Carol, Daisy and Maxine

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02 Sep. '19

Bill, James and Ken  Carol, Daisy and Maxine

Chapter 1 The beginning

Bill and James, with their wives have been close friends for a long time .  They often have evening meals at their favourite restaurant and afterwards they would go to either Bill or James place for coffee.

One summer evening they were having a barbeque on the deck of Bill and Carol’s place.  As the evening darkened and lots of wine consumed the two wives disappeared into the house together, supposedly for Carol to show Daisy their room.   Some minutes later they re-appeared looking some-what sheepish.  Standing together holding hands they asked their husbands in chorus “would you two men like to swap us tonight”?  James and Bill stood up and looked at each other.  James considered that to have the night with Carol whom he admired, he would have to accept that his wife Daisy would spend the night with Bill.  Bill saying nothing and after what seemed a long time Bill asked Daisy “would like to spend the night with me?”.

Daisy stepped over to Bill with arms outstretched and embraced him. 

Carol on seeing Bill respond to Daisy’s embrace kissed and hugged James.

The evening proceeded with beer, barbeque and wine.  Later in the evening Carol switched their stereo player on and selected Wanda Jackson’s “Let’s have a party”.   That done she twirled around the deck to the music making her dress swirl while kicking her legs high showing fleeting glimpses of her panties.  Daisy soon joined Carol performing erotic moves that made Bill and James anticipate a night to remember.   

Chapter 2  Prelude to Swinging

It took Bill and James  a few minutes to realise what was about to happen this evening. Both Carol and Daisy are beautiful woman.  Carol had a Barbie doll figure and her long brown hair tied up in a ponytail.  Daisy was also pretty, delightful to look at with flashing eyes, expressive lips and sexy breasts.   She looked so graceful when she moved. Everywhere she went, men admired her.  The sight of Carol’s bare legs as she danced around the deck caused James heart throb.   Darkness descends on the scene concealing the caresses and kisses that each couple were enjoying.  James was groping Carol.  Bill was admiring Daisy’s lovely rounded breasts.   Carol’s bum felt so warm and soft on James lap. He was starting to become aroused. His hand reached down and touched the hem of her dress pulling it slowly up to reveal more of her bare thighs. James wandering hands revealed that Carol must have taken her bra off when she and Daisy left the deck.

The mood of the two couples was elevated by anticipating swinging tonight.  

About this time the music stopped and Carol set the stereo to play one of her favourites, the Rangers Waltz.  Bill and James eagerly joined their wives waltzing to the music.  Without anything spoken Bill exchanged Carol for Daisy and James embraced and danced with Carol.  With the passing of time dancing became more and more intimate.  Daisy rested her forehead on Bills chest.  This had immediate effect on Bill causing him to become aroused in a way that Daisy could hardly be un-aware. On impulse James whispered in Carol’s ear “lets go to the bedroom”?  Carol responded with moistened lips then pressed even harder against him. Silently they left the deck. Bill and Daisy were too occupied with each other to notice.

Chapter 3 The First Night

Alone together in the semi dark bedroom James and Carol stood facing each other for a few moments, each wondering what to do next.  Carol took the initiative by flinging her arms around James and whispered “Please James would you trim my toe nails”. “There’s a manicure set in the top draw”.

James was expecting something quite different.  He quickly reasoned to himself the whole night lay ahead so why not do what she wants”.   There was sufficient light from a nearby street light for James to find the manicure set.  Gently he manoeuvred Carol to the edge of the bed and sat her down.  Holding on to her ankles he pushed her back onto the bed.  With subtle help from Carol she was moved far enough onto the bed until her feet were off the floor.   James took her shoes off, knelt on the floor and examined her toes, selected a pair of clippers and a nailfile from the manicure set and gently proceeded to trim her toe nails.

