The Invention of Sharon's Secret

Sharon had seen them on them on the internet and had always wondered if they really did what it looked like they did.  A couple of times, she’d considered buying one, but the ones that were supposed to be the best were really expensive.  Even if she’d cut out lunches and saved that money, it would have taken her over a year to save enough to buy one.  Now, just by answering an ad in the help wanted section of the newspaper, she was going to be able to find out.

The ad hadn’t been very descriptive, but it had piqued her interest.  It just said, “Part time product tester needed.  Looking for a woman who is open to new concepts and able to evaluate new products honestly and offer suggestions for improvement. You will determine your work hours.  Call 854-741-2659 after 7 PM to arrange an interview.

Sharon had made the phone call for two reasons.  The foremost was she’d been so eager to get out of her marriage that she’d agreed not to demand any sort of alimony from her ex.  Instead, she’d settled for her ex paying both lawyers and giving her the new car they’d just bought.  He agreed to keep making the car payments until it was paid off.  

She needed some new clothes and while she liked her job as a bank teller, it didn’t pay enough to do much more than cover her rent, put gas in her car, and put food on the table.

Sharon didn’t regret the divorce or her current financial state.  He’d said they could stay married and he’d give her what she needed, but Sharon couldn’t live with him knowing he was sleeping with a woman half her age.  That had happened once their son and daughter left home.  He’d met a woman who was twenty-four, didn’t have any stretch marks on her tummy, and didn’t have the curves age and childbearing give a woman of forty-nine.

It was the lack of sex that did cause her some regrets.  Even though they’d slowed down over the years, and even though her husband was sleeping with another women, they’d still had sex a few times a week.  Sharon love the feelings she had when they had sex and she missed it.

After the first six months, Sharon had decided it was pretty nice being on her own again.  She didn’t have to worry about anything but herself.  She didn’t have to think about what he’d like to have for dinner or what he liked her to wear.  It would have been nice to have a little “mad money” but she managed.  She even managed to get along without sex, but then, she’d been doing that for over a year before the divorce anyway.  Until she learned about Tammy, she didn’t know why her husband had lost interest in her.  He had though, so Sharon started taking care of that on her own when he wasn’t in the mood.

The second reason was the ad said she could pick her own hours.  Sharon worked during the day so any second job would have been after five and would have lasted until at least midnight.  She’d not be able to do anything except work, eat, and sleep.  If she could work a few hours in the evening and maybe on Saturday and Sunday, she could earn some extra money and still have time to do other things.

The man who answered the phone didn’t give her much information about the job.  He just said his name was Richard and asked when she could come to his business for an interview.  Sharon had said she was available about any day after six, so they agreed on that Wednesday evening at seven.

Sharon expected the business to be in the industrial park, but when she drove up in front of the building, it turned out to be a storefront in one of the small suburbs of the city.  The painted name over the door was faded almost to nothing, but she could still make out “Wilson’s Hardware”.  The lettered name on the painted-over glass on the front door was “New Concepts, LLC”.  That was the name Richard had told her to look for, so Sharon knew she was in the right place.

The building sat on the end of the block and had a small parking lot beside it. Richard had told her that door would be locked and she should text him when she got there.  Sharon sent the text message and then waited until Richard answered.  A moment later, she heard the lock on the door click and then it opened.

Sharon had formed a vision of what Richard probably looked like.  Because he’d said he was an automation engineer and was designing some new products, she thought maybe he was an engineer like you see on the television documentaries about NASA.  He’d probably be wearing a white lab coat and have short hair and glasses.  When he opened the door, he wasn’t like that at all.

Richard looked about the same age as her ex, and he was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  His hair wasn’t short and he didn’t wear glasses either.  He looked like most of the men who came into the bank to deposit their paychecks.  Sharon decided he just looked like about any other man looked.

He smiled at her.

“Sharon, the woman who called me for an appointment?”

Sharon nodded and he said, “Well come on in.  We have a lot to talk about.”

The inside of the building was filled with machines she didn’t know anything about.  There were also some tables where it looked like Richard was putting things together, but she couldn’t figure out what those things were either.  They just looked like boxes with rods and wires coming out of them.  

Richard saw her looking and smiled.

“If you take the job, I’ll explain what all these do, and helping with manufacturing and assembly could be part of that job once I get into production.  Let’s go to my office and we’ll talk about the testing part of the job.”

His office was more like she’d expected.  There were two desks, one a normal desk like the bank manager had and another with a computer and a large screen.  On that screen were what looked like drawings of something, the same type of drawings in the little book of instructions that came with the washer and dryer she and her ex had bought five years before.  They were like the machine had exploded and all the parts had lines showing where they were supposed to go.  On one wall was a certificate of some sort, but it was too far away for her to read what it said.

Richard offered her a chair in front of the first desk, and then took the chair behind it.

“So, Sharon, tell me a little about yourself.”

Sharon told him she was divorced and that she was a bank teller.  That was about all she could think of since she didn’t know anything about the job.  Richard had smiled then.

“So, if you’re a bank teller, you must be pretty sharp.  I need a product tester who is, because my product is pretty unique and it’ll take a woman with some intelligence to be able to explain what she likes and doesn’t like.”

Sharon blushed a little because nobody had ever told her she was smart before.  She smiled.

“Well, I think I am.  I can do more than just count money though.  I might be able to tell you more about myself if I knew what you make here.”

Richard got a stern look on his face then.

“Before I tell you that, I need you to answer a few questions.

“My product is unique, or will be as soon as we develop it, so I have to know you won’t tell anybody anything about it.  Do you think you can keep a secret?”

“Well, sure, if that’s part of the job.  I see everybody’s bank balance when I make deposits or withdraw money from their account, but I’d get fired if I ever told anybody else about how much money they have.”

Richard nodded.

“I was hoping you’d say that.  Now for my second question.  How open-minded to you consider yourself to be?”

Sharon thought about that for a minute.  She’d always thought she was open to new ideas.  She hadn’t resisted the new computer system like some of the other tellers had.  She shrugged.

“I guess I am.  I mean, I wouldn’t not test one of your products just because I’d never seen one of them before, whatever they are.”

Richard smiled.

“Well, that’s good.  My product, once I get a working prototype and then go into production, will be for personal use by women, so I need a woman’s opinion to get the design right.  Do you think you could test the product and then give me an honest opinion?  I can’t have a product tester who won’t tell me every detail about what she likes and what she doesn’t like about it.”
Sharon chuckled.

“Well, it would be nice to know what I’m going to be testing before I tell you that.”

Richard stroked his chin for a few seconds, then frowned.

“If I show you, you can’t tell any about it.  I haven’t filed for a patent yet, so if you do, somebody else might do that before I can.”

Sharon smiled.

“Cross my heart and hope to die.”

“OK”, Richard said.  “We have to go to the test lab to see it.  It’s not done yet, but the basic concept is there.  It just needs to be tweaked and then dressed up a little.”

Richard led Sharon out of the office and down a short hall, then unlocked a door that had “TESTING” printed in black letters on a white rectangle.  When she stepped inside, she was amazed more than shocked, though she was shocked a little too.

