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25 Sep. '19

We weren’t happy. We hadn’t been for some time now, but whenever we tried to discuss it, another fight started and I ended up sleeping in the spare room again!

I was sad because I knew the writing was on the wall. We were heading for a divorce and all the acrimony and heartbreak it would entail. Part of me still loved my wife, part of me hated her and I felt resentment from her on a daily basis.

We hadn’t made love for months and that saddened me too. We used to be so carefree and spontaneous, not caring if we were caught getting frisky when parked up or when we used to sneak off into the woods.

We’ve only been together for five years, but the good times feel like a lifetime ago. I’ve never been a jealous person but I started to get this horrible feeling when Sue joined a local friendship group and was going out a couple of evenings every week. I knew one or two other girls in the group, so I knew she wasn’t lying about being a member and when we weren’t fighting, Sue would tell me where they had gone. I also knew there were a few guys in the group.

“Fuck her, they’re welcome to her!” I said out loud one day after she’d gone out. But you know as well as I do that wasn’t what I really meant. It wasn’t so much jealousy as feeling betrayed. I’d had opportunities to stray since we got married but I’d always shunned them and remained faithful. Even though we’d been fighting and things were bad, I hoped Sue wouldn’t betray me. Better to be honest and mature about it.

I’d bumped into one of Sue’s friendship group buddies at a coffee shop one lunch time. We made polite conversation while waiting to be served. Sue had told me the group were meeting that Friday for beer and pizza at an American diner near the beach so when I said goodbye to Sue’s friend, I said cheerily “Enjoy your Pizza on Friday!” She laughed and said “Oh, that’s not until next week, but thanks!” and off she went.

I’m not the most organised person in the world when it comes to diaries (one of Sue’s many pet peeves about me) but I’m certain she had said her pizza night was this Friday. I mentioned it casually later that day when we were deciding what to eat for dinner. “Hmm, there’s a pizza in the freezer, but I guess you won’t want that if you’re eating pizza on Friday” Sue nodded and we decided on chicken.

OK, now I knew she wasn’t going out with the group on Friday. Where was she going, I wondered? All sorts of scenarios raced through my mind and over the next few days I had decided to book a private detective to follow her and had my lawyer’s number on speed dial, ready to start proceedings.

Then I paused.

Firstly, P.I.s don’t come cheap, neither do lawyers. The expression ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ came to mind.

Secondly, I had to take some responsibility for the way we both were. It’s rarely just one person’s fault if a marriage breaks down, so I decided some introspection was necessary.

I decided on a different course of action. A plan started to form in my mind. I would follow her on Friday and see where Sue went. She would never suspect this kind of behaviour from me and I had to admit, I got a little thrill of excitement at the prospect of sneaking around like a detective on one of those TV dramas!

Friday came around and Sue got herself ready to go out. Nothing unusual and no super-sexy outfit or anything like that. Her mood always lightened when she was going out so when she left, she waved me a cheery goodbye.

Her car rolled off the drive and a few seconds later, I pulled my car out and followed Sue’s at a discreet distance. As it was dark, there was no chance she’d see me behind her but I kept a sensible distance away, just in case.

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to the diner! She headed into town and parked in one of the large shoppers’ car parks, which was rather empty at this time in the evening. I drove in and waited to see where she would park and pulled my car into a space a few rows behind her.

I was almost shaking with anticipation when, after checking her make-up, Sue got out of her car. I got out of mine and pulled a dark baseball cap low over my eyes, but I didn’t have to worry. Sue had no idea I was following her and barely looked around. She knew where she was heading and it wasn’t towards the shops. She turned into a narrow alley and I was puzzled. All that was in that direction was a gay sauna and a massage parlour, as far as I knew.

Intrigued, I followed her and watched her disappear into what I thought was the parlour, aka a brothel! Oh my God, was my wife working as a hooker in her spare time? I shook my head in disbelief and actually said “No fucking way!” out loud.

However, the ‘parlour’ which had had many names over the years and was known as the kind of establishment that the police turn a blind eye to, had a new sign above the door.

“Chameleon Club” said the sign in big script lettering, with smaller words below which said “Members Only”. I hadn’t heard of this place so out came my phone. A quick search and I found a headline from the local paper.