By this time Bill and Daisy had found their way to the other bedroom.   Daisy kicked her shoes off and flopped down on the bed.  Bill took most of his clothes off and quietly laid down by her side. For a while he lay still, mesmerised by the sight of her breasts rise and fall with the rhythm of her breathing.  Time passed without touching but very aware of each other until Bill needed to pee.  When he returned from the toilet he found Daisy had covered herself with a woollen blanket.  Bill began to wonder if Daisy had gone off the idea of swinging.  He himself was having doubts about his cock size being adequate to satisfy Daisy.  He was aware that James was very well hung while he considered himself to be just middle average.  Having these doubts made him unsure whether or not he should ask if she wanted this to go any further.  For some time he grappled with his dilemma, while still hoping to have sex with her. Eventually deciding it would be best to wait for some sign of encouragement from her before trying to pursue sex. Having decided to take things slower he crept under the blanket beside her.  After some time had passed they embraced, savouring the sensations of their closeness.  Bill became aroused and exercised all the self control he could.  No doubt due to the beer, wine and some concerns about the rights or wrongs of them being in bed together, they became drowsy and eventually drifted into blissful sleep.

In the other bed room James had finished manicuring Carol’s toes.  Someone once told James that most women liked their toes being sucked and kissed.  He wondered what Carol would think if he sucked her toes. So on deciding it was worth trying he sucked each toe in turn. Carol responded by lying back with her legs protruding over the side of the bed.   James reasoned this was too good an opportunity to miss.  He ever so gently began exploring the shape of her legs up to her smooth rounded feminine knees.  Pausing on reaching her thighs finding them smooth, warm and soft. Heart pounding trembling hands reaching around her hips finding the waist band of her panties. The only sound as James began slowly pulling her panties down was the gasps of Carol’s breathing. Without her panties James run his fingers through her pubic hairs. Carol responded by slowly spreading her thighs apart and whispering  “Oh James please suck my tits the way you sucked my toes”. James responded, gentle at first then driven with passion his sucking became stronger and when she cried out in ecstasy he found her other nipple.  Both lost in the wonder of each other they lay side by side wondering what it would be like to go all the way.  Eventually they both fell asleep.

Chapter 4 The Morning After

As the light of a new day awakened them.  For a while they lay together until the sun streamed into the bedroom window.  Carol found her bra and panties, and a thin blouse belonging to Daisy.   Bill put on his underpants and shirt then together they walked to the dining room finding Daisy wearing only her panties and bra and preparing breakfast.

While breakfast was being prepared Bill and James went out onto the deck to enjoy the warmth from the rising sun.  Sitting together in silence for a while then James asked Bill “How did things go with you and Daisy”?  Bill thought for a moment being careful not to say anything that might offend.   At first Bill replied “we didn’t do anything much”.  Just lay side by side, a brief cuddle and kiss then we fell asleep.  When we awoke Daisy was still wearing her panties and bra. I admit to waking with an all time hard on.  It felt so big I had to look at myself naked in the mirror. I could hardly believe it was mine. Oh the desire but somehow it didn’t seem appropriate to take things further.  

Bill replied “What happened between you and Carol”?   First she asked me to manicure her toe nails.  I wasn’t expecting this but I was once told that most women like having their toes kissed.   This turned out to be the case with Carol.   Did you ever kiss her toes Bill?  No but I will next night we are together. I haven’t kissed her anywhere else but on her lips.  Once in a while I sucked on her nipples.  Did you enjoy your night with Carol Bill asked?   Oh yes she had me aroused like a younger boy having his first sexual experience. Carol responded to me feeling her up with fiery passion.  I had the same thoughts as you about taking things further.  I can’t say just how long we hugged and kissed.  It was sometime after midnight when we both fell asleep.

Bill after hearing about the happenings between James and Carol became more relaxed about telling James some more about his night with Daisy.

“We awoke about day break and continued to embrace and kiss.   Like you the ardour of her embraces gave me a throbbing hard erection.   She took her bra off and arched her back making it easier for me to pull her panties down.   It hit me in a flash that Daisy was expressing her desire for more than just hugging and kissing.  The realisation of this and the beautiful sight of her pussy made my heart pound.  Without her panties on I felt between her thighs which lead to me caressing her pussy. I admit that I have been admiring Daisy for years. While she was dancing with Carol I found it difficult to keep my eyes off her.  Especially watching the way they danced together and how she showed fleeting glimpses of her thighs right up to her panties.  In my wild imagination I was having sex with her. If she had sat on my lap the way Carol sat on yours last night she would have given me all the encouragement and confidence I needed to make our night together even more special than it was.

Chapter 5 Bill and James Compare

I wonder if we should swap wives again sometime Bill asked?

