Twenty Year High School Reunion

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11 Sep. '19

Tom Ward got the letter in July, the same month he’d gotten the other three letters announcing the class reunion of the Monroe County High School Class of 1982.  There had been a letter for the fifth year reunion and every five years after that.  He’d ignored them all and intended to ignore this one as well.

Judy Mason’s name and address had been on every letter.  Judy had been the class secretary during Tom’s senior year at Monroe High School, and after graduation had appointed herself as the keeper of names and addresses of all the people in his class.  She’d kept up with him even though he’d spent two years in the US Army, gone to college, and then changed jobs and cities three times.  Every year before the homecoming celebration she called his sister and asked if he was still in the same place.

Monroe High School was the only high school in a very small county where most of the people lived on farms or worked in a factory in Newton, twenty miles away from Millburg where Monroe High was located.  The entire high school had only about a hundred and fifty students, and he graduated alongside thirty-eight other seniors.  

A few had gone to college, and once they got their degrees, left for bigger cities with more to do on Saturday night than sit in Harry’s Bar and talk about how they won that big football game against Stevens.  When it got later, they’d talk about Wilma, a woman a year older than Tom who’d been married and divorced three times.  Wilma sat at the bar and drank white wine every Saturday night in hopes of going home with one of the late drinkers.  

She was usually pretty drunk by three in the morning, so taking her home was easy.  Fucking her once you got her there was easy too, though a couple of the guys who done that said she wasn’t all that great.  Only old Max thought she was, but like they said, Max was almost seventy so any woman who’d suck his cock was great to him and Wilma did like sucking cocks.

Most of them didn’t go anywhere once they graduated.  Some boys went to work in the factories in Newton until their dads retired and then took over the family farm.  The rest of the boys, except for the two who’d gotten into drugs and ended up in prison, stayed in the factories.

The girls went to work too, but usually were married within a couple of years, often to one of those farm boys, and had settled down to raise a family.

Tom knew that’s what had happened to his class because although he’d avoided the class reunions, he did go home a few times a year to visit his sister and their parents.  He’d drive through the one street that was downtown Millburg to see if everything was still there and once in a while, he’d see somebody he recognized, but he never stopped to talk.  That would mean explaining what had happened and he didn’t want to do that.

His mother was the one who kept him up to date on his classmates.  She was the town librarian, so she either saw and talked to them from time to time or talked to someone who knew what the others were doing.  She never actually explained in plain language about anything she considered risqué, but he knew how she talked about those things so he understood what she meant.

Through her, Tom knew about John Lambert and Jackie Wallace getting married the month after they graduated because Jackie was “pg”.  He knew about Lucy Dobbs and Mary Allen.  His mother said she thought two young women sharing the same house had to be doing more than just sharing the rent payment.  

He knew about Wilma from his mother too.  His mother didn’t just come right out and say Wilma was easy, but not that good in bed, and she liked sucking cocks.  She said Wilma must have round heels on her shoes, but that she’d heard two of the men agreeing that the cobbler wasn’t as good as the crust.  She then said that Wilma had always had a Tootsie Pop in her mouth from the time she was six, but evidently had traded her Tootsie Pop for something else.  She also said Max was old enough he should be ashamed of himself.

He knew something about them all, but they didn’t know anything about him.  He wanted it that way.  That’s why he’d avoided the class reunions.

It wasn’t a feeling of being better than his former classmates that kept Tom from attending those reunions, and it wasn’t that he didn’t have anything in common with them anymore except Monroe High School, though he didn’t.  The reason was the ten pounds of fiberglass and stainless steel that he wore where his left leg had once been.  The only fortunate thing was that Grenada was just a blip in history that most people didn’t even realized had happened, so nobody would connect his age with the invasion like they would have if he’d served in Vietnam.

It was supposed to have been an easy mission to protect several hundred students at a medical school from capture by the communist government that had seized power in 1979.  That’s what his company commander had told them on the flight from Bermuda to Grenada.  There were a few Cuban construction workers on the island, and though they were suspected of also being Cuban soldiers, they wouldn’t be much of a threat.

That had proved true for the most part.  The construction workers were indeed part of a trained Cuban military force and though they fought hard, the entire operation was over in three days.  There were some US casualties, nineteen killed and a hundred and nine wounded, but considering the unforeseen difficulties they encountered, those casualties were considered acceptable by the commander of the US forces.

Tom was one of those casualties.  He had been part of a patrol that was ambushed by Cuban soldiers from an encampment near Caliste.  Immediately after the ambush, the encampment was attacked with the full fury of Navy fighter-bombers and howitzer fire and destroyed, but that didn’t save Tom from the grenade that shredded his left leg from the knee down.

