It's How Young You Feel That Matters

I was remembering how it was before.  I’d have been sitting there, just like I’d sat every night for the last six years, sitting at my desk and staring at the screen of my laptop.  The woman on the screen was an older woman, maybe about fifty, and she had really heavy breasts.  If she hadn’t been pinching and pulling on her thick nipples, her big breasts would have been flopping around all over the place.  

I was imagining being the guy laying under her and looking up and seeing her do that.  I was also imagining my hand was the woman’s pussy, but that was harder to do.  She had big, puffy, thick pussy lips and they sort of wrapped themselves around the guy’s cock when she lifted her ass up.  When she was up all the way, his cock glistened with her juices and here and there was a little blob of white stuff that she’d left on his shaft.

I’d move my hand down at the same time she pushed her pussy down over the guys cock again.  I could tell she was about ready to cum because like always happens in porn films, she pushed down hard and gasped, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum.”  I imagined her dripping pussy starting to squeeze my cock, so I squeezed mine a little.

She raised back up then, and there was a ring of that white stuff around the guy’s cock.  She moved up and down a little, right at the top of her stroke, and then screeched, “Oh God, fuck me hard”.  The guy started ramming his cock in her and bouncing her soft ass cheeks.  The woman screeched again and then started rocking her hips really fast.  She panted, “Hah-ah-hah-ah-hah-ah” and then her legs started to shake.  The guy groaned, rammed his cock deep, and his legs twitched three times.

At the same time, I groaned and started jerking my hips.  I caught my cum in a tissue and then let my cock go.  It was too sensitive to keep stroking it like the woman did to the man.  She kept moving up and down and pulling her nipples and moaning.

Finally, she raised up enough the guy’s cock slipped out, and a second after that, this blob of his cum dripped from the still gaping opening and fell down on his cock.  The woman pulled her pussy in, then pushed it out and another blob came out.

I tapped the “esc” key to close the full screen view and then clicked the “X” in the top right corner to shut off the site.  A year before, I’d have looked for another video like this one, but I was trying to limit myself to cumming just once every night.  It seemed like the first time was always better than the second, and I’d been staying up way too long to get the second.  My supervisor had asked if I was OK one day.  He said it looked like I was tired for some reason.

Well, I was tired.  I’d been getting about five hours of sleep a night instead of the eight all the books said I needed.  Now, I was getting seven, and that seemed to be working out well.  What wasn’t working out well was the reason I was sitting at my desk and jacking off every night.

I was one of those guys almost all the girls in high school and college wouldn’t give a second look.  It wasn’t my fault I was only five-four, and it wasn’t my fault I only weighed about one twenty-five.  It wasn’t my fault I had to wear thick glasses to see anything more than a foot away either.

I was a nerd, and nerds didn’t get the girl.  Football players who could barely add two and two did, but it would have been suicide for me to even try out for football.  Basketball players who were skinny like I was got all the girls they wanted, but they were all close to six feet tall. There’s no way I could have ever gotten a shot off.

Even the two guys in my high school class who had long, dirty hair, wore ripped jeans and heavy boots instead of loafers, and rode motorcycles to school did.  I was smart, always wore my hair short, and didn’t play any sports.  Most of the girls in high school were taller than I was if they wore heels, and I didn’t have any biceps for them to feel or chest muscles that stuck out from a tight T-shirt.

College was different, but only because there were more guys taller than me and with more muscles than there’d been in high school.  Oh, there were a few girls who did look at me.  They were nothing to write home about, but they did look.  I figured they looked because they were so flat-chested and plain they couldn’t buy a date and thought I might be better than nothing.  I thought about trying to get close to a couple, but there was just something wrong with a girl who didn’t seem to take care of herself very well or who didn’t have a figure to speak of.

They seemed like nice girls in most other respects, but they weren’t girls I wanted to do anything with.  I know, like the old saw says, “beggars can’t be choosers”, but when I imagined having one in bed, it didn’t do anything for me.

There were a couple of girls I really did like, but they weren’t really girls anymore either.  The first was one of the cooks in the college dorm kitchen when I was a sophomore.  Her name was Liz, and she had dark brown hair with streaks of silver in it.  Her body wasn’t slim and firm like a girl.  She was round and soft looking, and her uniforms fit really tight around her big breasts.  

Of course, I never said anything to her about liking her.  Liz was at least as old as my mother and I figured if I had, she’d have laughed at me and then told everybody else.  I did think about her though.  Every night after dinner, I’d go to the john, close the door on the stall and imagine what she looked like under her uniform.

The second was a woman who lived in the same apartment building as I when I was a senior.  The way the apartments were built, each one had a tiny balcony outside at the back with a wrought iron railing.  Each balcony was big enough for a chaise lounge and a chair, and Janet’s was below mine and one apartment over, so all I had to do was look down and to the right and I could see her when she sunbathed.  

Janet, like Liz, was old enough I should probably have been ashamed of myself for watching her, but I thought she was beautiful and sexy.  She had really long, jet black hair and a pretty face, but that wasn’t all.  Janet had big boobs, or at least they looked big in the bikini she always wore out on her little balcony, and her hips were round and wide.  

I never saw Janet except when she was out on her balcony.  We lived on different floors and evidently had different schedules because she was never home at night.  The only reason I knew her name was Janet Callione was I knew her apartment number was one floor down and next to mine, and her name was on that mailbox at the entrance.

Janet was the woman I thought about most of the time when I was on my back on my bed and stroking my cock every night.  In my mind, she’d take off her bikini top and bottoms, look up at me and smile, then wave for me to come down to her apartment.  Once we were in her bed, she’d stroke my cock until I was going crazy and then look at me with her dark eyes and say, “I need to cum, Jeff.  Fuck me and make me cum.”

She’d spread her legs then and open the big pussy lips hiding in the mass of black pubic hair.  I’d sink my cock inside her and she’d moan.  We always came at the same time.

I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, found a job, and worked for that company for two years before deciding I needed a change.  That change was a better position with a different company in Nashville, Tennessee.  I thought about another apartment, but I was tired of living around so many people.  After a lot of looking, I rented one half of a duplex at the edge of town and about ten miles from where I worked.

The duplex was a little odd in that it had been the farmhouse on a farm before the suburbs got out that far.  The owner was the farmer’s wife, Mary Leitz.  When he’d passed on, she didn’t want to hire someone to keep the farm running, so she sold it to a developer who subdivided the five hundred acres and started building houses.  She did keep the big farm lot though, so the house sat in the middle of about six acres and had a garage and barn in the back.  