‘Calls to ban new swingers club’ I read the article, then I found the actual club website. The new club was for “Couples and singles to play in a safe, secure environment” It made me smile that couples and single girls joined for free but single guys had to pay £30 on their first visit and £10 on each subsequent visit.

I was doing this ‘research’ in a dark doorway across the road from the club and noticed that since Sue had gone in, at least five other people had entered as well, some single guys and one couple. Wow! I had no idea swingers clubs could exist in my little town but it seemed to be popular. I have to admit, I was even more intrigued and I knew immediately I was going to investigate further!

Checking how much cash I had on me – easily enough to join the club and buy a few drinks. Now all I needed to do was pluck up the courage and go in. I had no idea what to expect, although some of the pictures on the website showed a private reception area which led into a large bar area with tables and chairs dotted around.

I bit the bullet and, with a quick glance around to make sure nobody was near, I strode purposefully to the club door and entered. A very pretty girl was sat at a raised reception desk and she smiled as she greeted me.

“Hello, I’m Steph. First time tonight?” The club was new, so I guess she would remember the faces of people who had already joined.

“Yes, I only just learned about this place, so I thought I’d come and have a look,” I managed to blurt out. I’m not a nervous person, but this was a surreal situation. Not only was I ‘joining’ a sex club, I was spying on my wife who was already inside, doing God knows what with God knows who!

Steph explained the joining fees and I signed in on the guest register, handing three ten pound notes to my pretty new friend. I couldn’t help wondering whether or not she joined in with the fun and I found myself hoping she did.

Steph told me that most of the members mingle in the bar area until they get so horny that they go off to one of the private rooms. She also said to relax and have fun. “A great-looking guy like you will be in demand. I might pop in myself later, so maybe I’ll see you? Oh, and be sure to check out the orgy room, that’s my favourite part of the club!”

Wow! I hadn’t even walked into the bar and a cute girl had more or less said she wanted to fuck me! If I would be in demand, I bet my wife would be five times more popular. I haven’t mentioned that my wife is absolutely gorgeous. I think the red-blooded male in me was another factor why we hadn’t split up yet, but having this sexy woman around and not having the chance to fuck her was kind of driving me crazy. Sue was beautiful by anybody’s standards. Approaching thirty, she was in her prime. She’s quite tall at 5ft 7, slim with fairly large, firm breasts, a slim waist, a taut belly and hips that mesmerise me when they sway. Her best feature though, without doubt, is her lovely face and deep blue eyes. Yes, she’d be in demand all right. How much demand, I was about to discover…

I edged into the bar keeping my cap on. I didn’t want Sue to spot me but a quick glance around revealed she wasn’t there. No doubt somebody had persuaded her to get frisky in a private room. I wondered if maybe she’d be with a couple? I decided to explore the rest of the club and wandered around the corridors. The private rooms were there, each one had a green ‘enter’ sign or a red ‘no entry’ sign displayed on the door. I gingerly opened one of the doors with a green sign and was slightly shocked to see three people on the bed, writhing around and enjoying each other’s bodies. There were two men and one girl. One of the guys caught my eye as I poked my head through the door. He grinned and gave me the thumbs-up sign. Did he want me to join them, or maybe come in and watch? I smiled back and nodded, but subtly withdrew as they were changing positions. As horny as that was to observe, I had other things on my mind.

I peeped in to the next green-signed room and this time, it was just one guy and girl. She was hog-tied and the guy was tickling her with the tassels on a silk scarf. With each stroke of the soft material over her exposed flesh and genitals, she moaned loudly. They didn’t see me, so I closed the door quietly and moved on.

I was apprehensive now. What if I should open a door and see my wife mid-fuck with another guy? Or if I found her bound and gagged, enjoying being tortured? My mind was racing when I quietly opened the last door with a green sign. Hmm, nobody in here. I let out a little sigh of relief, then my mind started to race again. What if Sue was in one of the rooms with a red sign? Then something Steph had said to me popped into my head. “Be sure to check out the orgy room…” she’d said.

My heart beat a little faster and I felt a swelling in my shorts as I looked for this room. Sure enough, I found the only room along one of the corridors and it had no red or green sign on it, just a tiny glass viewing window, through which you could see very little, except that there were obviously people inside enjoying themselves.

I eased the door open, hand trembling somewhat, expecting to find a scene from Caligula, with bodies intertwined and fucking with abandon. However, it wasn’t quite like that.

