Hotel Encounter

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11 Sep. '19

Hotel Encounter

I’m a butler at the chips Hotel.  My name is Mike and I call my cock George.   I have just had an order from room 123 for Lobster and a bottle of champagne.  I had spoken briefly to the woman at evening meal time and there was something about her that I found more than the normal attraction I would have for a pretty woman.   First I combed my hair and applied some under-arm deodorant then collected her order from the kitchen and knocked quietly on her door waiting in anticipation of seeing her again.

When she opened her door I nearly dropped the champagne bottle.  I was lost for words and could only mutter something I’m not sure what I was trying to say when she said in a most seductive voice “Please come in”.  When I saw that she was wearing nothing more than a see through black nightie covered only by see through black negligee.  My cock began sending messages to my brain.

George calling Mike. “Looks like a sure thing shall I get erect”.

Mike to George“don’t be in such a hurry.  Lets make sure that she desperately wants you slipping into her before confronting her outright and risking a refusal”.

George to Mike  “OK but don’t be too long I can’t promise to stay slack much longer”.

Mike to George “ I like the way her breasts are rising up and down.  Looks like she is breathless or is she just putting it on to arouse us”.  “I’m a bit breathless myself”.

I am hearing her ask me in a dreamy voice if I would excuse her while she changed into something decent.  That sets my mind racing to one conclusion.  She could have changed before I arrived at her room.  After all she was expecting me.  I’m thinking she is just sounding me out.  I replied something like “Not on my behalf, you don't!  I like what you are wearing ... very much indeed!" that makes George yell at me “I knew it!  She is craving for being poked.  Just look at her cleverage and the way her breasts are really heaving up and down now”.

Oh my!  I feel heat coursing through my body, nestling in my cock, which starts throbbing.  The sexual pull I feel coming from her is... overwhelming!  I feel giddy with it ... my breaths come out in short gasps.

I walk over to the table and place the lobster and Champagne bottle there. At this time I’m desperately trying to keep George from rising up and embarrassing me. I set the tray down and draw out the bottle of champagne from its icy bucket.  Wrapping a linen cloth around it, very slowly, very sensuously I pull out the cork.  As I pulled on the cork I couldn’t help staring at her pretty face, and the shadow of her nipples showing through her see through black nightie.  So for the want of something better I lick my lips very deliberately.

Oh my!  Calls George again yelling loudly at me GO FOR IT.  You want her, can’t you see she is desperate.

Slowly I pour the amber liquid into a glass, pass it to her, she takes a sip, then licks around the rim of the glass.

OH MY!  I'm going crazy with the sexual tension she is deliberately building up in me.  I’m losing the struggle to keep eager George down. "Would you like to... have some champagne too?" she asks, her voice shaky with obvious desire.

She must have seen my trousers bulging at the time.  Does she want more of me, Oh how I hope so. How could I be sure?

For the want of something to tell her I blurt out “saw you arrive "  "I fought all the other guys in the room service department to be the one to ... serve you ... in every way possible!"  I lift the lid off her lobster plate.  "Is Madam... hungry?"  She ever so slowly runs her tongue over her bottom lip ... then the top one.  “my name is  Samantha, Yes, I would like some, won’t you join me?”

We sit close together side by side at the small table and eat the lobster.  The warmth of her thigh against mine was almost too much to bear.  I was having an overwhelming desire to put my arm around her waist.

Some how I managed to get George down while I considered what was happening between us.  What was our attraction leading to?  Would Samantha simply leave me after this never to see her again?  I had never had such feeling of love and desire for a woman and I desperately wanted to have her for my own now and for all time. The thought of never seeing her again killed George off and terrified me.  I had to think of something to make the bond between us so strong so she would be mine forever.   I had an Idea.  I pop the question to her.

“Samantha would you like to come down to the bar where there are lots of couples and a dance band”.  “We could dance together and have something nice to drink”.

“I would love to Mike.  I have a lovely evening gown that I havn’t worn.  I’ll be ready in a moment.  “Do you want me to leave while you change?” 

Her answer was to drop her negligee and nightee on the floor, stepping out of them wearing only black panties trimmed with white lace.  This left me with the thought that she was beautiful wearing something but the sight of her pert breasts and pointy nipples hit me like a heavy weight boxers uppercut. 

As we made our entrance into the bar we caught some admiring glances mostly at the beautiful sight of Samantha in her evening gown.   I noticed a couple of my friends sitting at a table with their partners.  They beckoned us to join them and soon we were all having an excellent chat and sipping drinks.

After a while the band leader announced the next dance will be a foxtrot.  Samantha and I stood up and the other couple followed us to the dance floor.   Dancing with Samantha was delightful and after a while she rested her head against my chest.  Other couples joined in and soon the dance floor was crowded.   With couples all around us we found ourselves holding each other ever so close and I was beginning to get signals from George.  The sensation of feeling ourselves in full body contact as we swayed to the music was so agreeable.  I could tell by the way Samantha looked into my eyes and pressed against George that she was enjoying herself as much as I was.    As the music died away the band leader called out “change partners”.  With some reluctance we slowly let go of each other and found ourselves dancing with a new partner.  This happened several times until we found each other again.  Back at our table we had a few more drinks and our conversations became more intimate.   The other couples had slipped away leaving Samantha and I alone.  We played questions and answers mostly about our likes and dislikes gradually discovering what we had in common.  I felt an immense sense of satisfaction in the way we were becoming more attached to each other.  I thought then that by bringing her down to the bar, dancing together and meeting up with my two friends and getting just a little tipsy had earned me some respect.  My intention was to convey to her that I was more interested in having a long term relationship. I still had no plan for how the evening was going to end.  It was very clear to George what should happen but I had by then decided to ignore his calling and turn the events of this evening into something hopefully with a future. 