She’d then converted the farmhouse into a duplex because she didn’t need such a big house and by renting half of it, she had enough income in addition to what she made as a secretary at the county courthouse she didn’t have to touch the proceeds from selling the farm.  That money was for when she retired, she said.

I liked Mary from the time she showed me around what would be my half of the house.  She seemed to be pretty young to be a widow.  Judging by the way my mother’s face looked, I figured Mary for about fifty, but she was in a lot better shape than my mother.  Mary was wearing snug jeans that day, and while her ass was wider than a young girl’s ass, her legs looked long and slender for a woman so short.  Mary was a couple inches shorter than I, so maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see instead of what was really there.  I wasn’t sure at the time.

I didn’t have to wonder if her breasts were there or not.  Mary was wearing a T-shirt, what I discovered she usually wore at night and on the weekends, and it must have been hard for her to find clothes.  That T-shirt fit just fine over her softly rounded shoulders, but from there on down, it fit like a second skin.  I figured her bra was one like my mom wore, one of those that’s made of thin foam and tends to smooth everything out.  Even though it did that, her breasts still looked really big.

I liked the place and Mary seemed to like me, so I paid her the first and last months rent and moved my stuff in that weekend.  

When Mary divided the house, she left her side with the original living room in the front and the kitchen and bath in the back.  The stair to the second story was in that living room and upstairs there were four more rooms.  She made what had been the dining room into my living room with a second stair, and the downstairs bedroom became my kitchen and bath.  Upstairs, she’d used one bedroom as a place for my stair to end and put in a second, upstairs bathroom.  The other room was my bedroom.  I didn’t know how she did her side, but I figured it was about the same.

One Tuesday night a week after I moved in, I was laying in bed after my nightly jacking-off session and thinking about a project I was working on at the office when I heard sounds coming through the wall beside my bed.  There wasn’t much of a question about what those sounds were.

They weren’t very loud sounds, but the occasional gasps and then later the panting breaths I was hearing could only mean Mary was making herself cum.  A few minutes later, I heard a tiny little cry, the creak of bedsprings, and then a sigh.  Everything got quiet after that.

I’d found the location of the sounds by then.  They were coming from a wall receptacle and that could only mean one thing.  When the electrician originally wired the house, he’d put one receptacle on the wall of what was now my bedroom and then put a receptacle on the other side of the wall to save wire.  Since I was hearing Mary, that meant her bedroom was on the other side of the wall from mine.

I’d also forgotten all about my project at work.  Instead, I was thinking about how Mary must have looked.  Was she lying on her back with her legs spread wide and one or two, maybe even three fingers in her pussy?  Maybe she was on her stomach instead.  I’d seen women do it that way in some of the videos I’d watched.  

I wondered if she was wearing anything, like maybe pajamas, or if she was naked.  If she was naked, was she stroking her big breasts at the same time, or maybe pinching her nipples?  I didn’t know who Jerry was, but right before it sounded like she was cumming, I’d heard her say, “Oh Jerry, don’t stop.”  I figured Jerry had been her husband, but he might have been some guy she liked at work too.

My mind went back to the vision of Mary on her back with one hand on her pussy and the other on her breasts and nipples.  It almost felt like my hand was her pussy if I stroked it right, or at least what I thought her pussy would feel like.  When she started to pant in my fantasy, I started humping up into my hand, and I shot cum all over my chest when she made that little cry.  I had to get up, wash the cum off my chest, and change my underwear.

The next night, I didn’t look up any porn sites.  Instead, I waited until I heard Mary come into her bedroom and then sat down by that receptacle.  I didn’t hear much for a while, but then I heard the bedsprings creak when she sat down.  They creaked again and I figured she was lying down then.

That night ended the same for both of us.  Down by that receptacle I could hear more of what Mary was doing, and one of the things I heard was little wet sounds.  In my imagination, I saw her with a finger sliding in and out of her wet pussy.  I felt my cock start to twitch with each stroke of my hand then.  

A while later, I was trying not to cum before Mary did.  She was doing the same panting and mewing as the night before, and my imagination was running rampant with the vision of what she must be doing.  I was doing pretty well at holding back until Mary gasped, “Oh now, Jerry, now.”  

I was prepared this time and caught my cum in a tissue, then just listened to her little cries and the creak of the bedsprings as Mary came.  I was still thinking about her when I climbed into bed, but I didn’t start stroking my cock again.  That one time was better than any with my porn site videos.

Every night for the rest of that week, I’d wait until about ten and then lay down on the floor by that receptacle, and every night I’d hear Mary getting herself off.  It was always the same.  She’d get into bed and a little later I’d start to hear little moans.  The moans would get louder and louder until she was panting.  At the end, I’d always hear her say something about the guy, Jerry, like “Oh, Jerry, make me do it”, or “Faster, Jerry, I’m almost there”.  

I’d developed a vision of her in my head, and I’d close my eyes, see that vision, and jack off so we came at about the same time.  In my vision, Mary would be lying under me, her big breasts rolling around as I stroked my cock in and out of her pussy.  At the end, she’d start to shake a little and wrap her arms around me.  I’d cum inside her because of that shaking and the way she cried out.  Afterwards, she’d pull me down on top of her heavy breasts and stroke my back for a while.  

Since Mary went to work later than I did and she came home earlier, we didn’t see each other that first week.  I was busy getting the duplex furnished with more than the bean-bag chair, TV, a cheap computer desk, and the twin bed I owned.  That was all I needed for my little apartment.  I wasn’t sure I needed more now, but the duplex looked bare with just that furniture.  After buying a couch, a couple of chairs, and a coffee table that Friday night, I arranged to have them delivered on Saturday when I’d be home.  

Mary was just finishing mowing the front yard when the truck from the furniture store pulled up.  She drove up to the house, got off the small tractor, and walked up onto the porch.  Her T-shirt fit just as tight as the one she’d worn the day she showed me around the duplex, but that day, she had on shorts instead of jeans.  

I’d been right about her legs.  They were slender and they looked really smooth and soft.  I’d have been staring at her because of that anyway, but it was the satin softness of her inner thighs that made me keep looking.  I’d imagined feeling those soft thighs against my waist, and now that I saw part of them, I decided they’d feel a whole lot better than they had in my imagination.