James thought for a while and said “I was somewhat nervous at first. Swinging is completely open and truthful.  So different from anyone having a secret affair.  I feel that we are so fortunate being able to enhance our marriages and love lives.  Having last night with Carol has been something she and I both will remember for all time. Bill confessed “Swinging has done that for me and Daisy.  Don’t you feel the same about your relationship with Carol”?   I think we would best not to swing again unless both woman ask us like they did last night”.   Bill askes James “would you like to spend another night with Carol”?

Yes definitely. I think she may be disappointed if we didn’t swap again.   That’s just my thoughts, I’m not certain so I’m glad neither of us tried to take things further than we did.

That is what I was thinking myself.  If we do swap for another night and it turns out to be wonderful for all four of us then most likely it will become a regular thing.   I doubt that either of us would be able to resist going further provided our two wives were of the same mind.  What about you? 

Yes provided that Daisy is keen to sleep with me I doubt that I could resist her either.

Chapter 6 Carol and Daisy Confide

Daisy wasn’t sure what to expect last night but confessed with Carol that it was more curiosity than a desire for sex.  Bill was a perfect gentleman.  I had to restrain myself from asking him to do me for real.

Carol confided in her worry that sex with James might be painful.  Daisy reassured her that James knows how to cope with his size saying “He was so gentile with me, yes it did take a few nights before I was able to take all of him but once achieved it was wonderful from then on”.  “Don’t be nervous Carol there will be hardly any pain.  If there is tell him and he will be even more gentile with you” If you like I can lend you my dildo.  I found using it with plenty of lube helped me take all of James.  That was at a time when I thought being fully penetrated by James would be so painful as to be unbearable.

Chapter 7 Breakfast Conversation

Each in turn talked about asking whether or not they would swap with each other again.  At first nobody spoke just a long silence until Daisy said she was James wife and would be for all time but swinging together as a couple seems harmless and last night certainly added variety to our sex lives.   She went on to say she was grateful that Bill didn’t insist on having sex with her last night. Perhaps some time later on it would be nice to swap again.   Another long silence then James said “Both Bill and I would go along with swinging another night but only as long as both you woman agree to it.   Also discussed was about inviting another couple to swing with us.   Bill pointed out that he preferred to regard wife swinging more as wife lending.  If we do invite another couple then there would be three couples taking part.   Bill explained.

On the first night as a trio each couple would sleep with their married partners. Bill would have Carol, James would have Daisy and if another couple (lets call them) Ken and Maxine.  They would have each other.

On the following night Bill would have the Maxine, James would have Carol and Ken would have Daisy.

The third night Bill would have Daisy, James would have Maxine and Ken would have Carol.

They all discussed how to invite another couple to join them and share each other. One possibility was to invite a couple they were friends with to a party or an evening together in the hope they would somehow be enticed to make known their views about swinging.  If they were not in favour of swinging everyone agreed not to tell them that they were already swingers.  After some more discussion it was agreed that inviting a couple they knew wouldn’t be wise.   Bill suggested searching the internet where it may be possible to find a couple everyone liked and was seeking some sexual variety.  More ideas about attracting another couple to join were discussed.  At this stage it seemed that there was no way of inviting couples they knew without revealing to the world that they were swingers.  They were about to abandon inviting another couple when either Bill or Daisy suggested they search the internet for prospects.

Chapter 8 Thoughts on Becoming a Swinging Trio

Bill was hoping to find a couple in their age group, preferably about his age and friendly. The thought of another night with Daisy was still arousing him and having an all night experience with someone new also appealed to him.

James wasn’t at all sure about becoming a three some.  To himself he admitted he mostly wanted every opportunity to be with Carol again. He was sure he and Carol could find pleasures yet to be fulfilled. After giving some thought he decided to agree with Bill. His reasoning was he had a feeling that Daisy would be curious about swinging with a new man and that would increase the likelyhood of him and Carol having another night together.

Daisy, having had several sex partners prior to marrying James was hoping the others would suggest having an exotic couple, perhaps an Indian or Asian couple she thought.  She told the others that there several swinging sites on the internet and why not we look for a couple there who are seeking to join the likes of us.

