Sherry's Mom

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25 Sep. '19

When you grow up in a small town in the South, it’s not like growing up anywhere else.  The South tends to be conservative anyway, and small towns take conservatism to the extreme.  Most of the people in small, southern towns go to church on Sunday if not Sunday night and Wednesday night too.  Most of the people in small, southern towns have a strict moral code and are quick to judge anyone who doesn’t uphold that moral code.  

That always seemed to be hypocritical to me.  When I was a kid, we went to Church three times a week, and what I heard the preacher say was you shouldn’t judge other people.  That seemed like a good way to live, to me anyway, but even after church, I’d hear the preacher’s wife talking to the other women about something some other woman did that they thought was scandalous.

Usually, that something wasn’t really all that bad.  It would be something like Mary Hastings wearing a dress that was what they considered too short for a woman of fifty.  Sometimes it was worse, like when Julie Adams let herself get pregnant by Billy Joe Thompson and they had to quit high school and get married, but usually, it was just how some woman dressed or how she acted that set their tongues to wagging.

As a result, dating when I was in high school was pretty frustrating for us guys.  At some point in every guy’s life, he finds out what sex is all about.  Usually that happens before our dad’s have “the talk” with us, because we’ve been listening to our older brothers and their friends for years before that.  Once we know, we want to try out what happens when our cocks get hard.  That happens a lot, often when it’s embarrassing, so we think about sex a lot too.  

Knowing what I know now, I’m sure the girls in town had the same thoughts.  They probably had them sooner than us guys because puberty happens to them a few years before it happens to guys.  Once we started getting hard cocks in the middle of English class, we noticed girls, and started having fantasies about Debbie’s tits and June’s ass.

The only problem with realizing those fantasies was every girl’s mother had done her best to convince her daughter that if she let a guy “go all the way” – that was every mother’s way of saying her daughter had let a guy have sex with her – she’d get pregnant like Becky Masters and where did that get her.  They also gave their daughters the old saying, “A half hour of feeling good isn’t worth a lifetime of misery”.

We still tried though, and a few of us were successful, but it was a hollow success.  In every class in school, there was at least one girl who’s mother evidently forgot to have that talk about getting pregnant but did spend a lot of time on the “feeling good” part.  In my class that girl was Jennifer Clovis.  By the time she was a senior, Jennifer had fucked at least six guys who I believed had actually fucked her.  Evidently her mother had also told Jennifer how to feel good without getting pregnant, because she didn’t.

Fucking Jennifer was actually kind of a let-down, or would have been for me if I’d been one of the six.  She didn’t even make those guys ask, so there wouldn’t have been a challenge at all.  The way I heard it, she just went out with them and once they were parked somewhere, grabbed their cocks and told them she needed to be fucked.  

Right after we graduated, she married Tommy Lee Ferguson.  I didn’t think Tommy Lee would feel very good about marrying her either, because I couldn’t see Jennifer being satisfied with just one man.  There were a few rumors at church about Tommy Lee and Jennifer having parties at their house though, and it was generally agreed by the women that there was a lot more than just pinochle going on at those parties.  

I knew Jason and Tammy were friends with Tommy Lee and Jennifer, so I asked Jason, but all he did was grin.  I figured Tommy Lee knew about Jennifer’s libido and decided if she was going to fuck other men, they should find some friends with agreeable wives and he’d fuck the wife while Jennifer fucked the husband.  Fucking Tammy would probably have been great, because she looked about like she’d looked when we graduated.  Jennifer had sort of blossomed out in all the wrong places after she and Tommy Lee had been married for a year.

Anyway, I got out of high school without ever feeling a naked breast or sliding my finger into a nice wet pussy.  It was frustrating, but I didn’t feel bad about it.  Most of the guys in my class hadn’t had any better luck than I had.

Unlike most of the guys in my class, I didn’t get a job as soon as I graduated and settle down to a life with a wife and kids.  Mom and Dad wanted me to make something of myself besides working construction or working in a factory for the next fifty years so I’d planned on going to college, but when I saw how much it was going to cost, I was pretty shocked.

The only way I could see to make it through college was to find a job where I could work full time but still have time for classes and to study.  Mom and Dad said they’d help, but I was pretty sure they couldn’t really afford to.  Mom didn’t work and while Dad’s wages let us live comfortably, we weren’t rolling in cash.  They’d have borrowed the money and would still be paying the bank back after I graduated.

The job I found was working as a janitor for a contractor that cleaned office buildings after hours.  It didn’t pay much more than minimum, but the hours were six to eleven, five days a week, and eight to seven on Sunday.  That schedule worked as long as I could schedule my classes for late morning to early afternoon.  There was no way I could do that and carry a full time class load, so I ended up taking six years to graduate instead of four.

College was interesting, but still frustrating.  I liked the engineering classes, so I did well.  The other classes caused me to study hard, but I did well in them too.  I didn’t do so well with the girls.  I didn’t understand the whole women’s liberation thing, and while I’d heard about lesbians, I’d never met one until I asked Patty if she’d like to have coffee sometime.

Patty gave me a patronizing smile, and said I really didn’t have the right equipment.  Well, I didn’t understand that either, so I asked her what she meant.  Patty frowned at me then and shook her head.

“Troy, haven’t you ever heard that some girls like other girls?”

I said I had, but I always thought they tried to look like men.  Patty just laughed.

“You must really be from back in the sticks then.”

Well, that kind of made me leery of asking another girl out and I really couldn’t afford to date anyway, so I concentrated on studying instead of girls and it looked like I was going to graduate still a virgin.

I did make a good friend on my job my last semester.   The janitorial service changed management, and the new supervisor of my crew was Liz Bowman, a woman about forty.  She’d get us started and then walk around inspecting what we’d done.  If we’d missed something, she’d make us do it over.  

Janitorial work wasn’t hard but it was boring as hell.  We swept and dusted the same rooms in the same offices every night, and after a week of that, I knew every crack in the walls and every spot that wouldn’t come clean.