Her shorts were pretty short, so I saw a lot of those thighs, enough that combined with the vision I’d been having every night, my cock started to stiffen.  It wasn’t a lot, but I could feel it starting to push against the leg of my jeans.  I was holding the door to my half of the duplex open so the furniture guys could carry the sofa into my living room, and it would have gone back down if Mary hadn’t walked up beside me, but she did.

“Hi, Jeff.  Got a new couch I see.”

I stepped around the door a little further because I didn’t want Mary to see the way my cock was swelling.  It was getting serious now, because when Mary got that close, I could see how her breasts sort of pushed out over the top of her bra cups.

“Yeah, I didn’t have much furniture when I was in school and then in an apartment, so I bought a couch, chair, and coffee table.”

She smiled.

“Well, a student doesn’t need much more than a table…and a bed of course.”

I looked at her face then because of the way she’d paused before saying I’d need a bed.  She was still smiling like before, so I decided she was just making conversation.  She chuckled then.

“I suppose you’ll use your couch like Jerry used ours.  He always took a nap on Sunday afternoon on our couch.”

When she laughed, her big breasts had jiggled like I’d seen in the porn I’d watched before, that soft little jiggle that tells you they’re real and not just bags of silicone.  I knew I was staring at them, and also knew I had to say something or Mary would notice.  I pulled my eyes back to her face, and said the first thing I could think of.

“Yeah, you’re probably right about that.  Couches are good for naps.”

She grinned then.

“Couches are good for other things too.  I’ll bet you’ll be sitting on your new couch with a girl or two, won’t you?  It’s OK.  I know a young guy like you will bring girls here.  That’s why there’s nothing about girls in my rental contract.  I’m not much for wild parties, so that is, but I know I can’t expect you to live here like some monk in a cave.

“Well, I need to get the back mowed now, so I better get going.  I like your couch and chair.  They’ll fit in the room just fine.”

Mary turned around and walked off toward her tractor then, and I watched her wide hips sway from side to side as she did.  Her shorts fit tight enough they’d pulled up between her ass cheeks a little and that just made her walk that much more erotic.

When the furniture guys had unloaded my stuff and left, I went back to my kitchen.  There’s a window over the sink, and when I went to get a glass of water, I looked out that window.

Mary was still mowing and she was getting close to the house.  I stepped back a little when she went by so she wouldn’t see me.  I mean, I really didn’t know her but I was pretty sure she’d noticed me staring at her breasts before.  Most women wouldn’t have liked that, or at least that’s what I’d read.  

When Mary went by, her tractor bounced over some bump in the yard.  When that happened, Mary’s breasts bounced too.  It must have moved them around in her bra as well, because she reached through the neck of her T-shirt and did something with her bra straps.  I know it was her bra straps because her breasts moved up and down.

It felt kind of weird, you know, how I was staring at Mary and getting a stiff cock again.  Mary had to be a little older than my mother, but she sure didn’t look it.  Even though her face looked really mature, her body looked so inviting.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking.   You’re thinking since I’d never had sex with a woman, any woman with breasts and a pussy would have done the same thing to me, but you’d be wrong.  I worked with several women, and none of them did to me what Mary did.  

Julie had breasts and she knew they were pretty fantastic.  She wore her blouses unbuttoned down far enough you could see cleavage and she went to great lengths to make sure that cleavage showed.  Melanie had a really nice ass, and she always wore pants that showed her round curves to her advantage.  Melanie had breasts too, but they looked pretty small to me.  Lisa had both, but Lisa usually looked bored when I talked to her.  She didn’t look bored with Randall, but then Randall was about six feet tall and had really broad shoulders.

No, none of the women at my work did anything for me.  They were just people I worked with.  Mary was different.  I don’t think she wore T-shirts that fit tight in order to attract attention to her breasts, and I don’t think her shorts that day were so I’d look at her legs.  I think she was just being comfortable like a lot of women do and all the erotic thoughts I was having was because I was reading something that wasn’t really there.  That’s what I told myself anyway.

In the back of the house was a concrete patio that spanned the entire width and was big enough for a picnic table and some lawn furniture.  I’d seen that and it brought back something I hadn’t done in years.  On Sunday afternoon, Dad would fire up the grill in our back yard and cook a bunch of hamburgers.  Mom would make salads.  That patio made me hungry for a couple burgers cooked over charcoal again, so Saturday afternoon, I went out an bought a charcoal grill, some charcoal, lighter fluid, and a pound of hamburger.

Sunday after lunch, I was putting the grill together when Mary walked out of her back door.

“Oh, you got a grill.  Jerry used to cook out for us sometimes, but the grill rusted out so I threw it away.  I can’t bring myself to buy another one because it seems a shame to use all that charcoal for just one hamburger.  I thought about a gas grill, but Jerry always said hamburgers cooked on a gas grill didn’t taste the same.”

Well, I couldn’t very well let her go on like that without saying I’d cook her a couple burgers if she wanted.  When I did, Mary asked what else we’d be having, and I didn’t miss the “we”.

“Well, I didn’t actually buy anything else.  I thought maybe I’d have some chips and a couple of beers.”

Mary smiled.

“Would some slaw and pasta salad be better than just chips?”

I said slaw and pasta salad would be great but she didn’t need to go to all that trouble.  Mary just laughed.

“I like slaw but I don’t make it anymore because it’s just me eating it.  I buy it at the grocery store and I just bought some pasta salad too.  What kind of beer do you like?  I usually have a beer at night before I go to bed.  Jerry and I used to do that and it helps me sleep better, so I always have some in my fridge.”

I said I liked about any kind of beer, and Mary grinned.

“OK, you do the hamburgers and I’ll bring the rest.  About six OK with you?”

At a little after six, I flipped four burgers onto a plate and carried them to the picnic table.  Mary was bustling about putting spoons in the plastic containers of slaw and pasta salad.  When I got close, she inhaled and then grinned.

“Mmm…those smell terrific.  Come get a beer and let’s eat.  I’m starved.”

The burgers were pretty good even if I say so myself.  So was the slaw and pasta salad.  All that was made better because Mary was sitting across from me at the picnic table.  She was the right height that her big breasts sat on the top of the picnic table while she ate, and those soft looking mounds were driving me crazy.  I was happy she was sitting where she couldn’t see my jeans.  

She’d changed into more shorts and a different top than that morning.  Her top wasn’t a T-shirt.  It was a tank top that bared her soft, rounded shoulders and was cut low enough I was looking at some really nice, really soft cleavage.  Her shorts weren’t any shorter, but they fit just as well, and once when I was at my grill I turned and saw her bent over the table.  The legs of her shorts were kind of loose and I could see more of her inner thighs peeking out at me.  