Just how long we stayed in the bar I can’t remember but it must have been well past midnight.  I can remember being alone together in the lift on our way to her room.   We were both standing embracing, kissing, I’m wondering if she was aware of my somewhat swollen cock when she dispelled any doubt by pressing her groin against mine.  Soon we would be standing at her room door.  I dreaded the evening would end by thanking her for a wonderful evening wishing her good night and spending the rest of the night alone.   I was desperate so I held her at arms length and asked her to marry me.

After a long pause she answered mostly with her eyes and clung on to me with all her strength.  Moments passed, I was beginning to be prepared for a parting then without a word she gave me the key to her room.  I knew then I was living  the happiest moment of my entire life. 

Still clinging to each other we shuffled into her room.  No lights were switched on as there was just sufficient light to see with.  We must have stood together in a lovers embrace.   Then came a moment I will remember forever when she whispered

“I can't stand it any longer Mike, fuck me,  please I have to have you RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!”  I grab hold of her bare shoulders and pull her towards me.  There was no way either of us could conceal our lust.  Trying to control George was futile as she yanked off my bow tie, and with nimble fingers began frantically to unbutton my shirt. 

Once the shirt was off, she I undid my belt and yanked down the zipper.   Soon my trousers and underwear was on the floor in one swift motion!  The sight of my erect cock made her gasp OH MY!  By this time my cock was rigid, so long and unbelievably hard I could hardly believe it was my George.  I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her onto the bed and gently helped her out of her evening gown.  It was then that the sight of her  lace trimmed black panties contrasting with her nakedness made my heart beat so fast I began to wonder how much more excitement I could stand.

Anybody watching us now would have thought we were fighting.  Arms reaching, backs arching, pelvises thrusting, legs entwined and Samantha’s clothing including her black lace panties getting flung aside.  I couldn’t help gazing at her naked body.  Samantha was really a beautiful woman and I could hardly believe we were being so intimate.  The sight of her lying naked beside me made me breathless and my heart now pounding as if to burst.   I gaze into her eyes and saw a longing for passion.  She flicks her tongue between slightly parted lips My desire for her fuels my lust and casts a spell over me that makes me urge her to sit on the edge of the bed so I can respond to what she meant by flicking her tongue.  I become bewitched at the sight of her pussy and George is positively shouting urgently at me craving to be plunged into her depths.  I pushed my face between her smooth widely parted legs.  I go down on my knees and flick my tongue over her mons, in a teasing way trying to make her moan.  I go on teasing her, flicking my tongue up and down her inner thighs.  The feeling of my tongue against the smooth softness of her thighs compelled me to touch her clit.  This had her moaning and whispering "Please..." She groans.  "PLEASE... I can't wait any longer..." I could just hear her above George joining in, telling me “for the love of Jesus to give it to her”.  First she signalled that she wanted her turn.  We swap places, She drops to her knees and takes my cock into her hand then  leaning forward she licks that oh so sensitive spot along the underside of my cock.  I groan with arousal while keeping my passion in check so our pleasures would last a bit longer.  I couldn’t help gasping and I am wondering if I was spilling precum.  It must have been because of Samanthas heightened excitement and I feel her taking all of George  fully into her mouth. and starting a forwards and backwards motion, making sure George rubs against the roof of her mouth every time, as she continues to vigorously suck.

About then we change places again. 

I thrust my face into Samantha’s pussy and her wetness made me marvel.  Next I’m parting the lips then slowly running my tongue up and down her gorgeous slit, then I’m licking pussies clit, which was fully erect and I can notice it throbbing.  I plunged my tongue up and down, making sure to rub her clit before the tip of my tongue enters into her vagina.  It drives me WILD!  She arches her back as my tongue reached deep.  She achieves a mighty orgasm now it was time to give George a treat.

Immediately, I set her properly onto the bed and thrust my turgid, throbbing cock deep inside her.  OH MY!  She gasps as George slowly makes the magic journey filling her convulsing vagina. YES YES it’s happening she cries frenziedly, panting heavily. 

Her hips thrust up to meet my strokes, and my excitement becomes electric. At the height of my excitement I squeeze her left nipple between my lips and then  'YES... YESSSSS ... PLEASE I CANT STOP NOW...AAAAARGH" I have a huge orgasm which shakes my body making me tremble all over.

Samantha starts yelling loudly as my orgasm builds up.  "OMG!!!  YES..... I'M COMING..." 

"SO AM I!  A SECOND TIME... I don't believe it!  It's never happened like this before!"

We both explode her vagina spasming grabbing onto my cock in a tight, sensual clutch.

WOW!  What an AMAZING experience.  We lie in bed looking at each other in amazement at the intensity and utter strength of our mutual orgasms!  Gently I stroke her breasts and tummy, while I lie next with her in my arms.  Both of us were completely satiated!



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