Liz understood that, so sometimes she’d talk to us, and she seemed to like talking to me the most.  It was a rare night that she didn’t spend at least half an hour with me.  At first, I just thought since she was new, she was making sure I did everything like I was supposed to.  The night she started talking about how she’d been divorced for two years and really missed having a man around started me thinking maybe it was more.  It did turn out to be more, more than I’d ever even dreamed.

We finished up one night about ten til ten, and Liz sent everybody home except me.  She said she wanted to make one last check of the last room I’d done.  When I followed her into that room, Liz looked around for all of two seconds and then asked if I’d like to have a cup of coffee before I went back to my apartment.  

I thought we’d go to the coffee shop on campus where everybody else went.  Liz drove right past it and headed away from campus.  Since I was in her car, there wasn’t much I could do other than ask her what restaurant we were going to.  

Liz looked over at me and smiled.  

“I make better coffee than any restaurant or coffee shop, so we’re going to my house.”

I didn’t think much about that until Liz closed the door to her house behind us.  She scared me to death when she smiled and put her arms around my neck though.

“Troy, I brought you home with me because I want this to be more than coffee.  If you don’t want to, I understand.  I’m not twenty anymore.  We’ll just have a cup and then I’ll take you back to your apartment, but I was hoping since it’s Friday, you’d spend the night with me.”

Well, like I said, I was scared, not scared of Liz or because I didn’t want to do it, but scared of the fact that I didn’t have a clue about how to do it other than what my dad had told me.  All he said was stroke her breasts, stick a finger in her pussy, and then stick in your cock and pump away.  He didn’t use those exact words and he hemmed and hawed a lot, but that’s basically what he was saying.

I liked Liz, and I didn’t want to make her feel bad about herself.

“Liz, it isn’t that I don’t want to, but as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve never…well, you’d be the first and I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Liz just grinned then.

“You can follow directions, can’t you?”

That first night, Liz gave me a lot of directions.  The directions got shorter and pretty breathy as we went along, and at the end, she was just saying a couple words at a time.  For my part, I was discovering all the things women liked that Dad had never told me.

Liz liked her breasts stroked, but after I did that a little she guided my fingers to her nipple.

“Here, Troy.  Stroke my nipple and then suck it just a little at first.  I’ll tell you when you can suck harder.”

When Liz took off my clothes, my cock was standing tall and starting to throb a little.  Once I got her nipple in my mouth and sucked, it felt like my cock swelled a lot more.  It felt really stiff and tight when Liz guided my hand down to her pussy and whispered, “Just a fingertip between my lips at first.  When you feel me getting wet, slip that finger inside me and move it in and out”.

Liz hadn’t touched me up until that point, but as soon as I slipped that finger inside her, she found my cock and began jacking it really slow and really gently.  That was a good thing.  If she held it tighter or jacked it faster, I’d have cum all over her.  As it was, she kept me close but not quite there.

I was feeling great that I was arousing Liz the way it looked like I was.  She had her eyes closed most of the time, and her after a while, she was breathing through her mouth.  That’s when she pulled gently on my cock and whispered, “Put your dick in my pussy now, Troy.”

I suppose it was because I’d never heard a woman say “dick” or “pussy” before that I nearly lost it.  Thankfully,  Liz stopped stroking my cock and just spread her legs apart so I could get between them.  When I had trouble finding her entrance, Liz reached between us and guided my cock down, then rocked her hips up a little, and whispered, “go slow at first, Troy.  It’s been two years for me.”

I’d like to say I fucked Liz like she wanted , slow and deep, but having my cock buried inside her pretty much took away all my self control.  I made about six strokes before I knew there was no stopping it.  I said, “Liz, I’m sorry”, and then groaned as I pumped my cum in her with four shots that left me gasping.

When I was done, Liz looked up at me and smiled.

“You don’t need to apologize, Troy.  Just keep it inside me and I’ll make it get hard again.”

If you’d asked me that morning if such a thing was possible, I’d have said you were crazy.  After I laid there on top of Liz while she clenched and unclenched her pussy around my cock and scratched my ass with her nails, I started feeling my cock get stiff again.  Liz put her hand on the back of my head then, pulled my face down, and whispered, “Kiss me”.

I had managed to kiss one girl in high school, but it wasn’t anything like what Liz did.  Liz didn’t keep her lips together.  She opened them over mine, and then I felt her tongue pressing my lips apart.  The way she ran her soft, wet tongue over my lower lip sort of made me catch my breath, and that’s when she slipped her tongue into my mouth and touched mine.

Dad had never told me about that either.  Either he and Mom never did that, or he didn’t want me to decide to try it out on some girl.  What I decided was if he and Mom didn’t, they were both missing out on a lot.  

Feeling Liz’ tongue on mine had my cock rigid and ready in only a minute.  Liz pulled gently away then, and whispered, “Just go slow and if you need to stop for a while, go ahead and stop.  I’ll catch up to you when you start again.”

I did have to stop a couple of times, but that didn’t seem to affect Liz.  It didn’t take long before she had her eyes closed and was breathing through her mouth again.  The first time I had to stop, she just pulled me down a little and whispered, “Suck my nipples again, a little harder this time”.  The second time I had to stop, Liz was starting to pant and even though I’d stopped stroking my cock in and out, she was doing almost the same thing by rocking her pussy up and down.  When I bent my head and sucked her right nipple, Liz moaned and whispered, “Harder”.

I didn’t have to stop a third time.  I was close to that point when Liz started to arch up off the bed.  She held herself that way for a second or so, then fell back down and gasped, “Oh Troy, don’t stop.”

I kept stroking and after Liz arched up off the bed again, I couldn’t have stopped if the bed had caught fire.  All I could do was keep stroking my cock in and out of her and feel her start to writhe under me.  Liz fell back down, then grabbed a handful of the sheet with each hand, cried out “Oh, fuck”, and then started jerking her pussy over my cock so fast I lost it.  I rammed my cock as deep as it would go and groaned as the first spurt shot up my cock.  I managed to pull out a little, then rammed my cock back inside Liz just as another spurt splattered inside her.  The third was just as fantastic, though I was pretty sure it was more of a dribble than a spurt.  