I’d pushed my cock up instead of down while she wasn’t looking so I didn’t have much of a tent, but it was still taking notice of the way her breasts moved around when she moved her arms.

We finished eating, and while I doused the charcoal with a pitcher of water, Mary took everything back inside.  When she came out, she was carrying two more long-necks.  

“I brought us a couple more.  Wanna sit down and talk for a while?  I haven’t had anybody to talk with for a long time.”

Well, I learned a lot about Mary that night.  Jerry was her husband.  He’d passed away from a heart attack when he was forty-five, something Mary said ran in his family.  They’d been married for twenty years when that happened, but hadn’t had any children.  I was really surprised when she said the problem was her and not Jerry.  I didn’t think women were very open about things like that, but Mary seemed to want to tell me everything.  

Part of that everything came when she asked if I had a girlfriend yet.  When I said I didn’t, Mary frowned.

“I don’t know why that would be.  You’re a good looking guy and you have a good job.  A girl could do a lot worse than hooking up with you.  Lord knows I’ve seen a lot of them who did at the courthouse when they go to court to get divorces.  You wouldn’t believe the husbands.  They look like they haven’t shaved in about a week and they don’t even put on a dress shirt and pants.  They show up in a dirty T-shirt and jeans.

“The wives at least put on a dress or nice pants and a blouse.  I feel sorry for them.  They picked a husband based on God knows what, but it sure wasn’t to find a husband who would take care of them.  That’s why I said yes when Jerry asked me.  I knew he’d take care of me, and he did.

Mary laughed then.

“Of course, some of the things we did were more fun than others, but we were happy just being together.  Jerry farmed and I took care of the house.  I always took him lunch when he was out on the tractor, and I always made sure to have a hot meal when he came in from the field at night.”

I said, I thought Jerry was a lucky man.  Mary smiled.

“That’s what he always told me.  I always thought I was the lucky one.  I still think I was lucky to have him and I still miss him sometimes.  It was just nice, you know, to have him around at night.  He made me feel safe and secure.  

“That’s part of the reason I split the house up.  When I was all by myself, I didn’t feel very safe.  It’s nice not being very close to all my new neighbors, but if something happened, they’d never know.  If somebody else was living here, I’d at least have somebody I could call if I got sick or something.”

It seemed as if she was asking me if I’d be that person, and I said I’d do anything I could.

“Mrs. Leitz, all you have to do is knock on my door if you need help with something.  I won’t be here during the weekdays, but I’ll always be here every night and on the weekends.”

She reached over and patted my arm.

“It’s good to know that.  I feel safer now, Jeff.  You don’t mind if I call you Jeff, do you?

“No, not at all.”

“Then you should call me Mary instead of Mrs. Leitz.  I’m not really married any more and being called Mrs. Leitz makes me feel kind of old.”

We sat there on that patio, her in the chaise lounge and me in a lawn chair, and talked until almost dark.  When Mary said she needed to go in and do a few things before bed, I felt let down a little.  Mary was the first woman I’d talked with in a long time about anything other than school or work.  

She seemed to be interested in what I thought about things.  She wanted to know where I thought I was headed in life.  She said I needed a plan if I was going to make something of myself.  That’s what Jerry had done, she said.  He’d planned to be a farmer and keep growing his farm so he’d have enough income to support them better than his dad had supported them when he was growing up.  He’d done just that too.  The farm they’d started on was only a hundred and eighty acres, but they’d scrimped and saved their money until they could buy the five hundred acres around where Mary now lived.

I told her I hoped to work as an engineer for a few years and then become an engineering supervisor.  I hadn’t thought much about what I’d do after that, but Mary said that didn’t matter.  All I needed to do was plan a few years ahead and I’d figure out the next steps as I went along.

We talked about her too, but not very much.  She’d always steer our conversation back to something about me.  I didn’t mind that at all because it was a chance to tell someone what I thought about things.

It felt a little weird to lay down on the floor beside that wall receptacle that night.  I mean, before, Mary was just the woman who lived on the other side of the house.  After sitting for so long and talking with her, she’d become a real person, and it was kind of like I was invading her privacy.  I did lay down there, though, and listened as she got ready for bed.

I couldn’t hear much, of course, just the pop of a snap and then the quiet buzz of a zipper.  The sound of a toilet flushing was next, and then the soft sound of a shower running.  I closed my eyes and imagined Mary standing under the little streams of water from the shower head.  Those streams would cascade down on her heavy breasts and her nipples would get hard.  The water would then run down her body and between the silky thighs I’d seen.  If she had pubic hair, that water would form a little stream that ran down between her legs.

I could see her using a bar of soap and a cloth to gently scrub her body.  Her nipples would probably get larger when the cloth brushed over them, and I thought I heard a little sigh a little later.  In my mind, that sigh happened when she used her fingers to wash the lips and hair between her thighs.  

The shower stopped then, and there weren’t any more sounds until I heard another soft click and then a little squirting sound.  I closed my eyes and imagined Mary putting lotion all over he body.  She’d start with her arms and shoulders, and then let her hands caress her breasts.  I could imagine how her breasts would move around as she stroked the lotion into her skin.  I wondered if that’s what she did every night.  As soft as her skin looked, I was pretty sure she must have.

I kept imagining what she was doing, and it wasn’t long before my cock was standing tall.  I imagined me smiling, taking the lotion bottle from her hand and saying I’d do that for her.  In my mind, Mary laid back and spread her thighs wide, and I put lotion from her toes all the way up to her pussy lips.  When I touched those pouting lips, Mary would say, “put down the lotion, Jeff, and make love to me”.

I woke up from my fantasy when I heard her bed springs creak again.  I circled my cock with my right hand and slowly stroked it while I waited for what I knew would come next.

It all played out like on the nights before.  I heard some little moans that made my cock throb, and then a slow, but steady increase in Mary’s breathing.  That increase became almost panting and I was right with her.  I wanted to time it just right so that when Mary cried out, I’d shoot my cum into the tissue in my left hand.  Her panting breaths soon were punctuated by little moans and then some little mewing cries.  

I was holding back for all I was worth when Mary moaned, “Oh, Jeff, I’m so close.  Don’t stop.”

