands were slowly stroking the shaft of my cock coating the entire length with pre-cum. Having my shirt unbuttoned, her kisses moved downward to my chest as she lowered herself to her knees onto the wet sand. All this time, my hands were placed against the sides of her head. She could not resist. As her hands softly moved from my upper front thighs around to my buttocks, she placed my hard cock into her mouth and unhurriedly moved her head back and forth pressing her tongue against the bottom of the shaft of my cock. My legs lightly shook from the pleasure she was delivering to my manhood. As I’ve said from our past erotic sexual interludes, I have never seen or experienced a female who was as sexually enthralled at sucking cock as she was. She and her warm moist mouth had made me extremely hard creating the arousing passion to making her moan and orgasm uncontrollably.

Allowing her to fulfill her sexual oral appetite of my erect manhood, I motioned her to stop and stand up from her knees. We embraced in another passionate French kiss as my hard cock pressed against her lower stomach. In a light laugh, she commented, “God honey, your dick is really hot tonight.” I whispered back to her, “Baby, let’s move this to the bed. I really want to make love to you like right now.” Giving me a light peak on the lips, she said, “Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this all night.” Buttoning my pants, we both walked up to our suite. Walking in front of me and just as we got to the patio landing of our suite, I had removed my shirt and threw onto the patio floor. Grabbing her waistline, I had her pause before going through the opened doorway and quickly removed her unbuttoned dress and tossed it onto of one of the chaise lounges at the same time, unclasping her bra causing in to fall off her body. I unbuttoned my pants having them drop to the patio landing while pulling down my underwear and kicking to them to the side. I pulled down her thong and had her turn to face me. With our clothes strewn on the patio landing, we were now completely naked and kissing on this beautiful tropic night not caring if anyone was watching or could see us. Still kissing, we shuffled into our suite up to our bed without closing the sliding screen doors. Climbing onto the bed while still kissing, I laid on my back as she climbed on top of me straddling my chest. Leaning over me while we kissed, her hands pinned my arms down by holding my wrists. With slow pelvic motions back and forth, she rubbed her warm moist pussy against my abdomen. She whispered, “Right now, I’m so fucking hot for you.” I whispered back, “I want to shove my dick so far into you that you scream for me not to stop.” We continued to kiss and moan as she continued with her pelvic motions. Because of my pent-up horniness to erotically violate her pussy, I knew I was going to climax and cum rather quickly tonight.

Still holding my wrists, she slid her hips downward directing the wet lips of her clitoris towards the head of my now rock-hard cock. Spreading her hips outward, she pushed the lips of her clitoris onto   the head of my cock and forcefully drove the entire length of my cock deep into her pussy striking her cervix. I could feel her entire body tense up. In doing so, she let out a gasp of air and a loud passionately exerted, “Oh my God!” She would do this several more times driving the both of us into a sexual frenzy. I tensed up my body slightly arching my back to synchronize the same time she struck her cervix with the head of my cock. This caused the intensity of her body shaking and gasps for air to mushroom. The fourth time she rammed my cock inside her, I felt her vaginal muscles throb knowing she was having a full-blown orgasm. Letting go of my wrists, she leaned upward arching her back, putting her arms behind her head, and moving her hips back and forth with my hard cock still deep inside her. I reached up caressing her firm breasts and lightly pinching her nipples as she continued to ride me like a bronco. She was incredibly warm and wet inside as I felt her slide back and forth on my shaft. Our hormones were working overdrive tonight. I rolled us to the side so I could now position myself on top leaning over her while still having my cock remain in her pussy. I gave one hard thrust deep inside her causing her to give out a loud gasp of air, instantly locking her spread legs around my thighs and firmly grabbing my buttocks directing me to remain deep inside her pussy. She blurted out loud, “God damn it baby, you’re making me cum! Oh God, I’m cumming!” Hearing her labored words of sexual lust and pleasure made me want to tantalize her inner erogenous regions of her gorgeous body even more. With tensed muscular thrusts, my cock glided back and forth inside her pussy making sure she was feeling the entire length of my girth. Our bodies conjoined in fucking, we both started to quiver in complete sexual delight. I was breathing heavy because of the intensity of my thrusts. In the course of my thrusting back and forth, I would shove and hold the entire length of my cock inside her pussy having the large head of my cock strike her cervix. This of course was driving her crazy. Giving loud continuous moans of ecstasy, she let go of my buttocks and with outstretched arms, gripped onto the bedspread with her hands begging me not to stop. Still being braced over her on my arms and using my abdominal and pelvic lunges, she let go of the bedspread and grabbed her inner knees in order to spread her bent legs as open as she could telling me in a repeatedly weeping tone she was cumming. In my very last thrust and hold inside her pussy, I gave out a loud continuous moan of passion and let loose an incredibly long and powerful orgasm injecting her with my hot man seed. Once filling her with my semen and still being hard, I briskly thrusted back and forth in her pussy until my large hard cock went flaccid.