In the center of the room was what looked like a normal reclining chair except it had a rack of wires attached to each arm, and beside the chair was a box with digital displays and some switches and knobs.  That was unusual, but what was really unusual was the mechanism on the floor in front of it.  There was a motor attached to a gear that drove other gears.  The biggest gear, the one on top, had a long bar attached .  The other end of the bar was attached to some sort of sliding thing.  

Richard didn’t have to explain to her what the mechanism was.  She knew by the long, white, plastic cylinder on the end of the slide.  The tip was rounded like a bullet nose and the size was about the same as the dildo she kept in her bed table drawer.

She turned to Richard.

“You want me to test that?”

“Well…yes.  Would you have a problem doing that?”

Sharon frowned.

“Will you be watching?”

Richard nodded.

“I have to be here.  I don’t have the remote controls working yet, so I’ll have to make the adjustments for you.”

“You’re not some freaky guy just looking to see me naked are you?”

Richard smiled.

“No.  I quit my job and put over fifty thousand dollars of my own money into the shop and this prototype.  If that’s all I wanted to do, there are porn sites that are a lot cheaper.”

“So how did you come up with this idea?”

Richard frowned.

“I was married too, once, and my ex was a different sort of woman.  You’ve probably never heard of this condition before, but she was addicted to having orgasms and I couldn’t begin to keep up with her needs.  Since you’ve been married, I’m sure you understand that men have their limitations that way.  I wanted her to go to a doctor to see if something was wrong, but she refused.  She got tired of me being tired and I got tired of her nagging me about my lack of performance, so we decided to go our separate ways.

“After the divorce, I started wondering if there were other women like her, and what I discovered through some on-line forums was there are, quite a few actually.  The engineer in me said I could probably make a product that would fill that need so I did some preliminary designs.  Once I had something I thought would work, I quit my job and started this company.  The only problem is, I can design it, but I’m not a woman so I can’t test it.   That’s why I need a woman to do product testing.

“I won’t be the first on the market, but I think with a woman’s help, I can design something better than a vibrating box she sits on.  My ex didn’t like vibrators much.  She wanted the real thing.  That’s what I’m trying to build, sort of an artificial man that never gets tired.  So what do you think?  Can you do it?”

Sharon shrugged.

“I don’t know.  What are you going to be doing while I’m doing the testing?  You aren’t going to play with yourself are you?  I don’t think I could do it if you were.”

Richard shook his head.

“No, absolutely not.  You’ll be hooked up to sensors that measure heart and breathing rate and skin temperature, and I’ll be recording that data along with current draw, motor speed and other things like that, and taking notes about what you tell me.  That’s so I’ll know what to change on the prototype.”

Sharon twisted her mouth.

“You won’t try doing anything else with me?”

Richard frowned.

“That’s what the last woman asked me and she didn’t believe me when I said I wouldn’t.  I suppose you’re going to tell me no just like she did.  I understand.  I’ll find a woman one of these days who will.  Thank you for coming to the interview.”

Sharon was thinking as Richard walked her back through the workshop.  He seemed sincere about what he said, and he didn’t look like some sort of sex maniac.  If he was, surely he’d have been staring at her, but he’d hardly looked at her.  It would mean he’d see her naked at least from the waist down, but her doctor had seen her and Richard acted more like her doctor than a man who just wanted to see naked women.  

The extra money, at least if the job paid enough to make a difference, would be nice to have and what he wanted her to do wasn’t really work.  Could she do it?  Could she let him use his machine on her and then watch what she did?  Could she tell him how it felt and how it would feel better, or would that be too embarrassing?  Over all these thoughts was one that kept sneaking into her mind.  It would be interesting to see if his machine did what he thought it would do.

When they got to the door of the building, Sharon, stopped Richard from opening the door.

“How much does the job pay?”

She thought she saw his eyes light up a little, and he smiled.

“Twenty dollars an hour is what I thought would be about right.  Does that mean you’ll do it?”

Sharon smiled a little.

“It means I’ll try it once and see how it goes.  When do you want me to come back?”

At seven the next night, Sharon parked in the little lot and then texted Richard that she was there.  He smiled when he opened the door.

“I have everything set up.  Are you ready?”

The testing room looked the same except for one thing.  Sitting on a tripod and pointing at the reclining chair was a video camera.  Sharon looked at it and then looked at Richard.

“You didn’t say anything about taking movies of me.”

Richard stammered a little.

“I…well…I…I thought it might be better if I did.  You might not be able to tell me much while the test is going on.  I thought we’d watch the video afterwards and you could tell me how you felt.  I won’t use it if you don’t want me to.”

“You won’t show it to anybody else?”

Richard held up both hands with his palms facing her.

“Oh no.  The video will be part of the test data, and if I showed it to anybody else, they might figure out what I’m designing and try to get to the market before I can.  I’ll keep it locked in my safe along with all the other data.”

Just like the day before, he looked like he was telling the truth.  He wasn’t smiling and he hadn’t hesitated before answering her question.  Sharon thought about it for a couple seconds.  She’d never seen herself, how she looked or anything like that, when she and her ex had had sex.  It might be fun.

“No, that’s OK as long as you keep it between us.  Now, what do you want me to do?  I suppose I need to get undressed at least some.”

“Well, yes.  I have to put sensors on your chest and stomach, and, well, I need to be able to see what I’m doing when I insert the uh…the probe.”

Sharon chuckled.

“It’s a probe?  That sounds like you’re looking for something in there.  I thought it was a dildo.”

“Well, I didn’t know if you’d think that was the right word or not.”

Sharon chuckled again.

“Well, that’s what it is, isn’t it?  So, I have to get undressed all the way?”

Richard nodded.

“That would make things a lot easier.”

A few minutes later, Sharon sat down in the recliner.  It was a little embarrassing and she kept watching Richard to see if he showed any signs that looked like he was going to start something.  She was a little surprised that he didn’t.  She was also a little disappointed.  

Sharon thought she had a good figure, and most men apparently did too.  She’d see them staring at her breasts while she took care of their paycheck or counted out the money they’d withdrawn from their accounts.  She didn’t wear bras that made her breasts look bigger like Penny did, because she didn’t need to.  It was more of a problem finding blouses that fit.

Men couldn’t see her backside at work because she was behind the teller’s counter, but when she went shopping at the mall, she’d see men watching her then and they were usually smiling.  She thought it was odd that Richard wasn’t even really looking at her that way.  She wondered if he might be gay.  She’d read of that happening before – a man would get married and then decide he liked being with men instead of with a woman.  Maybe that’s why his wife had complained about not getting enough sex.  Maybe Richard just didn’t want to.

Richard wasn’t looking at Sharon’s body, but it wasn’t because he didn’t want to look.  It was because he’d placed that ad for a female product tester every week for the past two months.  He’d gotten a lot of responses, but as soon as he’d shown the woman his invention, she’d always shake her head and tell him she couldn’t do anything like that.  