My cock erupted with the first shot so fast I didn’t have time to catch it in the tissue.  I did catch the second just as Mary cried out, “Now, Jeff, now”, and as the third soaked the tissue in my left hand, I heard Mary’s bed springs shaking all over the place.

Mary got quiet then, and as I cleaned my cum off my shorts, I was in a daze.  Had Mary really used my name or was I just fantasizing again?  I wasn’t sure until I started to get up.  It was then I heard Mary murmur, “I wish you’d really been here, Jeff”.

I crawled into bed that night confused as hell.  Mary had really said my name and not just once like it was an accident.  Always before, she’d said “Jerry”, but that night, she’d said my name three times.  Once might have been an accident, but not three times.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.  I’d liked Mary from the first time we met, and after talking with her that night, I liked her a lot.  She was an intelligent woman, and she was also pretty desirable, but I was at least twenty years younger.  I didn’t think most women wanted a man that young.  

I didn’t see Mary on Sunday.  I wondered why, but in a way I was happy.  I wasn’t sure how I’d react if she wanted to talk some more.  Nothing she could have said would have taken the words she spoke in passion from the front of my mind even if that’s all they were, just words.  

After a lot of thought, I’d decided that’s what they were, just her way of getting herself off.  Why she was thinking about me, I couldn't guess.  Her Jerry seemed to be everything I was not, and besides there was the age difference.  No, she was just thinking about me for some reason when she came just like I thought about her when I did.  That’s all it could be.

I’d have believed that if the same thing hadn’t happened on Sunday night, but it did.  Mary was doing whatever she did to excite herself, and when she started to pant, she murmured, “Right there, Jeff…Oh God, yes.”  When she came, she cried out “Now Jeff” again.  I squirted my cum into another tissue and visions of Mary’s wet pussy sucking at my stroking cock made me cum hard enough I groaned.

I didn’t see Mary all that week either, but I heard her every night.  Every night, she’d take a shower and a little later I’d hear the pop of a bottle cap.  A little later, her little moans would raise my cock and I’d start stroking it.  I was able to control it when she murmured something like, “Jeff, I love it when you do that”, or “Oh God Jeff, don’t stop…go faster”, but it wasn’t easy.  

Friday night was about the same except Mary seemed to be really excited.  Her little moans started sooner, and they got louder as time went on.  Between that and her saying things like, “Jeff, you feel so good inside me”, and after she came, “Don’t take it out yet, Jeff.  I like feeling it in me”.  If I hadn’t already cum when Mary did, I’d have cum right then.  I’m pretty sure I did groan a little that night.  I hoped she hadn’t heard me.

The first time I saw Mary since the Saturday night before, she was out riding her mower again.  I’d gone out to wash my car, and she waved when she went by.  I started to wave, but then stopped.  Mary was wearing another T-shirt and a pair of shorts, but when she waved her breasts both jiggled.  I couldn’t really tell at that distance, but it didn’t look to me like she was wearing a bra.  I did wave then, Mary flashed me a big grin.

I was putting the hose back on the rack by the house when Mary drove up and then shut off her tractor.  She waved at me to come over, and this time I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra because the same jiggle was there as well as two little bumps where her nipples would be.

When I got to the tractor, Mary smiled a funny little smile.

“Jeff, I bought some really good hamburger at the grocery store today.  I was wondering if you’d like to cook a couple for us on your grill tonight.”

I saw her eyes light up when I said I’d be happy to do that.

“Oh great.  I got more slaw and this time I got some potato salad too.  I’ll bring everything.  You just have the grill ready about five thirty, OK.”

I started the grill at five, and by the time Mary walked out with some hamburger patties on a plate, the coals were white-hot.  I was getting that way too.  Mary was wearing another tank top that fit really well.  I knew she was wearing a bra now because I could see the light blue straps beside the straps of her top, but it evidently wasn’t much of a bra.  Her breasts sort of rolled from side to side and up and down with every step she took.

Her shorts were about the same as when she mowed the yard, loose enough in the legs that when she sat down on the chaise lounge after bringing out the rest of the food, I could see a lot of her inner thighs.  I knew I was staring, but Mary didn’t seem to notice.

After we ate, we sat there and talked some more.  Mary asked how my job was going and we talked about what an electrical engineer does for a while.  She then asked me again about girls.

“You must be a really smart guy if you can do what you say you do at work.  I’m surprised some girl hasn’t snatched you up yet.”

I guess I’d gotten pretty comfortable with Mary, because I explained the reasons I didn’t have a girlfriend.

“No, girls all want a tall guy and I’m not tall.  They also seem to want what I guess you’d call a man’s man.  You know the type.  The men who like sports and cars and all that other stuff.  That’s how it was when I was in high school, and it didn’t change when I went to college or after I got out.  I’m OK with sports, but I was never big enough to play any, and I’ve never really had the desire to own a fast car.  There are women at work I suppose you could call my friends, but they’d never go out with me.”

Mary shook her head.

“They’re missing out then, but I can understand a little.  Young girls don’t stop to think about their future much like we used to.  They’re all into what’s going to happen today and tomorrow instead of will I be secure when I get older.  They’ll regret that one of these days.”

I smiled.

“Well, I understood a long time ago what I was up against, and I stopped trying.”

Mary frowned.

“Then what do you do to…I mean, Jerry used to get really edgy when I couldn’t …you know what I mean, don’t you?  I’d get the same way.  You don’t seem to be that way ever and if you don’t have a girlfriend…”

There was no way I was going to tell Mary I jacked off every night, much less tell her I listened to her when I did.  She’d have thought I was some sort of pervert and kicked me out.

“Oh, I got used to it, I suppose.”

Mary grinned.

“I didn’t, and I don’t think you did either. Don’t be embarrassed because it’s OK.  I understand what a man needs.  A woman needs the same thing, or didn’t you know that?”

I said I’d never thought about that, and Mary smiled.

“Well, we do.  When Jerry was alive, it was almost every night for us unless he was really tired or I couldn’t.  Even when I couldn’t we still helped each other.  I really miss those times.”

Well, the conversation was getting a little too intimate because I knew Mary had been helping herself out just like I had.   I needed to change the subject somehow, but I couldn’t think of any way to do that, so I didn’t say anything.

Mary frowned then.

“I’m sorry Jeff.  You probably think I’m terrible for talking like this to you.  It’s just that it’s so easy to tell you things I’d never tell anyone else.  I don’t know why that is, but it is, and here I am talking to you about sex.  I’m not trying to ask you for anything like you’re probably thinking.  I just need to be able to tell someone about how I feel sometimes, someone who’ll listen.  Please forgive me.”