Dropping over to her side, both of us were breathing heavy and still quivering from the physical intensity of our fucking and experiencing unbelievable orgasms. What seemed like an hour, we actually had fucked each other for around ten minutes. Laying next to each other face to face, we embraced in another long kiss. We looked into each other’s eyes exchanging smiles of complete and total sexual satisfaction. She quietly said, “You sir, just gave me the strongest orgasm I’ve even had! I didn’t think I could cum that many times!” I replied back, “And you, young lady, are a sexual dynamo! I don’t think I can keep up with this pace!” Giggling, she said, “Told you tequila makes me super horny.” I turned off the light, our bodies embraced while gently caressing each other, and we fell into a sexual exhaustive sleep.

We were awoken to bright sunlight, the sound of the surf from the beach, and voices calling into us from our patio. Both of us being completely naked and never bothering to climb under the sheets, she was laying in between my legs with her head on chest and her warm bare breasts resting on my groin. Like every guy who wakes first thing in the morning, I had morning wood to my surprise after the wild fuck session we had last night. My typical morning erection was position right between her breasts. The voices called out to us again. It was Tori and Erin. They were dressed in their yoga gear and stopped by to get her for the morning ritual of stretching out down by the shoreline. They entered through the sliding screen doors we never bothered to close last night. Both of them laughing lightly, as they had collected up all our clothes we had left out on the patio. She called out to them, “Hey guys, come on in. We’re up here.” As they came into our suite, they saw we had not gotten out of bed yet and we were completely naked. Tori, said, “Oh shit! Are we interrupting?” With a laugh, she replied to Tori, “You’re not interrupting us. Last night though, would have been a completely different story.” Looking at both Tori and Erin in their sexy yoga attire, I have to admit, they looked hot. She slithered up to me and gave me a kiss and said good morning.  She asked, “You don’t mind if I go and stretch with Tori and Erin?” I said to her, “Go ahead babe. Go keep that girlish figure you have.” She rolled off of me to go to the dresser to put on her workout gear. In doing so she exposed my huge morning erection. Both Tori and Erin have seen us nude before but this was the first Erin had seen us up close. She was giving a “Wow! Holy shit!” look at my rock-hard manhood. With Tori and Erin holding up our clothes, Tori commented as she got dressed, “We picked these up off of your patio. Looks like you guys had some serious fun last night.” She replied to Tori with a chuckle, “Let’s just say it was monumental. I’ll tell you guys about it while stretching.” She finished dressing, leaned over and gave me a kiss, and they all headed down to the beach.