Sharon was the first woman who said she’d try it.  She’d said she’d only try it once, but finally he was going to get some good data.  If he’d looked at her like a man usually looks at a woman, two things were likely to happen - he would feel his cock starting to get stiff, and he’d forget to record some data he needed.  Just as he had with every other project he’d worked on, he forced himself to concentrate on the equipment and how the project was progressing before anything else.

It was kind of a curse in some ways, being able to step back from what was happening and only look at measurements and other data.  That’s what had been partially responsible for his divorce.  He’d tried to analyze why Rebecca was how she was by asking her questions when she wanted to have sex.

“We just did it an hour ago.  What’s making you want to do it again.  Did I do something wrong the first time?”

“Are you sure you want me to bite your nipples?  Doesn’t that hurt?”

“I can’t see how licking you down there does anything more than actual sex.  What do you feel that’s different?”

Those questions and the others he’d asked Rebecca only frustrated her attempts to get him to have sex again.  She’d just get mad and tell him if he’d just fuck her – that’s the word she always used – if he’d just fuck her when she wanted to be fucked, she wouldn’t get so upset with him.

He didn’t want to mess up this one chance to see how his machine worked by giving Sharon the idea he was getting aroused.  If he did, she’d just put her clothes back on and leave without giving him anything he could use to make the machine good enough it would sell.  He’d risked too much to fail now.

It was easy to not look at Sharon while she undressed.  It wasn’t going to be easy to attach the sensors to her without looking at her, so he picked up the adhesive backed sensors, attached them to the sensor wires hanging from the chair and then handed them one at a time to Sharon.

“This one measures heart rate.  Stick it on your chest a little on the left side and just above your…well, where your chest is still sort of flat.”

“This one measures skin temperature and needs to go on down there, uh…just above where the hair is should be fine.”

“This one with two stickers is a strain gauge.  It will measure how fast and how deep you’re breathing.  It should go on your stomach, just under your ribs.”

Once Sharon had stuck all the sensors where he told her, he sat down at the box beside the machine.

“Now, just relax so I can get some baseline data.”

While Richard wrote the numbers on the paper on his clipboard, Sharon grinned.  He was trying so hard not to look at her or touch her, too hard to not be interested in her.  That made her feel better.  She wondered how he was going to manage to put his probe inside her without touching her.

Richard had been wondering the same thing himself.  He’d figured out having Sharon put the sensors on her body would be a way to keep him disengaged, but putting in the probe wasn’t something she’d probably want to do.  When he was ready to do that, he still hadn’t come up with any way other than to just stick it in.

He had a little more time to think while he adjusted the height of the slide mechanism, but all too soon, it was time.  He looked up at Sharon.

“You probably need to scoot down a little, and don’t be afraid to move around until this feels right.  You should probably spread your legs a little more too.”

Sharon put her feet on the edges of the foot rest and then scooted down.  It felt weird to her to be in that position because it was almost the same position her doctor wanted her in when he did his examination.  She felt vulnerable, but she had to grin at Richard.  It looked like he wasn’t sure what to do next.  She chuckled.

“Would you like me to do that?”

“Well… if you wouldn’t mind.”

Sharon smiled.

“I’ll do it, but it isn’t going to work, not yet.”

Richard looked up from the dildo.

“Why not?”

“Well, maybe you don’t remember, but girls aren’t ready right off the bat.  We have to get sort of warmed up first.  I’m not, so it’s not going to go in.”

“Hmm…my ex was always that way so I guess I hadn’t thought about that.  How do you get that way?”

Sharon couldn’t stop the giggle.

“Well, it helps if the guy is touching me. You probably don’t want to do that though, do you?”

Richard frowned.

“That would invalidate my data.  I wouldn’t know if it was my machine or me.”

Sharon grinned.

“If your machine does what it’s supposed to do, you’ll know.”

Richard shook his head.

“I don’t know.  Isn’t there another way to get you…like you said?”

Richard looked so disappointed Sharon felt sorry for what she’d said.

“I suppose I could try to do that myself, but I’ve never tried it anywhere except in bed by myself.  I don’t know if it’ll work or not.  It probably won’t if you’re watching me.”

“Well, could you try…please.  I’ll turn around so I can’t see you.  When you think you’re ready, just tell me.”

Sharon smiled when Richard turned his chair around.  It was kind of cute the way he seemed to not know much about women.  She supposed if his ex had been like he said, she might not have needed any help and he’d never have learned how.

She closed her eyes then, and let her fingers stroke her breasts.  The sensations were there even though she was on a chair in a brightly lit room.  She wondered if Richard’s hands would feel the same to her.  His hands looked a little rough, she supposed from working on the machine.  She’d seen the same look on the the hands of some construction workers who came into the bank, and had always wondered if they’d feel scratchy.  Scratchy could be erotic sometimes.

Sharon stroked her left nipple with the tip of her fingernail and then smiled as she felt the familiar tightening that caused.  If Richard’s hands felt like that, it would be fine.  She lightly stroked that fingernail over her nipple bed and felt that tighten too.  Yes, his hands would do the same thing to her, make her nipples swell taut and tighten her nipple beds into the ridges and bumps she was feeling.

She let her other hand slide down over her bare stomach to her mound and then down between her open thighs.  Would Richard’s rough hands feel good there or would it be too much?  Sharon tried a fingernail on the inside of her pussy lips and then caught her breath when the tingle shot to her core.  His hands might do that too, and if they did, she wouldn’t want him to stop.

She’d want to feel his fingertips stroking the ripples of her inner lips, and then when she was starting to breathe harder, she’d want to feel a rough fingertip on her clit.  That would make her want to feel his finger, maybe even two, slide inside her and begin to stroke in and out.  It wouldn’t be long after that happened that she’d be wet and slippery enough to accept his cock and that’s what she’d want.

Sharon slipped a fingertip up beside her clit and rubbed gently until she felt her core tighten.  She stroked that fingertip back down to her entrance and probed a little.  Yes, it was working.  She didn’t think it would, but she felt the first traces of the wetness that would let Richard slide his cock…well, his dildo, inside her.  

Thinking about how that might feel made her slide another finger inside her entrance and slowly move both fingers in and out.  She felt a little flow of wet warmth then, and then another when she curled her fingers up and massaged just inside her entrance.  

If Richard did that to her, she’d be ready in less than a minute.  That massage always did that to her, made her wet and ready.  Sharon kept massaging that spot and was a little surprised at how fast it was happening.  It shouldn’t have, not where she was, but it was happening.  

She slipped her fingers from her entrance and looked down.  Little clear strings of her slippery/sticky wetness clung to her fingertips.  She moved those fingers up to her clit again, and then moaned a little at the shocks that tightened her core.

Richard heard that moan, and said in a quiet voice, “Sharon, are you all right?”

Sharon smiled.  No, she wasn’t all right.  She needed what came next.  She needed to feel a cock inside her.  She hoped Richard’s machine would fix that feeling.

“I’m fine, and I’m ready now.  I’ll put it in if you tell me how.”

Richard turned and then swallowed hard when he saw the numbers on his data displays.  Sharon’s heart rate was about fifty percent faster and her breathing was just as fast.  Her skin temperature hadn’t changed that much, but it was higher too.  He’d expected some change, but not so much before he started his machine working inside her.