“Mary, there’s nothing to forgive.  I’ve just never had a conversation like this before so I don’t really know what to say.  As for listening, I like it when we talk together.  I don’t get much of a chance to just talk with anybody either.”

She smiled.

“Well, I guess we’re just going to have to keep talking then.  You’ll tell me if I go too far though, won’t you?  Now, we better get back inside.  That rain on Tuesday brought out the mosquitoes and we’ll get carried off if we don’t.”

We did keep having our little talks.  Every Saturday night through that summer, I’d fire up my grill and we’d have hamburgers or chicken breasts or brats along with a couple side dishes.  After we ate, Mary would take everything back to her kitchen while I doused the fire, and then we’d sit on the patio until almost dark.

By the time it started to get cool in the evenings, I was more comfortable with Mary than with any woman I’d ever met.  We even had our own little private jokes like I remembered Mom and Dad having.  We’d discussed where we’d been and where we thought we were going.  

I knew Mary was planning upon working another ten years or so and then retiring.  I knew she liked traveling but hadn’t gone anywhere since she’d lost her husband.  She still wanted to see some of America while she was still young enough, but said that would have to wait until she retired.  We’d talked about that a lot, and one evening, I asked her why she thought she had to wait.

“You get vacations, don’t you?  Why don’t you take a week or two off and do some of the things you’ve been talking about?  It wouldn’t cost that much if you drove, and you can drive quite a way in two weeks.”

Mary sighed.

“Yes, I could do that, but it wouldn’t be much fun by myself.  I was hoping I’d find a man one of these days and we could go together, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.  I’m forty-eight, and most men want a woman who’s a lot younger than forty-eight.  Men like tall women too, and I’m not very tall.  Like you said you did, I’ve pretty much given up.”

I asked if she didn’t have another woman she could go with, and Mary smiled.

“No.  All the women at work are married except one, and Veronica is a little different.”

“Oh, how is she different?”

Mary grinned.

“Let’s just say Veronica doesn’t like men and I don’t think I’m ready for anything like that.  No, I’d want to travel with a man.  I’d feel more comfortable like that, and I’d feel safer.  I don’t think I’d feel safe with Veronica.  She might try to convince me to do something with her.”

What Mary said next made me stop and think.

“I’d feel safe with you though.  Hey, maybe we ought to go someplace together.  You haven’t done anything but go to work since you moved in that I know of.  You could probably use a vacation too.”

Well, that was more true than she thought.  I hadn’t worked a year there yet, so I only had a week of vacation coming, but I was ready for that.  I liked my job, but sometimes it got pretty intense what with deadlines and designs that wouldn’t cooperate.

“Where would we go?”

Mary thought for a second, and then smiled.

“Ever been to Rock City, in Chattanooga?  I have, but it’s been ages.  I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, and it’s only a day away.  We could drive down and spend a couple days.  They have a big aquarium there now too, and I’ve never seen that.”

I scheduled a week off for the first week in October.  Mary said that would be a good time because there wouldn’t be as many people there since the kids were back in school.  On Sunday afternoon of that week, we took my car to Chattanooga.  

I thought it would feel strange having Mary sitting in the seat beside me, and it did for about the first half hour.  After that, it was just like when we sat on the patio and talked.  It just felt like it was normal to have her sitting there.

Mary had made our reservations at the hotel, and when we checked in, I found out our rooms were side by side.  When I took my stuff inside, I also discovered there was a door connecting them.  I didn’t think much about that because I’d stayed in rooms like that before, but I did smile.  Maybe I’d hear Mary again through that door that night.

I had hopes I would and got down by that door that night, but apparently Mary just went to sleep because I didn’t hear so much as a little moan.  After half an hour, I gave up.  I didn’t turn on my laptop and go to a porn site though.  After everything I’d heard Mary say and do, the porn videos weren’t even going to get me started.

The next morning after breakfast, I drove us to Rock City and we started walking around.  I didn’t care much for Fairyland, but the views from the cliffs were awesome.  There was even one place high up on the mountain where you could see seven states.

Mary remembered most of it and she also remembered being scared.  When we came to a platform cantilevered out from the face of a cliff called “Lover’s Leap”, she grabbed my hand.

“I’m afraid of high places.  Can you hold my hand?”

I did, but as soon as we got off that platform, I let her go.  We then went to that high spot where you can see seven states and Mary grabbed my hand again.  After that, she just kept holding my hand and I kept holding hers.  She did let go of me twice, and both times it was because she stumbled.

Both times, she ended up with her arms around my neck to keep from falling.  The first time that happened, she apologized and let me go.  The second time, she grinned.

“I seem to be making a habit out of falling into your arms.  I’ll have to start being more careful where I step.”

I was hoping she’d stumble again, and it wasn’t the way her big breasts pressed into my chest.  It was just the way it felt to be finally holding a woman I cared about in my arms.  It was something I’d dreamed about for a long time, but it was more than that.  It was more than that because it was at that point I realized Mary wasn’t just some woman I liked.  She was a woman I cared about a lot and it wasn’t because I’d listened to her cum every night.  I was because it felt right to be with her there on that rocky path with her arms around me and smiling at me.  

“Mary, I don’t mind.  It’s kinda fun.”

Mary blushed then, and slowly stepped away from me.

“I better stop then or we might get carried away.”

If I’d stopped to think about what I said next, I wouldn’t have said it for fear of upsetting her.

“I think it would be great to get carried away with you.”

Mary looked at me for a few seconds.

“Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, why?  Do you think that’s wrong?”

Mary looked at the ground.

“Yes, because I’m attracted you, and that has to be wrong.”

It was without thinking I lifted her chin and smiled.

“What if I said I care more about you than I’ve ever cared about any other woman?  Would that be wrong too?”

I saw tears forming in Mary’s eyes.  She wiped one from her cheek.

“I don’t know.  A lot of people would think so.  I’m so much older than you are.”

I stroked her cheek.

“I’m twenty-four, but you don’t seem like you’re much older than I am.  I don’t care about what anybody else thinks anyway.  What I care about is you.  You’re the only woman I’ve ever felt this comfortable with.  I don’t know if that’s what love is, but I care a lot about you.”

Mary looked at the ground for a while before wiping her eyes again and then looking up at me.

“So what do we do now?”