I stood there with my weight on my arms and gasping for breath while Liz kept moaning and rocking her pussy over my cock.  When she sighed and eased back down on the bed I kept my cock inside her and went down with her.  I started making slow strokes then just because it felt good.  

Liz just lay there with her eyes closed and smiling for a while, then grinned and said “Wow.”

I was feeling pretty cocky then.  I mean, I’d just fucked the first woman of my life, and she’d cum hard.

“I take it you liked that?”

Liz wrapped her arms around my back.

“I’m going to like the next time even more.”

The next time was about an hour later, and the result was even better.  I knew what Liz was going to do so it didn’t sneak up on me.  I was able to hold out until Liz arched up off the bed again, shrieked “Oh fuck…Troy, don’t stop”, and then started to grind her pussy into the base of my cock.  When her legs started to quiver, I let go and pumped another three shots into her pussy while she shook and kept saying “Oh fuck” over and over.

The next morning was another lesson Dad hadn’t taught.  Liz woke me up by playing with my cock until it was stiff again, and then straddled me, looked down, grinned, and slowly impaled herself on my cock.  She bent down and pushed her right breast into my face, mumbled, “Suck”, and then started riding me.  It took longer this time, but it was well worth it.  When Liz raised up, I could see my cock in her pussy and that just blew my mind.  I mean, I’d felt it three times the night before and it was the most fantastic feeling I’d ever had, but seeing her big pussy lips spread out around my cock was increasing those feelings by a bunch.

I think Liz came a little harder that time, because after she did, she eased down and pressed her breasts into my chest, and lay there while her pussy made little contractions around my cock.  When her heart stopped pounding against my chest, she kissed me and then whispered, “you made me feel like I’m young again.  I don’t want you to stop making me feel that way.”

That last fifteen weeks of college went by in a blur of classes during the day, working six to ten and all day on Sunday, studying from about eleven to one during the week and studying all day on Saturday.  Friday nights were with Liz, and by the end of that fifteen weeks, I was almost sorry I was graduating.  I didn’t love Liz or anything like that.  It was just two friends helping each other out, but I knew I was going to miss her.  I think she was sorry to see me go as well.  She cried a little bit when I said goodbye that last Saturday morning.

I got a job with a construction company in Nashville and was happy to at last be on my own.  I was ready to find a woman, and I thought that woman might be Sherry Addison, the girl who ran our blueprint department.  I was doing a lot of design work on the stoplight controls for the rebuild of an intersection in the city, and that meant I had to get a lot of prints made.

Over a month or so, we became sort of friends, and after another month, I liked Sherry a lot.  She always wore tight jeans and snug tops that showed off her round ass and perky breasts, but that wasn’t the only reason I liked her.  Sherry thought like I did about a lot of things, so it was easy to talk to her.  She never even hinted that she’d like things to go further, but I figured that was just because she was shy.

It was one of those days in January in Tennessee when the temperature isn’t cold enough to freeze anything, but it’s cold enough the high humidity makes the cold just cut through about anything you’re wearing.   Sherry wasn’t in the blueprint room when I went in to get a couple of prints made so I hung around for five minutes or so to see if she was coming back.  When she did, she had on her coat and she was shivering.

“My car wouldn’t start this morning.  It wouldn’t even turn over, so I guess the battery’s dead.  Mom brought me to work, and she’d going to get me a new battery today.  I hate to ask, but could you take me home tonight and change it for me?  I’d do it if it was warmer, but this morning by the time I figured out it wasn’t going to start, I was about to freeze.”

Well, I could understand that.  Sherry had on a coat, but I’d have called it more of a jacket than a coat, and it had buttons instead of a zipper.  The cold air would have gone through the thin material like a hot knife through butter.  I thought that this might be my opening to ask her out.  After all, if I helped her, she probably wouldn’t say no, if only to pay me back.

That night, I drove Sherry home and she was shivering by the time we got to her door.

“Let me run in and see if Mom got me a battery.  If she did, I’ll bring out our tool set so you’ll have wrenches.”

I stood there on the doorstep for a couple of minutes, and in that couple of minutes, I started to feel the cold too.  There was enough of a breeze that the air just sucked the heat out of my face and hands.  I was thinking I’d have to go buy some gloves as soon as I left when the door opened again.

The woman wasn’t Sherry, though she looked a lot like Sherry in the face.  She smiled at me when she stepped outside.

“HI.  I’m Kathy, Sherry’s mom, and the battery is in my car over there.  The guy at Walmart put it in the trunk, but I couldn’t lift it out.  Sherry was about frozen, so I told her I’d help you so she could get warm again and you could get started.  No sense in you standing out here in the cold longer than you have to.”

It wasn’t quite dark yet when I followed Sherry’s mom to her car.  I couldn’t see her all that well, but it was pretty easy to tell Sherry’s mom wasn’t like my mom.  Mom was a little thick in the middle.  She said it was having kids that did it to her.  Sherry’s mom wasn’t wearing anything over her clothes except a heavy sweater, and it fit pretty snug.  Her waist wasn’t thick but her hips were round and her breasts looked big and heavy.

She pushed the button on her remote when we got to her car, and the trunk lid popped open.  She turned on the flashlight then.

“There it is.  I couldn’t believe how heavy the thing is.  I’ll hold the light while you change it.”

It didn’t take long to pull out the old battery and put in the new one, but my hands were about frozen by the time I tightened the last battery clamp.  Sherry’s mom laughed.

“Your hands are shaking, so you must be as cold as I am.  I have Sherry’s keys.  Let’s make sure it’ll start, and then go inside and get warm again.”