He was careful not to look at Sharon when he moved the adjustable slide forward.

“Just pull the slide forward until it reaches you, put it in a little and then move around until if feels right.  I’ll start the machine making little strokes at first.  You’ll have to tell me if you want more or less.”

Sharon took the white dildo and pulled it forward until it slipped between her pussy lips, then moved her hips until she felt the rounded tip start inside her.  

“Ok, just not too fast until I feel how it feels.”

Richard pressed a button on the side of the box, and Sharon caught her breath when the dildo moved forward and inside her.  She moved her hips a little until the pressure felt right and then said, “You can make it go a little deeper now.”

Richard turned one of the knobs on the panel a little and Sharon felt the dildo slide half way inside her.  It felt good, but not like the dildo she used at home.  It was too smooth and too straight.  Still, she was feeling what it did to her.

“A little deeper”, she murmured, and then sighed as she felt the tip pressing deep inside her.  Her ex had never gotten that deep, and the difference was exciting her.

Something still wasn’t right though, and after a few more strokes Sharon knew what that something was.

“Make it go faster until I tell you to stop”, she murmured.

Richard slowly turned the other knob on the panel while he watched the display panel.  Sharon had been right.  He could tell the difference.  Already she was breathing much faster and deeper, and her heart rate was speeding up.  Her skin temperature was also a little warmer.  When he heard her say, “That’s good”, he started recording those measurements as well as the machine settings and the time every ten seconds.

Five minutes later, Sharon’s heart was beating at about a hundred beats a minute and Richard didn’t have to look at her breath rate and depth to know they were faster because could hear her panting.  Both her heart rate and breathing continued to increase for another three minutes.  Then, he heard Sharon cry out, “Oh God”, and all the sensors on Sharon’s body stopped working.  

He looked over at her then, and couldn’t stop staring.  She was arched up off the recliner, her thighs were quivering, and her hips were rocking up and down.  The reason all his sensors had stopped working was because they were hanging off the arm of the recliner.  Somehow in all the contortions she was going through, she’d ripped them off.

Richard forced himself to turn back around.  He waited until Sharon said, “You can turn it off now.  I’m done testing it.”

Richard shut off the machine and picked up his clipboard.

“I think I got some good data except for there at the last.  I’ll have to figure out a better way to attach my sensors so they don’t come off quite so easily.  Well, what did you think?  Remember, I need to know everything you remember.”

Sharon smiled because he still wasn’t looking at her.  She thought about that for a second, and then wished he would.  The machine had made her have an orgasm, but that was partly because she’d been imagining the machine was Richard.  She wanted to see his face if he did look at her.  It wasn’t that she thought he’d be great in bed, but she’d always liked watching her ex husband’s face when they had sex.  His expressions always made it better for her.

“Well, it was pretty good, not like the real thing, but pretty good.”

“How was it different?  I need to know so I can change the prototype.  It has to feel the same or it won’t sell.”

Sharon told him the first two things that came to mind.

“Well, it didn’t feel real.  It’s too straight and too smooth.”

Richard wrote all that down.

“OK, how about the size – too long or too short, too thick or not thick enough?  I sized it to be the average both ways.”

Sharon thought about that for a moment.

“The size felt all right.  I’ve heard that thicker usually feels better and it didn’t stretch me too much, so you could make it thicker.  Longer wouldn’t help and it might hurt, but definitely don’t make it shorter.”

Richard wrote that down too, and then asked, “I made that one on my lathe.  I don’t know how I’d make one that isn’t straight and smooth.  Do you have any suggestions?”

Sharon did, but she didn’t want him to think she was the type of woman who’d use a dildo.  He might think if she’d used one, she couldn’t be what he’d called “objective”.

“Well, I’ve seen some that look real, and the descriptions I read say they’re made of silicone rubber.  They’re supposed to be kind of flexible too, and that might feel nice.  I don’t know how they make them though.”

Richard frowned and slapped his forehead.

“Of course.  Why didn’t I think of that?  They make them in a mold with liquid silicone rubber. I can do that.  I have the rubber to make the vibration isolators for the motor.  All I need to do is find a model, take a cast, and then use the cast to make one.  I used plaster of paris to make the mold the isolators, but that gets hot when it cures so I can’t use that.  I’ll do some research tomorrow.  I’ll need some help to make the mold though.  I don’t think I could touch another man’s uh…organ.  Do you think…I mean, I know it’s a lot to ask, but since you’re a woman…”

Sharon grinned.  Most men would have at least had a peek or two at her, but she hadn’t seen Richard do that.  She’d thought maybe that was another indication he was gay, but he wasn’t gay if he couldn’t touch another man’s dick.

“You figure out how to do it and then I’ll tell you if I’ll help you or not.  Can I get dressed now?  It’s a little chilly in here.”

As he walked her to the door, Richard told Sharon he could find out what to use to make a mold the next day, and that he’d call her when he had the materials.

After she left, Richard watched the video he’d taken of the test.  By comparing the timestamp on the video with the data he’d taken during the test, he’d be able to see Sharon’s reaction to the machine.  That was his intention, to log what she was doing beside the heart rate and breathing rate and temperature data he’d taken.  He’d built what he thought would be enough freedom of movement into the stroker arm to allow for the user to move around.  He needed to see if Sharon had used that much freedom or if he needed to add more.

He’d started the camera recording as Sharon was undressing, so he also had a record of the time before the actual test, the time when Sharon was exciting herself.  He started to fast forward through that part because it wasn’t relevant to the test, but stopped when he saw Sharon stroking her nipples.

He hadn’t been lying when he told Sharon his ex never needed to be aroused.  She seemed to always be that way.  She didn’t actually demand that he have sex with her all the time, but she was always ready.  He’d looked that up and learned that there is a medical condition that causes that, but his ex wasn’t like the description.  She didn’t get crazy if they didn’t have sex.  She was just always wet and wanted it.

Watching Sharon excite herself was exciting him as well.  She was doing a lot of the same things his ex had wanted him to do to her, but this was different.  His ex never touched herself like this, and this was a lot more erotic than his ex telling him what to do.

It was so erotic he was getting an erection, and he did what he’d told Sharon he wouldn’t do.  He dropped his pants and underwear and started stroking his cock.  He didn’t make it all the way through the video.  He only made it until Sharon started lifting her hips into the stroke of the machine.  It was the little moans she was making that pushed him over the edge.  After one low, soft moan where Sharon arched up off the chair a little, Richard groaned as his cock spurted four times and left streams of white cum on the floor of the testing room.

After cleaning that up, Richard started at the beginning again and took notes about what he thought was important relative to the heart rate, breathing, and skin temperatures he’d recorded.

He got another erection half way though the video, but this time ignored the desire to make himself cum again.  Instead he wrote down that at a heart rate of ninety and a breath rate of sixty, Sharon began lifting her body into each stroke.  He also recorded that at a heart rate of one hundred, she seemed to be raising up off the chair enough she was lifting the stroker arm a little.  At the end, there was no doubt in his mind he needed more freedom in the stroker arm.  Sharon had lifted the base of the machine off the floor by about a quarter of an inch.