I got out of bed and made myself a cup of coffee. While stretching as the coffee brewed, I realized how sore I was from our last night’s fuck session. I put on my white linen shorts and headed out to our patio with my cup of coffee. From a distance, I watched all 3 ladies stretch and once again became mesmerized by their flexibility and limberness. If anyone at the resort was watching them, they sure as hell were getting a show. Knowing they were going to be another 30 minutes, I finished my cup of coffee and went into our suite to take a shower. Once getting done with my shower, I toweled off and put my shorts back on. After making another cup of coffee, I went back out to the patio, pulled a chaise lounge out into the sun, and laid there drinking my coffee while the 3 ladies were just finishing their stretching exercises. All 3 of them went into the ocean for a swim wearing their tight workout clothes. You really have to love yoga attire for not being lined and depending on the color, can become very transparent when wet. After 10 to 15 minutes of swimming, all 3 got out of the ocean and walked up to our suite. The combination of them being wet, their firm toned bodies being tanned, and their workout clothes being semi-transparent, all 3 looked erotically hot under the sun. Left very little to the imagination. Because she and Tori were clean shaven, at a close distance you could see the outline of their camel toe. Erin on the other hand displayed a small outline patch of short pubic hair. Of course, all 3 displayed faded outlines of their breasts and nipples. Neither of them was bashful at showing off their bodies even though it was still morning time with very few people out at the beach. Tori and Erin said their good-byes and we’d be meeting up with them at Eden Beach. She walked over to wear I was laying, straddled the sides of the chaise lounge with her legs and leaned over to give me a kiss. She asked me, “Have you already taken your shower?” I replied, “Yes I have. While you were working out with the girls.” She responded with a smile, “Ahhh…Damn.” She kissed me again and told me she was going into the suite to rinse off in the shower and get dressed. It was going to be hot sunny day for Eden Beach.

We arrived at Eden Beach late morning walking down the footpath to the base of the beach. Looking at the entire length of the beach from what we could see, there was only one older couple at the beach relaxing and sunbathing nude. No one else was at the beach. Without hesitation, both her and I took off our hiking sandals and stripped naked. Neither she nor I were wearing much for clothing. Just shorts and sleeveless shirts. Nothing else which made it easy for us to pack in our backpack. The ocean was very calm with a gentle surf and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. This was going to be a great sunbathing day in the nude. In walking the beach heading to our claimed sunbathing spot, we did not see anyone else. Thomas and Tori and James and Erin had not arrived at the beach yet. Arriving at our previous spot, the sunbathing racks were still there where we left them. In consideration for Thomas, Tori, James, and Erin, we located and moved additional sunbathing racks in proximity to where we were going to sunbathe. She said to me, “Hey, let’s go for a swim.” Taking her hand, we walked down to the ocean and entered the warm tropical water. In unison, we dove underwater and swam out to deeper water. Moving into neck high water and being taller than she was, we both embraced in a long passionate French kiss. As we kissed, she wrapped her legs around my waist. With slow pelvic motions, she rubbed the lips of her labia against my lower abdomen while quietly humming with passion. Pausing our kissing with her arms wrapped around my neck, she said to me, “I missed you in the shower this morning.” With a chuckle, I told her, “We’ll have all day to make it up.” I then dunked us underwater. We both surfaced and made our way back to the beach. I got to the shoreline before she did where I laid on soft wet sand looking back at her. She had stopped in knee high water and was wringing out her wet hair. She looked so sexually delectable casting a guise of wanting to be physically ravaged. She walked out of the ocean to where I was laying and got down to her hands and knees crawling towards me. She slowly moved up between my legs placing her hands on my upper thighs as I was leaning back on my elbows. Giving me a very seductive stare, her hands moved from my thighs to grabbing the shaft of my cock.  Still staring at me with a now devious smile, she placed the head of my cock into her mouth. Flicking her tongue around the rim of my cock’s head, it was no surprise I was rapidly getting erect. Pausing and looking at me, she stated, “I love getting you good and hard!” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “It really turns me on giving you head.” Placing her hands on my inner thighs, her lips wrapped around my shaft as she slowly started bobbing up and down feasting on my girth.