After the doctors had amputated his leg from half-way up his thigh, Tom spent a month waiting for the leg to heal and then another six months learning how to walk again when one leg was stainless steel and didn’t weigh as much as his right leg.  Even after that six months, he still had a noticeable limp, but at least he could move around on his own without crutches.  After a year, most of the limp was gone.  It wasn’t gone from his mind though.

Tom had realized he’d never be able to do the physical work of most blue-collar jobs, so he’d enrolled in the local junior college.  He’d had a fondness for electronics since that Christmas when he’d gotten a set of components you hooked together with wires with clips on the end, so he’d chosen electronics as his field of study.

During the course of his studies, Tom realized the associate’s degree would get him a job, but that job would probably be maintaining electronic equipment, and that meant standing up and walking a lot.  He’d learned enough to want to learn more, so he enrolled in electrical engineering at the state university once he had his associate’s degree.  Most of his classes didn’t transfer, so he had to complete the entire four year program, but what he’d already learned made the technical subjects a lot easier to understand.

When he graduated, he’d gotten a job with a company that made automated equipment and began designing control systems using discrete components.  When programmable controllers came on the market, he changed jobs to another machine builder to get experience with them.  After five years there, he’d looked for and found a supervisory position with a large corporation in Farmington that was based in Japan, but built robots in the US.  Farmington was about forty miles from Millburg, far enough he’d have his privacy, but close enough he could see his parents without driving half a day each way.

Tom knew he had a lot to be proud of.  He’d accomplished a lot more than most of his high school classmates had even thought about doing.  In some ways it would have been fun to watch their faces when he told them he was the manager of manufacturing operations for Myoko Robotics.  It wouldn’t have been fun to watch their faces when he walked around.  The limp was gone, but he still didn’t walk like everybody else, and sooner or later, one of them would ask him about that and he’d have to explain.

Tom would have tossed the letter in the trash like he had all the others except for the hand-written note that accompanied the laser-printed invitation.  The note was from Judy and said, “Tom, we haven’t seen or heard from you in twenty years. Please come to the reunion.  A lot of us would like to see you again.”

Tom couldn’t figure out why Judy would take the time to hand write the note.  It couldn’t be that she wanted to see him because according to his mother, Judy was happily married.  He couldn’t think of anybody else he’d called a close friend in high school except for other guys, and they probably wouldn’t care.  He put the note on his desk at home though he didn’t really know why.  He wasn’t going anyway.

His mother called him the first of August and after they’d caught up, she asked if he was coming home for the reunion.

“Tom, every time I see Judy at the library, she asks about you, and now she’s asking if there is some way I can convince you to come to the reunion.  I know you don’t want to, and I know why, but Honey, she really, really wants you to come.  I don’t think she wants you to come for her.  She and Billy just celebrated their twenty year anniversary by getting married again with a reception and everything else, so I don’t think there’s anything going on there.  She never says why, but I can tell it’s really important to her.”

After five more of the same type of phone call, Tom finally relented.  At best, he’d get to catch up with the few people he’d liked back then.  At worst, he’d spend an hour at the reunion and then spend the rest of the weekend with his mother and father.

He was surprised when he walked into the Legion Hall.  He didn’t recognize any of the people there at first.  Most of the men were balding and fat.  Most of the women weren’t really fat, but they were a lot rounder than he remembered any girl in his class being except for Mae Parker.  Mae had been chubby in junior high, and by the time she was a senior, she was about the same size around from her shoulders to her hips.  All the guys made fun of her and most of the girls did too.  Tom didn’t, because he’d always liked her.  She was a smart girl and had a sense of humor.

He was still looking at the crowd when he heard a voice he remembered.

“Tom, you did come.  I hoped you would.  Come get your nametag.”

He looked to his right, and then had to look again.  Her face looked familiar, but her body was a lot different than he remembered.  Judy had been really slim, and the guys used to joke that you wouldn’t be able to find Judy’s tits even if she let you try.  Tom knew that to be true, because he’d dated her a couple of times.  She hadn’t let him take off her bra, but she hadn’t minded giving him a hug when he dropped her off at home.  She’d changed, and she’d changed a lot.  

Judy wasn’t fat now by any measure, but her breasts wouldn’t have been hard to find at all.  He could see why Billy had stayed with her for twenty years.  Judy was sitting at a table with the nametags on it and her big breasts were sitting on the tabletop.  It was pretty neat that her low cut top proved they were real.  There was no way that deep, soft cleavage could be the result of implants.