The new battery worked fine, but I told Kathy I was going let the engine run about ten minutes to make sure it was charged up.  New batteries are charged at the factory, but they can go down a little depending on how long they’ve been on the shelf.  I didn’t want Sherry to go out the next morning and find out her car wouldn’t start again.

I figured Sherry’s mom would go back in the house then, but she didn’t.  She walked around and got in the passenger seat and closed the door.

“I’ll just stay out here in case you need something”, she said.  “If I go back inside and get warm and then have to come back out again, it’ll be worse than if I just stayed.”

After a couple of minutes there was a little heat coming from the vents, and by the time I shut off the engine, the car was warm.  I handed the keys back to Sherry’s mom.

“Here you go, Mrs. Addison.  Looks like it should start fine tomorrow morning.”

She chuckled as she took the keys.

“You must think I’m really old since you called me Mrs. Addison.  If I was forty, you could call me that, but I’m not that old.  Call me Kathy.”

She looked out the window then and sighed.

“I almost hate to get out and get cold again.  Would you like a cup of coffee before you leave?  I need to do something to pay you back for helping Sherry.  It’s just the two of us here, and we don’t have a man to do anything for us.”

I didn’t get a chance to ask Sherry out that night because her mom never left us alone.  I didn’t get an opportunity at work either.  Sherry was either busy running prints or I was busy designing.  It was two months later that I thought I might get a chance.  Sherry said their bathroom door handle had fallen off when she tried to open it the night before and after she did, they couldn’t close it for fear they wouldn’t be able to open it again.

“Mom’s going to get a new one today, but neither of us has a clue about how to replace it.  Do you think you could come home with me after work and do it?”

The door set was easy to replace, but it was a little difficult to concentrate because there were two bras hanging from the shower rod.  I was pretty sure the pink one was Sherry’s.  The other bra, a black lace one that was almost transparent, had to be Sherry’s mom’s because it looked a lot bigger than anything Sherry could fill out.  Sherry didn’t have small breasts by any measure, but they sure weren’t as big as that bra.

I did get to ask Sherry out that night.  She walked me to my car, and before I left I asked her if she’d like to get a pizza some night.  She looked at me a little weird for a second, but then smiled.

“If it’s just a friendly pizza, I suppose that would be OK.  Could we bring it back here so Mom can have some too?”

I almost wished I hadn’t asked her then.  I mean, I liked Sherry’s mom and all that, but I really didn’t want her included in a date.  Still, Sherry saying it would be fine was maybe an indication she liked me, so I smiled back and said that would work for me.    

Through the rest of March, I saw Sherry every day, but every time I said something like I’d really liked having that pizza with her, Sherry would just grin and say that was a special case.  One day after I’d said we ought to have a pizza again sometime, she laughed and said I just wanted to see her mother again.

Well, that wasn’t the case at all, and that’s what I told her.  

“No, what I liked was being with you.”

Sherry frowned.

“You don’t like my mother?  Most of the men she knows think she’s sexy.”

I thought so too, but I wasn’t really interested in Kathy.

“Sherry, your mom’s a good looking woman and I do like her, but she’s a lot older than me.”

“You don’t think she’s sexy?”

“Well, I don’t really know.  Since it’s been cold, she’s been pretty covered up every time I’ve seen her.”

Sherry just said she’d think about it, so I gave up and went back to work.

I tried again the first Saturday in April.  The weather had warmed up by then and it was raining at least two days a week.  That meant grass started growing like gangbusters.  Sherry asked me if I could take a look at their lawnmower.  I said I’d be glad to and hoped Kathy would leave us alone for a few minutes so I could ask Sherry for a date.  

I thought I was going to be looking at a push-type mower, but what they had was a lawn tractor with a forty-two inch mower.  It made some sense, I guess.  Their house sat on almost an acre and pushing a mower over that much yard would have been pretty hard work for me, let alone for two small women.

All it needed was the blades sharpened.  I’d figured on that, so I’d tossed my angle grinder and my toolbox in my trunk before I left.  I took off the two blades, sharpened them and then made a round of the yard after I put them on.  

Kathy had been sitting in a lawn chair watching me.  When I pulled back up to the house and shut off the mower, she stood up and walked over to me.  I cold see why Sherry said men found her mother to be sexy.  She was still dressed jeans, but her top was a T-shirt that fit pretty tight.

Kathy grinned.

“I owe you again.  How about if we get another pizza tonight, my treat?”

I didn’t ask Sherry out again after that.  I figured even if she did decide to go out with me, Kathy would come along too.  If Sherry was that close to her mother, I didn’t think she’d ever be very close to me.  It was one Tuesday in July before I understood why Sherry was always friendly but never wanted to take things any further.

I was working on the design for a small spec building when my phone rang.  The number was Sherry’s home number, but I knew it wasn’t her.  She’d said she was going to Florida and took the whole week off.  When I answered, the person on the other end was Kathy.

“Troy, I apologize for calling you, but I didn’t want to call a repairman until I knew for sure I needed to call one.”

I said it was good to hear from her and asked her what the problem was.

“It’s my lawn mower.  It starts and runs, but it won’t cut the grass.  It doesn’t make that loud sound, and it just sort of pushes it over.  Could you come look at it, please.  If I don’t get my grass cut, my neighbors are going to complain.”

I said I’d come out after work, and a little after five-thirty, drove in their drive.

When I knocked on the front door, Kathy answered.

“Come on in, Troy.  The mower’s out in the back yard.”

I knew it was going to be hot that day when I left for work.  I didn’t notice because the office is air conditioned, but I did when I walked outside.  It was pretty obvious that Kathy noticed too.

The two times I’d seen her that winter, she was wearing jeans and a sweater because it was cold.  The time in April, she’d changed the sweater for a T-shirt, but that still covered most of her.  That day, she was just wearing what looked like a sports bra, shorts, and flip-flops.  The shorts were cut low in the front and really short in the legs, and like any sports bra, Kathy’s didn’t reach down much more than the bottoms of her breasts.  It also wasn’t doing a very good job of holding her breasts tight to her body, but that was because Kathy had a lot to hold in.