Feeling the gentle surf flow in between our legs on the shoreline, I laid on my back placing my hands on the sides of her wet head watching her lips and tongue bring me to complete hardness. Looking down at her seeing her mouth go up and down on my shaft, she had an expression of sexual satisfaction. Pausing from her bobbing, her lips remained wrapped around the head of my cock as she locked her eyes onto mine. Leaning upright on her bent legs, she shuffled her spread legs over mine so she was now straddling the outer sides of my legs. Leaning towards me with open hands and forearms on my chest, she had that facial expression of sexual yearning to be ravaged out in the open on the shoreline. Looking at me, she said, “I want you to eat me out like you did the other night.” Just as she said that, she leaned upward and shuffled her bent legs up across my chest to my head straddling her shaved pussy over my face. Laying on my back on the wet sand with a rock-hard cock, I lifted my head slightly and gently kissed the wet lips of her labia. Bringing my hands around her spread thighs and using my fingers, I pulled on the wet skin of her loins spreading open the lips of her labia. Anticipating my tongue inside her clitoris, she lowered her pussy at the same time I inserted my tongue inside of her. She flinched at the sensation of my tongue inside her pussy in search of her G-spot. Leaning back and placing her hands on my chest, she looked down at me as I started my tongue flickering inside her clitoris. She started to lightly shutter with sexual delight moaning aloud continuously as she spread her bent legs as wide as she could. As my tongue continued to work over the inside of her pussy, she tilted her head back giving off repeated short gasps of air. She then looked down at me giving me a grimace of sexual arousal. She told me, “Baby, keep going! Right there, baby! Right there! Oh God!” In finding her G-spot, she jerked forward. She added, “God Damn! You do that so fucking good!” With one of her hands, she grabbed the shaft of my hard cock and started to stroke it. After 5 minutes of intensive cunnilingus feeling her inner love juices flowing, she was continuously quivering with delight.

She leaned forward over my head getting on all fours while her spread legs still straddled my face. At the same time I grabbed her buttocks, she lowered her pussy onto my face as my tongue continued to dart and swirl inside her clitoris. Pausing in her moans of sexual enchantment, she said, “Baby, I need you to put your dick inside me right now!” I got up off my back onto my knees and from behind, grabbed her lower waist. Myself being erotically aroused from performing cunnilingus on her and her stroking my cock, I was still rock-hard and engorged. Both of us kneeling on the wet sand as the low surf flowed around us, she instantly spread her bent legs as wide as she could while leaning her front downwards onto her elbow. Guiding the head of my cock in between the lips of her labia, I inserted the entire length and girth inside her clitoris causing her to give off a long loud groan of passion. Her being so hot and moist inside, both of us were so extremely horny to fucking each other in this tropical beach ambiance. In my thrusting in and out of her pussy and groping her lower wet tanned body, both of us moaned in ecstasy. She bayed aloud, “Deeper and harder baby!” Aloud, I said to her, “Honey, you’re so hot inside!” Hearing her wanting me to fuck her deeper and harder, I grabbed onto ankles and pulled her legs upward as if I was grabbing onto the handles of a wheelbarrow. With my thrusts, I arched my back, slapping my loins against her firm ass as my hard cock glided in and out of her pussy striking her cervix. In an erotic tone, she blurted, “Oh shit, don’t stop!” Each time my cock stuffed her pussy with my inward thrusts, I gave off gasps of air as she moaned. Very rapidly, my climax point peaked and I let loose an intensely invigorating load of cum inside her pussy. Letting go of her ankles and pulling my cock out of her pussy, she laid on her stomach and then rolled over on her back. Looking up at me giving a facial expression of complete sexual satisfaction as my wet erection was going limp, her hands were slowly caressing her spread inner thighs around her pussy. Smiling, she commented, “You know, the sex we’ve been having on this vacation is indescribable. It’s been beyond my expectations. Let’s not stop.” Extending my hand to her, I pulled her up off her back. We embraced in a kiss. I said to her with a laugh, “Oh, this is just practice for when we go on a honeymoon.” We both went back into the ocean for a quick swim before settling ourselves down back on the beach covering ourselves with suntan lotion and oil and laying in the sun.

Laying in the hot tropical sun, both of us dozed off in total relaxation. A mere 30 minutes of nude sunbathing had passed when we both heard someone call out our names. Propping ourselves up on our elbows, it was Tori and Thomas walking along the beach towards our direction. At a slight distance back were Erin and James. Of course all of them had stripped off their clothes and were taking in the tone of being naked on the beach. When Tori and Thomas reached our location, they could see we were glistening with suntan lotion, body oil, and sweat. Tori commented, “Damn, like I’ve told you before, you two look so hot being totally tanned.” Thomas, staring at her under the direct sunlight said, “Wow!” Not knowing how many times Tori and Thomas had come to Eden Beach, Thomas appeared to be at complete ease being in mixed company naked. Even though he had got some sun, he still had tan lines from his swimsuit that needed sun. Erin and James finally made it up to where we were talking and laughing. Where they had been to Eden Beach repeatedly during their honeymoon, both were just as completely tanned if not darker than both she and I. Seeing Erin up close and naked, I do have to admit, she had a killer body with small breasts, defined abs, an attractively trimmed pussy with short pubic hair, and slim buttocks. One thing I’ve learned about women in my lifetime of sexual encounters, women with small breasts love to fuck for a very long time. Being the first time up close naked, Erin briefly stared at my tanned and glistening cock from suntan lotion and commented, “My Lord” in her cute British accent. As were conversed, I heard Erin say to her, “You’re able to take all of that?” to which she immediately replied with a smile, “Oh yes I can. And he knows how to use it.”  Finishing our conversations and joking, Tori and Thomas and Erin and James claimed their areas to sunbathe nude. Being considerate of privacy, we all picked areas far enough away from each other but not to where we were totally secluded from one another. Listening to the surf and peaceful quiet of the beach, she and I dozed off for another thirty minutes.