That night when he went to bed, Richard lay there and compared Sharon to his ex-wife.  Both were about the same when they had an orgasm.  His ex-wife would start to shake and cry out, then arch up into his strokes.  It looked like Sharon did the same thing, except her cry was more little mewing sounds than the, “Oh, fuck.  Fuck me faster”, his ex wife always screeched.

It was up until that point they were really different.  His ex-wife had been concerned with making herself have an orgasm and kept moving her body around on his cock so she was maximizing what she felt.  That usually meant at some point, his cock would be pushed into an angle, and sometimes that angle was painful.

Sharon just relaxed and enjoyed what his machine was doing to her.  She did move a little, but it was nothing like what his ex did.  He wondered if Sharon would be the same way if she was really having sex with a man.  He knew he could never do anything to try to get her to have sex with him.  That wouldn’t be professional since she was an employee, but he wondered if he did, if sex with her would be better than sex with his ex-wife.

It surprised him how easy it was to find out what material to use to make the cast of a man’s cock.  The first link he clicked on sold kits to do just that.  Richard didn’t bother to search any more.  He just ordered three kits, one to use and the other two just in case the first one didn’t work or Sharon wasn’t satisfied with the first replica.  He had them shipped next day, and after they arrived, he called Sharon and asked her to come that night at seven and talk about how they’d go forward.

Sharon had been thinking too, and when she parked beside the building, she’d come to a conclusion.  She wasn’t sure Richard would like what she was going to propose, but it was the best way for her.

Richard opened the door after she texted him that she was there.

“Hi Sharon.  I got what we need.  Now we just need to plan how we’re going to do it.  Want a cup of coffee?”

When they were sitting in Richard’s office, Sharon took a sip of her coffee and then asked Richard what he’d found out.  He grinned.

“Evidently this has been done before.  I found a place that sells kits and I bought three.”

Sharon grinned.

“I can only test one at a time.  What are we going to do with three?”

Richard shook his head.

“We’re just going to use one.  I wanted some spares in case the first mold didn’t work right.  I thought it would be good to have spares in case you didn’t like the first one as well.  My next question for you is how do we pick the man who’ll be the model.  You’ll have to do that since you’re the one who will…well, you’ll want one that you think will feel real.  There’s no way I can decide that.”

Sharon smiled because picking a model was what she’d been thinking about.

“Richard, you’re so concerned about your invention getting out before you get done.  Won’t hiring a model just make that more likely to happen?”

“Well, yes, I suppose so, but what’s the alternative?”

Sharon grinned.

“I was thinking we’d just use you.”

“Oh, I…I don’t know.  What if when we get done, I’m not what you like?  We’d have to start all over.”

Sharon smiled.

“We could find out if you’re what I’d like first, and if I don’t, then we could look for a model.”

“You’d want to see me…like that?”

Sharon smiled again.

“Just to make your machine better, just like you only hired me to test your machine.  I wouldn’t try to make you do anything, just like you promised me you wouldn’t try to make me do anything.”

Richard thought about that.  He had promised her he was only interested in making his machine the best on the market, and he’d told her he needed her input to do that.  If he told her he couldn’t, that might make her quit and he’d have to start all over.  It had been hard to find Sharon.  It would probably be harder to find another woman.  He’d interviewed almost a dozen before Sharon accepted his offer.

“All right, Sharon.  I told you I wanted you to help, so we’ll try it your way.  What do I need to do?”

Sharon giggled.

“Well, the first thing you have to do is take off your pants.  I can’t see you when you’re dressed.”

Richard turned around, unbuckled his belt, and pulled his jeans down to his knees, then did the same with his underwear.  Sharon smiled.  His ass looked pretty nice to her, a lot nicer than her ex’s ass had been.

“Richard, you have to come out from behind your desk now.”

Richard took a deep breath.  The only other woman who’d seen his cock was his ex and she really never looked at it.  She just wanted to feel it in her pussy.  The only thing she’d ever said about it was that it was pretty thick compared to the other cocks she’d seen, and that she liked that.  

He took another deep breath and then shuffled around his desk to face Sharon.  He was surprised to see her smiling.  He was even more surprised when she crooked her finger at him.

“Come here Richard.  You’re too far away for me to get a good look.”

He shuffled over to where she sat in her chair, and just stood there looking at the ceiling.

Sharon wasn’t looking at anything besides Richard’s cock, and she liked what she saw.  He wasn’t hard, not yet, and that was a little disconcerting, but even so, she could tell his stiff cock would be pretty thick.  Richard was circumcised, and his cock head looked like it would be even a little thicker than his shaft.

In a low, quiet voice, Sharon said, “You’re not hard yet.”

Richard’s voice as just as quiet.

“It’s because I’m embarrassed.  I don’t usually do this.”

Sharon chuckled.

“Well, we’ll have to get you hard somehow or I won’t be able to tell if I like you or not.  What turns you on?  How about if I get naked?  Would that do it?”

She didn’t wait for an answer because she already knew the answer.  When she’d said the word, “naked”, she saw Richard’s cock twitch and she thought it was starting to swell.  She quickly pulled her top over her head.

“Richard, if you don’t look at me, I don’t think this is going to work very well.”

Richard had been staring at the ceiling because he knew what would happen if he looked at Sharon.  It would be the same thing that had happened when he’d watch the video of that first test.  He took another deep breath and then looked down.  Sharon was smiling at him.

“That’s better”, she chuckled.  “Oh…I think it’s working too.  I’ll take off my bra and we’ll see if that helps.  You keep watching, OK?”

When Sharon tossed her bra on his desk, Richard felt his cock stiffen until it was sticking straight out from his body.  It got stiffer and raised higher when Sharon scratched under her breasts.  She wasn’t smiling now.  She had a strange look on her face and right after she licked her lips, she looked up at him.

“I think you’ll do fine.  What do we do next?”

“Well, I have to mix the mold material and then pour it into the tube the kit comes in.  After that, I’m supposed to stick my…to put it in the tube and hold it there for about two minutes until the mold material sets up enough to keep the shape when I take it out.”

Sharon grinned.

“Give me the kit and I’ll do the mixing.  You just stay hard.”

When Sharon came back from the restroom with the tube filled with mold compound, she took one look at Richard and shook her head.

“You were supposed to stay hard.  According to the directions we only have two minutes before this stuff starts to set up.  Look at my boobs again.”

Richard was looking.  He’d watched as Sharon’s breasts wobbled when she walked out of his office and he’d watches them wobble when she came back in.  He felt his cock getting stiffer but it was going to take more than two minutes for it to get fully erect again.

Sharon saw his cock raise a little, but frowned.

“I think you got used to my boobs.  I’ll have to do something else.”

Richard watched as Sharon slipped her fingers around his shaft and then stroked it a little.  Her soft fingers were rapidly swelling his cock.  It got even stiffer when she stroked his cock head, and a few seconds later, his cock head was swollen to a dark pink and his shaft was as stiff as he’d ever felt it.  