The problem with Kathy’s mower was the deck belt had slipped off the motor pulley.  The belt looked pretty worn, but it did run the mower when I put it back on the pulley.  Like before, I made a round of her back yard and then shut off the mower.  Kathy walked over smiling.

“I didn’t think it would be that easy.”

“Well, you do need to get a new belt.  That one isn’t going to last much longer.  The part number is under the seat.  If you get one, I’ll come put it on for you.”

Kathy smiled then.

“Sherry tells me she thinks you like her.  Do you?”

“Well, sure I do.  I work with her every day.”

Kathy shook her head.

“What I mean is she thinks you really like her, and that’s why you keep asking her out.”

Kathy was frowning and I didn’t know why.

“Well, yes, I would like her to go out with me.”

Kathy shook her head.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen, Troy.  You know Sherry went to Florida this week, don’t you?”

“Yeah, she told me.”

“Did she tell you she went with her girlfriend?”

“No, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  A lot of women don’t like to travel alone.”

Kathy smiled.

“You’re just as naïve as Sherry said.  Troy, she’s not just traveling with Veronica.  They’re together.  She didn’t know how to tell you, but I didn’t think it was right for her to let you keep chasing after her when you don’t really have a chance.  This is the first time we’ve been alone so I could tell you.”

Well, that hit me pretty hard.

“I had no idea.”

Kathy smiled.

“Neither did I until I came home from shopping one Sunday afternoon and found them in her bed together.  It’s funny.  I was always worried I’d find out she’d been sleeping with a boy.  I thought I raised her to like boys, but I guess she had other ideas.  At least she won’t get pregnant like I did with her.”

This was getting into things I didn’t think I wanted to know about.

“Well, I should probably be going so you can finish up your yard.”

Kathy’s face was smiling but she looked sort of hopeful too.

“Would you like to get a pizza tonight, like we always did before?  Sherry won’t be here, but now that you know, that probably doesn’t make any difference, does it?”

I shook my head.

“No, I guess not, but you don’t owe me anything.  I like helping you and Sherry.”

“Yes I do.  If I’d have called somebody to come out, it would have cost me at least a hundred dollars.  The least I can do is feed you.  Now, I’ll get you a soda and you sit right here.  It’ll only take me half an hour.”

I did sit there while she rode the mower around her yard.  I sat there and wondered about what she’d said about getting pregnant with Sherry.  I’d often wondered why Kathy didn’t have a husband.  She was a good-looking woman, and she seemed to be a really nice woman.  Maybe it was like happened to some girls back then – she’d gotten pregnant and had to marry the guy only to find out they didn’t get along.  That might have soured her on trying to find another husband.

I also watched Kathy as she mowed.  There were some rough spots in the hard and every time the mower went over one, it would sort of bounce.  Kathy’s big breasts bounced right along with it.  

Now, I might have been naïve, but I knew any man seeing her like that would have been interested.  Sex isn’t everything.  I’d known that for a long time, but it is what attracts most men at the start.  If Kathy couldn’t attract several men, she just wasn’t trying.

She finished mowing, put her mower in the garage and then said, “You know, I’m too tired to get dressed up and go out.  I think I’ll just call and have a pizza delivered.  Let’s go inside and get cooled off.  It’s hot out here.”

We’d about finished the pizza and were sitting on her couch when Kathy took a drink of her soda and then looked at me.

“Sherry says you think I’m sexy.”

I guess I should have known Sherry would tell Kathy, but she still caught me off guard.  Kathy was smiling at the time and that was a little disconcerting too.  Some women would have wanted to hear they were sexy but some might be offended that I’d told their daughter they were.

“Well, I did say that…after she asked if I did or not.”

Kathy grinned.

“Yeah, she would ask you something like that.  She worries about me all the time.  She thinks I should be finding a man.  I keep telling her I don’t need a man to be happy, but she won’t believe I don’t need anybody.  Would you believe she even tried to fix me up with another woman?  She said if I didn’t want a man maybe I was like her and would like a woman instead.

“Well, I set her straight about that.  I can understand why she loves Veronica, or at least I can understand how it feels when you love someone.  I just can’t imagine me ever wanting to touch another woman that way, much less love another woman.

“She’s tried to set me up with a lot of men, but I didn’t like any of them.  It’s hard to explain why, so she never understands when I say that, but I don’t like men in general.  Do you think that’s weird?”

I didn’t want to answer, but I didn’t know how to just leave without offending Kathy.

“I’m not a woman, so I don’t know if it’s weird or not.  I know some women don’t like me for some reason.”

Kathy smiled.

“There’s one woman I know likes you because she’s me.  You’re my knight in shining armor when you fix things for me.”

I said I appreciated that.  Kathy signed.

“I wish Roger had.  I liked him too.  I liked him well enough I slept with him until he got me pregnant with Sherry when I was sixteen.  Evidently he didn’t like me for anything except sex, because as soon as I told him, he disappeared and didn’t tell anybody where he was going.  Maybe that’s why Sherry likes girls.  I kept telling her if she slept with a guy the same thing would happen to her.”

That was interesting because Kathy had answered the question I’d wondered about before.

“So, you raised Sherry by yourself?”

“Yes I did.  After Sherry was born, I got my GED and then went to junior college to be a legal secretary.  That’s what I still do to make ends meet, and I like it.  My mother took care of Sherry when I was working, and even after she was old enough to stay home by herself, I still had her go to Mom’s house after school.  I didn’t want her messing around with boys and getting pregnant like I did.  I thought I did a good job until I caught her with Veronica the summer she graduated.  She was home by herself, I thought, until I walked in the door and heard them in her bedroom.”

I shrugged.

“I think you did a good job.  Sherry’s a nice girl.  I’ve never heard he say anything bad to anybody or about anybody.  As for her liking girls, I don’t know if you could have changed that anymore than you could start liking women.”

Kathy smiled.