I didn’t answer her.  I just put my arms around her and kissed her.  When I pulled away, Mary had her eyes closed, and she sighed when she opened them again.

“I don’t know if you want to hear this or not, but if that’s what we should do, I’d like to do it a lot more.”

“I’d like to do it a lot more too.”

Mary stroked my chest then.

“If we do, I don’t know if I can stop with just kissing.”

I hugged her again, a little tighter this time.

“What makes you think I’d want to stop with just kissing?”

I drove back to the hotel with my left hand because Mary wouldn’t turn loose of my right.  She didn’t hug me again when we got to our rooms.  She just asked when I wanted to eat lunch.  We agreed on about one, and then went into our rooms.  I’d just closed my door when I heard a knock on the door that connected our rooms.

Mary smiled sheepishly when I opened that door.

“Do you mind if we keep this door open?  I’d rather have it open now.”

When I held out my arms, Mary quickly stepped into my room and put her arms around my neck again.

“If you kiss me again, I don’t think we’re going to make lunch.”

We did make lunch, but about two instead of one.  That kiss was a lot different from the last one, and I didn’t know kissing a woman could be like that.  Mary opened her mouth a little, and I felt her tongue moving against my lips.  When I tried to match that and our tongues touched, a little shiver ran down my back.  A little later, she pulled gently away, pressed her cheek against my shoulder and sighed.

“I didn’t think I’d ever feel this way again.”

“How do you feel?”

Mary looked up at me with eyes that looked really open and really shiny.

“I feel like I want you to make love to me…right now.”

I stroked Mary’s back and felt her wiggle a little closer.

“Mary, I’d like to do that too, but there’s something you need to know so you’re not disappointed.  I’ve never…I’ve never been with a woman before.”

I thought that might make her change her mind.  Instead, she just looked up at me and grinned.


“No, never.”

“So, I’d be the first?”

“Yes, you’d be the first.”

She smiled.

“I won’t scare you will I?”

“No, why would you scare me?”

Mary stroked my chest and then slipped her hand between my shirt buttons.

“Because I can get really excited.  I’m getting that way now just thinking about it.”

I chuckled.

“How excited is that?”

“You have to take off my clothes to find that out.”

Mary backed up a little and then held her arms over her head.  When I pulled her top up and off, she put her arms around my neck again and pressed her big breasts into my chest.

“Now my bra”, she whispered.

I’d never taken off a woman’s bra before, but I knew there were hooks in back.  It took me a while, but I finally got all four hooks undone and felt Mary’s breasts fall a little.  She stepped back and let her bra slide down her arms, and then unbuttoned my shirt.  When she pressed her nipples into my bare chest, my cock lurched.  

Mary slipped out of her sandals and helped me get her shorts off, and then stood there smiling at me while I eased her panties down her thighs.  Once they were on the floor, she stepped out of them and looked up at me with worry on her face.

“I hope you’re not disappointed.  I’m not young and slim any more.”

I stroked her heavy breasts and then her cheek.

“You’re a woman, Mary, and you’re a very beautiful woman.  That’s all I’m thinking right now.”

Mary blushed all the way down to her breasts, but she smiled.

“Then you take off everything too.  I want to see you.”

She stood there as I kicked off my shoes and then dropped my jeans.  It wasn’t until I stripped off my boxers she did anything.  When they fell to the floor, Mary reached out and circled my stiff cock with her hand.  I expected it to feel like when I jacked off, but it didn’t.  Mary’s hand was a lot softer and her strokes were very slow and gentle.  She was still stroking it when she kissed me and then murmured, “I think we should get into bed now.”

I thought I knew how a woman got from watching porn, but I quickly realized I had a lot to learn.  Mary did her best to keep her body tight against mine as we lay there together.  She also started guiding my hands to where she wanted them.  

First, that place was her breasts.  She gently pulled my hand to her left breast and whispered, “squeeze just a little.  I like that.”

I wasn’t sure how much a little was until she moaned, “Oh, just like that”.

In the porn films, the women always liked their nipples pinched and pulled, so after a while I did that to Mary.  She caught her breath and then grabbed my hand.

“Just little strokes at first, Jeff.  I’ll want what you’re doing later, but just little strokes at first.  I like them kissed too.”

When I bent my head down and kissed Mary’s left nipple, she rolled on her back and then pulled my head down to the right nipple.   I couldn’t believe what feeling her nipples swell taut with little ridges on the sides did to me.  Part of that was the way she’d make a little moan every time my lips touched the tip.  The other part was when Mary inhaled quickly, and then whispered “suck them very gently.”

My cock was already stiff and pressing against Mary’s thigh by then, but it felt like it got even stiffer when I closed my lips around her right nipple and sucked.  I could feel her nipple bed get all wrinkled and bumpy when I did that.  She helped my cock along by finding it again and then stroking it.  Mary didn’t hold it tight enough she was jacking the skin back and forth.  Her small, soft fingertips just lightly stroked from my swollen cock head down to my belly and then back up.

Mary was starting to breathe a little faster when she guided my hand to her pussy.  Once she had my hand where she wanted it, she curled her fingers on top of mine and pushed one of my fingertips between her full, hair-fringed lips.  She caught her breath then, and so did I.  

I knew women got wet, but Mary was way more than just wet.  I felt something slippery and sticky at the same time, and when Mary pulled my hand up, it slipped between her thick, puffy lips until I felt a stiff little bump right at the top.  When my fingertip stroked over that little bump, Mary’s belly rolled and her hips rocked up.

In the porn movies I’d watched, the guy always put his finger inside the woman and then stroked it in and out like he was fucking her with his finger.  I started doing that, and evidently I did it too fast.  Mary moaned, then started moving my hand in and out slower.  

I don’t know how long I did that but I know Mary got a lot wetter and a lot slipperier inside.  I also knew she was stroking my cock a little harder as I moved that finger.  I knew at some point, she’d be wet enough to take my cock, but I had no idea how long that would take.  

Mary didn’t let me wonder for very long.  After I’d pushed my finger inside her until my hand flattened her pussy lips, Mary jerked her hips a couple of times and then pulled my hand away.  She pulled gently on my cock at the same time she whispered, “I need you to be inside me now.”

I know I fumbled in my attempt to do that because when I pushed in, Mary yelped, and then reached between us and lifted my cock up a little.  She pulled gently and moved her hips around a little, and then I felt my cock sliding inside her.