Sharon looked up at him and grinned.

“It says I’m supposed to put the tube over you now.  Hold still.”

Richard thought the tube of mold material didn’t feel quite like his ex, but almost.  He had the urge to thrust his cock in the tube, but when me tried, Sharon chuckled.

“Uh-uh.  The directions said to go slow.”

Once she had the rim of the tube pressed against the base of his cock, Richard felt Sharon lightly raking her nails over his ass cheeks.  When he asked her why she was doing that, she smiled.

“It’s to keep you hard for two minutes.  It used to work with my ex.  Is it working for you?”

Richard felt his cock throb then.

“Yes, it is.”

Sharon was watching the clock on the wall, but she knew she was becoming aroused at the same time.  She could feel the little tightenings in her stomach.  By the time two minutes had elapsed, she was ready to do more than just scratch Richard’s butt and hold the tube of mold material.

After two minutes she stopped scratching his ass cheeks and then smiled.

“I’m suppose to keep holding the tube until you get soft again, then take it off, so you try to get soft again.”

Richard tried to do that for almost a minute, but he couldn’t will his cock to go down.  He kept looking at Sharon’s bare breasts and at how her nipples seemed to be bigger than before.

“Sharon, I don’t know if I can do that or not.  It’s your uh…chest.”

Sharon smiled to herself.  Richard wasn’t the dedicated engineer he made himself out to be if just looking at her boobs kept him hard.

“OK, you hold the tube and I’ll put my clothes back on.  That should make it go down.”

After Sharon pulled the top back over her head and then smoothed it around her hips, she took the tube from Richard.

“I’m going to take it off now.  Are you ready?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“OK, here goes.”

Richard winced when she pulled on the tube.  His pubic hair was glued to the mold.  Sharon looked up at him.

“Got a pair of scissors?  Your hair is all stuck in the stuff in the tube.”

“In the desk drawer.  Just be careful, OK?”

Once Sharon had clipped all the hair away from the tube, she pulled it off Richard’s cock and then looked inside.

“I think it worked.  What do we do now?”

Richard pulled his underwear and pants back up, then zipped and buckled his belt again.

“There’s a two-part silicone rubber that has to be mixed and then poured into the mold.  You hold the mold and I’ll do that.  It has to be poured in slowly or the cast will have air bubbles in it.”

When Richard had poured the last of the silicone into the mold, he took the tube from Sharon and set it in a coffee cup to keep it upright.  Sharon asked how long before they could test it.  Richard said it had to sit for at least four hours, so she might as well go home and come back tomorrow night.  By then, he’d have it attached to his machine so she could test it.

Sharon went to work the next morning, but it was difficult for her to concentrate.  She’d been thinking about Richard since the night before.  When he’d been reluctant to let her see his cock, she’d thought maybe it was small, but it wasn’t small at all.  Erect, Richard was a little thicker than her ex had been, and he was a snug fit.  She wondered how Richard would feel inside her.  

She was excited by that thought.  While she wasn’t going to feel Richard’s cock inside her, the casting they’d made was supposed to be the same size so it would be almost the same.  As the day went on, she became more and more excited, excited enough she miscounted the cash she was giving customer after he’d withdrawn the money from his account.  If he hadn’t told her of the error, she’d have given him an extra twenty dollars.

When she left work, she ate, took a shower, dressed in jeans and a top with a soft cup bra underneath, and then drove to Richard’s business.  He opened the door after she texted him, and smiled after closing it behind them.

“I got it mounted, but it looks a little weird.  It just sort of hangs there.”

When Sharon saw it, she lifted it from where it was attached to the stroking arm and frowned.

“It’s not smooth and that’s good, but it’s not stiff enough now.  I don’t think this is going to work.  We need something to keep it straight, but not so stiff it won’t bend at least a little.  Got any ideas about how to do that?”

Richard thought for a minute, and then smiled.

“I had to make a hole in the back to mount it, but that was hard to do because the rubber is too soft to drill very well.  What if we make another one and put a piece of plastic tubing in it.  I have some tubing that’s not very big but it’s pretty stiff.  If that was inside it, it might make it stand out.  It would be easier to mount too.  Let me get a piece and I’ll show you.”

Richard came back with a piece of white, plastic tubing about as big around as Sharon’s thumb.  She flexed it a couple of times and then grinned.

“I think this might work.  Let’s try it.”

Richard wasn’t quite as embarrassed this time, so making the mold went a little faster.  When he poured the silicone rubber into the mold, he cut a piece of the white tubing about an inch shorter then the mold, pushed it into the liquid rubber and used a paperclip to hold it in the center.  

“Well, that should do it.  I’ll get it mounted tomorrow and we can test it tomorrow night.”

That night while Richard lay in bed, he was having trouble going to sleep.  He kept thinking about Sharon’s bare breasts and how they’d raised his cock so quickly.  He couldn’t understand why that was.  Her breasts weren’t anything special, and in fact, they were a little smaller than he remembered his ex’s breasts being.  When his ex took off her bra, he’d been aroused, but not like when Sharon had taken hers off.

He decided it wasn’t her breasts exactly.  It was how she’d smiled when she saw what her breasts were doing to him.  His ex had never done that.  All she’d ever done was take off her clothes, lay on the bed and spread her legs.  She was always impatient that it took him a while to get hard enough, and that had become sort of a failure spiral.  The longer it took him, the more impatient she’d become and that made it take longer yet.

Sharon hadn’t said anything like, “How long is this going to take”.  She also wasn’t upset that he’d gotten a little soft both times when she went to mix the mold compound.  She’d just smiled, stroked him until he was hard again, and then used her fingernails to keep him hard while the mold set up.  

When they’d made the first mold, he’d gotten soft within a minute after she’d stopped.  This time, it had taken a lot longer, and instead of asking why, she’d just grinned and said he must like her more than he was letting on.

The next day, Richard broke the mold away from the silicone rubber cock and then tried to flex it.  It felt a little weird to be doing that, but he was surprised that the tubing had made a difference.  He could bend the cock a little, but not much.  It felt like his own cock when he pleasured himself.  He smiled with the knowledge that Sharon would probably like this one.  If she did, he could check that box on his design worksheet and start working on the remote control system.

That night, Sharon touched the silicone rubber cock on the end of the stroker arm, flexed it a little, and then smiled at Richard.

“I can hardly wait to test this one.  Let me get my clothes off so you can wire me up.”

Richard got new adhesive sensors from the drawer of the cabinet, attached them to the wires hanging from the arm of the recliner, and then handed them to Sharon.  Sharon shook her head.

“I probably did it wrong the last time and that’s why they came off.  You put them on me.”

Richard’s hands were shaking a little when he stuck the heart rate sensor just above her left breast, and then shook more when he put the breathing sensor under her breasts because he had to lift them a little to do it.  Sharon didn’t help that any when she said, “I like the way your hands feel”.

He was putting the skin temperature just above her mound when her stomach tightened.  He looked up had her and saw she was stroking her nipples.  She grinned.

“Just getting myself warmed up.  Go ahead and put that one on me too.”