This was more of a gang-bang. I could only see two girls in the room, both of them kneeling on a low bed, asses towards me. Both were blindfolded and both were being fucked by one guy whilst sucking off another. That was hot. It was like stumbling into a live porno and I saw it was being filmed as well. Some of the guys had eye masks on in an attempt to remain anonymous.

My dick was now rock hard and I decided I wanted in on some action. Hell, if my wife was here, I could have some fun too. I left the orgy room and quickly found the locker room. I stripped down to nothing, grabbed a clean towel, locked up my clothes and headed back to the orgy room. The girls were still both being screwed while sucking another cock at the same time. I let my eyes acclimatise to the lower light level, grabbed one of the masks that were hanging on a hook on the door, quickly put it on then approached the bed. Three guys were standing close, stroking their dicks, no doubt waiting for one of the guys already having fun to finish so they could take their place. Before that happened and with no words spoken, one of the girls beckoned a guy over and pointed to the bed beneath her. He nodded and slid himself underneath her so he was able to lick her pussy while she was still taking an urgent fucking from behind. This girl had two cocks within reach of her hungry mouth now and she alternated between them, jerking and sucking both of them. I was mesmerised!

My eyes were everywhere enjoying the sight of these two hot chicks getting fucked senseless. I’m an ass man and I love to see a girl bent forward taking it deep. As I was gazing at the girl with three guys, my eyes focussed on a little mole on the girl’s left hip. I gasped audibly as the realization hit me like a Mike Tyson left hook to my jaw. That was my wife having animalistic sex with three guys! I looked at her more closely and there was no doubting the curve of her hips, the shape of her tight, firm ass and as I moved around the bed I could see her breasts bobbing up and down with each thrust of the guy’s cock into her slutty pussy. It was her all right.

So why was my cock so hard and throbbing under the towel? I let the towel slide down and moved closer to the bed just as cock number two erupted with a huge spurt of cum all over my wife’s face and blindfold. He stroked the last few drops out and Sue licked them from his knob, slurping loudly. She moved her mouth down to cock number three, the guy who was lying on his back under her and licking her pussy. As I watched his cock slide in an out of Sue’s mouth, I decided I was going to jump the line. One guy looked up in protest, but I silently pointed to my chest and mouthed the words “My wife” and he nodded and backed away. I was now poised in front of my own wife, waiting for her to give me a very public blowjob!

Sue eased her mouth off cock number three (I’m sure he’s not a number, he’s a free man, but it’s easier to describe him this way) and her face was level with my groin. I stroked her cheek and felt her hand on mine, then her hand grabbed at my dick and started to rub the foreskin up and down. I heard Sue say "Oooh, a big one, yummy!” and I had to smile. It wasn’t that long ago that she used to give me a blow job almost every day. I wonder if she would recognise an old friend as it snaked between her lips? She did seem to pause for a second before getting to work on me. I was in heaven, not having had her luscious lips wrapped around my stiff cock in far too long. An odd feeling came over me. I knew Sue had no idea it was my cock in her mouth but I kinda wanted her to know. The other feeling that came over me was pure lust. I put my hand to the back of her head and pulled her closer so my cock slipped deeper into her mouth and throat, making her gag a little.

Just as I did this, cock number one stopped thrusting and its owner groaned loudly as he came, filling the condom he was wearing. He eased himself away from my wife’s tender pussy and she covered it with her hand, no doubt needing a break after being fucked for a long time. Her other hand moved back down to the cock beneath her face. She let my dick slide out of her mouth and she went back down on cock number three, jerking him hard and slurping, obviously trying to make him cum fast. Not many men could hold back with Sue doing this to them and cock number three was no exception. He gasped and breathed “Fuuuuuuck!” as he came in Sue’s mouth. She let the cum dribble out of her mouth, covering the guy’s cock and balls, then she jerked him slowly until he couldn’t take any more.

Sue lifted her leg over and despite his attempts to grab her back, she said “I need a breather,” and he let her go. I thoughtfully handed a towel to her, which she grabbed and said “Oh, thanks,” and wiped her face without removing the blindfold. The two guys who had already cum had left the room, leaving four guys, three of which were feasting themselves on the other girl on the big bed. Sue was taking a breather and I decided to do the same, not least because I was close to cumming when she’d sucked me and I wanted to last a bit longer.