Two couples he didn’t recognize came in then, so he walked to the bar and bought a club soda, then stood there and looked at the people some more.

After a while he started to recognize people.  Sherry had put on weight, and she had blonde hair now, but she still had the same smile and soft, blue eyes.  Jack was now sporting a beer gut and Tom could see the slightly darker places on his head where he’d have still had hair if he hadn’t shaved his head.  Jerry’s nose, the nose he’d broken playing basketball when he was a sophomore, still had that same crook to one side.

A slender woman walked up beside him, asked for a rum and coke, and then turned and looked at his nametag.

“Tom Ward?  Is it really you?”

Tom looked at her for a few seconds, but he couldn’t place her until she held up the nametag pinned to the narrow strap of her black dress.  Mae had changed a lot too.  She giggled.

“Didn’t recognize me, did you?”

“Well, no, but you’ve changed a lot.”

Mae smiled.

“I know and I’m so proud of that.  It took me five years and getting a divorce to start taking off the weight, and it took me another three to get like I am now, but I did it.  Harry, he’s the guy over there in the sports jacket, he’s my husband and he thinks I’m sexy.”

Tom grinned.

“I think Harry’s right.”

Mae blushed all the way down to the tops of the soft breasts that rose from the low neckline of her dress, and then grinned.

“You’re pretty sexy yourself.  Better watch it.  Marjorie’s on the prowl after her divorce, and she always did like you.”

Tom remembered Marjorie as one of the cheerleaders who dated every football and basketball player in his class.  She’d been pretty hot back then, and she knew she was.  Marjorie was the girl who always pushed the school dress code to the limit.  Her T-shirts always fit tight enough you could see the seams of her bra and her jeans usually showed lines were her panties were.  She wore makeup every day and constantly flipped her long, brown hair when she talked to any guy, even the teachers.  

The other thing he remembered was that all the guys said Marjorie liked making out but she’d never let a guy do more than play with her tits.  She’d jack him off after a couple dates, but she’d never let him have a feel, even though her panties.  Tom had no idea she even knew he existed, much less liked him.  He’d never played sports and the jocks were only guys she ever dated.

After half an hour, he’d met most of his classmates.  The guys would tell him they were a lead operator or a supervisor at such and such a factory and they seemed proud, so he’d just say he built robots that were being installed in plants all over the US.  The guys would nod and then go back to whatever they were talking about before.  

The guys who were farming all were grouped together and talking about crops and the weather.  They shook his hand and then went back to talking about whether the low rainfall would affect futures prices, so he walked away.

Betty, Iris, June, and Nancy were all about like he remembered except their waists weren’t as small and their hips were wider.  They all showed him pictures of their kids, and Betty and Iris had pictures of their grandkids too.  When they asked if he had any pictures of his wife and kids, he smiled and said no, he hadn’t found the right woman yet.

He did run into Marjorie on his way back to the bar for another club soda.  She was a little thicker in the waist and a little wider in the hips, but she hadn’t changed much.  When Marjorie saw him she smiled.

“Tom…Tom Ward?  Well, will you look at you.  You haven’t changed a bit.  Still playing with your radios?”

Tom told Marjorie the same story he’d told everybody else and Marjorie grinned when he told her he wasn’t married.

“How long you gonna be in town?  Maybe we could have a drink down at Harry’s sometime and catch up.”

Tom apologized and said he had to leave tomorrow.  Marjorie just grinned and said if he stayed a couple of days, she could make it worth his time.  When he thanked her and said he couldn’t, she winked at him and told him to think about it.

Lucy and Mary were there too, but they didn’t seem to be socializing.  They just sat at the bar and watched the other people.  Tom noticed that none of the other people were talking to them either, so he walked up and said hello.

Lucy smiled and said “Hi Tom.  I didn’t expect you to be here.”

“Well, my mom talked me into it.  How you been?”

Lucy frowned.

“You probably already heard didn’t you?  Everybody else has.”

Tom shook his head.

“I’m not sure what you mean.”

Lucy was still frowning.

“I mean about Mary and I living in the same house.”

Tom smiled.

“Oh, that.  Yes I heard, but why would I care about that as long as you’re happy?”

Mary frowned too.

“Most people think we’re doing something wrong.  Don’t you?”

Tom didn’t have to lie about that.  He’d worked with a lesbian at his last job.  Other than the fact she lived with another woman, she wasn’t any different than any other woman he knew, and he’d liked her.