The test went about like before.  Richard sat and recorded the numbers from his sensors, and when Sharon said the speed and stroke were right, he recorded those numbers too.  It didn’t seem to take as long this time.  Sharon’s heart rate increased quickly to about eighty beats a minute and then jumped even faster to a hundred.  Her breathing increased at about the same rate, and in less than five minutes, she was panting.  

When he heard Sharon moan, “Oh God”, he turned to look, and couldn’t stop looking.  She had scooted down in the chair and was lifting her body into every stroke of the machine while her fingertips alternately stroked and pinched her nipples.

There was something else different too.  The first time, there had been no sound from the probe.  This time, he kept hearing little wet sounds every time the stroked went in, and the rubber cock glistened with Sharon’s juices.  There was no doubt in Richard’s mind that his design was going to work.

Sharon didn’t pull the sensors off her body when the orgasm hit her this time.  She couldn’t because she was grabbing the arms of the chair.  Richard recorded a heart rate of a hundred ten beats a minute when Sharon cried out.

Her breathing was kind of confusing.  She’d held her breath for almost half a minute before that cry, and then gasped and started panting at about the same rate as her heart beat.  Like before, he didn’t see much change in her temperature.  He decided his sensor was probably in the wrong place, but with the other data, he probably didn’t need it.

He turned back around and kept recording data until he heard Sharon push the stroker arm back.  When he turned to look at her, she was hugging herself, and when she saw him, she grinned.

“That was more like it.”

Richard picked up his clipboard.

“Tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like.”

Sharon smiled.

It felt pretty real, and since it could bend a little that made it feel really great.  It was touching something the other one didn’t touch.  I like that it’s softer too.  I could feel it sort of moving around depending upon where it was.  

“How about the size?”

Sharon grinned.

“Big enough I could feel all the little bumps and veins but not so big it hurt.  It was fantastic.”

Richard wrote all that down.

“OK, what didn’t you like?”

Sharon looked down at her toes then.

“You don’t want to hear that part.”

“Why not?  I have to know so I can make my machine the best one on the market.”

Sharon looked up and then looked back at her toes.

“Richard, for a woman, sex isn’t just something moving in and out of her.  It’s a lot more.”

“Like what?”

“Like feeling the man between your legs and feeling his chest against you.  It’s feeling him change what he’s doing when he gets really aroused, like right before he has his orgasm.”

Richard frowned.

“I don’t know how I’d do that.”

Sharon looked up and smiled.

“You can’t…not with a machine.  The only way you could is…with you.”

Richard’s mouth fell open and stayed that way for a few seconds before he spoke.

“You want me to…with you?”

Sharon nodded.

“Yes…right now.”

Richard scratched his head.

“I didn’t figure on this happening.  What brought this on?”

Sharon smiled and crooked her finger at him.

“Just call it part of the test program for now.  I haven’t tested you yet, and I can’t make a good comparison until I do.”

Richard shook his head.

“I don’t think – “

Sharon cut him off before he could finish.

“Richard, stop being an engineer for a little while.  I don’t want you to think about this.  I just want you to do it.  Now, take off your clothes…all of them.”

As Richard stood between Sharon’s upraised thighs, he wasn’t sure what he should do.  His ex never needed much foreplay.  Then, he remembered the first video, the first few minutes when Sharon was exciting herself.  

He tentatively touched Sharon’s right breast.  Sharon smiled, so he put his other hand on her left breast.  It was instinct more than anything that caused him to squeeze gently, but he knew he was right when Sharon whispered, “I thought your hands would feel nice, and they do.”

He remembered Sharon stroking her nipples and lightly touched each one with a fingertip.  Sharon caught her breath and then put her arms around his neck.

“Kiss me”, she whispered.

The only way Richard could do that was to basically lay on top of Sharon since she was sitting in the chair.  When he did, his stiff cock bumped into her pussy and Sharon grinned.

“Are you in a hurry?”

Richard shook his head.

“No, but it’s hard to get close enough with you sitting like you are.”

Sharon stroked the back of his head.

“Doesn’t this chair go back any more?  Most recliners do.”

It took Richard a few seconds to hold himself up with one hand and move the lever to lay the recliner down, and when he did, the footrest hit him in the shins.  He moved to the side a little, and then stretched out beside Sharon.  

They were close then, really close, and if his cock hadn’t been stiff before, feeling Sharon’s breasts against his chest would have made it that way.  He pulled her over on her side, and then kissed her while he fondled her breast with his fingertips.  Sharon stroked his head again, and then made a little moaning sound.

Sharon had moaned because between the kiss and Richard’s fingertips stroking her breast, all sorts of little tingles started racing through her.  It was sort of like she’d felt with her ex when they were first married, but better.

She pulled away a little and then whispered, “I like to have my nipples kissed too.”

Richard heard Sharon gasp when he kissed the only nipple he could reach, and then felt her push his face down.  When Sharon whispered, “suck it a little, but not too hard yet”, he did that.  Sharon moaned again, and he felt her slide one hand down to his rigid cock.  That hand started stroking his shaft and that was something his ex had never done.  It made him want Sharon, want to feel his cock inside her.

When he got up and then stretched out on top of her while holding his weight on the arms of the recliner, Sharon smiled.

“Any time you’re ready, Richard.”

She felt warm and slippery inside.  His ex had felt the same way, but this was different.  Sharon wasn’t trying to move around under him.  Once he’d entered her, she crossed her legs over his back and sighed.

“I thought you’d feel good inside me.  I just didn’t know how good.”

Richard began stroking his cock in and out then, and that was different too.  His ex would have been rocking her pussy up and down into every stroke, but Sharon wasn’t doing that.  She was just lying there with her eyes closed and stroking his back with her fingers.  

That did change a little later.  Richard didn’t need the sensor to tell him Sharon was breathing faster.  He could feel her deep, panting breaths against his shoulder.  He also didn’t need the heart rate sensor once Sharon pulled him down and mashed his chest against her breasts.  

“Oh God, I love this”, she murmured, and a second later he felt her lift herself up enough the base of his cock pressed her pussy lips into her spread thighs.  It wasn’t long before she lifted herself up again and held her breath, then gasped and rocked her pussy a little.  

“Don’t stop, Richard.  I’m so close.”

Richard knew he couldn’t have stopped then for anything.  The only problem he was having was keeping his strokes slow enough he wouldn’t lose control.  He gave up trying to do that when Sharon made a little mewing cry, stiffened her body, and then started rocking her pussy up and down faster than he was stroking.  Without thinking, Richard began matching those rocks with his strokes, and quickly felt the end coming for him.

That happened right after Sharon dug her nails into his back, cried out, and he felt her legs shaking against his sides.  He made another quick stroke, and Sharon gasped and cried out again, then shook hard.  Richard kept stroking his cock deep as first one, then two, then three spurts splashed inside Sharon’s rippling passage.

Sharon continued to have little spasms that tightened her pussy around his cock, and when she finally relaxed, she giggled.

“Oh my God.  I thought the machine was great, but this….”

Richard raised up on his arms.

“What was different?”

Sharon giggled again.