My erection never subsided as I watched the other girl getting royally fucked, one cock in each of her three orifices. The guy with the smallest cock was having the best time as he was drilling her ass and the girl was panting like a bitch in heat, enjoying every second of it.

Sue had recovered and was sat cross legged on the bed. I decided to sneak up behind her, gently wrapped my arms around her and pinched each of her nipples the way I know she likes. She gasped at my touch and purred “Oh, that’s good but I need more cock!”

Jesus, my thought-to-be chaste wife was talking and acting like a total fuck-slut! I nearly came on the spot but had the presence of mind to move myself around the bed, and got on my knees facing Sue. I grabbed her hand and guided it to my cock and let her go to work on it again with hand, lips and tongue. At one stage, I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed the very tip of my cock back and forth across the tip of her nose. This was something I’d done many times before and I was hoping to get a reaction. I was stunned at what she said.

“Oh yeah, my husband used to do that. I wish he still fucking would!”

Music to my ears! I knew she still fancied me and my cock twitched hard as she took it back into her mouth. Before I got too carried away, I withdrew from Sue’s mouth and gently placed my hands on her shoulders, pushing her away, encouraging her to lie back on the bed. I kissed all the way down her breasts, her tummy and her mound before my tongue parted her outer pussy lips and licked the length of her slit making her moan loudly. As far as I could tell, she hadn’t cum yet. It does take a lot to make Sue cum although when I used to fuck her tight little asshole, she would shriek with a huge orgasm after a dozen or so deep thrusts. I would spank her just as she was about to cum and she would squeal and curse as her body went into spasm. I was determined to do that tonight, again wondering if she would realise it was me.

After giving her a great pussy-licking, I felt another guy behind me. I turned to see a very well-hung guy looking to get in on the action. I motioned for him to lie on his back as I lifted Sue forward so she was now sat right next to our new big-dicked friend – I’ll call him cock number four. I guided Sue’s hand towards his cock and she sighed as she took hold of this thick, throbbing penis. I let her jerk him for a few minutes before saying to Sue in a disguised whisper “Ride him.” Sue span herself around and straddled cock number four. He held his member vertical and Sue rubbed the tip up and down her slippery snatch before sinking down onto it, with a big “Aaaaaah!”

It must have filled her pussy real good, being bigger than my own cock and by far the biggest she’d got to play with so far tonight. But if she felt full with this big, thick cock in her pussy, that was nothing to what she was about to experience. Sue was bouncing up and down on cock number four, her ass facing me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and bent her forward so she could reach yet another cock eager to get sucked by my dirty slut of a wife. Her hands grabbed it and her mouth ravenously slurped at cock number five. I positioned myself behind her, my knees in between the splayed legs of the guys she was riding – cock number four. Holy shit, I’m losing count of the number of cocks my wife is getting through tonight!

I had to be careful as I had no idea if number four would want to feel my cock touching his. I wasn’t keen on the idea either, but I really wanted to ass-fuck my wife and make her scream. Her ass is always tight, but with number four plundering the depths of her pussy, I figured it would be even tighter than normal. I reached my head down, slowed her hips from thrusting and kissed her ass cheeks. She wriggled as I did that, so I held her hips then pushed my tongue into her ass, all the time feeling the slow deep thrusts of number four beneath us. Sue let out a squeal as I tongue-fucked her puckered anus but that squeal was muffled by cock number five. Sue had her hands on each of his buttocks, pulling his cock into her mouth so I took the opportunity to swoop while she was busy with him. I rolled a condom onto my stiff prick, dribbled some spit onto my knob then offered it up to her ass hole. When we’ve had anal sex before, I’ve always done this thing where I push against her tight hole then move my knob around in small circles as I push. This usually helps Sue’s sphincter to relax enough for me to slip in easily. I then take it slow before getting fully into her.