“Well thank you for the ego boost.  Sometimes I need one.  I’m thirty-six, and I’m starting to feel old because Sherry is all grown up.  I’ve told her she can live with me for as long as she wants and she can have Veronica move in too if that’s what she wants, but I think she feels like I cramp her style.  One of these days, she’s going to get a place of her own and I’ll be left here by myself.  I think I’m going to feel really old then.”

Kathy was frowning then, so I tried to cheer her up.  

“Kathy, thirty-six isn’t old.  Thirty-six is about when women start to get interesting.”

Kathy sat up a little straighter.

“Oh, how so?”

“Well, girls my age are still a little ditzy sometimes.  I don’t think they know who they are yet.  When a woman gets older, she’s already figured that out, and she’s more interesting to be with.”

Kathy smiled again, but it wasn’t her normal smile.

“And what led you to that conclusion?”

I couldn’t very well tell her about Liz, so I tried to make up something she’d believe.

“Nothing in particular.  It’s just what I’ve seen with most women I’ve known.”

Kathy smiled that same smile again.

“You’re right about a woman learning who she really is, but women learn something else as they get older.  We learn how to tell when someone isn’t telling us the truth.  There’s something you’re not telling me, isn’t there?”

My dad always said the problem with telling a lie is you have to keep lying to cover for the one before.  He was right, but it didn’t stop me from trying.

“No, I don’t think there is.”

Kathy put her soda on the end table.

“You know, Troy, women think the same thing about men.  When men are young they’re all trying to show us how strong and manly they are.  Women want a man to be strong, but we also want a man to have a soft side where we’re concerned.  

From what I’ve seen, men don’t learn that on their own.  They have to be taught by a woman, and she has to be something special to them or they won’t pay attention.  I think a special woman taught you how to make her feel good about herself when she didn’t.  That’s what you’re trying to do with me right now because you’re not really answering me.”

I couldn’t lie to Kathy again.  I suppose it was the way she looked at me.  She wasn’t really smiling.  Her face looked like she already knew the right answer and was just waiting for me to tell her.  

“Well, there was one woman I liked a lot.”

Kathy smiled that funny smile again.

“How old was she?”

“I’m not sure because she never said.  I think about forty or so.”

“Did you…were you lovers?”

“I suppose you could call it that.”

Kathy laughed.

“Troy, if you don’t know for sure, she didn’t teach you very well.”

“Well, you know what I mean.  We weren’t in love or anything like that.  We just liked being together…that way.”

“You mean you liked having sex with her, don’t you?  I’m sure she must have wanted to have sex with you, or she wouldn’t have gotten that close to you.  Women are pretty choosy about their partners, especially when they get older.”

I shrugged.

“I think she did.  I didn’t start it.  She did.  She took me to her house for coffee one night.”

Kathy smiled.

“Kind of like we’re here in my house tonight?”

“Well, yes, but I thought it was just for coffee.”

“What did she do to convince you?”

“She kissed me and then told me what to do?”

Kathy smiled again.

“Your first time, right?”

“Yeah, it was the first time for me.”

“Did you make her happy?”

This was getting embarrassing.  I’d never told anyone about even liking Liz, let along anything about fucking her.  There was something about Kathy that kept making me answer though.

“I think I did, well, the second time.  The first time… I couldn’t hold back.”

Kathy grinned.

“You look like you’re embarrassed.  You shouldn’t be.  That sounds like the first time Roger and I were together.  He couldn’t stop either.  It was my first time too, so I was glad he couldn’t because it hurt.  After that, he got better.  I’ll bet you did too, or she wouldn’t have kept doing it with you.”

I had to smile because I remembered what Liz had told me that last night.  She was lying beside me and stroking my chest after we’d both cum.

“Troy, just do what you do with me, and you’ll make any woman feel as great as you make me feel.”

Kathy interrupted that thought.

“Troy, you’re smiling.  She told that, didn’t she, that you made her feel great?”

“Yes, she said that.”

Kathy smiled.

“She was a lucky woman then.  Most men don’t know how special sex is for a woman.  It sounds like she must have taught you that.”

I shrugged.

“I don’t know.  She never said anything like that.”

“No, she wouldn’t, but she wouldn’t have picked you unless you made her feel like you were a man who could learn to understand.  I understand why she would pick you.  If I was looking for a man, I’d want him to be like you...”

I hadn’t been able to look Kathy in the face up until then.  When I looked at her, she had a strange grin on her face, kind of like the way Liz had grinned at me that first night.

“…if I was looking for a man, that is.”

I started feeling the same feeling I’d had that first night with Liz.  Liz was one thing, but I worked with Kathy’s daughter.  I didn’t think Sherry would think much of me fucking her mother.

“Kathy, I thought you weren’t looking.  Are you?”

“Maybe…Sherry says I should be.”

“Well, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding one.  You have a lot to offer.”

Kathy smiled.

“That’s what Sherry says, but I’d rather hear it from you.”

I shook my head.

“I don’t think I’m really in a position to say.”

Kathy scooted over the couch until her hip was touching mine.  She put her hand on my thigh then.

“Is this position better?”

Her hand was stroking my leg a little and my cock was noticing.

“Kathy, I don’t think Sherry would like us being this close.”

“Why?  She wants me to find a man.”

Kathy frowned then.

“Don’t you like me?”

I couldn’t tell Kathy I didn’t like her because I did.  

“No, I like you, I like you a lot.”

Kathy stroked her hand up a little higher on my leg.

“Then what’s the problem?  You’re just a guy I like a lot too, and I’m just a woman who wants to feel liked.”

“You’re Sherry’s mother.  That’s the problem.”

“Because I’m older than you?  Is that it?”

“Yes, no…well sort of.  You’re not that much older than I am, but Sherry will probably think you’re too old for me.”

Kathy giggled.