Chapter 9 Carols and Daisies Conclusions

Carol instinctively realises and anticipates the pleasure of spending another night with James but has some concerns.   

She is confident that James would know how much she will enjoy sex with him and somehow understand how apprehensive she feels. In her mind he will use  his experience to assuage her by playing more with her, being intimate -starting with kissing and feeling her close, making her relax while he pleases her with his mouth and hands, guiding her hands onto his erect cock as the foreplay heats up. 

She imagines how he will allow her time to familiarise herself with his cock, while he heightens her arousal.

Daisy was confident that she could call on her past experiences with men to give Bill an experience that would ensure he would desire her again.  The concept of swinging with couples that she liked was something new to her and she was looking forward to having a variety of sex partners this way.

Chapter 10 The Second Night

All four had agreed to swap their wives once again at Bill’s and Carols place.  A month had passed since their last time together.   Bill and Carol were sitting together waiting for James and Daisy to arrive.   Hearing a knock Bill and Carol opened the door to greet them both. James placed a bottle of wine on the table then turned to find Carol standing close to him.   She looked so beautiful dressed in brightly coloured skin tight Lycra pants that covered her legs right down to her ankles.  Her top was a white cotton blouse that moulded to her body enhancing her sexy breasts.

Chapter 10a Second Night for Bill and Daisy

As soon as their evening meal was over Bill reached for Daisy and lead her to a spare  bedroom.  Standing close together in the semi darkness embracing each other. Bill’s hands sliding slowly down to her waist.  Their kissing became a blend of passion and lust. After a moment Daisy wrapped her arms around Bill’s shoulders, her finger tips giving Bill sensations that made his “hard on”so stiff as to be almost painful.  Daisy out of curiosity rubbed her tongue very gently across his lips and at the same time pressed the hallowed triangle of her pelvis against his all time bone hard erection.

What was to happen next dispelled any doubts about whether she wanted to swap with Carol by gradually pressing herself against Bill while pushing his trousers then his underpants down. 

Now together on the bed, without thinking about any consequences Bill’s hand began ever so slowly pulling her panties down.  She arched her back lifting her bum off the bed to help him get them off.  Bill deduced that by helping him take her panties off  Daisy was expressing her desire for sex.  He whispered in her ear “would you like me to give pussy a kiss”?   She responded with spontaneous passion hugging and kissing him as he began kissing her inner thighs, slowly working his way to the top of her legs.  Soon his tongue was exploring her pussy. What an un-describable pleasure it was teasing her clit licking, sucking, making her moan out loud.  Pleasuring her with his tongue soon caused her body to shake all over with the biggest orgasm she ever had.  The sharp cry of her breath was assuring Bill that she was enjoying what he was doing to her. Having all this with the truly beautiful Daisy made him feel so proud.  Proud that he could make her so sexually excited to cause her breath to come in sharp gasps.

In a whispering voice she confided in Bill. I have been thinking about us being together again like this every day.  Bill told her that the anticipation of sleeping with her again caused him to have a nearly continuous erection.  After fumbling, poking and  probing he entered her and very slowly buried his whole length into her depths.  Both were in raptures caused by the sensational feeling of what they were doing to each other. Bill was hoping the sensation of his cock slipping gripping and sliding into her warm,wet vagina would last all night.  Carol by arching her back and tilting her pelvis in rhythm with Bills thrusting was causing her vagina to resist him from withdrawing very far by making squelching sounds before he plunged his length further into her. Now their love making continued in earnest each thrust and plunge building up passion until finally Daisy became consumed in a convulsing orgasm that took Bill with her.

Chapter 10b James and Carols Second Night

Soon after Bill and Daisy left they made their way to the other spare bedroom and in a moment of frenzied lust they undressed each other.  For the first time Carol saw James semi erect cock.  James sensing the effect of seeing his cock had on her took her hand and invited her to hold it.  Looking into James eyes she whispered “that will never fit inside me it’s too big”.   James replied reassuring her that there is a way and it needn’t be painful. Take all the time you like to get used to the feel of my cock as it will help later on. In one swift move he picked her up and laid her on the bed, mounting her at the same time.

Carol taken by surprise whispered “Oh James fuck me gentlee” while spreading her legs wide presenting James with an invitation he couldn’t resist.   


To be continued!


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