“You know, just because I grew up here doesn’t mean I believe everything everybody thinks is right and wrong.  I don’t know if you’re just sharing rent or if it’s more than that, but either way, if that’s what makes you happy, I’m happy for you.”

Mary grinned then.

“I always did think you were different.  It’s nice to know I was right.  I’ll tell you the truth so you’ll know, but don’t tell anybody else, OK.  I’d hate to take away the fun the women have when they talk about us down at Vera’s beauty parlor.

“Mary and I share a house, but we’re not exactly girlfriends like everybody thinks.  We like each other or we couldn’t live together, but that’s all that’s going on.

Lucy grinned then too.

“Mary, are you going to tell him the rest or do I have to?”

Without waiting for Mary to answer, Lucy leaned forward and spoke in a whisper.

“We aren’t lovers.  I have Jenny and Mary has Arlene.  They live in Newton, and  Newton’s big enough people don’t know everything you do like here in Mason.  We’re thinking of moving there one of these days so we don’t have to drive back and forth as much.”

Tom smiled.

“Well, you probably should move.  I know what you mean about everybody knowing what you do.  I can tell you it’s a lot easier in a bigger city.  Everybody’s concerned about themselves and don’t have time to watch other people.”

Lucy smiled wickedly.

“I don’t see a wedding ring on your finger.  You aren’t hiding anything from us are you?  We have a guy friend who might like to meet you if you don’t have a partner.”

Tom laughed.

“No, Lucy.  I’m about as straight as they come.  Thanks for asking, though.”

Lucy caught him off guard when she hugged him and said, “Thanks for coming Tom.  It’s nice to know there’s at least one person here who understands.”

Mary didn’t hug him, but she smiled.  “If you’re ever in town for long enough, give us a call.  We’ll have dinner in Newton and you can meet Jenny and Arlene.”

Tom excused himself by saying he needed to refresh his drink, but he was ready to leave.  It hadn’t been as bad as he thought it might be, but what it was, was boring.  Most were into their second or third drink so the talking and laughing was getting louder as well.

He was walking toward the door when he felt a hand on his arm.  He turned and saw a younger woman who he didn’t remember ever seeing before.”

She grinned.  “You probably don’t remember me, do you?”

Tom looked for a nametag, but she didn’t have one.  He shook his head.

“I’m really sorry, but I don’t.  You weren’t a member of this class, were you?”

She chuckled.

“No, and this class is giving me a headache.  It looks like you’d like to get out of here too.  Can we go somewhere else so I can introduce myself?”

Tom smiled.

“Sure, but I don’t know if there’s anything open this late.”

The woman smiled.

The park’s always open and it’s a nice night.  Remember where the park is?  You’ll have to drive because I rode with Judy so I could help her with the decorations.”

Tom parked in the small parking lot and then opened her door for her.  She stepped out, looked around, and then said, “I used to come here by myself late at night to think.  I still do sometimes, especially on nights like tonight.  Isn’t the moon beautiful tonight?  Let’s sit on that bench over there”.

She sat down, rearranged her dress a little and then looked at Tom after he sat down on her right side.

“You don’t remember me because you never paid attention to me, but I paid attention to you.  I’m Judy’s little sister, Grace.”

Tom thought for a second and then grinned.

“Grace…that little imp who kept trying to spy on us?”

“Yep, that was me.  I was twelve then and Mom had told me what boys and girls do but she didn’t tell me how it felt.  Judy did.  I just wanted to see if she really did what she told me she did when a boy kissed her.  You never kissed her though.  Why?”

Tom shrugged.

“Well, I liked Judy and I still do, but we just didn’t hit it off that way.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  I just never felt like I wanted to kiss her.”

“She wanted you to kiss her.”

Tom chuckled.

“Well, if she did, she never let on.  She was a little cool most of the time.”

“Yeah, I was that way too for a while.  Mom said kissing boys would lead to sex and sex would lead to me getting pregnant and that would ruin my whole life.  Judy told me Mom told her the same thing.  When you’re young and don’t know any better, you tend to believe your mother.  So, what did you think of Judy tonight?”

Tom had to smile.

“Well, she’s not the same Judy I remember, that’s for sure.”

Grace giggled.

“You mean her boobs, don’t you?  When it happened, she thought something was wrong with her, but the doctor said it sometimes happens after a woman has kids.  

“Well, it sure happened to her.  She was pretty flat-chested until she got pregnant the first time.  Her boobs got a lot bigger because she was nursing, but when she stopped, they didn’t shrink back down much at all.  The same thing happened when she got pregnant the second time, only they got even bigger.