“You just can’t stop being an engineer, can you?  OK, I’ll tell you what was different.

“The biggest difference was me feeling you on top of me, but I don’t think you can do that unless you make a whole man.  The other thing that was different was how you started going faster when I really wanted you to.  I couldn’t tell you that because everything felt so good, but you did it anyway.  That made it fantastic.  What made you do that?”

Richard thought for a second.

“I don’t know unless it was the way you were acting.  I felt you speed up and figured that’s what you wanted me to do.”

Sharon stroked his back.

“If you can make your machine do that, you’ll be able to sell thousands.”

The modifications Richard made over the next two weeks were pretty extensive, and Sharon tested them all, one each night.  After each test, she’d hold out her arms and smile.

“Now, I want to compare the machine to the real thing.”

The biggest change was to incorporate a heart rate sensor in the tip of the dildo.  Sharon had said when her heart started beating as fast as it always did just before she had an orgasm, she felt it there too.

The first prototype dildo with the sensor proved that to be true, so Richard added an accelerator chip and a microprocessor to the control circuits and let the user select initial stroke length and speed, a final stroke rate and speed, and the heart rate at which both would change.

Sharon liked the modifications.  She played with the settings, and she always had a strong orgasm once she’d found what she liked.

The other change was the size of the machine.  Richard had seen videos of other machines and they were always used when the woman sat in a chair.  After three more tests followed by Richard making love to her in the recliner, she said it would be better if the machine could sit on a bed.
“It’s a lot more comfortable when you’re laying down.  If you could make it so it just sits on the bed it would be better.  It would be easier to hide too.  Most women wouldn’t want somebody else to see the machine sitting in front of the chair in her bedroom.

Richard changed the design so the machine fit in a box a little bigger than a shoebox, and when Sharon tried it, she smiled.

“We’ve got it now, Richard.  It’s time for you to start advertising.  What are you going to call the machine?”

Richard grinned because he’d already thought of a name.

“I’m going to call it, “Sharon’s Secret”, if that’s OK with you.

Richard filed for a patent, and started advertising his machine on a website he put together.  When Sharon saw the first pictures, she frowned.

“Women won’t know how it’s supposed to work, and they won’t know what it does.  You need some video, not that porn stuff, but enough a woman can see how it feels to another woman.”

Richard frowned.

“That means I’ll have to find a woman who’ll let me take videos of her using it.”

Sharon stroked his arm.

“No it doesn’t.  You have me.  I am Sharon, after all.”

When Richard had first developed his website, the data said he was getting a lot of visits, but he wasn’t getting any orders.  As soon as he put the first video of Sharon, the video that didn’t really show much except her arching up off the bed when she had an orgasm, the number of visits went up ten-fold, and he got the first order.  Sharon helped him build that unit, and then helped him build the next seven after Richard had a permanent mold made so they wouldn’t have to make a new one for each unit.

It was Sharon who suggested they give women who bought one a way to say what they thought.

“You wanted me to tell you what I thought, so why not give other women the same thing?”

Richard did, and got three reviews, one from a woman who wrote articles for a women’s magazine.  He didn’t know he’d sold one to her, but the review was better than anything he’d hoped for.  The suggestions she made were helpful too.  She suggested providing the dildo in different colors and also said the one she bought was a little larger than her husband and she wished she could have a copy of his cock.  After that, Richard started shipping one of the molding kits with each unit along with hypoallergenic dyes in the color of the purchaser’s choice.

Richard had priced the machines to make money and in a little less than a year, he’d recovered his initial investment and was making an income.  Six months after that, he asked Sharon if she’d consider becoming a full partner.

“Sharon, I’m working day and night trying to keep up with the orders.  You’re helping me a lot, but I really need someone here all day, every day.  Would you consider becoming my partner?”

“You mean quit my job?”

Richard nodded.

“Yes.  I’m making enough money we could both live on it.  I have some other ideas I’d like to work on too, and if you were here every day, I could do that.”

Sharon raised her eyebrows.

“What does that mean – we could both live on it?  How much would you pay me?”

“Well, partners don’t get paid.  They share in the profits of the business.”

“That sounds like being married.”

Richard looked at the floor for a while, then looked up.

“That’s kind of what I mean.”

Sharon chuckled.

“You kind of think we should get married?  Would that be like kind of married, or really married?  I’ve been kind of married before, and I didn’t like it.”

Richard took Sharon’s hand in his.

“I’m not very good at saying things.  I can design almost anything, but it’s hard to say personal stuff.  What I mean is really married, like living together and sharing everything.”

She smiled.

“I knew what you meant.  I just like hearing you try to say things like that.  I think I’d kind of like being married to you.”

Richard grinned.

“Is that like you’re kind of saying yes, or are you really saying yes?”

Sharon smiled again.

“Let’s go to bed so I can test you again.  I’ll tell you after that.”

That night as they lay cuddling together, Sharon asked what those other ideas were.  Richard took a deep breath.

“Well, we’re doing really well with Sharon’s Secret Lover.  I was thinking there might be a market for a similar machine for men too.”

“An artificial woman?”

“Well, not all of her. I’ve been looking at what’s available, and unless a man is willing to spend thousands of dollars for a sex doll, all that’s out there are the important parts.  Those are just silicone rubber and don’t do anything.  I was thinking I could use some of our technology to make them more active, so to speak…like you are.”

Sharon chuckled.

“So you’re going to make a mold of a woman and then cast one in rubber?  It’s going to be hard to find a woman who will let you do that.”

Richard stroked her breast.

“I was thinking we’d do the same thing we did with Sharon’s Secret Lover.  I thought we’d use you.”

“Well, that would get the outside, but how would you get the inside?  I could do the outside thing, but I don’t think I want to be filled up with mold material.  What if it wouldn’t come out?”

Richard let his hand slide down to the hair on Sharon’s mound and slowly stroked the curls.

“You wouldn’t have to.  I was reading about a laser mapping system they use for caves and the inside of buildings.  I thought I could make a tiny one and put one inside one of the dildos on the machine and sort of map what you look like inside.  Once we have that, we can 3D print what it looks like and make the mold from that.”

Sharon opened her legs and felt Richard start stroking her lips.

“So a whole bunch of men would be having sex with me.  Could you live with that?”

Richard grinned.

“As long as I’m the only one who gets to do it for real.  What do you think?”

Sharon found his cock and started stroking it.

“I think you should do the first test on me so you have a baseline.  After we get done, you’ll have to tell me what you liked and what you didn’t like so we’ll know how to build the prototype.  Women are a lot more complicated than men so we’re going to need a lot of data.  You'll have to test me a lot.”

Richard slipped his fingertip over Sharon’s inner lips and smiled to himself when she caught her breath.

“I don’t think the testing will be a problem.  Figuring out how to make all your little noises and movements happen at the same time will be a challenge.  Then there’s the self-lubricating feature that will have to be engineered.”

“You mean the one you’re working on now?”

“That would be it.  I think it’s working too, isn’t it?”

Sharon sighed and then caught her breath when his fingertip brushed her clit.

“Keep going and I’ll tell you.”


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