For some reason, I awoke and propped myself up on my elbows looking down at the shoreline. She was laying on her stomach in a deep sleep. I loved looking at the shape of her slim, oil, and lotion covered body shimmering under the hot sun. I don’t think she and I could get any darker from tanning. I noticed Erin and James were swimming in the ocean, laughing and groping each other’s bodies. As they got into shallower waters, they kissed and caressed each other. As they made their way up to the beach still kissing each other, when they got to knee deep water, I could see Erin stroking James hard cock as James ran his hand slowly up and down in between Erin’s spread legs. He would then caress her breasts before returning to her spread legs to stimulate her aching pussy. When they reached ankle deep water, Erin went down on her knees, gripped the sides of James thighs, and started to lick the head of his erect cock. James did not have the length Thomas and I had but he sure did have a lot of girth. He may have had just as much if not more girth than I had. To say the least, it is impressive looking as I watched Erin move her mouth back and forth on his shaft. James placed his hands on the sides of Erin’s head as he bent his knees slightly and tilted his head upward toward the sky. Anyone could tell this was not the first time they put on a sexual exhibition out in the open. They were both very free spirited and definitely demonstrated a strong desire to sexually arouse and please one another regardless of timing or where they were. Even though we all had Eden Beach to ourselves, Erin and James could care less as to who was watching. In watching the enthusiasm of Erin sucking James’ cock, I sensed she really loved giving head.

Only able to hear their light voices of conversation and moans behind the sound background of the ocean surf, James motioned Erin’s mouth off his hard erection while looking down on her. Looking up at James giving him an unsatisfied erotic and sexual stare, Erin leaned backwards bracing herself on her arms while spreading her bent legs wide open inviting James’ cock into her very aroused and hungry pussy. Without any hesitation, James holding his hard cock went down to his knees as Erin laid on her back in the ankle deep water and spread her legs open. James mounted on top of her and forcefully rammed his hard cock deep into her pussy causing Erin to give out a loud moan of arousal. As James started to thrust in and out of Erin’s pussy, Erin revealed just how flexible she was by spreading her legs even wider and placing the bottoms of her feet against the outsides of James’ upper thighs. Due to the thickness of James’ girth, I suspected Erin had to get as open as she could in order take him inside of her. I have to admit, watching James and Erin’s tanned wet bodies slap against each other sounding out continuous and passionate moans of arousal engaged in wild erotic fucking on the beach, I was getting hard myself. Erin grabbing the sand beneath her and James’ hair as he forcefully thrusted inside her, I could tell she was having multiple orgasms. The combination of missionary, Erin on top, and doggy style fucking, I was very impressed as to how long they fucked on the beach. For over 15 minutes and not even noticing I was witnessing their sexual stamina, James and Erin fucked nonstop until James finally injected his man juice deep inside Erin’s pussy. Still wet and partially sand covered, both got up from the beach, engaged in a deep passionate kiss while caressing each other’s bodies, and then walked up to their sunbathing area holding hands. I had laid back down before they could see I had watched their sexual exploits. Exhibitionism at its best.