“She used to be jealous of me but now it’s the other way around.  I’m still a B and she’s a double-D.  Her husband seems to like them though.”

For some reason, it was easy to talk to Grace, and because of that he forgot he didn’t really know her well enough to make the joking reply.

“I’ll bet he does.”

Grace giggled again.

“Spoken like a true boob man.  That’s all you guys think about, isn’t it – how big are the boobs?  That’s what all the guys I know think about.  That makes it hard when you have little boobs like mine.  Just as soon as you meet a guy and think something’s going to happen, some other broad with big boobs walks by and they’re like eye magnets.  He’ll watch her until he can’t see her boobs jiggle anymore, and when he finally does look at you, you can tell he’s comparing your boobs to hers.”

Tom smiled.

“I wouldn’t think you’d have that problem.  You’re a really nice looking woman.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all tell me, but I know.  I haven’t had a date in years because I got tired of the guy looking disappointed and telling me that.  I’ll bet your wife has big boobs.”

“Well, I’m not married.”

Grace smiled.

“Oh really.  Divorced then.”

“No, I’ve never been married, no girlfriends either.”

Grace giggled.

“Oh God, don’t tell me you’re gay.  That’ll blow my whole opinion of you.”

Tom chuckled.

“No, I’m not gay, though you’re the second person tonight who asked me that.  Do I look gay to you?”

Grace looked at him for a second and then grinned.

“Nope.  If you were, you’d dress better.  So, if you’re not gay, why don’t you at least have a girlfriend?”

The conversation was going where Tom didn’t want to go, and he didn’t quite know how to answer her question because Grace was a lot different than Judy.  He remembered Judy as being a little shy and submissive.  Grace was very straightforward and appeared to say exactly what she thought.  If he tried to tell her he just hadn’t found the right woman yet, she’d probably ask him what type of woman he was looking for and if he told her anything like that, she just keep asking more questions.

“That’s a pretty personal question, Grace.”

“Yeah, I know it is, but you always impressed me as a nice guy who was smart and wouldn’t have any trouble with girls.”

Grace reached over and patted Tom where his knee should have been, and only got out part of what she was going to say.

“I thought you were a little nerdy but…”

Grace felt the stainless steel knee joint and then pulled her hand away.

“My God, Tom.  What happened to you?”

“You weren’t supposed to do that.”

“Well, I did, so tell me what happened.”

Tom took a deep breath.

“You have to keep this a secret between us.  I don’t want pity and that’s what’ll happen if anybody knows.”

Grace put her hand on his arm.

“I promise I won’t, not even Judy.”

“I was in the Army and went to Granada.  My patrol got ambushed and I took some shrapnel in my leg from a grenade.  It was torn up so bad there was no way the doctors could save it, so now, that leg is fiberglass and stainless steel from about half way down my thigh to my foot.”

Grace squeezed his arm.

“Tom, that must have been horrible.”

“It was, but it’s gotten better over the years.  You didn’t notice me walking funny did you?”

“No, you looked pretty normal to me.  So that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend and have never been married?”

“Yes, that’s about the size of it.  Any woman would want a whole man, not a man with only one leg.”

“That sounds like what I think about my boobs.”

Tom shook his head.

“It’s not the same.  There’s more to a woman than her bra size, but a man needs two legs to be a man.”

Grace stroked his arm.

“I’ve thought you were a man ever since you dated Judy.  What you just said happened to you didn’t change mind about that.”

“Well, most women wouldn’t be so understanding.  I don’t really know why you are.”

Grace moved a little closer to Tom and put his left hand between hers.

“I am for the same reason I told Judy I’d help her with the decorations tonight.  I never told anybody, except her, that I really liked you back then.  Back then, she just laughed at me and said it was just a crush.  It wasn’t though.  I spied on you two so I could imagine it was me sitting on the porch with you.  When Judy told me you might be coming to the reunion, I had to see if I still felt the same way.  I think I do.”

“Grace, that was twenty years ago.  Surely you could have found somebody else by now.”

“I did try to find somebody else, but every time I went out on a date, I kept comparing the guy to you.  I even got married once…for one whole year.  He liked the sex, but he didn’t like me for much except that.  Afterwards, I’d close my eyes and imagine how much better it would have been if you’d been on top of me instead of him.  After a while, I didn’t even want him to touch me.  That’s why he divorced me.”

Tom didn’t have a clue about how to respond to that, so he said what he hoped might make her see things in a different light.

“Grace, I’m six years older than you are.”