I did the same today. As my knob touched her ass hole, Sue practically shouted “Oh my fucking God! I don’t know if I can….” Oh yes you fucking well can, you little slut! I swirled my cock around her hole, slipped my knob in and heard “What the fu…?” Had she recognised her anal intruder? I wondered if she was about to pull her blindfold off, but no doubt conscious of the camera filming us, she didn’t. Cock number four started thrusting again, slowly at first, allowing Sue to get used to the feeling of being double-penetrated for the first time (as far as I know…) She was whimpering loudly as I squeezed my length into her and it didn’t help that cock number five came as he gripped Sue’s cheeks and face-fucked her hard. I could hear Sue spluttering as she let his cum drip out of her mouth back over his cock. Number four below me must have had a great view of that and I wondered if any cum had splashed onto him, and whether or not he minded.

But I was now balls-deep in Sue’s ass and like I said, I knew she wouldn’t last long. I thrust in deeply with gentle but firm strokes. I had never felt a guy’s cock thrusting into a pussy from inside a girl’s ass before. It was an amazing feeling, one I hope to repeat very soon! When he came, the throbbing pulses were almost too much for me. They certainly were for Sue as on my last deep thrust, she cried out with the loudest shriek I think I’ve ever heard in my life. I smacked her ass hard as her orgasm started

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my Godddddddddddddddddddd! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” and her body bucked as spasm after spasm gripped her, her orgasm causing her to slump down onto number four, my cock popping out with a satisfying squelch. I ripped the condom off and stroked myself off to a huge orgasm, spurting rope after rope of thick, creamy cum all over her back and ass cheeks. My knees buckled with the ferocity of this cum and I cursed out loud “Fucking awesome!” before remembering this was supposed to be anonymous. Had Sue worked it out yet? She’s no fool, I’m sure she knew it was me. She was lying on her tummy, panting hard and whimpering as she came down from the mother of all orgasms.

Anyway, I backed out of the room, my throbbing cock barely hidden by the towel I’d wrapped around my waist. I hobbled back to the locker room, quickly dressed and got the hell out of there as fast as I could. As I was leaving, Steph was packing away her things at reception. “Oh, you’re not leaving are you? I was hoping, you know…” I smiled and replied “Sorry Steph, I’m useless now, but next time for sure!” Steph smiled back at me and said “OK, it’s a date!” and disappeared into the club.

Wow! I’d just had the fuck of my life with my slut of a wife and still got hit on by the beautiful Steph! I wondered if I would ever return and take her up on her amazing offer.

I drove straight home and showered before changing into my usual t-shirt and joggers. It was approaching eleven now and Sue would normally be home about now after a night with the girls. I was watching a rugby match on TV when she came in and she seemed to be more relaxed than usual.

“Good night?” I enquired. What I had wanted to say was ‘did you have fun being a complete slut this evening?’ but decided against it. I wanted her to be the one to work out that it was me who’d been butt-fucking her earlier.

“Yeah,” Sue replied, “it was really fun!” What an understatement!

Well, I have to say things seemed to get much better after that night. Sue started to be more loving towards me and I felt the same towards her. We started to make love again and the fighting stopped completely. Sue went out on her own less frequently and we started to go out with each other again. We even held hands when we walked through the park one Sunday afternoon.

One evening when we driving home from a friend’s house, Sue put her hand on my thigh and said “Let’s find that quiet pull-in we used to go to!” and grinned as I looked at her. We parked up and wasted no time in getting down to it. Sue was sucking me passionately when I pulled out and rubbed the end of my knob back and forth across the very tip of her nose. She looked up at me and I’m sure she was about to mention that night at the club. We moved to the outside of the car and I fucked her slowly from behind, just how she likes it. I pulled out and offered the tip of my cock up to her ass hole. Sue was soaking and needed no more lube. When I swirled my cock around her anus before penetrating her, I heard her say “Fuck!”, not like with lust, but like she was absolutely convinced about something. After a few minutes of deep anal thrusting, I could feel her muscles start to tighten. I came deep into her ass then spanked her hard as she came, Sue trying to control her volume as we were out in the open. Her ass muscles milked every drop of semen out of my cock and it slopped out of her, making us both giggle. We cleaned up a bit, had one more long, lingering kiss then got back in the car to resume our drive home.

As we pulled up onto the drive, Sue gazed out of the car window and spoke, without looking at me. “You know, I haven’t been back there since that night.” She turned to face me and I could feel my cheeks start to redden. My cock started to grow again and I replied “Let’s get in and go to bed. I’ll show you why you never have to go there again.”

Then, thinking about Steph, I added, “Unless you fancy a hot threesome with the cute girl at reception!”


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