“I should tell you more about Sherry and Veronica so you’ll understand that she won’t have a problem.  When Sherry was eighteen, she had trouble finding bras that fit because she was bigger on one side than the other.  I have the same problem, so I told her she should go to a lingerie shop because they have women who specialize in fitting bras.  Veronica was at the shop for the same reason, and they decided they liked each other.  It was two weeks after that I caught them in bed together.  So see, Sherry won’t have a problem with our ages?  The only problem will be if you do.  Do you?”

I thought about that for a while, while Kathy kept stroking my leg.  It was hard to think because she kept moving her fingers a little higher with each stroke, and my cock was getting hard.  I wasn’t letting that influence what I was thinking.  It just made it hard to concentrate.

She was ten years older then I, but she didn’t act or look like she was.  In talking with her, I’d discovered she was an intelligent woman.  In looking at her like I’d been doing, I’d also discovered she was a very desirable woman.  I’d been mostly ignoring those things because I didn’t think she’d be interested in anything more than me helping her do something she couldn’t do herself.  Now, Kathy was basically asking me to do something else she couldn’t do for herself either.

I smiled.

“I don’t if you don’t.”

I woke up the next morning not really sure where I was for a few seconds.  I was in a bed, but it wasn’t my bed and the room wasn’t my bedroom.  It all came back to me when I felt Kathy’s hip against my leg.  She was still asleep, so I just smiled and remembered.

I’d leaned over and kissed her when she grinned and said, “Prove that it doesn’t make any difference.”  After that kiss, I think she was convinced, because she started lightly stroking my cock through my jeans.

“Troy, let’s go somewhere we can be more comfortable.”

That somewhere was her bedroom.  Kathy pulled the sheet and blanket down to the foot, then turned to me and put her arms around my neck.

“I’ve wanted this for weeks.  That’s why I called you today.  I was hoping I could convince you.”

“You didn’t have to convince me.  All you had to do was let me know how you felt.”

I kissed Kathy again, and when I pulled gently away, she smiled.

“I want to feel like a woman again.  Can you make me feel that way?”

When I lifted up the band of Kathy’s sports bra, she raised her arms over her head.  After I tossed it on the chair behind me, I saw she did have a difference in the size of her breasts, not much, but it was there.  When I stroked the left, smaller one, Kathy grinned.

“That’s the little one, but it’s just as sensitive as the big one.”

I stroked a fingertip over he left nipple and chuckled, “So I see”, when Kathy caught her breath.

I wasn’t in a hurry.  I wanted to savor every inch of Kathy and I wanted her to know I loved every one of those inches.  I bent down and kissed her right nipple, and Kathy caught her breath again, then stroked the back of my head.

She started unbuttoning my shirt when I sucked gently on her right nipple, and when she had it open, she pulled it back over my shoulders and then put her arms around my neck and pressed her breasts into my bare chest.  She stood there like that while I unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and started working them down over her ass.  I didn’t take them off all the way once they caught in the hollow between her thighs.  I just cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed them a little.  Kathy purred out a little moan, and then pulled her hands down and started fumbling with my belt buckle.

I couldn’t wait for her to finish that, so I pushed her gently back on the bed and then kicked off my shoes, dropped my pants and stepped out of them.  When I hooked my thumbs in my underwear, Kathy put her hands on mine and whispered, “I want to do this part.”

Kathy pulled the waistband of my shorts out far enough to clear my stiff cock, and then slipped them down my thighs to my knees.  I saw her eyes open wide when she stroked my shaft gently.  I closed my eyes when she leaned forward and kissed my cock head, then licked the underside.

Kathy didn’t suck my cock into her mouth like I remembered Liz doing.  She just used her soft fingertips to stroke my shaft while she used her lips to caress my cock head.  I decided what Kathy was doing was a lot better.

It was better enough I let my underwear fall to my feet, stepped out of them and then pushed Kathy onto her back.  She raised her legs so I could pull off her shorts, and then raised her hips so I could take off her panties.  

I did that slowly so I could tease myself a little.  As soon as I saw her dark brown bush, I sped up though.  Kathy raised her legs, and as soon as I slipped her panties off, I spread her legs and knelt between her thighs.  She inhaled quickly when I stroked her hair-edged pussy lips.

I knelt down then, spread her pussy lips with my thumbs and looked up over her mound.  I didn’t know if she’d like what I wanted to do and I was looking for a nod.  What I saw instead was Kathy lying there with her hands caressing her breasts with her eyes closed.  I figured that was as close to “yes” as I was going to get, so I licked the inside surface of her left pussy lip.

Kathy jerked a little at that touch, but then she moaned and rocked her hips up a little.  Before I licked her pussy again, I slipped both arms up her sides and gently pulled her hands away from her breasts, then stroked her stiff nipples.  When my tongue slipped up over her pussy lips and then touched the hood of her clit, Kathy moaned and her body jerked again.

I was enjoying myself all to hell as I licked away, first just on the inside of Kathy’s outer lips and then on the rippled folds of her inner lips.  Once in a while, I’d use my tongue to push back the hood of her clit and give it a little lick.  When she started to moan every time I did that, I slipped a finger into her entrance and began stroking it in and out.

When Kathy felt wet enough, I slipped a second finger inside her and gave her clit a little suction.  She lurched her pussy up into my face, and I felt a little trickle of warm, slippery/sticky fluid around my fingers.  

I thought about making her cum that way.  Liz had liked it when I did that.  I guess Kathy wanted my cock, because she pulled on my shoulder then and whispered, “I’m ready, Troy”.

I entered her slowly, just a little at a time so her slippery/sticky wetness coated my cock a little more with each stroke.  When my cock head slipped through the snug spot just inside her pussy lips, Kathy put her arms around me and I felt her hands stroking my back.  A few strokes later, I pushed my cock all the way in.  Kathy moaned, “Oh wow”, and then rocked her pussy up a little.

After that, I just stroked in and out and matched the speed of her breathing.  When her breaths began to speed up, I bent my head down, sucked her right nipple between my lips and then pinched it a little.  I felt Kathy’s nails press into my back a little and she moaned again.