“I know that.  When I was twelve and you were eighteen, that was a big difference.  I’m thirty-two now and you’re thirty-eight and that difference isn’t any bigger than a lot of couples ages.”

Tom had been looking at his hand in Grace’s, but now he looked at Grace.

“Grace, you don’t really even know me. I don’t know what to say to you.”

Grace sniffed and wiped a tear from her cheek.

“I don’t want you to say anything.  I just want you to kiss me one time so I’ll know how it feels.  My house is just across the street, so I’ll go home then and leave you alone.”

Tom thought that was a pretty juvenile way of thinking, but Grace was sitting there with her tears in her eyes and waiting.  He shook his head.  This wasn’t at all what he’d expected to happen tonight, and yet, he was impressed by the way Grace said what she thought even though she didn’t really know him.  Most women wouldn’t have done that.  Was it possible she’d carried a torch this long?  Most women wouldn’t have done that either.

When he put his arm around Grace’s shoulders and pulled her close, she sighed and put her arms around his neck.  When he kissed her, she put her hand on the back of his neck and held him there while her lips made love to his.  

Tom felt something he’d never felt before.  He wasn’t sure what it was, but he didn’t want to let Grace go.  He finally did because he couldn’t think while he was kissing her.  The feelings were too strong.  He gently pulled away, and when Grace started to get up, he stopped her.

“Grace, I don’t know what just happened, but I can’t let you just walk away from me.”

Grace sniffed and wiped her eyes again.

“What does that mean?”

“It means…Dammit, I don’t know what the hell it means or what I want, but I don’t want this be the last time I see you.”

For the first month, they both drove to a little restaurant in Newton on Saturday night for dinner because Grace knew if he came to pick her up, every woman in town would know.  Tom called it a date, but it was more like an interview for them both.  Tom needed to know if Grace really didn’t care if he had only one leg and Grace needed to know if what she thought she felt was real or just the faded remnants of a twelve-year old girl’s first crush.

By the end of that month, both were comfortable with each other and Tom was beginning to understand that feeling he’d had when he kissed her the first time.  The last time he kissed her, when he held her in his arms in the parking lot of the restaurant just before they left for home, was something he didn’t want to stop doing.

After that kiss, Grace had looked up at him and grinned.

“You might have lost a leg in Grenada, but it feels like the important things didn’t get hurt at all.”

It was true.  Holding her in his arms and feeling her small breasts pressing into his chest had caused his cock to stiffen enough Grace could feel it.

“Sorry, Grace.  I couldn’t help it.”

Grace moved her body against his and rubbed his stiff cock against her mound.

“I don’t want you to apologize for that.  I want you to show me what I did to you.”

Tom chuckled.

“Right here in the parking lot?”

Grace giggled.

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea, but…”

She kissed him softly, and when she pulled back she whispered, “Taking me home with you would be a great idea.”

When Tom undressed Grace in his bedroom, he was hoping she wasn’t just a dream that would evaporate the second he turned around.  That’s what it felt like, at least a little.  He’d spent a good portion of his life avoiding getting close to women, and she’d broken through all that, first with her silly infatuation with the boy he’d been years ago, then with her saying his leg didn’t matter, and then with the kisses that took his mind away from everything except her arms around his neck and her breasts pressed against his chest.

He was holding her and fumbling with her bra band when Grace said, “Tom, leave it on.  I don’t want you to be disappointed.”

Tom unhooked the hooks anyway and then stroked her bare back.

“Grace, there’s no way you could disappoint me, not now.”

He backed away enough to slide the bra straps down her arms and then tossed it to the bed.  Grace had covered her breasts when he did, but Tom gently pulled her arms away.

“If I’m going to show you how I feel about you, we can’t have any hiding of anything.  You’re beautiful, Grace.  You shouldn’t ever think you aren’t.”

He stroked her right breast then, and Grace closed her eyes.  When he circled her nipple with his fingertip, Grace caught her breath and sighed, and then began unbuttoning his shirt.  Tom stopped fondling her breasts long enough to pull his shirt from his shoulders and then pulled her into his arms.  He felt her nipples first and then the feeling of softness as Grace pressed her breasts into him.  

He also felt her working on his belt buckle and whispered, “Let me turn off the lights, Grace.”

Grace looked up and shook her head.

“No…You wanted to see me.  Now, I want to see you…all of you.”

Grace backed away then and finished undoing his belt buckle, then unsnapped his fly, unzipped it, and let his pants fall to his ankles.  She stood there for a few seconds, looking at the fiberglass socket around his thigh and the polished stainless steel of his artificial leg, then looked up and smiled.