The combination of the hot tropical sun and sounds of the ocean and beach as it turns out, is a fantastic natural tranquilizer. I easily fell back asleep even after being aroused in watching Erin and James fuck like animals. I suddenly was awoken from a wet dripping body over me. Being totally unaware, she had awoken and gone swimming to cool down. She looked stunning being wet and tanned with her body on all fours over my oily and sweat covered body giving me a glare with her green eyes with a look I was all too familiar with. She leaned down and gave me a kiss as droplets of water fell from her wet hair onto my face. After kissing and still giving me a deep stare, she said in a soft tone, “Honey. I’m like super horny. I mean, real horny.” As she was saying this, she had lowered her loins onto my semi hard shaft, moving the lips of her labia back and forth. To say the least, I instantly started to get rock hard. Giving me a giggle, she commented, “You’re so sexy when you feel slimy” as she persisted with her pelvic movements on my cock. Giving me another kiss, she added, “Jesus, your dick is hot!” Supporting herself over me on one arm, with her free hand, she reached down in between us, grabbed the shaft of my cock at the base, and guided the head into her pussy. Penetrating and entering her hot, moist clitoris, she moved her hips backwards making the entire length and girth slid deep inside her. As the head of my cock struck her cervix, she gave off an aroused batted breath of air. In a fluttered tone, I said to her, “God baby, you feel so hot! Don’t stop! I want to cum inside you!” Giving me an unwavering stare, she slowly and forcefully thrusted her hips back and forth causing my implanted cock to stimulate the walls of her clitoris and the head to repeatedly strike her cervix. After just a few hard, deep thrusts, she moaned in ecstasy as the juices of her orgasms trickled out onto my groin. Embracing in forceful and continuous kiss, we both moaned as she repeatedly thrusted her pussy on my cock. While kissing, she said, “Baby, your dick feels so fucking good. Oh my God, I can’t stop!” She then leaned upwards, arched her back raising her arms over her head, straddling my groin as she continued her forceful pelvic movements making her wet clitoris rub against my head and shaft. Breathing heavy and gently quivering from the feeling of my cock inside of her, she reached behind herself with one of her hands and started to fondle my wet testicles. In doing so, I arched my back slightly lifting her upwards causing the head of my cock to once again strike her cervix. This drove her crazy making her moan aloud.

Leaning forward, rapidly breathing pressing her breasts against my chest and kissing me, she softly whimpered, “Cum in me! Cum in me right now baby!” as she continued to slide her pussy up and down on my cock. I order to fulfill her strong desire to have me cum, as her long pelvic movements slide up and down on my throbbing shaft, she constricted her vaginal muscles around my cock. Of course, this drove me into an erotic frenzy sparking my orgasm as I blurted out, “Oh my God, baby!” Because she continued to constrict her vaginal muscles, she let out a long passionate moan as I ejaculated inside her pussy and the sensation she felt in feeling my hard, throbbing cock releasing my man juice. In a raspy voice, I said to her, “Don’t stop! Keep going, baby!” This didn’t slow her down as she continued to ride me while we kissed until I went completely flaccid. Bracing herself up off my chest with her arms looking down at me, she said, “Now that was fantastic! That definitely was the cure!” She then took her index finger and pressed it against my lips. Looking at me with a seductive glare, she remarked, “And I love being on top when we fuck.” Jokingly, she added, “Let’s do that again” knowing we would have to wait until I was able to get fully erect again. I asked her, “You think Thomas and James watched us?” She replied, “Who cares! This is Eden Beach silly!” Although this would be seen as a “quickie” by many couples, it’s also sometimes the best sex to satisfy strong desires and urges when a person’s horniness peaks. We continued to our sunbathing ending our day with one final swim in the ocean before heading back to the resort. It was so reinvigorating spending the entire afternoon being completely naked under the sun. We both would learn later in the evening at the bar, our “quickie” was watched by Thomas and Tori and James and Erin. Additionally, even though I didn’t say anything, Thomas and Tori commented on how they had watched James and Erin suck and fuck on the beach before going at it themselves after becoming aroused in watching their sexual escapades. Honeymooners. Exhibitionists. Voyeurs. Sexual indulgence. In our conversing during the evening over cocktails, we all agreed with absolutely no regrets, we all had a unique and unusual vacation by having no boundaries and fulfilling our sexual fantasies. Of course, we all agreed to return to Eden Beach again next year to continue what we started.


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