I’d dreamed about how that would feel every time I jacked off, but it was more than even in my wildest dreams.  I felt her swollen soft lips around my cock head, and then those soft lips rolling up around my shaft as I sank into Mary’s warm, wet depths.  As soon as I was inside her a little, Mary put both hands on my ass and pulled my cock deeper.  She didn’t stop until it wouldn’t go in any further, and then held me there for a few seconds.

I felt her pussy sort of close around my cock then, and Mary whispered, “move it in and out Jeff, and you can pinch my nipples a little now.”

By then, I’d decided the porn films were all wrong and I’d be better off just letting Mary set the pace.  That pace started off slow with long strokes.  She let me know what she wanted by lifting her hips into my strokes and then pulling away when I stroked out.  Every time I pulled out, I felt a sucking sensation on my cock head that was incredible.

As we lay there joined, Mary began breathing faster and faster, and the faster she breathed, the faster she pushed her pussy up over my cock.  We never got to the pounding thrusts I’d seen in some of the porn films, but it didn’t seem like that was what Mary wanted.  She did speed up a little, but then dug her fingernails into my ass and shuddered.

She shuddered again on the next stroke, and on the third, she lifted her body up a little.  She gasped, “Oh, Jeff.  Don’t stop”, and then her legs started to shake.  I was way beyond stopping by then.  I was on the verge of cumming and tried to slow down a little.  It was about that time that Mary heaved her body up, moaned, “oh…oh…oh”, and then cried out softly.  I couldn’t hold back any more once she did that, and I groaned as I came inside her.

A second later, Mary cried out again and held my cock inside her by pulling on my ass.  She jerked several times, then sighed and relaxed back down on the bed.  When I tried to pull my cock out, she whispered, “No, not yet, Jeff.  Just stay like we are for a while.  It makes me feel like I’m a woman again.”

Cumming inside Mary was the most incredible feeling I’d ever had, but lying there, cradled between her soft thighs and wide hips was almost as great.  She kept lightly raking my back with her fingernails, and from time I time, I’d feel little contractions around my cock.

When my cock finally slipped out, Mary softly chuckled.

“Put that back.”

I looked at her sparking eyes and grinned.

“I don’t think I can, not for a while anyway.”

Mary pulled my face down to hers and kissed me, then smiled.

“I can wait until tonight, but I don’t think I can wait any longer than that.”

We had lunch at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and then spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the complex looking at the trains and going through the shops.  We held hands, something I’d always thought was a little juvenile until I held Mary’s.  It didn’t seem anything but right then.  We got a few stares, but I didn’t care.  The stares were from women who didn’t look all that happy to be there with their husbands.  I suspected at least some of them were jealous of Mary.

That night after dinner, Mary said she was going to change into something more comfortable. I figured she was going to put on the T-shirt and shorts she wore at home.  When she came back to my room, she did look comfortable, but I sure wasn’t.  I wasn’t because my cock started getting stiff.

Mary wasn’t wearing anything except a pink lace robe and it was almost transparent.  I could see the dark circles around her nipples and the thick bush of hair on her mound.  Mary grinned.

“Do I look comfortable?”

“No, you look erotic as hell.”

She grinned again.

“I was hoping you’d think that.  Now, make love to me again.”

We did make love again, and then again after about half an hour.  After she stopped panting enough to talk,  Mary kissed me on the ear.

“I love you, Jeff.”

I stroked her hip and then kissed her on the forehead.

“I love you too, Mary.”

We stayed the week in Chattanooga and it was a fabulous week.  We made love at least twice a day, and that was great, but just being with Mary was what made that week so wonderful.  It was wonderful coming home with her and knowing we’d be together every night.

It’s been ten years now since that trip to Chattanooga, nine of those years being Mary’s husband, and ten years that have been the happiest of my life even though sometimes people look at us funny when we go out shopping or to dinner.  Mostly it’s women who look and frown, but I think I know the reason.

If you saw us together, you’d know Mary is older than I am, but you wouldn’t know our ages are as different as they are.  Mary doesn’t act like she’s fifty-eight and she doesn’t dress like she’s that age.  She says it’s because she doesn’t feel that old like she used to.  

Yes, she does dye her hair to cover up the white hairs that most women develop, and she wears underwear that tends to smooth things out, but I wouldn’t care if she didn’t do either.  The people who stare and frown are usually other women who don’t look half as good as Mary even though they’re twenty years or more younger.

At night, when we’re lying in bed together after making love, sometimes I lay there stroking her soft hip and wonder if those women make their men feel like Mary makes me feel.  Those women don’t look happy, and I never see them holding hands with a man, much less walking with their arm around his waist like Mary does with me sometimes.  

It’s only the really young women who aren’t married to the guy who do that, and even then some of them don’t look like they’re really happy.  I always wonder why, if they’re not absolutely thrilled to be with the guy, why they’re with him at all or why he’s with them.  Maybe they’re good in bed, I don’t know, but there’s a lot more to being a couple than an hour every night making love.

Maybe it’s because they only have sex instead of making love.  Making love is what Mary and I do, and it’s not just when we’re in bed together.  Making love is letting the person you’re with know how much you care, not how much you enjoy having sex with them.  

When I used to lay on the floor beside that receptacle and jack off while listening to Mary, I imagined I was having sex with her, but that’s all it was, just having sex.  When she gives me a little hug while we’re watching TV or when she kisses me hello when I get home from work, that’s making love just as much as when we’re locked together and panting out the orgasm we both just had.

We’ve had a few spats, just like any other couple, but we’ve worked through those and come out closer than we were before.  I think that’s because Mary has gained the understanding that comes with age and I’ve always been more logical than emotional.  I don’t know if a younger woman would be able to do that.  I know I have no desire to find out.  Mary is the woman I always wanted to find, and once I found her, I discovered how much more she really is.

Well, it’s Saturday night and time for me to fire up the grill.  We’re having brats with slaw and potato salad, and after that, we’ll sit on the patio in the double-width chaise lounge we bought several years ago.  Mary will snuggle up beside me and nibble my ear lobe, and then whisper, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

I know what she’s thinking, but I’ll tease her a little.

“I don’t know.  What are you thinking?”

She’s stroke my chest then.

“I’m thinking we should go inside and you should show me that you still love me.”

“How would I do that.”

Mary will unbutton my shirt then.

“Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe we could get naked and see what happens next.”

Well, I know what’ll happen next, and it’ll probably happen on Sunday morning too.  It doesn’t matter how old you look on the outside.  It’s how young you feel on the inside that does.


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