I’ve always wished that it would be possible to keep doing something that fell so great for longer that it usually lasts.  It’s never happened that way for me, and it was no different with Kathy.  One minute she was rocking up into my strokes a little and stroking my back, and the next, she started to pant and push her pussy up over my cock.  I felt her dig her nails into my back, gasp, and then drop her hands to the sheet and claw at it until she had it gripped tightly in each hand.  

I sucked her left nipple a little harder than I’d sucked the right.  Kathy moaned, “Oh God, don’t stop”, and started arching up off the bed.  She didn’t go very far before her body jerked and she fell back down.  On the next stroke, she raised up higher and I felt her thighs begin to quiver.  Two strokes later, she arched up so fast she rammed her pussy over my cock.  Her hips started rocking her pussy up and down over my cock and she cried out, “Uh-uh-uh” and then arched even higher.  That’s when I groaned as my cock throbbed four times and shot my cum inside her.

I kept stroking my cock in and out because all the little contractions around my cock felt really great.  Kathy was still arched up and shaking a little, but then she sighed and lowered her body back to the bed, put her arms around me, and hugged me tight.  She kissed me on the cheek and then whispered, “I haven’t felt this way in years, and I don’t think I can stop now”.

We didn’t do it again that night.  I rolled off Kathy and started to stroke her flanks, but she was already asleep.  I kissed her on the forehead and then pulled the sheet and blanket up over us.

I was still remembering when Kathy woke up and stretched her arms up over her head.  When she did, her breasts slipped out from under the sheet and blanket, so I cupped the left on.  Kathy smiled.

“Mmm…does that mean you like me after last night?”

“I think you could say that.  Do I need to show you again?”

Kathy felt down my belly for my cock, found it, and then giggled.

“I think you’re ready to show me already.”

I was ready, and I did show her that I did like her.  That time, I just pulled her thigh over mine, entered her, and stroked away while I nibbled at her nipples between kisses that left us both breathless.  Kathy made that same little “Uh-uh-uh” cry when she came, and I groaned when I spurted my cum inside her.  We stayed in bed for a while, then took a shower together.  It was tempting to take her right there in the shower, especially since she insisted on washing my cock for me, but I knew there would be other times.  There was no way I could just stop, not now, not after what had happened.

I spent every night with Kathy that week, and every night, I experienced just how sensual and erotic a woman can be.  Kathy didn’t try to be that way.  She didn’t push herself on me and she didn’t tell me what she was feeling.  She just was.  By the end of the week, I was so happy being with her I didn’t want to leave her to go to work.  I’m sure she felt the same way, because as soon as we were together again, she’d put her arms around my neck, kiss me until I had to stop to breathe, and then whisper in my ear, “Make love to me again tonight.  I need to feel like a woman again.”

On Friday night, I asked Kathy when Sherry was coming back and she said not until Sunday and she wanted me to spend the night with her again.  She didn’t have to ask me to do that.  I was prepared to leave her that night, but I didn’t want to.  We had a pizza for dinner, and then I spent the next hour with her on her couch just playing.  We both knew that night was going to end like the others had that week.  Kathy would gasp, then cry out, and then lose control of her body when the orgasm swept her away.  I’d groan and fill her with cum.  We’d lay there and cuddle after that until we fell asleep.

The next morning, Kathy surprised me.  I was laying there stroking her hip when she grinned.  

“I think we should try something different this morning.”

I smiled when she straddled me and then leaned down to push her breasts into my chest and whispered, “Just let me do what I want to do.”

What she wanted to do was have my cock in her right then and there, so that’s what she did.  It took her a while to move her pussy up and down and back and forth until she got my cock lined up, and when she did, she didn’t just sit back and impale herself.  She just made little agonizingly short strokes that were driving me crazy.  I started to push up once, but she murmured, “Un-uh.  Just lay still and let me do this.”

I did try.  It was hard, but I did try.  She wasn’t stroking deep enough or fast enough to really get either one of us very close.  I was just her making it fantastic for us both.  I could feel the tension building in us both, but it was just the slow increase that let me know she was trying to stretch it out.

Eventually, though, she couldn’t keep going slow.  She raised up and pushed her pussy down on my cock, then pulled my hands to her breasts.  She gasped when I rolled her nipples and then moaned, “I wanted this to last, but I’m so close I can’t stop”.  A couple minutes, Kathy cried out and started rocking her pussy over my cock so fast I couldn’t stop either.  She collapsed on my chest, still shaking, after I’d shot my cum in her with three fantastic feeling spurts.

She was still on top of me when I heard her front door open and then close.  I tried to push her off, but Kathy giggled.  

“Nope, I’m staying right here.”

Her bedroom door opened then and Sherry walked inside.  She stood there with her mouth open for almost a minute, and then frowned.


Kathy smiled.

“Sherry, I didn’t tell you to stop seeing Veronica.  Don’t tell me what I’m doing is wrong.”

“But Mom…you’re my mother and Troy’s - ”

Kathy grinned and cut her off.

“I know.  He’s really good to me.  That’s what you were going to say, wasn’t it?  Did you and Veronica have fun?”

Sherry sort of grinned.

“Well, yes.  It looks like you did too.”

Kathy grinned.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.  I will tell you, of course, but right now, you shoo.  We need to get up and have some breakfast and I don’t want you to see me naked.”

Well, Sherry took it a lot better than I thought she would.  She wasn’t really excited for a while, but one day at work, she whispered, “Mom’s happier than she’s been in years.  I guess maybe that’s more important than the difference in your ages.  If you don’t keep her that way, I’m going to be really upset with you.”

I intend to keep Kathy happy, because I’m happier than I’ve ever been too.  I want to make it legal, but Kathy’s a little nervous about that.  She thinks when she’s sixty I won’t like her anymore.  I’m working on that, and so is Sherry now.  I think we’ll finally convince Kathy she shouldn’t worry about that.  It may take a while, but I can wait.


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