“If you won’t let me think my little boobs make me less of a woman, you can’t keep thinking your leg makes you less of a man.  I won’t let you do that.”

Grace let her hand touch the socket and then moved it up and lightly ran her fingertips over his thigh.

“Take it off so I can see how you really are.”

Tom sat down on the bed and pulled his thigh from the socket, then kicked off his other shoe and let his pants fall to the floor.  Grace touched his stump, then stroked it with her soft fingertips.

“I thought it would be hard, but it’s not.”

She grinned then.

“I see something else that is, though.  I want to see that too.”

Grace hooked her fingers in the waistband of his underwear and pulled.  When Tom lifted his hips, she pulled them down until the waistband caught on his stiff cock.  After pulling out and then down again, Tom’s cock bobbed free and Grace smiled.

“You’re a lot more of a man than my ex-husband was.”

Grace circled his cock with her small hand and gently stroked his length, then pushed him back and climbed on top of him.

“Show me how a real man makes a woman feel like a real woman.”

It took some maneuvering to get them both on the bed the right way, but once they were, Tom pulled Grace down and kissed her.  He was still kissing her when he pulled the black panties down over her hips.  Grace raised up her hips and closed her legs so he could pull them down to her knees.  She pulled away then, rolled off him, and pulled the panties off her feet, then spread her legs and straddled him.

“Now, where were we”, she whispered.

Tom stroked the sides of her breasts and then whispered back, “I think we were kissing.”

Grace bent down and pressed her lips against his, and then shivered when he cupped her hips and squeezed.  She felt her sex open a little, and felt his stiff cock pressing against the hair on her mound.

Tom lightly ran a fingertip down between Grace’s cheeks, and then moved his hands up to her breasts.  They were smaller than some, but hanging from her chest like they were, he couldn’t think of them as small.  They were soft and round, and her nipples rose up taut when he touched them.  Grace moaned into his mouth when he did that, and then raised up.  Tom cupped each breast and gently squeezed, then pushed her nipples down flat and then let them pop back up.  Grace moaned and he felt her fingers on his chest.  When he lightly pinched her nipples, her hands curled a little and she closed her eyes.

They didn’t talk because there was no need to say anything.  Tom kept fondling Grace’s breasts and stroking her nipples until he felt her begin pushing her mound down, then pulled her up a little so he could curl his hand around her hip.  When he parted the hair on her lips, Grace caught her breath.  When he slipped his finger between her lips, she moaned and pushed back into his hand.

When Grace was leaning over every few minutes to kiss him and moan when he pushed his finger inside her as far as it would go, Tom stroked from her entrance up to her clit and rubbed beside it.  Grace gasped and pushed her mound down on his belly, then reached between them and lifted his cock while she wiggled back down his body.  She held her breath while she moved his cock head around, and gasped again when she began impaling herself.

Once she had his cock inside her, Grace leaned back down and kissed him again, this time trying to get her tongue between his teeth.  Tom opened enough to slip his tongue out to meet hers, and when it did, they both moaned.  After that, Grace began riding his cock while he fondled her breasts, but every so often, she’d lean down, mash her breasts into his hands, and kiss him again.

They went slow, at first.  Grace seemed to want it that way and Tom didn’t try to hurry her.  It was enough to feel the ripples of her passage sliding over his cock and to feel how stiff her nipples stayed.  It was enough until she began to speed up.  Then, it was almost too much for him to control.

As it was, he didn’t have to hold out for very long.  When he lightly pinched Grace’s nipples again and then rolled them between his fingers, Grace moaned, “Oh Tom, don’t stop.”

A few strokes later, Grace cried out softly and began to rock her hips.  That caused her to make little short strokes on his cock and he couldn’t stop.  He arched up onto Grace and his cock throbbed out the first spurt.

Grace cried out again, and then began to writhe on top of him as the orgasm swept through her.  It was like Judy had told her it would be if the man was the right man.  She felt like she was floating somewhere, floating away on the waves that swept everything from her mind except the sensations of the throbbing cock that filled her and the fingertips rolling her nipples.  

She threw back her head, made one last soft cry as her body jerked twice, and then fell down on Tom’s chest gasping for breath.

Tom kept slowly stroking his cock in and out while Grace lay there on his chest.  He felt her breath against his neck and the way her heart pounded.  Both gradually slowed, and when his cock slipped out of her, Grace raised up on her hands and grinned.

“Judy was right.”

Tom cupped her hips and squeezed gently and smiled when he felt her body jerk slightly.

“Right about what?”

“She said if it was with the right man, it would be more than I could ever imagine.”

“Was it?”

Grace bent her head down and kissed him, then raised back up.

“Yes, but that’s not all it was.  I hope you feel the same thing I feel right now.”

Tom grinned.

“What I feel right now is I don’t want you to go home.”

Grace eased back down on his chest, nibbled his ear lobe and then whispered, “I don’t want to go back there again, not ever.  I want to stay here with you.”

It took Tom three months to find a house half-way between Newton, where Grace worked as a bank teller, and Farmington.  Caldwell was still thirty miles from Millburg, so it was still unlikely anybody in Millburg would know Grace stayed over the weekends with him.  The day he moved into the new house, he took Grace shopping for a ring, and three weeks later, they were married in the Methodist Church in Millburg.

Grace had sent invitations to several of his classmates as well as to both families because Judy had said they’d want to come.  Most did, and when they stood in the receiving line after the ceremony, Tom was a little embarrassed by some of them.

Judy cried from the start of the wedding until he and grace walked back down the aisle.  He hadn’t expected that of her, but when she hugged him, he understood why.

“My little sister has loved you from the time we used to date.  I know she’s happy now, and that make me so happy I’m ashamed of myself.  You take good care of her, because she’s a really special girl to me.”

Marjorie came too and when she hugged Grace she whispered something Tom couldn’t hear.  Then, she hugged him and just said, “You two were made for each other.  I’m happy for you.”

Mae just smiled and gave him a quick hug without saying anything because she was still wiping her eyes with a handkerchief and sniffing.  Her husband shook his hand and said, “Mae told me you were the only boy in school who didn’t make fun of her because she was heavy.  She’s never forgotten that, and she’s so happy for you she can’t stop crying.  That’s women for you, I guess.”

Lucy gave him a hug, and then whispered in his ear.

“Tom, you’re probably the only man here who doesn’t look down on Mary and me.  I just told Grace she needs to take good care of you, because you’re one in a million.”

Mary hugged him too.

“Tom, I didn’t think I’d ever have a straight guy I could call a friend, but I like you and I wish you all the best.”

As they drove to the airport for their flight to Florida, Tom squeezed Grace’s hand.

“Did Lucy really tell you to take care of me?”

“Yes, she did, but you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Well, what did Marjorie whisper to you?”

Grace giggled.

“She said if I ever got tired of you to give her a call and she’d take you off my hands.”

She stroked his cheek then.

“That’s not ever going to happen, Tom.  I waited twenty years for this day, and I’m not going to give you up to anybody.”

Tom smiled, reached across the center console, and squeezed Grace’s thigh.  He knew he could never give up Grace either.  The little girl who’d been a pest when she was twelve had become the only person other than his family he’d told about losing his leg, and once she knew, she hadn’t treated him any differently, well, until she’d confessed to being infatuated with him since she was twelve.  She hadn’t said that out of pity.  She’d said it because she still felt that way and needed to tell him that.  

Once he kissed her that first time, he felt something for her too, and over the next several weeks, had come to realize two things – Grace still loved him, and she’d wormed her way into his heart with the way she said what she thought and how she said it.  He knew he could never give her up either.

He looked at her and then stroked her thigh gently.

“Nobody could ever take me away from you, Grace.”

Sisters are usually close.  They sometimes fight too, usually over things that seem trivial to them in later years, but when one needs the other, they’ll do anything to fill that need.  Tom didn’t know Judy’s note was designed not to get him to the reunion so everybody could see him, but to get him there so Grace could tell him how she felt.  

Judy never told him that, and she never told Grace that’s why she’d asked her to help with the decorations.  When she asked, she did mention that she thought Tom might be there, and smiled to herself when Grace grinned and said she’d be happy to help.

It was five years later on the second of June when Judy started typing the next reunion letter.  She’d already reserved the date at the Legion Hall and checked all her addresses.  She’d smiled when she added “and wife, Grace” to Tom’s name.  It had worked out, though she didn’t think it probably would.  Grace was happy, Tom was happy, and she was Aunt Judy now to little Brandy and Tiffany.  Even though they were just two and three, they were as close as she and Grace were.  You never saw one without the other.  She smiled again, and then started typing.

It’s almost homecoming time again, time for all you ’82 Monroe graduates to get together and see what’s happened to us.  We’ll be at the Legion Hall again for our twenty-fifth class reunion, so bring your spouse or significant other and join us for an evening of fun.  The bar opens at six and closes at midnight and we’ll have finger food to snack on.  Hope to see you there, Judy.


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